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tv   Today  NBC  January 26, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PST

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drivers. >> take it easy as you head out the door. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're going to be back at 7:25 with a local news update. >> thanks for joining us this morning. we'll see you back here tomorrow. the "today" show coming up next. good morning, polar plunge, frigid temperatures now blankets much of the country and al is threatening a major nor'easter. take a hike, the fed expected to announce today that it will raise interest rates. with the economy and stock market in turmoil and record inflation forcing americans to dig deeper with this key decision could mean for you and your bills in the weeks ahead.
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enormous consequences. president biden issues a direct warning to vladimir putin saying the russian le the door. personally sanctioned if russian troops invade ukraine. >> pentagon bracing for conflict with u.s. weapons arriving in the country overnight, richard engel is there live. >> the pentagon bracing for conflict with u.s. weapons arriving in the country overnight. richard engel is there live? those stories plus showdown at spotify. kneel young taking on the streaming service and its controversial pod caster joe rogan. just ahead why the legendary rock star is threatening to pull his songs. and cooperstown calling. >> yes! >> beloved red sox slugger david ortiz heading to baseball's hall of fame. the only player elected this year, marking the end of the line for other big name stars. the reaction from fans and big papi's big celebration today.
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wednesday, january 26th, 2022. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning everybody. welcome to "today," it is wednesday morning. >> we were trying to get david ortiz to join us live but he may be partying. because it was a big, big night for him. he got that hall of fame news. of course it was also some controversy over this year's vote. we're going to to get into all of it just ahead. >> but we want to gun this morning with the bitter cold across the country. the mud west is dealing with that. heavy snow overnight. >> millions waking up to this morning. parts of the upper mystery and new england facing sub zero temperatures. windchills reaching negative 45 in some spots. >> a storm system expected to develop of the carolinas could become a potent nor'easter before the weekend.
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let's get started with the shaquille brewster in des moines this morning. hi shaq. >> good morning guys. i can confirm it is bitterly cold outside right now. i brought a thermometer and the needle is around zero but the real temperature about 5 below. when you get the windchill it gets much colder than that. not just in iowa but across the region. people waking up to their coldest temperatures of the season. this morning from kansas to michigan, a midweek blast of cold pummelling the mid west. millions under winter weather air letters. brutal temperatures and winds packing a one-two punch. >> 15-0 minutes, that's it for exposed skin. >> windchills making it feel well below zero. negative 20 in chicago. negative 28 in minneapolis. and 35 below zero in duluth. the frigid temperatures in
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minnesota bringing the coldest sunrise of the season over lake superior. the view from above showing snow quickly accumulating across the great lakes. >> look at all the snow. >> reporter: further west another dangerous cold front moving in, dumping heavy snow up to 25 inches across colorado. many forced to brave the elements as snow blanketed the region. the wintry mix also creating dangerously blinding conditions on the road. a major interstate shut down tuesday all the way to the kansas border. with multiple vehicles spinning out of control, snarling traffic and leaving drivers stranded. and the national weather service is saying they are becoming more confident in the potential and significant east coast snow storm. but until then, this arctic cold
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is hitting you guys in new york. >> okay. shaq. looks cold out there. go warm up. thank you so much. >> let's bring in mr. roker. lot of people wondering about timing. >> absolutely. and a lot of us are dealing with the cold. coast to coast. 226 million people below freezing this morning. and right now windchill advisories for 31 million people from the plains down to the appalachians. dangerously cold wind chills. it feels like minus 31 in minneapolis. minus 16 in chicago. memphis 12 degrees. 11 here in new york city. and into the weekend you can look at these bone chilling temperatures. 17 on saturday in buffalo. 24 in new york city. saturday at 25 in charleston and 35 in nashville. now here is this storm. the timing of it, and what we're expecting. we're watching the models. the european model curves closer to the coast, bridges heavy snow from middle to new england. we're talking blizzard-like conditions. the american model further to the east, it curves away from the coast.
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and heavy snowfall is confined right now to coastal new england and maybe a little inland. so what we're looking at when we blend the models together for a snowfall total, heavy snow from portland to newport, montauk, just to the west of new york city and down into the delmarva peninsula. the american model for new york city. about 2-3 inches of snow. the european model upwards of 16 inches. so we're waiting to see which model moves to the other one. but we want folks to be ready for potentially what could be a major snow storm along the east coast. >> wow. as we get closer i guess we'll get a better idea, al. thank you very much. efforts to bolster the ec economy. the federal reserve could announce today it is ready to raise interest rates this as the nation is still dealing with fallout from the pandemics, supply chain disruptions and decades high levels of inflation.
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nbc's tom costello joins us with more on that tom, good morning. >> and the cold. all at once. right? we're now entering the third year of covid and appears the fed is prepared to pull back some pandemic relief policies with several interest rate hikes. stocks have been on a bit of a roller coaster the last few weeks, as we are still paying more for goods and often waiting longer to get them in the stock market its been a week of whiplash and wild swings, with wall street at the intersection of concern about covid, inflation, a beleaguered and stretched supply chain and potential invasion of ukraine. now the federal reserve preparing to tame inflation. likely by rolling out a series of interest rate hikes as many as three or four this year >> hopefully what will happen is a combination of getting past this latest wave of the virus,
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getting people back to work and reducing the supply bottlenecks, along with somewhat tighter federal reserve interest rate policy should act to bring inflation down over time. >> that inflation is hitting the hardest on main street as the price of food, clothing cars and housing continues to climb. one of the biggest drivers of the higher prices we're all paying, disruptions at every level of the supply chain. from chinese manufacturing plants to gridlocked ports to u.s. store shelves >> whether it is air transportation to bring goods in, the cost of ocean freight carriers or truck drivers or distribution center workers. everything is costing more. >> reporter: along with higher prices and wait times. they operate stores for expecting parents on opposite opposite sides of the country. at pish posh baby in new jersey they tried to adapt. >> we overhauled the website added features that would help when we're out of stock and the customer can be notified when the customer comes back in stock. >> reporter: while a juvenile shop in california, new moms are having to plan early.
