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tv   Today  NBC  March 30, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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weekend. do be careful out there. we'd love to see you back here on monday. >> come back at 7:25 for more local news. more news coming up toot at 11:00 as well. good morning. breaking news. show of force. overnight russia test launching a dangerous new missile that vladimir putin claims can't be shot down. tensions at a boiling point. both countries closing consulates and expelling diplomats over that nerve agent attack on a former spy. was moscow directly involved? this morning hour exclusive interview with russia's ambassador. >> do we have motive to kill him on the eve of russian presidential election? >> do you? deadly manhunt. a police officer in kentucky shot and killed by a man pretending to be a fellow officer. the frantic search for the suspect ending in a violent
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confrontation overnight. we'll have the very latest. searching for answers. investigators trying to piece together this mysterious and deadly crash. an suv with a family of eight inside plunges off a california cliff. could it have been intentional? those stories plus coffee and cancer. a key ruling in the controversial push to put warning labels on your morning cup of joe. close call caught on camera. >> you just almost killed us both. >> eye-opening video for anybody who's ever reached for their phone behind the wheel. final four's final countdown. can sister jean and her lrambles pull off the big win? today, friday, march 30th, 2018. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie
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and hau and hoda kotb. good morning, everybody. happy friday. so nice to have you with us. sister jean's team. is she point guard? and she's totally crucial to this effort. and the final four is set. >> people have their weekend plans this good friday. and i think a lot of people will be watching some basketball. we'll get to that, of course, in just a little bit. but first our top story. that breaking news in the escalating feud between the united states and russia. >> russian officials released this video testing a missile that they say could reach the u.s. and carry a nuclear weapon. this comes amid this back and forth of the poisoning with a nefb agent on an ex-russian spy. this has both countries expelling diplomats and closing consulates. we talked with russia's ambassador and get to that in a minute. lucy cavanaugh with the latest on that missile launch. >> good morning. it's not clear whether the kremlin informed the pentagon of
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this test. the u.s. european command this morning telling us they saw media reports announcing the launch. but the timing is significant. this escalation taking place as relations between the russia and the west are sinking to their lowest point. in russia this morning the kremlin flexing its military muscle, publishing new video test launching its newest intercontinental ballistic missile. dubbed satan 2 by nato it's allegedly capable of carrying up to 15 nuclear warheads and flying at supersonic speeds. russia's president vladimir putin claims his latest weapon is invincible against western defense systems bragging this month that it could reach anywhere in the world including the united states. this show of force comes as tensions with russia reach new heights. the kremlin yesterday expelling 60 american diplomats from russia, shutting the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg. the same number of russian diplomats kicked out of the u.s. on monday when president donald
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trump ordered russia's consulate in seattle shut. >> there is no justification for the russian response. our actions were motivated purely by the attack on the united kingdom, the attack on a british citizen and his daughter. >> reporter: the tit for tat comes after the poisoning of former russian spy in the city of salisbury. the british government has charged russia with the attack, a charge the kremlin denies. in a call last week congratulating him on his election victory, two said that trump said if you want to have an arms race, we can do that, but i'll win. a cold war style escalation that shows no sign of slowing down. the kremlin this morning insisting that the russian president still hopes to mend relations with the west. we know the foreign ministry in moscow has summoned the ambassadors from some of the european countries that were expelled from russia. they were seen arriving this morning.
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we're waiting on more details on what the next step in this diplomatic dance may be. back to you two. >> lucy, thank you so much. amid all this tension we sat down with the russian ambassador to the united states, anatoly antonov. we began by asking him about russia's move yesterday to expel dozens of u.s. diplomats. >> if anybody slap your cheek, your face, what will be reaction from your side? you will think -- not you will think. you will try to do. and you will retaliate. it goes without saying. >> the expulsions follow an international outcry after an early march attack on a former russian double agent sergei skripal and his daughter that left them both in critical condition. the russians used a deadly nerve agent in the attack. you say there's no evidence of russian involvement. >> yeah. >> do you agree or acknowledge that it was a soviet-era nerve
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agent used in this attack? >> you'll see that, frankly, i don't know. you see that what we offered and what we have requested from our british colleagues just only to give us evidence, to give us proofs regarding the potential involvement or so-called involvement of russian side into this accident. >> would you acknowledge that russia has the motive to go after this former spy? >> it's very interesting question. you say that. let's again look at the history. that guy, he was an ex-spy, yes? >> yes. >> he spent five years in a russian jail. then he spent five years in london. please. there is just only a question. do we have motive to kill him on the eve of russian presidential election? >> do you?
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>> of course, no. where is motive? you see that? >> as you know, russia has continued to deny any interference in our 2016 presidential election. you've said, show us the proof. and now the special prosecutor, robert mueller, has obtained an indictment, a lengthy indictment against 13 russians and russian organizations. and he lays out his case. he lays out the proof. are you investigating those individuals? i mean, it's hurting russia's good name. >> mr. putin made it clear, made it clear that those guys didn't violate russian norms. we are leaving, i would like to say to everybody in the united states, in accordance with russian law. not in accordance with american law. it's a problem. >> so if those russians did everything that was laid out in that indictment, the russian position is they didn't do anything wrong? >> i know that there are some information in your agencies
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regarding so-called, i say, so-called russian interference. please take from your pockets evidence and proof, and we're ready to look at them. >> why do you think the relationship between our two countries have deteriorated to this point? and what part of it, what responsibility is russia willing to take for that? >> first, you see that i don't understand why russia should take any responsibility. because you see that when we dance, it means that we, both party, are responsible. >> if russia has some responsibility for the deterioration of relations, which is it? >> if united states does not want to dance tango, what should i do? to punish the united states? to persuade? it's just only a joke, of course. i have thought a lot of -- about this situation. i'm not sure that everybody will like what i will say. the tragedy in london was just only trigger for our bad
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relations. but it seems to me that atmosphere in washington is poison, is poisoned. it's a toxic atmosphere. even i made a joke to my press secretary saying that today russia's responsible for everything, even for bad weather. it's high time for us to stop blaming each other. it's high time for us to start real conversation about real problems. >> so fascinating. i know when you were prepping for this interview you had no idea sort of all these news event was be happening around it. >> we knew the u.s. was announcing the spies, we didn't know russia would retaliation. i just called jon huntsman to the consulate there and he said we're going to close the consulate in st. petersburg. i used to live in washington and drive past that huge russian embassy every day.
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this is the first time i set foot in there. this is a new diplomat, this is not the ambassador at the center of the russia investigation. he says nobody in washington wants to meet with him. you know, people -- it's hard to be a diplomat when none of these members of congress want to sit down with him because it's so radioactive. >> interesting interview. president trump is making news on a number of fronts after a week of more staff shake-ups and more details about his alleged affair with stormy daniels. he spoke out last night before heading to mar-a-lago for the easter holiday. peter alexander is there. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning to you. the president settling in at mar-a-lago for his easter weekend. only a small staff of advisers by his side. his daughters ivanka and tiffany trump joining him on air force one as he came down here. before his break, the president delivered a largely uncrypted speech that ignored the controversies that surround him. president trump arriving at mar-a-lago for easter weekend emerging from nearly a week of relative seclusion.
