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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 9, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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♪ north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire, and fury like the world has never seen. >> from fire and fury to trump diplomacy, a meeting with a rogue leader in the works and major nuclear weapons hanging in the balance. >> i thought president trump that now meeting north korean leader kim jong-un, that he is committed to denuclearizat oimpt n. >> and steep tariffs have been
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signed in. >> and a security threat to anyone visiting a popular mexican destination and a frightening moment on the hardwood and then the thrill of a buzzer beating, automatic invite to the dance, it's that time of year. "early today," starts right now. >> good morning, i'm philip. >> and happy friday, i'm frances. we begin with breaking news from the white house. president trump has agreed to meet with kim jong-un, mr. trump accepted the invitation from the dictator to discuss the country's nuclear program. the unprecedented encounter would be a first between a sitting u.s. president and a north korean leader. >> the shocking announcement came late thursday, delivered by a south korean official who told reporters kim was eager to meet with president trump as soon as possible. the meeting is getting mixed reaction following months of escalating insults and threats. lyndsay graham released a statement with a strong warning
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to north korea, saying in part, the worst possible thing you can do is meet with president trump in person and try to play them. if you do that, it will be the end of you and your regime. >> we are live from seoul south korea. she brings us the latest. good morning, kelly. >> reporter: good morning, frances, south korea's president is calling this a historic milestone and a miraculous opportunity. planning now under way for a first ever summit between a sitting u.s. president and a north korea leader. time and place, tbd, although the south koreans say it could happen by the end of may. south korean officials also saying that kim jong-un told them he thought great results could happen if he was just able -- to meet president trump in person. president trump has tweeted about all of it. he tweeted, north korea talked about denuclearization with the south korea representatives, referencing there the south korean delegation in north korea
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earlier this week. not just a freeze, but denauk larizati -- but denuclearizatio great progress the president wrote and sanctions will remain until an agreement is reached. meeting being planned. u.s. lawmakers and critics of the president and allies alike are saying that the maximum pressure policy is what brought the north koreans to the table. but there's some caution coming at least from the japanese prime minister, shinzo abe that spoke to the president last night saying that north korea has to open up for inspections before talk of sanctions begins. sanctions being lifted that is it. >> so many things that can happen between now and then, thank you. >> after widespread outcry, threats and a top resignation, president trump approved new tariffs on steel and aluminum,
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he said that it will protect american bu-- american business and national security. >> the industry has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices. it's really an assault on our country. it's been an assault, they know better than anybody. >> and a reaction to the tariffs had has been swift on capitol hill. for more on that, let's go to tracy in washington. hey, good morning. >> hey, there. we know there were more than 100 republicans who were concerned about the broad base of these tariffs and now, at least one has said he is willing to fight it. senator jeff flake said that he is ready to introduce a bill that would nullify these tariffs, just introduced by president trump, he is not alone. other republicans are concerned about the impact on our economy, our consumers and our businesses. >> these take after s -- these
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tariffs are going to be a tax on the american citizens, and that's after the tax bill that was a blessing to them removing the taxes that they were hit with. i'm upset about it, i think there's a good chance we will nullify it. >> we will see what happens. the tariffs are 25% on imported steel and 10% on imported aluminum, there's two countries for sure exempt, canada and mexico. as the president is trying to renegotiate nafta, canada is the largest supplier of steel and aluminum to the united states and there are other countries that could be exempt but at this point, none specified. >> flirting with a trade war, a huge gamble. >> and it's not just lawmakers that are reeling from this tariff order. companies that use steel and
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aluminum feel that it will cost them business or cause them to raise prices. >> a tariff on aluminum is the talk in longmont, colorado, the beer they package is canned and now, concerns the small company's costs could be big. and ultimately, pour down to consumers. >> increasing costs makes it difficult for us to invest in growth. you know, in tend, it could be seen as an increase to the craft beer drinker. >> big businesses like miller/coors, saying that american workers and american consumers will suffer ask a result of the misguided tariff. last year the u.s. imported $48 billion in steel and aluminum goods. at california steel industries the largest steel mill in the western united states, they depend on imported steel from mexico, brazil and japan to make
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sheet metal from everything from bridges to buildings. the cost of doing business would stifle business. at this company, they make bikes. >> we are going to see the material costs go up and then naturally you will see the consumer turning away. >> prices expected to rise for products like soda cans and electronics and cars. the european union is threatening a retaliation tax on american made products like bourbon, orange juice, and even peanut butter. california farmers stewart wolf sends 2/3 of his almond crop overseas. >> we are in the business of managing uncertainty. and managing risk, this is a risk that we cannot manage. at steel plants like this one. where they are processing metal today, the impact of new tear is is unclear. but it could mean downsizing or lay-offs at plants like this one. frances, back to you. >> all right, thank you. >> two people are dead after a
