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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 3, 2022 11:34pm-12:37am PST

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okay. get ready. levi stadium set to host big names. artist the weeknd. going on the first ever world tour with his "blinding lights." first guest dozha cat. tickets go on sale next thursday. pony up, raj. >> that will be fun. >> with the dozha. >> i first called her dozha the cat. >> maybe i won't go with you. >> have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow. >> bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - dua lipa sam heughan. musical guests band of horses. and featuring the legendary roots crew >> questlove: 1607 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. hi welcome, everybody that's right welcome, welcome, welcome to "the tonight show," everybody. you're here. [ cheers and applause we're in the same room thank you for watching well, guys, it goes without
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saying, but we're living through a pretty crazy time right now. luckily it seems like some things are getting back to normal watch this >> the pilot was removed from the cockpit of a plane in buffalo because he was suspected of being drunk [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah after he blew into the breathalyzer, it didn't even say a number it just said, new high score [ laughter ] it's amazing, it was the first time the flight attendant had to duck tape a pilot to his seat [ laughter ] he was so drunk he refused to leave unless he could go down the slide. that's what he was saying. [ laughter ] i guess it was pretty obvious something was going on after the pilot's first announcement listen to this we got footage >> uh -- this is your captain speaking welcome to southwest what's that? sorry, welcome to jet blub i'll be flying at an altitude that's so -- ♪ hig high above me ♪ you guys remember that song? we'll take off in a second [ burp ]
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i've just got to do a quick note check first anyone go to auntie anne's before this? i will venmo you, like, five bucks for a pretzel nug. okay, don't freak, but i do not know what that sound means [ applause ] >> jimmy: interesting. that's frightening >> jimmy: guys, so this is going to viral florida governor ron desantis saw some high school students at his press conference who were wearing masks, and he wasn't too happy about that. watch this >> you do not have to wear those masks. i mean, please take them off honestly, it's not doing anything and we've got to stop with this covid theater. so, if you want to wear it, fine but this is ridiculous >> all right, well, it's good to be at usf [ laughter ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: gross. students like, somehow you make our principal seem chill when the parents asked how their day was, they're like, "i got bullied -- by the governor?
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well, guys, as vladimir putin continues his invasion of ukraine, i saw that netflix has paused all of its future projects from russia yeah it's a little weird without them in the next season of "queen's gambit. they're like, "you're playing the world's top chess master he's from staten island. [ laughter ] the best in the world. [ applause ] then also, today, ikea announced that it's calling all 17 of its stores in russia ikea said they'll do whatever it can to throw a useless tiny wrench into russia's economy [ laughter ] well, it bends it bends it bends is it supposed to bend get this, even spotify has closed its offices in russia and removing all kremlin-backed content from its platform. yeah, well, we finally found out what it takes to get kicked off spotify. [ laughter ] and it's not just business distancing themselves. i read that the international
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cat federation has banned russian cats from all competition. i'm just going to go ahead and say that's the biggest news that's ever come out of the international cat federation [ laughter ] meanwhile, the silence from the international dog federation is deafening. [ laughter ] wouldn't it be amazing if this is what finally breaks putin he goes, "enough is enough i draw the line at cat competition. they work all their lives to compete, some almost nine lives. and look at this." some entertainment news, i saw that "so you think you can dance" is returning to tv after a three-year hiatus. a lot of people are excited. here, check out this promo they just released. ♪ >> maybe you thought "so you think you can dance" was in the can. well think again -- because we think you can dance so "so you think you can dance" is back so, it's time "so you think we can dance" is back too so you and we can all dance the can-can kind of so so on "so you think you can dance can
11:40 pm
dance dance think so dance can. you think? "so you think you can dance. does anybody else smell burnt toast? [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: i mean, it's got -- he shouldn't do voice. some more tv news. next year hbo max will begin streaming u.s. soccer matches. of course it's since hbo, every match will have full frontal nudity [ laughter ] and finally a man was recently pulled over by police, and he had a very creative excuse to get out of a ticket. watch this >> florida man really wanted out of a traffic stop, but deputies in flagler county were not expecting this excuse for speeding he blamed it on vladimir putin, saying he was speeding home because of a nuclear war [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't worry. despite the arrest, the man was able to keep his job as a pilot for jet blue [ laughter ] [ applause ] we have a great show give it up for the roots, everybody.
