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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 12, 2021 11:00pm-11:34pm PST

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right now at 11:00, the green light to go red. what you'll be able to do in every bay area county that you haven't been able to do for a while. the eligibility is expanding and appointments are going fast. we'll tell you when it's expected to get easier to get your shot.
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and friday night lights are back. the changes you're going to see on and off the field. >> good evening and thanks for being with us. three big changes as we head into this weekend. tomorrow rules are relaxing for our wineries and bars. sunday, the entire bay area turns red, and then on monday, the next phase in the vaccine distribution goes into effect. essentially, more people eligible to get their shot. let's start with contra costa and sonoma counties. the final two in the bay area to join the red tier. this means businesses and people who live there are gaining a lot more freedom. if you live in the north bay, think wine country. this move has been a long time coming. here is nbc bay area cheryl hurd. >> reporter: max wolf, the owner of massimo restaurant in walnut creek has been able to keep his business going in the purple tier, thanks to loyal customers willing to eat outside. on sunday, contra costa county is moving into the red tier,
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which allows him to bring a limited number indoors. >> we have all the people that have been dying to come inside, especially on cold nights when it's raining. so we're really happy. >> reporter: this weekend, wolf and staff will put tables and chairs in place for social distancing. the same setup is happening in sonoma county. >> i'm excited, but i more play it day by day because there has been disappointments along the way. >> the color purple is my favorite color now. it's been purple so long, i don't know any other color. >> reporter: sonoma county has been in the most restrictive purple tier since august. >> and many people have been disproportionately impacted. but we're really excited now to see our cases like everywhere else are on the sharp decline. >> contra costa and sonoma counties are able to move boo the reds here because the state changed some of the rules. that's because the state reached its goal of vaccinating two million people and communities hardest hit by the virus.
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meaning that it could be easier for more counties to move tiers. san mateo county could move into the orange tier as soon as next week. san francisco hopes to be in the orange tier by the end of the month. but for people in the east bay, they're just happy to be in the red. >> we're ready for our dining hall to open up. we're ready for our gym to open up. we're ready for things to go a little bit back to normal. >> reporter: in walnut creek, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> wow. a lot of people are out tonight. that red tier means wine and school. sonoma county ready to welcome students back to the classroom. all grades, tk to 12th, schools have three weeks to open and wineries are open now as well. get red next monday. getting a vaccine appointment might get even more challenging. if you're over the age of 16, anyone over the age of 16 and considered high risk, you'll be eligible to get your shot. so who makes the cut?
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well, cancer patients, people with downs syndrome, or who are immunocompromised. but it's not just people with medical conditions. take a look. we're talking homeless people as well and transit workers are eligible. nbc bay area's jean elle explains what you can do tonight to try to get a better place in line. >> last week i'm trying to get one and there is nothing available. >> reporter: robbie kumar says he tries to book a vaccine appointment every few hours on line. so far no luck. it took amanda about a month to land one. >> i just waited for the email to come and i logged on to see if there were any vaccine, and there often weren't. >> reporter: on monday, demand increases by about four million people. the state is disabilities. the executive director of disability rights california says in some cases vaccine sites will be set up specifically for vulnerable populations.
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>> and the state is supporting doing pop-up sites in places where people with disabilities are already familiar with how to get there. >> reporter: but most will end up searching online for hard to get appointments. and i also serves on the state's vaccine advisory committee. he says relief is coming. >> so the head told us on wednesday that he is estimating that we would have 900,000 first shot vaccine doses coming this week, the week of march 15th. and that we would have another 900,000 the following week. >> reporter: he says the weekly numbers are expected to increase in the weeks following, and people should not give up trying to secure an appointment. >> i mean, i think it's important to recognize that the vaccine supply is going to increase dramatically. so if they had a bad day on monday, come back on tuesday. come back on wednesday. don't give up.
