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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  May 27, 2021 11:34pm-12:36am PDT

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dozens of candles lit for the victims. the names of the victims projected on city hall. >> the nine families mourning the loss of their loved ones. the bay area is mourning with the families. the gut wrenching process just continues, and picks up as the families and community memberers plan the funerals and memorials for the men. if you would like to help, there is a link on the front of the website. how to help. you can donate or denate resources to the families. they need it. >> the days and weeks ahead will be very difficult. >> thanks for joining us. have a good day. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."
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tonight, join jimmy and his guests - michael douglas, billy porter musical guest, mustafa and featuring the legendary ots crew >> questlove: 1472 >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh my goodness thank you. i love you, too. i love you welcome, everybody, welcome, welcome, welcome have fun welcome to "the tonight show." thank you for tuning in. [ cheers and applause thank you for being here
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today is the day everybody, the "friends" reunion is now available on hbo max [ cheers and applause and just like every reunion, people were mainly excited to see who gained the most weight [ laughter ] and it's marcel. >> steve: is it really >> jimmy: you wouldn't even recognize him. >> jimmy: the thing is so huge though, hbo max is already planning a "friends reunion the reunion. [ laughter ] each cast member was paid $2.5 million for the special [ audience ohs ] meanwhile, when he heard, gunther was like, "you guys got paid [ laughter ] they told me this was just for fun. [ light laughter ] $2.5 million is a lot. i mean, for that kind of money you could almost subscribe to hbo max and netflix. [ laughter ] more plans for the franchise check this out >> from the people who bought you "friends," coming soon to hbo max, it's "young gunther." the story of a little bald boy who dreams of someday making cappuccinos for hot 30-somethings. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i don't know if that's gonna work. [ applause ]
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some more entertainment news amazon just reached a deal to buy mgm studios for $8 billion yeah, at this point the only thing jeff bezos doesn't own is hair [ laughter ] yeah amazon owns the "james bond" franchise. the creators of "james bond" said there won't be any obvious changes except there's one scene where bond orders two martinis and then drunk shops on amazon. [ laughter ] but check this out i saw that cvs is now offering prizes for people who get vaccinated in their pharmacies some of the prizes are pretty great, especially grand prize. the key to the locked case where they keep all the razors and deodorant. [ laughter and applause meanwhile, last night, ohio announced the first two winners of its vax-a-million lottery yep, any vaccinated adult was eligible to win $1 million that's pretty crazy, but ohio isn't the only state offering incentives to vaccinated residents. check out what you could win in other states first up, if you get vaccinated in vermont, they'll let you spoon with either ben or jerry for as long as you want.
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[ laughter and applause big spoon, little spoon, your choice up next, if you're vaccinated in south dakota, you're eligible to become the fifth head on mt. rushmore "room for one more." [ laughter and applause next up, if you get vaccinated in florida, you can get blackout drunk and drive an atv through walmart without any consequences [ laughter and applause actually, you can do that no matter what. that's a right in florida. [ laughter ] and finally if you get vaccinated in georgia, they'll let you take a picture with jimmy carter so that you can look like a giant. [ laughter and applause well, this is very interesting a new feature just became available on instagram and facebook that allows users to hide likes no more likes. in response, everyone canceled their brunch and gave away their babies [ laughter ] i'm not in it for that i'm not in it -- listen to this i heard that walmart is going -- working with gap to launch a new home goods brand called gap home.
