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conditions, is going to make scalia. and like many law students, i sure people's premiums are felt like i knew the justice before i ever met him because i lower, but there isn't actually had read so many of his any sort of plan in place. what you have instead is the colorful, accessible opinions. president saying, trust me, i'll give you something as soon as i more than the style of his take away your health care. writing, though, it was the it is really telling that content of justice scalia's republicans have been focused on defending the merits of judge reasoning that shaped me. barrett, defending all of her his judicial philosophy was credentials, her faith, but they straightforward. haven't wanted to talk about a judge must apply the law as it policy. instead it's been the democrats is written, not as she wishes it that have been talking about that, and of course the president has said a bunch of things about policy and how were. conservative goals would be em sometimes that approach meant bowled to his nominations to the reaching results that he did not supreme court. republicans just haven't gone like. but as he put it in one of his there, likely because people would point out the fact they have not put forth a plan. best non-loved opinions, that is >> let me quickly bring in what it means to say that we have a government of laws and barbara mcquade, a professor not of men. justice scalia taught me more than just law. assistant and legal analyst. he was devoted to his family, e ask you this. resolute in his beliefs and we keep hearing that judge a ro fearless of criticism. map to her thoughts on the and as i embarked on my own affordable care act, on roe v. legal career, i resolved to wade.
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are persons' writings or previous statements, looking at maintain that same perspective. previous justices, do they often there is a tendency in our profession to treat the practice have detours and that road map of law as all-consuming while not as solid as it may appear? >> sure, lester. losing sight of everything else. when a person is acting as a but that makes for a shallow and scholar, they may have different unfulfilling life. i worked hard as a lawyer and as viewpoints than they have as a judge or a justice. certainly the first time around a professor, i owed that to my when amy coney barrett was clients, to my students and to considered to be on the 7th myself. circuit court of appeals, she certainly said in defense of but i never let the law form my things she had written as a judge in an appellate court, an identity or crowd out the rest of my life. intermediate court, i don't have a similar principle applies to the ability to overturn supreme the rule of courts. court precedent, it would be my courts have a vital duty to follow it. but the stakes are much higher responsibility to the rule of law, which is critical to a free when someone is up for the supreme court. society. there she does have the ability but courts are not designed to to overturn precedent. i think looking at all those things as a road map to how she solve every problem or right might decide cases in the future every wrong in our public life. becomes very relevant because of the policy decisions and value the unique incredible power judgments of government must be that supreme court justices bar made by the political branches you. we look into that hearing room. it appears the hearing is over elected by and accountable to for today, judge barrett having
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the people. the public should not expect delivered her opening courts to do so and courts statements, sworn in. should not try. the questions begin tomorrow. that is the approach that i have that will end our coverage for the confirmation of amy coney strooi strived to follow as a judge on the 7th circuit. barrett. for continued coverage, you can in every case i have carefully go to nba news now. considered the arguments presented by the parties, tomorrow morning we'll bring you discussed the issues with my live coverage as senators begin colleagues on the court, and to question judge barrett. done my utmost to reach the for now i'm lester holt in new york. for all of us at nbc news, thank result required by the law, you for joining us. have a good day, everyone. whatever my own preferences might be. i try to remain mindful that while my court decides thousands of cases a year, each case is >> we're bringing you back tone. the most importa to the judge coney barrett just made litiga cases are not like her statutes which are often named for their authors. cases are named for the parties who stand to gain or lose in the real world, often through their liberty or livelihood. we just heard from judge barrett when i write an opinion
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after senators hearing from each resolving a case, i read every member of the judicial word from the perspective of the committee, getting to give their losing party. own speech before she got to i ask myself how i would view the decision if one of my talk. children was the party that i scott has been hearing that as well, and, scott, everyone got was ruling against. to speak their mind and we heard even though i would not like the a lot about obamacare. >> we did, indeed. result, would i understand that today is opening statements. the decision was fairly reasoned questions don't come until and grounded in law? tomorrow. that will last at least two that is the standard that i set days. judge amy coney barrett joined for myself in every case, and it her family in the judicial is the standard that i will hearing room this morning, follow so long as i am a judge including the seven children she on any court. spoke about. she is a former law professor at when the president offered me this nomination, i was deeply notre dame and currently an appeals court judge. now, roe v. wade comes up at honored. but it was not a position i had nearly every supreme court sought out, and i thought nominee hearing. the leading democrat on the carefully before accepting. the confirmation process and the committee very early this morning, california's diane feinstein signalled democrats work of serving on the court if will, as chris pointed out, confirmed requires sacrifices, concentrate on her views on the particularly from my family. affordable care act, obamacare, which will go in front of that i chose to accept the nomination high court very soon, and the addition of coney barrett means because i believe deeply in the it could be struck down. rule of law and the place of the
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supreme court in our nation. california's other senator, kamala harris, also on the committee, and while we only i believe americans of all heard her opening statement this morning, we do expect her to ask backgrounds deserve an independent supreme court that probing questions of the nominee interprets our constitution and in the next few days. laws as they are written. >> senate republicans have made it crystal clear that rushing a i believe i can serve my country by playing that role. supreme court nomination is more i come before this committee important than helping in with humility about the supporting the american people who are suffering from a deadly responsibility that i have been asked to undertake, and with pandemic and a devastating appreciation for those who have come before me. economic crisis. their priorities are not the i was nine years old when sandra american people's priorities. but for the moment, senate day o'conner became the first republicans hold the majority in the senate and determine the woman to sit in this seat. she was a model of grace and schedule, so here we are. dignity throughout her distinguished tenure on the >> as for the republican court. when i was 21 years old and just committee chairman, lindsey graham, he addressed the beginning my career, ruth bader elephant in the room. he had insisted in the past what ginsburg sat in this seat. is happening today, hearings for she told the committee, what has a supreme court nominee this become of me could only happen in america. close to the election, he i have been nominated to fill insisted, would never happen. he said, hold my words against justice ginsburg's seat, but no me if i ever try it.