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[ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: what a show. what a show we have for you tonight. wake, wake, wake mom and dad and tell them to get in the living room and watch this show this is a big show this evening. this is the best show on television [ cheers and applause she is a three-time grammy winning artist who just launched a new weekly concierge newsletter called "service 95. dua lipa is here >> steve: oh come on. >> jimmy: we'll be talking to dua, and then we're going to do something really fun later in the show you do not want to miss it, so stay tuned plus, he's the star of "outlander." [ cheers ] yeah which returns for its sixth season this sunday on starz. sam heughan is here tonight.
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[ cheers and applause and we don't have just good music tonight. >> steve: what >> jimmy: we have great music tonight. band of horses are here tonight! [ cheers and applause things are great love band of horses. guys, it is time for "tonight show" hashtags here we go ♪ hashtag hashtags ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: we do this thing every week where i send out a hashtag and we ask you guys to respond to that topic so, since "the batman" comes out tomorrow, i sent out the hashtag my dumb superpower and i asked you to describe a funny or weird superpower that you have. within minutes, it was a a trending topic so, thank you for playing along. [ cheers and applause every week we do this game and i appreciate it. so, here are some of my favorite my dumb superpower responses from you guys. this first one is from
11:43 pm
@nwiirish96. he says, "i can go to target and buy only what i went there for. >> steve: oh [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: that's impossible. that is -- that's impossible just go in and get one thing can you carry that cart? >> steve: yeah >> got three carts of stuff. this one's from @elisemillssss like five extra s's. >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: this is elisemillssss. she says, "i can always think of really good comebacks only two weeks after the actual argument." [ laughter and applause you're -- you're -- you're a a stupid face. you're a stupid face gosh, why did i say stupid face i couldn't top that one? this one's from @justmytweet she says, "i make pizza disappear. >> steve: oh, nice >> jimmy: i have that same superpower
11:44 pm
[ applause ] this one's from @briancronen he says, "i can always tell if i'm listening to the opening baseline of 'ice, ice baby' or 'under pressure.'" >> steve: oh [ laughter and applause >> jimmy: i think i can do it. ♪ that's vanilla ice that's vanilla ice that's queen did i get it >> questlove: yes. >> steve: wow. ♪ [ applause ] >> jimmy: how did i get that >> steve: because you knew >> questlove: and vanilla ice said - ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know -- so yeah, queen is - ♪ and his is - ♪ >> questlove: right, right >> steve: let's here it again. ♪ >> jimmy: that's vanilla ice shaker - and then - ♪ that's just -- ♪ >> steve: you said you vanilla ice does it with a shake weight is that what you says? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: could be, yeah
11:45 pm
>> steve: could be i don't know >> jimmy: this one's from @somethingpork you love pork. >> steve: i love pork. >> jimmy: you pull your own pork >> steve: pull my own pork all the time when i'm alone. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know you love food >> steve: i love food. pizza, mm. pork >> jimmy: he says, "he has the ability to see numbers on a house or building without turning the volume down in the car. >> questlove: yes! >> jimmy: that's genius. that's impossible. >> steve: shut up! >> jimmy: he's either a genius or a serial killer >> steve: yeah >> jimmy: this one's from @greencard74 they say, "i will always find the slowest checkout line in any store anywhere if you see me in a line, pick a different lane." [ laughter and applause ten items or less? all right, hold on, you got to make a decision here i have 13 items. maybe i'll make -- three star
11:46 pm
bursts count as one item, right? kind of? wait, let me get my coupons out of my bag. that's your coupons? oh, yeah definitely i don't even have a dog. i just think i should get the dog food because it's a good deal >> steve: it's such a good bargain. >> jimmy: yeah this one's from @restingbritface [ laughter ] that's funny she says, "i can gravely offend my teenager just by saying hi to him." [ laughter ] "hi. "what? "what? shut up. "you're the worst, mom you don't get me." >> steve: is that peewee herman teen >> jimmy: yeah [ laughter ] it's like peewee but it's a little deeper voice. this is peewee right here. [ laughter ] this one's from kansasbradbury he says, "i have the ability to
11:47 pm
realize when i have overstayed my welcome i don't leave, but i sometimes think about it." [ laughter and applause fantastic. those are our "tonight show" hashtags to check out more of our favorites, go to thanks for doing this. we'll be right back with dua lipa, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: your dua lip you can do anything man. >> okay. >> jimmy: all right, that's it ♪ [ cheers ] >> jimmy: i can't do it. >> yep, come on, come on ♪ >> jimmy: this is embarrasing. this is me doing it. what if smartphones were more than just smart? the all new google pixel 6 truly sees you. not a blurry face. and for things you don't want to see, it removes them instantly with magic eraser. on our most advanced and inclusive smartphone camera yet. live translate speaks your language and hers. it's the phone that understands we're all different. google pixel 6. for all you are.