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that's right walmart home décor, it's the only place you can get an ottoman with a lower back tattoo [ laughter ] i saw that a mcdonald's in illinois came up with a creative way to recruit new employees. look at this sign they put out there. it says, "now hiring, free iphone after six months employment and meet criteria." owner's gonna be thrilled with his new employees until the first day of month seven [ laughter ] some giant culinary news here, i saw digiorno pizza is coming out with a new limited edition doughnut pizza mash-up called the digiornut nut. [ laughter ] here it is [ audience ohs ] "it's not delivery it's disgusting. [ laughter ] it's perfect if you thought you hit rock bottom with bagel bites but still wanted to dig a little deeper. [ laughter ] and finally a skydiver in california missed his landing zone and wound up getting caught in some power lines take a look at this. [ audience oohs [ laughter ]
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we have a great show, everybody. give it up for the roots [ cheers and applause ♪ [ cheers and applause what a show! what a show we have for you tonight. he stars in the netflix series, "the kominsky method," michael douglas is here tonight. >> steve: oh [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: plus, i'm very excited about this because we've had him on the show a couple times but only through zooms. but now, no. he's here in person. joining us in studio from the fx series, "pose," billy porter - >> steve: oh >> jimmy: is here. [ cheers and applause he's real! >> steve: come on. >> jimmy: he's awesome and we've got great music from mustafa! [ cheers and applause mustafa. and then later in the show, tariq and i are going head to head in the first annual
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"tonight show barbecue off." [ cheers and applause >> tariq: yes, sir >> jimmy: it's done. what's done is done. we made our -- we made our 'cue, you know what i'm saying >> tariq: yeah, yeah >> jimmy: i feel good. >> tariq: yeah, you made your cue. now you got to lay in it >> jimmy: yeah, yeah [ laughter ] hey guys, before we go on, i'd like to take a moment to thank some of our sponsors for tonight's show they don't always fit in the commercial breaks, but we want to make sure that mention all of them. so it's time for "tonight show sponsors." here we go [ cheers and applause ♪ tonight sho sponsors tonight show sponsors ♪ >> jimmy: tesla. want to clear out a memorial day barbecue? start talking about your tesla [ laughter and applause netflix. if you don't watch it, too bad we're already auto playing it on the home screen [ laughter and applause carnival pandemic's over, so at the salad bar just go ahead and make the salad with your hands [ laughter and applause that
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we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: welcome back to the show, everybody. in honor of the start of summer grilling season, tariq and i had a friendly competition to see who could make the best barbecue it's the first annual -- the first annual
11:47 pm
we're assuming we're going to do this again. the first annual "tonight show barbecue-off." and after our -- we had a dip-off. then we had a cake-off competition earlier this year. it all comes down to this, really >> tariq: yeah >> jimmy: this is what it's all about. the rules are simple we each had to make a barbecue dish no hot dogs or hamburgers, and also, two sides. whoever makes the best overall plate is the winner and gets their name engraved on the barbecue-off golden spatula. earlier, tariq and i made our barbecue and we recorded the whole thing. check this out right on the roof. ♪ hi, i'm jimmy, and i'm going to crush tariq at the barbecue-off cause tonight, i'm doing the butt ♪ pork butt, that is i'm making a barbecue pulled pork sandwich, fresh slaw, bahamian mac and cheese.
11:48 pm
oh, my gosh. >> tariq: i'm tariq trotter. today, i'm here to shut [ bleep ] down once and for all, man what i'm going to be preparing for you all today is a little cedar plank salmon, grilled artichoke, and my grandmother's potato salad i challenged jimmy to a barbecue-off because i wanted to just, you know, settle this once and for all >> jimmy: i wanted to make sure that i won this competition, cause the last two were very close but tariq won. i almost won the cake competition. my cake was almost -- if you look at the two, you can see, i should have won that one >> tariq: barbecue mania one let's do it. >> jimmy: first, your pork butt get it all salty and peppery and olive oily >> tariq: i'm going to start with just a little bit of olive oil, a blend of these seasonings i think my dish is going to be better than jimmy's because i'm just a stronger chef i think jimmy is -- you know, he dabbles i don't know where his recipe came from. but he couldn't have conceived of it. >> jimmy: this recipe is very near and dear to me. i'm just -- i got it off the internet >> tariq: so you take this guy you place it on the plank, and you cook it at about 375 for
