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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 5, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, is same-sex marriage at ris snk the growing concern from the lgbtq community after the supreme court leak that could mean an end to roe v. wade. a wild scene on the bay bridge. we'll tell you the story behind it and what the chp says really happened. also, a billion dollar donation allowing stanford to open its first new school in 70 years. how this will help fight our climate in crisis. this is "today in the bay."
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it is thursday morning and we're glad you're with us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura. >> i'm marcus washington. if you recently got a smart tv, you can watch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv. we'll start with a look at the forecast. it was rough sleeping last night. >> it was so hot, at least at my house. we hit the low 90s. we had some spots that stayed in the 60s near the coast. we're not going to see as much of a wide range in temperatures. we're all going to start to cool down. at least we have our comfortable start this morning. take a look at our highs. we'll see temperatures to about 62 degrees in san francisco, 66 in oakland and 71 in dublin and livermore. 77 in morgan hill and 71 in santa rosa. so this is so much more comfortable and this is the kind of weather we'll see for much of the weekend. mike, anything out there that is
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something people should watch out for? >> we have a report of debris or perhaps a disabled vehicle -- not there. here it is. north 880 at broadway. the little slowing i did see toward 980, i think it should be a non-issue if you're losing the house right now heading into the area. over in this area, highway 84 did have paving work going on between 680 and ruby hill. that crew did just clear from the caltrans report. i think it's okay. keep in mind that maybe the early overnight as well. we'll keep track of things. so far mostly green. thanks, mike. we've been talking about the leaked draft opinion about rd. it is now public. you can see it for yourself. a possible reversal that's sparking a war on both sides of the issue. many people are wondering what's going to happen next. last night at manny's in san francisco, the room was packed with people wanting to understand what the supreme
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court draft opinion mean. we talked with two trial lawyers. >> the majority of the draft opinion -- important to realize it's a draft oh undoes 50 years of precedent. it holds that abortion is not a right under the constitution and is left up to states and the federal government whether women have access to abortion. >> hundreds of uc berkeley took to the streets, many saying they want to stop a roe v. wade roleback and they'll fight to keep it from happening. 26 states are certain or likely to restrict abortions. some states are not waiting for the court. oklahoma just signed one of the strictest abortion laws in the nation. new jersey, however, codified a women's right to choose into its state law. the leaked draft of the supreme court opinion that spells out a possible overturn of roe v. wade is now raising concerns well beyond
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reproductive right advocates. many in the lgbtq community worry if roe v. wade is overturned, it could threaten marriage equality across the country. >> reporter: hundreds of supporters of reproductive rights in san francisco and thousands across the country have taken to the streets for days now protesting the leaked draft of the opinion. some worry it could signal a threat to other landmark civil rights rulings. >> what this draft opinion tells us is that rights that we regard as fundamental, reproductive freedoms, marriage and so many other rights, this court is not regarding as fundamental. >> reporter: this couple were among the first same-sex couples to be married in california in 2008. they remember visiting family in
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missouri where their marriage was not recognized and filled with fear of what that meant. >> we would lose our marriage at that moment. we did have to bring documents just in case something terrible that one of us had to go to the hospital. >> reporter: the concern right now is the logic being used to possibly overturn roe in this case could then be used in other controversial supreme court case, among them, the 2015 ruling that guarantees a same-sex marriage in one state should be recognized in another. some conservative commentators have already started criticizing the court's ruling in that case. stanford law professor bernadette mailer said marriage equality could be protected by other controversial -- >> -- and what's called substantive due process basis or right to privacy basis. >> reporter: the final decision from the supreme court
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challenging roe v. wade is expected within three months. for those concerned about what that decision will mean, the focus is not on the court, but on the midterm elections and backing candidates with similar beliefs. >> reproductive rights are our rights. marriage rights are our rights. voting rights are our rights. immigration rights are our rights and on down the line. we're stronger together, and together we are the majority of this country. 4:36. chp this morning not saying if they know why a man walked into the upper deck of the bay bridge last night. drivers called 911 and briefly shut down all lanes of westbound traffic. drivers assisted in the response from those officers. that man was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> stanford university is getting a new school. it will focus on addressing climate challenges. it got a big boost, a $1 billion gift from a venture capitalist.