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and vonetta flowers from alabama. no african american athlete has ever won gold in the olympic winter games. gold medal, usa! she's ready. this is elana meyers taylor we're talking about. elana meyers taylor for team usa goes to the top!
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our first guest is a a three-time grammy-winning artist who's gone platinum over 25 times wow. she just launched a new podcast and a weekly concierge newsletter called "service 95. check it out at please welcome our pal, dua lipa [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. now, come on
11:52 pm
that's exactly right we love you. >> we love you how you doing? >> jimmy: doing great. you look fantastic >> thank you only for you >> jimmy: i mean, come on. >> you know i always make a big effort when i come on the show i love it. >> jimmy: i love you, bud. >> thank you for having me >> jimmy: you know, you helped us out when we didn't have a a show we didn't have an audience i was doing it from my home. and you were so cool you zoomed in to me in my home but i think -- i want to say you were the first artist to make a performance, a video. >> yeah, i set up green screen - >> jimmy: yes! >> in my living room >> jimmy: yes, you made a whole video. >> for "the tonight show." and i just couldn't believe -- i was like, "i can't believe i have to set up a green screen and do this. >> jimmy: you were the first artist to do that. >> it was amazing. >> jimmy: thank you for doing that >> it turned out so good it's always kind of scary, you know, kind of getting in the zone it was so new. >> jimmy: everyone kind of followed your thing and started doing what you were doing, so i can't thank you enough for that >> thank you >> jimmy: and congrats on your "future nostalgia" tour. just played the garden >> yes >> jimmy: oh, my gosh. the madison square garden. [ cheers and applause dua! >> thank you >> jimmy: what was it -- all right, talk to me. >> it was surreal.
11:53 pm
it really exceeded all my expectations i think when you go to a place like new york, you always feel like maybe people are going to be a bit more critical >> jimmy: sure >> but everyone just kind of rode the wave with me. it was amazing they we were all up for it the floor was shaking. >> jimmy: yeah, that place - >> it was -- it was brilliant. it was brilliant >> jimmy: when madison square garden rocks, it just rocks. it's like this studio, studio 6b here we go, this is it [ cheers and applause it's happening >> the floor i can feel it. >> jimmy: yeah people are talking about the tour, crazy awesome reviews. congrats they love the costumes they love the dancing. and on social media, they're loving one dance in particular [ light laughter ] and -- yeah, and i love that you did this because -- should i explain it or do you want to >> i mean, you can start, and then i'll, like, riff off it >> jimmy: i want to say it was, like, in 2017-ish, around that time, you did a dance that people -- some haters got online and said "this is a lazy dance," or something, it's uninspired >> it was kind of like, "oh she looks like she's trying to put
11:54 pm
her shoe on in a rush or something. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: why do people just have to be so mean >> i think it's okay do you know what when i look back on it -- and the reason i guess why we're talking about it, is because i brought it back, i'm doing it on my tour >> jimmy: yeah >> i'm reclaiming it because there was a moment where, actually, it caused me a lot of grief. like, i was being bullied online it wasn't very nice. but -- but now i'm, like, you know, i can look at it from a different perspective. i look back on it with such fondness, because it helped me grow into the artist i wanted to become. it made me, like, work harder. i went in, i did more rehearsal. i just wanted to become a real performer, and i think that was kind of the thing that i needed to - >> jimmy: and now you open -- is it "don't start now"? >> yeah, i start "don't start now" with it >> jimmy: with that dance? >> yep >> jimmy: and everyone goes nuts 'cause it's like, "yeah, see? now, i'm doing this every show, so get ready." can you show me the move >> yeah! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i'll do it with you. >> will you do it with me?