11:49 pm
20 minutes or so >> jimmy: you're going to want to sear this on all sides. now watch this guy go down you hear that? you heard enough that's it. something's happening here and what it is, is clear >> tariq: my favorite way to pass the time while, you know, the food is cooking is just watching it cook i'm not the sort of person who is going to barbecue and then i'm going to be over here drinking beer. yeah, you see that bubbling? it looks offic'. did you see what i did there >> jimmy: let's check on the pork right here. oh, my gosh. jimmy fallon, what are you doing? i'm doing the butt that's what i'm doing. don't ask. >> tariq: whatever you prepare should have a personal element to it. you know, it should mean something to you this is my grandmother's potato >> jimmy: you can buy this pre-mix in a bag i use just vinegar and mustard because i don't like mayonnaise mayonnaise reminds me of pus it would mean so much to me if i won the "tonight show" golden spatula, the first annual
11:50 pm
barbecue-off >> tariq: to have my name engraved on the "tonight show" barbecue-off champion golden spatula, again, would mean absolutely nothing, nothing to me >> jimmy: are you ready for this tariq are you ready to get porked? my dish is going to be better than tariq's, because it was made with love if you make anything with love, it will win in the end that's what i did tonight. i didn't even make a pulled pork sandwich. i made love tonight. i won. >> tariq: did you guys see that that's how you do that [ bleep ]. it tastes amazing. it looks amazing it smells amazing. it's a multisensory barbecue experience >> jimmy: tariq, don't even say "congratulations." you know what you say? "thank you." and i will say, "you're welcome. boom [ cheers and applause the heat is on to decide the winning plate. we have a special guest serving as our master barbecue judge you might know her from her popular youtube channel or her cook book, "dessert person,"
11:51 pm
please welcome "new york times" cooking contributor, claire saffitz ♪ [ cheers and applause welcome! hi welcome back thank you for -- thank you for being here now, you are more of a dessert person where does barbecue stand with you? >> i mean, i'm not a barbecue expert, but i am an expert in things that taste good, so i feel like i'm qualified. >> jimmy: yeah that's what i'm talking about, yeah alright claire, it is now time to try the barbecue whenever you're ready >> okay. >> jimmy: and you don't know who made what, right >> right right. >> jimmy: that's the fun of it >> i had headphones on >> jimmy: yeah >> so i'm going to try -- start with number one. >> jimmy: sure >> okay. ooh, okay. this is like a -- we've got like a mac and cheese casserole kind of thing here all right. good heat. good seasoning cole slaw. this is pretty classic
11:52 pm
you've got -- i'm guess i'm really going to eat this sandwich >> jimmy: watch out for the tooth pick there >> watch for the tooth pick. alright, like a little pulled pork kind of thing very tasty very into it would eat the whole plate. >> jimmy: all right, good. >> although, i got a little hungry backstage and had part of a turkey sandwich, so - i try not to eat beforehand, but -- >> jimmy: you pre-ate before you came out to the -- >> i got really hungry >> jimmy: how was the turkey sandwich >> it was pretty good. >> jimmy: yeah good. >> tariq: i made that. i made the turkey sandwich [ laughter ] >> all right thank you. all right, points for that >> jimmy: plate number two >> all right number two >> jimmy: wow! wow. >> oh, okay. wow! so we got some -- it looks like salmon, very unusual for barbecue but actually it smells great i'm getting, like, lots of the seasoning and, and like an artichoke. a grilled artichoke half with, like, an herb thing.
11:53 pm
this looks delicious, safe to say. i love artichokes. it's artichoke season. start here >> jimmy: yep. >> oh, my god. it's good. really good. [ light laughter ] a little potato salad. one of my favorite foods, potato salad mm, great seasoning, good acid, creamy this is, like, what i want in potato salad, a little bit of the salmon the salmon is throwing me a little bit, but i'm into it. i'm enjoying it. >> jimmy: sometimes things throw you a little bit, you know >> tariq: yeah, yeah >> mm. i like the sauce i like that it's kind of like - oh good heat. little sweet and sticky. super tasty. mm, delicious. >> jimmy: yeah >> okay. >> jimmy: well, all right, claire, please write down your choice for the winning plate of barbecue >> this is really hard >> jimmy: and put it into the official "tonight show" barbecue-off ballot box.
