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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 11, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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buzzing this morning plus breaking now. >> seems almost certain to be the largest peace time tax hike on record. >> thank heavens it is, but it's not the end of the story. >> the united states senate passing a blueprint for transforming america. the big investments that could be coming and how they'll impact all of us. this is "today in the bay." a good wednesday morning. thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. developing now, a report overnight says governor gavin newsom is set this morning to announce new vaccine mandates for all school employees. >> this comes as thousands more students return to in-person learning this morning here in the bay area. we have team coverage for you on all fronts. let's start with cierra johnson, live in mountain view with what we know this hour. quite the controversy. >> good morning.
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it is pretty controversial in a matter of hours, teachers and students will be returning to class here in mountain view, but it's amid that controversy in a number of hours governor gavin newsom is expected to make an announcement regarding a possible vaccine order for all teachers and staff at california schools. now california school employees must either be vaccinated against covid or submit to regular vaccine or excuse me regular testing proving they do not have covid. this is according to the "l.a. times." the governor has issued a similar policy for employees of state agencies and an absolute mandate with religious and health exemptions for state mel workers. some bay area school districts are already doing this. now newsom is schedule to visit an elementary school over in alameda county today to unveil that plan. and there are several school districts returning to in-person learning this morning, including those here at stevenson
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elementary in mountain view, some include palo alto unified, s.e.c. union, mountain view and south san francisco unified. now, these districts as they're preparing to start a new school year is happening as concerns about the possibility of more covid transmission. now covid-19 cases continue to rise at schools in east contra costa county after districts in brentwood and oakley reopened to in-person instruction last week. now that outbreak we told you about in brentwood has green from 10 confirmed cases to 19 and at least 117 students and four staffers there are showing symptoms of covid-19 but have not yet tested positive. so back out here at mountain view as i said in a number of hours those students will make their way back into the classroom in just a couple hours after that, governor gavin newsom will be there in alameda discussing that plan that could possibly be a mandate for teachers and staffers to receive a vaccination or get regular
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testing. we of course will stream that live and have an update at our midday broadcast. we're live in mountain view, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." >> thank you. right now we want to bring in "today in the bay's" kris sanchez. >> that's right. as cierra mentioned some bay area schools are already ordering teachers and staff to have the vaccine. >> yeah. so the bay area's biggest school districts have done that. they've gone the way of that mandatory vaccination proof even before the governor started floating that for all teachers and staff and contractors and even a few volunteers that might be allowed on campus. the latest and second largest is oakland unified which will require proof of vaccination by august 27th. students return to class on monday as we mentioned and san francisco unified is now requiring proof by september 7th. students return to campus next week. and as we have with reported, san jose unified got priority for their teachers last march before then mandating proof a couple weeks ago and more than
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90% of staff is fully vaccinated. anyone who does not provide proof of vaccination must provide weekly test results that have to be negative. the superintendent says that with this surge, this is the safest way to return to class. >> given that we're in the midst of rising cases and variants in the community a vaccine requirement is a necessary step to keeping our students, staff and family safe. >> now some smaller districts might now feel more comfortable following in the footsteps of those larger districts, especially as the head of the second largest teachers union, american federation of teachers, are backing the vaccine mandate. >> we're seeing that to the other extreme of people still, you know, pushing back on wearing masks. it's about the individual rights, right. san joaquin's board of supervisors passd a resolution saying that state should really allow local school districts and parents to decide what's best. but you know, when you're talking about a public health
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emergency it's not the same as i choose to wear my seat belt or not to. you are sending someone to school potentially who is sick then you have the possibility of making a lot of people -- >> a lot of unvaccinated kidsnd. >> lucky my kids are over 12. >> it's tough for a lot of parents. thank you. in the meantime a live look at capitol hill on this wednesday morning. breaking news now, one washington impasse down, several more to go, as the long debated infrastructure bill passes in the senate and now heads to the house. not without a bit of resistance from nancy pelosi. "today in the bay's" tracie potts joins us live in washington, d.c., this morning with a look at the overnight developments for us. tracie? >> hi, laura. good morning. let's start with what had lawmakers up all night literally 14 hours straight with democrats call the human infrastructure plan. they were going back and forth with what ended up being almost
