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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 12, 2022 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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new details and a troubling investigation in san jose. an officer was arrested for indecent exposure while on the job. the mac are the one step closer to finding her? investigators searched the home in the east bay, in connection with the disappearance of alexis gabe. plus -- >> this isn't good. families are frustrated and growing desperate as they struggle to find baby formula. if you are one of them, help might be on the way. a powerful tool to fight climate change might be destroyed. we investigate the state of a device used to map there is forecast and why nasa says life is up, even the scientists say we still need it. that evening. more turmoil and embarrassment for sj pd. another into sin and involving a police officer has city leaders and the chief outrage made >> we broke the story last
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week. an officer was arrested for indecent exposure. we learned that it could jeopardize other investigations he has worked on. nbc bay area's in call has the new information. >> reporter: in a video released by police, chief tony mata walked matthew dominguez out of the building and off the job. the 32-year-old dominguez is a four year veteran who was arrested and charged with for an incident in april. according to a report, released by the d.a., dominguez was one of three officers responding to a san jose home. the call was a mentally ill family member being violent. dominguez sent two officers to look for the man and allegedly in front of the mother and her 23-year-old daughter. they left the house quickly and actions were reported to other officers. the allegations were strongly criticized by the chief and district attorney. our legal analyst says it might have long-term ramifications. >> this has far-reaching
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implications, for this officer and for the cases he has worked on. is another in a series of concerning ask by san jose police officers on and off duty. >> reporter: the officers were equipped with body cameras that were on at the time. dominguez will be in court, june 22nd. the mayor says he is furious with a series of incidents involving police officers. >> i look for to actionable steps that the department will take to improve screening and background of new applicants for the police academy. >> reporter: he follows other allegations of an officer showing up to a saying drunk, and it off duty officer getting a dui, and another one dying of a federal overdose. >> two things are equally true. we have a serious problem that requires remedial action immediately. secondly, these officers do not represent the more unprofessional standards upheld
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by 99% of our hard-working police officers be >> reporter: the association agrees with the mayor and chief, sing tonight, an action plan is needed to address these incidents that have besmirched our department. the union says they are negotiating with the city to strengthen the random drug and alcohol testing program. ian cull, nbc, bay area news. a major development in the alexis gabe case. investigators returned to an home and antioch. this is only have searched before. they believe gabe was last seen here and they want to know if something bad happened to her inside his house, on the entryway. our crews says it appears the door had been kicked in and officers walked out, carrying several bags. the 24-year-old woman was last seen january 26. investigators recently said they believe gabe's disappearance was not by accident or by choice. they suspect foul play. last month, police believed
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this surveillance video of a person of interest. that car, headed toward antioch. thearis being offered for any information leading to alexis gabe's whereabouts. >> brandon k art, san jose. prosecutors say that suspects tried to kidnap the baby, three other times, before they succeeded. the prosecutor fired three additional chopping kidnapping. the pair first made an attempt on 14th. he poses a cps worker and showed up at the family home. the documents allege that the pair made two other attempts to kidnap the child at a walmart. once on march 28th, and a second time on the morning of the actual kidnapping, april 25th. >> this is any parents worst nightmare.
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his family was going about their business, going to the store, doing the daily activities with no knowledge that there were two individuals that were consistently planning to kidnap their child. >> the prosecutor says text marriages messages only two prior attempts. lawyers essay he wants to see a forensic analysis of those phones to assess that evidence himself. >> you give a baby, you know that finding formula to feed the baby is becoming a challenge. so much so, presiden vowing to step in to fix this proble including in the bay area to find infant milk on store shelves and online. here is cheryl hurd. >> tart is usually packed with baby food and formula. tonight, the shelves are empty. >> i am looking for enfamil and similac speed >> this woman only found a few
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containers of baby formula left on store shelves at this target store. >> we do everything on time online because of covered. maybe they can find something. this is not good. >> the shortage is created out of high demand for formula and the pandemic continues to grow, due to ongoing supply-chain delays, and a voluntary recall by manufacturer, abbott nutrition. tonight, the biden white house, under growing pressure to do something. the president spoke with the ceos of a number of big-box stores, urging them to help families who are in desperate need. >> we are seeing increases over the last couple of weeks. more needs to be done. we will cut all the red tape that we can and we will import more to expedite this as quickly as possible. >> in the meantime, parents are scrambling all over the country. the mac we have searched
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shelves all over, in many states, anything and everything . >> if you rely on amazon for formula, it is not easy to come by. tonight, some of the biggest brands are not available. some are taking advantage of the shortage on ebay, a formula that is normally $35 in the store, is going for more than 100 online. the white house is also urging state and federal regulators to crack down on price gouging. in the meantime, people in the bay area are grabbing from store shelves, what they can, in hopes of getting relief, soon. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> kids are running from their homes . new video shows the tense moment that one family experience, trying to escape a fire in southern california. . scary times.
