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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 11, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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federal investigators are still searching for any sign of missing teen kiely rodney. today velena jones spoke to her family who are still hoping someone comes forward with information that brings her home safely. >> reporter: tonight, a family is trying to keep heartbreak from setting in after six days of wondering what kiely. >> it's surreal. it's horrific. this only happens on telephone. >> reporter: family members of the 16-year-old told us they spent hours today driving through nevada and down i-80, following tips of a possible sighting of her silver honda cr-v. none panned out. >> it's extremely frustrating. wet get more and more worried. >> reporter: agencies have continued to search day and night since the truckee teen disappeared from a party at the prosser family campground. tonight law enforcement releasing another picture asking everyone to focus on these gold
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necklaces they say kiely never took off, hoping it leads to new clues. >> we've talked to lots of young people. but the problem is there is no -- there appears to be no cohesive record of what's going on. >> reporter: she was last seen in these pants and black tank top. investigators believe she could also be wearing this sweatshirt. while the disappearance does not meet chp standards for a amber alert, local officials are issuing a code red about the missing teen, a tactic that's typically used to warn of wildfires. >> we are treating this case as an abduction solely as a result of her vehicle not being located. that intensifies the search. >> reporter: detectives say they're pouring over 300 leads and videos of the party and have interviewed over 100 teens, but still no solid leads. as the search continues, kiely's family is pleading with partygoers to come forward, and
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offering a $50,000 reward for any information that brings kiely home. >> she deserves to be found. and as i said, she has her whole life ahead of her. and there is some hero out there that can make sure that she gets to have that life ahead of her. >> reporter: velena jones, nbc bay area news. well, this continues to happen. expensive puppies stolen. police say three french bulldog puppies were taken from a home in mountain view. someone snatched two from the yard and broke into the house to get the third puppy. it happened a few weeks ago near the section of el camino real and castor street, right near downtown. police are now asking for help. they don't have a lot of information about the suspects other than they might be two men, one with a tattoo on his upper right shoulder and braces. >> i hope they find those pups. will scott peterson get a new trial? final arguments are wrapped up in the hearing that will make that determination. his attorneys say his guilty verdict should be thrown out by
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misconduct by one of the original jurors. they argue that juror, richelle nice gave misleading answers on her jury questionnaire. they say she didn't disclose the fact that she had once tried to get a restraining order against her partner's ex-girlfriend over fears for her unborn child. she had testified she didn't mention it because she had dropped the request. stanislaus district attorney's office said she may have made some honest mistakes when answering the 23-page questionnaire but had not intended to mislead the court. they also told the judge that transcripts from the original trial show peterson's original counsel, mark geragos even stepped in to keep her when a judge dismissed her for financial hardship. >> she did get up and start to walk down the row and stopped by mr. geragos, who is trying to get the court to keep her in the mix. >> questions about juror misconduct already led the state supreme court to overturn peterson's death sentence in
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2020. the 2004 peterson was convicted of murdering his wife laci peterson and their unborn son conner. they now have 90 days to issue her ruling. vice president kamala harris is back in the bay area this evening. her first stop, san francisco, to meet with state and local leaders to discuss reproductive health care. she denounced the supreme court's recent decision to overturn roe v. wade, but also highlighted california's role in abortion rights. here is nbc bay area's christie smith. >> reporter: the united states supreme court and the dobbs decision did something that is unheard of in our country. >> reporter: vice president kamala harris returned to san francisco today for a round table discussion with some of the state's most important political leaders about what comes next after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. the bay area native opened the meeting by criticizing those states who immediately added new abortion bans in the wake of the
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row decision. >> but not in california. because here we have leaders who understand the importance of the principles upon which our nation was founded. >> reporter: before a round table began, harris highlighted reproductive rights in california, along with the effort of abortion rights advocates, local, and state leaders. >> to our national leaders to talk about how we can continue to do what has been happening here, which is to fight for the rights of women. >> reporter: some pointed out the confusion in the patchwork of laws by state and touted the clear message from the golden state. >> together with my legislative colleagues, we are moving 13 bills to increase, expand and protect abortion access. >> reporter: a proposed constitutional amendment to formally protect abortion rights is also on the november ballot. harris' event is part of a national tour that some observers believe is part politics and part policy, and