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50 changes before approving a framework for moving forward. this is the first step for creating some of the priorities that democrats and the president want like free community college, after the r universal preschool, expanding medicare and other social priorities. republicans argue this is a $3.5 trillion spending spree that will lead to higher gas prices. the vote came after 50 democrats plus 19 relationships approved a trillion dollar infrastructure bill. >> it's an investment in fixing up our roads, bridges, our water systems, our railroads, our ports, our electrical grids and broadband network and expanding that. >> this bill will put people to work modernizing our roads and highways and bridges. >> thank heavens it still is, but it's not the end of the story. >> it's not because the bay area's house speaker nancy
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pelosi says that she will not consider the infrastructure bill without the larger one focusing on social programs. she wants them to come together. the house is coming back on august 23rd and today president biden is meeting with governors, mayors, other local leaders doing a victory lap on the infrastructure bill and talking about how all of this fits into his build back better plan, the large bill they're working on, a large part of it is the basis of his build back better plan. >> it's important, of course, for us as californians to talk about the benefits we would see from the infrastructure bill, really key points here. >> right, laura. there are billions of dollars in the bill if it passes, if it moves forward and gets to the house, billions of dollars for california an the bay area including $3.3 billion that's earmarked for wildfire risk reduction. we know what a deal that's beenr
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water initiatives across the west coast, a billion going to water storage projects, old dams, canals, other infrastructure, would be upgraded. there's a lot of money here that could impact california. >> yeah. we certainly need the help. thank you very much, traci. >> 6:08. signatures are due today to recall san francisco's district attorney. supporters need more than 61,000 signature us to qualify. organizers of recall chesa boudin say they encountered some hostility. one woman walked off with a banner japantown. it's not the first time volunteers experienced hostility. >> name calling, finger pointing and comments like that. to have someone come out with a big pair of scissors and with -- they didn't even care. >> now in a statement boudin's
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office says, quote, district attorney boudin didn't let himself be distracted as he worked for criminal justice reform support for victims and investments in crime prevention, that work continues regardless of what's next for ritchie greenberg and those who want to refight the ele f the next two years end quote. the search is on for a man police say is inappropriately touching women near the stanford shopping center. a sketch, take a look at it closely. palo alto police say the man groped two women while approaching from behind on his bike. one was along sand creek road, the next on middlefield road. the incident happened monday, the first one. the second one took place yesterday. the climate change creating new urgency this morning in the north bay. the press democrat reports more water rights holders are losing their ability to divert russian river water. new restrictions kicked in for about 1500 holders including two towns clover dale and healeds
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berg, ranchers, grape growers are losing their rights. the storage levels are about 30% of what it has this time of year. napa county set to use a retrofitted black hawk helicopter to provide water drops in the event of a major fire. the cost $2 million and it will be operated by cal fire. the chopper is based at napa county airport although it's been temporarily reassigned to fight the dixie wildfire. it's 6:10 right now on your wednesday morning. taking a peek outside with a live look at san jose. taking a look at the sunrise there coming up. you know what, things are going to be heating up. >> yes, it will and we've been seeing that for the inland areas. near the coast it's been like hey, it's been nice and cool here. and our air quality also has been changing from day to day based on when we've seen some of the smoke moving in from the nearby wildfires. but it will be moderate for many of our microclimates today.
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the south bay looking at good air quality as our temperatures warm up reaching near 90s. upper 90s for the inland east bay and we'll see more of this heat in the forecast. mike, you're still following that breaking news. >> that's right. we have important news that we have with regard to the deadly crash and another issue as well. the deadly crash south 101. approaching or just from mckee to approaching the 680/280 interchange the closure of all but one lane. light traffic flow. the northbound side once again bogging down. problem is, the sweeper truck now will not get there until after 7:00 we believe and so that will mean 7:30 might be when they clear or those lanes in the southbound side slowing from about mckee down to the scene. not too far of a stretch. northbound a crash, a motorcycle down near oakland road, perhaps berryessa, no word on injuries. i'm tracking that. a slowing in the northbound commute direction this portion of san jose that's the worst of the bay. back to you. >> thanks for keeping tabs on it all for us.