11:55 pm
>> jimmy: of course. >> someone in the audience was like, "yeah. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah [ cheers ] >> i don't know if i can do it in these boots, but you know what snow boots, rain, wind, shine, whatever >> jimmy: you're dua lipa, you can do anything, man >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. that's it. ♪ [ cheers and applause i can't do it. >> yep come on. come on. >> jimmy: this is embarrassing this is me doing it. that is me doing it. that is me doing it, by the way. so bad [ cheers and applause see, that almost hurt me that's how old i am. oh, my god, how sad. but i love that you did that i love that you put it out there. i just think you're cool i also -- i want to talk about elton john while i can talk to you because that was the greatest move of all moves "cold heart. i'm like, "oh, my gosh." it went to number one. >> it did. >> jimmy: and, wait, so what's it like working with sir elton >> it -- it -- i mean, i have so many -- i'm so lucky to have so many "pinch me" moments in my life. >> jimmy: yeah >> and that's definitely a
11:56 pm
a massive one. he's somebody i've looked up to my whole life. so to get to do the song together, to recreate his iconic songs - >> jimmy: you crushed it though >> it's just a massive honor i'm so grateful. >> jimmy: and adding "rocket man" in there too. i was like, "yo! it's so good." >> it's just amazing, and i get to perform it night after night. and it's just -- it's a dream come true. i really -- in that moment i really just kind of soak it all up and i just can't believe everything that's happening to me >> jimmy: and then he gave you a very nice gift, a memorable gift >> he did give me a very lovely, memorable gift sir elton john put a ring on it [ cheers ] >> jimmy: he put -- you're marrying - >> before this gets into the press or whatever -- >> jimmy: you married elton john >> no, i didn't. i didn't, i didn't, i didn't i think david would fight me >> jimmy: yeah, he would of course, yeah. >> but he gave me a very beautiful ring that belonged to him, as just kind of, like, a token when we performed together for the first time.
11:57 pm
and it was just an ab -- i was just - >> jimmy: cool >> yeah. >> jimmy: i love elton john. >> i actually kept it at home locked up in a safe because i don't think it was safe back here >> jimmy: no, not on our show. [ laughter ] i'm famous for it. i want to talk about -- you're always, again, doing something new and different. and you have a new thing called "service 95. it's a concierge newsletter. now, that basically means, it tells you cool places to eat that you've been to. it tells you what you're doing on tour. it also -- it interviews activists and people doing stuff to change the world. it's fantastic >> thank you >> jimmy: i signed up for it >> thank you so much >> jimmy: you just type in your email, boom, off you go and it's in 11 different languages. >> it is, yep. and our podcast is also translated into three different ones hopefully, over time, we'll get to do more of that it's just -- it was really a a platform and a hub where i could share so many different sides, like, so many different of my interests, and things that i felt like we can all
11:58 pm
learn something new from in the process of learning myself, exploring, it's all about people who just want to be a little bit more curious, kind of putting a mixture, like you said, recommendations. >> jimmy: there's art in there >> there's art, there's music, there's fashion, there's activism there's all kinds of articles, thought provoking, um -- >> jimmy: it's well done >> stories and it's just something where i feel like -- i just want to kind of challenge people's opinions, and give people a different perspective. and give different people a voice. and i just -- i'm enjoying it so much. it's been so fun to curate it, and i've got an incredible team that work with me on it. >> jimmy: are you enjoying your podcast as well? >> i'm loving the podcast. >> jimmy: i mean, "at your service. >> it's really fun yeah, "at your service." >> jimmy: "at your service" with dua lipa. and you interview everybody. >> yes, i do >> jimmy: do you like interviewing people? >> i really do i really do.
