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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  January 14, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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those same leaders are also going after those big health providers. going to a sharks game? you'll soon need proof of a booster or a recent negative test. but given the shortage in home test kits and the delays in county facilities, the health officer says -- >> that might not be the best way to use the limited tests that we have. >> reporter: county leaders used this news conference to go over the data we shared with you yesterday. santa clara county sees 15% of the patients in the region. in the last six months it provided more than 20% of all covid testing. by contrast, kaiser sees 31% of patients in santa clara county but provided just over 12% of testing. and the medical foundation or sutter sees 16% of patients and provided only 2% of testing. numbers are similar when it comes to vaccinations. >> it is not reasonable for the county health system to provide such a disproportionate share of
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the testing and vaccinations. >> reporter: yesterday we introduced you to linda orring at the -- ortega. >> we resorted going to the county, going to the fairgrounds. >> reporter: cases like linda's are straining the county system, so the county counsel is requiring them to test and vaccinate their own patients or face fines. it's the same threat san francisco made earlier this week. >> this is a health order. we have in the past taken enforcement with respect to the testing order. we're prepared to do so again. >> reporter: they told nbc bay area that they're doing all they can to expand capacity, but are overwhelmed just like the county. and the county wants to track people who are having problems either getting a covid vaccination or test from their medical providers. if you have some of those
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concerns or complaints, you can log on to the website to make a complaint. that's we are live in san jose, i am damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. some stomach-turning good news coming from the bay area sewers. our wastewater suggests the omicron surge may have peaked in the bay area. for months now environmental experts have been testing wastewater to detect levels of covid infection in our communities. in the last six weeks, all four treatment plants in santa clara county show the level of covid in our wastewater is trending down. >> now, what we'll want to see over the next week or so, is that going to continue? we want that decrease to be sustained. in communities where we're not seeing that yet, we hope we will see that soon. >> so if the trend holds, experts expect we'll see a drop in new cases and hospitalizations over the next several weeks, but they warn not to let our guard down just yet because data also shows that the overall community transmission is still very high.
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the biden administration is launching a new website to make it easier for americans to get those at-home covid test kits. starting wednesday you'll be able to log on to and place an order. each household can order up to four tests. the test kits will ship seven to ten days later. they will set up a phone number so those without internet can place their orders. so many workers and volunteers are getting sick and quarantining. but as scott budman explains, the need doesn't stop so food banks are pleading for healthy volunteers. >> reporter: just like covid has been hitting big business, it's hitting small businesses and volunteers too. here at the second harvest food bank, they're having trouble filling volunteer slots to pack and deliver the much-needed food.
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like food banks all over the bay area, second harvest silicon valley is busy. and struggling to find what they need to keep up. >> it's been a struggle for us right now. >> reporter: specifically it's been tough to get healthy volunteers. yet another link in the supply chain hit by covid. >> it's definitely affected us. we're not getting -- we used to sell out volunteer shifts way in advance. right now we're still seeing shifts where we're not getting enough people. >> reporter: look closely at the window outside your favorite coffee shop or restaurant. chances are you'll see "help needed" signs. >> people are getting sick. >> reporter: some can't even stay open full-time because so many employees have covid. >> even harder to find people to work. everybody are just scared to catch covid. >> reporter: here at the food bank, they say they're determined to get people what they need.
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they're just hoping people can help meet their need as well. so they are looking for volunteers. if you think you can help, your local food bank has volunteer sign-ups online. check them out. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> it's a hard situation for so many right now. scott, thank you. navigating this ever-changing covid world is hard. so we made it easy for you. just head to our website, take a look at what mother nature created. you probably noticed, yes, beautiful sunsets across the bay area this week. orange and red skies flooding social media. let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we usually see this when a storm is nearby but it's dry. >> we have an area of high pressure that's creating still and stagnant conditions and high cloud cover moving in from the south. this was the sunset last night and you can see the vibrancy in
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those clouds. yes, it is -- oh, man, that is an amazing shot. you know, when we take a closer look at this and get these areas of high pressure, they help to trap the dust, pollution and sea spray. the sunlight reflects off of all of these particles down near the surface and we've had high clouds moving in. those high clouds catch the sun's rays during sunset and sunrise creating brilliant colors. over the next 45 minutes, we of course have the sun continue to set and we could see more of that color. now, as we roll through tomorrow cloud cover will linger. we'll show you the full forecast coming up in 15 minutes. >> we'll see you in a bit, thank you. santa clara county sheriff lori smith faced a judge virtually to answer allegations filed by a civil grand jury. even though the charges aren't criminal, if the sheriff loses her case, legal experts say state law requires she be removed from office.