11:54 pm
is it barbecue, plate number one, or the barbecmber two >> this is really hard >> jimmy: it's tough, right? because they're -- >> mostly because it's like -- i don't know i won't tell you i'll just vote >> jimmy: you can tell us after the decision is made and it's -- one is more unusual than the other and one's more classic >> all right i'll do this secretly. >> tariq: look, man, look. >> jimmy: no, i'm just saying, she's writing a thing down we're good claire - >> okay. ballot's cast. >> jimmy: the ballot is cast it is now in the locked box. i don't know why there's a lock on the box >> tariq: okay, now we unlock the box. >> jimmy: let's unlock the box and reveal you can reveal >> okay, now we open the box >> jimmy: the lock doesn't even do anything. i don't know why the lock's there. it doesn't even do anything. we have a lock there just in case >> okay. >> jimmy: all right. please declare now who will be the winner of the first annual "tonight show barbecue-off?" is it number one or number two >> the winner is barbecue plate number two
11:55 pm
[ cheers and applause ♪ >> tariq: whoo what what champion whoo >> jimmy: claire - are you -- [ cheers and applause unbelievable >> tariq: thank you. thank you! >> jimmy: now, what -- >> tariq: we won we did this tonight. [ cheers and applause you did this >> jimmy: what are you talking about? stop it. why did you end up picking that one? >> it was just more seasoned it just, like, tasted better [ laughter ] i mean, again, not as classic, but like, very tasty >> tariq: it was more seasoned and tasted better. >> jimmy: we have to go. unfortunately we have to go. [ cheers and applause oh you're kidding me congratulations to the "tonight show barbecue-off" champion, tariq trotter! >> tariq: whoo >> jimmy: stick around we'll be right back with michael douglas.
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my first guest is a two-time oscar winner starring on the third and final season of "the kominsky method," which begins streaming tomorrow on netflix. ladies and gentlemen here is michael douglas, ladies and gentlemen. ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: oh, my buddy that's what i'm talking about. that's a stud right there. come on. looking good, bud. look at that come on.
12:01 am
>> just my best, jimmy just trying to keep up with you. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. how are you, pal i know you're in spain, is that correct? >> i'm in spain, yeah. i'm here actually, this is about the real-time you're doing your show you know having a wonderful time. we just finished dinner kind of late sorry. i got a little bit of pulled pork [ laughter ] >> jimmy: pulled pork. >> i had the best pulled pork sandwich i've ever had in my life >> jimmy: what are you talking about? [ laughter ] that's the greatest thing to have in a barbecue, right? pulled pork sandwich [ light laughter ] >> yeah. >> jimmy: yeah >> yeah, sure, jimmy, yeah [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, i want to also say congratulations to you because your daughter just graduated, right >> she did she just graduated from high school thank you very much. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: i saw this on instagram. a good looking family there. >> you got an audience you got a live audience. >> jimmy: we have 100 people here, yeah [ cheers and applause >> whoa! >> jimmy: yes. it's unbelievable. the best
12:02 am
>> i thought it was just you and me, jimmy. >> jimmy: yeah, you couldn't tell from my monologue but yeah, there's an audience here [ laughter ] how is katherine doing >> she's wonderful she sends all her best >> jimmy: i know you celebrated your 20th wedding anniversary, but it was during the pandemic so you quarantined did you celebrate at all or are you saving it >> no. we're saving it. >> jimmy: yeah >> we're saving a lot of things these years. [ light laughter ] as we get older, you know i can try to save on to a lot of stuff. >> jimmy: yeah >> but we are. we're saving but we had -- we have a great time that's past march and i'm very happy. she's an unbelievable woman. i'm very, very fortunate >> jimmy: yeah, we love you, guys >> so are you, buddy [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: we love you. thank you, bud you love you guys together are you in spain, are you doing "ant-man 3," or are you not filming that yet >> not yet but we're doing in it england.
12:03 am
so i'm gonna go up in about three weeks and start that, yes. >> jimmy: you're fantastic in that do you like doing the marvel movies >> you mean -- well, i never did any of those green screen things you know, i've never done anything it's amazing i mean, i have a whole new appreciation about acting. it's not easy. there's nothing there. [ laughter ] it just a room with a green screen >> jimmy: yeah, you're talking to - >> the director tells you, right here, here it comes now. a missile is flying right at you right now. and then here, come up there, so you really feel like you're way over the top you know, way over the top and then you see the effects their incredible it just imagine with a whole other process. i'm really enjoying it >> jimmy: yeah >> very, very nice team. a nice group paul rudd's wonderful. >> jimmy: he's the best. >> michelle pfeiffer is with us this season, too it's just great this year. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: that's wild.
