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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 14, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a good wednesday morning to you. a live look at our radar, we are hitting triple digits today. be mindful, as we have a microclimate weather alert. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm lawyer r.a. garcia. let's check the forecast with kari. >> we are under a microclimate weather alert due to the unhealthy weather quality. the spare the air alert today, so we'll see some unhealthy air in the inland east bay, moderate for the -- as we sew smoke drift
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in, the temperatures ramp up quickly. here we are at 11:00, we're already starting to see low 90s popping up in the tri-valley, and then heading into the triple digits, as we go into the afternoon with concord today reaches 106 degrees, so it's really going to be very hot today and the next couple days. i'll have more on that in a couple minutes. mike, you're tracking an investigation? >> yes, we have this video that just came into the newsroom. we have this crash on tully road, it's a major roadway closed from monterey and 7th. you may wonder why the chp is there. they were involved in a pursuit we're told. and san how apolice and fire involved. and tully road between monterey right here and 7th. just a short section of roadway, but it is critical for some
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folks. you could head north to alma. traffic very light to you. well, new overnight an apparent shooting under investigation in west contra costa county. on mar posa avenue on california strait. a advance appears to be shot up. a lot of bullet casings, investigators marking those casings, still haven't heard from deputies. some families stood in the street. fire fighters also say that damage could have been worse. >> got all the coats there. >> grace has an evacuation plan
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in place in case of an emergency. the brush fire put her plan to the test. >> i told the kids to be ready. these are all ready all the time. it's so hot, and then tomorrow it would be like 102. thursday will be 103, and that's why we're so scared. >> reporter: the four-alarm fire started just off redwood parkway. both could be seen from the i-80 freeway. >> my daughter set the hidside is on fire again. >> reporter: it quickly spread to ten acres. close to a dozen homes damaged. john lee's home is one of them. >> just went over and cut the brush back like 20 feet. we had them fires in clear lake and stuff, i'm the first house that will burn. i cut all the trees back, and thank god i did.
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>> the fence lining right here just fully on fire. i was praying that they stopped it in time, and my parent. >> cheryl hurd, "today in the bay." and farther north. a brush fire in mendocino is contained. it burned 225 acres outside of hopeland. firefighters say that fire is moving away from populated areas. 4:34. when jurors in the ghost ship warehouse fire return to deliberation, it will maker eight days since they received the case form the jury did make one notable request. they asked to have read back all four days of testimony from eric up, and wanted to re-hear testimony from two men, one man on the original lease, the other who manned the door the night of
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the fire. did san francisco police cross the line in trying to get answers from a journalist. for the society of professional journalists meetings last night, the journalist in question took center stage. he said in may he found officers pounding on his front door with sledge hammers. they had a warrant and wanted to idea carmody's source who leaked information about the death of a -- >> he said here's your phone, go ahead and lock it for us. that was a hard pass on that, of course. >> the judge who issued the warrant has said since then she was never told it involved a journalist. an update this morning on a debate that up -- council members in oakley last night
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could not agree on continuing funding to make tain all the parks. the city says it costs $150,000 per year and opponents argue it's not the city's burden. the council agreed to keep the parks open and trying to reach a agreement that fits everyone. new teacher housing in palo alto. santa clara county have approved a development plan, the city and county leaders have set aside more than $9 million to help pay for a project slated for a section of grant avenue across the street from the county courthouse. so far they haven't decided on the number of units. a heads up if you're moving around through contra costa county this weekend. b.a.r.t. will be doing track work between orunna and walnut creek. buses will run instead.
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the laughate stati alaugh at -- station will also be closed. samtrans has a custom pass to allow unlimited rides on all routes from today through the end of the month. they will issue the passes at skyline, san mateo and pinata colleges. apple headed to college. a look at how the tech giant's partnership will allow students instant access to dorms and food using only their phones. and new spin on your pizza delivery. the push to get it faster that doesn't require a license or a car. it only has two wheels.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. good morning. i'm rahel solomon, and here are today ace top business headlines. wall street could see a pull back this morning following yesterday's rally after the trump administration's decision to delay some chinese tariffs. so those products include smartphones, laptops, certainly clothing and shoes. the dow jumping 372 points, its best day in two months. apple the best contributor to the dow. despite that optimism, u.s.