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>> usually we would tell them come in in the second trimester and now you need to be coming in your 12th week of pregnancy. >> reporter: adding to already a stressful time back to the stock market while we have seen pretty big dips and swings the last few weeks. context is important the last couple of weeks really just a snapshot. stocks still about 30 percent higher than at the high point before the pandemic. and the crisis at the russia/ukraine border. fear invasion could be eminent, the biden administration is prepares let's start with nbc's chief white house correspondent peter alexander from d.c. >> reporter: with this standoff deepening, president biden is warning of enormous consequences if russia invades say he he might slap sanctions on vladimir
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putin himself. a rare move to personally target another world leader as for troops on standby, he does not see any troops going going goo ukraine. this morning bracing for a possible russian military assault. the latest american shipment arriving in ukraine with missiles, launchers and other weapons. with 85 hundred u.s. troops now in a heightened state of alert >> what would lead to that is what putin does or doesn't do. and i may be moving some of those troops in the near term, just because it takes time. >> reporter: the president does not intend to send any of these troops into ukraine. and the pentagon is leaving the door hope for more deployments to europe. >> what would lead to that is what's going to happen, what putin does or doesn't do and i may be moving some of those troops in the near term
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ju>> reporter: the president does not intend to send any of these troops into ukraine. and the pentagon is leaving the door hope for more deployments to europe. >> i would not rule out the possibility that we could be putting additional forces on heightened alert in the coming days and weeks. >> reporter: even as russia ramps up, moscow is accusing the u.s. and allies of escalating tensions president biden says he would consider personally sanctioning russian president vladimir putin if he invades. >> it would be the largest invasion since world war ii. >> reporter: french president macron announced he'll push putin to clarify his intentions in a phone call this friday. the biden administration says it is now working with oil and gas suppliers around the world to boost shipments to europe in case russia cuts off that supply about a third of the european union's oil and gas comes from russia the senate'stop republican mitch mcconnell offering rare praise for the president's foreign policy, calling the latest steps
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encouraging. >> it appears to me the right direction. >> reporter: and officials say the u.s. is now considering barring exports of american-made technology and software to russia, a move that would target key parts like aerospace and deference and others as vladimir putin tries to diversify his economy away from oil and gas. hoda. >> thank you turning now to nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel from inside ukraine. you are not far from the front lines. what is the feeling on how imminent an invasion may be? and how both sides preparing military. >> reporter: the question, where are the front lines? the famous trenches in eastern ukraine we reported from before. they are not far from here
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but the way russian troops are positioned right now, and the way that they are moving around with different military exercises seems deliberately steined to keep ukrainian troops, keep nato troops confused there are russian forces to the north of ukraine there are russian forces to the east also to the south. so the question is, would russian forces move in from one of those directions, two of the directions, all three of those directions so in this country they are trying to potentially prepare for any scenario that could come from three different directions. >> that is the military piece of it richard -- yeah. sorry to interrupt but i'm just saying. the people too sorry i thought you were finishing up there please tell us about nato. but also how the people there are.
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i just think about how they must are telling people t feel the tensions must be incredibly unnerving. >> reporter: absolutely unnerving. and they don't exactly know what to make of it. i'll start with the people first. the people here are watching this -- these military build up by russia. but on the local media, it is not being talked about verify very much. the president and the government are telling people to remain calm they don't want panic. so you are not seeing panic buying you are not seeing people boarding up their windows. they are trying to go about their lives as normal because what is that the government is telling them to do this government has been the a at the state of a low level war
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with russia for about the last eight years and think maybe they are just seeing another round of that and hoping it is not going to be a massive escalation and to prevent a conflict from jumping out of ukraine, that is why you are seeing president biden putting troops on high alert, potentially setting them to eastern europe. and you are seeing multiple nato countries sending ships and fighter jets to the east to protect eastern europe should a conflict happen and it escape the ukrainian borders. >> sorry for jumping in on you but i think we got it all in and it is so important thank you so much. craig. >> hey hoda. good morning to you as well. despite an overall dip in covid cases nationwide, are omicron is still having a massive impact on hospitals in certain parts of the country. and this morning workers intensifying on a vaccine specific to that highly contagious variant meanwhile the battle of over masks and other covid mandates rage and spark confusion from coast to coast this morning. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer. >> the u.s. is heading towards another milestone. 75 million confirmed infections with more than 2,000 dying every day. more than two years in there is still a bitter debate how to protect ourselves and what safety measures really make a difference this morning an about face new york's mask mandate is back in place, at least for now an appellate judge temporarily
7:16 am
allowing mandatory face coverings in public spaces while the state appeals a ruling by a lower court that called it unconstitutional the seesaw battle impacting schools and businesses in the state of 20 million. one also playing out in other regions across the nation. >> i'm so looking forward to the day to, say, these are history we don't have do this any longer all of us are. i don't want to keep requirements, safety in place a day longer than necessary. >> reporter: with omicron still fuelling a pandemic record for hospitalizations, the cpc now confirms the variant severity appears to be lower compared to previous peaks but because omicron is so contagious, the volume of sick americans is overwhelming ers. new infections this month alone total nearly half as many cases as all of last year. >> i don't think there is a chance that we're going to eradicate this we've only done that with one virus. and that's been smallpox
7:17 am
>> reporter: pfizer is trying to specifically target omicron. starting clinical trials on a new reformulated vaccine but even if approved by the fda, the study will take months, as pockets of the u.s. already move beyond omicron's peak. how difficult is it to get ahead of a new variant with a vaccine? >> if a new variant emerges, we can always build vaccines but they can take several months to build and test vaccines always play an important role but often not fast enough to deal with a new variant. >> this morning. an evolving virus, as our nation struggles to keep pace with today's pandemic this morning after the biden administration locked its battle on vaccine mandates for large businesses in the supreme court. the labor department is officially withdrawing its request that employees be vaccinated or tested corporations like starbuck's already changed their rules
7:18 am
after the supreme court decision. >> miguel almaguer thank you. 7:17 all eyes on mr. roker. lot of weather news. >> a calm day out west light snow through the southern plains arctic chill in the great lakes through the midsection of the country. plenty of sunshine sunshine through the gulf and rain through the peninsula of florida. and that's your latest erest. so, give us everything you've got. what if i'm a professional gamer with a ton of expenses? if they help drive views, let's talk deductions. what if i'm in a state with no income tax but my survival videos are viewed in 38 countries? i can help and if this is a business dinner, save those jerky receipts. an interesting life can mean an even greater refund. you do your thing, we've got your taxes. intuit turbotax live. . fog is the big story this morning. look at this live look in san jose. we've got limited visibility down through the south bay, but
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also up through the north bay as well. about a quarter of a mile in napa. a quarter of a mile in hayward, and oakland and san francisco, expect for the fog to linger for the first half of our day. by the afternoon, mostly sunny, very comfortable, temperatures in the mid-60s. for is south bay 65, 58 in half moon bay. and that's your latest weather. next half hour we're going to explain why climate change may be making a much more strong winter storm. >> interesting thank you. >> coming up inside a major face-off at spotify. on one side. legendary rocker neil young. on the other, spotify and its most popular and controversial pod caster, joe rogan. this morning the covid concerns that have the music icon demanding his songs will removed from the platform. >> and shark attacks, as more people travel and head back to beaches, kerry sanders is
7:20 am
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ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. yo you ready? dude i'm in class. you got nothin'! ohhh! ♪♪ ♪♪ a very good wednesday morning to you. it is 7:26 right now. i'm laura garcia. here's a look at today's top stories, and we've been tracking traffi after a deadly crash. >> that's right, laura. northbound 85 continues to remain closed, although i did just hear we may have one lane open. that's still only one out of three lanes open at de anza boulevard. the jam has continued to build and starting before you get to highway 85. your alternate is north 85,
7:27 am
north 17 to north 280. north 280 is jamming up. we'll continue to track that. i'll tweet out the updates. >> reporter: i'm kris sanchez in san jose, which has a gun ordinance no other community in the country has. the so-called gun harm reduction measure requires gun owners to have liability insurance in the event their gun is used in a crime and pay a $25 annual fee into a nonprofit aimed at reducing gun violence. it affects an estimated 50,000 households in san jose. a coalition statement reads that they will challenge the unconstitutional legislation. >> it is very foggy and that's definitely what's noticeable in the san jose camera, you can barely make out what's behind it. it's supposed to be a shot of downtown. down to less than a quarter of a mile visibility through the south bay, in through oakland, down to about half a mile.
