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tv   NBC Bay Area News Tonight  NBC  January 3, 2022 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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good evening. this is nbc bay area news tonight. i'm raj mathai. it's the first monday of the new year. it's supposed to be filled with optimism. nowadays that's challenging to come by. but we remain optimistic. thanks for joining us tonight. a lot of big headlines at this hour. we finally have a verdict in san jose. elizabeth holmes guilty on 4 of the 11 counts against her. it comes after months of testimony and seven days of deliberations stretched over the holidays from that jury. take a look. elizabeth holmes leaving the federal courthouse. this was just about 90 minutes ago. she walked out hand in hand, like she usually does with her mother and her partner. but she said nothing to the dozens of reporters and onlookers waiting there for her
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outside. here is the breakdown. the jury found the 37-year-old stanford drop-out guilty on four charges, one for conspiracy against theranos investors. two were for wire fraud. and one for wire fraud against theranos investors. the jury found holmes not guilty on four other charges, including fraud against patients. and they were deadlocked on the remaining three. >> the guilty verdicts in this case reflect ms. holmes' culpability on this large scale fraud and she must now face sentencing for their cry. >> that's the latest statement from the prosecution. we'll have a full breakdown on what happens moving forward. you can see our guests about to join us, scott budman, who has been at the trial since the beginning, and our legal analyst, defense attorney paula canny. they'll join us in just a few minutes. also tonight, there is a good chance you or someone you know has tested positive for covid.
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it is spreading that fast. doctors and researchers tell us most of the cases are mild if you're fully vaccinated. many people i know who have covid tell me the same thing. flu-like symptoms, in bed for two to three days. but here's the concerning part. hospitalization rates are spiking sharply. take a look. we pulled the numbers for three of our biggest counties here in the bay area. san francisco, santa clara, and contra costa. just follow those red lines. that tells the story. hospitalizations have doubled in each county since christmas, which was just what, ten days ago. it's important to note that we're still not at the level that we saw during the previous two spikes which was last winter and last summer. and check this out. we know this. high demand for covid testing even after the holidays. our sky ranger on the left side of your screen was above there, and you can see the line of car there's. we continue to see these long lines across the bay area. you see hayward. you see foster city, san jose. i saw a long line today in
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mountain view on my way to work. the santa clara county public health department says it's now scheduling about 5,000 appointments a day. that's compared to about 1500 a day before the surge of omicron. >> it's sort of the perfect storm of many people who are sick with and without covid, many people who have been exposed. many people who are worried about exposures that might have occurred over the holiday season. >> and that's the thing. even if you're not sick, but maybe have one of the symptoms you think you might be sick, you're trying to get a test. if you're struggling to find an appointment, you're asked by all the counties just to check back frequently. several counties tell us they plan to expand testing capacity in the coming days, including adding more drive-through site, including one in san martin in santa clara county. another thing we're keeping our eye on, more travel headaches at airports across the can't and across the globe. people are still trying to get home after the holidays. today more than 3,000 domestic
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and international flights were canceled. that's the most we've seen since omicron started to surge. here's what the delays and cancellations look like at our local airport. that sfo, 50 flights have been canceled. more than 300 flights were delayed. most averaging about 30 minutes. that's not so bad. san jose saw 20 cancellations today. and at oakland airport, 16 cancellations. in just a few minutes, we'll be joined by our covid specialists. but right now let's get back to elizabeth holmes. from silicon valley superstar to convicted felon about two hours ago, her world has crumbled in the last five years, and we've seen it all happen. so where is elizabeth holmes tonight? as i showed you a brief time ago, she left the courthouse with her family. she won't learn her sentence likely for a couple of months. but when she does, it could include jail time. the question now, how much jail time will she face. let's bring in our business and tech reporter scott budman, and our legal analyst, defense