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this was moments after. the family could make it out safely, but their home was one of at least 20 destroyed by flames. firefighters are making progress. the fire is 15% contained, 200 acres burned so far, with no word on how it darted. the power company, socal edison, reported possible circuit activity around the time that fire started. it water conservation mandate has been lifted. the city told everyone to reduce water usage by 30% immediately. that is because a pipe burst at the water treatment plant, which impacted the ability to treat the water. customers can search for .5 million gallons in the last four days, allowing the cruise to make repairs. help could be on the way, from the state, tomorrow. the governor will unveil his invitation release inflation relief plan. in $18.1 billion package.
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it includes a $400 rebate check to car owners. it would also raise the state minimum wage to $15 50s an hour. the goal is to put money back into the pockets of californians. teenagers will soon be able to get vaccinated without parents consent. the bill written by scott weiner has passed the state senate that would allow kids, 12 or older, to get any type of vaccine, including the covid vaccine without permission. they say teenagers should be able to protect themselves from deadly viruses and adds that parents are letting kids get shot because of anti-vaccine misinformation. this will head to the state assembly. court justices met for their first meeting since the draft opinion on potentially overturning roe v wade was leaked. the justices attended the meeting in a private conference room. the most senior justice, was responsible for taking notes. the court did not say what was discussed, although there is indication that at least one
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decision will be announced on monday. with the future of roe in question, there are a lot of questions about what abortion rights might look like. san jose state held a virtual panel discussing different aspects. among the panels is catherine colbert, the lawyer who argued plan. versus casey, which would be overturned if the draft is what the court decides. >> i have been predicting the end of roe v wade for a very long time, since the day after donald trump was elected president of the united states. this decision does not surprise me. >> she went on to say this decision will impact rates for years and possibly some people's entire lifetime. >> it is the elon musk effect at what appeared two executives are out after being asked to leave by the ceo. the company's head of consumer products and revenue products tweeted earlier today that they
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were fired. one is on parental leave. shortly after, twitter ceo said the company was pausing most of its hiring and implementing other cost-cutting moves. >> i think this points to the reality of leadership and how relatively awful the job can be at times. the current seo is focusing on the current situation. >> this is happening as elon musk works to finalize that deal to buy twitter for $44 billion. silicon valley analyst say the drama is giving us an inside look at a company struggling with the takeover. >> after a pandemic pods, breakers is returning to san francisco this weekend. drivers have been warned about parking restrictions on closed streets. there is a mobile cell tower being involved installed to help handle the expected influx of cell phone users.
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adjustments are being made to help people get around. corn on the cob, cotton candy, and lemonade. are you ready for the food and the rides and the entertainment? it is happening. the county fair will reopen its stories. organizers are expecting 30 to 35,000 people over a four day period the fair is returning as the bay area season uptick in coded cases. organizers are following and county guidelines to keep everyone safe. the fair runs through sunday in antioch. >> we are back in 60 seconds. not a good way to start the day. postal workers in silicon valley are frustrated. some are saying they're running into problems before the shift starts. >> scientist tell us this project is critical to combating climate change but it may burn up in the earth's atmosphere. we investigate why, coming up. i am tracking the much
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warmer weather on the way. full details on that, and a look at some late season rain. i'll see you in about six minutes.