7:28 am
expect the fog to linger for the first half of your day and then sunshine into the afternoon. temperatures will be in the mid-60s. >> thanks so much. thank you for joining us. another local news update is coming up in about half an hour. see you then.
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7:30 am
7:30 wednesday morning, the 26th day of january, '22. we thought you needed to see this. icy cold on the east coast. but let's just look at this. let's look at this. lauderdale by the sea, florida. the waves, the warmth on your skin. can you picture it? kerry sanders who lives his life in shorts. >> we'll check with him in a bit. your headlines. >> 7:30 now. a second new york city police officer died following last week's ambush shooting in harlem. he was taken off life support
7:31 am
yesterday after he underwent surgery to donate his organs. the 27 year old officer was fatally shot along with fellow officer jason rivera as they were responding to a domestic disturbance call last friday. the gunman was shot by a third officer and later died. both officers are called heroes, dedicated, courageous, compassionate and loved by many. >> also this morning the coast guard is searching for 39 people off the coast of florida. after a good samaritan rescued a man who was clinging to a boat. he says he was part of a group of people who left the bahamas saturday night but the boat capsized after they ran into severe weather. the coast guard is calling it suspected human smuggling cases. tests will go digital in to 24. the standardized tests will be laptops or tablets. no more pencils or paper.
7:32 am
two hours also, instead of three. and on the math section, calculators will now be allowed. as fewer and fewer colleges actually require sat scores for admission. >> we're all about 30 years too late for that change. also this morning. spotify taking heat once again over its most popular pod caster, joe rogan. >> his latest critic is neil young, the rock icon, now threatening to leave spotify over the spread of vaccine misinformation on the platform. >> emily, what does this mean? no more rockin' the free world on spotify? >> well as of now you can still stream songs like rockin' in the free world and heart of gold. but perhaps not long. artist neil young and top rated pod caster joe rogan who signed a multiple dollar deal with the streaming service in 2020.
7:33 am
>> i just say i don't think if you are a young healthy person that you need it. >> reporter: this morning joe rogan, famously known for questioning vaccine safety may have caused the streaming platform a rock icon. ♪♪ >> reporter: neil young demanding his music be scrubbed from spotify. in a letter, i'm doing this because spotify is spreading fake information about vaccines. the harvest moon singer putting forth an ultimatum. they can have rogan or young. not both. the fall out on the heels of the pod cast host continue controversial comments. >> it is a completely new kind of vaccine. the idea that people shouldn't be skeptical or nervous about
7:34 am
that is kind of hilarious. >> reporter: a recent episode also featured a virologist who said americans have been hypnotized into getting vaccinated. the statements reaching rogan's millions of followers and driving a coalition of scientists and researchers to call on spotify this month to establish a career and public policy to moderate misinformation. >> we are not again asking for censorship or remove or even deplatforming of a person from a pod cast. we're asking for responsible actions to make sure consumers are properly warned. >> reporter: even his own battle with covid stirring occupy controversy. >> i got covid. so we immediately through the kitchen sink at it. >> he took ivermectin, for parasitic warms in humans but not covid-19. that blasted by howard stern. >> well the doctor would also give you the vaccine. why take horse dewormer. >> a range of medical experts on his podcast and insures he's not
7:35 am
anti--vax. still, he has discouraged people from getting the jab. still he has a fear to discourage young people from getting the jabs. to which dr. fauci told savannah. >> even if i get infected, i could do damage to someone else even if i have no symptoms. >> so young healthy people should get vaccinated? >> absolutely. >> he's made these comments before. >> back in 2015 the grammy winner took his music off spotify. taking issue with the sound quality of the platform. but ultimately he relented. he said that's where people get music. and neither neil young or joe rogan have responded to our questions for comment. they continue to update the guide line. the platform removed more than 40 of rogan's episodes though none for reasons related to the pandemic. guys back to you. >> emily, thank you so much. >> i'm going to have to download harvest moon because i can't live without that song. coming up, a trip to the beach sounds good. but this morning also new concerns about a growing number of shark attacks on u.s. beaches. >> and kerry sanders, live in
7:36 am
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wee have everybody coming for you. claip we are back. we're back. a rise in shark attacks. >> travel restrictions in place of the pandemic. people were heading to the beaches, but now there are locals and vacationers returning. the number of attacks are up. >> kerry sanders joins us from a beach in florida with the details on it. hi, kerry. good morning. >> good morning, the statistics can sound concerning. more people attacked by sharks in 2021 than the previous year and 40% of the attacks happened in waters off florida. but the experts say there is a logical and easy to understand reason as to why. more people have come to the beach in 2021 than they did in the previous year of the
7:41 am
pandemic. this mother as many americans plan a warm winter get away, if you're headed to the beach, take note. shark attacks are up according to new research. 73 attacks in 2021. and in the year before, just 52. that's a 40% spike. >> we just look at unprovoked bite where is people are minding their own business, swimming or surfing. >> reporter: gavin nailer is the director of the florida program for shark research. nailer says with fewer people at beaches, shark attacks significantly less in 2020. so it is a return to normal numbers. >> so as we see more people in the last 12 month os are so going back out, going to the beach, there is a correlation to the encounters with sharks? >> absolutely. we believe that shark bites are really just the consequence of the number of sharks in the water at the same time as the number of people in the water. >> reporter: of those 73 attacks
7:42 am
last year, nine were fatal. >> felt like a slight portion. like a sharp mosquito bite. >> reporter: he survived a terrifying attack off the california coast. he'd been snorkeling, fishing for crabs when a great white bit. nine people died in shark attacks last year. you could have been one of those. it was close. >> i am super lucky. it is reality and like a scary fact. >> reporter: he says he has a scar but no limp. and he's returned to surfing and crabbing. the majority of shark bites
7:43 am
happen off florida. and many involve black tip sharks which migrate south close to shore. still experts say attacks are very rare. >> there is no reason to think that if we're in the water they are hunting humans. >> absolutely not. no. if sharks wanted to hunt humans, it would be so easy for them. we'd have thousands of bites every week. because we're such easy targets for them. like little sausages in the water. >> reporter: since they began keeping shark attack statistic in 1882 there have been more shark attack, 337, just north of me in volusia county florida. the experts say it is a geography. the sharks like to swim into that area and same area there is great waves for surfers. >> we're just sausages in the water. bankers and mash. >> i know. you going to be able to do the weather now? >> just call me mr. kielbasa. let's show you what's going on. unfortunately we're watching this storm system and what worried about the gulf stream.