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>> mr. president -- >> reporter: avoiding tough questions. >> did you ever discuss pardons? >> reporter: after bidding good-bye to departing communications director hope hicks. later, before cameras for an infrastructure event. >> they're builders. >> reporter: that at times turned into a rally of his greatest hits. >> people said, oh, has he given up? i never give up. >> reporter: conceding he might be better suited at real estate. >> was always very good at real estate. i was good at building. maybe better than president, be good at building. >> reporter: on a new trade deal with south korea ahead of planned talks with kim jong-un. >> and i may hold it up till after a deal is made with north korea because it's a very strong card. >> reporter: the president touting discusses in the fight against isis. >> we'll be coming out of syria very soon. let the other people take care of it now. >> reporter: but a state department spokeswoman later said she was unaware of any
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planned pullout. the president defending his pick for veterans affairs secretary, his white house doctor ronnie jackson. while attacking the v.a. he inherited. >> they had sadists that treated our vets horribly. horribly. worse than a movie. >> reporter: president trump also boasting about the ratings for "roseanne's" reboot. >> thank you for making america great again. >> reporter: a sitcom where she plays a trump supporter. >> i called her yesterday. look at her ratings. over 18 million people. and it was about us. >> peter, it's been a really tumultuous month in the white house, a lot of people leaving, among his trusted adviser hope hicks. where do you think president trump goes from here? >> yeah, perhaps no departure more important than the departure of hope hicks. she really was his most trusted, most loyal of aides. she's been with him since the very beginning. aides describe her as the president's memory, his
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translator. you could see that affinity between the two as you said good-bye to her from the hope hicks was in earshot of the president. unclear who he'll be able to confide in. the inner circle keeps shrinking. this is the beginning of a new era barely one year into his administration. o hoda? >> peter alexander, thank you. breaking news this morning, the u.s. military says two coalition personnel were killed and five others wounded by an improvised explosive device in syria. the wounded were evacuated for further medical treatment. it's unclear exactly where that blast occurred inside syria. names of the casualties are being withheld until families are notified. the man hunt is over for a gunman suspecting of killing a kentucky police officer. police say they shot and killed 34-year-old james decorsi early this morning in clarksville, tennessee. on thursday evening, officials say decorsi was pretending to be
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a police officer when he pulled over an off-duty officer, philip meacham and then shot him. meecham was pronounced dead at the hospital. a multi-state man hunt ended hours later when police caught up with the suspect across state lines in tennessee. it's march madness. the final four tips off tomorrow night. there's a number of storylines to watch. craig is here to get us ready for the big game. good morning. >> hey there, savannah, good morning to you. the stage is set in san antonio, villanova, kansas, michigan and the surprise of this tournament, loyola chicago all ready to battle it out. the stage is set in the alamo city. villanova, kansas, michigan and loyola chicago ready to battle in the final four. 11 seeded loyola chicago looking to upset mighty michigan. >> here comes the player of the year. oh! >> leaning the ramblers, clayton custer and ben richardson, lifelong friends and teammates. >> richardson. and he hits it.
7:15 am
>> with team chaplain and superfan sister jean cheering them on, the dynamic duo looking to add more magic to loyola's cinderella run. trying to play spoiler, the michigan wolverines with the help of their inspiring student coach austin hatch. >> surviving two airplane crashes either luck is on your side or there's some sort of divine intervention in your life. >> hatch lost his family in the crashes and suffered a traumatic brain injury himself. but the wolverines honored their scholarship offer to the former high school star, anyway. he's a key resource on the sideline. for kansas stay azabuki, the jayhawks matchup is shaping up to be a special reunion. the 18-year-old's mother florence trying to see her son play for the first time working with kansas officials to make the trip from nigeria after being granted a travel visa. his mom has sent her son the u.s. for his safety is hoping to
7:16 am
arrive just in time for saturday night's game. and while sister jean gets loyola chicago ready for michigan, villanova is also hoping to have a little faith on their side. >> god bless sister jean. she is just wonderfully refreshing for college sports, but i'm rooting for villanova. >> team chaplain, father bob hagen, one of the school's associate athletic directors and a fixture on the wildcats sideline. >> you really build relationships and friendships. so seeing them succeed, it brings you great joy. >> we're going to have much more on the final four and sister jean in our next half hour. so many compelling storylines. >> i was getting some tweets about father hagen. they were like, hey, don't forget about us. we have him on our side. >> i love this battle of the chaplains. who has got god on their side? >> you'll probably see a move in the ncaa next season where every team will have a chaplain. >> official position. point guard, chaplain.
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thank you. we've got al over there. what's the forecast looking like? this is a big holiday weekend? >> today first day of passover. it's good friday. we're going into the easter weekend. we'll start off a little on the damp side especially from florida all the way up into new england. behind it we've got a little light snow coming. no big problems, but there could be a few minor airport delays along i-95 as the system starts to push its way to the east and as it does those travel delays may build a little bit. the rain moves off shore later this morning, then things start to clear out. cooler air will start to come in. as we look at the rest of the country for today, some snow up through the plains. we'll look at that in the next half hour. drought conditions continue in the southwest. and those showers along the eastern seaboard. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. you right now that i♪ ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪
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♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ good friday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we've got a lot of sunshine in the draft today, beautiful sunrise as we get a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. it's a cool start, but warms up to 72 degrees today, half-moon bay 65, slightly cooler along the coast while the inland areas will be just as warm as yesterday reaching up to 85 in livermore, 84 in san jose and napa a high of 78 degrees. into the weekend slightly cooler temperatures and perfect weather for easter sunday. and that is your latest weather. >> all right, al, thanks so much. coming up, new developments in desperate search for clues in the mysterious and deadly crash.
7:19 am
so what did cause a family of eight's van to plummet off a cliff? plus, should your morning coffee come with a warning about cancer? a landmark ruling in a controversial case. but first, on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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activate your within. ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. breaking right now: good morning, it's.26. i'm marcus washington. breaking right now, jurors in florida have reached a verdict for the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter. noor salman is from the bay area, she's accused of conspiracy tied to those shootings. authorities arrested her in her hometown of rodeo then took her back to florida to face the charges. her husband omar mateen killed dozens of people at pulse nightclub in orlando in 2016. prosecutors argued salman did nothing to stop her husband and misled investigators. the verdict is supposed to be read coming up in a few minutes. we will bring that to you as soon as its made public. taking look at weather today. it will be a sunny day. >> very warm, too.
7:27 am
72 degrees for san francisco, 76 degrees for oakland and those inland valleys will have some mid 80s again today. pretty much like yesterday, but this will be the last of it as we will get cooler air moving in in time for our easter weekend. san francisco reaching the upper 60s and mid 60s for next week. we will also be tracking rain by the end of next week but we do continue on with dry weather over the next few days coming down from 83 degrees today to 72 degrees to start out next week. still looks really nice and once again it's nice to see we will have some rain coming back by next weekend. let's get an update on the roads now. >> good news, this shot moving better in the last five minutes we've seen the motorcycles crash cleared. watch out, i don't like that, folks darting out of their lanes into the clearer drive to get 50, 100 feet farther. be careful. northbound recovering from capital expressway. the other crash on the san mateo bridge also cleared. still slow at the toll plaza but better across the high-rise.
7:28 am
flat section is the last to recovery. back to you. of course, i will have another local news update coming up in 30 minutes. ♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing.