11:59 pm
i really like the research experience element of it, and, like, again, the whole learning experience has been really, really fun >> jimmy: well, you're always up for something fun every time you come on the show, you do something cool. and tonight we have a really cool thing that we're going to try. you're going to meet one of your biggest fans, but we'll talk about this. more "tonight show" after the break. come on back [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ ( ♪♪ ) i call it the wheel. okay. this is a miss. edison, can i be honest with you? i-i-i-it stinks. (speaking japanese) like i was saying, it's ftx.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back to "the tonight show," everybody we're hanging out with dua lipa right here, ladies and gentlemen. [ cheers and applause now, dua, one of your biggest fans is a man named papa richy all right? he's 80 years old, and he went viral on tiktok after his granddaughter surprised him with tickets to your this is real, check this out >> admission ticket, richard l. waldorf >> and elena waldorf >> dua lipa in concert?! are you [ bleep ] me are you [ bleep ] me really?! is this the real thing >> yes >> holy [ bleep ]! [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> oh, it's just such a good video. >> jimmy: yeah >> it made me so happy >> jimmy: well, since he's such a huge fan of yours, we wanted to give papa richy another
12:05 am
surprise and his is real, it's happening right now, guys. we reached out to him, pretending that we were a radio station, okay? in new york, and told him that he won a contest for the number one tiktok video of the year [ light laughter ] >> okay. amazing. >> jimmy: he believed us he loved it, yeah. [ light laughter ] so, yesterday, we flew him and his granddaughter to new york. he's in our building right now as we're talking the tv monitors are not on in the building and he thinks he's about to be interviewed on a radio show, and get a tour of 30 rock. and here he is a few minutes ago. we have gopro cameras. that's his - [ light laughter ] so he has no clue what's going down and in fact, someone -- there was some "tonight show" sign, and he said, "oh, i love 'the tonight show.'" [ laughter ] so i was like, "oh, cool, this is gonna be great. >> well, he's gonna -- he's gonna get the surprise - >> jimmy: of his life. >> of his life >> jimmy: so, all right, so right now we all need to be really quiet 'cause seriously, he's being led to what he thinks is the radio station. and what he doesn't know is he's about to walk onto "the tonight show" and meet dua lipa [ light laughter ] all right, so, all right, let's get ready. he's - >> should i come with you? >> jimmy: yeah, you come with me we'll hear it. we'll hear it when he's here
12:06 am
>> ready as we're ever going to be >> first radio interview >> first radio interview >> oh, great, good >> papa, i will follow you >> okay. i'm going to follow. >> jimmy: he's coming through. i think we can hear him. >> i'll follow you, pop. >> okay. >> okay? you first. >> i'm a real jimmy fallon fan oh, my god hi, jim. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: everyone, please welcome papa richy [ cheers and applause m♪ jimmy fallon >> thank you >> jimmy: i'm jimmy fallon you're on "the tonight show. this is dua lipa >> oh, my god! ♪ [ laughter ] holy [ bleep ] oh, my god can i -- can i shake your hand or something >> of course >> jimmy: yes. >> hello
12:07 am
>> your hands are freezing >> my hands actually are freezing >> jimmy: and this is your -- this is your granddaughter >> yes, i'm katie. >> jimmy: katie, how are you jimmy. [ applause ] >> hi katie. >> it's katie's 22nd birthday. >> jimmy: it's katie's birthday happy birthday to you. >> happy birthday. >> jimmy: what a present this is, right here >> yes >> jimmy: now, i read something that said that one of your dreams is to dance with dua lipa >> yes, yes, of course [ laughter ] >> jimmy: can we make -- [ cheers and applause can we make that dream a a reality? ♪ all right, let's - [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: that's what i'm talking about right there! >> this one's -- this one's for -- >> jimmy: my thanks to dua lipa, papa richy [ cheers and applause >> yes >> jimmy: his granddaughter katie! happy birthday stick around, we'll be right back with more "tonight show" after the break. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause
12:08 am
>> we were at your first show. >> oh, you were? >> in miami. >> in miami? >> yes >> did you enjoy it? >> loved it. [ light laughter ] [ cheers ] the first outfit you had on -- that green outfit. >> jimmy: all right, all right, come on now. [ laughter ] >> i got to dance with dua [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: get out of here! get -- wait, wait. >> wow >> amazing [ cheers and applause ♪♪ making friends again, billy? i like to keep my enemies close. guys, excuse me. i didn't quite get that. i'm hard of hearing. ♪♪ oh hey, don't forget about the tense music too. would you say tense? i'd say suspenseful. aren't they the same thing? can we move on guys, please? alexa, turn on the subtitles. and dim the lights. ok, dimming the lights.