12:04 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy: do you ever get afraid that you might slip and say something that marvel will just go like, "hey, you can't say that." >> oh, you know about that you've had other guests on oh >> jimmy: yeah >> it's fast, too. because you say the wrong word, it comes out -- it's like a blow gun just a dart comes right on the side of you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: they shoot a blow dart at you. you just pass out. i can't wait for that. i want to talk about "kominsky method" 'cause gosh, you're funny in it. it's also it's endearing, it gets you choked up it's everything you want in any entertainment for me i love the roller coaster. i love the ups and i love the downs. and this is the third season this is the final season >> yeah, well it was originally going to be two. you know, netflix was like sign i like thele format, the streaming, no commercials, you tell these short little stories.
12:05 am
chuck lorre, unbelievable writing, great producer. and a fabulous cast. so when we did the last, the two seasons and i want to do another one. you know, i just want to kind of tie it together, put a bow around the story and sandy kominsky's character and all of that. and alan arkin, who i adore. we had a wonderful two years we put a great team together paul reiser who joined us from the second year. >> jimmy: yes. >> and sarah baker and kathleen, of course, morgan freeman comes in there. so it was a nice group >> jimmy: but you and kathleen turner. that's what i'm talking about. i love that. the little - >> yeah. >> jimmy: a little "war of the roses. >> you know, the second season, chuck was sort of laying out the story lines and he wanted to introduce this ex-wife who was like, wife from hell and we just hated each other and i'm laughing i'm thinking, kathleen turner. >> jimmy: yeah >> i said,"31 years ago, 'war of the roses.' let's go." >> jimmy: that's exactly right
12:06 am
yeah that's fantastic >> he called kathleen up and she was there. she did a wonderful job this third season and so wrap it up, i loved it. it's been a great thing. and i thank all the fans out there that so supportive of the show >> jimmy: yeah, good man [ cheers and applause it's a great show. you're great in it i want to show everyone a clip here's michael douglas and kathleen turner in "the kominsky method. take a look. >> i know it doesn't mean much at this point, but i'm sorry i was not a better husband >> that means a lot. thank you. >> tell me, how come you never remarried? >> oh, you really want to know well sandy, sweetheart, i never fell out of love with you. >> really? >> no.
12:07 am
[ laughter ] i was too busy with the work >> why would you do that >> i'm sorry >> you're not sorry. >> no, i'm not sorry [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: come on. that's the best. michael douglas, everybody the one and only, michael douglas. [ cheers and applause the final season of "the kominsky method" begins streaming tomorrow on netflix. more of "the tonight show" when we come back come on back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ♪ not everybody wants the same thing. that's why i go with liberty mutual
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[ cheers and applause ♪ >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. make sure you tune in tomorrow julianne moore will be here. fantastic. [ cheers and applause and we will be performing some "mad lib theater." also, we've got dave bautista and twenty one pilots! [ cheers and applause it's gonna be a great show i feel like -- i feel like i can feel from the audience
12:13 am
>> steve: what's that? >> jimmy: that they're not happy with the decision. [ laughter ] >> steve: you've said that they're against it [ laughter ] >> jimmy: of the barbecue. [ laughter ] >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: and they weren't happy with the decision. i'm not happy with the decision [ light laughter ] if i ever went to a barbecue and someone gave me an artichoke -- [ laughter ] >> steve: you'd be bummed out. >> tariq: if i went to a a barbecue and someone gave me mac and cheese who makes mac and cheese at a barbecue [ laughter ] it's a barbecue, didn't you get the memo it's a barbecue. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: mac and cheese wasn't the best move. >> tariq: right, yeah, i realize that [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we have -- we actually have plates for higgins and questlove. i want you guys to try both. alright, so that's the pulled pork sandwich right there. quest, go ahead and try -- you tried it, okay >> questlove: way ahead of you, man. way ahead of you >> steve: that's good. >> jimmy: no contest >> steve: that's good potatoes - >> questlove: there's a lot of flavor in it that's all >> jimmy: look, i opened my bag of slaw. you put it in the salad
12:14 am