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that's our thing. visit
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welcome back. it is friday morning, march 30th. not just any friday. it is good friday. you're looking at st. patrick's cathedral here in new york where good friday services are being held. a beautiful sight in midtown. >> that's a beautiful shot. we'll start this hour with a check of headlines including that alarming move by russia overnight. sending a message. overnight russia test-launching a new missile after the country expelled american diplomats retaliating for the u.s. booting russians earlier this week as punishment for moscow's alleged involvement in the poisoning of a former spy. the russian ambassador defending the move in a "today" exclusive. >> if anybody slap your cheek,
7:31 am
your face, what will be reaction from your side? you will retaliate. it goes without saying. >> not happening. attorney general jeff sessions saying he will not name a second special counsel to investigate republican driven accusation against the fbi. sweating it out. under armour admits a massive data breach of its popular nutrition tracker my fitness pal with approximately 150 million accounts affected. lotto fever. the mega millions jackpot sitting at a half billion dollars with only hours to go before tonight's big drawing. and close call. a newly released dash cam video catches a woman in arkansas nearly hitting a state trooper's car head-on. >> you just almost kill would us both. what were you doing? looking at things? >> yeah. my phone. >> today friday march 30th, 2018. we move now to a mysterious and deadly crash in california.
7:32 am
it's making headlines nationwide. investigators are trying to find out what caused a family van with eight people in it to plunge off a cliff. nbc's national correspondent >> good morning. investigators call what happened in one of the most beautiful places in our country a nightmare and a tragedy and now they worry it may forever be a mystery. this morning, the search is ongoing for three children considered missing days after an suv was found mangled 100 feet below this pacific coast cliff. >> there's an overturned car down there in the wash. >> reporter: inside the vehicle, the bodies of married couple jennifer and sarah hart and three of their six adopted children. investigators believe their three other children were also in the suv at the time of the crash. authorities have little information as to how the accident occurred. it was only reported after a
7:33 am
passerby spotted it while stopping at the overlook. >> there was no indication of why this vehicle traversed approximately over 75 feet of a dirt pullout and went into the pacific ocean. >> reporter: one of the missing children, devonte hart, famously photographed in 2014 hugging a police officer during a rally in portland. social media posts paint a picture of a happy family, but public records show a woman of the same age named sarah hart pled guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault in minnesota in 2011 and recently these neighbors called child protective services. >> devonte coming over here and telling us that, you know, he's being starved to death and they're mean. >> reporter: but friends of the family paint a different picture. >> jen and sarah were the most loving two moms that we could have ever seen on this earth caring for six beautiful adopted children. >> reporter: thursday investigators searched the
7:34 am
family home but found nothing in disarray as they look for clues of the family's activities prior to the tragedy more than 500 miles away. >> investigators say exactly what happened along the coastline may never be known. there were no witnesses and no apparent surveillance video. a case they fear they'll never be able to close. back to you guys. >> bizarre and such a sad story. miguel, thank you so much. >> thank, miguel. let's get a check of the weather. we're heading into a big holiday weekend, al. >> search for the easter eggs may be a little difficult under the snow throughout the plains. we've got winter advisories, winter storm warnings stretching from the dakotas into the u.p. of michigan. here is what we are looking at. this cold front coming down will bring a quick round of northern snow. gusty winds will keep the visibilities low. then it comes across the lower great lakes as showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. here's what we're looking at snowfall wise, anywhere from about 6 to 8 inches of snow
7:35 am
stretching from bismarck all the way to marquette, michigan. we'll see this cold front bring in much colder air out of canada. seasonally mild out of the south. oklahoma city 66, st. louis 64, but green will only be 47 degrees as we move into the weekend and that system drops to the south. fargo, you'll be at 16 on saturday. nashville, 69. philadelphia 58. then on sunday the cold air makes its way farther south. oklahoma city and paducah. mobile, you stay nice. 77 degrees. charlotte a high of 75. we have a really nice day ahead, a lot of sunshine and highs reaching into the low 70s in san francisco and mid 70s for oakland. palo alto expect a high of 78 degrees, also 78 in napa today. mid 80s for the inland areas. let's check out the weekend forecast. it looks still really nice, but cooler in san francisco, reaching into the upper 60s and by the middle to end of next
7:36 am
week we will be tracking another chance of rain and also some much cooler temperatures. and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you. ahead in the wake of the facebook scandal how much does google know about you? are they tracking your every move? what we have uncovered. and then still coming up, a special sneak peek. our buddy john legend joins us live from the set of "jesus christ superstar." and what has ed sheeran showing off his wild side this morning. should coffee come with a cancer warning? mitzi: psoriatic arthritis tries to get in my way? watch me. ( ♪ ) mike: i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ( ♪ ) joni: think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it.
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7:41 am
she's got the story. good morning. >> maybe you're on your first or second cup of coffee this morning, but a new court ruling here in california is stirring up serious controversy about a chemical inside that morning cup of joe and how it may impact your health. this morning you may think twice about that cup of joe. the california judge has issued a proposed ruling that would require starbucks and other coffee sellers to put cancer warnings on their beverages sold in the golden state. that decision landing after a nonprofit group sued multiple coffee companies back in 2010 claiming that the businesses violated state law by not warning people about chemicals used in a roasting process. one, a crylamide is still effectively unknown. >> we know in large doses in lab tore rats can cause cancers. in humans that connection, that link has not been made. >> the chemical is found in very small doses after coffee beans
7:42 am
have been heated. and the coffee industry argues the levels are harmless. it is found in other products such as french fries, potato chip, crackers, bread and breakfast cereal. but now in california coffee brewers may have to add warnings that coffee contains chemicals that can cause cancer or birth defects. some argue that may scare customers away. >> i think if you were to put a cancer warning sign inside a coffee shop, it would definitely affect the business. >> the industry may appeal the decision saying in a statement the world health organization has said that coffee does not cause cancer. adding coffee has been shown over and over again to be a healthy beverage. this lawsuit has confused consumers and does nothing to improve public health. in the u.s. more than 60% of people drink coffee on a daily basis, brewing up a $30 billion industry. >> i think people are a little bit too obsessed with their coffee to really have it be a
7:43 am
big deal. >> and doctors say that java fix does have health benefits. >> coffee in moderation, 2 to 4 cups a day has shown to decrease your chance of getting diabetes, liver cancer, decrease your chance of having heart disease and we think maybe a premature death. but again moderation's the key. >> if this actually becomes the law, what would happen to coffee chains who didn't put the warning on and didn't listen to the guidelines? >> well, there's another lawsuit that's coming down the pike that will determine if these coffee companies have to pay any sort of civil penalties here. we want to emphasize one more thing. this ruling does not mean that someone has found here that coffee causes any sort of cancer. guys? >> hope not. because you're hitting us where we live. >> wait till the bottom of the cup. >> inside. >> sir lipton is laughing right now. have a cup of tea. coming up, craig's back with more march madness. new proof that sister jean is in
7:44 am
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7:48 am
march madness. a little bit excited. the final four is on. and we are fired up. >> okay. just check out what we're wearing. >> yes. >> we've all got matching shirts on. >> and an incredible tournament. obviously exceeded all of the hype. we've had some major upsets especially early on. brackets busted early. buzzer beaters and loyola chicago, cinderella story. >> hey, craig. >> experts predicted that villanova and michigan and kansas, that they would get to this point, but no one expected to see loyola chicago still dancing. the 11th seeded ramblers have
7:49 am
had a remarkable run. and they've had that run under the eye of their chaplain, 98-year-old sister jean. what's not a surprise, fans have flocked to their success causing a boom in ramblers apparel. you guys are modelling that this morning. in addition to the t-shirts, though, you may not know this. >> no! >> she's got her own bobblehead. >> winner. >> we have the other teams represented, by the way. don't tweet us, please. carson, we've got to show these. >> i got these in times square yesterday. look at that. >> sister jean socks. >> she's never smelled so bad. >> wow! >> whoa! >> they make everything. >> so who is going to advance to the finals? loyola chicago and sister jean, they are going to face michigan. number 3 michigan in tomorrow night's first game. the wolverines they fought their way here through those tough wins over houston, florida
7:50 am
state. will they finally be the ones to knock out loyola chicago? well, according to 538's prediction model michigan is a heavy favorite with a 69% probability of winning. but as we've seen time and time again throughout this tournament, the ramblers have beaten the odds. on the other side of the bracket, we've got a matchup of number one seeds, kansas and villanova. these heavyweights are expected to make it to this point as they are two of the highest scoring teams in the country. so who is going to win this one? according to 538's projections, villanova has a better chance with a win probability of 64%. and if you are wondering if these schools actually feel an impact off the court, they do. on average, schools that make the final four, they see their applications go up nearly 6%. teams that win the whole thing, their applications increase by more than 10%. so who is going to be crowned champion, boys and girls? >> who is it?
