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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  January 18, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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i'm raj mathai. next on nbc bay area news tonight, free covid tests shipped right to your home. it's easy and you can do it online right now, but there are some problems we'll tell you about. our consumer investigator chris chmura is going to walk us through how it works, there he is right there, and what to look out for. plus -- >> michelle was giving. she was the best friend that anybody could have. >> from new york city to fremont to san francisco, friends and family remember the life of michelle go, who was pushed to her death at a subway station. we'll take you to san francisco's chinatown, the site of one of the two vigils this evening. also, an asteroid the size of three salesforce towers just flew by earth. how close was it really, and what's nasa's emergency plan?
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good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. among the stories we're watching this evening, the los gatos mom back in court, and an eye-opening crime spree involving atms. let's start with the revealing sign that our covid surge is slowing down. we like to hear that. those long lines are starting to disappear. in fact, see for yourself right behind me. nbc bay area's sky ranger, our chopper at a testing site today in hayward. you notice down below, just a few cars in line. compare this to last week, we're going to switch the video for you. hundreds of cars at the same site. data from bay area county showed that the demand for testing is starting to dip. but it's important to note that the average number of people getting tested each day is still several times higher than what it was before omicron reached the bay area. we'll continue that conversation
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about covid, including how to get those free testing kits coming up in just a few minutes. a story we're watching closely tonight. the los gatos mom is back in court. shannon o'connor, accused of hosting those drunken sex parties for teenagers in her los gatos home. today she asked a judge to be released from jail on bail. one of her alleged victims asked the judge to keep her in jail. o'connor, also known as shannon bruga is charged with endangerment to battery. today several of her alleged victims spoke out in court, pleading to keep her locked up. one of the girls, known as jane doe number four tearfully told the judge shannon bruga robbed me of my innocence. she has left me with sickening memories that will haunt me the rest of my life. i feel she has not changed and i would feel scared and unsafe if
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you let her out on bail. >> here in this case we have a pattern, a criminal pattern where she committed 39 acts of criminal conduct against children, had an opportunity to reflect on her actions and continued to commit those crimes against children. she is a danger to our society, and the only way for our community to be safe is to keep her in custody. >> another alleged victim and three moms also spoke in court today telling the judge they fear for their safety if she is let out of jail. the judge pushed back any decision on this matter on the bail matter until early february. another day of sparse classrooms now in oakland. an overwhelming number of teachers and students called out sick for really what's been now the third week in a row as the district says it's trying to meet all of their covid safety demands. oakland unified said the teachers' sick-out forced classes to be canceled at these three schools. this impacts 1200 students. the district says more than 800
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students tested positive last week, which is why those who took part in today's sick-out are demanding twice a week pcr testing. the district says most schools offer onsite testing as well as a steady supply of those take-home kit. >> i'm less stressed about learning loss and more about keeping students safe. >> i do believe we need to have virtual learning as an option. our students are already out of school. >> those are two teachers there. a spokesperson for the oakland school district says every student will have those kn95 masks when they show up on campus. all right have. you done it yet? it started one day early. the government website which allows you to order free covid tests. you can do it right now. i did it. it took me about a minute. the biden administration making good on its promise, launching this website. you see there it. covid each home gets four free at-home tests mailed right to you. let's bring in our consumer
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investigator chris chmura. it sounded too good to be true. i did it this morning. no problems at all. but call me cynical. what's the catch here? >> i couldn't believe that the website was up a day early. the good news is it's really easy to use. covid check your spelling. make sure you don't type in something wrong because the bad guys often try to spoof government websites and convince you give your credit card information and what not. once you get to the real site,, click on this blue button. as raj said, took about a minute this morning. you get this form at the postal service website. you put in your name. you put in your address and check out now. you're getting four test, at home-covid-19 tests. everybody gets four, that's it. and it's per residential mailing address. we'll talk about that in just a minute. one of the issues people are having is we saw online, some people who live in an apartment or a condo with a unit number weren't filling it out properly.