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>> reporter: coming in the fall at stanford, the school of sustainability taking on the global climate crisis. funding won't be a problem after a $1.1 billion donation from venture capital lift john and his wife ann. >> i think the size and timing is truly nothing short of breathtaking. that's good. >> reporter: the gift is considered the second largest for a university in u.s. history. >> i think we're lucky because stanford has some very brilliant and bold adaptation thinkers and we're going to need them. >> reporter: stanford says the new school will be the first one in 70 years. it will focus on climate change, sustainable cities, as well as food, water and technology. the academic departments will start with 90 existing faculty and add dozens more over the next decade. >> i was extraordinarily excited
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to hear about the new school. >> reporter: liza is a student at stanford studying earth systems. >> the bottom line is climate change will impact every single person on that planet within the coming decade. what the school of sustainability is going to focus on at least initially is getting to the communities that are at the heart of the climate crisis right now. >> reporter: christie smith, "today in the bay." next on today in the bay. >> the new way creators on tiktok will be able to cash in on certain videos. stick around. much more ahead.
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. good thursday morning. right now at 4:41, as we take a look at how the day will shape up for us. yesterday we hit 86 degrees in downtown san jose. today, how about low 70s? a big drop in temperatures but we're not going to see as much sunshine. we will see more clouds rolling through today. we'll talk about that and look ahead to the weekend. over here cool for oakland, 880 moving nicely. no game tonight for the a's at the coliseum. all the activity is over in san francisco. let's check in with bertha. good morning, mike. good morning, i'm bertha coombs
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from cnbc. futures turning toward a slightly lower open. a little breather after yesterday's massive rally sparked by the federal reserve which is expected, raised interest rates by half a percentage point. it's going to start reducing its massive balance sheet. that is selling off treasury bonds and mortgages that it's fought off over the years. it's going to continue to be aggressive. it's trying to fight inflation which we know is at a 40-year high. here is what is really good for investors to hear. jerome powell, the fed chair, said, well, it looks like right now they're not going to opt for bigger rate hikes. they're going to keep it at half a percentage point. at least for now. that sent the dow surging more than 900 points. the s&p had the biggest gain of nearly 3%. the nasdaq reversed a 1.5% loss and closed up 3.2% at the ends of the day. this morning we're waiting for reports on unemployment claims
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and productivity. fast-breaking news this morning from elon musk. a new filing that he secured more than $7 billion in funding commitments from folks in private equity including a $1 billion commitment from larry ellison, the founder of oracle as well as prince al lead. he's also talking to jack dorsey about keeping his stake in twitter and perhaps helping out with this funding. that situation and drama continues to proceed. meantime, facebook's parent company meta is hitting the brakes on hiring reportedly, ending a run which saw the tech giant add thousands of jobs a year. meta is going to halt or slow hiring for senior and mid-level executives following a recent pause for senior engineers. that's after meta reported its slowest revenue growth since going public a decade ago and
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navigates competition from the likes of tiktok as well as privacy issues for its advertising businesses. speaking of tiktok, a new way for creators to make money. it wants to start sharing a cut of revenue when their videos run alongside certain ads. the program is similar to how youtube pays creators and could lead to more significant payouts. the new program, tiktok pulse, allows for ads to run along the top 4%. up to 100,000 followers are able -- >> our market and evening anchor, janelle, are tiktok famous for their dance. i guess we can monetize and put ads for nbc bay area. >> then we wouldn't get paid. >> there you go.
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>> thanks, bertha. high tech may soon help you switch up your average workout. >> world of warcraft, that's what what i want my future of exercise to look like. >> after the break, bob redell shows us the future of virtual reality workout.
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right now as you get up and head out, it is thursday morning, and it's still pretty breezy out there. our live view in san francisco, we have a brisk breeze still kicking up, but it's not standing straight out like it was yesterday at this time. we're seeing the winds calming down just a little bit. if you're going to be near the coastline today, it will be mostly cloudy. temperatures going from 50 degrees to 58 degrees. it's not going to warm up much today, and for those waves, it's going to be pretty dangerous to be out there near the coastline. you want to make sure you're careful, you're keeping an eye on pets and children, never turn your back to the water, especially in these conditions we'll see today. some of the swells 5 to 8 feet. our temperatures cooling down. take a look at these highs. we're not talking about upper 80s and low 90s today. how about 71 degrees in fremont.
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that's going to be so comfortable. we're opening up the windows, letting that breeze in, but it's going to be mostly cloudy throughout today. we'll start out tomorrow with some fog and see our highs only in the upper 60s for much of the north bay. concord reaching 73 degrees and about the same in dublin and livermore. for saturday, it's beautiful, bright, sunny, the best day to get outside this weekend before we see our rain chances returning. we can see all the clouds an rain farther to the north of here. we'll start to see it getting closer heading saturday into sunday i. looks like we can at least see spotty showers sunday afternoon into early monday, and the rest of next week we go back to more dry weather. as we take a look at how much rain we've measured, how much we need to catch up to normal, we need over 6.75 inches in santa rosa to catch up to normal. we need about 1 inch to get to what's normal in oakland.