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steven stock was allowed to follow today's public hearing on zoom but couldn't record it under the judge's order. the sheriff didn't enter a plea. her attorneys say they need more time to file objections to all seven of the misconduct allegations. six counts allege her office traded concealed weapons permits for campaign contributions. the seventh is over the transfer of an inmate who ended up with permanent brain damage by the time he reached the county jail. our investigative unit was one of the first to uncover allegations of corruption involving the sheriff's office and concealed carry permits. you can see our earlier reporting as well on our website, a procession today with the body of david wynn transported to a funeral home. his girlfriend and sister were both there to escort his body. the 28-year-old was shot and killed last tuesday while driving toward the bay bridge toll plaza.
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he was set to graduate from the academy next month. the sheriff's association is offering a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. the funeral is set for january 24th. with much of his agenda blocked by members of his own party, the president is spotlighting his victories as he ends his first year in office two months after he signed the bipartisan infrastructure bill, thousands of bridges are getting repaired and replaced. the white house is still stinging from the supreme court's split decision on the pandemic. the court allowed a vaccine man date for the health care field but blocked the effort to compel 80 million workers to either get vaccinated or take weekly covid tests. >> so it is disappointing that the court chose not to defend or support people from covid-19. >> after a democratic senator derailed biden's social and climate change spending bill, the white house pivoted to voting rights. two senate democrats say they won't change filibuster rules, effectively killing that as well.
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new numbers on the price of homes in the bay area but it might be hard to tell if they're good news or bad news. the report from redfin shows the median price of a home for sale in san francisco and much of the bay area has dropped significantly since last month, along with a drop-off in sales. robert handa looks behind the numbers to see if the drop actually helps buyers and what they're getting for their money. >> reporter: it's always risky to try to analyze san francisco as well as the bay area housing market, especially compared to the rest of the country. a drop in price doesn't always mean a low price, and a high price doesn't always mean your money's worth. a median price of almost $1.5 million for a san francisco home tells you right away the cost for a home might be dropping, but certainly won't be cheap any time soon. in its latest report, real estate analyst redfin shows the san francisco median price is $1.488 million, a decline of more than 5% from november to december.
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now, in san francisco, there are a lot of factors in play. this two-bedroom home for sale is listed almost right at the median level. but when i told a neighbor, he said no way. >> it's too expensive. >> you don't think it's worth the median price? >> no. not at all. >> how do you think we got here? >> everything. tech. inflation. everything. >> reporter: in the mission neighborhood, this home is also listed almost right at the median price. a neighbor, a new home buyer here, was more understanding. >> this feels like kind of a median neighborhood for san francisco. definitely an up-and-coming area. a lot of exciting things happening around here, so not too surprised. it is high but i don't know what we're going to do. >> reporter: the chief economist for redfin says the holidays slows down buying and selling and says a long-term perspective is important. >> i wouldn't read too much into the monthly decline. i think the important thing is that home prices are up 10% from
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this time last year. that's the measure that reflects how the market is heating up a bit. >> reporter: redfin says depending on how mortgage rate interest rates go they expect that to keep going up. but median prices aren't that useful since many homes get much higher offers than the listed price. robert handa, nbc bay area news. still ahead, stepping up for their community during the pandemic. how two east bay women are making sure some of the most vulnerable people have access to covid testing. and beer lovers prepare to pay more for your brew. the key ingredient that is hard to come by. and lots of 50s and 60s right now, but i'll show you how low it's going to go for your saturday morning coming up in about eight minutes.
