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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 12, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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this coming weekend is a big weekend. i don't know if i will be able to eat all of the food, i will be so stressed out. >> your family likes to eat food, too. >> we will eat a lot of food, for sure. right now at 6:00, waiting weeks for results, standing in line for hours and frustration mounting. we investigate a private company doing covid tests in the bay area. we will show you what happened when we started asking questions. i'm scott budman. why scarcity on store shelves is leading to higher prices. we'll break it down for you coming up. also, we could have a problem. where did they go? we investigate the missing records that could prove crucial in figuring out the problem for san francisco's sinking and leaning millennial tower. ♪♪ the news at 6:00 starts right now. good evening and thanks for being with us on this wednesday. i'm raj mathai. >> i'm audrey asistio in for jessica tonight. with people desperate for covid tests right now we are seeing more testing sites popping up, and there are
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concerns about them. one private covid testing company called center for covid control is getting complaints nationwide. investigative reporter candace nguyen found it has locations in the bay area. she checked out some of them in san jose. >> well, it is just confusion. >> reporter: questions about pop-up covid testing sites brought us to this location on silver creek valley road in south san jose. inside a sign that says it is run by the center for covid control. among the people forming long lines snaking around the building the past couple of weeks, a woman who told us on the phone she was tested here in december and is still waiting for results. today more frustrated people who lined up early. a sign says it opens at 7:00 a.m. there's a lot of confusion here. all of these people thought that this testing site would be open this morning. it doesn't appear to be. walking into the lobby here where all of these people also trying to get answers, and when
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you walk to the front door here you see the blinds, the door, closed. >> we've been standing out here for more than a half hour and there's been no one. >> they didn't even put any sign that, you know, whatever -- you know, whatever is going on. we don't know. >> reporter: the center for covid control is a private company. its website shows about 300 covid testing locations nationwide, but none here in california. the san jose site's manager did not want to be recorded but says they use licensed labs for the tests. he admits he did not apply for a business license until this morning. >> i think it is a little strange. >> reporter: the company has at least two other sites in the bay area, in is a ramone and mountain view. mountain view police say they are investigating the location there because it does not have an active business license. the california department of public health confirms it is investigating complaints against the company, too. >> pretty sad. i mean we're trying to get our covid test to get to work. we need more centers to be open because it is out of control.
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>> reporter: across the country, numerous complaints about center for covid control testing sites. in oregon the state department of justice opened up an investigation into the company. in chicago where the company is based, the better business bureau there says it has received more than a dozen complaints from people who never got results. >> i mean i'm not surprised. >> i'm frustrated right now. >> reporter: a spokesperson with the center for covid control declined an interview and sent us a general statement saying, as with any fast-growing organization, we are constantly working to improve processes. he says they're experiencing high demand. as for why the san jose site was closed wednesday, the manager there says staff was uncomfortable with media coverage. as far as we know we have been the only ones askingbusiness lia miss. >> well, candice, there are obviously a lot of questions at this point and a lot of people
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frustrated. i'm wondering who is regulating pop-up covid testing sites in our area. >> a lot of confuse there. audrey, the state says it is not them. if a location only collects specimen it doesn't need a state license as a test lab because it is not a lab. locally though officials tell us testing sites should at least be registered with the city or county as a business. on our website we have a list of state-recommended test sites. go to >> all right. candice, thanks so much. in san jose being vaccinated isn't enough. you also need a booster. it is the first city in california to require a booster shot for city employees. this also applies for anyone attending an event in san jose, like a sharks game or a concert at the shark tank. starting february 4th, all eligible city employees will be required to get that booster or provide a valid exemption. the mandate also requires all visitors to san jose at all of the large indoor events to either prove they've been boosted or provide a recent
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negative covid test. the mayor says getting that test won't be that hard in the near future. >> it is quite likely it is going to be temporary. as we get on-site testing up and running, that will enable us to be able to test those attendees who are coming into the arena or into the convention center right there before they enter the door. >> mayor liccardo says the city hopes to have the on-site testing at the venues ready within a few weeks. again, this mandate, revised mandate begins february 4th. raj, in sonoma county this is the day, the most restrict he have surge rules in the state take effect. for the next 30 days indoor gatherings must be limited to fewer than 50 people. outdoor events must be under 100 people. at the theater in petaluma, they're in the last week of one of their productions. the rule change means they will have to limit their audience to 40 people for their last weekend of live performances. they're also pushing back their
