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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 19, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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someone was seen dropping off a bag with a suspicious device inside near a planter by the flagpole in front of the federal building. now that's when authorities were called in. we were told that homeland security actually made the call. now here's more details from the fbi. >> the federal protective service observed an individual place a suspicious device at the base of the flagpole in the plaza adjacent to the federal building behind us here. at this time, the device is being examined to determine the nature of what's in that package. >> reporter: now the fbi is the lead agency in this investigation. i just talked to a member of the opd public information office and asked them about why are you saying that this looks like a pipe-bomb. they say that they're not sure. they're being meticulous about
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this, going very slowly. there are a lot of law enforcement just kind of standing around. no one is running, no one seems to be particularly concerned. not to say that they're not concerned, but they're being very careful and cautious. nobody wants a bomb to go off in the middle of downtown oakland. there's apparently surveillance video of this. not sure if authorities will make that available for us to look at. right now we have helicopters overhead, law enforcement surrounding the area. the fbi is the lead agency on this. the alameda county bomb squad is here taking a look at this, taking it very slow. we're going to get an update on this, probably in about an hour or so. back to you guys. >> before you go, this is mostly a commercial area where you're standing right now. is there an evacuation for that area? i know you have a perimeter set up. and in terms of time, what are
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we looking at before they make a decision in whether they're going to blow it up or render it safe? >> reporter: time, they're not really saying exactly how much time. they did say they will be here for probably another two hours or so. time is on their side. if they do nothing, it's okay. because they have some type of instrument trying to maybe get a heartbeat on this, if you will. they're not getting anything from it, not to say that it's not daeng truss. that's why they're taking it slow. but as far as evacuations are concerned, they have evacuated this area. there's office buildings to my left. there's a federal building to my right. here there are restaurants, and i think the people are still walking. back there is the state building. some people are actually sheltering in place. there is an evacuation under way and some people right now are sheltering in place. we'll have an update on this
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probably in about an hour or so. back to you guys. >> we'll check in with you then. thank you, sheryl. not one but two mountain lions spotted on the peninsula, and it was a violent confrontation. they were seen fighting overnight. surveillance video captured the aftermath of the attack. one cat dragging the other one across the street, and then putting the carcass on the front steps of a home. audrey asistio talked with naip neighbors who saw the cat fight unfold. >> reporter: the sign says it best. this is mountain lion habitat. and people who live in this belmont neighborhood were surely reminded of it overnight. home surveillance video captured what appears to be two mountain lions at around 2:30 this morning on hastings drive. keith willis says he heard the roars. >> i look out the window and there's a mountain lion the size of a man rolling around fighting
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with something. >> reporter: the mountain lion dragged what police say was the body of another mountain lion across the street. >> fascinating. i've never seen something that big around here. but eventually, after it was rolling around right in front of my house, it like came to a stop. >> reporter: the video shows the larger lion looks around and sits on the front steps before taking off. parents are alerted to be careful while taking their kids to school in the morning. >> i got a text from the student that goes to clairemont high school who said there was a mountain lion somewhere around there. >> reporter: this activity is especially normal, especially in mountain lion habitats. >> it's usually a territorial male killing a kitten which does happen if they come into a territorial lion's home range. >> reporter: neighbors we spoke
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with aren't worried. >> i'm out here several times a week. i know mountain lions live here and foxes and coyotes. >> reporter: it is rare for them to attack a human, but it is always important to stay cautious. bring all of your pets indoors at night as well's install motion sensor lights to avoid any encounters with mountain lions. audrey asistio. we posted the surveillance video of the mountain lion on our website. you can go to our website and click on the link. let's talk coronavirus. it could be the light at the end of the tunnel that we've all been hoping for. new state data shows that covid cases may have peaked. a week ago the state added more than 100,000 cases in a 24 hour period. today that is slightly lower, hovering around 98,000 new case and the positivity rate is dipping down, dipping by 2.3%
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over the last seven days. how are you doing on your masks? more may be headed your way. to combat the omicron surge, president biden announcing today that his administration will start shipping 400 million n95 masks for free. every american can get one. some doctors on the front lines of the covid pandemic say they may be a little late for omicron. >> reporter: covid reenforce months are coming. president biden says 400 million n95 masks will be heading out across the nation for free. they'll be handed out at pharmacies and community centers in the next few weeks. ucfs's dr. monica gandhi says that should have been done back in november. >> if we had them then t would have been helpful. >> reporter: the masks may arrive when we are already turning the corner for omicron. the number of people testing
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positive has dropped 2.3% in the last seven days. and the state daily average of cases is down about 5,000 compared to january 14th >> it does look like we're finally peaking in the bay area. >> reporter: while people with covid are still heading into hospitals, dr. gandhi says that may not be the main reason they're there. >> about 40% to 60% of the patients are not there for covid. but it is positive in the nose. you're there for another reason. >> reporter: she's thrilled more n95 masks will be available to the public. and because they'll be free and presumably easy to get, she anticipates more people will use them. dr. gandhi says while you're waiting to get one, there is another good option. >> really what i would recommend is a cloth mask that's surgical. the physically repels the virus,