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treasury bonds continue to flash warnings signs about a slowing economy. apple is implementing student i.d.s into i phones. a dozen universities will now support the technology this school year, including georgetown, duke, clemson, john hopkins and tennessee. and domino's is launch ago delivery program with electric bikes nationwide this year. they say in tests e-bikes have improved overall delivers and hiring, including those who don't have a car or driver's license. salt lake city, baltimore and houston in the coming months. domino's says the bikes can hold up to a dozen large pizza. quite a balancing act. driver, alternates exercise.
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>> and maybe a big irtip. we've got it all figured out. thank you. coming up here on "today in the bay," our microclimate weather alert continues as triple digits moving into the bay area. kari, it's going to be a hot one. >> if you thought it was hot yesterday, unfortunately it will be even hotter today. martinez starts out with mid 60s. 91 degrees at noon. we'll talk more about that, coming up next. we have some folks gathering at the bay bridge toll plaza, just the cash lanes that are open. we'll show you how much of a brees it is for the rest of the commute, coming up.
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. welcome back, everyone. what a beautiful live look outside san francisco from the san bruno mountains this morning. you want to have your head in the clouds, if you can. it's going to be a hot one today. san rafael fire fighters potential put this out. they say five people were on board, all rescued safely by people in a nearby boat who came to help they don't know how the
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fire started, but good news is the people were rescued. >> scary situation. talking about all those fires on land, anyway. it's going to be so holt today. >> make sure you're taking it easy. if you can, we are just advising people to check on your friends, your family, anyone who may not have air conditioning, as we get the live view. there's a bit of a light breeze. the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen. our temperatures today for the bay and the coast will reach into the 80s, that's the reason why we're not seeing these areas included in the heat advisory, but anywhere in orange, that's the advisory that will be in effect for the south bay, the north bay as well as the east bay, and excessive heat means over 105 degrees for several hours in solano county. as you get ready to head out the
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door, it starts out with mid 60s, and then we're heading into the mid 80s. we'll already be above our normal temperature, by 11:00 this morning, we continue to go up from there. so as we look at the microclimates and what to expect, we're looking pretty good, but then here we are already at 11:30. we're seeing low 80s. livermore in, and 90 in danville, and the triple digits are going up, especially by early afternoon. we're going to stay there to the middle of the day. 105 in danville, san jose up to 95 degrees, and we'll still have that staying with us for the next couple of days. we'll see those temperatures coming down this evening, getting ready for round 2 of the bay bridge series. we'll see the temperatures out there at oracle park at about 76 at first pitch, cooling down to the upper 60s. a bit more comfortable there,
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but we still have this very slow-moving high pressure that's giving us not much of a wind. going into the weekend, we will see some changes as an area of low pressure dropping across the pacific northwest, more wind and that means cooling temperatures. here's the dangerous heat, a spare the air alert, going into the weekend wee see the temperatures coming down. we have some upper 70s and low 80s, dropping back to the upper 60s by the weekend. mike, you're looking at a crash in the tri-valley? >> that's right. watch out, watch for kari's updates. over here we have green, a nice easy drive, a smooth flow for most of your freeways. we do have a crash here, you can see a bit of slowing, chp's report says the crash is over on the shoulder. as you make the bend out of livermore toward pleasanton. this cuts through miles canyon,
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showing a slower drive. i advice going a little slower anywhere. no problems reported for that area. contra costa county looks great. no problems, our down through redwood, to the bay bridge, just a little slowing for 880, about 380 for construction crews, as well as nor on the coliseum, you see some slowing, with the flashing lights, you do lose one lane, it looks like that's still going on. back to you. thanks very much. continuing coverage, we are learning more about the southern california chp officer killed in a shootout on monday night. officer andre moya jr. was devoted to public service. his mother said he loved going to work. he was killed by a man whose truck was being impounded by riverside county. two officers were shot, they're
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now recovers. the officers killed the gunman. a new twist in the controversy surrounding a historic mural of george washington, once slated to be painted over. san francisco school board members approved a new plan, instead. to cover the display with panels. critics argue that the decades-old mural includes slaves and negative portrayals of native americans, but the plan to destroy it was met with national outrage. supporters say the new plans allows history to be preserved, those opponents still call it a betrayal. >> we were hoping to bring it down. we're happy for it to be covered. we don't want to have to see it still, but we writer it would have been taken down. >> i don't want to call it a victory. it's just something -- i look as it as preserving history. >> in june, board members first voted to paint over the mural, but even the naacp opposed the
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plan. it's expected to take years to have it covered instead. thieves grabbed about half a million of jewelry and electronics from alex rodriguez's car. he parked the car outside a san francisco restaurant and near oracle park where he was working the giants game. police responded with a swarm of officers, evidence team and a detective. other recent car burglaries victims believe rodriguez received celebrity treatment, but police say anyone can request fingerprinting and dusting on their cars. >> is there any prefer inchally treatment giving to people more famous than others, no. in this case it was a significant loss of property. >> police say part of the response had to do with the value of the items.