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next production open after the new rules are set to expire. some wedding and event venues say the only good news is that this isn't the busy season. all right. you have probably noticed already but store shelves are starting to look bare again. take a look here. it is likely the safest way for a while and double whammy here, prices are getting higher. here is our business and tech reporter, scott budman. >> reporter: from ship to shore to safeway we're once again seeing gaps on store shelves. >> sanitizer. >> bread options. >> maybe produce. >> reporter: it is not like the great toilet paper shortage of early pandemic, but grocery shoppers are feeling it. >> there's lower stock than i'm used to seeing. haven't had a huge problem finding too much things, but here and there i do see less and less of what i normally see on the shelves for sure. >> reporter: and so are your favorite local lunch spots. >> it is extremely difficult to
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find basics, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, anything is becoming like difficult. it is like a treasure hunt to find anything. >> reporter: and for this you can blame covid, sort of. >> it is not just a matter of supply chain but it is a matter of workforce as well. >> reporter: people calling in sick at every level of the supply chain, which slows things down, leading to scarcity. >> because they need to protect their workforce, and so there are fewer people perhaps going in to whatever enclosed environment that they need to go into to to perform their job. >> reporter: experts tell us because of that scarcity pretty much everything you buy from groceries to your morning coffee, new cars to electronics you want to update are likely to cost a little more for at least the next few weeks. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc, bay area news. okay. scott. so how much more? take a look at the price increase here. up, up and up in the bay area.
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prices rose overall about 4% this year, about 5% in food. look at energy prices, really spiking, up 28% since this time last year. more police academies, more investigators and more community outreach. that's the oakland police department's public safety plan as it tries to rebound from last year's stragerring homicide rate. chief armstrong says he is excited to see the surge in applicants joining the police academy, 39 trainees including nine women. with lunar year around the corner the chief says you will see more police officers patrolling oakland's chinatown. unregistered ghost guns will become a big target. the oakland city council is expected to pass a new offered nance next week that will ban not only the untraceable guns but also the possession of unfinished ghost gun parts. >> we're also allowing the city to assess civil penalties. so you could be fined, you know,
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$1,000. >> we believe that this year we will continue to see a higher closure rate as a result of the additional staff. >> last year ghost guns accounted for nearly 22% of all confiscated firearms by opd. the council member says if toward nance passes it will go into effect next month. more problems for the millennium tower in san francisco. our investigative unit has learned some key records are missing from the ongoing construction project designed to stop the sinking and leaning luxury tower. investigative reporter jaxon van derbeken has the exclusive story. >> i want to see that information, i want our experts to see that information. they need to produce that information. >> reporter: san francisco's supervisor is talking about records dating back to august of last year when the millennium tower was sinking and tilting so badly that engineers had to pause the project designed to fix it. >> i don't think there's a lot of room here for on-the-job learning. >> reporter: last week during a hearing on the project, he asked
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millennium fix gerron hamberger about the missing records. >> there was no requirement they be furnished to the building department. as engineer of record i would need it and return it to the contractor as approved. >> reporter: a city permit official backed him, agreeing there's no requirement to file the daily logs from the construction site. >> it is expected the design professional and as mr. hamberger stated they reviewed these anomalies and alert the team if there was any concern. >> reporter: but our investigative unit has obtained this document that deepens the mystery. it shows the city's engineering review panel first asked for the drawing logs back in september, only to be told the data was not recorded. the construction logs are of particular interest because an independent expert's report pointed to problems during drilling for two of the support piles, right when the building
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started sinking and tilting more mined away ground beneath the building. experts say the logs could verify or debunk that theory. he says he is left frustrated by the gap in information. >> mr. hamberger said on the record the data did exist, although it is somewhere else. if it exists, i want it. >> reporter: the city is currently reviewing millennium's plan to reduce the number of support piles it will install by two-thirds. jaxon van der becker, nbc, bay area news. up next, do you have money owed to you? santa clara county says it has nearly half a million dollars in unclaimed money. we'll show you how you can find if it is yours. also, you can't hand out meals anymore. the red tape now getting in the way of the pantry serving 1,000 meals a day in northeast san jose. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. yes, our dry trend continues, but i'll also show you when some
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wind builds back into the forecast and who could see some of those gusts coming up in about seven minutes. right now as we prepare to come on the air in the west, in addition to rising prices, now more grocery store shelves are going empty. why shortages may be with us for a very long time. also, new accusations over how live bullets wound up on the set of the alec baldwin movie "rust." it is all ahead on "nightly news."