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attorney paula canny. nice to have both of you back on the program. scott, we'll start with you. you were there. you've been inside the courtroom almost every day. what was it like today when they read the verdict? >> hey, raj, i'll tell you, there have been a lot of tense moments over the past 3 1/2 months, but none more so this afternoon when the verdict was read. everybody was there. her family was there. elizabeth holmes throughout the whole entire time that all those charges read off was staring straight forward for the most part. at a couple of points, she did try to make contact with some of the jurors. they did not look back, and eventually holmes as some of the guilty verdicts were read out started to look straight down. afterwards, as you can see here, she turned around and hugged her family individually one at a time. and the whole time it was really quiet, and you could really cut the tension with a knife. it was very, very thick in there as we all wondered what would this jury say after so much time. >> and scott, for so many months you've been in there when she has walked into the court hour,
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as she has walked out. i'm not sure she has responded to any questions. i see about 20 microphones in her face. >> it's been that way for a long time, raj. no. she has not responded to anything on the way in or the way out. occasionally if we were in an elevator or a hallway with her, she would give a hello, she would say she is doing well. but never anything about the case. officially, as we were trying to get sound bites from her outside as you see from her tonight, it was always mask on, head down, usually holding the hand of a family member and going right straight into a car. this whole entire time, someone i've interviewed before and who was very quick with the sound bite in the past as a ceo was absolutely stone-cold silent as a defendant. >> it's interesting. you have seen certainly her rise and now her fall. paula canny, let's bring you in here. was there a winner? you covered a lot of these high profile trials. was there a winner or a loser in this trial? >> she's the loser. the prosecution was the winner. it's just that simple.
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she's a huge loser. she got convicted of four felonies. >> one because they convicted her of four felonies. >> what now? how much jail time could she face? are we talking five years? ten years? 20 years? what's the maximum? >> the maximum punishment for a wire fraud count is up to 20 years in federal prison, plus a $250,000 fine, plus restitution. the reality is in federal court, sentencing is controlled by guidelines. there is going to be a sentencing hearing -- a hearing next week to determine if her bail should be increased. right now she's just out on a $50,000 personal recognizance bond. the prosecution wants her to put some real property up. the sentencing process is going to take a couple of months. the average sentence for a felony -- for a wire fraud in federal court is about 20 to 24
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months. she's got four counts with super aggravating factors of how much money is involved. so there will be a lot of arguing back and forth. but realistically, she's not going to jail. she is going to go to a federal prison. and even if she just got the average of 24 months, that's, you know, two years. but given how much money is at stake, over $100 million as to the counts she was found guilty of is what she defrauded people of, you know, that's a lot of money. that's aggravating. so i think she is a looking at a substantial prison sentence. >> just on the quick map, you're saying two years times four counts, at least about eight years of your guest nation here. >> they could do it that way, or they could sentence her on the counts and run them at the same time concurrently. it depends. there is going to be a lot of arguing and a lot of -- because
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federal sentencing rules are very complicated. so this process i expect will take, you know, four to six months. she'll meet with a federal probation officer. they'll write a report to the juvenile. the prosecution will write a sentencing brief. the defense will bring a sentencing brief. the fact that she was acquitted of some of the counts does bode well for her. but if she was acquitted of all of them, she wouldn't be looking at any jail time, or if the jury hadn't reached a verdict as to any of the counts, she wouldn't be convicted and she wouldn't be facing any time at all. she'd be facing potentially a retrial. so no, this is a huge loss for her and a huge win for the government. >> pretty interesting from your legal point of view there. scott, let's bring you back in. how does this change the silicon valley? does it change? or it is one of the things we'll talk about, a blip on the radar screen? >> it's funny because i talked to a lot of venture capitalists
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and entrepreneurs, start-up ceos. the one thing they were looking for is will elizabeth holmes be found guilty on some of the charges having to do with investors, and all of the charges that she was found guilty on today were having to do with investors. so i think this does put a bit of a chill up on sandhill road for entrepreneurs, for start-ups because this is an area famous for i'll say kindly exaggerating to potential investors about what a piece of software or a piece of hardware can do. and that's essentially what this court case was about. did elizabeth holmes lie to investors about those machines? and the verdict came back guilty. and i think that's going to put a bit of a chill on some of the entrepreneurs and some of the vcs, and it's going to be interesting to see how that goes going forward. >> interesting. final thoughts to you, paula canny. what happens to her former boyfriend, sunny balwani.