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say while democrats face real challenges in the midterm elections, it's unclear whether this will be a central issue for voters moving forward. >> i would argue that the dobbs decision, which overthrew roe v. wade is really a wild card, as evidenced by what happened in kansas. everything about the kansas primary. >> reporter: voters in that state recently rejected a proposal to amend their constitution to strip abortion protections. back here in california, the leaders at today's gathering say there is no question whether they stand. >> our office is going to use the full force of the law and the full authority of the office to protect reproductive freedom, period, full stop. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christy, thank you. a bay area company is touting a new way to test for monkeypox. traditional monkeypox testing involves swabbing an active lesion, and that of course can be painful and may expose health care workers to active infections. a local company karius uses blood testing technology
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developed at stanford to identify infections earlier and more comfortably. >> we actually identify infections by finding small fragments of dna from the bug that is causing an infection into one's bloodstream. so in a lot of cases, we don't have to actually go to where the infection is. >> so diagnosing someone earlier allows for quick diagnosis and treatment. it may help identify other infections. right now karius is only being used at certain bay area hospital, including kaiser permanente, but the company hopes to expand the test. a luxury apartment tower in san francisco has flooded for the southeast time. 33 tehama, we told you the story in june when a six-inch party pipe broke on the top floor. everyone was temporarily relocated. then last night, the luxury tower flooded again. this is video shot by one of the residents. terrible there. a spokesperson for the developer
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says crews are still assessing the damage, and it's unclear when repairs will be completed, or when people can move back in. now to the ongoing struggle to make it in the bay. a cultural icon is getting priced out of san francisco. we're talking about taiko dojo, the first ever in the united states. for over 54 years, the group and its founder have been preserving and spreading this japanese tradition. but as stephanie magallon explains, they need a new home after learning their rent is tripling. >> reporter: taiko, or japanese drum. a 2,000-year-old ole tradition brought to the united states in 1968 by grand master tanaka, who created san francisco's very own taiko dojo. >> i show you. this is the one i used over 60 years ago. >> reporter: he has been playing
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taiko for over 65 years and was the first a to allow women to play the famed instrument. in fact, hundreds learned in san francisco and spread their knowledge by starting taiko groups across the nation. >> so many drum, just like a taiko museum to show and introduce culture. >> reporter: but this historical group may be coming to an end. after nearly 30 years in this building, they are now dealing with one of san francisco's biggest crises, an incredibly steep rent increase after a corporate takeover. >> and when the new owners came in, and they pretty much said, you know, the market, this is the market rate. and, you know, you have 30 days to pay the market rate or get out. >> reporter: the market rate is almost three times higher than what they've been paying now. >> i've been searching around, all over the bay area. everything is so expensive. >> reporter: for months, ryum kept the problem to himself. to avoid jeopardizing this past
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weekend's performance, which could have been their last. but now students who found a family here are searching for the smallest hope. >> the sweat, the blood, the tears that are in this room from many, many amazing taiko players. it's just a great place to be and to practice. and so to lose that is kind of upsetting. >> i felt obviously immediately a sense of oh, my gosh, we need to rally. we need to figure out a way to keep this historic part of the community. >> reporter: the group is hoping to stay at this location for at least one more month to give them time to pack years of history and search for a new home that will allow tanaka sensei to keep sharing the japanese tradition. >> this is new research. >> reporter: stephanie magallon, nbc bay area news. >> we'll stay on that story. hopefully there is a good ending there the community can rally.
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up next, a new plan to address our worsening drought. but is it enough? why some are already calling the plan an expensive mistake. a shooting taking place outside of a contra costa county gym. coming up, i'll explain. what police say may have led to this deadly shootout, and where things stand on this investigation. a great night in san jose. just 75 degrees. but i'll talk about some hotter temperatures and the possibility of thunderstorms moving back into my forecast. i'll have that for you in about eight minutes. right now, the big change in the cdc's guidance on covid and schools. what parents need to know. and detecting physical abuse. why it's sometimes hard to see bruising on people of color, and the tool that could help make the system more fair. ahead when we join our viewer he is in the west for "nigreht
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we're following new developments in a deadly shooting at the 24 hour fitness in brentwood. four people were shot at the parking lot. as pete serratos explains, it's where it all started that's raising more concerns. >> reporter: i spoke with several gym member here is in brentwood who were surprised by this deadly shootout taking place in the parking lot. according to brentwood police, they say this all may have started with an argument inside of the gym. a gym known for being open around the clock.