7:44 am
the warm current along the east coast. the water temperatures upwards of 10 degrees warmer than usual. near record conditions off norfolk and the new england coast and that provides energy for these systems. we're looking for this low to develop along the coast. it strengthens rapidly. we're talking about bomb bo genesis. a bomb cyclone. where the pressure drops more than 30 millibars in 24 hours. could be seeing hurricane force winds and heavy snow. so blizzard conditions. we don't know whether they are going to set up yet but we're watching closely. rest of the country. chill around the great lakes. rain in florida. light snow through the southwest and plenty of sunshine along the west coast. neck of the woods. look at this. it's supposed to be a live look at san jose, but you can't make out what's behind it because of the dense fog. limited visibility to three-quarters of a mile from
7:45 am
the south bay to the north bay and peninsula as well. once the fog clears out, we will have an overall nice day. temperatures in be in the 60s in the afternoon, through the east bay, take a look at your daytime highs. we are going to remain dry through the end of the workweek. coming up next a class of one. >> that's right. david ortiz. aka, big papi, the only player elected to the hall of fame. inside that huge celebration after getting the call from cooperstown. and the controversial stars who won't be joining him. right after this. ll. look at you. you mastered the master bath. you created your own style. and you - yes, you! turned a sourdough starter into a sourdough finisher. so when you learn your chronic dry eye is actually caused by reduced tear production due to inflammation you take it on, by talking to your eyecare professional about restasis®... which may help you make more of your own tears with continued use twice a day, every day.
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7:49 am
back pain, and fatigue. ask your asthma specialist about a nunormal with nucala. we're back. saying good morning to carson daly. >> and i appreciate it. good morning everybody. voting for baseball's hall of fame was voted overnight. and one player was elected. boston red sox legend david ortiz. >> and also noteworthy who did not receive the call. morgan chesky is at the home of the texas rangers there. good morning. >> good morning. some of o those big names with controversial pasts can still technically get in but their path in now gets a lot tougher. meanwhile for the boston red sox slugger known as big papi, david ortiz is now officially part of baseball immortality.
7:50 am
>> big papi puts to it deep right field. >> reporter: this morning major league baseball's hall of fame adding one more name to the greatest to ever play the game. >> he's a feared slugger who performed his best on the biggest stage. >> reporter: david ortiz. the boston red sox slugger and all-star known as big papi, celebrated with friends and family in the dominican republic. ortiz helped the sox break an 86 year championship drought to win their first world series in 2004. after the boston marathon bombing in 2013 he endear himself to red sox makes the in his now famous speech. >> this jersey we wear today. it doesn't say red sox.
7:51 am
it say boston. this is our [ bleep ] city. and no one going to dictate our freedom. stay strong. >> after his retirement, ortiz was shot in the dominican republic in 2019 in what authorities now believe is a case of mistaken identity. and who didn't get in? some of baseball's biggest names. barry bonds, roger clemens, and sammy sosa falling short. >> greatest home run hitter of all time, barry bonds not. >> bonds, clemens and sosa still facing suspicions they used performance enhancing drugs in the playing days. reaction to bonds big league snub swift. chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes tweeting smh, for shaking my head. >> debate's raged on since the hall of fame opened up almost 85 years ago. and that is part of what makes this place so great.
7:52 am
>> reporter: now in the case of curt schilling its been prior comments that have been controversial regarding muslims and the trans community that may be keeping him out. and david ortiz just the fourth dominican enshrined. and that ceremony guys set for july 24th. >> morgan chesky. thank you. >> goes on. >> -- having too much fun? remember? >> congrats big papi. come up. david letterman back at 30 rock? inside late night's plans to celebrate the show's 40th anniversary. and first a quick check of your local news and weather h gym. the guest bedroom slash music studio. the daybed slash dog bed. the living room slash yoga shanti slash regional office slash classroom. and this is the basement slash panic room. maybe what your family needs
7:53 am
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7:56 am
emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. it is 7:56. i'm marcus washington. breaking and happening right now, new developments in that early-morning knife attack at a san jose home. within the last few minutes, police say the attacker was later struck and killed by a car on highway 85. that stabbing injured three people at about 2:00 in the morning in overfelt neighborhood. all three are expected to survive. now, a short time later police say a car struck the attacker in lanes on highway 85. mike inouye has been tracking the impact. >> since then we've had the closure of north 85 on your maps. you see that coming through cupertino. your alternate was saratoga and now it's high away 17 to 280,
7:57 am
which is jammed because of a crash there. now the traffic out of downtown san jose and the rest of san jose impacted by north 280 at 17 and still closed 285 as lanes are backing up traffic. >> the fog is still pretty dense. we're less than a quarter of a mile in visibility, also san francisco. daytime highs about be in mid-50s. we'll get clear by 11:00, 12:00, but it will still be foggy through the north bay. down to less than a quarter of a mile in visibility, but in oakland it is also very cold. 37 degrees right now. temperatures trends into the 50s and into the mid-60s.
7:58 am
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it is 8:00 on today. coming up. deep freeze. temperatures hitting much of the country. more than 31 million under windchill advisories and warnings as a major storm is developing al is tracking it all. opening up. >> there's never been a time before in the country where our kids have struggled as much as they are right now. >> we're spotlighting an organization working to give children the tools to improve their mental health.
8:01 am
>> i want to be happy but sometimes it feels like you will never be happy. >> what is teaching kids about stress, anxiety and emotional well-being >> plus supermarket sweep. with the cost of groceries going up tips and tricks to help you save when you shop. trimming the fat off meat prices and everything to cut costs. and how sweet it is. ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ >> inside dolly parton's new announcement it will have fans stumbling into the kitchen. january 26, 2022. >> spending our morning with. >> "today." >> i'm here with all my family. >> because it's her 90th birthday happy birthday >> we're the rivera family. >> from phoenix arizona. >> and we're celebrating my 10th birthday on today. >> we're the pueblas >> celebrating our twins' 15th birthday.
8:02 am
>> happy birthday! and welcome back to "today." thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. good to have you along. >> halfway there you've got something special for tomorrow's month long series. >> this was really cool. i wasn't sure but the world is so noisy we're shining a spotlight on the power of listening this place was so wild it is the -- one of the quietest places on earth. they say you can only stand in there 10 minutes or you brain goes a little crazy. >> what's happening to you >> i tell you, you could hear your hair and your -- when you rub your fingers together. sounds like super loud. and you just realize how much excess noise is around you and how we're not focused. you are here but you are here. >> can you bring your phone? no i'm just kidding. >> nice talking to you. >> i'm obviously a candidate for this intervention. that's good. where is it? >> not far from here
8:03 am
>> that's a good one let's get to your news at 8:00 cold snow and winds rolling across the country and this morning there is plenty of snow in the rocky mountains to the great lakes. blinding conditions are causing spin out likes the ones that saw a major interstate from colorado to kansas shut down. for tens of millions of americans, it is the frigid temps. and windchills below zero. and behind it the threat of a major storm hitting the eekend. al? ? >> let's take a look. 31 million people under windchill advisory, warnings. from the plains to new england and down to the appalachians. we're also looking at northeast this weekend >> let's take a look 31 million people under windchill advisory, warnings from the plains to new england and down to the appalachians we're also looking at dangerously cold windchills. right now 3 below in syracuse. minus 43 rochester, minnesota minus two in lexington and that cold air stays into the weekend can temperatures teens and twenties and that keeps the cold air in place for the storm system to come up the coast.