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>> jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> the johnson & johnson vaccine took center stage in san francisco today for the first time hundreds of t single shot option were administered at the mass vaccine site at city college. health officials using the opportunity to convince people this single shot vaccine is not inferior to the others. pfizer and moderna have slightly higher overall efficacy, but the double doses -- with their double doses, but experts say there is more to it. >> you just need one shot. it has fewer side effects. and so there is an ability to provide this vaccine in places where we might not be able to supply the other two vaccines, because it doesn't have to be frozen. >> the doctor also says johnson & johnson was testing at the height of the surge as more challenging variants were emerging. this third vaccine option will also help boost overall supply. well, it's safe to assume that they're all smiling underneath those masks. ucsf tweeting out this photo to
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mark a milestone. the hospital gave its 100,000th dose of the covid vaccine. that went to rita. ucsf calls it, quote, great news. if you're looking for information on how how ander where to get your shot, go to plan your put in your state, age and occupation. it will pull up the closest vaccination sites to you. a young asian american woman in san jose is shaken up after she was sexually assaulted. the man accused of attacking her and calling her names made his first court appearance today. 32-year-old johan strydom was solemn. at times he appeared to break down in tears. he is charged with sexual assault and assault with intent to do bodily harm with hate crime enhancements. this happened at the diridon train station on wednesday morning. strydom is accused of violently grabbing the woman from behind, throwing her around by the hair
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while shouting racial slurs. in court today, the prosecutor read a statement submitted by that young woman. >> i don't want to live in fear when i commute to work or anywhere else. if i were to see him on the streets, everything would replay and knowing the facts that i was extremely helpless to defend myself. >> it is important that both he, a mentally ill individual, and the alleged victim are treated fairly and with compassion during this process. >> strydom is being held without bail. the judge says his prior record of violent offenses makes him a danger to the public. the chair of the caltrain board releasing this statement today. it reads in par caltrain has zero tolerance for hate, racism or xenophobia, especially in our diverse region, our transit system is a place where all people should be safe. you can help us stop the hate. nbc bay area, telemundo and our
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parent company comcast are partnering with the asian pacific fund we will all provide grants to organizations working to stop these attacks against our asian american community. if you want to donate, we've added a link right on our website, well, keep an eye on your bank account. the irs is processing the next batch of stimulus checks. the payment could arrive in your account this weekend. that's the first wave. it will continue over the next several weeks. the majority of people will get a direct payment of up to $1400. by the way, the edd says it will automatically extend those $300 unemployment benefits for californians through labor day. all right. time to smile here. this is part of growing up in america. it's part of our culture, and it's back. high school football. friday night lights. players, cheerleader, and yes, fans bringing a lot of joy to local communities. but things are different. here is nbc bay area in half
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moon bay. >> one, two, three! >> reporter: friday night lights are back. half moon bay high and burlingame high squared off in their first game in more than a year. the start of a shortened six-game football season. >> for our player, this is their identity. this is who they are. this is what they have grown up doing. >> reporter: it's been tough on the kids, says this football dad, who made it a point to come early. football couldn't have come back soon enough. >> he has been looking forward to this day for weeks. it's been a bit of a roller coaster with maybe, yes, no. but finally we're here. >> reporter: while most things about high school football haven't changed, the game day experience has. fans were limited and greeted with safety protocols. mask wearing and social distancing were a must. locker rooms are closed, leaving both teams out on the field for halftime. >> we're taking every precaution to make sure that our teams are safe. we do weekly testing. we're working to get testing on campus. >> this is a big change for everybody out here. >> reporter: but despite the changes, this proud dad and his
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family, including two newborn twins, were ready for some football. >> we came all the way from stockton to watch this. my son has gained probably 20 pounds in muscle because he just went and started working out, you know. that's what he did. he focused on football. >> football is the first high contact sport to begin its season and is testing the waters for indoor sports to begin theirs as well. in half moon bay, nbc bay area news. >> nice to see the players and the fans, the parents and all the coaches back on the field. final score by the way 19-10, half moon bay beats burlingame. here are a few other scores. campolindo beats freedom high and cappuccino beats san mateo high school. jeff ranieri back with us. it's nice to see the kids back on the field. perfect football weather tonight. >> yeah, it is so awesome. feels just a little bit more like normal on some levels here. some beautiful weather. we had 50s and 60s tonight.