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>> closed? >> reporter: was forced to close its doors today. >> really a shot right here. and we all just come out here to work out. >> reporter: according to brentwood police, they were called to this 24 hour fitness gym just before 2:00 a.m. they say a fight took place in or around the basketball courts and spilled into the parking lot. that's when two people opened fire, hitting four people. one of those four died at the scene. the other three managed to drive to nearby hospitals. >> people fled, jumped into multiple vehicles. >> reporter: tonight police say they have detained two people, and they're trying to reassure the community. >> the incident itself is -- appears to be an isolated incident. we don't suspect that there is any threat to our community at this point. >> reporter: it's not what michael expected as he arrived for a group training class. >> so i'm very disappointed. i know that it will shock a lot
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of people, particularly the staff, because this is a very safe area. >> reporter: it was definitely shocking for brandon, who had no clue about the shooting until he showed up the gym. he said this may have started with an oncourt disagreement. >> like any kind of competitive person, being myself, like you leave the business on the court. you don't take it outside into the parking lot and escalate it to this. >> reporter: investigators say there is still a lot of unanswered questions. if you have any information, contact brentwood police. in brentwood, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> governor newsom returned to the bay area to outline his plan for saving more of california's scarce water. he warns our drought is likely to get worse before it gets better. he spoke outside an antioch desalinization plant saying we need to buildmore like it. he also talked about expanding reservoir and groundwater to maximize the amount of water we
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are able to save when it does rain. he says the goal is to better capture the limited water we actually get. >> how can we take the existing resources and be more resourceful in terms of advancing policies and direct our energies to create more water, to capture more water. >> all right. so critics say the governor's plan is misguided, particularly the call for more desalinization plants, which they call extremely expensive and incredibly inefficient. the governor didn't mention any plan to further limit household water use. >> that's interesting. we did some reporting several years ago about desalinization, how it's so popular in israel. >> right. >> and they have a lot of success with it. >> okay. >> i'm sure we're going to be hearing a lot from both sides. it's going to be a listening road, i bet. rain chances just a little bit next week. we are looking at the monsoonal thunderstorms. that's going to be moving close here towards the bay area. so we're going to get you the timing on that, also, of course, some hotter temperatures moving into that forecast. let's go ahead and take a look
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at this microclimate forecast tonight. just in case you missed it earlier, the supermoon will be looking super tonight. now that's a supermoon of past. but i did want to let you know. you can get a good view of it this evening as the moon is going to be on the closest path here to earth. it's also known as the sturgeon moon. that's because sturgeon fish were easily caught in the great lakes during this time of year. the only other weather to watch is fog developing in the bay. otherwise a lot of the bay area is going to have a pretty good view of that supermoon this evening. have a great time if you're headed out the do that. as we move it to our friday forecast, a little fog near the coast and bay. numbers on the cool side. 58 in the tri-valley. south bay at 59. and we have more of the chilly 50s right here through the south bay, san francisco and the north bay. daytime highs for tomorrow will warm up a degree or two. and that's because the fog pattern is just not going to be as widespread or consistent. you'll see at 9:30 in the morning a little right here near the bay and the coast, and then you're going to get most of that to push back as we roll through
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tomorrow afternoon for a lot of sunshine. so temperatures down here across the south bay still really in that nice category. 82 in san jose. over to morgan hill, we've got a 286. and the classic summer forecast here, 75 in oakland. head over the east bay hills. it's warmer. 87 in livermore. 89 in concord. some of the best weather through the peninsula. 75 san mateo. san francisco, we have low 70s downtown in the mission and through the north bay, 80s from mill valley to santa rosa. and then we get into a little more heat here up towards ukiah and clearlake, and those low 90s. so great weather lately. but some changes are on the cusp here as we move into next week. i wanted to show you a small system. it looks like we're going to be tracking as we head through next week's forecast. it's going to kind of sit and linger off the coastline. i'll have to pull up some monsoonal moisture again next wednesday and thursday, and this area of high pressure will also bring the heat. now best chances definitely going to be over the sierra and southern california. anywhere from a half to about 1