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a victory for the oakland a's not on the field but in court. state appeals court has ruled there will be a time limit on any legal challenges to the environmental review of the howard terminal ballpark project. the decision upholds a february ruling in alameda superior court and in line with a state bill passed in 2018 requiring legal challenges be resolved within 270 days. as for the stadium plans, talks are supposed to resume soon. next here on "today in the bay," we're going to tell you the city where you may soon see even more self-driving vehicles. >> how about a self-driving vehicle that can change its shape. we'll show it to you. let's go out to the futures this morning. the markets will be starting at new records and it looks like they'll be setting more. plus -- >> ♪ never going to make you cry, never going to say goodbye ♪ >> rick ashley rolling into the record books. proof fans never want to give
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him up. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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hi. i've got this until you get back. better parents... and better friends. no! no! that's why comcast works around the clock constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. good wednesday morning. we have a lot of kids heading back to school. in pittsburg we're starting out with temperatures in the m 91 a
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time. we'll get a look at our microclimates in the forecast coming up. >> two crashes complicating this portion of highway 101 in the san jose direction. a motorcycle crash, four other vehicles, and a crash involving a pedestrian. the ripple effect coming up. good morning. very happy wednesday to you. stock markets will open at new records today. this is happening fairly often these days. investors very pleased with the senate passing a bipartisan infrastructure plan. government spending might not be good for budgets, but it's good for economies. some money did come out of tech stocks. investors like that spending, but they don't like inflation. the latest consumer price index just landed on our desk. the number are not bad. core inflation grew less than half a percent month to month. it's not great news. but it's not the huge jump we've seen in the past. the numbers favor people who claim inflation is temporary.
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twitter has suspended rand paul for spreading misinformation about coronavirus. and kicked former giants player aubrey huff off the network forever. huff often tweeted lies and misinformation about kwid. he blames the liberal karens for his ban. twitter suspended marjorie taylor greene for tweeting false information about vaccines and said california forest fires are ignited by secret space lasers. that's not true. a new audi concept car you can drive it or you can hit a button and the steering wheel folds away. the pedals disappear. the car actually gets longer so you can sit back and relax. there it goes. the computer will drive you. they're going to show off the car at the car week this week. >> that's always cool. >> it's great. you can buy a bunch of cars. can't buy that one. but you can buy cool cars down
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will. tom hank putting his trailer up for sale. an air stream he would use on a set of things like forest gump and what not. kind of a cool camper to own. >> yeah. >> nice. >> i might try to get that. i won't be able to afford it. >> you could sleep in the parking lot. >> yeah. >> like marcus. the show is starting. >> i'm almost ready. >> no craft services here. sorry. >> thanks, scott. new for you this morning, hyundai is expanding its robo taxi joint venture in california. it plans to start mapping public roads and testing its self-driving vehicle in los angeles this month based mostly in santa monica. it is a partnership with lift and it's currently testing in boston, pittsburgh, las vegas and singapore. automated service will roll out as soon as 2023. beyonce and jay-z continue to take over. the couple about to be the faces of tiffany's and will appear in
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a new ad campaign. the company is also the solo sponsor of harper bazaar's issue with beyonce on the cover. her goal is for the next decade to be full of freedom and fun. probably a lot of money too. also trending, an old classic making a big comeback online, maybe you've heard it before. take a look. ♪ never going to give you up, never going to let you down ♪ >> yes. ♪ hurt you ♪ >> so look, [ inaudible ]. >> when you don't know all the words. before my time maybe kind of sort of. anyway that's the video never going to give you up. it has officially hit 1 billion views on youtube. 1987 video for astley's unloaded to youtube back in 2009 and broke the record back in july. >> half of those hits on youtube
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were from our staff. >> yeah. >> once again, "today in the bay" has [ inaudible ]. >> a new one for you. all right. hot in the city is what we should be playing. >> yeah. i think so. we need to find some type of sound track for this. hot in the valleys. ♪ getting hot in here ♪ >> san francisco nice and cool. we're starting out this morning, want to tell you about meteor shower. saw something streaking across the sky, there were no aliens coming to invade us. there was a meteor shower going on. for the next few mornings you may see something streak across the sky as the perseid meteor shower continues. we're going to have some good viewing over the next couple days this as our temperatures heat up. let's take a look at where we're headed for today. up to 94 in morgan hill and milpitas reaching 87 and upper 90s for the inland east bay, air conditioning up again. now we're going to keep our natural air conditioning in the coastline and daly city and half moon bay.