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we've got great weather tomorrow. that's going to be the day to be outside. but coming up, raj, we'll take a look at some rain on the way by sunday. and how much we're going get out of that storm system. again, i'll see you in about eight minutes. >> we'll see you shortly. also, irs the first nightclub to open in san francisco's chinatown in decades. it's happening right now during the pandemic. we're going to take you inside the lion's den on opening night. and what it's going to look like? we speak with one bay area professor about life in a post pandemic world. stay with us. so many families across the bay area are relying on food banks for the first time, and those food banks need our support to meet that need. spring into action with nbc bay area and telemundo 48, and volunteer to help hunger disappear. together we can make a difference in our communities by helping our neighbors in need. >> just visit
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school either. that bright yellow plane is a single engine escapade. that's what it's called. the pilot was the only person on board. nice landing that plane was not damaged. a follow-up now on that woman arrested for attacking that uber driver in san francisco last weekend. las vegas police arrested malaysia king on tuesday for alleged bank fraud. this is her booking photo. she was arrested along with another man, but of course she is also in trouble for the uber attack here in san francisco. king is one of the three women in this viral video berating the uber driver. one of them coughs in his face, grabs his phone and tries to rip his mask off. she is on the right side of the screen. that's arna kimaia. she has agreed to turn herself in but is not yet in custody. malaysia king arrested in las vegas is on the left side of the screen. all of them eventually got out of the car, and king is accused of pepper spraying the driver. new at 11:00, welcome to the
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lion's den, a ritzy new nightclub opened in san francisco's chinatown. it's not something we've seen in the past year, businesses opening, grand opening at least. the lion's den officially welcomed customers inside tonight for a soft opening. the nightclub is the first to debut in chinatown in decades. the goal is to revitalize the area and pay homage to chinatown's clubs from the '40s and '50s. >> we started construction actually a year ago, and because of covid-19 and all the delay, it's actually kind of overwhelming to us we're given the chance to open today. >> we wish them the best of luck. the club is offering food from a nearby asian fusion restaurant, something that will benefit both businesses. well, there are many things that we like during this pandemic here is a live look in san francisco now. among them, outdoor dining. those parklets have become so popular across the bay area. san francisco issued 1700 permits for restaurants to build those outdoor dining spaces.
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and it's really transformed neighborhoods. customers love them. and it's been a way for restaurants and bar owners to collaborate and stay open. >> i am determined to make sure that these shared spaces that we all know and love are here to stay in san francisco, even after this pandemic is over. >> a law to make them permanent will be introduced to the board of supervisors next week. so many of us have the same question. what does the post pandemic world look like? will covid ever go away? we spoke to a prominent uc berkeley professor about what he thinks and what he thinks could happen post pandemic. >> reporter: much has been said about the way covid has already changed our lives. but uc berkeley professors are now looking forward and trying to predict how the pandemic will impact the future. dr. lee riley sees four possible scenarios, and the first one is a situation where the different variants continue to spread and
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keep the pandemic going. >> it's a race between how quickly we can vaccinate as many people as we can versus how quickly these variants can spread. >> reporter: in his second scenario, covid becomes a seasonal epidemic like the flu. and if that happen, people will need to get vaccinated every year. >> it seems to work with flu. so we'll see what happens with this covid-19 virus. >> reporter: and then there is the possibility that the covid-19 virus dramatically weakens to become like the common cold. but that scenario, says dr. riley, would take a very long time. >> some people say that the common cold coronavirus probably entered the human population from cows maybe 200 years ago. so, you know, that's a long time. so it took a long time for this virus. if at the time when it first entered the human population like the covid-19. >> reporter: and finally the most optimistic case would be
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what happened with the sars virus in 2003. >> this virus started again in southern china, hong kong, and spread all over the world. but after six months, it just disappeared. >> reporter: according to dr. riley, what happens with the variants, the virus and the vaccines will ultimately determine which scenario we get. but stresses that no matter what, it is still critically important to keep our guard up by wearing a mask and social distancing until more of the country and the world get vaccinated. nbc bay area news. well, we've seen this in various neighborhoods, mobile vaccine clinics. the line today wrapped around mount zion baptist church in west oakland with some people waiting eight hours to get the vaccine on a first come, first served basis. however, many of the people in line were from this largely minority neighborhood. the church's pastor estimates only about 30% of those who received the vaccines there today are black, and 70% were
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white. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we like to smile because it's the weekend right now. it's friday night, past 11:00. >> yeah, why not? and more stuff opened this weekend. and i know you want some good weather in there to try to get a little normalcy in your life. but i think saturday is going to be the best day of the weekend. then as we roll through sunday, we're going see some showers. the weather setup right now, we have this area of high pressure. that's what's nudged in the past 36 hours to push that storm track away. i think it's going to stay in place again for tomorrow. overall some pleasant weather. the only change i do want to let you know about is tomorrow morning we do have some low clouds back. even the chance of some spotty drizzle at 7:00 a.m. even for places like concord and those of you in livermore getting those low clouds. it will be a little bit slow to clear out for places like san francisco and the peninsula, but by the afternoon, there you can see those clouds will clear and we'll get our sunshine.
