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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 24, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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university. robert kennedy is among those who passed away this week. the county brought in their own clinicians to help take care of the seniors. the director says she is used to taking care of seniors in the final moments and this virus has made this process so much more difficult. >> in this pandemic, our able to to connect with each other and be with each other is impaired by the masks, the ppes, the distance, the contagen. up and we e haven't been able to experience it. >> all residentses there and the staff are now being tested. our investigative unit looked in past inspections and found they had a good record. the shower water too hot and missing bed rails. no violations for cleanliness.
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if the centers are well run, assisted living facilities are vulnerable to viral outbreaks. >> they are almost by definition. the elderly, going to p be older people who we know are more susceptible to the virus and who die of it at a higher rate. >> they honoring the situation at gordon manner and making sure every precaution is taken. some schefter in place orlandoer a order places are opening around the country. georgia, many are asking when that will happen in my county. in a meeting today. san jose and santa clara disease which businesses will reopen. robert handa with more on it. robert?
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>> reporter: the owner of the barbershop here on monterey road, likes what he sees happening in other places and hopes it will lead to him opening his doors here. dave was forced to close his barbershop on march 16th. he is excited to see similar businesses open up such as these in atlanta. >> besides a hospital, honestly, barbershops are held to a high standard. >> when restrictions will beized is a hot topic, to questions an at today's virtual commonwealth club meeting. it will be a public health decision but reopening would be in phases. >> what we are seeing in georgia will lead to a spike in c contagen. >> they pointed out for crucial
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try tier ya. >> we have to make sure that every job that opens up, outside of those that are essential work with. >> he remains unwaivings. >> i can't cut your hair from six feet it away. it will provide not just a false sense of security but an actual sense of security. >> and south bay leaders knowledge the pressure to reopen and keep businesses afloat is building every day. in san jose, robert handa. bay area news. the curve continues to flatten around the bay area. let's look at where the numbers stand today. san santa clara county, at 2,018. san francisco is at the 1340. and and the total here just shy
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of 1,000. a new poll from california health care foundation says that californians are on board with kornting to sheller at home. 75% say they will shelter in place as needed. only 10% -- actually, 11% want the order to stop, and 13% a they don't know, have no opinion. when it comes to masks, more than half of californians say they wear a mask all the time when they go outside. 19% part of the time. and 12% of people say none of the time. jessica? >> okay, thank you. let's show you what it looks like from above san francisco. this is what it looks like in the midst of the crisis. the roadways are empty, and bay area leaders -- well with, practically. they want it to stay that way
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this weekend even though the weather e is warming up. they are telling everyone to stay stay home. the city is san francisco is trying to make it easier for people who do want to go out, by giving them more room to walk on some city streets. christie smith from san francisco, with a little added smith. >> reporter: we're standing on paige street near the panhandle, and they are giving people on bikes and on foot more room on essential trips. neighbors say the sidewalks are not wide enough for room with social distancing. they are advised to use it weisly. >> i'm not sure which streets are closed. >> reporter: he took a turn on street when he saw the signs. >> i think it's a great idea. when i first i had h to get out of the house and i started running the street, i would go on the sidewalks and it was too narrow. >> reporter: he wears a mask and
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keeps his but wonderinging if the nice weather will have more people out when we are still sheltering a t sheltering at home. >> we have signage. we make the very clear this is not the time be gathering, holding barbecues in the middle of street. it's really in e e essential trips, walking and biking only. >> reporter: sections of page street and 41st average are the first residential streets to be schiffed from car traffic to foot traffic. they focus where the service is reduced amid the covid-19 outbreak. >> this weekend will be a beautiful weekend in san francisco. i want to really take this student to caution people about wanting to get back to things are more familiar.
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>> the shelter at home order is likely to be extended past may 3rd and urged everyone to be patient. and the police chief reminded everyone of the rules. >> reminding everyone that keep the distance of six feet. and wear your face covering. >> the slow street areas are eventually expected to cover 13 miles of city streets. christie smith. let's get you a live look outside. really sunny. we are warming up more this week. let's bring in jeff ranieri. back inside, good to see you, and yes, it's going to be a little warmer this weekend. >> yeah, we do have lots of that sunshine coming our way, and blue sky. for a lot of us, really just comes or very sudden and fast. the time zone, 1:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon, the houses really start to heat up. if you don't have ac, it will be difficult here for you.