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san francisco not bad either with some low 70s and our north bay temperatures really hot. ukiah up to 104. sonoma today reaching 92. i'm watching a couple tropical systems out there in the pacific. kevin and linda, these two weakening tropical storms will not affect us directly but may increase our humidity over the next few days. also may add to the moisture that's coming in to the monsoon that will arrive over the next couple days. also have a chance of some thunderstorms over the sierra. we're going to feel the mugginess as our temperatures stay hot, especially in the valleys. we'll be watching out for those thunderstorm chances because we know that thunderstorms can sometimes spark some new wildfires. taking a look at our temperatures really not much of a cool down here until early next week and for san francisco, still staying nice and comfortable with highs near 70. mike, are you seeing some more changes in san jose? >> i am for the -- the sad part that will not change is someone died as a result of a crash on the southbound side. just south of mckee. now that's just outside of our
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shot where i saw caltrans in the last couple minutes pick up the cones. closure for the majority of lanes, all but one is closed. between mckee and the shot we showed you, alum rock there. a crash involving a motorcycle and four other vehicles i'm told, still waiting for status on the driver but the northbound commute backing up. the one section of san jose is a big impact, 87, 60, there may be a shift as the volume builds. the bay bridge building just now at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you. bad news for anyone still trying to log in their hawaii travel plans. visitors are filling up the hotel rooms. next on "today in the bay" the problems it's creating as covid cases rise. >> plus a case gaining international attention. the information that may be unsealed ahead of the upcoming trial for former ceo elizabeth holmes. stay with us. you're watching "today in the bay."
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developing this morning new york lieutenant governor getting ready to step into the role of governor. she's scheduled to address new yorkers later today and officially become new york's first female governor two weeks from now, after governor andrew cuomo resigned yesterday amid sexual harassment allegations. >> i think that given the circumstances the best way i can help now is if i step aside and
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let government get back to governing and that's what i'll do. >> cuomo says his resignation was meant to avoid a long and expensive impeachment but the process may go forward and if convicted he could be barred from ever seeking state office again. >> the judge in the theranos ceo trial elizabeth holmes is considering unsealing documents tied to her mental health records. those documents may include her psychological evaluation which could be relevant if holmes' attorneys argue a mental health defense. she has pleaded not guilty to dozens of criminal fraud charges. a live look in los angeles where the debate will continue over requiring proof of vaccinations in restaurants and gyms. according to the "l.a. times" county supervisors voted to study the plan over the next two weeks and the board asking county staff to provide more information on how the policy
6:27 am
would work including options for enforcement. hawaii warning it's running out of covid quarantine rooms and hawaii newspaper reports 30 people had to be waitlisted for. hotel rooms o travelers return. at the same time the delta variant is driving record high case numbers in hawaii. over the last week the state is averaging 514 new cases per day. this is more than double any period before this month. >> trending this morning if you like to drink champagne on vacation, beware. there's a problem this summer. a pandemic related shortage. "the new york post" is reporting wealthy people spending their sumner the hamptons are adjust big flying in their own bottles. coming up next, top stories including a driver purposely trying to hit a group of people with his car. three different times. what the victim in the road rage
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incident believes may have saved his life. you have to check out that video. icu bed capacity still healthy in most parts of the bay area, except for a couple. the county that is now at zero. you're watching "today in the bay." ♪♪ come on, get your motor running ♪♪ you just head out on the highway ♪♪ looking for some tchotchkes ♪♪ and whatever comes our way ♪♪ yeah darlin, go make it happen
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right now at 6:30, records shattered and it's not good. brand new data just out this morning revealing about
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california and our climate in crisis. >> and flames from the dixie fire continue to ravage northern california. we're going to show you the new dramatic before and after images of the destruction as some wildfire smoke from other fires reach the north pole for the very first time. plus -- >> the beds are filling up. we're not really sure where it's going. >> running out of beds, the covid wave fueled by the delta variant pushing hospitals to their limits again. the concerns and new procedures now in effect. this is "today in the bay." 6:31 on your wednesday morning. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. first a look across the bay area this morning. a seemingly tranquil wednesday morning out there, but the atmosphere is anything but. another heat record broken and it's revealing something else about our climate in crisis.