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it's negatively charged. that double mask option is as good as an n95 in blocking. >> reporter: starting this week you can also sign up for free covid at-home tests from the government. mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. students and some teachers decided to skip class yesterday as they demand more covid safety measures. yesterday the district absent rate was 24.6%, down from monday, january 10th, which was 28.3%. as for teachers, 230 called out sick yesterday. an average of 250 teachers have called out sick on days without a planned teacher sickout. a lot of things are constantly changing when it comes to coronavirus. you've got a lot of questions, we've got the answers for you. go to we break down how you can find the free covid tests, where you can find testing sites near you and answers to common 19
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questions to help you navigate the pandemic. click on the link in our trending bar. more heat in the sheriff's department. sheriff lori smith is facing grand jury allegations of concealed weapons permits for donations. the attorney general says it's doing what's called a pattern or practice investigation and will correct any violations. >> in the days and months ahead, i promise you our investigation will be thorough. it will be impartial. it will work to ensure that the civil rights of the people of santa clara county are respected. >> santa clara county sheriff lori smith released this statement saying, quote, i have always welcomed any external review of the sheriff's office
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and we will immediately open any records. i have great confidence in the attorney general's office, and i believe they will provide the expertise for a fair and impartial investigation. now we remain focussed on our mission, which is to provide the highest level of public safety services. a lunchtime robbery at a popular shopping mall had people on high alert, especially since the robber is still on the loose tonight. it happened in palo alto, a city which has been hit by multiple thefts in recent months. sharon katsuda spoke to neighbors who are being extra careful. >> i've lived here since 1980. >> reporter: she jokes how her daily walk will change. >> i'll go tor a walk with my baseball bat. >> reporter: fortunately, a neighbor spotted the same suspect stealing a bike from her
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garage, reported to police and police caught him soon after. hours later, nearby a stanford shopping center, two women were eating when a different person on a bike seen in this video, approached them with a knife. they both complied. police are still searching for the suspect in the stanford shopping center robbery. sometimes these days it's more difficult to identify the suspects. >> it has been the norm that most are wearing covid masks. so when we ask victims or witnesses to describe the person they saw, they're often able to provide a pretty limited description because half of the person's face is obscured. >> reporter: if you don't need a
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purse or backpack when dining outdoors leave it at home. also at home make sure to lock all doors and don't leave them open for pets, which was the case in tuesday's burglary, a new way of life to combat covid taking its toll on another community. sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. still ahead, new claims from britney spears, how much she says her father made during her conservatorship and the reason she says he should pay for his own legal fees. plus an east bay native beijing bound. we're going to catch up with karen chen ahead of her journey to the winter olympics. you'll hear the advice to kristi yamaguchi gave to her that changed her game on the ice. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking increasing wind. i'll have a timeline in about six minutes
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a funeral is now set for alameda county sheriff's recruit who was killed. following the service, there will be a burial. the 28-year-old was shot and killed back on january 4th while driving toward the bay bridge toll plaza. he was set to graduate from the academy next month. a $10,000 reward is offered for information that leads to an arrest. we're learning more about the tragic death of a bay area native, pushed in front of a subway train in times square. michelle go grew up in fremont but moved for a career in business. she was on her way to work when a homeless man used both of his
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hands to shove her in front of an oncoming train of she was looking down at her phone when she was pushed. investigators say the suspect admitted to pushing her in three separate interviews. yesterday people gathered for memorials in san francisco and new york to remember michelle go. one by one, the city of oakland and the a's are trying to clear all hurdles to build a new waterfront ballpark. the planning commission is meeting right now to decide whether it will recommend to the city council that it should certify the environmental impact report. the commission has spent the better part of the last hour hearing from the public before making its final decision. if it recommends the city council certify the documents, then the council could vote on the matter as early as next month. new details in the battle over britney spears' conservatorship. they allege that he took $36 million of the singer's money while in charge of the estate, including $6 million he was paid
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as conservator and $30 million in firms to dozens of law firms. those come as part of a court document responding to a request from jamie for his daughter to pay his legal fees despite recently being suspended as confer tor of her estate. fremont's karen chen is one of the figure skaters representing the u.s. in the olympics. she finished 11th in pyeongchang. now she's looking for a medal. she grabbed silver at the u.s. national championships less than a week ago, landing her a trip to her second olympics. she now lives and trains in colorado springs. >> she really is the best of the u.s. ladies when it comes to skating skills. >> it is a dream come true. i didn't know i was going to go for another four years. >> what have you learned since your last olympics? is there anything different? or how have you grown since your last olympics?