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we bring it outside to the live sky cam network now. you can see the sunshine in san francisco and some of the locations that are close to record. santa rosa is really the only one near record. 85. the current record is still at 78 back in 2019. we do get cooler over night. i think we will start with 50s by tomorrow. 1:00 p.m., upper 70s and lower 80s. we will just a touch cooler in spots tomorrow. the other change is the cloud cover. fog near the coast. low clouds and some of of the cloud cover in parts of the afternoon. now, all of this sunshine comes a the a cost. the drought monitor has an alert for the north and east the bay. i will take a look at the long range forecast and what the rain chances will be to may's forecast. >> okay, thank you, jeff. santa cruz beaches may be
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open but that is not where should you be if you don't live there. park rangers say you may be tempted to head down to the coast for exercise and fresh air. they are telling to you stay home. they say if everyone heads to parks and beaches, it will be lard to stay six feet apart. california works to flatten the curve. >> the quest for information about coronavirus is gets help these days. but are apple, google, face took overstepping boundarieses? and privacy watchers say kit bin vai sif. scott budman has an update how it all works. >> reporter: apple and google, iphone and android, a rare partnership, the two companies are now calling exposure notification. a way to let you know via your smartphone if you have been in close contact with sbhon has
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covid-19 symptoms. >> when a new case is discovered, detailed investigation who has been in contact with that person and could have -- become infected. >> sheer how it would working between two people, one ofist a weather monitor. the system sends out blue tooth codes to our phone. apple and google says they encrypted so they won't know e who we are or where they have been. if you have symptoms, it will alert other phones you have been in recent contact. and even though the two companies insist they will not have your personal information, ethics and privacy experts say the program, while helpful, can be dangerous to minorities, undocumented workers and victims of domestic abuse. >> our communities are much more concerned about survey gaillanc.
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and with good reason. >> reporter: add in facebook's new map with covid hot spots. >> we have been able to produce a daily, county by county map of the prevalence of certain symptoms across the country. >> you have a growing tech effort to track the virus, with some watching closely to see if they are also tracking us. scott budman, nbc bay area news. up next, lining up for a mile and a half. families wait for food give away in the bay area. what it the says about want growing problem triggered by this pandemic. plus, he worked in tech and mentored kids in east oakland. what we're learning about one of the younger covid-19 victims. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i will show you where mid 80s are porzible and a long of the
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we have shared with you about the pandemic, to make sure we don't lose site of a very important one. those who have died. they are not just numbers. they are real people. nbc bay area shares a story of an oakland man taken well before
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his time. >> reporter: at just 56 years old, terry couldn't have known his life would be cut short but he lived it that way. making the most of school, of work and family. >> you work hard, saturday and sunday -- >> reporter: when terry blanchard stood to give a toast at his daughter noel's wed withinding. people were going to smile. it's something that happened around her father. >> always the funniest person in the room and the most confident person in the room. >> reporter: he grew up in san francisco, he was all city and heading to cal and making friends he would be close to for the rest of his life. >> god gained a angel but we lost a king. >> reporter: he was good now have play football at cal but had other priorities. >> he is all about academics in
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college. all his life. >> reporter: he wenten to a successful life in business, works in tech, owning his own restaurants. coaching his daughter's basketball team, mentoring at the east oakland youth development center. he always found time for others. >> the biggest lesson i got for him for sure, spending time and making sure you're -- you never get it back. >> reporter: terry's family and friends say he did indeed make the most of his time on earth. they just wish he more. >> he had more work to do, more things to accomplish, more people to help, mentor, lead. we lost a lot. >> reporter: garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. the city of hayward is changing the hours of its covid-19 testing center. the demand has shifted. no more weekend testing is
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offering. the parking lot the will reopen at 9:00 a.m. monday. it might close earlier if there is no demand. reminder just how financial devastating the pandemic has been, a line of people in need of food in san francisco today. one point, it was nearly two miles now, some are warning more than 250 million may will on the edge of starvation this year. how the pandemic is creating long lasting nightmare for so many. >> a line of cars stretched almost two miles at one point. you canning through south san francisco. how deeply covid-19 is impacting people already struggling. >> very long. >> recently unemployed and others in need of food assistance lined up for almost two hours hoping for a lifeline.