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meteorologist kari hall has been tracking that. >> if you've been having to crank up the ac a lot more than normal or electric bill is going up it's not your imagination. we just had the hottest june and july on record averaging in june 75 degrees, which is about 6.8 degrees above normal, an average of the temperatures across the state. july averaging 80, which was 5.3 degrees above normal. and the previous record was the summer of 2020. we remember how hot it was before all of those fires broke out. if you're in san francisco and you're like, what are you talking about it's been so cold, well, san francisco didn't even hit 70 degrees for the first time in about 50 years so it's been really chilly there. definitely microclimates in full effect. for the inland areas it's been hot for the rest of the week. the temperatures coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. 6:32. the covid surge and the u.s. now surpassing 36 million confirmed
6:33 am
infections. new cases and deaths are climbing, specifically in places with lower vaccination rates. the delta variant is tied to 93% of news u.s. cases. that data coming with 50% of americans now fully vaccinated. >> here in the bay area, the delta covid variant is sending icu bed availability in one county down to zero. "today in the bay's" bob redell live in san ramon and those hospitals instituting a new rule to better protect those patients. >> this is a statewide rule, so if you want to visit a hospital here in the bay area or nursing home or long-term care facility, marcus, starting today you as a visitor must prove that you are fully vaccinated or have tested negative for covid within the past 72 hours. as you can see on the signs that have. posted at regional medical center at san jose, we assume other hospitals have similar signs. some exceptions would be made for visits related to end of life, people accompanying minors
6:34 am
or support people considered essential to care. masks are also mandatory. as the delta variant sends more and more unvaccinated people into the er, some hospitals are running out of icu beds. right now, napa county is reporting zero icu beds available with six covid patients in hospitals. solano county has 8 icu beds with 15 covid patients in hospitals. marin at 10 icu beds, sonoma and san mateo in the teens. as you can see on your tv screens the remaining counties in the bay area have plenty of icu beds available. >> in the bay area, we're kind of like not like the winter surge, but the beds are filling up and we're not sure where it's going. >> reporter: dr. peter chin-hong with ucsf expects infections to peak at the end of this month with hospitalizations hitting their peak a couple weeks later
6:35 am
in the middle of september. some hospitals are preparing for this possible surge by halting elective surgery and switching over their regular rooms to icu rooms here in contra costa county where i'm at, the nursing staff in many places are already stretched thin. reporting live here in san ramon, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> all right. thank you. more details this morning, the cdc advisors are expected to meet friday to discuss the safety of covid-19 vaccine booster shots. they're considering whether to authorize booster for certain vulnerable groups. the cdc says more than 1 million americans have already gotten a third vaccine dose even though it hasn't been authorized by the fda. new details this morning as police in oakland look for the driver in a violent road rage incident caught on camera. we should warn you you may find this video disturbing. >> see that. >> of course. he's coming back. >> he's coming back. careful. >> it is shocking to see the way the curve swerves the moment
6:36 am
joseph lax broke his tailbone in a road rage incident. a neighbor caught it on video on sunday. it shows the car nearly striking his suv. two of three separate times in . lax had gotten his girlfriend and her sister back inside the car. >> the fact that neighbor warned me saved my life. i had my back turned. i wasn't thinking he would come back. i was trying to get everyone to settle down. a lot of adrenaline going on. it happened so quick. >> police are looking for the driver of the car. it appeared to be a chevy volt. lax says he's still in a lot of pain and all three are shaken up by what happened. a northern california criminal justice professor is under arrest in connection with a series of fires set near the massive dixie fire. 47-year-old gary maynard is being held in sacramento where he made a brief court appearance yesterday. investigators say that maynard set a series of fires in the
6:37 am
lassen and shasta trinity national forest in the weeks since the dixie fire started. he's believed to have worked at california colleges including santa clara and sonoma state universities. a sonoma state skespson tells us maynardtured in the criminology and criminal justice departaynard may have mental issues. for the developments in the dixie fire it is the single largest fire in state history having burned nearly 500,000 acres in butte and plumas counties. it has destroyed more than 1,000 homes, businesses and other structures. it is now 27% contained. we're also getting a look at the destruction from a satellite. i want you to take a look at your screen now. on the left what the town of greenville looked like before the fire and on your right what it looks like now. the cause of that fire is still under investigation. 6:37. happening now, around the world not just california dealing with massive wildfires, at least six other nations as well with some of the largest burning in ravag
6:38 am