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>> i think this journey leading up to today from just like to nationals and making the team has been a rollercoaster. after 2018 i had a really bad ankle-foot injury, and i was out for a season, and i even thought about stepping away from the sport. after my injury, i decided to go to cornell and start my freshman year there, and i was still juggling school and skating, but for some reason i gained a clarity about how much i truly loved this sport. >> kristi yamaguchi, a long-time mentor of yours raved about you. i interviewed her before pyeongchang. what was it like to have an olympic gold medal its in your back pocket? >> i remember my first time meeting her. i wanted her to sign my skate. i was so, so nervous. i think my mom asked for me. that's how shy i was. and like starstruck i was. and it's been amazing how our relationship has continued to grow. and before nationals i actually,
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we chatted a little bit over the phone. >> is there any advice that you remember specifically that she has given you that you can share? >> one, like, phrase that she said, not recently, but a long time ago and it's always stuck with me. she told me to skate done. i have this tendency of overthinking and overanalyzing on the ice, which is fine if training, but when it comes to competition you got to just go for it. you have to forget about everything and do what your body is trained to do. >> what is it like knowing that there's three people from the bay area going? >> i've known alyssa since she was little. what she's doing is absolutely amazing. and vincent, we've kind of moved up the ranks together. it's really crazy that we've all stuck to the sport. and the passion that we share
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truly, truly shines, and i think that's really amazing. we're all from the same area, and that we're off to beijing to represent usa and obviously the bay area. >> well, our coverage of the olympics begins two weeks from tomorrow, and you can watch all the action including my stories here on nbc bay area. let's brag to janelle how warm it's going to be here for winter, compared to the fact that she's going to be in beijing freezing. >> freezing my booty. >> you're prepared. you're going to be good to go. we did have a lot of sunshine across the bay area. in san jose right now, pretty beautiful. low 50s over the next couple hours under mostly clear skies. the one thing we are seeing tomorrow is more patchy fog coming on back. but i think the thing that gets
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you is the cold. another morning starting off in the upper 30s and low 40s. down to 39 in the tri valley. south bay at 44 and low 40s as well through the east bay. san francisco, 44, north bay 39. daytime highs tomorrow warming up a couple more degrees. down in the south bay, light winds, relatively dry air, humidity at 55% and 64 in san jose. 62 in oakland and 65 in pleasanton. the peninsula, 60 in san mateo, redwood city at 61. and for the mission, 59. let's move it to the north bay. napa, 61 degrees, over to santa rosa, 65. so we have excellent weather all from this area of high pressure that's moved in. really, some of the most back-to-back sunshine we have seen in months. we had all of that record-setting rainfall in december, then the overcast skies, so it is enjoyable on that front, but unfortunately, it's taking every single rain
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chance and pushing that off to the north. so i don't see any way we would get any kind f storm systems in here for the rest of this month. again, we're dealing with that. it's good on the sunshine. then as we roll into friday's forecast, we're looking at this system dropping down that is going to increase the wind. by friday afternoon in the mountains, can you see this red to magenta color. that's 40-50 miles per hour wind gusts. it's averaging about 10-25 miles per hour. i think as we head through the day saturday we'll lose the wind, and we've got a nice weekend setting up for us. so you see in san francisco, our weekend forecast will have low 60s and sunshine. looking all good next week, and for the inland valleys, we're going up to 67 with that dry wind. i think we got some nice weather
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coming our way, janelle, soak it up now. >> before i freeze. the reason hundreds of students say the booster mandate needs to go.
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president biden unveiled a new plan this week aimed at wildfires in the west. it targets dozens of areas in 11 western states, it includes trimming trees. staff and faculty are pushing back against the university's booster mandate. the school set a dead lean of
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deadline. they sent us a statement saying that it is consistent with the advice of federal and public county health leaders. the search is on in the bay air yeah
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somewhere in the bay area is a newly-engaged couple with a stunning photo of their magic moment and they don't even know it. >> watch this photo. it was snapped of the couple. they have a spontaneous kiss. it's reflected in the sand of baker beach. turns out the photographer took the picture and posted it on facebook and says she wants to give it to the mystery couple, so they need to meet and contact her. if this is you, the photo is out there, and congratulations. >> this is your engagement photo. >> that's a million dollar
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photo. >> hopefully they'll turn up. raj, what's going on next? >> trying to right the ship. president biden outlining a shift of his strategy, while attempting to salvage his agenda. yes. but we're doing more now. >> our political analyst larry gerston is going to break down if the president can turn around his sagging popularity numbers. >> plus, new entries to the travel warning list, the 22 new countries where the cdc says you should avoid going to right now. >> canceled over the 5g rollout now international carriers are deciding to cancel flights leaving some passengers stranded overnight at sfo. >> the news at 5:30 starts right now. we want to update you on our breaking news, after a suspicious device was found right in front of t


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