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so along with that, we'll start with some 40s tomorrow. 42 in the south bay and for the tri-valley, 40 degrees. right over the east bay, 44. san francisco 47. and up to the north bay, 40. daytime highs tomorrow. they're going to cool off a little bit because we have that fog sitting at the cost line. and that will bring us to 61 in palo alto. 55 in san francisco. and you head out to concord. beautiful day future those of you in concord, livermore, or morgan hill. we're looking at some mid-60s and that afternoon sunshine. not here, but headed up to lake tahoe, squaw valley and alpine meadows, as you can see in our tahoe report, they are open. we have 40s with a mix of sun and clouds saturday and sunday. and snow become on monday with another 8 to 12 inches. there are covid guidelines in place. check on the website and they'll get you squared away. rainfall does return here by 5:00 p.m. on sunday.
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it's looking likely this could bring us low snow. wind gusts to 15 to 35 miles per hour. and we can't even role out a small chance of isolated thunderstorms and some small hail. i think this would leave us with a few spotty showers once we roll into monday morning. on my extended forecast, you'll see dry weather is back tuesday and wednesday of next week. a few more showers once we hit thursday and friday. aged temperatures overall, we have plenty of 50s to low and mid-60s coming our way the next seven days. so raj, if have been waiting to get to that favorite restaurant of yours and you haven't been able to, tomorrow is going to be your day. saw cheryl's story ate beginning of the newscast, it looked like everyone was out tonight having a good time. we'll get out tomorrow night, jeff. >> thank you. >> all right. you too. up next, take a private jet home or stay for free if you
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test positive for covid. the unusual offer this hotel chain in the bahamas is making the guests.
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another delay in the trial for one-time billionaire entrepreneur elizabeth holme. this time the trial is being delayed because she is pregnant. you might remember holmes declare declared discovered a new way to test blood. the blood test, though, didn't work and she was accused of fraud. a judge had already postponed her trial because of the pandemic, and today another postponement because the trial is the same month she is due to
11:26 pm
have a baby. if convicted, she faces up to 20 years in prison and millions of dollars in fines. new at 11:00, it's an offer you can't refuse, we think. a hotel chain in the bahamas hopes. so baha mar is so confident its hotels are safe, it's proposing this. if you catch covid you stay for free. guests can do onsite rapid covid testing. if the test comes back positive, you have a choice. take a complimentary private jet home, or stay for free in a sweet with dining credits for a 14-day quarantine. baha mar rolled out the program three weeks ago. it's not clear if any recent guests have taken advantage of it. well, a local basketball coach taking a stand against the pac-12 conference and racial inequality. also, a bloody night for the sharks. we'll show you. and happening now, the bayfair bart station parking lot is turning into a pop-up vaccination and testing site. it's from 9:15 to 4:00 p.m.
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tomorrow. health care worker, teacher, food service workers, and people over the age of 65 who live in alameda county can get the vaccine for free. we're back in a moment.
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this might have been the best sharks game of the season, and it was a little bloody as well. let's take you to anaheim. curtis gabriel in the white jersey there and the ducks' nick delaurier. this is a great game for the sharks. first period, tomas hertl back from covid. he, his wife and his baby also infected. they're all okay, though. gets the sharks on the board. what an offensive explosion for san jose. but really, this game was all about defense. devan dubnyk, the sharks goaltender with the shut-out. he was stellar between the pipes tonight. the sharks beat the ducks 6-0. football news this evening. tom brady tweeted out a photo of himself with the caption that reads "we're keeping the band together." the seven-time super bowl winning quarterback has agreed to a contract extension with the buccaneers through the 2022 season. brady turns 44 next season.
11:31 pm
so this deal will keep him in on the team through at least his 45th birthday, making him the oldest starting quarterback in nfl history if he stays healthy. well, a local basketball coach is taking a stand. the pac-12 basketball tournament is in las vegas, and the coach from oakland is going to vegas to go to the games, but not to watch the games. he is there to send a message, a message with signs reading "black head coaches matter." this is lou richie if there bishop o'dowd high school in oakland protesting at the pac-12 conference tournament. he is calling out a lack of diversity among head coaches in the pac-12. not one head coach is african american. we're back in a moment. want to save hundreds on your wireless bill? with xfinity mobile, you can. how about saving hundreds on the new samsung galaxy s21 ultra 5g? you can do that too. all on the most reliable network? sure thing! and with fast, nationwide 5g included - at no extra cost?
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we have made it to the end of a significant week. 52 weeks ago, we started this covid journey, and we're almost [ cheers and applause ♪


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