villages and forests east of the capital of algiers. s so -- dozens of fires have started this week. the smoke from wildfires raging in russia have reached the north pole for the first time in recorded history. satellite images from nasa show the smoke spreading. the fires burning in russia are larger than the other world fires combined. >> when you talk about the spread of the smoke we've seen here and the fires here, people on the east coast can see it, seems from my perspective, looks like that smoke is clearing out. >> it hasn't been too bad near the surface but it does look hazy outside. it's supposed to be bluer during the middle of the day and then take a look at this sunrise, our air quality where you can barely see the hills in the distance, where we are seeing the smoke coming in but as far as our near surface air quality, it is
6:39 am
pretty good in parts of the south bay and for the rest of the bay area, moderate. if you are sensitive to the smoke you may want to limit your time out there. but we are going to see the hazy sky continue. this as temperatures heat up towards 90 in martinez, 99 in concord and 98 in livermore. mid 90s for morgan hill and 90s in napa. we'll talk about increasing humidity in the forecast. mike, you're seeing some -- that big activity continuing. >> that's right. in san jose, big activity and changes but the same shot we've been showing you. southbound now suddenly all lanes cleared. no updates. they cleared all the southbound lanes. the northbound side might be a reason why. there's that crash north 101 at oakland road. motorcycle, four other vehicles, two lanes blocked, that is a factor for the south bay commute. now all the activity concentrated to that side. the backup starts before tully road northbound, jammed up for that section, may ripple to 680, capital ex over to 87 we sometimes see that shift. haven't yet.
6:40 am
traffic overall relatively light as well as the rest of the bay and bay bridge toll plaza backup started an just held here for the last half hour. back to you. >> what a difference from two hours ago. 6:39. forget fake i.d.s now it's fake cards. the warning going out to some unvaccinated college students. >> with the senate passing the bipartisan bill we should be talking about bipartisanship but we've had to add a question mark to it. no question what's happening on the big board and on wall street. another record setting day. >> first, a reminder this friday the first place giants take on the colorado rockies and you can watch that on nbc bay area. coverage starts at 6:30. it is 6:40. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now, you may be packing the lunch bag. a lot of kids headed back to school and the first day of school in south san francisco starts out in the upper 50s and about 66 degrees at pickup time. really nice day. we'll get a look at all of our microclimates in the forecast coming up. >> san jose continues with the drive north 101s because of a crash. the motorcycle down on northbound 101. the alert we've been tracking all morning has cleared from the southbound side at mckee. the bay area's largest school district will now require proof of vaccination. this is joining a growing list of others including many of
6:44 am
those college campuses. but some of the students are getting creative in trying to get around getting the vaccine. >> kris sanchez joins us now. we know that students who try to get the fake i.d.s, now fake vaccination cards. >> we were talking about this yesterday. the fact it is illegal to falsify a vaccine card. it is a federal offense punishable by five years in prison and a hefty fine. west virginia wesleyan college is not mandating a proof of vaccination but charging students who don't provide it a $750 nonrefundable fee and that's to cover the cost of testing and charge students $250 for a quarantine space if they get sick. more than 600 colleges and universities nationwide are now requiring proof of vaccination and that includes the entire cal
6:45 am
state system, university of california system, stanford university here in the bay area as well as the california chancellor is urging mandates because his state office cannot. one global health officer says campuses really have to weed out the fake proof. >> it surprises no one that students have the ability to development a fake i.d. but where the fake i.d.s in this case can threaten our campus, state and our world, we need more rigorous checks in place to ensure that we have the universal vaccination that's necessary in order to contain this pandemic and return to some new normal. >> so i put this question up on twitter and more than half thought that that west virginia strategy might be a good strategy but their vaccination rate there is about 45%. >> wow. >> might be a better idea here in the bay area because our
6:46 am
vaccination rate is high. statewide about 73% of people have at least one dose of the vaccine. >> speaking of that, think about the card, people might need it when they go in restaurants. we took a picture of the qr code or the card itself but what if you lose the actual card. >> go to the california department of public health and you can get the qr code. i would suggest taking a picture of the qr code so you have that as a backup and a picture of your hard copy. we get those vaccine records for the kids and you kept track of them because we had little vaccines every six months or so but now, to have to carry that around is a little bit unnerving. i made a copy of not just mine but my husband's and kids and we're all ready to go. they're not going to a bar soon but if you have to show it you have it. >> ready to go. >> hitting 15 at this point. >> i know. hitting the brakes. >> thanks. 6:46. new for you, governor gavin newsom is dominating at least