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they have a box specifically for the apartment number. so if it fails on you, perhaps that is why it's failing. once you get past that where you place your order, you get this confirmation, and that's it. you're done. and you're supposed to get these things. supposed to start shipping 7 to 12 days is what the post office is saying. >> at zero costs. i noticed it. it's at zero costs. and i why didn't we have this a month ago or a year ago? when do we get the tests, is it 7 to 12 days? what's the back end of this? >> that's what they're saying, 7 to 12 days after they ship them. i got an email. you don't have to provide your email, but i did. and it sends you this email right away. >> yeah. >> got that too. >> it says once your package ships you'll receive a tracking number and update on expected delivery date. you can see this here on the 18th, one day earlier than the thing was supposed to launch. which is interesting. >> whoever is behind this so far has done a good job. okay. what are the challenges now? i notice how we said this.
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each home gets four. especially here in the bay area, multigeneration homes. a lot of families in one spot. that's a problem. >> i don't have good news here. this is according to the health and human services department. from the q&a, can i order more tests if i live in a large multigenerational household? no. the initial program will only allow four free individual tests per residential address. and that's going to be a sticking point it seems for people who have adus. it's going to be a sticking point perhaps for people who live in a communal setting or like an old folks home or something like that where you all share the same address. you don't have individual unit numbers. >> the granny cottage. >> we asked questions about that today of the health and human services department. we did not get an answer. we're going push it. we're also wondering, they talk here about the initial program. does that mean you'll have an opportunity to reorder? we asked about that, because four tests won't go very far if for many families. we didn't get an answer. as soon as we know more, we'll
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have it here and online. >> i'm going to come back in 7 to 12 days. >> we'll check on it. >> thank you, chris. we made it easy for you to order these free at-home covid tests. just go to, click on the link right there on the front page on the trending bar. you'll find information about the free tests, what chris was just talking about, and a link to actually order them. our question of the day, we asked on social media, will you be ordering the free tests. sandra tweets us, yes, of course. testing plus vaccines and masks are not perfect, but they are all tools we need to break this virus. it's about protecting ourselves and our neighbors. it's the right thing. jenny writes to us on facebook, quote, i ordered this morning. they are free. don't fall for the posts that ask you for any money or offer savings because it's free. that's very good advice, jenny. also tonight, grieving on both sides of the country. over the weekend we've been telling you about michelle go, who was killed in new york city when a man pushed her off a
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subway platform. police say it's a random act of violence. michelle go group here in the bay area, went to american high school in fremont, then to ucla, and eventually to new york to get her mba. she worked for deloitte consulting firm. tonight in times square near the subway station where she was pushed to her death, friends, activists and lawmakers held the first of two vigils. you see how many people are there. those who knew her called her the ultimate friend, who would drop anything to care for them. and here in the bay area, a second vigil in san francisco's chinatown, also emotional. you see a large crowd here of friends, members of the asian american community, and people who never met her, but were so moved by what happened to her over the weekend. let's bring in nbc bay area sergio quintana. this was a difficult night, but people really wanted to celebrate her life. >> yeah, and there is still some people here who are kind of coming together and talking
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about this whole situation. as you mentioned, pretty good turnout here in chinatown at portsmouth square. probably about 100 people who turned out to pay their respects and remember michelle go. some people went to school with her. some people grew up with her. i talked to one man who remembered her as a child. he said michelle and his daughter are about the same age, and he remembers when they would go to birthday parties together. let's listen to what that man had to say earlier tonight. >> this was his home. when you know somebody. there is a link somewhere. >> and how you doing? >> well, it really bothered us a lot, you know. i talked to my wife about it. we're really sad because she's just two years younger than our daughter. so it could be your kid. you just get tired of hearing of this over and over again. >> and he says he knows her parents quite well. the organizers of this vigil put it together in just a day.
