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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 11, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PST

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brewing in the pacific. because of it -- a flash right now at 11:00, we're watching a big storm brewing in the pacific. you can see some of it right there. because of this, flash flood watch is in effect. >> get to it, chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now. when are we seeing problems in bay area? >> wednesday is the day we're focused on. starting off the show with this because could have flooding problems. storm system out in the pacific. then all of this moisture out
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here, that's going to join with the storm system and boost up the rainfall totals. flash flood watch in effect 11:00 p.m. tomorrow to 8:00 a.m. all bay area. ponding, fast rising water in creeks, rivers, streams. specifics. to let you know, wide varying rainfall. 3/4 to 3 inches possible. wind gusts could take down more trees. sierra snow at 5,000 feet. track on the storm system, hour by hourstory, at this late hour, president trump is returning tohi in texas. this has been a significant night for many reasons. as it stands now, lawmakers on
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both sides of the aisle have hammered out a spending plan. if it stands, another government shutdown would be avoided. sources tell nbc news that $1.3 billion has been improved for border enhancements. that's key term there, "enhancements" about 55 miles of new barrier. no limit of number of beds for immigrants immigrants detained and funds for beds. >> pleased to work together bipartisanly and come to agreement. staffs are working out details. >> we're going to get what is best for the united states. >> president trump did not mention campaigning in el paso, texas, thousands filled the arena, thousands more standing outside. renewed promise to build a wall, however that deal we talked about is for fencing and barriers, not a wall.
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named one of the top running backs in high school football but a promising bay area player recruited to university of nebraska is facing criminal charges linked to revenge porn. vicky nguyen spoke with the young woman accusing him, exclusive report. >> reporter: 19-year-old maurice washington iii, football star at kings academy, now a freshman for the university of nebraska. according to search warrant washington faces one felony charge of distribution of child pornography and misdemeanor charge of revenge porn. accused of sending video clip to ex-girlfriend depicting alleged sexual assault she suffered when 15 years old. now 18 taylor agreed to speak
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reveal last name. >> fresh year he was on varsity, every game, ball to him. running, score a touchdown. everyone is crazy, loves maurice. he's perfect. >> reporter: dated washington eight months as freshman at kings academy. following year two classmates sexually assaulted her off campus and recorded it. didn't know about the video until students shared it at school. parents reported to the police and one of the boys put on -- for distribution of child porn but not willing to press charges. >> it was emotional trauma and not ready to deal with it. lot of people think if something really did happen would have been angry and done something. that wasn't the emotion, i felt dirty. why do that to me? >> reporter: but says texted washington to wish him well at
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nebraska. >> congratulate him on a successful football career, see how he was. maybe i wasn't being nice enough or he was trying to get something out of me. i think it irritated him, that's when he sent me my rape video. remember this, ho? and broke my heart. >> reporter: her parents saw the video on taylor's phone and contacted police. warrant has been issued for washington's arrest. his attorney said in part the narrative put forth today is mr. washington used video as weapon to revictimize former high school girlfriend, that's not true, communications yet to be fully determined and said mr. washington has confidence in the justice system, due process and the presumption of innocence. >> washington was not part of the alleged assault, didn't record the video but accused of
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sending it. university of nebraska has not had a chance to review the charges. kings academy said happened after school, off campus and she was not student at the time. parents now considering filing a report to police about alleged sexual assault with the other two students. fire in eucalyptus grove is raising concerns. had to climb a steep heillside, behind the medical with trees and brush. >> neighbors say complaining about encampment to ucsf, officials were not sure whose property it was on. three alpacas dead and
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several others injured after attacked by dogs in solano county, happened at lola vista farm, a learning institution for students. what a loss for the poor kids. >> reporter: it really is. and the farm is closed until next week as people deal with it tragedy. interestingly, there were grief counsellors brought out to help the elementary school students deal with the loss of their three friends. >> it's a huge loss. >> reporter: three alpacas mauled to death by two neighborhood the t losing belov family pet but in this case it's at school, supposed to be safe the fence,fter the alpacas and attacked sheep, tearing off one ear, attacking
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another and two goats. >> vet had to stitch it together, and spray stuff dries as a band-aid. >> reporter: huskies had caused trouble before but nothing like this. animal control identified the owners through the microchips. huskies may have to be euthanized and owners liable for veterinary bills and other charges. >> students participate in science and nutrition, planting and feeding animals daily. >> reporter: to learn how you terry mcsweeney. dozens came to the san mateo county supervisors in redwood city, protesting three deaths involving tasers and law enforcement last year.