7:51 am
>> who do we think is going to win it? >> who is it? >> we'll have a better idea after tomorrow night. but maybe more importantly who is going to win our bracket challenge. take a look at the standings. >> i got beat. >> savannah. >> that's impressive. >> we want to say congratulations for winning our pool, just about. >> barring some miracle. >> i just picked them by who has pretty uniforms and who has animals that i like. >> speaking of sister jean, by the we, a reporter asked her last week, what are you giving up for lent. you know what she said? this is true. losing. >> oh! >> love her. she's sassy. still to come, guys, are we all being tracked by google at this very moment? we'll shed light on the newest online privacy concerns. >> coming up in the orange room. what causes the sound of
7:52 am
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good friday morning. right now as we take a live look outside in emeryville it's all clear and we will have a lot of sunshine as we go throughout the day. cool start but a nice warm afternoon. low 70s for san francisco and some mid 60s for half-moon bay while the inland areas will heat up again into the mid 80s. san jose up to 84 degrees. we may set some new records, but this is the last day of this high heat. we will be at 72 degrees in san francisco and then cooling off back to some normal temperatures for this time of year. easter sunday san francisco 66 degrees, and there will be a chance of rain by the end of the forecast. we will continue on throughout the next several days, though, with some sunshine and morning temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s. afternoon highs up to 75 degrees on easter sunday and some lower 70s early next week. let's get an update on the commute now from mike. speed sensors on the san
7:57 am
mateo bridge where that giant arrow is moving smoothly. no giant backup anymore. recovered from the earlier crash in foster city. san jose a little slower north 101 still recovering nicely mast mckee. 87 slower than you would like but definitely clearer than a normal friday. oakland the drive past the oakland sole seem a little slowing there, but none at the bay bridge. kari showed how light it was on the east shore freeway and no metering lights all morning long, that's why we have this light traffic here because all the feeder routes are also light. back to you. happening now the verdict is in within the past 20 minutes, jurors in florida found noor salman not guilty. the east bay woman is the widow of omar mateen. salman was chi used of obstructing justice. before the warriors/kings basketball game tomorrow night one former player organizing a rally. matt bairns is demanding more accountability in the investigation. he wants current player to attend. the warriors face the kings
7:58 am
tomorrow night at 7:00. more news in 30 minutes. the char commute monday morning.. and cars with no drivers? despite the controversy -- there are new permits being issued that could soon make that a reality in california. "today in the bay" - monday morning -- 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ say something ♪ say something >> it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, tracking your every move in the face of the facebook data scandal, what concerns that google knows about you. >> they're going to know where you've been, when you've been there. every single thing that you do in your life. >> we'll take a closer look at the search engine's privacy settings. plus finding hope. >> over the last year, personally, how hard has it been living with cancer? >> it has been a struggle emotionally because you're thinking, gosh, i didn't sign up for this. ♪ i'm gonna stand by you >> we check back in with craig and his inspiring brother lawrence as he begins an experimental treatment. and "jesus christ superstar."
8:01 am
we'll chat with the stars of sunday's live show, john legend and brandon victor dixon as they get ready to take center stage today, friday, march 30th, 2018. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> happy 70th birthday, grandma. >> from ohio. >> because today is my 12th birthday. >> i traveled 1,600 miles to meet al roker. ♪ hey now baby >> guess who is turning 50? >> on the plaza. >> we're skipping school today so daddy could take a selfie with hoda. >> happy 60th birthday. >> hey there. >> happy 60th. >> absolutely. happy birthday. and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." nice spring morning. it's friday. that sounds great. >> let's say it again.
8:02 am
today is friday. >> yes, come on. >> and we are going to get outside in a bit, but first we want to get right to your news at 8:00 because there's a lot going on. russia has put an unsettling exclamation point on a week of tense diplomacy. they released video that is said to show the test launch of a new intercontinental ballistic missile. it could carry up to a dozen nuclear warheads to the u.s. and outsmart any defense system. it's one of the advance nuclear weapons that russian president vladimir putin boasted about during his state of the nation address earlier this month. >> that footage was released just hours after moscow said it was expelling 60 u.s. diplomats and closing a consulate retaliating for a similar move by washington. it started when russia was accused of poisoning an exspy in great britain. during an exclusive interview i asked russia's ambassador about the current state of diplomatic relations. >> seems to me that atmosphere in washington is poison. is poisoned.