8:04 am
the european model deals it closer to the close. higher impacts, heavy snow stronger winds blizzard-like conditions from philadelphia to new england possible and the u.s. model brings it further off the coast and less snow we're going to continue to model and see which model wins out we won't know better until some time tomorrow, guys. >> tomorrow? all right. thank you. now for the covid pandemic healthcare workers are struggling to keep up with the omicron surge. now, in western states where the spike hasn't level off, ems crews are feeling frustrated and burnt out. with one team in sacramento, we got a first look at the pressures they are under jacob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you hoda here in sacramento, these hospitals are seeing more patients than any time ever during this pandemic that means the beds are filling
8:05 am
up in these hospitals. there is also another side effect emts waiting sometimes outside of the hospital in order to get patients seen. and they tell me its got them at a boiling point. with an ems crew in sacramento as they respond to another day of calls >> this is a serious accident. >> reporter: this one a major car crash where the driver could have had life threatening injuries. >> look at the inside here this is a horrific rollover car accident and you are telling me that somebody who went through this, there is no guarantee that they are going to be able to get in and see someone in a hospital? >> that is correct. >> reporter: captain parker with sacramento metro fire. he says the omicron wave crippling staff shortages and lots of 9-1-1 calls exacerbate the problem. >> we had crews sitting on an ambulance for a hospital up to 12 hours and there were multiple ambulance that had been there over five hours. >> the call volume has significantly skyrocketed. >> you see any light at the end of the tunnel?
8:06 am
>> i don't think so there is any light at the end of the tunnel not right now. >> reporter: we're on our way to a call for a 34 year old that is said to have been coughing up blood. when we pulled up the patient wasn't having a life threatening episode. >> this is one of those difficult ones what would seem to be an emergency for them is obviously not an emergency to us essentially all we're going to be doing is giving him a ride to the hospital at this point. >> reporter: and do you think he's going to get in right away? >> absolutely not. >> no? >> no. this ambulance will then be out of service for at least one hour. >> reporter: that loss of time and resources leaving paramedic strained and under pressure. >> reporter: how much longer can you all keep going like this >> i'm really unsure we're working as much as we can. it is -- i don't know how much longer we can do it.
8:07 am
>> reporter: guys, those emts in sacramento have testified before the state legislature here for potential legislative solutions to what they see is a huge crisis maybe that includes even fining hospitals for making ambulances wait outside or having hospitals hire their own emts so they can do a clean handoff and ambulances can get back out in the field. >> so happy you shuned a light on them. thank you so much. >> reporter: from sacramento there to san jose, california, where the city council voted last night to pass a first of its kind gun harm ordinance. gun owners will be required to maintain liability insurance in the event their gun is used for violence or crime. they will also have to pay an annual fee of roughly $25. san jose's mayor introduced the proposal last june after an employee killed nine coworkers some guns right advocates are threatening legal action. and this is kind of
8:08 am
bittersweet but it is a boost. new orleans saints head coach sean payton stepped down yesterday after 16 years with the team he's incredible. he held a news conference to explain the decision and one of the sweetest moments dame when sean payton presented a gift to saints owner >> i do have a regret. 15 seasons, 16 years here and i've got like the best female owner in the world of sports and, you know, we don't do biscuits here in new orleans but we do king king. so where is she? >> sean payton went on to say he had more king cake for all the people who were there at the news conference. anyway, that's of course to ted
8:09 am
lasso, a nod he's always giving biscuits to the owner there. but sean payton, what a legend he brought the saints to a super bowl when they were on their knees in the city and gave the city hope and they are going miss that. >> what a sweet tribute. >> and some nfl team is probably going to be luck to get sean payton i know it's too soon he's a great coach though. up next, adorable kids with a powerful message. >> and includes a first look at a new and free program they need to teach young people creative ways to better understand and manage their emotions. cynthia mcfadden has the story this morning and how it is already making a difference. right after this had to do somet. i started cosentyx®. cosentyx can help you move, look, and feel better... by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting...get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections some serious... and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms...
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8:13 am
what? earn cash back that automatically adjusts to where your spending is trending. with the citi custom cash℠ card. back now coming up on 8:13 with a "today" exclusive a first look at the program in california helping our kids. >> lot of children struggling with emotional challenges by the pandemic and experts say the mental health of americans has actually never been worse. >> but help is on the way. nbc's cynthia mcfadden joins us with an innovative new video project providing free health and wellness sources to teach children how to understand and manage their feelings. cynthia, this sounds like a great idea >> good morning, everybody i think it is a great idea this is all started from a $25
8:14 am
million grant from the state of california to the child mind institute. so they have developed this video series in both spanish and english which teach proven relaxation and mindful techniques to kids so they can better manage even the most painful emotions. >> one of the like the worst thoughts that i've had were like you don't belong here. like you don't belong on this like, planet. >> i want to be happy but sometimes it feels like you will never be happy. >> the videos show a remarkable range of kids. 64 in all talking candidly about their feelings first step in ledding an increasing number of kids know they are not alone when they feel sad or scared or angry. statistics bear this out last year the number of young people experiencing depression and anxiety doubled to over 20% globally >> we have a crisis with children's mental health in the united states. unfortunately it is not new. it is just gotten worse.
8:15 am
>> which is why dr. harold was eager to take skills they hav0,s taught to over 60,000 kids in person like deep breathing. >> breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth. >> reporter: and mindfulness. >> try to notice what's happening around you. >> reporter: and make them available to everyone. >> our hoip would be that not only duds the average child get new skills, but if there is a child suffering, that they feel more courageous to raise their hand and ask for help. >> feeling that i have the most is sadness behind that sadness, then there is more sadness. >> reporter: jaden is 11 years old. he lives with his two little sisters and parents in los angeles.
8:16 am
a lot has changed for him since he participated in the videos. he was diagnosed with adhd and has started taking medication. >> reporter: you know, you are so upbeat. >> upbeat. upbeat it's time to get upbeat. >> you weren't that upbeat when they interviewed you for the video. >> reporter: in fact, jaden even thought about suicide. >> i got so pissed at myself once that i thought of not living >> reporter: james mother stelling us. >> he was never an angry kid you know, energy and sometimes sadness. but not anger. and so that was a big signal to me that there was something else going on. >> reporter: of course these new videos can't diagnose or treat kids like jaden. but the hope is they can prevent things from getting worse showing them techniques to identify and manage, not shy away from, their emotions. the videos use various methods for various ages in elementary school skills are taught through whimsical skits. >> daisy was thinking what if she doesn't like me? what if she hates me in? did i do something wrong. >> reporter: in higher grade they use a comedian.