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of course, to be held in solidarity with the event in new york city, which was held just a few hours ago. but one of the organizers says she also wanted this to be an opportunity for people to come together and grieve, try to heal with each other after yet another senseless act of violence. now the accused in this brutal attack, his name is simon marshall. investigators say that he does have a history of mental illness, but they do not believe that this was an act of bias, though they do say that it was completely unprovoked. of course, that is of little comfort for people at this vigil and for the people in new york city who have seen yet another act of violence, another loved one gone, another member of the aapi community the victim of something that is so brutal. raj? >> yeah. like that man said you talked to, we are sick of this. i believe her parents still live in fremont. any family member there's
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tonight or any message from them as of right now? >> yeah, we have made contact with the family, and they have been speaking with us through a spokesperson. there was not someone with the family that was at this particular event. they have put out a statement, actually someone read out the statement that was written on behalf of the family. of course, they say they want her to remember -- to be remembered for the life that she lived, not for the way that she died. they also wanted to make sure that people know that she was very much a member of her community, both in new york and here in the bay area. >> sergio quintana reporting live for us from portsmouth square in chinatown. thank you, sergio. sergio talked about the man accused in this crime. we have a little more information. this is 61-year-old marshall simon. he has been in and out of jail. he is now in a hospital in manhattan. he has been there since he was arrested over the weekend. simon is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow at his bedside on murder charges.
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up next, a spree of atm thefts in the south bay. the thieves caught on camera ramming a truck right into stores. but they didn't do it once or twice or three times. multiple times overnight. we'll show it to you. also, a very, very big asteroid flying right by planet earth. how close is it to us? our resident space expert, there he is, scott budman joins us next to talk about it. and we want to help answer your questions about covid. a team of experts from california's health department standing by right now for nbc bay area and telemundo 48. our phone bank number to call is on your screen. it's free. you can chat with them right now. 833-422-4255. health experts are answering questions in both english and espanol. the line is open until 8:00. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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okay, check this out. surveillance video from overnight. you see that truck right there? that driver ramming the truck into the front door of a store. we've seen this over the years, right? over and over. police say they were after the atm inside the store. but this isn't the only location that was hit. this is what makes this story unique. san jose police say thieves struck six stores overnight. various liquor stores and other
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types of specialty stores. here is nbc bay area's damian trujillo. >> reporter: the burglaries were all brazen at branham liquors a car backs into the storefront, shattering the glass. then a truck pulls up as the thieves load up the money machine that was inside. >> very bad. very bad and i'm very sad. it is too bad. it's bad for the community, but all people living in san jose, california. >> reporter: within an hour and a half, police say the thieves hit six locations. at don's liquors they used the same technique with a different car. but the thieves couldn't get to that atm, likely because the windows are protected with metal bars. they left a mess, though. it appears the same suv was used to break into the santa clara smoke shop downtown. only the shop has no atm machine inside. so the owner says the thieves took some merchandise instead. >> i can do nothing about it. it's crazy. it's sad. i don't know. i mean, it's depressing. >> reporter: crews spent the day making repairs to the shop.
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police say it was ring that struck overnight. a coordinated attempt at all of these burglaries and they credit the business owners for keeping the thefts to a minimum. >> one of the businesses when the burglary started to occur, these guys were scared off because some lights got turned on. it sounds like the business owners are taking all the necessary precautions. >> reporter: police say they will be extra vigilant overnight in case the thieves decide to strike again. in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. all right. you see this? a bagel shop in vacaville is going viral on tiktok right now. why? the entire staff quit. this video shows 16 employees meeting at the noah's bagel shop and putting in their notice at the same time. they say a manager there at noah's bagels was unjustly fired. the video now has more than 3.6 million views. >> we're not displaceable. we're not disposable. you can't just fire somebody and not let them know. >> that shows how tight our bond
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is and how close we are together, not just as a team but a family. >> what's the response? noah's bagels says it will look into the matter and it takes the treatment of our team members very seriously. have you heard the new leonardo dicaprio movie called "don't look up." it's about a comet streaking towards the earth. today this time it's an asteroid, in real life an asteroid came close to the earth. relatively speaking, how close? one million miles away. it's known as asteroid 7482. nasa has been tracking it for decades. it came closest to the earth, just before 2:00 this afternoon. so how big is this asteroid? take a look. more than 3400 feet wide, which is equal to three salesforce towers, one, two, and three. and hundreds of feet taller than the world's largest building, the burj khalifa in dubai. let's bring in our nbc bay area stargazer scott budman.