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for the past four days a
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church's food pantry in san jose that feeds 1,000 people a day has been forced to shut down because of a city permitting issue. nbc bay area's marianne favro takes a look at the situation and the late afternoon development that's actually giving pantry organizers hope. >> reporter: you can see the arrows marking the line for a farmer's market-style food pantry, but now it is closed. today people wanting food were turned away. six days a week you will find a long line in front of lighthouse ministries' food pantry in san jose. 1,000 people a day select from fresh and packaged foods on tables and bins at the corner of 17th and julian. rocky mauricio visits the pantry nearly every day. >> it has helped the community and i a great, a lot. any time we need groceries, come here and provide it. >> reporter: but this week he couldn't get those groceries because the pantry is shut down.
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pastor ralph says he was forced to close the outdoor pantry saturday after the city sent him this letter telling him to immediately stop operating because he didn't have a special use permit. >> families are relying upon this, especially during the pandemic now, and the idea of permits getting in the way of a pandemic where people are not working no more and they're coming here to survive, every person that takes food from here feeds three other children. that's -- that's a lot of people. >> reporter: a house cleaner who lost her job during the pandemic, she told us she relies on the food she gets here. so does judy. >> i can't pay for groceries and my bills. what am i going to do. >> reporter: we reached out to san jose planning and code enforcement to find out why the pantry was forced to shut down. the city told us it was a miscommunication. the pastor received the wrong notice. late this afternoon the city told pastor olmos he could start up the pantry gone as long as he
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starts the process to get a special use permit. the pastor says he is thrilled and plans to reopen the pantry at noon tomorrow. now he faces another obstacle. figuring out how he can come up with the $15,500 needed for a new permit. in san jose, marianne favro, "nbc bay area news". governor newsom is promoting his plan to humanely clear homeless encamp.sacross the state. today he helped clean up a camp overlooking a freeway in san diego, and he had a quick response for a reporter who suggested he hasn't done enough. >> so you want specifics. 58,000 people, we have gotten off the streets. let me tell you how we've done it in the last 12 months. we went out and we procured hotel, motel rooms up and down the state of california. you want immediate short-term solution? that's it. we went out and did something permanent called room keep.
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$846 million. that's a specific number last year. >> and he kept going. he says his new budget will pay for 50,000 new units for the unhoused including tiny homes, which is what you are seeing here. the plan also makes mental health services a key part of the investment. south bay residents, come get your money. santa clara county's tax collection department is sitting on nearly a half million dollars that's gone unclaimed. the funds include overpayments, duplicate payments, even payments to crime victims, but for whatever reason the owners couldn't be located. the tax office has just pun lished a list of nearly 700 people and businesses entitled to the money. it is running for two weeks in the "metro silicon valley." submit your claim no later than march 14th. >> guess what i'm going to do? >> what are you going to do? >> check to see if i'm on the list. >> get some money. why not? >> it would make a good week. >> how are we looking, jeff?
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are we ready for thursday? >> i am. >> let's get you started with the thursday morning forecast. the sun will be trying to break through and we will be on the chilly side. got you down to 45 in the south bay. peninsula, 44. the tri-valley at 40. let's bring it over to the east bay. san francisco and the north bay, not too many changes here as well with some low to mid 40s moving back in. now, the cloud cover again tomorrow morning. we'll see some of that linger with us. then as we head through the afternoon, the sun again tries to break out somewhat here, but we will still have some of the high clouds lingering. i think overall tomorrow setting it up pretty good here for us. daytime highs as we move through the day, going to cool off a couple of degrees. that will put us back to 62 in san jose. low 60s, cupertino and los gatos. over to the east bay, oakland, 57. down to fremont, 62. back into concord, 62 as well. let's bring it to the peninsula. light winds, some of the sunshine. 59, half moon bay.