8:03 am
it's a toxic atmosphere. even i made a joke, i said to my press secretary, saying that today russia is responsible for everything, even for bad weather. it's high time for us to stop blaming each other. it's high time for us to start real conversation about real problems. >> the ambassador also insisted that russia had no motive to try and kill the exspy on the eve of russia's presidential election. now to a growing controversy tied to the parkland school shooting facing a boycott of her show conservative fox news host laura ingraham is apologizing this morning for mocking one of the survivors. but it came too late for several major companies that have already pulled their advertising. nbc's kerry sanders has that story. good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, hoda. the students here at marjory stoneman douglas high school who are taking on the powerful gun lobby may have just realized the power at their internet
8:04 am
fingertips. this is a david and goliath story. as you'll see it appears david has won. this morning 17-year-old parkland shooting survivor david hogg is winning his fight with fox news host laura ingraham. >> welcome to the ingraham angle. >> reporter: on wednesday ingraham tweeted a story from a conservative news site that described hogg as a gun rights provocateur. ingram writing, david hogg rejected by four colleges to which he applied and whines about it. hogg, who has more than 600,000 twitter followers encouraged his supporters to boycott advertisers sponsoring ingraham's show. in two days eight sponsors now say they're either pulling their ads or have no plan to buy ads in the future. some not giving a specific reason. wayfair writing in part the decision of an adult to personally criticize a high school student who has lost his classmates in an unspeakable tragedy is not consistent with our values. i reached hogg by phone late last night. >> if you call out me or my
8:05 am
friends, we aren't going to go after you because we aren't as immature as that. we're going to go after the money because that's where it hurts them the most. >> reporter: ingraham apologized, tweeting, on reflection in the spirit of holy week, i apologize for any upset or hurt my tweet caused him or any of the victims of parkland. >> i don't accept her apology. i don't think it was sincere. >> reporter: since the massacre at parkland as the calls for gun control have gotten louder, so have the personal attacks on social media. leslie gibson, a republican candidate for maine's statehouse, was forced to drop out of the race after he called hogg a moron and a bald-faced liar. one of hogg's teachers greg pitman. is there something we've learned with what's happened here with laura ingraham that applies to the bigger fight? >> i think that these other guys better look out because these kids have a lot of power, and they don't like it. >> reporter: david hogg says
8:06 am
what he's learned in this back and forth with laura ingraham at fox is that they're really ready for the much bigger fight now, the bigger fight, of course, to restrict the sale of some weapons in this country like an ar-15. hoda? >> kerry sanders, thank you. >> nasa is gearing up for historic mission to mars. on thursday the space agency detailed its plan to put a lander called insight on the red planet. the goal is to study the interior of mars and gather data about how mars was formed 4 billion years ago. looking deep into the planet will help scientists understand how different its crust, mantle and core are from the earth's. that mission is 25 years in the making scheduled to launch as early as may 5th. meanwhile, back here on earth. >> yes. >> it's morning boost time. >> yes, it is. >> hello. >> here's how a 36-year-old chicago accountant became the unlikely star of last night's nhl game between the blackhawks and the winnipeg jets. chicago is having trouble with
8:07 am
keeping goalies. their starter got hurt during practice yesterday. then the back up was hurt during last night's game. so in comes this guy named scott foster. he's the accountant. he usually sits with the press, doesn't even suit up. he played college hockey more than a decade ago. the team had to sign him as an emergency goalie. he's never played in an nhl game before, but last night he was flawless. he blocked seven shots. >> wow! >> that came his way. in chicago's victory, he was the unlikely hero. he was voted the game's number one star. >> i love it. >> isn't that crazy? can you imagine? living his dreams. >> wait, do i need the outfit? that's cool. >> and he didn't choke under the pressure. >> that's awesome. we do have a lot more ahead including online privacy concerns. is google tracking your every move? what you need to know. plus john legend and brandon victor dixon will give us a sneak peek at "jesus christ superstar." they're live in concert. there they are. they're up early for us.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
out of his fingers riding a unicorn sneezing rainbows? definitely. just asking for a friend. yea, i figured. (whispered to camera) wow. ♪yeah ♪and i just wanna tell you right now that i♪ ♪i believe, i really do believe that♪ ♪something's got a hold on me, yeah♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪oh, something's got a hold on me right now, child♪ ♪oh, it must be love ♪let me tell you now, oh it must be love♪ welcome back, everybody. just when a lot of us thought we figured out facebook's privacy settings people started asking what about google? >> the conversation has started
8:11 am
now. >> yeah. >> it turns out the information google has on you is kind of staggering. gadi schwartz is in l.a. and he looked into this. good morning. >> good morning, savannah, good morning, hoda. while facebook says it connects people with people, google connects you to the things you either want or want to know. in exchange this search engine is now one of the most powerful advertisers on the planet. what happens to all that data. what are they collecting? is it safe? and what, if anything, do they share with others? every second millions of google searches telling the company what's on your mind. >> google knows everything about you. >> if you're using google maps, they might be collecting data like this. >> they're going to know where you've been, when you've been there. every single thing you do in your life, if you're online, there's a good chance they know about it. >> reporter: jim stickley is a cyber security export. after the facebook cambridge analytica scandal, he started poking around google's settings and was shocked to learn that they have 9 gigs of data on him.
8:12 am
>> how much is 9 gigs of data? >> it's boxes and pages of data. you'd run out of paper before you printed everything. >> reporter: from his shopping habits to what he lines to trips he's taken over the last decade. >> it's frighteningly accurate. down to the hotel i was in, how long i was there. they know pretty much everything of what i've done. >> reporter: stickley says the reason why google tracks this data is so it can create a detailed consumer profile on you. >> air travel, arts, entertainment, leisure, cars, they really read me pretty well. >> and they used that information to target you with ads. >> if i'm a marketer, i'm working for one of the major airlines. hey, we should target ads to this person because they travel a lot. >> reporter: google makes it very clear. they protect your data and only share anonymous information with about you with third parties never revealing your identity, e-mail address, cell phone number or social security number. >> every day data makes our
8:13 am
services work better for you. it's personal. that's why we protect your data. >> reporter: the real concern is a security breach. >> tomorrow what if there's the next big breach and it happens to be all this data google was protecting from us and now it's being used for whatever they want. >> reporter: google says it's essentially people can understand and control their data. they've made it easy for users to withhold it. google my account and google gives you a step by step instruction on how to control your privacy settings. they encourage everyone to review it regularly. our cyber security expert pointed out it is not just google that's tracking you. apple tracks a lot of your data on your cell phone, those iphones. but they made it clear they protect that information, they do not sell it. every website, every app that tracks your data has a way of opting out of sharing that information. the moral of the story, do your research. when you see these little apps popping up asking for access, make sure you read them very carefully. guys. >> i love when you say do your research. oh, i'll google it.
8:14 am
>> whatever you do, don't do that. >> think about what we search for says so much about what's going on in your life, what you're interested in. >> and they're all doing it. >> let's go back to encyclopedia britannica. >> mr. roker, what do you have for us? >> we've been getting mentions on twitter that we've kind of ignored the women's final four, which is coming up, louisville, mississippi state, notre dame and connecticut. >> connecticut! >> big games. >> good point. >> let's take a look. what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. we listen to you, twitter. but of course, you're tracking us. so you can see we've got wet weather here in the east from bangor all the way down to the panhandle of florida and snow coming across the plains later today. here's what we're looking at temperature wise. 20s in the northern plains. 90s in southern california in the southwest, 80s into texas and into central florida and a little chillier in the east and
8:15 am