6:47 am
one special election race campaign funding. according to new numbers of election financing, newsom and anti-recall groups are raised nearly three times as much as opponents and pro recall groups. you're looking at "l.a. times" numbers from the donation disclosure. john cox has raised the most among those recall contenders. 6:47. president biden says we can work together and the new infrastructure bill is proving just that. >> scott mcgrew, republicans and democrats mending fences. >> and building bridges and airports and highways. the senate yesterday passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill and then democrats got to work on a second bill much bigger that contains all kinds of ideas in spending. one of the biggest social plans since roosevelt and the new deal. we'll talk more about that as it progresses. but when we think about the first bill, the one that the senate agreed to it's a nice sign of bipartisanship. something president biden has
6:48 am
been pushing for not just as president but when a senator as well. americans working together. >> folks, above all, this historic investment in infrastructure is what i believe you, the american people, want. what you've. asking for for a long, long time. this bill shows we can work together. >> except president biden couldn't resist taking a somewhat veiled shot at former president trump. >> after years and years of infrastructure week, we're in the cusp of an infrastructure decade that i truly believe will transform america. >> biden is referring to the fact that president trump would repeatedly declare a week infrastructure week but get distracted or distract us with a tweet or statement that up ended the entire news cycle. perhaps in the spirit of bipartisanship, it would be time to move on. to be fair republicans make fun of trump's infrastructure week. here's senator rob portman yesterday. >> there's a joke around town
6:49 am
that infrastructure week has come and gone so many times that people are a little cynical when we talk about it. well, today, is infrastructure day. >> other news the voting machine company dominion sued several right wing news outlets for telling or allowing lies about how its machines work claiming voting machines gave biden a win he didn't deserve. one of the targets of the lawsuit is one american network which would do interviews with this man who the network claimed was a world leading mathematician who claimed the votes were statistically impossible. dominion lawyers looking for his qualifications found, in fact, he was an ex-con without a degree who works as a children's swing set installer on long island. we'll be tweeting more about infrastructure and other issues in washington. you can follow me on twitter. i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thank you. new for you this morning, if you are looking more and more
6:50 am
like it really is that you're going to have to scrub plans to send people to the moon by 2024 because the special space suit they won't be ready. nasa inspector general is blaming the delay on funding and technical issues. the final cost for just two space suits could jump to $1 billion. yes 1 be there with a "b." tesla ceo elon musk is offering to help out. >> if you are a night owl you don't want to miss tonight's meteor shower. >> or get up early in the middle of the night like us. the perseid meteor shower one of the biggest of the year. the space and science center will hold a watch party at 11:00. if you get up at about 3:00 in the morning you can see something. >> continues until about 3:00. really any mount while it's dark you can see some of the meteors streaking across the sky. between 1:00 and 3:00 are the peak hours. so it's going to be over the next few mornings an opportunity to see a shooting star, meteor
6:51 am
coming across the sky. i saw one earlier yesterday morning. it's going to be nice and clear for that. as our temperatures heat up we are going from clear skies in the morning to a lot of sunshine and hot temperatures for the afternoon. reaching 98 degrees in gilroy today and also going to feel that heat in the inland east bay with concord heading up to 99 degrees, and martinez 91 and 86 in freemont. near the coast it's still staying nice and cool with some upper 60s in half moon bay, lower 70s in san francisco and yes, a look at the heat in ukiah, 104, hotter in sonoma reaching 92. i'm watching a couple tropical systems out there in the pacific. kevin and linda. these two systems will weaken, but the remnants of those tropical systems will get drawn into some high pressure and surge some monsoon moisture over the bay area and going to feel humid here but for the sierra there will be a chance of thunderstorms and we watch every chance of thunderstorms because
6:52 am
one lightning strike could start a new wildfire. so we don't want that. we're going to feel the heat and humidity with our inland valley temperatures reaching into the mid to upper 90s through the end of the week. by early next week not much of a cool down. we're still around 90 degrees. for san francisco, we keep the natural air conditioning, highs near 70. still looking at san jose. >> traffic alert from the southbound side of 101, northbound jammed up approaching oakland road. tow truck has arrived there, but they may need two or possibly five. we're looking at north 101 jammed up typical commute spot starting just before story road but really, that's atypical because the rest of silicon valley, showing more traffic flowing getting over there via capital ex express way. now a backup on the san mateo bridge. there may be a crash. we just saw the section jam up to get to the dumbarton bridge. >> thanks for following it all for us.