12:09 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back, guys the big movie this weekend is "the batman. [ cheers and applause it is getting great reviews, and imax theaters are screenings are selling out all over america so, i thought it would be fun to go around the studio and see
12:14 am
who can give the best, "i'm batman." i'll go first. ♪ i'm batman [ light laughter ] and i'm vengeance. [ cheers and applause felt good. higgins, why don't you give us your best, "i'm batman"? >> steve: okay [ light laughter ] ♪ i'm batman, and i'm here to save gotham city [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] >> jimmy: why are you smiling at the end >> steve: i'm smiling. >> jimmy: yeah, you don't smile at the end that's a very good batman. james, can we see your batman? [ laughter ] ♪ >> i'm batman. you don't want to mess with me, because i have a lot of great ideas, and just don't tell them to many people [ laughter ]
12:15 am
they'll laugh at me, but not anymore. i made a website it's www.spaceport. -- spaceport dot dot james poyser's batman ideas dot piano. [ laughter ] see you on the information superhighway [ laughter and applause [ cheers and applause [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause 13 without t-mobile,g the ince - - makes as much sense as playing hide-in-seek... ready or not, here i come.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: our next guest is the star of "outlander," which returns for its sixth season this sunday at 9:00 p.m. on starz. ladies and gentlemen, please welcome sam heughan. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ >> jimmy: come on, bud great to see you in person >> oh, it's so good to see you again, yeah. >> jimmy: it's great to be here you're here. you're in new york city. you've got a live crowd right here >> yeah. [ cheers and applause so great to have people back, right? >> jimmy: do you love
12:22 am
new york city when you come visit? >> love it absolutely enjoy coming back have such a blast here >> jimmy: yeah did you ever spend a lot of time here or no? >> i -- i first came here when i was 18 i was traveling around america by bus and i -- first time i got to new york, i had, like, $50 left i had, like, zero money and i was like, "what am i going to do?" so, i thought the last thing i can do with that money is go up -- go up the eiffel tower >> jimmy: oh, the empire - >> no, not the eiffel tower, that's in paris. [ laughter ] the empire state building. >> jimmy: 50 bucks - >> just testing you guys there >> jimmy: 50 bucks, jet blue can get you there, i mean -- [ laughter ] but then you've got to pay -- then you got to pay for it, then go up yeah >> so, then i got to the top of the empire state building, right? get it right >> jimmy: that's -- you -- so you had 50 bucks you go, "i'm gonna go" - >> nothing left. and i thought -- >> jimmy: get a cab, go do it. >> jimmy: go check it out. go to the top. i saw val kilmer up there. like, "what -- what's he doing up there?" i just thought, "this is -- this is crazy. so, val kilmer was on top of the empire state building. >> jimmy: by himself >> yeah. not quite sure what he was
12:23 am