the plains. here comes the snow with the system pushing across. we've got drought conditions in the southwest with all that dry air and all that heat. we're going to be looking at drought conditions. wet weather along the i-95 corridor, that could cause problems as far as the airports for today, but they'll be minor delays. then you're getting out in time for your that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> we've got sunshine and warm temperatures today. it stars out mild. all clear skies. we'll see that sunshine throughout the day and thighs o 72 in san francisco. cooler for the weekend. easter sunday pleasant with a high of 66. the mid-60s going into the middle of next week. rain in the forecast by thursday into next friday. near record high temperatures today inland, but cooler in time for easter weekend. and that's your latest weather. ladies. >> al, thank you so much. now to a highly anticipated event coming up on sunday night here on nbc, "jesus christ
8:16 am
superstar" live in concert. >> it's going to be epic. grammy winner john legend stars as jesus and the star that takes you through his last days. it's seen through judas, his betr betrayer. that role will be played by tony winner brandon victor dixon. john and brandon are with us live from the set. >> good morning. good morning. >> you look fresh as a daisy. were you guys up last night rehearsing? >> absolutely. absolutely. >> we've been rehearsing pretty hard for quite a while now. and we're excited about this weekend. >> i remember, john, when you were here a month or two ago. i was like, are you nervous? i was so nervous for you. you were like mr. no sweat. are you nervous now? >> so cool. >> are you nervous now? >> well, i feel good. we've had some really great rehearsals. the team is so good around us. i feel really supported. i feel like we're going to be in top form sunday night. >> we're on fire, baby, we're on fire. >> you are on fire. brandon, broadway is your home. it's where you feel the most comfortable. you've been in "the color
8:17 am
purple" and other productions. >> yes, ma'am. >> how does this feel for you kind of on the eve, eve of this production? >> it feels very similar. the scale of the production because it's a live television presentation means there's an increasing amount of activity around it. we have to get it done by this specific moment. but the process itself feels very much the same. very collaborative. and the energy of both the cast and the crew is really fantastic. we're having an amazing time. >> guys, i heard that there's a crowd, an audience of 1,300 and they're kind nof the middle. are you in front of the mosh pit? >> the crowd is really like part of the show. we wanted it to be a presence in the show. so we're going to feel them, we're going to have a mosh pit, audience all around us. we wanted it to be kind of a hybrid between a concert and theater experience and also, of course, we're broadcasting it on television. >> john, you performed in church when you were a little boy. >> yes. >> you have a history. your whole family has performed
8:18 am
in church. so this must be a really big deal for you to be playing this role on sunday. >> yeah. it's really a big deal. a lot of my family's coming in from ohio and around the country. they're going to come see the show live here in new york. and we're all excited about it. you know, we grew up in a family that was very religious, a lot of preachers and choir directors and singers. we've been talking about jesus my entire life. now i'm playing jesus christ in "jesus christ superstar." >> you're playing jesus. brandon's playing judas. you have to be the villain here, brandon. you say judas is misunderstood. >> this is the thing, my job is to make you feel differently about what you think you know, about a person you think you know. that's my job. because judas is not a villain. he's not a betrayer. the story is a bit more complicated than that. the relationships are a bit more complex than that. just as we as human beings are more complex than good and evil and good and bad and right and wrong. we're a spectrum of all of those things. >> you have a great cast, you
8:19 am
two, alice cooper. sar sarah bareilles. we'll be watching. >> john, could you ask chrissie who bit beyonce? do you know? >> i'll never tell. >> oh. >> come on! >> come on, john! >> thanks for getting up early because i know you're practicing late into the night. we appreciate it. >> our pleasure. we'll see you on sunday. >> you can catch "jesus christ superstar" sunday night 8:00. right here on nbc. who did? i don't know. maybe carson knows. hey, carson, what's going on? >> i don't know. you should have asked judas. he knows what's going on. we all know that familiar popping sound when you crack your knuckles, it makes a noise. in case anybody needs a reminder. nate, come in here. this is nate our photographer on the show. demonstrate your knuckle cracking here. >> sorry, mom. >> hear that? oh, my gosh. how does it -- why are you able to do that? it -- why are you a
8:20 am
to do that? >> i'll do it one more time. >> oh! >> nate! >> wolverine or something. what's wrong with you? were you bare knuckle fighting? that's the sound. for like a century, scientists have been trying to figure out why dudes like nate can do that. while researchers in france may have cracked the case, pun intended, al, that's for you. the popping sound is microscopic gas bubbles collapsing due to pressure changes in the joint fluid. not everybody can do it. some people just have too much space between their joints. whether you're in or out, social media has plenty to say about knuckle cracking. garrett, a loud crisp knuckle crack is one of the most satisfying things in the world, to be honest. laura says i know my knuckle cracking is exceptionally loud, but i'm going to keep doing it. bonnie says, i hate the sound of knuckles cracking, makes my skin crawl. so how many of you crack your knuckles? you ready?
8:21 am
savannah, do you crack your knuckles? >> i do. >> although the study didn't get sort of the health implications of knuckle cracking, researchers want to set the record straight. people think you get arthritis when you crack your knuckles. >> my grandmother would say that. >> your knuckles do not get bigger. >> nate, nate's got tiny little knuckles. >> that's right. >> freakish. but he keeps doing it. >> he just barely even has to do like that. it's a talent. we all have our talents, don't we? >> speaking of talents, a lot of talented people in popstart including taylor swift who yesterday announced on social she's releasing a new music video for the song "delicate" why is that odd? because she already has a video for it. the new video was released just overnight. we have it for you. ♪ isn't it
8:22 am
♪ isn't it isn't it isn't it >> at least she put a lot of work into it. >> funny you say that, it's only on spotify. it is all in one take. it appears to be shot on a phone. that took three minutes maybe. >> that's good. >> al was like do it horizontal. >> in the video taylor acknowledges the song is about her boyfriend joe. she points to the j initial necklace she's wearing. it's unclear whether this new video was always planned to be released or whether shot in the backlash. ed sheeran he's on his world tour making a few stops in australia. decided to stop by the australia zoo. that's operated by the irwin family. and he got to meet a lot of different creatures. of course, he had to see some crocs. >> i know he does that every night. bloody hell. >> oh, oh.
8:23 am
>> woo-hoo! >> nice one. was i scared? >> how fast is the croc on the ground? >> the croc can move 25 miles per hour. >> no kidding. >> yes. in short bursts. >> interesting. >> remember when ed was here eating the pizza? >> i love that. >> he ate an unbelievably large amount of pizza that day like he hadn't eaten in a month. opening day for major league baseball. took my 9-year-old to citi field. alex rodriguez was working in the booth for the dodgers game. he had a surprise visitor come to check him out. >> who was this lady who came in the broadcast booth a moment ago, alex? >> hey! >> he's all shy. >> do you notice how he tried to stand up taller there. >> trying to look really busy,
8:24 am
too. >> jennifer lopez and her son max swinging by to say hi to alex. the other announcers poked fun at themselves. they went on to say that j. lo wasn't there to see him but is actually a huge sports fan. good opening day in baseball. >> can we have your daily click. >> if you have a pet, you know it can be hard to get work done when your pets are around. that's exactly the case for this gentleman when he's trying to water his lawn. and that's his dog latching on to the hose there. then takes it for a little ride. going for a little cruise there. >> he's going to have to get a new hose. still has decent pressure, though. >> similar scene for a zoo keeper in china. we keep going here for the daly clip. just trying to get some work done. there we go. this playful panda wasn't having it. went for her legs and just didn't let up. not a lot of progress being made there. >> that's cute. >> but a nice moment
8:25 am
nonetheless. >> when they're fully grown their jaws have a thousand pounds of pressure. >> who are you? >> to be able to chew bamboo, that's what they eat. >> all this trivia. >> al, you've been google searching. >> thanks. >> still ahead, we'll show you how to get creative with your easter eggs. martha stewart is here. plus a live performancei )m ...
8:26 am
breaking ri good morning. 8:26. we have breaking news right now. jurors if florida found the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter not guilty on all charges tied to that shooting. noor salman is from the bay area. authorities arrested her in her hometown of rodeo and brought her back to florida to face charges. her husband omar mateen killed dozens of people at the pulse nightclub in 2015. officers eventually shot and killed him inside that club. prosecutors charged salman with conspiracy and assisting in the massacre. they argued salman did nothing to stop her husband and even misled investigators. and we want to start your commute look in oakland. >> that's right, because this is the spot where i found a little slowing, a little, for oakland 880 northbound.