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4:51 for you right now. coming up on "today in the bay," nbc areas responds. >> all this summer we've been asking for your help in supporting our schools. are we making the grade? i'm chris comora with a ohm progress report. strong storms wreaking havoc across parts of north carolina. overnight they toppled trees, widespread damage, downed trees luckily no reports of injuries so far. we'll be back with our own weather concerns, right after this break.
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classes are starting, and thanks to our viewers, thousands
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of bay area kids sporting new back packs and school supplies. >> chris has an update on our back pack drive. >> good morning. i'm please the to record we are in striking distance. students were able to pick out a backpack of their own. this scene is playing out as family giving tree districts as many as 41,000 backpacks to kids in need. >> you see the smiles and curiosity what's in the backpack, but you see the security with the support. >> thank you, thank you. we all appreciate the backpacks. >> reporter: you can help nbc bay area and telemundo reach our goal of 5,000 backpacks as well as family's giving tree goals
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you can build a virtual backpack or make a cash donation there. back to you. thanks, chris. 4:55 for you. mexico's mighty volcano blew its top. >> it took place under a starry sky, pretty dramatic show there, the mountain spewing ash, water vapor and gas high into the area. after sunrise a new plume of up ash and gas emerged. it reached 3200 feet into the blue sky. a little frightening. >> it's beautiful. >> you want to see something like that from a distance, or video. safe in california. 4:56. coming up next, our top story of the day, the triple-digit temperatures we're talking about. kari hall, you're a busy woman today. >> this happening as more kids are going back to school today. san jose unified, first die and look at how hot the temperatures already as they head home from
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school. we're talking low to mid 90s. more on this and all of our microclimates, coming up next. we are looking at san mateo bridge, which is heading over to the peninsula, where we had san mateo, so more folks on the road, likely changing their patterns. we'll track that and i'll bring you an update over for the east day. plus 80 thousands kaiser workers voting on a strike right now. up next, where they'll protest today in the bay area. you're watchi ining "today in t bay." get ready bay area - thing
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about to get even hotter. nbc bay area issuing a mi wright now, get ready, things are about to get hotter. a microclimate weather alert as triple-digit temperatures are expected through the tri-valley and south bay. kari hall's forecast is just moments away. plus it's back to school for gilroy families, but the community is still reeling from the mass shooting, wee live at the high school as students return, plus the new gun measure the county is moving forward. caught on camera, a san francisco woman attacked by a homeless man right outside her apartment building. how opponents of a planned homeless center say it proves their point. "today in the bay" begins right now. thanks so much for being with us. >> of course mike will get us through the day with the
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commute, but first we want to talk to kari hall -- >> i don't want to talk to her. >> you're going to have to deal with the heat. >> you can't avoid it. it's best you know about it ahead of time. >> that's right. this morning we are dealing with high heat. still streaking across the sky, but at some point you may barely be able to see it. smoke drifts in, we are going to have unhealthy air quality with a spare the air alert in effect, also some heat advisories as well for parts of the south bay. heading up to 102 degrees, some of our hotter spots in the inland east bay, 106 in antioch and in concord. more on that coming up. mike, you have a closure for police activity? >> that's right, kari. we have this alert that came into our newsroom. san jose police and chp were


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