spinner. [ laughter ] >> tariq: nah, man, you got to - >> jimmy: turn it off, and then you -- >> tariq: listen, i think the next challenge should just be, the battle of the macs >> questlove: oh god, no >> jimmy: mac and cheese off >> tariq: battle of the macs yeah, mac and cheese off >> jimmy: i'll definitely have a mac and cheese off >> tariq: okay >> jimmy: it will be a mac and cheese on. [ laughter ] >> tariq: okay, you can't re-enter this bahamian whatever >> questlove: bahamian rhapsody >> tariq: yeah, right, bahamian rhapsody i'm with it. >> jimmy: that's the name of my mac and cheese, "bahamian rhapsody." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: final decision was claire saffitz correct questlove, who is the winner >> questlove: yeah riq's the winner [ laughter ] >> jimmy: higgins? alright, i'm happy -- i'm happy, knowing that there's an answer and there's a decision. [ cheers and applause we have more show to get to. congratulations. well done. guys, billy porter is joining us after the break stick around come on back [ cheers and applause ♪
12:15 am
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12:21 am
>> jimmy: i knew it. >> i'm coming to fallon. >> jimmy: you and billy porter, come on. i know you like my clothes i'm coming to fallon i call it sissy pimp [ laughter ] my sissy pimp look >> jimmy: i want to show you an instagram photo, because i follow you and you're a great follow. this is you cleaning the pool. [ light laughter ] this is how billy porter cleans his pool >> please! [ cheers and applause listen listen that is a photo shoot in palm springs. it's emilio pucci realness >> jimmy: okay >> i didn't have a pool when i shot that. i do have a pool now and - somebody else cleans it! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: now, come on that's what i'm talking about. >> i don't clean the pool, kids i don't clean the pool >> jimmy: i want to talk to you
12:22 am
about a bunch of things. but i want to talk about this "hollywood reporter" article this is amazing, actually. it was powerful. this is what hiv positive looks like now >> yes >> jimmy: we all didn't know, obviously. you were hiv positive for 14 years >> yeah. i've been positive since 2007. and you know, having lived through the aids crisis, it was heavy for me it was a heavy year, 2007. and i lived with the shame of it for a really long time and last week, i released that shame. i released that trauma and i am a free man, honey [ cheers and applause free free >> jimmy: feels good >> yes, it does. it does. i've never -- i've never felt joy like this before and, you know, we talk about it in the black church.
12:23 am
you know, this joy that i have, the world didn't give it and the world can't take it away i got it [ cheers and applause i got some joy >> jimmy: i'm so happy for you >> you know, and it's just -- it really feels good it really feels great. >> jimmy: i thought it was very brave of you but also, what an interesting story. and i can't even imagine how anyone would just deal with that and just -- i mean, your mom, you didn't tell your mother. >> no. [ light laughter ] that was the thing, you know it's like growing up in a pentecostal church there is such a stigma surrounding it you know, having lived through it, you know, i was supposed to know better, it happened anyway there was just so much going on and my mother received so much, you know, persecution, because i was gay. and i just didn't want her to have to go through that again. it's sort of like a second coming out and i didn't want her to go through that again and my sister and i had vowed we were just going to wait until she
12:24 am
was dead and she went into a nursing home six years ago and she ain't going nowhere. [ laughter ] she's full of life >> jimmy: that's right >> so it's time to tell her! >> jimmy: time to tell her, yeah >> time to tell her. >> jimmy: i know you have -- last time we talked, you said you were working on music? >> yes >> jimmy: how's music? >> new music, honey. new music. >> jimmy: no, no i want this. >> for those of you who don't know, you know, i had a record deal back in the '90s, 1997, my first r&b album came out on a&m records. you know, they put my gay [ bleep ] out. so i did it anyway and now i'm coming back. daddy's coming back. >> jimmy: that's right >> move out of the way ariana grande, beyonce, you know, lady gaga, all the kids, just make some space for daddy >> jimmy: all right. >> i'm coming. make some space. >> jimmy: and you're recording right now? >> i'm recording right now i've been recording for the last two months. we've got about ten songs. and i am so thrilled, because, you know, for the first time in my life, it's exactly what i wanted to be
12:25 am