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>> i would have watched the entire thing to see how the testimony came in. i might reach out to the prosecution, see if i can cut a deal. perhaps i'm thinking about it, i actually thought what if elizabeth holmes' lawyers went to the government and said hey, we can help you in your case against sunny to give some further consideration for her in her sentencing. so i'm sure there is a lot of machinations going on behind the scenes on each of the defendants teams to leverage a better result for their respective client. >> that is some fascinating incite. all right. paula canny and scott budman, thank you. i presume we'll be talking with you in the weeks to come as we grow closer to the sentencing day. we appreciate your time tonight. our coverage of elizabeth holmes continues at and our nbc bay area app. very useful tools here 24/7. it includes a look back at the entire trial and a complete detailed breakdown of today's
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verdict on each of the 11 charges. up next, kids preparing to head back to class as this omicron variant fuels a covid surge across the bay area. a lot of kids aren't even going back to class. we're talking about the precaution school districts are taking and what else needs to happen to protect kids from covid. we're joined by a pediatric covid expert from stanford. and a bay area figure skater, hoping to make it to the winter olympics. the final test she'll face later this week. remember, the olympics start a month from now. you're watching nbc bay area news tonight.
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welcome back to nbc bay area news tonight. a lot of parents waiting for this announcement. and it came. today the green light for boosters. covid boosters for 12 to 15-year-olds, and they're recommending those booster shots five months after your child's last vaccination. this is all an effort to better shield people from the omicron variant. you know that part of the story. the decision comes just as students begin returning to school from the holiday break. the philadelphia says data shows there are no new safety concerns with this age group getting a booster should. schools are repeating a plea here. please test your kids before sending them back to class. here's the problem. families want to test, but many pharmacies are simply out of those take-home tests. so what you're seeing here, many school districts like the orinda union district held drive-up clinics today to distribute those at-home tests to families.
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others like foster city elementary on the peninsula and the mount diablo district in contra costa county offered in-person clinics that drew hundreds of families. parents say it's just peace of mind. >> it's worth it. if you want to know, it's good for your sanity. you know what? you're helping everybody else. >> but the key is where do you get these tests if your school district isn't giving them to you. other districts like oakland unified distributed tens of thousands at-home tests before the winter break. they sent the tests home with the kids so they could test before they got back this week. all the districts say the tests are voluntary but strongly suggested. even private schools. they also say it may take a few days before they know just how effective the testing push has been. joining us tonight, dr. yvonne maldonado, a physician at stanford. dr. maldonado, nice to have you back on the program. we seeing this covid surge now with kids and young teenagers? >> absolutely we are.
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in the last week or so, we've seen twice as many hospitalizations and cases as we have since the beginning of december. so we're definitely seeing an increase. i don't think it's more serious, but since this is really omicron tsunami, we're just seeing so many more infections that just a larger number of kids are going to be hospitalized too. >> dr. maldonado, can you sense the frustration here from people just who want to get tested but can't even get tested, or the lines are simply too long because they've got jobs to do? >> absolutely. it has been a real issue that we've had for some time trying to find tests. i think this is one of the failures that we've seen with the pandemic is that we haven't been able to get sufficient tests. >> dr. maldonado, you've been in charge of vaccine trials for
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kids at stanford. what is your research showing regarding booster shots here for that age group? >> well, we haven't started the boosters yet. we are going to talk about boosters on wednesday with the cdc based on the fda review, and we'll get to see the data. and get more clinical guidance, and in addition, we're going to be doing pfizer trials for third doses for younger kids as well. so we're hoping that we'll be able to roll out more vaccines. now one of the great things about the vaccine so far is that the safety has been really strong. what we want the make sure is that in addition to being safe, that they're effective. >> any tips for parents watching this, whether it's for young kids or 12 to 15-year-olds that just got that approval today? >> yeah, you know, i think it's really important to get vaccinated. we know for sure that a vaccine in a vial doesn't work at all.