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>> i am so glad i have food. >> reporter: two weeks of food from second harvest. >> oh, my god. it's like, you know, i mention people in need. you don't realize it. >> reporter: the mayor of south san francisco said the crisis made a bad situation worse. volunteers say before noon, there were 850 cars in line and only 850 boxes available. the demand for food assistance has skyrocketed as unemployment goes to record levels. >> the food level needs is enormous. it doesn't mean there isn't food in the united states. >> reporter: global economics expers say coffee and pork may be short supply the in the u.s. nothing compared to what other countries may face.
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according to the united nations, the pandemic could make 250 million people go hungry. >> we have been so focused on europe, china and the u.s. we are not paying attention to the many other countries that are facing e normous problem. >> the situation is so dire in many areas. jeff, the weekend is here. it was a hot one today. >> i do expect warm weather as we roll through this weekend. a few subtle changes moving in. we know it's warm outside. i do want to highlight some sof the hottest locations, concord gets up to 88 degrees, that is close to a record but not good enough. danville, 87. and east san jose, 86. palo alto, 85 and napa, 85. where do we go from here
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tonight? a lot of us in the bay area don't have air conditioning and your house is going to retain some of that heat tonight. i will be a little slower to cool off for you. and 60s are ebette better than . and the house cools off over the next few hours. as we roll to tomorrow on, a few high clouds moving in, not quite as much blue sky, and temperatures, they will drop an agree or two. that's it. i still have 86 in napa. 83. martinez, and low to mid 80s from san jose to morgan hill. where do we go beyond this? the number one thing i get asked this time of year do we have any rainfall chances left? what i want to you focus in on, there is still a 60% chance of rain.
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maybe one to two more weak systems heading in as we head to may's forecast. it's not going to be anything to solve the drought problems we have right now. but maybe a little rain in may's forecast. i will have a look at the pollen, the atmosphere, in about 25 minutes. i know allergies are killing them right now. >> that is for sure. >> thank you, jeff. okay, check what is floating off the waters in south california. the explanation behind the e electric and glowing dolphins. some companies still have hr stuck between employees and their data.
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a freeway shooting and a front yard shooting in the east bay solved tonight thanks to cameras and high-tech tools. a terrifying hour-long chase across the city early wednesday morning that ended with a man shooting at a car on i-80. luckily, the woman was not hurt and police managed to track down the man, the drive interarrest him. earlier this month, police
6:25 pm
captured another man firing 17 rounds in his front year. they helped identify and arrest the suspect. >> if you shoot a gun in the city of san pablo, the odds of finding you are very high. we are watch withing the criminals, absolutely. >> there are 220 cam a ras across the city and several more on the freeway combined with license plate readers, they say the technology has made catching criminals equipmently. >> cal tran started repair work. crews started at 5:00 in the morning fixing the overpass, repaving the road. some say the noise was super disruptive. people are home. traffic is so light because people are home due to shelter at home order.