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62, palo alto. san francisco is coming in with 50s across the board from the marina down to the ingleside. let's take it off to the north bay. ukiah, 58 degrees. sonoma, 62. snow valley right there at 59. so, yes, we are under this dry spell. it is a real sharp turn for us after all of that december rainfall, so high pressure is going to keep the dry weather certainly through this weekend. even it looks like at this point as we roll into next week. the other thing starting to edge into the forecast i wanted to bring your attention to is this system off here to the north. once we hit friday it is going to drop down, and i do see some wind increasing from this, specifically over the north bay and the sierra. now, thankfully, we did have that december rainfall so everything is still pretty moist out there on the vegetation, but you can see as we hit friday afternoon right up here into the mountains we could get into some 20 to 40-mile-per-hour gusts just north of map au. surface winds down at the lower elevations anywhere from 10 to 20. north bay would be the focus.
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back there across the sierra you can see some magenta. that wind gusts of about 50. on my seven-day forecast we will have the winds definitely calming down. into saturday's forecast we get a mix of 50s and 60s for highs. 40s for the morning lows. let's check out the inland valleys. we are coming in with low 60s this weekend. look at this. more of the cold 30s sunday and monday mornings. so we have a pretty good forecast coming our way moving through the next couple of days. are y'all ready for thursday? what do we think? >> ready now. >> we call thursday friday adjacent, right? >> i call it friday eve. >> friday light. >> thanks, jeff. up next, free admission for people who lived in san francisco. the move the mayor wants to make at two big attractions in the city.
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okay. unique name, we know that, with a big taste. plin the younger, one of the most famous beers in the country is on the hold.
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the russian river brewing company has dlaned the annual release. the new health order issued today in sonoma county with bans large gatherings overlaps with release scheduled for february 4th. we know this from the past years covering the story. we usually see huge crowds waiting for hours and camping out in line at both the santa rosa and windsor locations to get a chance to drink the triple india pale ale. it now will be released end of march. freebies for san francisco residents. the mayor proposed an ordinance giving residents free admission to the conservatory of flowers and japanese tea garden. the botanical garden is already free to those in the city. the budget and finance committee is set to vote on merging the management of the three venues to streamline for paying guests. where are the best places to work? a new list comes out including
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okay. do you like your job? >> of course. >> we love it here. >> yeah. >> the annual list is out. best places to work, and we have a bit of a shake-up this year with so many people rethinking their jobs and careers. it is kind of a shake-up at the top. >> still, bay area has more of the top companies than any other region according to glass door. chip maker nvidia in santa clara tops the nationwide list.
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number five is box, a cloud data management company in redwood city. google is number seven. salesforce is ten. adobe comes in at 16. facebook's pr troubles could be why the company fell so far this year from number 11 to number 47. tonight at 7:00, some promising research out of cal about our covid surge. we are talking to the doctor behind it. what it shows about the future of the pandemic. also, watch out for bogus testing sites. that's tonight on our 7:00 newscast. up next on "nightly news," new inflation numbers show the consumer price index is up 7% from a year ago. it comes amid a shortage of goods and workers. how the administration is responding and how inflation is affecting you on a daily basis. "nightly news" is next. tonight, the historic surge in the prices you are paying for just about everything inflation soaring a massive 7% in december the fastest rate in 40 years. prices going up on food, gas, cars, and clothing
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how president biden is reacting and more american shoppers seeing empty store shelves. what's causing the shortage how long will it last. also tonight, omicron's staggering surge. top health officials warning most americans will be exposed. but a glimmer of hope. a new study showing omicron appears to cause less severe disease with shorter hospital stays and our national broadcast exclusive. inside the icu at the renowned cleveland clinic where mostly unvaccinated patients fight to survive the new winter storm set to sweep across half the country with heavy snow al roker is tracking it for us. the new lawsuit over the deadly shooting during the filming of "rust." how attorneys for the armorer say live bullets got on the set. our nbc news exclusive with vice president kamala harris her message to senate democrats standing in the way of the president's voting rights push. remembering the iconic lead singer from a classic 1960s girl group behind so


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