6:20 pm
inch on average there. we're just going to a spotty chance, but any lightning strikes could spark wildfire. it's a developing situation as we learn more each and every day. getting closer to this, we'll have those updates for you. you can see in san francisco, warmer low 70s. next tuesday, wednesday and thursday and through the inland valleys, i've warmed it up a little bit more too. mid-90s here. as we start off next week and watching out for that monsoonal moisture wednesday and thursday. now beyond this, mid-september looks like we could maybe get our first system moving into northern california. right now it only looks like some shower activity. >> sure. >> okay. >> better than nothing. >> we'll take it. >> that's promising. >> exactly. we need it. >> thank you, jeff. up next here at 6:00, traffic on our local bridges. the new numbers show that at certain times of the day, we're now seeing more traffic than we did prepandemic. did prepandemic. we've got the nuers for you.mb this is what people with eczema said
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the chp is searching for a driver that hit and killed a woman on 880 in fremont. officers found the woman dead on northbound 880 in south fremont boulevard, at the south fremont boulevard offramp. this is video of the scene in the overnight hours. it happened before 2:00 a.m. the vehicle did not stop. the chp says it may have been a semitruck or similar sized car or truck. the driver could be unaware that he even hit her. a man and his dog are safe after being rescued by the san francisco fire department. these videos of a cliff rescue at land's end late last night. crews were able to rescue the man and his pomeranian just before midnight. it's unclear how the man and the dog got stuck there. a new bill making its way through congress aims to end the practice of keeping whales in captivity. the so-called swims act calls for a ban on capturing and breeding certain whale species for the purpose of entertainment. if passed into law, it would
6:25 pm
have a dramatic impact on theme parks, aquariums, most notably seaworld. the bill excludes whales kept in captivity for research and those living in marine sanctuaries. there are an estimated 50 whales in captivity in the u.s. according to the bill. its author calls the practice inhumane and says it leads to premature death for those mammals. opponents say the bill would interfere with efforts to rescue and rehabilitate sick or injured whales. all right. up next, another big change for great america in santa clara. we'll tell you about it. and we take a look inside 30 rock. kate snow preparing for "nightly news." one of the top story, the attorney general speaking out about the search of president trump's home. will we see the search warrant any time soon? "nightly news" starts in about four minutes.
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this is kind of cool. great america is changing things up. basically, more time to have fun. more opportunity. >> okay, i'm good with that. especially the kids. for sure. so in june, we told you the owner of great america sold the property to a real estate developer. the change isn't instant, though. the park will continue to run for the next ten years, and until it closes for good, great america is giving you a chance to spend more time there. starting next year, it will open
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on the weekends year round instead of just the summer months. >> yeah, my teenaged boy is going to love that. tonight at 7:00, the disturbing video of the dui arrest of marshawn lynch. also, the man who survived a shark attack. >> that's when it hit the board and turned really hard, grabbed on to the front of board, and hit it hard. and that was really jarring. >> that's kind of scary. we're going the hear from the paddle border who escaped injury yesterday near the monterey bay aquarium. how he and his dog made it safely. that's coming up on our 7:00 newscast. up next on "nightly news," the new but simple technology that's literally shining a light on injuries from possible domestic violence. that story and much more with kate snow. tonight, merrick garland breaking his silence about the fbi such at tonight, merrick garland breaking his silence on the fbi search at former president's donald trump's home the attorney general announcing the fbi
6:30 pm
filed a motion to unseal the warrant and revealing he signed off on the search >> personally approved the decision to seek a search warrant in this matter >> and the new reporting tonight, the subpoena mr. trump was served with months before the search. and the meeting about classified documents also tonight, a brazen attack on the fbi cincinnati office. a man armed with an ar-15 style rifle and a nail gun attempting to breach the building then leading police on a chase ending in a shootout and an hour's long standoff. and just in, we're learning he was at the capitol on january 6th. the cdc easing its covid guidelines the major changes on masks, quarantines, and social distancing just as students begin heading back to school relief at the pump average gas prices falling below $4 a gallon for the first time in five months. have we turned a corner angelina jolie on her mission to help survivors of abuse why a new kind of technology could be a game changer the football player w


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