6:26 pm
>> so far, it has been running smoothly. that's good news. continue to follow all the detour signs. >> the stretch of highway, 101, is 70 years old. cal tran expect ps the work to be cop pleated in ten days. a a stunning phenomenal kougt on video in orange county. glowing dolphins create streaks of life. the light the is bioluminesent. that is spectacular. the coronavirus bill that president trump signed into law and who it will help. from three to nine symptoms. the new symptoms the cdc says
6:27 pm
you should be on the outlook for. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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right now at 6:30, more help is on the way. president trump just signed a new bill. the goal is helping small business owners t first round. it's all for the pandemic. the president signed a nearly $500 bill into law today. >> yeah n addition to the extra money for the loan, it will be funding for hospitals and testing. the president remaining hopeful
6:30 pm
the economy will bounce back after this pandemic. >> in the not too distant future, i really believe with what we have learned and all we have done, we will be just as strong and maybe stronger than before. even stronger than two months ago. >> even though the aid package is $500 billion, republicans and democrats are referg to it as interim registration to bridge the cares act and the next round of coronavirus legislation. >> some businesses in georgia were allowed to open today for p the first time in weeks, hair salons, tattoo parlors, gyms and nonessential businesses welcomed customers after the stay at home order was lifted. but there are rules posted on the doors. some places will take the temperature of everyone who comes in and everyone is required to wear a mask. >> it's hard. it's hard to color and cut with this mask on. it's hot. >> walk all the way through
6:31 pm
shop. they have to wash their hands. we're going to time them. >> a second wave of businesses will be allowed to open monday, including diamond restaurants, private clubs and movie theaters. new symptoms from coronavirus are officially recognized from the cdc. we have been hearing about fever, cuff, shortness of breath. this week, chills and shaking from chills. muscle pain, headaches, sore throat. loss of taste and smell and shortness of breath is amended to include difficulty breathing. it can appear two to three days an after exposure to the virus. the president signed a bill to block immigration for 60 days. he says he is protecting american jobs but the concern s could it hurt silicon valley
6:32 pm
companies who rely on foreign-born tech markers, joining me is a specialist in the rise of tech in the bay area. wrote the book, the code, remarking mark. let's start with what the executive order means in general. >> in general, it's 60 days of barring a lot of categories of immigrants to the united states. and it's a continuation of a series of measures that the trump administration has proposed or enacted since it came in office since 2017 that really e restricted immigration and refugee programs. >> does the order itself mention the visa workers? i was looking for it and didn't find it. if it doesn't, why do you they is going to impact bay area workers? >> well, i think for a couple reasons. it does not mention h 1 b visas.
6:33 pm
it does talk about nonimmigrant cat goishs. it says guest workers in agriculture, that is very important to the california economy too. but it's in that category as well. it's an a nonimmigrant visa. while it doesn't single them out, it does create uncertainty for the tech work worse are here on visas, attached to tech jobs, whether it's going to are be reviewed, what the long term status might be. and not every tech worker who is foreign born is a visa holder. a lot of people are green card holders, naturalized citizens. it's very much a story of immigration. first and second generation immigrants have been instrumental in making the industry what it is today. >> is there a concern the workers who are already here could face problems or could their visa expire and not be
6:34 pm
renewed? what is the status? with the 60 day wait, the government is at a stand still with a shelter at home. >> yeah, well, i think the operative word here is u uncertainty. is it going to be 60 days or longer? right now, president t's execute order applying to people who are not in the country and want to come here. there are a lot of tech companies who want to bring people in. they want to come to the bay area and work at areas and that is going to be much harder for him to co-that. and there are students there, and in that category that in the united states and want to immigrate here temporarily permanently, and there is a secret, people from all over on the world who come here. >> is there the potential for emerging competition, and they
6:35 pm
are growing, and people might opt to maybe not take the chance to go through this and they will lure some of the koefted workers this toews sectors instead. >> there is a real chance there. for decades, america in particularly california and silicon valley for were the only game in town. you often wanted to end up here. is where you wanted to come. this is where the innovation was happeninging. now you have really blooming innovation companies all over world. it's not the a place. it's a global network. and this a real opportunity for other places that are more welcoming not only of people from their country, and people from elsewhere to come in inknow vat and build companies. the open door is part of the secret of american tech story. this is -- this would be a real own goal if it's really cut off permanently. >> we appreciate your incite. thank you very much.
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>> thanks for having me. >> well, jessica, warm weather is on tap for the week. take a look at san jose. a beautiful day today. you might be tempted to head to the beach, santa cruz, plan a picnic outside. before you make plans, officials want to you follow shelter in place orders. and roz plater has more. >> reporter: the main order is to shelters in place at home, and keep your social distancing. and there will be not the so subtle reminders. >> a gorgeous day, but if you are planning to drive to a san mateo county beach, think again. this sign along route 1 says sooif miles from home, turn around and go home match they encountered hundreds last weekend that are not following the shelter in place order. >> we were larmed at the number of people that had traveled more
6:37 pm
than five miles to come in a recreation area. a little over e 500 people. and the travel was from sacramento. >> the officers shut down the parking lots and they will patrol the beach. the coast side strummers say it's hard but i think that get why it's necessary. >> i'm sorry that people have to be kept away. >> i think it's a good idea. >> we try not to have to resort to making arrests for violations but we are asking people to cooperate. >> reporter: it's mump the same in santa cruz county. exercise in your own neighborhood. people are trying to prevent large crowds and east bay parks, officials say they have seen a surge in visitors since the shelter in place. >> we want to make sure that people are brings masks to the park. >> and they want to you social distance. >> we will have a helicopter up in the air to look for large
6:38 pm
gathering. large gathers are not allow. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. up next, bringing light to a very dark time. the south bay high school choir that created a very special virtual performance.