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scott, i'm guessing you have your telescope somewhere in that park there. a million miles here. should we be concerned? is that close? >> no, we don't need to be concerned. it's actually pretty close, though, raj. talking to astronomers today and people who track this sort of thing, they say it's closer than most. now not the closest. there have been asteroids that have actually made contact with our planet generally speaking in the modern era much smaller. there was one about eight years ago in russia. it did a little bit of damage, but nothing all that big. this fortunately moved a million miles away. that is five times the distance from the moon to the earth. so no worries here. >> that's good perspective there. okay. for stargazers watching tonight, or like you are, can you actually just look up and see this asteroid? >> so what the astronomers tell us is no, it's not really going to be visible to the naked eye, especially, and we're here in the south bay with some cloud covering.
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so i don't know how this is going to be seen. they say it's best with a telescope. you don't need a terribly powerful one. their suggestion is, and if you're like me, kind of geeky enough to have one of the apps to tell you where things are, aim your telescope at the pisces constellation. in that area, you should be able, if skies are clear, to see the asteroid. apparently a million miles away is close enough to where you might be able to see it. it will be the thing moving with a little bit of a tail. again, if you get some clear skies. >> that's fascinating. last question for you. what if there was an asteroid heading right toward us on earth? what's nasa's emergency plan? >> yeah, there is a plan. nasa actually has a plan in place that's it's working on to break up an asteroid, kind of like what you see in the movies. it hasn't been used yet. but it's one of many ways they're interacting with asteroids, maybe to mine them, maybe to learn from them. and eventually, if need be, to break them up. >> it's all cool stuff.
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scott budman with the telescope reporting in the south bay this evening. thank you, scott. let's take you outside now from the south bay to the east bay. our live cam in walnut creek. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, talking about the forecast heading into tomorrow. >> and a reminder. you can get your covid questions answered right now. our phone bank is still live. the number right on your screen, 833-422-4255. i can read it. we're back in a moment. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future,
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you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. much warmer in santa clara than it is in green bay. look at this. today jimmy garoppolo had a limited practice as he continues to nurse his sprained shoulder and his thumb injury. he says he is feeling good about starting saturday night against the packers. the niners are heading to chilly lambeau field in wisconsin to face the top-seeded packers in round two of the play-offs. jeff ranieri is here with us. what's the temperature forecast saturday night? >> windchill of 7 and maybe some snow showers for pregame. so on our couch is going to be the best spot, right? >> that is really cold. >> much warmer here. >> we've got high pressure. the last time we had measurable rainfall was on january 7th. >> it's been a while. >> not doing good here across the bay area because of this dry area of high pressure. we're still running above average for the rain season. but really, we're putting all
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our hopes on february and march to continue to help us out with this drought. so as we start it off for tomorrow morning, we have 40s coming in. some patchy areas of fog. we'll show you the fog better. you can see it's thickest here through the central valley, but some of the fog near the bay down to south bay. and then as we head into the midday and the afternoon, we get that sunshine returning. so i think overall we got a nice day coming our way with some slightly warmer temperatures. lots of low soys here throughout the bay area. but it's 63 in san jose and 56 there in san francisco. a seven-day forecast does have some wind picking up friday night into saturday morning. 20 to 40 miles per hour in the mountains. that would also give us some warmer temperatures up to 67 on friday. and look at this. nice weather rolling in for the weekend. plenty of sunshine, raj, for us to get out there and practice our passes. >> just stay healthy. that too. >> coming up in prime time -- thank you, jeff. sometime. american auto at 8:00. grand crew at 8:30, and then a big night for this, "this is us"
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followed by "new amsterdam" at 10:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, thanks for joining us. we hope you enjoy your week. we'll see you back at 11ment
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betty white's 100th birthday. how did you celebrate her? >> positive despite the pain. valerie bertinelli's special "good-bye to betty" and how her love for eddie van halen will never die. >> i didn't know that that would be the last time i would speak to him. >> i love what i'm doing. >> please don't. please don't die. >> beyond bob saget our series on so many tv dads taken too soon. how at the top of his game we lost bernie mac at only 50. >> how did you find out? >> well -- >> i didn't want to give anybody the satisfaction of like --


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