6:53 am
6:52. people in the south bay seem to be listening to the water district which declared a drought emergency in june. the first three weeks of data are showing less water use. homeowners are using about 9% less water. but the district is asking for a 15% reduction. it says if people cut irrigation by half, the county will easily reach its goal after a water use accounts for half of the county's water total. next a quick look at the stories on "today in the bay." vaccine mandates may be coming in a matter of hours for teachers up and down california. the report that will have all school employees buzzing this morning. plus, damage done, all new images showing the devastation left behind from the dixie wildfire. we're back in two minutes with more news for you. you're watching "today in the bay."
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back. it's 6:56. before you head out the door moving you forward with a look at the top stories on "today in the bay." >> first, a report overnight saying that governor gavin newsom is set this morning to announce new vaccine mandates for all school employees. "today in the bay's" cierra johnson in mountain view with what we know at this hour. cierra? >> good morning. yeah, that's exactly right. in about an hour and a half the students will begin making their way to the school stevens elementary in mountain view and governor gavin newsom is expected to make that
6:57 am
announcement that vaccine orders for teachers and staff in the california schools could become possible. now california school employees must either be vaccinated against covid or submit to a regular test proving they are not infected with coronavirus. this is according to the "l.a. times." the governor has issued a similar policy for employees of state agencies and an absolute mandate with some religious and health exemptions for the health workers. some bay area districts are doing this. again, newsom schedule to visit an elementary school in alameda to unveil that plan a little later this morning. there are some schools beginning their in-person learning including stevenson. other districts palo alto unified, pleasanton, and when governor gavin newsom does make that announcement we will bring it to you on our social media platform and online and we will be back at the midday broadcast
6:58 am
to wrap up what this means for you and your family and if any of your loved ones are teachers, educators or staff members. live in mountain view, cierra johnson for "today in the bay." some of the bay area's largest school districts will now require all employees to be vaccinated. oakland and san francisco unified school districts announced the mandates yesterday two weeks after san jose made the same requirement. anyone visiting a hospital in california must provide proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. masks are mandatory along with social distancing. now the order includes icu and emergency departments, but some exceptions will be made. the dixie fire is the single largest fire in state history having burned nearly 500,000 acres in butte and plumas counties and destroyed more than 1,000 homes, businesses and other structures. it's about 27% contained. we're also getting a new look at the destruction from a satellite on the left is a town of greenville what it looked like
6:59 am
before the fire. on the right what's left of it now which is virtually nothing. the cause is still under investigation. fire concern is still something we think about here. dry conditions and -- >> we think about the dixie fire, keep saying it's the largest single fire but the august complexes where several fires that merge into one and that was a million acres in total so that's the largest one on record. we're going to have hot temperatures. we are still looking at some smoke coming in. temperatures reaching into the upper 90s over the next few days, but still cool and foggy in san francisco. >> my big problem right now is san mateo bridge crash. cars supposed to be going west but one car that went subways on the bridge after spinning and now it's stuck. use the dumbarton bridge instead of west 92. avoid the san mateo bridge. the better news all morning we've been having problems in san jose and they just cleared the crash north 101 at oakland road. we should see good recovery the rest of silicon valley is light. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live
7:00 am
local news update. >> our midday newscast at 11:00 today. hey, a live look out at walnut creek. good morning to you over there. and good morning to the rest of you in the bay area. thanks for making us a part of your morning each and every day monday through friday at 4:30. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ♪ good morning good morning triple threat. brutal heat coast to coast more than 130 million set to swelter today. severe storms leaving hundreds of thousands without power in the midwest and bracing for another round. and overnight, tropical storm fred forms near puerto rico al has it all covered this morning. stunning fall. >> my resignation will be effective in 14 days >> under intense pressure and collapsing support, new york governor andrew cuomo announces he will step down in a speech part apology, part defiance, he


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