8:17 am
>> i'm a comedian, actor and unfortunately at times a human being who feels all kinds of emotions. >> reporter: jaqueline teaches high school kids in one of l.a.'s toughest neighborhoods, south central. she's eager to use the videos in her classroom because the last two years have been hard for most of the 120 students she teaches. >> a lot of my students come from single family homes, or their parents are working two full-time jobs and they are taking care of their brothers and sisters and sisters. >> in addition to teaching english, are you also sort of on patrol to see that they are okay >> of course every single day >> reporter: she's one of six educators who participated in the project. the kind of teacher every kid wants. she starts the year by asking each student why they are there. the answers poignant. >> i want to be the first in my family to graduate i want to make my little brother proud. i want to buy my mom a house one day. >> reporter: you know, there
8:18 am
have been many studies done that say if a kid has one trusted adult, it can make all the difference >> i did growing up and that is one of the reasons i became a teacher. i had that one trusted adult that i trusted with my life. >> reporter: so you know the power of those relationships. >> yeah, 100%. >> reporter: these videos aren't meant to replace those kind of relationships but they can he believes enhance them. >> there's never been a time in the country where kids have struggled as much as now 8500 child psychiatrists in a country with 17 million kids with a mental health disorder. these videos are really for every child. >> what would you say to kids watching right now who are thinking, well, you know, all well and good for jaden but i don't know what to do? i'm really lost. >> i had to talk to my parents so the first thing is to be honest about how you are feeling. and if you are taken the right
8:19 am
step, take another one until you get up and stand up. >> reporter: what a great kid. the california healthy minds thriving kids videos and the study guides that go with them are rolling out in california today. they will be available in every public school classroom. and they are actually giving teachers $100 incentive to use them in their classrooms, knowing that teachers are already overburdened and in most places and finally, you don't have to live in california to benefit from these anybody can go to the website of the child mind institute and download the videos. and you can watch them with your kids kids, you can watch them by yourself it is really a powerful set of tools any of us can use. go to and it is all laid out for you. >> watching that evolution of jaden from feeling sadness to this happy child and just to speak it out loud. >> and now he's an advocate. that was great >> mr. roker, how about a check of the weather >> all right let's show you what we have for
8:20 am
today. a little clipper coming out from canada bringing slight snow. wet weather through florida. and very chilly conditions with windchills that are dangerously low, from the plains all the way into new england 70s in florida 60 in california four today, light snow in the southwest. chill in the great lakes sunshine along the west coast. showers in flori and we've still got some fog, but now you can see downtown san jose looks a little better, but even then, limited visibility throughout the bay area, so please be careful out there. down to less than a 1/4 mile through parts of hayward and san jose, and santa rosa, expect to see the box for the first half of the morning, and then by the afternoon, we're talking mostly sunny, comfortable daytime highs in the mid-60s for san jose. 65, oakland 60 degrees. san francisco, 61. >>'s the latest weather.
8:21 am
now time for the best time of the morning. pop that start. >> i brought fire power with me today. first up, peter dinklage calling out disney for the upcoming live action remake of snow white the seven dwarves. sheinelle jones on the story good morning. >> good morning 20 to you. lot of people are talking about this one the former "game of thrones" speaking out against the portrayal of the seven dwarves calling it backwards and now disney is responding >> reporter: this morning. wallet disney on the defensive following criticism by peter dinklage over the upcoming adaptation of snow white and the seven dwarves starring rachel zegler. >> i was a little taken back by the -- they are very proud to cast latino actress of snow white but you are still telling the story of know white and the seven dwarves.
8:22 am
>> dinklage has led the way in the industry. >> i have my mind and the mind needs looks like a sword a wet stone. >> born with a common form of dwarfism, now speaking out on the pod cast wtf with mark marin. >> you are progress in unway but still making that [ bleep ] backward story of the seven dwarves living in a cave, like what the [ bleep ] are you doing? >> hypocrisy in entertainment. >> have i done nothing to advance the cause from my soap box? i guess i'm not loud enough. >> dinklage going on to say he means no ill will to zegler who was cast at snow white back in june but the story could be told in a more innovative way. >> if you tell story of snow-white with its most [ bleep ] cool, progressive spin on it? let's do it. >> yeah. >> all in. >> disney releasing a statement
8:23 am
responding to the backlash writing in part, to avoid reinforcing stereotypes from the original animated film, we are taking a different approach with these seven characters and have been consulting with members of the dwarfism community. >> the snow white adaptation is set to be released in 2023 to give you some perspective, over 80 years after the original. >> interesting to see what they do >> see what happens. >> thank you for that. next up. david letter superman and seth meyers teaming up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "late night. letterman is going to return after a special guest nearly three decades after the comedian's departure in nbc. meyers and letterman will be joined by musical guest from the counting crows and next week's celebration. the 40th anniversary show is set for tuesday february 1st mila kunis and demi moore
8:24 am
poking fun at their shared romantic history in a new super bowl ad for at&t >> and now for our high school's most admired alum. you know her you love her you wish you could be her. >> rut roe i told him not to go up there. >> what are you doing here >> it's anna nomad our first billionaire. >> i had no idea that we went to the same high school we have at lot in common. >> demi moore was married to ashton kutcher and mila kunis has been married to him since 2015. it is nice to see everybody get along. >> fun cameo. >> i haven't seen the whole thing though maybe he pops in at the end. dolly parton the queen of country is adding another 9 to 5 to her never ending resume. heading to the kitchen with a
8:25 am
new line of duncan hines they are offering not one now but two southern style cake mixes. and two types of butter cream frosting. >> do it dolly do it. >> plus dolly is sharing her favorite recipes for banana puddin' cake and coconut cake launched online earlier this morning guess what, it is already sold out. >> of course it is >> as of today but don't worry the line is set to show up in grocery stores in march. and here more from dolly in the fourth hour. >> we got dolly. >> the new cake? >> of course. >> samples >> there you go. all right. just ahead a side effect of inflation you are probably noticing at the grocery store. rising prices. vicki nguyen will teach you how to shop smarter and save money. >> and jill martin a special steals and deals all about improving sleep routines after your local news.
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26. i'm marcus washington. breaking right now, police are now saying that the attacker who stabbed three people early this morning in san jose at a home was later struck and killed by a car on highway 85. that stabbing happened at about 2:00 in the morning in the overfelt neighborhood. all three victims are expected to survive. now, a short time later, police say that a car struck the attacker in the lanes on highway 85. our mike inouye has been tracking that traffic impact, mike. >> just about half an hour ago, marcus, just after our last report, all lanes finally reopened there.