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parents of students in san francisco unified are gearing up for a recall election involving three members of the school board. tonight we're learning an unprecedented number of new voters have registered to participate. today the chinese api voter outreach task force held a rally in san francisco. the group supports the recall effort. they say a new law that allows non-citizen parents to vote in the election has led to the record registration. >> the fact that the school board has not done their job, has done a lot of things to our community we feel discriminated against. we want to and we need to speak out and use our votes to speak out. >> the recall election is scheduled for february 15th. heading to the east bay now, two women there are helping push the bay area forward. tonight they're being hailed as heroes for their efforts to make sure some of the most vulnerable groups in the area have access
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to covid testing. nbc bay area's tom jensen spoke to one of them, a 72-year-old woman who works day and night making sure her community is protected as the infections soar and tests run low. >> i'm trying to keep my brain open. >> reporter: it's a labor of love for frances shepherd who moved to the bay area 61 years ago when she was just 11. >> wherever we can go, wherever the need is, we try to meet it. >> reporter: she's been testing communities in need since 2020, first as a volunteer for the nonprofit community organized relief effort and now as a paid staff member. and last week as quick and convenient covid tests became nearly impossible to find, frances and co-worker mia felix jumped into action setting up a test site to test teachers. >> there was an outbreak and they wanted us there. they weren't on the calendar so mia and i went to test. >> reporter: core, as the organization is known, serves underserved communities around
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the world during disasters and other times of need. they have been testing as many as 1,200 people per day at this hayward site since september, and more than 2,000 daily across the east bay. >> we have a full house. we just want to be safe. >> reporter: this hayward man and his family have been tested here before. when he heard about the effort of these two testers, he was grateful. >> they're going above and beyond to help as many people as they can. >> reporter: the women also took mobile test sites to east bay homeless shelters and extended care centers. tom jensen, nbc bay area news. after starting their winter quarter online, stanford students will return to campus next week. because of the omicron surge the university opted to have all students attend virtual classes for the first two weeks of the quarter. in-person classes are still on track to start on tuesday right after the mlk holiday. organizers of the san francisco comedifest are hoping there will be more laughs in 2023 next year. it has been rescheduled for next year. last month organizers announced
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they were postpoing the 2022 event blaming the covid surge. today they decided to cancel it and reschedule it for january of 2023. it has brought the biggest and most loved names in comedy to the city since 2001. we've got bad news for beer lovers in the bay area. prices for your favorite brew might be going up soon. unlike many businesses, the expected price hike isn't a supply chain issue but instead the drought has caused a shortage of barley. production of barley is down more than 30% in the u.s. and canada. all right. so with the holiday weekend coming up, it might be a good time to be outdoors. here is a look at yosemite national park where admission will be free on monday. in fact, admission will be free at every national park on martin luther king day. it's part of a plan that makes the parks free to enter for five days out of the entire year. >> oh, love that. >> good time to travel right now. we don't have any rain or snow
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in the forecast. >> i've just got to put the request in for work. >> that's right. >> be sure to get that in. last minute, but we'll see what we can do. >> and we'll have good weather for picture taking outside so, yes, cloud cover, on and off clouds. i did want to start off with a look at the wind. we did have gusty winds across the north bay mountains today. 20 to about 50 miles per hour. same thing for the sierra. thankfully we had that rain in december or we would be talking about fire danger right now. then you can see as we roll through tomorrow any kind of mountain wind is going to be gone. we're looking at winds from 5 to about 15 miles per hour. so let's get you to the overall weather pattern. it certainly has been pretty dynamic here across the bay area the past couple of days. wee an area of high pressure keeping temperatures on the mild side, a little above average. this area of low pressure, talk about stubborn. this thing has been here the past few days. it's not going anywhere tonight. it's going to stay with us through tomorrow and that's where we're getting these clouds from. there's no rainfall from this,
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but once again we're not going to see the sunniest of days as we head at least into tomorrow's forecast. we'll start off with temperatures in the 40s. got you down to 40 in the tri-valley, peninsula 44, south bay coming in at 45. we'll begin with nice weather to maybe sleep in on your saturday. that's a good idea, right? we've all been through so much stress lately, just forget the alarm clock and just let it go. all right, 43 here for the east bay. san francisco 46. and the north bay at 41. you can see the cloud cover as we begin through the day. then as we move through the afternoon we might get a few breaks of sun in here, but all in all we'll see high clouds streaming across. so temperatures as we roll through tomorrow look like this. down in the south bay i've got you at 65 in morgan hill, 62 in los gatos. over in the east bay my friends toward antioch and concord, low 60s. fremont 63 and oakland 61. light winds through the peninsula. northwest at just 3 miles per hour. 61 in san mateo and 60 in