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san francisco, san jose still running big rainfall deficits. once again only looking at spotty showers. our temperatures in gilroy for the weekend really cooling down mother's day into early next week. we can see by next weekend it's going to be much warmer. looking at our forecast, we'll see our temperatures coming down over the next few days. it's going to continue to be nice and comfortable into early next week. mike, how is it moving on the roads this morning? >> moving pretty well. it's early, so folks are moving a little slower, and then at the speed limit all over. we did talk about fog. chp said watch the golden gate bridge on the left side. maybe an issue with slowing. i haven't seen a problem. in san francisco later today potential issues, things going on at both oracle park and chase center. by the time the giants game starts, that's right about when chase center is going to open
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for the concert. notice there will be a lot of first alert traffic the area. celebrate responsibly. it is cinco de mayo. you have to be careful on the roadways. back to you. >> thanks, mike. a lot of gyms have opened post pandemic but you might find it hard to get yourself motivated. >> researchers there found that killing monsters, you heard me right, is an effective way to kill calories. "today in the bay's" bob redell explains. >> >> reporter: bye-bye treadmill. >> get it. get it. >> reporter: hello swords of death. the battle of the bulge is going virtual. >> my dream is to get off work and go, hey, guys, do you want to exercise. we go down to the gym and beat a
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dungeon in "world of warcraft." >> reporter: the virtual reality institute at sf state is trying to prove to the gaming industry and the world that virtual reality gaming is just as good exercise as hopping on an elliptical or donning a pair of boxing gloves. >> for years people have looked at gaming as the enemy of being healthy. almost every experience has some level of physical fitness. >> reporter: the institute assigned signs based on heart rate. this game, supernatural is rated 11.44 m.e.t.s which is more than vigorous biking, slightly less than boxing. >> you're showing it. >> and we give you more optical exercise with less discomfort
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and you spend like you're doing less time doing the thing you don't like. >> look, ultimately here, aaron wants to develop ai for games that not only know your heart rate, but know the heart rate you want to try to target during your workout. >> the game can respond to as an invisible coach making the enemies more aggressive or the levels a little harder. the idea is to make working out fun. >> i think i would like this one. i'm in. this morning we want to check in with nbc bay area's garvin thomas. >> he shares a love story behind one of san jose's newest playgrounds, a story that makes us bay area proud. >> reporter: good morning everybody, i'm garvin thomas. this past weekend ground was broken on the expansion of one of san jose's best playgrounds. let me tell you, that isn't the best part of the story. the best part is the 25-year love story that was the inspiration behind the creation of the rotary play garden in the first place.
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it's the story of how a grandmother became her granddaughter's champion and how their legacy will enrich the lives of children of all abilities for years to come. >> -- i hope they know somebody cared enough about them to make all this happen. >> reporter: you can see the whole story as well as hundreds of other stories of people being good to each other in the bay area. >> makes me cry during dinner prep all the time. honoring the life and work of a mexican icon. next ahead on "today in the bay," the new frida hahlo exhibit that you can visit shining a new light on the artist's legacy. changes are coming for marin water customers. the water restrictions imposed during the drought last year will become permanent. residents need to continue to limit sprinkler use to two days per week.
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residents can only water lawns between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. while the rules are permanent, marin water leaders have officially said its local water shortage is in an emergency state. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. 4:57 right now. to mark cinco de mayo an immersive art show happening tonight celebrating the work of artist frida hahlo. >> the show will incorporate large scale projections of her work accompanied by music. organizers call it a never-before-seen look at the artist who spent time in san francisco. >> what a beautiful way to connect the mission district with frida hahlo, sin cinco de
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mayo and to raise funds for the building of the new arts and cultural healing center here in the mission district for the carnival san francisco. >> tickets for tonight's show starts a at $30. the show starts at 7:00. this morning ukraine is on the verge of losing control of mariupol. the heavy fighting raging on inside the steel plant. the promise to help ensure trapped civilians get out safely.
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right now at 5:00, a boost in bay area tourism. local leaders preparing for the return of travelers with the hopes of reaching prepandemic levels at least in some places and in some cases. ahead in a live report, the one part of the industry not seeing the same kind of recovery. a new show of support. the first lady ready to head overseas. the stops she'll make to help refugees as russian forces gain more ground in mariupol. this is "today in the bay." a good thursday morning to you. thank you for making us part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura. you can watch us on roku, amazon fire, apple tv and online. spotted again. if you've been watching this week, you heard us talking about this, this bear roaming


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