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>>. >> sn slrks back again tomorrow night with a new at home show. hosts have not yet been announced. and in the bay area. >> and threaten with a covid-19 cop and then the two san francisco women are accused of. prosecutors say the women walked in a walgreens and not wearing a mask and one of the women coughed without covering her mouth. the manager asked her to leave. shay coughed taking things offer
6:41 pm
the shelf. they responded, we have covid and they left the store without paying for anything they took. >> one mountain view couple is still able to take part of somethinging good for their an versety. thanks to friends. they celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary. the friends decided to sur surprise them e with a car parade. they honk the horn horns, waving signs. a now and message of love and hope. ♪ imagine there's no heaven. >> isn't that sweet? they can't practice in person. they did it virtually. they wanted to send light in the darkness of the pandemic, singing the iconic john lennon's "imagine" goc to youtube. and imagine what it's like to be
6:42 pm
whole again in this very difficult time. >> very soothing to hear their voices. let's check with jeff ran nearly. stay in your neighborhood. stay a home. and it's strongly recommended. it can be a beautiful weekend. >> yeah, we don't really see big problems coming our way. maybe not quite as much sunshine, wall to wall for us. i will go over that and show you the phone weather apps are not showing you a close look at the pollen, and what would be aggravating your allergies coming up in about 1e67b minutes. and using video games to recon neck. the mind craft madness going on at the cal campus.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
. >> frts it's likely what. can schools closed, many students are missing campus. >> if they complain before. >> you see berkeley. and that triggered a solution they found out a way to hang out
6:45 pm
on campus from home. >> reporter: for many students, a college campus like uc berkeley is home away from home. big buildings, small details, the trappings of college life. now, just signs of how life is usual came to an unexpected halt. >> everyone is stripped from their communities. >> reporter: he missed the real cal campus. when school is shut down because of the pandemic, he and other students hatched the idea of creating a virtual cal in the online developer game mine craft. >> you can get pretty accurate renders of buildings. >> they added familiar campus building. >> this is the pretty significant point on campus. >> then they began to nil
6:46 pm
details. >> there are falcons on the clock tower. >> and the gate that the a cappella group sings there. >> you can see them, and it feels more like campus. >> the details add to the community. >> unlike the real campus, users on the virtual cal are free to meet up. >> you can hang out and chat, hang out. >> the goal is to have online campus finished by mid may to hold a virtual commencement ceremony. >> a lot of seniors will not the be able to finish the semester. >> just the idea of a virtual experience can help replace the loss of a real one. a connection to the familiar and a time when we need it the most. nbc bay area news. trying to find ways to connect. >> yeah. >> let's check in with jeff ranieri. we are checking and con necking with with you virtually.
6:47 pm
you're going to take us outside. a beautiful weekend in store for us? >> you got it. i miss you guys so much. i get to see you on tv, in the studio. but you know, maybe hopefully soon we will be back together. the sky camera view outside, i know it's what a lot of you experience today. plenty of skies from the north bay down to the south bay. let's get a live view from the high-definition camera. the one thang different this afternoon that is beginning to changes up. the high cloud cover spilling in over towards the east bay from the storm track ha is beginning to just get a little bit closer. we were close to records and now concord has bumped up to 89 degrees for the high today. not good enough for a record but it does close. right now, 85. your house will be a little warmer tonight. if you don't have air continuing, it will be slower to cool off as we head have high 70s at 10:00 p.m.