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one will ever take her place. so you're going to hear both his i will be forever grateful for statement today and his promise the path she marked and the life from the past. >> the president serves four she led. years, not three. if confirmed, it would be the there is nothing unconstitutional about this honor of a lifetime to serve process. this is a vacancy that's alongside the chief justice and occurred through a tragic loss of a great woman, and we're seven associate justices. i admire them all and would going to fill that vacancy with consider each a valued another great woman. >> i want you to use my words colleague. and i might bring a few new against me. perspectives to the bench. if there is a republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the as the president noted when he first term, you can say, lindsey announced my nomination, i would be the first mother of graham said let's let the next school-age children to serve on president, whoever it might be, the court. make that nomination, and you and i know it would make could use my words against me senators young and braun happy and you would be absolutely to know that i would be the right. first justice to join the court >> there will be just opening from the 7th circuit in 45 statements today. years. i would be the onlyat harvard o as you heard, they've concluded for today. tuesday starts the q&a. confident that notre dame could and because we're talking about a nominee for the supreme court, hold its own and maybe i could they're going to take their time even teach them a thing or two on tuesday. every senator gets a half an about football. hour to ask questions. as a final note, mr. chairman, i that should last through wednesday. a vote would probably come later would like to thank the many
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americans from all walks of life this month. october 29th looks likely, who have reached out with messages of support over the chris. that would be five days before course of my nomination. election day. >> what a wild time, and to even i believe in the power of hear those words from lindsey prayer, and it has been graham, what a difference four uplifting to hear that so many years makes. we know you'll be watching. people are praying for me. thank you very much, scott. so we want to move on to i look forward to answering the some of our local news. committee's questions over the kids, they are so painfully coming days, and if i am honest sometimes, and that is fortunate enough to be certainly what we found this morning as they expressed their confirmed, i pledge to opinions about heading back to faithfully and impartially school this morning in person in discharge my duties to the american people as an associate paolo alto. justice of the supreme court. sharon katsuda is live in palo thank you. >> thank you very much, judge alto where she talked to barrett. parents, students and staff. let's try professor o'hara. what did they say, sharon? >> reporter: school-age children went back to school this morning, and they haven't seen any luck with her? >> i'm here. each other since last march, so >> we should let you know what's it was definitely normal to have happening. there were three individuals who first day jitters. were to introduce judge barrett, >> i wanted to make friends. >> reporter: the first grader including the former law soft-spoken but even harder to professor, former dean at notre hear with her heart mask. it's the first time students
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dame, but they had apparently wore masks at the school and some technical issues and she it's not even halloween. was not able to speak. students noticed the new paws nonetheless, you heard the painted on the pathways six feet opening remarks from judge amy apart. >> the paw prints are on every coney barrett at the beginning of these confirmation hearings. campus. even though we're the wildcats, the real questioning will take they are on every campus, and it place tomorrow in what is expected to be a marathon is a reminder, a friendly session. i want to go to pete williams reminder, for students to stand back from others. who covers the supreme court. >> reporter: the palo alto there was a lot said today about the speed of this process, 16 unified school district last month voted in favor of in-person learning. second and third graders will days from the point of head back to campus in a couple nomination. we heard lindsey graham talk weeks, and fourth and fifth graders in november. about we could have pushed this middle school and high school students are expected back on campus in january. through but we decided to hold hearings. tell us what's normal here and what's abnormal here about this many parents and staff had protested the move. process? >> i think what's abnormal about even little emmy had mixed it is to do it this fast at a time when the senate has become emotions. are you excited to go to school, so contentious. yes, it's true, as many honey? republicans pointed out that no? what did you like about staying at home? there were times in the past >> i liked playing with my where the time from nomination to confirmation was very short. sister. >> reporter: emmy and students but in modern times it's been will be on a hybrid schedule very much longer, so this is still distance learning two or certainly compressed. three days a week. but, lester, you know, the
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people who support her nomination make no bones about >> what tipped us over the edge, it. the republicans are rushing to we just felt like from a do this while they still control the senate and while their socialization perspective, she president is still in the white would really benefit from being house. around peers. that's really what this is all she has a younger sister that's about, but it certainly is a compressed time frame, no four, but she's always in charge question about that. supreme go to our senior with her younger sister and she never has to learn to compromise. >> we've been hearing about some court nominations for more than other returns to school. we'll talk about those later on 30 years. in the week. but for now, we want to get a andrea, both sides, as we noted look at our microclimate weather earlier, really sticking to forecast which is coming up their kind of prepared talking points here. democrats obviously wanted to next. focus on the vulnerability of the affordable care act. all of this happening in the middle of a presidential election. how fine a line do democrats walk here? >> reporter: well, it's very difficult for them because they don't have the votes, and she is obviously, according to her biography, a very appealing nominee, the mother of seven. obviously a young woman who has good academic credentials. but that said, that is the first