8:27 am
that's how long the investigation continued. 85 is recovering nicely but folks have been shifting over towards 17 and north 280 as welcoming over downtown is jammed up because of a crash on the shoulder north 280 at 17. there's also fog in the area, so use extreme caution throughout the day. >> and talking about the fog here, a live look now in downtown san jose. we're finally starting to see some buildings through our cameras but it is definitely less than a quarter mile when it comes to visibility through san jose, and the hayward area expect to see fog. please drive safe. daytime highs will be more sunny with temperatures in the mid-60s for the entire bay area. hope you have a lovely wednesday. we'll send it back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
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and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today. comcast business. powering possibilities. we're back it is 8:30, wednesday morning, january 26, 2022 carson's been waiting for this one. we're going to dedicate this half hour to saving you time, money and getting better sleep what else do you need? this is like your half hour. >> and vicki nguyen has great advice to stretch your family's grocery budget with those soaring food prices. >> and we're going to get inspired in the kitchen. chef frankie celenza is going to share recipes for gourmet meals that won't break the bank. >> and jill martin is ready to go with a new "steals and deals. i can hardly wait. filled with bargains to improve the sleep routine. >> and little harry. what a cutie
8:31 am
and then on the third hour another cutie. an oscar winner, adrien brody live talking about his intense action-packed movie. and tomorrow on "today" get expert help landing the position and the salary of your dreams. mr. roker, how about a check of the weather. >> let's show what we've got as we look ahead towards the weekend. storm developing friday along the mid atlantic coast northeast, milder high in the plains sunny and dry out west saturday a major storm along the northeast and new england coast. plenty of sunshine out west. and sunday sunday, the snow continues as the cold around the great lakes. morning freeze through flori and you're going to notice
8:32 am
the fog when you head out this morning, it's also really cold, temperatures in the 30s low 40s. when waking up this morning, we've got limited visibility through santa rosa, down through a quarter of a mile, less than that through san carlos, palo alto, hayward area as well. 11:00, 12:00, we'll see clearing skies. liverm up next. vicki nguyen a valuable lesson for the grocery stores first, this is "today" on nbc. >> back with ways you can save my parents can always check my glucose levels >> back with ways you can save big on your next tp to theri just by looking at their cell phones. i share my numbers with my wife and my daughter, and if i'm out in the yard working or busy, she'll come out and tell me, “hey, you're going too low,” if i'm working hard. it makes me feel good that they're watching them. welcome to the happiest place on earth!
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>> back with ways you can save big on your next trip to the grocery store. >> with decades high inflation, food prices are going up everything from snacks to produce to my beloved meats and
8:35 am
those every day items. even pet food. >> experts expect prices are going to rise an overall 5% in the first six months of this year. >> what can you do to keep grocery bills down vicki nguyen has been looking into it. good morning i can't believe the price of bacon up 18% >> i know. >> a tiny tear came out of al's eyes chicken and eggs up 10%. how do you stretch your bucks. >> we have to do some serious yoga inflation rising a fastest pace in four years. we checked with our friends at consumer reports the first thing you want to do is take stock. take an inventory of what is actually in your pantry right now. the usda says the average family of four wastes $1500 a year on food they don't eat. so don't be that person. >> especially with little kids >> i know it's hard but if you make a meal plan and goth to
8:36 am
store with the list and stick to it that is one way to save. and consider store brands. consumer goods say costco and trader joe's rank very high for the store brands you can do just that and finally that section in the back of the store where the little orange labels are go there check for what is on clearance it will expire soon erp but you can save that way too. >> and meat prices are skyrocket too. if you want something more affordable >> we'll talk about ways to substitute but shop at international and ethnic markets. the other thing to do is substitute add in beans supplement your meats. a pound of ground beef and going to make chili. add more beans, use half a pound of meat. the next day tacos or burritos that becomes two meals. and produce, skip anything pre cut or presliced that always costs more and
8:37 am
consider buying frozen or canned vegetables they are more nutritious actually usually packaged right at the peak and mainz. i bet you can make mayonnaise at home >> do you need skills too. >> it's easy. >> make it at home -- >> blowing our minds one of things i enjoy about you is you always have these apps i've never heard of. any apps people can download to save money >> consumer reports like two app. before we get to those i want to make sure everyone is a member of the loyalty program at whatever grocery store always want to sign up with email or phone number. instant savings in the pockets and two apps to try out. one is called "flip. put in your zip code they tell you every week this is
8:38 am
what is on sale in your neighborhood that way if you see steaks that are on sale somewhere you go do that store that week and the other app is called "i bought it" this requires a little more work. >> i botta. >> i-b-o-t-t-a the thing you have to do is remember to take a photo of the receipt. send it in and they will give you a rebate >> what can people do now if they still want delivery service? >> you like going to the grocery store. >> i love going to costco. >> me too. on the days you don't have time, you have to do the math. so $99 insta card express. one year membership. if you get groceries at least every two weeks and buy more co >> me too. on the days you don't have ti than $35 worth which you do like a 17 person family. >> yes we do
8:39 am
close. and amazon prime as well access to amazon fresh as well as whole foods $119 per year. totally worth it if you get a lot of groceries the other thing to not forget is b.o.p.i.s. >> this is my panel. what b-o-p-i-s >> buy on line, pick up in store. >> i buy into all of it except the chili thing. i can't skimp on the beef. i can't do half a pound rather than a pound and then have more beans to make the chili. i can't do that. i'd rather live on the streets. >> that was his takeaway >> b.o.p.i.s. >> by the way nbc news is keeping track in rise of pricesu
8:40 am
can c and popular food staples and you can check them out base on whether you live our website >> up next more for you. jill martin's newest bash of jill martin's newest bash of "stes and deals" that haveal y and now for our high school's most admired alum.
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all right. finally we're back with "steals and deals. and this time savannah, our friend jill martin is going to help restore your sleep routine. you want more sleep. >> definitely. easy to find these, scan the qr code at the bottom of your screen jill good morning to you >> morning jill. >> good morning guys this is a good one because i got to stay in my pajamas. but i heard you two talking yesterday how you love naps and it is important to schedule rest ao i really believe in that. we have six products and if first one we're starting with we've never done this before this is exciting the millyard memory foam
8:43 am
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8:44 am
available in queen and king. the retail price is $499 to $799 the deal is 209 to $379 and you don't fight with your partner. >> does it come in twin size two different beds. >> cut one in half and one on the other side of the room. >> fact. >> moving on the memory foam queen pillow this comes like this as well when you open it, give it a second and it expands. retail $99.99. found to ease people's stress and anxiety for better sleep a perfect blend of luxury with moisture technology. inside is high quality memory foam clusters to be both comfortable and supportive 18 by 30 the dimensions. the deal 21 dollars. 71% off. next do either of you use a weighted
8:45 am
blanket? >> i've tried it it's a little heavy. >> i have one. i got mine for anxiety it was prescribed to me. it offers that feeling of comfort. but it is very heavy and it is not for everybody. >> i tried it for anxiety too but i still was anxious. >> well it is -- it is not for everybody. but it does help and this one is the ella jane reversible weighted blanket. i sleep with the lightest one. the retail $129 to $179. a soft fabric one side microfiber on the other. the construction helps the fill stay in place so you won't have weight on one side more than the other. the pressure is designed to have a deep calming effect for a good night's sleep. and range of 12 pounds, 15 or 20, and five color combinations, you can check them out on the deal, $42 to $48 up to 73% off.
8:46 am
and you can get it home and try it out it ou all right -- >> if you don't like to cud well your partner, it's a good gift must wife bought me that because supposed to be the feeling of like someone loves you a heavy blanket. >> like this segment, this is what it turns into. >> sarah and we have sleep divorce. we have all sort of sleep issues i'm going to buy one of each of these products. >> if you sleep lonely at night like i do, try the weighted blanket. >> -- should sleep together. >> i'd love to. >> the good news you both seem to have beautiful marriages so the sleep items can only help you. moving on. the bundle, retail $55 this is always super popular includes two standard satin pillow cases, one eye mask, a sleep scrungie available in leopard or ivory. can help prevent crimping and cringe soft and buttery smooth. gentle for all hair and great even if you move while you
8:47 am
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and last up. good living and style. this will be good for you and your partners. no more sore massager. the retail, $129.90. lightweight, cordless, travel friendly and easily fits in the bag. comes with four tools. so you can use it in different ways to relax. three speed settings low, medium high comes in five colors the retail $129. the deal, $39. 70% off. and milliard memory foam mattresses the pillow weight blanket. the weight blanket the sat unsheep sat un -- satin sleep set and i feel like it should com with a therapy session so you and your partners will all get the items and then work together to -- >> this is our therapy. >> and mine too.