6:48 pm
the change this weekend. it is a subtle change. i think it will drop temperatures 1 to 3 degrees. the storm track will begin to lower a little closer to us. the main result is lie clouds streaming across this weekend e and the warm air will stay put. so no major cold air moving in. again, just slight cooling her windchill start tomorrow morning, the 50s and sun and cloud and patchy clouds there for the peninsula, and 53 degrees. 56 for the north bay. not overly cold. san francisco, 54 and the east bay, 58. a closer look at the cloud cover and you see the coastline, and it will be a little cloud cover for the north bay, and the east bay. and we hit the afternoon, there you can see more of that over the north bay as welt. so we still have sun on the way, just not wall to wall sunshine like we have been used to all day long. tomorrow, in the south bay, we are keeping it in the 80s.
6:49 pm
80 in -- close to records tomorrow in pittsburg. 87, antioch, and the peninsula, 62 in half moon bay from the cold ocean breeze to 20 degrees warmer in palo alto. microclis microcli mic microclimates in evict. and 86 in napa and 84 in santa rosa. i do want to address the pollen. we have oak e trees producing high pollen count. you want to be on the lookout for that, and grass, juniper and cedar. i posted to know the symptoms list on my twitter page and it compares the symptoms, sneezy, run or any stuffy knows, and t
6:50 pm
fatigue. you can go to my page and get more on that. and the inland valleys, 80s all the way through next thursday. so it's either a good weekend to get more stuff crossed off the list at home. you know, to the-do stuff or have a cold beverage in hand. take your pick, right? >> iced tea sounds great. >> perfect, jeff, thanks. >> from homeless to first round pick. we will introduce you to the newest 49er next in sports. right now, staying connected is more with speeds up to a gig-all at we'll ship you a self-install kit that makes setup quick, safe and easy. no tech visit required. and our simple digital tools will help you manage your account online. at xfinity, we're committed to keeping you connected.
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the wroed to the nfl is never easy but few have had a journey like javon kinlaw. >> it is incredible. he went from being homeless to being a first round pick for the 49ers. what a journey. here is anthony flores. >> reporter: san francisco 49ers select javon kinlaw. >> the joy and exhilaration being drafted 14th overall by the 49ers. his father, a life-long niners fan, was floored by the announcement. there is a lot of pressure being
6:54 pm
a first round pick in the nfl. but it's nothing compared to the challenges kinlaw faced growing up. he lived in washington, d.c. with his mom and two brothers. >> pretty much homeless, living in a basement. we went without electricity, no water, things like that. >> as a kid, he thought that is how everyone was living. >> now i look back at it, it was tough, man. it made me a man at a young age. >> reporter: he moved to south carolina to live with his father. after struggling with grades in high school, i had attended to junior college in mississippi and went on to be an all american at south carolina. now the 49ers are hoping the 6'5", 325-pound defensive tackle with fill the void left to deforest buckner who was traded to the colts. >> nothing like the defense we e had last year, and that gives you the best chance to go to the
6:55 pm
super bowl. >> he flayed a high level. >> playing next guys like that, i think it leads opportunities for me to get a lot of one on one. you can't asking if for anything better. >> he is part of the best defensive line in football. >> we wish him well. we want to end on something good. a new way of marking a special milestone, a lot of kids are going to miss out on. graduation. >> we want to say congratulations and give an a shout out to all the graduates for your hard work and success. congratulations. ♪
6:56 pm
♪ it's so bittersweet to see the foes and they look happy and you see optimism and hope for tomorrow and all the plans and yet, they are launching off in a new chapter with all of this happening. >> i know. but we still want to give them the shout out. and please send your pictures of your graduates. we would love to show them on the air. we wish you all the best. a very happy and healthy weekend. enjoy. >> we'll see you at 11:00. . >> bye. we're all doing our part by staying at home.
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that could mean an increase in energy bills. you can save by setting your heat to 68 or lower... unplugging and turning off devices when not in use... or just letting the sun light your home. stay well and keep it golden.
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welcome to "access hollywood." i'm mario lopez and let's get started with three in 30. >> yes, it is literally true. >> they all promised it would happen one day and that day is next thursday. the cast of parks and rec are returning for an episode shot entirely on their phones to raise money for covid relief efforts. alex rodriguez say that he and j.lo are putting the pause button on their summer wedding saying they have to think of safety first. check out disney princesses serena and olympia dancing to


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