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redwood city. san francisco headed to downtown, maybe the marina to do a little exploring, switch it up for your weekend, upper 50s and low 60s. certainly some jacket weather in place. clear lake 64 degrees. santa rosa 63, mill valley 61, back to napa also looking at 63. now, the only thing that could be bothering you, this is pretty interesting here, is the pollen. when we hit october, we had all of that record-setting rainfall. then november was dry. we had things starting to bloom. then we got the rainfall in december. things quieted down and now we're seeing like a second blooming and pollen of sorts for some of these plants across the bay area. so cedar, alder and pine is in the moderate category. you might be sniffling and sneezing, could be your allergies but check with your doctor and check the symptoms with omicron floating around. in your seven-day forecast, you can see for the weekend i think the better day to be outside and potentially have more sunshine would be on sunday's forecast. mlk day there on monday, 59
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degrees. we hold this trend of 50s to low 60s into next week. right across the inland valleys, temperatures really not that much different. 50s to 60s for highs. plenty of low 40s as we roll into the morning so our three-day weekend is shaping up pretty good. sunday, the best day to catch some rays of sunshine. >> thank you so much, jeff. coming up, a development today into the deadly shooting on a movie set in new mexico. what actor alec baldwin just gave to investigators. we learn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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- hi mommy! - hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. ♪ hush little baby...♪ ♪...don't say a word...♪ but if slow upload speeds turn your goodnight call into an accidental horror movie... can you hear me? shut it down. just remember. you're not a bad mom. you just need better internet. at&t fiber delivers faster upload speeds for more reliable video calls. get at&t fiber, plans starting at $35 a month for a year. limited availability in select areas. call 877.only.att. a month after actor alec baldwin was served with a search warrant for his cell phone, his lawyer says baldwin has turned it over to investigators. the state of new mexico wants
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the cell phone as part of its probe into the accidental shooting death on the film set of the movie "rust." last october baldwin was rehearsing a scene with a gun when a live round killed the director of photography, halyna hutchins. baldwin posted a message online last saturday saying any suggestion he wasn't cooperating with the investigation is a lie. police in palo alto need your help tonight identifying a number of people who robbed a tobacco store at gunpoint. investigators say eight people, the ones you see right there, entered the smoke shop on california avenue just before 10:00 last night. at least two of them were carrying handguns. police say they pistol whipped the store clerk, stole merchandise and money from the cash register. the clerk did suffer minor injuries. no customers were in the store at the time of the robbery. the group took off before officers arrived. walnut creek city leaders say they're standing by their decision to hire extra police officers, even if that means they have to wait a year or more. you might remember that brazen
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mass robbery at the nordstrom at broadway plaza back in november. shortly after the city council met, told the police department to hire five new officers, but the chief says it could take up to a year to recruit the extra officers. he said that departments across the bay area are competing for new recruits. city leaders say they have no second thoughts about the decision to hire more officers despite the wait. remembering the miracle on the hudson. saturday marks the 13th anniversary of that flight that ended with the dramatic emergency landing on the hudson river. you may remember when u.s. airways flight 1549 departed laguardia airport, that was in 2009. a few minutes after takeoff the jet collided with a flock of geese. the pilot, captain sully sullenberger of danville didn't think the plane could make it to any nearby airports so he made an emergency water landing on the hudson river. five people were hurt, but incredibly everyone survived. sully became a national hero. clint eastwood even made a movie
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about that landing back in 2016. all right. i think we're going to like this coming up. deals for diners. we'll tell you all about comfort food restaurant week coming up.
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businesses hit hard by the pandemic. >> scary at times. obviously i think every restaurant owner can say the same. we're lucky to be on the other side of things at this point. and we continue -- hopefully it continuing in the right direction. >> to take advantage of the discounts download the free comfort food week app on the website. >> that french toast looks so good already. >> i'm ready for dinner, right. >> that would be perfect. all right, garvin thompson what's happening at 5:30.
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>> fried chicken my number one comfort food. leaks mold and terminates some of the problems plaguing a condo build be. residents tell us it's a disaster in the making. the answers we got. >> google and facebook accused of creating an unfair edge over competition. the tech giants respond to the claims. and newly revealed court documents. >> and president biden face attention major set barkers to his agenda this week. how he tries to bounce back from road blocks to his covid mandates to voting rights. >> good friday, everyone. thanks for joining us. the news at 5:30 starts right now. i'm janel wank a a. >> and i'm garvin thomas. a live look from the white house president biden ended a rough week, acknowledging his agenda hasn't gone as planned. but vowed things would be different. it's been two months since the


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