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get the vaccine. it's safe. it's safe for you. it's safe for your kids. any child 5 and older should be able to get two doses of vaccine. in the meantime, if you can't get tested, just be sure your school is adhering to all the safety policy, masking, distancing, and good cleaning and ventilation. the kids will be fine as long as all of those things are being followed. >> and final question, dr. maldonado. are you at all or somewhat optimistic as we head towards these next three to six months? >> you know, it's really hard to say. i still believe in the ability of these vaccines to make things better. if it hadn't been for vaccines, sure we would have had cases. but i don't know how severe these illnesses would have been. so we're seeing that even among people who are vaccinated and reinfected or infected, there are less serious cases. i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the more people are vaccinated the less transmissions and the less
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mutations we'll see in 2022. >> dr. yvonne maldonado from stanford, we appreciate your time and your candid responses tonight. thank you. let's talk about this. switching gears now. did you know this? the winter olympics start a month from tonight. throughout this week, the best figure skaters in the united states will be competing for a spot on team usa. the u.s. figure skating national championships begin today in nashville and run through sunday. the top finishers will earn a spot on team usa. here in the bay area, we've always had a plethora of figure skaters. among those competing richmond's own lisa liu, and karen chen. chen didn't have to look far for a skating idol growing up. >> in the skating world, is there anybody who has had a particular impact on you? >> if i had to narrow it down to one, i would say kristi yamaguchi because we're both from fremont, california because she would sometimes show up at the rink like she is my mentor and an incredible human being.
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>> how cool is that? kristi yamaguchi, brian boy tanno, peggy thomas, rudy galindo. we have so many skating stars in the bay area through the years opening ceremony in beijing a month from tomorrow, but our coverage begins february 3. opening ceremony is february 4th. you can watch it of course right here on nbc bay area. all right. let's take you outside on this monday night. live look at the golden gate bridge. we're seeing some rain out there. our meteorologist rob mayeda is going to join us with how much we're going see overnight. stay with us. everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month.
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welcome back. some weather-related problems to tell you about. take a look. two big trees crashing down in castro valley. this is on redwood road at pinehurst road. chp tells us the trees were too big for firefighters to handle alone. they also warn everyone to expect more of this as another round of rain moves in. ocean waters reaching unusual highs and lows today in the bay area, thanks to king tides. we go through this periodically. that's when the moon is so close to the earth that the gravitational pull is extra strong. this is in mill valley, the usual trouble spot. you can see water flooding out parts of that parking lot. low-lying areas are frequently left underwater as the king tides move. in did i explain that correctly? >> we go through this periodically, and we always see the parking lots flood. especially in mill valley. >> the astronomical high tides,
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earth closest point to the sun and king tides higher today. >> we're seeing rain, especially in the north bay. >> low pressure nearby, wind and rain, that could make the king tides higher. we have the coastal and bay due to the king tides. other parts of the bay area, we are seeing rain flying right now from the camera lens. how about richmond? look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. you've got rain right there. we'll show you the view on our doppler radar. it would be nice to have this in your car so you can see how hard the rain is coming down as you cross the bridge. moderate to san rafael. mill valley, ross valley, mount tam, big winners. more than an inch there. nothing in san jose. rain here the santa cruz mountains as the air rises, you get the rain falling on this side as it descends down to the santa clara valley. that's the rain shadow effect. coastal hilltops, marin head lands, likely we'll see another half inch for tonight. most of the bay area less than a
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tenth of an inch. as we head through tomorrow morning, showers for the morning. some clearing for the afternoon. and then the focus later tuesday into wednesday. the rain is way up there on the top of the screen. i think it's going to stay there through wednesday. thursday looks mainly dry. and friday may have the biggest punch as they come on through. best rain chances for the south bay. will be on friday and skies clear just in time for the weekend. january, seven-day forecast, we usually see storms every two to three days and we're seeing precisely that. >> this is all good news. this is exactly what we need. >> exactly. >> happy monday and happy new years. keenan starts at 8:00, and jimmy fallon hosting a new musical game show, that's my jam. ordinary joe at 10:00. and our 11:00 newscast. that's going to do it for us here at 7:00. for everyone here at nbc bay area, including all our producers and directors, thanks for joining us. we'll see you back at 11:00.
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