doing, up there, but i mean -- >> jimmy: wow. [ light laughter ] what was he -- was he just enjoying the views >> i think he was. i should have spoken to him. i should've said something >> jimmy: you didn't say anything to val kilmer >> oh, no, no. or bought him a hot dog or something, i dunno >> jimmy: he's a -- he's the funniest guy, the nicest guy he's batman. >> he is batman, right >> jimmy: yes, he was batman >> certainly a lot better than the batmans we saw before. >> jimmy: well, yeah - >> i mean, they were good -- >> jimmy: but you have a little history of being batman. >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you were in a show called "batman live. >> yeah, that's right, yeah. a couple years ago, i -- >> jimmy: this is sam in - [ cheers ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: now, what -- what was "batman live" -- i mean, was it a musical? >> that was -- it's a -- it's a stage show it's like a cirque show. all around the world -- we kinda -- we did the staples center. we did vegas we did all around the world, yeah >> jimmy: before "outlander" obviously. >> before, yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: i mean, can we -- can we - >> i'm not sure if batman has ever worn a kilt, has he probably a bit weird, right? >> jimmy: no, yeah, you never know probably be -- but it'd be
12:24 am
interesting, a batman in in a kilt, i would do >> right >> jimmy: would you ever do a batman, if they asked you to do - >> oh, my god. >> jimmy: you have the jawline >> i mean -- [ light laughter ] thank you very much. i mean your jaw's -- oh, yes, come on. this is -- wow, all right. >> jimmy: this is real >> do i get to do it >> jimmy: yeah >> all right where am i looking >> jimmy: look over at them. >> oh, i got it, i got it, i got it ♪ [ laughter ] >> jimmy: high five. >> where'd that music come from okay, okay ahem-hem "i am batman." >> jimmy: wow, that's actually fantastic. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> "i need a sidekick. >> jimmy: what >> "i need a sidekick. >> jimmy: "do you need one that looks, and talks just like you? >> "yeah." >> jimmy: "then i'm right here." >> "there you are. >> jimmy: "i'm batman. [ applause ] >> "ugh, i'm batman. >> jimmy: "okay. >> "no, i'm" - [ applause ] >> jimmy: dude, batman and batman, that would be -- that would be the next -- >> that's the next movie, right? >> jimmy: before we get into "outlander," i want to congratulate you before.
12:25 am
we've talked about your whiskey. this is a -- sassenach >> yes >> jimmy: is how you pronounce it >> that's right. >> jimmy: thank you. and, congrats, 'cause you made this whiskey, and you're scottish and you go, "yeah, i'm going to make a whiskey," and you don't mess around. >> right, right. >> jimmy: you've been winning all these awards for it. i go, "that's fantastic. congratulations. and it's all awesome." then you show up today i go, "good to see you, sam, what's up? you go, "got a present for you. and i go, "whiskey." and i look and it's not, it's tequila. >> right [ laughter ] yeah >> jimmy: well now i go, "well, maybe he thinks i have a a problem. >> yeah, i just keep bring you alcohol. >> jimmy: keep bringing me alcohol, i go, "thank you, tequila. and you go, "yeah, but it's my tequila. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you're in the tequila business >> ah, yeah, yeah. randomly went to -- to mexico to just go to the highlands there, and just met these guys at el tequileno, and they are just master distillers they are mexico's best kept secret they're the most popular blanco in tequila and we just realized -- we bonded like, they love good spirits, i'm scottish, we love good spirits. >> jimmy: yeah >> and the stories are the same, the culture.