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sheriffs office said he was running in and out of traffic, assaulted a deputy. sister acknowledges he suffered from mental illness, said tasing went too far. >> want to see police officers have accountability when they don't follow procedures. want to see transparence. >> tasers are definitely a tool we appreciate and value here at san mateo county sheriffs offense, majority of the time they're safe. >> county d.a. hired outside investigators, family hired civil rights attorney to represent them. a south bay man is sharing story of chasing down a burglar inside he. neighbors say crime in the area is getting worse. ian cole with the details. >> reporter: nathan steele was returning home from breakfast with his children when he heard a crash in the back, found window broken, saw a man running from his house. >> ran out to the street, looked
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both ways, saw him running down this path. >> reporter: chased suspect for several blocks near cole and union avenue, suspect pushed steele down, tried to punch him. >> said get away, don't call the cops. >> reporter: steele called 911, sheriffs deputies set up perimeter around the neighborhood. >> followed him, obviously kids in my head, had to get back. >> reporter: deputies arrested paul garcia jr. in the hour, had knife on him, steele's stolen jewelry and cash. neighbors have seen increase in property crimes. many have security cameras >> worse recently, cars broken into, jacked and stolen. >> reporter: steele bought a security system, happy family and home is safe. >> lot more secure. still ahead, pot and
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presidency, admission senator kamala harris made about marijuana that's making headlines tonight. flash flood watch for bay area. take you through stronger storm hour by hour in eight minutes. why did one woman's oil change cost $16,000? and why are hundreds of auto repair shops open for business when under state investigation? chris guamra, nbc bay area responds next. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now,
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new at 11:00, a shocking discovery for man in central ne newborn baby lying ineroad. early this morning, found a >> heard the baby crying and screaming, okay this is a baby, got to get out there. >> found the baby girl, hours old. happened in madeira, north of
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fresno, less than 30 degrees at the time. stayed with baby until paramedics arrived. search continues for her mother. story we first broke. bizarre, man under arrest, accused of poisoning food at grocery store in bay area, southern california and arizona, exclusive surveillance photos of david claire lohr. accused of putting hydrogen peroxide on rotisserie chicken and pouring bleach on eggs and beer. wanted for tampering with food products in southern california and arizona as well. simple oil change, not so simple, nbc bay area responds to woman whose oil change cost more than $10,000 for whole new engine. >> state was investigating the
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auto shop for fraud but no easy way for her to know that and go anywhere else. chris chmura with the story. that's crazy. >> totally. we agree it's crazy. questioning whether the state is doing enough to protect people like you from shops that might skirt the law. $16,000 oil change might have been crazy enough to get the state to actually listen. pulled into this midas, needed oil change. but says tech improperly replaced the oil filter and engine burned up. >> car lost all power. >> took the car to dealer for repairs, got a shock. >> you need a new engine, about $16,000. cain said she shoe the midas shop was to blame. did not know the state had been investigating the shop since
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2015 after receiving previous complaints. >> committed fraud, false and misleading statements and in one case, gross negligence. >> inspectors took seven undercover cars. >> 26 violations occurred. >> only way to know the shop accused of failing inspections is look up online, search the docket, decode the legalese. >> wish i had done it before the oil change. >> state let disciplinary a backlog. >> 1,314 auto shops under investigation, free to continue doing business as usual, including the midas in napa.