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what happens on earth is sometimes shaped by what happens in space. the battle over real estate on internationals waystation is threatening to destroy an important device being used to fight climate change. >> stephen stockton discovered a project, little known outside the scientific community that might be jettisoned and burned up in the atmosphere. this could impact how we address our climate in crisis. >> reporter: the scientist who designed this instrument that beams lasers from space, down to earth, says it's the best tool that currently exists anywhere around the globe for battling climate change. >> three, two, one, zero point >> reporter: launched on top
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of the spacex falcon 9 rock in december 2018, the laser device is called jedi, short for global echo system dynamic investigation. >> children are watching that launch go up into space. that was probably one of the greatest moments of my life. >> reporter: ralph tobiah is the lead scientist on the project. >> you've heard about that a lot. >> reporter: he teaches geographical signs at the university of maryland. he and his team spent decades researching and designing this and getting the product project approved by nasa. >> were trying to get this piece of technology into space. >> reporter: gedi orbits the globe every 90 minutes, creating 3-d maps of the forest and providing accurate counts of the number and size of the trees across the planet. >> we get the circumference of it. that tells you pretty much how much it weighs.
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you also want to get how tall they are. >> knowing that, he says that helps to address climate change. over the past five years, u.s. produced an average of nearly 11 trillion pounds of carbon dioxide per year. mostly, by burning fossil fuels. a growing mature tree can absorb about 48 pounds of co2 in a year. based on the u.s. for service inventory, the trees across the u.s. can absorb about 14% of the nation's co2 emissions each year. forest analyst say that number is going down, as more trees are lost. between 2015 and 2018 alone, california lost about 136 million trees to wildfire and blight. >> one of the biggest unknowns in greenhouse gas emissions is how much are plants, trees, forests, going to be able to take up, to get us out of the mess that we are in.
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>> reporter:'s chief scientist for the world wildlife fund says that is why gedi needs to stay in space longer, to fine- tune permanent satellite that will eventually launch into space within the next year or so. without that overlap, she says, there will be a big data gap and scientists will lose vital knowledge. >> it is important for us in meeting our climate targets. >> reporter: nasa plans to pull the plug on gedi early in 2023, to make room for other payloads that will attach to the space station in the same spot that gedi occupies. agency officials would not speak with us, but in an emailed statement said that gedi had been extended once and will be replaced by a new experiment. >> the number one priority should be solving climate change . >> reporter: growing up in argentina, diego saw firsthand the destruction of the amazon rain forest.
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>> do you see a possible solution to climate change? >> 100%. >> he started a company to encourage investors to spend money on saving forests. >> will present you with a portfolio of projects, from alaska to indonesia, and everything in between. >> corporations can offset pollution by paying to plant trees. similar programs have failed in the past, so investors exaggerated effort and got credit for more trees than they really planted. >> that is something that we should not accept any more. we have real-time data that allows us to verify and monitor, remotely. >> he says there is accurate data on exactly how many trees are in each forest and how big they are. so that companies cannot fudge numbers. >> this is one of the easiest ways we can measure that co2.
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we can take refrigerators and cool it down so the icecaps don't melt. we can plant trees and preserve the forest we have. >> this team is asking for two more years on the space station. nasa officials tell us they would consider keeping this in orbit if they can find room for it. however, we learned that the defense mission, which includes experiments and artificial intelligence and machine learning is ready to take gedi's spot in early 2023. i am stephen stock, nbc bay area. >> fascinating. if you have a story, you can call 888996our website, i don't know if this has been a slow or fast week. we are trying to figure it out. it has been one of those weeks. >> it has been fast, slow, and then maybe fast tomorrow. we will see. get us to friday. >> we will get you there.
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we have this cold system north today, that kept temperatures cooler, replaced by an area of high pressure as we had there tomorrow. this will begin to warm things up tomorrow. 10 to 15 degrees jump, kicking into high gear as we hit saturday. as you start off tomorrow morning, we will begin mostly sunny with no issues as you get going on that commute. san francisco, starting off at 50, and the north bay, 44. daytime highs warm-up 10 to 15 degrees. you will feel it. a very beautiful day across south bay. 79 in san jose. let's take it to the east bay where we are going up as warm as the low 80s. walnut creek, antioch, pleasanton, 80. this is a nice day, oakland, 75.7 is in the peninsula, down to palo alto. these cities are chile and in
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northbay, 78 in clearlake, 80 still at 70 in the valley, but all in all, a nice day. you will see, in san francisco, we will have to deal with on and off coastal wind gust. that would make it get gusty for beta breakers, 15 to 35 miles per hour with patchy fog. 72, staying dry over the next seven days. let's take it in, the heat peaks on saturday, up to 88. we will get some wind this weekend, 10 to 20 on saturday, 15 to 25. supermoon lunar eclipse on sunday night, and we continue to stay dry the next seven days as well. i have some great news that i want to share. this is very early out. the forecast models are trying to hit at may be rain chances the end of this month and early june. this is the first indication tonight.