12:26 am
and we decided to collaborate, and make this amazing tequila. >> jimmy: and then you made this amazing tequila what -- what is it called? >> it's called "the sassenach select: el tequileno," and we just won a couple of gold medals for it as well. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: another award winning -- i mean, dude, you -- >> what's next, right? >> jimmy: i'm so happy, that's so cool. >> what do you want? we'll make it. >> jimmy: yeah, what do you -- i like gin, if you want to work on a gin >> well, we could do that, yeah "jimmy's gin"? >> jimmy: "ginny fallon. yeah, go for it, you take it >> "ginny fallon." >> jimmy: take the name. let's talk "outlander. >> okay, yes >> jimmy: okay, season six returns on sunday. people cannot wait in fact, people -- when you're off, they call it "the droughtlander. >> the "droughtlander," yeah, yeah >> jimmy: yeah, they really miss the show. >> each year as the droughtlander gets slightly longer, this year the break has been almost two years between seasons, so -- i think we're just testing our fans like, next time it'll be like a decade >> jimmy: no, you can't do that but, you know, it's based off some amazing books, amazing writing. but the author's only working on her - >> she's -- diana gabaldon -- and thank you, diana -- she's -- she has written this amazing series she's on book ten. we're on book -- we're about to
12:27 am
do book seven in season seven, so - we've still got a bit of way to go >> jimmy: do you know how it ends >> i do. i do i know how it ends >> jimmy: i dunno if you're lying to me or if you're acting >> ah, yeah. >> jimmy: wow, you're really - >> yeah, no. >> jimmy: you're in your batman role right now i liked it >> yeah. she -- "i'm batman. she revealed to me -- she revealed to me the ending a long time ago actually, so - >> jimmy: i mean, she's written the end but she hasn't written -- it's in her head she knows how it ends? >> in her head and in my email chain, yeah. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, my god >> so i don't get hacked >> jimmy: yeah, i know, i hope you don't -- oh, my gosh "i'm batman" is your password. [ laughter ] >> how did you know? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: but that's wild. all right, so what -- how can you set up the new season for everybody? >> so, we we're picking up a a short time after the end of season five, and claire was assaulted. she's kind of suffering a lot of trauma from that. the war of independence fast approaching, and then my character meets an old adversary in the form of tom christie, so - there's so many things happening this season. it's a shorter season, but some of the episodes are much longer so it -- it really is very intense. >> jimmy: guys get ready
12:28 am
i want to show a clip here sam heughan in the season six premier of "outlander. take a look. >> tom received word his wife had died, while we were -- but you? you were there with me in the present. i saw you. ♪ it's what got me through it. you were always with me. sometimes -- i think you're an angel, claire. ♪ >> jimmy: come on. [ cheers and applause come on. sam heughan right there, everybody. season six of "outlander" premieres this sunday on starz and we're working on our batman movie. we'll be right back with a a performance from band of horses
12:29 am
come on back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ 5-hour energy... 'cause it's time to hit the gym and work up a sweat. and you're going to need some energy. lots of energy. 5-hour energy...for every workout. ♪♪
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: performing "crutch" from their new album "things are great," give it up for band of horses. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ not not a long time ago
12:33 am
when i knew all the answers ♪ ♪ i couldn't pace myself or raise my standards ♪ ♪ but one can hop you need to know and then one stayed on one stayed one ♪ ♪ forgotten where i was confusing it wit another that i saw ♪ ♪ you wouldn't like nothing tonigh beginning wa quite disturbing ♪ ♪ i got a crutc on you ust sick of needin something to do ♪
12:34 am
♪ to do tablets in my pocket at the easter soiree ♪ ♪ bouncing off the carpet in line for tsa ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ a lot of wasp on the walls ♪ ♪ wasps on the wall balling toilet water in lake full of moccasin ♪ ♪ you're wrong, i'm right no need to fight the middle was dar and storming ♪ ♪ you're on your ow i need to go ♪ ♪ i got a crutc
12:35 am
on you guess i go nothing to lose ♪ ♪ inebriate late afternoon you were fadin now i'm holding on too ♪ ♪ i got a crutc on you ♪ ♪ wish there was somethin i could do i sit around too long ♪ ♪ way too lon thinking i should go thinking i should go i'm going too, too ♪
12:36 am
wishing there was somethin i could do ♪ ♪ got a crutch on you finally nothing left to do ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: come on, brother come on, pal come on, brother fantastic. thank you so much. band of horses [ cheers and applause "things are great" is out now. my thanks to dua lipa, sam heughan, band of horses once again [ cheers and applause and the roots right there from philadelphia, pennsylvania stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. good night, everybody. thank you! [ cheers and applause
12:37 am
♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers. tonight, amy poehler star of "the batman," actor jeffrey wright an all-new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with carter mclean. ♪ [ cheers and applause and now, seth meyers >> seth: good evening, i'm seth meyers. this is "late night. we hope you're all doing well tonight, and now we are going to get to the news. defense officials in ukraine have warned that the kremlin could be using deepfake videos to spread misinformation to russians


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