8:27 am
just drive up toward high street, a little slow on the map here. there may be a quick traffic break because further north into downtown there's a crash in the center divide. they may have to move that to the shoulder. a little slowing south 680. clearing by north main. 242, no problem. neither is highway 4. throughout the bay even from san jose no problems. a little slowing speeds into the 50s pretty much is the worse you're going to find. light traffic for good friday, approaching spring break or in spring break for some. bay bridge never had any metering lights on. back to you. >> all right, thank you, mike. more local news in just a half hour.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ so make lots of noise >> welcome back, everybody. it's 8:30 on a friday morning. go virginia tech. guys, we are in for a real, real treat. we got a humongous crowd, first of all. >> this is awesome. >> and one of the hottest new acts in country kasey musgraves. she's with us. she's going to sing for us. she's got a new album. it's one of the best that she's had. she's going to perform for us live. savannah introduced me to kasey musgraves a while ago. >> i love her. >> you were in love, then i fell in love. >> and everybody will be in love. >> we all will. we have a couple of things that
8:31 am
we're going to do for our crowd moment because the crowd is so huge. you guys remember the t-shirts we were wearing for loyola chicago? we're going to give away some t-shirts. so who wants a t-shirt? >> you want a loyola chicago shirt? >> we need a t-shirt cannon. >> oh, you're going to throw it. where? >> come on. >> throw it. >> i want it. >> you have to give it away. you have to give it. >> we're giving t-shirts away. >> that was hard for carson to part with. >> you still have the socks. >> i have something else to give away. i've got a couple of tickets to "jesus christ superstar." ready? come on. where is -- i'm looking for somebody. hold on. look at this crowd, you guys.
8:32 am
where is -- >> she's going all the way down. >> man. >> she should have taken a bus. >> where is mary? >> i'm mary. >> mary, you are here celebrating your birthday. you're with your family. all of you are going to "jesus christ superstar" live. >> those are the folks i gave the t-shirt to. >> awesome. >> we loved you guys. you guys, thank you so much. al, real quick, look at this. al roker, you sexy beast. >> you sexy beast. that's disturbing. you sexy beast. >> you need that sign every day. >> guys, lots to get to this morning. including martha stewart who is here with elegant but easy ideas to make your easter eggs
8:33 am
prettier than ever. >> that's right. after easter comes, we've got mother's day. we're doing something cool and special to celebrate all the hardworking meal making moms across the country. we're kicking off mom makes it best. >> is there mom, grandmother, an aunt, a friend in your life who loves food but has some kind of special family recipe that she's known for. is she a queen in the kitchen who loves to bake for family and friends? we'd love to hear about it. because we'll surprise her with a chance to share her recipe on the "today" show. you can head to for more information and to nominate a deserving mom. >> i feel like we'll eat so well that week whenever that happens. what's up, sexy beast? >> that's just wrong. one of our video guys, mike ruiz, is 60 years old. is this really a picture of mike? >> yes, it is. >> how old was he? >> he was a year old. '59. >> '59, wow.
8:34 am
here he is today. mike ruiz. he's a sexy beast. let's show you what's happening as far as your weather is concerned. look to the weekend. saturday we've got snow around the great lakes. up in the northern great lakes, wet weather making its way through the ohio river valley, mountain snows through the rockies. sunday, sunday! it stays warm out west with a little rain in the pacific northwest. we're also looking at showers in the mid-mississippi and ohio river valleys. sunny skies on easter and egg harbor it's 38 in egg bend. and in easter cross, california, 68 that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's take a look at san francisco right now. a lot of sunshine. and it's all clear as we get a look at our view from san berno mountain. it's going to be a beautiful
8:35 am
day, reaching into the low 70s and slightly cooler tomorrow as the ocean breeze returns. it brings our temperatures down for easter sunday as well. reaching a few 66 degrees. next week, some near normal temperatures. very warm inland today. but easter is looking like very perfect. that's your latest weather. what's your name? >> elizabeth. >> and your a cancer survivor? >> yes. >> thank you for being here. >> thank you so much. an important reminder now that march is colon cancer awareness month. >> it is estimated that more than 97,000 new cases will be diagnosed in the u.s. this year. an existing one that we've been following very closely involves craig and your family. >> yeah. just over a year ago we brought you the story of my older brother, lawrence. at the age of 39 he'd been diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and was beginning the fight of his life. well now he's starting an experimental treatment that he
8:36 am
hopes is the answer to our prayers. this is the last time we showed you lawrence, in a hospital bed at m.d. anderson's cancer center in houston. he'd been receiving chemotherapy. it would be one of 28 such treatments. over the last year personally, how hard has it been living with cancer? >> it has been a struggle emotionally because you're thinking, i didn't sign up for this. when you go to school and what do you want to do when you grow up, they give you a litany of options. i'm going to do this. nowhere in the litany of options did i suspect a curveball like cancer. >> cancer uproots everything. lawrence owns his own business as a funeral home director in south carolina. he's also a pastor. and his most important calling is as a husband and father. it's been a tough year. he's had problems with his business, and he's spent every
8:37 am
other weekend nearly a thousand miles away from his family getting chemo treatments under the direction of a doctor. >> how have you been doing since we saw you last? >> no complaints. >> i think we continue to be impressed with his ability to tolerate the treatment and really continue to be active in his daily life. despite getting the chemotherapy. >> you all right? >> now, lawrence is set to undergo an experimental treatment. his doctors call it a vaccine. here's how it works. a samples with taken of lawrence's cancer. they used it to isolate ten proteins they used as markers for the cancer cells. >> it is actually very difficult for our immune systems to recognize cancer. these cancer cells are 99% like normal cells in the body. so we really have to educate the immune to found that 1% difference. >> they inject a vaccine back into the patient along with an immuno therapy drug that keeps the immune system from
8:38 am
protecting the cancer cell. there are only 20 other patients in this particular cutting-edge treatment. it's part of m.d. anderson's cancer moonshot program taking ambitious leaps in an effort to accelerate the progress made against the disease. when it was time for lawrence to get this unproven treatment, you think he'd be nervous. but, true to form, he had us laughing. we don't yet know how successful this treatment will be, but the doctor believes the type of enthusiasm lawrence brings has its own healing properties. >> i think a lot of times when people hear cancer, they think, oh, gosh, do everything that i wanted to do, and let me go ahead and succumb to this. but no, there's not a part or a fiber in me that says throw in the towel, give up because that's not a part of my dna. >> no, it is not. i'm proud to share that dna. he's a fighter. he's also a messenger. one of the things that's really impressed me over the past year is how much time he's spent
8:39 am
crisscrossing this country talking to groups about colon cancer and the importance of getting screened and tested. i mean, health fairs and expos. it's become like his full-time job. >> to be doing that when he's also got a job, has a family. >> 20 rounds of chemo and you wouldn't know it by looking at him or even talking to him. >> how are you doing? >> good, yeah. you know, it's -- you know, we take our cues from him. so he's doing well, we're doing well. but thanks for asking. >> thank you. give him our love. just ahead we're going to switch gears. of course, it's a big weekend. we've got easter coming up and martha stewart is here with creative and colorful ideas for everybody. but first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
8:40 am
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8:41 am
all right. and we are back getting you ready for easter sunday.
8:42 am
if your basket isn't full of colorful eggs just yet, it is time to hop to it. we're here with our egg-cellent extravaganza. martha stewart is here with some ideas from "martha stewart living." busy weekend. >> indeed it is. you think you know every way to color eggs, then you come up with a new way to color eggs. >> you look weird with one glove on. can you put the other one on? >> no. one. that's my right hand what i'm going to use. >> we had the vinegar and the cardboard box. is this a fancy version of this? >> no, this is simpler, actually. you are using craft paint, bubble wrap. get it out of your basement. >> how do you put on this glove? al, where are you? >> you roll the egg -- ♪ moon river >> and you get a really cute pattern on your egg. >> look at that. >> you use the bubble wrap. >> and it makes polka dots.