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you can bet that i will be all over that and we will give you more updates as needed. >> thank you. jeff is on it. >> ran in june, how exciting. >> new numbers from adobe digital insight reveal that u.s. airline bookings dropped 17% last month, compared to march. airfares are skyhigh. analysts say the demand remains above pre-pandemic levels. in april, online spending on airline tickets was up nearly 25% over the same month in 2019. back in a moment. >> with our bay area leaders about fentanyl and the impact on our community. >> plus, one business owner conquering tick-tock, one male at a time.
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postal workers in south bay say they are paying the price for all of the expansion in the silicon valley. the streets of sunnyvale are filled with construction vehicles and workers and no parking signs. the postal workers typically do park there when they report for duty. they say the growth is costing them time and in some cases, money. >> i got tickets. i have paid them all, but it is unnecessary. is not fair. >> one of the postal workers told us he has reached out to the mayor's office and the city engineer and they have not heard back. apple lost its spot as the world's most viable company, think thanks to the stock market. this market evaluation yesterday, under 2.43 trillion. that is according to fact check. apple fell to 2.37 trillion and has dropped nearly 20% since peaking in early january.
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the reason? energy stocks are rising, with energy prices. investors are selling off technology in equities in fear of the economy. >> the warriors play but there are interesting views from the nba, and the raiders and 49ers. we will tell you what is going on. stay with us.
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fanduel and draftkings, two out of state corporations making big promises to californians. what's the real math behind their ballot measure for online sports betting? 90% of profits go to the out of state corporations permanently. only eight and a half cents is left for the homeless. and in virginia, arizona, and other states, fanduel and draftkings use loopholes to pay far less than was promised. sound familiar? it should. it's another bad scheme for california.
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the warriors are back in the bay area after last night's blowout loss in memphis and tomorrow, the stage is set, chase center. if the warriors win, they advanced to the conference finals. >> we will be watching. who do they play in the next round? the mavericks or the suns. tonight, the mavericks beat the suns in that series. it is exciting. we have big football news. the nfl schedules were released. 49ers marquee games, you ready? september 11th, in chicago. levi, september 18th, against the seahawks. the niners are here, sunday night football, twice this season. against the chargers, levi's stadium on november 13th. how about the raiders? they open september 11th in l.a. against the chargers, with their home opener, september 18th against the cardinals.
11:30 pm
patriots, on sunday night football, december 18th. are you ready? new year's day. january 1st. against the 49ers. >> in vegas? >> that would be crazy. they are wrapping up a rare five-game series in detroit. tide, 3-3. michigan, seth brown is the hero, two run homer, athletics beat the tigers and when four out of five games in detroit. they return tomorrow night to play the angels. we are back in a moment. if you're a small business, there are lots of choices when it comes to your internet and technology needs. but when you choose comcast business internet, you choose the largest, fastest reliable network. you choose advanced security. and you choose fiber solutions with speeds up to 10 gigs available to more small businesses than any other provider. the choice is clear: get unbeatable business solutions from the most innovative company.
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making sure you feel taken care of. that's what a princess cruise is all about. cruise this summer from san francisco with up to 40% off. from daylilies in 10 minutes or less, to original series. start streaming nbc bay area today. here is something you probably did not know. there is a tunnel that goes under the bay bridge. bay area software engineer posted about the discovery on tick-tock. >> did you know there's a pedestrian walkway? there it is. pretty subtle and not welcoming. >> this is open, we can do this? >> there is nearly 300,000 views, showing the tunnel and the staircases that lead to the
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tollbooth. he goes up one of them and ends up in the middle. the software engineer told us he found the underground passageway by exploring open street map online. >> i thought, there is no way that is a tunnel here. i bike by this place there is nothing noticeable. i went to check it tiny staircase. >> there underground tunnels over the bay area and he is considering showing more of them on tick-tock in the future. >> the next when he finds, we will put him back on tv. >> i'm not going in the tunnel. >> that will do is on thursday nights. have a great day tomorrow. the mac i'm claustrophobic. i am not going. goodbye. >> let's see where these other tunnels are. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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