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there's no requirement to tell consumers. very different from another place you commonly spend money, restaurants. official health score helps you quickly gauge whether a restaurant is above board, go up immediately after inspections and restaurants are required to post them. couldn't the state grade mechanics the same way? took that question to sacramento. >> think could do a better job publicizing whether or not aula above reproach. >> chairs the committee that oversees the bureau of automatic repair. told the story and shop that failed seven inspections. >> o too much. we need to be proactive as possible, ensuring consumer protection. >> i can't pay for this. >> cain and $16,000 engine
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replacement, we called midas corporate and they reached a confidential settlement. cain is happy but disappointed in the state. >> frustrating to know they know what they know and yet he's still doing it. >> midas location in napa is individually operated franchise, owner said he recency sold it. wouldn't talk in person but has tak n owns. scmay, almost four years after first undercover car went into thenow shop? >> not right now. >> got a settlement, hopefully the full $16,000, we don't know. >> we like to say, wasn't satisfied unless got money back, now there's confidential
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agreement and she says she's happy. so. good night. >> if you know anyone who has fallen for this scam, call us. tips to jeff ranieri, tomorrow is last day to clear the gutters. wednesday coming in strong. >> everything is pointing toward wednesday for heavierai wt is happening out here, so you can see itinnd out. two different storm systems wednesday and thursday, joining up with atmospheric river, boosting up totals of the storm systems for chance of flooding. tomorrow morning, don't see rainfall in forecast, dry, cloud clover will make it more enjoyable after temperatures in the temperatures, starting with
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49 in south bay, tri-valley 46 and north bay, 45. crow clouds to start. tomorrow, rainfall. widespread holds off until 10:00 p.m. on tuesday. all this wet weather developing in pacific that will slam northern california. really think will move in notice some dry pockets but heavier rain in north and south bay. should get going with widespread coverage 9:00 a.m. wednesday, later commute in morning, impossible to get from point a to point b. 7:00, start to see that storm system break up and second round likely moving in by 11:00 p.m. on wednesday.
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rainfall totals are widely ranging. look at key, find your city on the map. notice two different bull's eyes, north bay, santa cruz mountains, two to three-plus inches possible. most of the higher elevations will steal the rainfall. storm going to the valleys won't have as muchpected with the sto. thursday, we could see additional quarter to one inch of rainfall. spotty chance friday. dry out saturday, spotty shower chance on sunday. presidents day looks like as well. jacket weather, take that umbrella. more updates of course all day tomorrow. wednesday is the day where you just have to watch out.
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>> thanks for the heads up. up next, kicked out, controversy surrounding this cat and san francisco fire building she's called home. happening now, should 17-year-olds have the right to vote? assemblyman lowe tried to push it last year, didn't pass. 16 and 17oldsan preregister, if get the vote, only in state races. back with more news.
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presidential candidate "kamala harris" was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. her r >> she inhaled and doesn't have problem admitting.
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presidential candidate kamala harris was asked if she ever smoked marijuana. response is catching attention. >> have you ever smoked? >> i have. and i did inhale. it was a long time ago. but yes. >> on a morning radio show senator harris admitted it happened as student at howard university, position today, quote, it brings people joy and we need more joy. cat controversy swelled into fincisst fire department. station 49 told they had to get rid of a cat they had brought into the station years ago. some employees pushed back, taking to social media to plead for edna. the fire department said got more than 4,000 e-mails, most lobbying for her to stay. but wasn't enough to change the decision. saying she could compromise
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medical supplies stored at station. ending note, member of the department will adopt edna. if you were a toys "r" us kid, iconic store could be making a comeback, filed for chapter 11 in 2017, investors who took over the name and intellectual property hoping to open this year, most of theld have different name. >> jeffrey the >> suggestion for the sugge >>acmaybe one of these days..
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okay. they are the hottest team on the ice and tonight number one seed conference. >> maybe one of these days, sharks and warriors championship parade. >> together? >> would be cool. vancouver, sharks fans north of the border. came out firing. evander kane with a nice shot from the left wing. second goal of the game. quick 4-1 lead. later on joonas donskoi feeds tomas hertl, sharks win 7-2, the final, sixth win in a row. baseball season has arrived, sort of, pitchers and catchers
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reporting for spring training in mesa, arizona, a's camp. kyler murray, a's first-round pick has decided to play football, expected to be drafted in firstou april's nfl draft. giants report thursday. ready to meet her? might already know her. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today.
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name. the public meeting hap a brewing battle over a controversial bay area school name. >> public meeting tomorrow for parents to weigh in. valentine's day is coming up quickly, consumer team has advice. >> 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> you know h.e.r. as h.e.r., i grammys, best r&b album and performance. started performing with dad's band when a little girl. dad told us what it was like to see his daughter win last night. >> we were both crying. hugged each other and cried. one of those moments, wow did this really just happen? >> it did, hoping to perform in vallejo for local fans in near
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future and h.e.r. is having everything revealed. is that figuratively or literally? >> having everything revealed, congratulations. >> can't wait to see you. >> have a great day tomorrow. >> bye-bye. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- adam sandler,


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