8:43 am
>> talk about the eggs, are they just hard boiled eggs? >> no, hard boiled. not too much. >> see, you already made a mess. >> that's all right. >> that's okay. >> you guys want to do some art down there yourself. >> this is a really, really good way to do it. this is the fun one. shaving cream. >> ooh. >> so you put a pile of shaving cream on a paper plate. you can use any kind of plate. because it's all washable. >> i like it already. >> and vegetable food coloring and dot the -- >> this is cute. >> -- just squeeze a little bit of that all over the -- >> it takes gloves over here. >> squeeze. no, that's good. >> oh, it is? >> i dmont why this one's not coming out. then swirl with your wooden skewer. >> okay. >> you can use a fork. it's all washable. >> that just food coloring? >> that's just food coloring. so if the kids eat these eggs --
8:44 am
>> you shave the egg? >> roll it. >> then you wash it. >> that's cute. >> see, you just roll it in. >> look. >> then how do we get all the stuff off of it? >> you put it in a bowl of water and it will come out. >> that is just adorabldorable. >> here's one. >> it looks like this when you're done. >> yep. marble. you do marbling eggs. >> i might do that. >> that's so cute. >> really fun. >> it looks so beautiful. >> you've taken oall the shavin cream. >> this you don't need rubber gloves for it. these are the colorful tapes. >> where do you get those? >> craft tapes. and you tape the egg. you can start at the top, go around the circumference. and just tape the eggs. this is -- and you can just peel the egg andite aft iteat it aft. use your craft scissors to clip.
8:45 am
you can do it, too. >> i want to try one. >> do you do stuff at home with your grandkids? >> oh, today, i hard boiled after work -- i was just telling savannah that i hard boiled 290 eggs or something. >> i was looking at your instagram this morning. >> what were you seeing? >> did you see this? she posted a throwback thursday. >> hello. >> aye chihuahua. >> that's what i look like when i go out. >> where you are going all dolled up. >> just a boring photo shoot. >> i can't even get this. >> come down here and show us the table. >> come show us the table. >> they come out really, really cute. >> then this is -- we're having a big hunt on sunday. are you going to do a hunt? >> yes, we're doing easter eggs. >> and hide the eggs, then set a table like this for the kids. but this is for the adults. this is a mimosa, so delicious.
8:46 am
>> i love it. >> it's carrot juice. >> martha, thank you, happy easter. >> and a little champagne. >> one of the items of the year over here, kasey musgraves performs next. a must get record first this is "today" on nbc. cheers.
8:47 am
8:48 am
the citi concert series on today is presented to you by citi. we are back with kasey musgraves, one of country music's hottest young stars. >> that's right. she's on the cover of billboard magazine as one of nashville's next generation. >> her new album "golden hour" is out today. rave reviews. we're huge fans. >> thank you. >> the song you will sing for us you wrote after you met your hubby. >> i did. this is the first one that i wrote after meeting him. and i'm so excited to play it. >> your whole album is personal.
8:49 am
we can't wait to hear it. you're going to play "butterflies." >> i am. >> all right. take it away. ♪ ♪ ♪ i was just coasting ♪ never really going anywhere ♪ caught up in a web ♪ i was getting kind of used to staying there ♪ ♪ but out of the blue ♪ i fell for you ♪ now you're lifting me up ♪ instead of holding me down ♪ stealing my heart instead of stealing my crown
8:50 am
♪ all those dreams that worked out ♪ ♪ i didn't know you and i diplomat know me ♪ ♪ it was always out of reach ♪ now i remember what it feels like to fly ♪ ♪ you give me butterflies ♪ ♪ kiss full of color makes me wonder where you've always been ♪ ♪ i was hiding until you brought me out of my chrysalis ♪ and i came out new ♪ all because of you ♪ and now you're lifing me up ♪ instead of holding me down ♪ stealing my heart ♪ instead of stealing my crown
8:51 am
♪ untangle all the strings ♪ that worked out ♪ i didn't know how ♪ and i didn't know me ♪ it was always out of reach ♪ now i remember what it feels like to fly ♪ ♪ you give me butterflies ♪ you give me butterflies ♪ ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪ yeah yeah yeah ♪ and now you're lifting me up instead of holding me down ♪ ♪ you're taking my hand instead of taking my crown ♪ ♪ untangle all the strings from things that didn't work out ♪ ♪ i didn't know how
8:52 am
♪ and i didn't know ♪ it was always out of reach ♪ now i remember what it feels like to fly ♪ ♪ you give me butterflies ♪ yeah you give me butterflies ♪ oh oh yeah ♪ >> yeah! >>. [ applause ] >> come on. >> kasey musgraves. give it up for the band, please. >> and that band so good, too. my new favorite song. >> i'm so happy now. >> thank you so much. the new album is called "golden
8:53 am
hour." it's out today. how do you feel about that? >> thanks, guys. >> so proud of it. >> as you should be. kasey is on tour all summer. catch her there. we'll be back in a moment.
8:54 am
8:55 am
happy 60th. we're back with a look at what's coming up this weekend. >> a busy weekend. tomorrow we're going to head to memphis ahead of the 50th anniversary of dr. martin luther king jr.'s assassination. i'll have an exclusive first look at the civil rights museum's newest exhibit and the hotel room that dr. king was staying in on that tragic day. we'll have that for you on saturday. on sunday today, willy heads to new orleans. your spot, hoda kotb. he went down to the bayou for a candid conversation with john goodman in his adopted home town. they'll talk about his remarkable career, his battle
8:56 am
with alcoholism and that big "roseanne" -- >> that his town. >> he owns new orleans, yeah. >> he seems like new orleans. >> maybe he co-owns it with you. >> he does. >> that's going to do it for us. i hope everybody has a great holiday weekend. i )m - -... s coming up next. breaking right now: good morning. it's 8:56. i'm chris sanchez. jurors in florida found the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter not guilty on all charges tied to that shooting. noor salman is from the bay area and authorities arrested her in her hometown of rodeo. then she went back to florida to face charges. her husband omar mateen killed 49 people at the pulse nightclub in 2016. before officers eventually shot
8:57 am
and killed him inside that club. prosecutors charged salman with conspiracy and assisting in the massacre. they argued that salman did nothing to stop her husband and even perhaps misled investigators. happening right now, we do have a crew in the east bay trying to get reaction to the verdict. and developing, monitoring developments as well. we will bring you a live report in our midday newscast on this story. right now, you can link to more in our twitter feed. and san francisco police release body camera video of a shootout in a barber shop in which the suspect was killed. you can go to our homepage for details on that. also, before the warriors/kings basketball game tomorrow, one former player from both teams is arguing a rally. matt barnes demanding more action in the accountability of stephon clark. the changes cominr
8:58 am
commute monday morning.. and cars with no drivers? despite the controversy -- there are new permits being issued that could soon make that a reality in california. "today in the bay" - monday morning -- 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
good morning, everyone and welcome to the program. i'm megyn kelly and we bring you on this good friday and tonight, the first night of passover stories of faith and perseverance and we begin with a man who sat on death row for nearly 30 years for crimes he did not commit. forsaking god and nearly, but not quite, giving up all hope. this is his story. watch. >> this is anthony ray hinton's first taste of freedom in three decades. the alabama native was incarcerated for murder and was on death row for nearly 30 years.


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