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time ever in memory that a nomination has been pushed through after july of an election year. that is unusual. and also, as pete points out, at a time of such poisonous divisions in our society. they stuck very closely, the democrats did, to their strategy of pointing out that the affordable care act, as you say, will come up before the court on november 10th, just a week after the election, and that that hangs in the balance if she is put on the court, because she has spoken out very frequently against that, and against justice roberts, citing in favor of it in a 5-4 decision when upheld obamacare. that is notable. as well as, sticking together, we don't often see democrats sticking together so completely with all the focusing on health care. in the backdrop, of course, is the pandemic. there are concerns about two members of the committee, including one, mike lee, who showed up at times without a mask today who were only
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diagnosed positive last week. and thom tillis, who was virtual in his presentation. kamala harris, of course, the nominee for vice president doing it as a member of the committee from her office on the capitol but not coming in because of her concerns, she expressed, for lack of testing and lack of universal mask wearing by key members of the committee, and the risks to the staff, to the capitol policemen, to all the sanitation people on the hill, to all those who could be vulnerable in cleaning up that hearing room, lester. >> all right. andrea mitchell, thank you. president trump likely paying close attention to these hearings before heading to a campaign stop in florida later today. peter alexander at the white house, what do you know about that, peter? >> reporter: we know the president was watching as evidenced by some of his tweets today, insulting the democratic senator speaking saying the democrats were given too much time that was not mandated in a process like this. but takeaway, i think, from here is thatally is a reprieve f
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last several weeks, frankly months. the topic of coronavirus, including the president's own diagnosis here, and to give you a sense of just how important this nomination, this confirmation process is to the president, to this white house, the fact that his own legal counsel, the white house counsel, and his chief of staff, mark meadows are physically sitting behind amy coney barrett in the room there today. the president will return to the campaign trail later today and again over the next three days, four straight days in four separate states where critics again say he'll be ignoring those cdc guidelines, the president saying he has tested negative. his doctor has not yet said he has tested negative, the president saying he's immune, that he can't spread the virus, even though at this point it's so a lot of concerns here that you want to make sure you keep not entirely clear how long any checking back in for updates. immunity would last and how good that type of protection is for we will have more news coming up after the break. when was the last time your property tax bill went down? someone who had the virus in the past.
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but the president recognizes that trying to focus on this court seat is better for him politically, perhaps, than anything else right now, a chance to try to say to those conservatives in the country, some who may not be satisfied with the president's behavior in office, that look what i have done in terms of the courts, in terms of some of my policies, and he hopes that will bring them back around to him and to his party. >> all right. peter, thank you. let's stay at the white house now and bring in a correspondent for the pbs news hour and an nbc news political contributor. amish, it became fairly clear from democrats in their opening statements that they wanted to make this part of a referendum on the future of the affordable care act. the president continues to suggest that he's got something to replace the aca should the supreme court strike it down. is it clear that he actually has that? as voters begin to pay close what? never. attention, is there a republican are you kidding me? for years, the residential burden has gone up. option? >> as of right now, there has while the corporate burden has gone down. not been a republican option presented by president trump or prop 15 reverses that.
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by any republican in the senate and invests in schools, or in the house. the president has continued to small business, say now for years that the and firefighters. and when the big corporations pay more, republicans do have a plan to your tax bill goes down. replace obamacare, orcontinue t that's right. a savings of a hundred twenty-one dollars a year for the average home. give homeowners a break. vote yes on 15.
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a baseball legend and one of the best second basemen of all time joe morgan has died. the family said the two--time national league mvp passed away at his danville home. he was raised in oakland and won two world series championships with the reds in 1975 and 1976 but he also played with the giants and the a's. after retiring, he became a
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broadcaster. thank you for joining us. the next newscast is at 5:00. taking california for a ride. companies like uber, lyft, doordash. breaking state employment laws for years. now these multi-billion-dollar companies wrote deceptive prop 22
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to buy themselves a new law. to deny drivers the rights they deserve. no sick leave. no workers' comp. no unemployment benefits. vote no on the deceptive uber, lyft, doordash prop 22. one ride california doesn't want to take.
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. right now on "california live" -- >> watch your step. we're falling into fashion. >> i'm taking you from chic to cozy and comfortable all october. >> and then governor newsom's wife's mission to expose the great mesh liamerican lie. >> we're at a balance. >> and amber has some fun fall gifts for your friends. >> what's on your list for great fall gift ideas? >> i have something trending, something for personalities and something totally new you may not have thought of the. >> and ross is spicing things up with a special pumpkin pie.
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