8:49 am
i slept on the couch last night. >> jill, those are some great deals. how much for the skeleton surf board? >> oh, i know. isn't that priceless >> that is cool. >> that is one of the first items when i started working that i invested in thank you for pointing it out. that means a lot to me. >> put that in "steals and deals" and let us now. but thanks for the sleep stuff you slept on the couch last night? >> i d you know, snoring you opted to go there though cpap you saw me -- >> yes >> is mike still snoring >> yes cpap >> you look like darth vader >> but it helps. >> i know but he doesn't need that i just move on it. wear ear lugs -- >> she's back in the room now because i have the cpap machine. >> so the sleep divorce is over? >> it's off and on touch and go but jill, that's not your problem. thank you for the deals. there is a qr code text steals to 34318 or head to
8:50 am
we earn a small commission own purchases made through our links. thanks, jill >> i hope mike's gone on to work by now in the meantime we taught you how to save on your grocery bill up next put all the good food to use with recipes for a budget
8:51 am
8:52 am
we are back with "today" food and after we just learned how to grocery shop on a budget now we're going to look how to cook on a budget as well. >> gourmet dishes that won't break the bank he he's the host of the hit series "struggle meals." he creates four main dish that's won't break the bank frankie, we need you what are you going to make. >> hey i got all five of you good morning. >> good morning frankie. >> what are you going to make? >> a pasta pasta is super affordable but if you buy semiliana you can make pasta with just semiliana and
8:53 am
water. you can roll out sort of a snake here cut these up like this bing bing bing and with your knife you can kind of windshield wiper. of windshield wiper. see that and you get these things called cavatelli, little hollows. and if you think cavitity, for example. the latin root cavity is a hole in your tooth okay, that makes sense. >> what makes this whole thing budget friendly. >> there is a bunch of ways to save money one of the biggest ones people overlook because we live in the future and everything is available all the time is cooking in season. if you are cooking in season, it is not being transported long distance to get to you. >> great point. >> like, carson would you go down to argentina right now with the price of flights >> yes i probably would
8:54 am
but i get your point. >> if you want asparagus right now it is coming from argentina and you are paying for it to get on the plane flight. that's no good. >> no. >> right so each season, for example, so i've got a rag here. you just roast the beat. this is an nbc news special report, here's lester holt. >> good day, everyone, we're coming on the air with breaking news. nbc news has learned that stephen g.breyer will step down as justice at the end of his term. the 83-year-old is the oldest justice on the conservative court. he's also the most senior member of its liberal wing, appoint bid president bill clinton and has served since 1994. in the past year, progressive
8:55 am
activists and democrat members of congress called upon breyer resigned to make way for a biden nominee while democrats control the senate. we want to go to justice correspondent pete williams who's breaking this news for us. what do you know. >> according to people familiar with the justice's thinking, we have not heard from justice breyer directly, he's made the decision in the past couple of weeks to step down, and is told the white house, they're fully prepared now to take the next steps that will follow, and as you said, lester, he has been repeatedly urged during the past term to step down while democrats control both the white house and the senate so that his nominee can be confirmed while the democrats are still in control to maintain the current 6-3 split on the court, 6 conservatives to 3 liberals, and that's what his retirement would do. conservatives to three liberals. that's what retirement would do. according to people we talked
8:56 am
to, several officials familiar with his thinking, his intention is to retire at the end of this term. sometimes when justices step down, they say they'll retire at a point where their successor is confirmed. apparently he's decided to step down at the end of this contentious term which will be dominated by tissue of abortion with the question of vo v wade, gun rights, religious freedom and many other hot-button issues. it will be a barn burner for the justices. 28 years on the supreme court as one of the court's liberal dependable votes, although he's voted with conservatives when it comes to issues of administrative law. he's a former federal appeals court judge, served in boston an born in san francisco. president biden said he's committed to nominating a black woman to the supreme court and along the possible nominees, the
8:57 am
names thrown around are judge jackson, a former breyer law clerk. he came to the supreme court in 1984, spent 28 years on the court and there was lots of speculation that he was stepped down at the end of last term. he said he would not, he wanted to stay on the court. he was concerned in that environment, if he would step down, it would make the court appear to be too political. apparently he's made a decision now that enough time has passed that it won't be perceived that way. we expect an official announcement will come within the next day or so, lester and then the process will begin of trying to find someone to succeed him. >> pete, i want to clarify the timing a little bit. you said the end of the term. when i think of the end of the term, i think of october. of course, the court takes a
8:58 am
break in the early summer. i guess the point being the midterm elections loom large here. >> yes, you're right. as a formalistic matter, one supreme court term doesn't end until the next one begins, and the new ones always begin the first monday in october. but as a functional matter, the term really ends in june. i think that's the expectation, that he would step down at the end of the term -- hen the court is finished handing down decisions in either late june or early july. >> pete, i'll ask you to stand by. i want to go to our capitol hill reporter garrett haake. garrett, as pete noted, there's been some pressure certainly from democrats for this decision to come down well before the midterms. has this word begun to circulate on the hill? what are the expectations going forward? >> reporter: members of congress out this week, but when they come back next week, this will
8:59 am
be topic one. this will be a bitter confirmation site almost certain regardless of who president biden nominates. in 2017 republicans changed the rules for supreme court justices said they could be confirmed with a bare majority, 51 votes. the last three confirmed during president trump's tenure had 54, 52 and 53 votes between them. with democrats controlling just 50 votes, every decision will be critical, confirmation hearings will be critical and the timeline will be relatively short, as you said, to get this done before the midterms. i expect this will be, again, the issue in the senate side once they're back in town. i expect a bitter confirmation fight ahead, lester. >> will republicans have many mechanisms assuming democrats stand together, will republicans have any mechanisms to slow this bus down if not stop it? >> absolutely. we've seen delays tactics used
9:00 am
by the minority to slow the process down. if all 50 senate democrats stayed together, there won't be anything republicans can do to stop it. you look at somebody like joe manchin who voted in favor of -- i believe all three of president trump's supreme court nominations, perhaps conservatives might look at him as someone they can peel off. we know delaying tactics only work so well. democrats tried to slow the amy coney barrett nomination down in lead up to the last election. that was a record-breaking confirmation, just 30 days from nomination to confirmation. >> garrett, thank you. i'll ask you to stand by as well. i want to go to nbc news white house correspondent peter alexander. this would set up the president to be able to fulfill a campaign promise and that's to nominate a black justice. >> no formal comment from the white house at this time. that is one of the headlines that we'll be refocusing on over the course of the next several


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