the music is exactly from me, what i want to say, and the message, and the gift that i want to give to the world. which is, you know, hope, you know, love we have to choose it we got to recommit to it every day. we have to choose it, so that we can fight, you know, the evil that is pervasive you know, we can only fight it with love. we can only do that. it can only change with love and i'm so excited for my music. [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: we also talked about, you're like, i'm just going to work, work, work during this pandemic and you said, "i'm working on a memoir." i go, "oh, my gosh." and i go, "how is the editing? how is it going? how is it writing? you're like, "great. you brought to us tonight, which i am so thankful, the cover of the memoir. >> you get a first look at the cover! [ cheers and applause she's done >> jimmy: all right, here we go
12:26 am
>> the book is done! >> jimmy: ready? >> ow! oh! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: look at that >> pre-order >> jimmy: pre-order! >> i need children to pre-order. >> jimmy: pre-order! oh, my god. >> i need to be on the best-seller list, y'all. >> jimmy: it's going to happen that's all it takes. >> i've got to pay that mortgage >> jimmy: exactly. [ light laughter ] i want to talk about "pose," too, while you're here you have so many projects. this is the final season of "pose. >> yes >> jimmy: but you kind of always planned this out to be the final season, correct? >> well, i didn't plan anything the creators, steven canals and brian murphy, and brad falchuk, they always intended for the story to end when the anti-retro viral drugs came out. and that was '96 there wasn't really a limit, but as we told the story, you know, they realized, "oh, we're there. and the show is too important to continue it just because it's a hit >> jimmy: yeah
12:27 am
>> it matters too much you know, this season is -- i think it's exceptional you know, i keep saying, you know, just for me personally you know, i got to use "pose" and "pray tell" as a proxy, you know, for my healing and, you know, i've been saying, if i don't ever do anything else, and i'm already doing a lot of other things, but if i don't ever do anything in my life -- else in my life, i will have done it, you know. it's - [ cheers and applause i've said everything i needed to say and now it's time to tell a different story now i get to tell a different story and i'm excited about it >> jimmy: i love you, bud. i want to show everyone a clip here's billy porter in "pose." take a look. >> i loved you and i'm not ashamed of what you once meant to me, but you're asking me to step away from the church >> no, no, the church stepped away from me and i'm not the only one
12:28 am
every year i watch hundreds of kids flock to the city looking for what they lost after the church threw them away that's what your church done that's what your church did to me [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: billy porter amazing. amazing. [ cheers and applause the final season of "pose" airs sundays at 10:00 p.m. on fx. look for the music, look for the book we'll be right back with a a performance from mustafa stick around ♪ [ cheers and applause
12:29 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: making his tv debut performing "what about heaven" from his album "when smoke rises," here is mustafa. [ cheers and applause ♪
12:33 am
♪ you left with my breath i'm drenching my sweat warm but i'm col so i'm wearing my vest ♪ ♪ running don't know where to ye i see you in the groun in the sky in my thoughts ♪ ♪ in my chest and my face is wet my clothes are wet i'm sinking i'm sinking ♪ng i'm chasing your scent we forgot to ♪ ♪ talk about heaven nothing sacred what about all of the questions ♪ ♪ what about heaven what about heave all the pretty girls their hair their fashion ♪ ♪ the words that we'd say if we walked past them our lives and our art an how we would craft them ♪
12:34 am
♪ complaining for hours and hours and hour of lovers and friend that never even mattered ♪ ♪ none of it even mattere oo we forgot to talk about heaven ♪ ♪ nothing sacre what about all of the questions what about heaven ♪ ♪ what about heaven we forgot to talk about heave and leaving ♪ ♪ and what it would mea and how i would grieve what about heave
12:35 am
what about heaven ♪ ♪ what about heaven what about heave what about your blessing what about your presence ♪ ♪ what about th breath i tak will i make it through the day ♪ ♪ what if you'r not forgiven what if you're not forgiven ♪ ♪ we forgot t
12:36 am
talk about heave nothing sacred what about all ♪ ♪ of the question what about heave what about heaven ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: my thanks to billy porter [ cheers and applause michael douglas. mustafa, once again. [ cheers and applause claire saffitz and of course, the roots from philadelphia, pennsylvania [ cheers and applause thank you for watching stay tuned for "late night with seth meyers. goodnight, everybody bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ♪ ♪


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