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small plane crashed near a texas airport. officials say the pilot was returning to the international airport after reporting smoke coming from the engine. the plane crash landed in to a grassy area and exploded in to flames some 50 yards from the airport grounds the cause of the crash is under investigation. the identities of the deceased have not been released. >> the police are searching for a man who pummeled a subway rider. he has 15 prior arrests and they don't know led him to attack the other man. the victim was knocked out by the attack and sustained two chipped teeth and swelling to his face. they are asking for any information on this man, call the hot line. >> you recognize him from "star wars kwtsz, mark hamill joined the hollywood walk of fame and
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humbley accepted. >> it's hard to convey my gratitude and joy and exileration of being recognized this way. and george lucas was there to cheer him on in this rare event. >> he is enthusiastic about everything that he does, and that's exactly what you was looking for when i was looking for, for luke skywalker. >> hamill had words of encouragement for a young fan who was scared to wear her "star wars" t shurt -shirt to school. >> that is way long over-due. >> a couple of decades. >> yeah, so, we have to worry about the storm this weekend and then we will wait and see what happens if it goes to the coast or heads to sea. what the left of the nor'easter, there's cold air spilling over the lakes and there's a quiet
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day considering how active we have been. as we go throughout the weekend, we have to watch a southern storm, it will have a good deal of rain out of it. by the time we get to sunday, the wholmess of rain wille ots. not afraid or thinking about winter conditions in texas, with temperatures had in the 70s and -- with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. it's the first week of march and the madness, it's already beginning. >> must win to make the ncaa tournament. got it! he got it! he got it!
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roll tide! >> that was a nice scoop there. the tide rolls in to the ncaa tournament with that floater from all america sexton, they advance to the semifinals and the s.e.c. tournament in st. louis. >> reminds me from the ucla game. >> coast-to-coast. >> they should have lost that game. >> love this time of year. a late night comic takes advantage of a cringe worthy trump moment. ero dollar copays n select plans and reward points on prescriptions. so no matter where you're going or who you are, it's worth the trip. we'll help you find low cost prescriptions including zero dollar copays on select medicare part d plans. walgreens. trusted since 1901. you've got to get in i know what a bath is smile honey this thing is like...
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powerful skincare,s now light-as-air a breakthrough moisturizer delightfully whipped for instant absorption feel a light-as-air finish in a flash new olay whips ageless it would not be a donald trump press conference without at least one cringe worthy moment. well, your father herman is looking down and proud of you right now. >> he is still alive. >> oh, whoops. >> oh, man. >> so awkward. >> yeah, leading the news, first lady, milania trump met with a survivor on of the parkland
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school shooting. the two discussed the mental health app, it allows students to connect and discuss emotional issues and he met with president trump in the oval office, he has been touring and speaking to bipartisan lawmakers about the app and begun rights. the first lady tweeted about the students trying to use their voices to create change. >> officers are being treated after responding to a nerve agent attack. he assisted a man and his daughter after being poisoned and he is hospitalized but is making progress. other that were treated received blood tests and medical advice. no specifics on the type of nerve agent used has been given or how it was delivered. >> the u.s. is issuing a new warning about a popular
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destination in mexico, citing a security threat after a dangerous incident there in recent weeks. we have more. >> with spring break just around the corner, the u.s. government is now barring its employees from traveling to a part of mexico, after an explosion on a ship injured 25 people, including two americans from north dakota. employees were stopped from using ferries after undetonated devices were found on another ferry and they have received information about a security threat, but did not offer details about the threat. >> the take away for american citizens should be, that you need to consider that information before making your own decision to travel to that area. >> a record 35 million people visited mexico in 2016 with many staying in this area. and nearby destinations.
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mexico is calling the region safe. all tourism and economic activity in playa del carmen continues in a normal manner, and officials said, we do not know why the u.s. government decided to have this alert, americans are free to travel to this area, after this explosion and a new threat, the u.s. government is urging caution. nbc news. >> still ahead a preview of the big weekend at the box office and the animal behavior that is causing outrage in a video. you are watching early today. that blows them all out of the water. hydro boost water gel from neutrogena®. with hyaluronic acid it goes beneath the surface to plump skin cells from within and lock in hydration leaving skin so supple, it actually bounces back. the results will blow you away! hydro boost and our gentle exfoliating cleanser
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out in the box office is disney's "a wrinkle in time," and critic favorite "thoroughbreds," a dark comedy about two teens that hire an assistant. >> a lot of good stuff. before you pack today's lunch, listen up. money magazine compiled a list of the ten things that we, you should never eat at your deck. so, can you guess what the top is? that right there. left over fish. they say it stinks up the office faster than burnt popcorn, and never tastes good. those to dnot do, ribs and
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anything that is finger food. when it comes to your desk, as long as you are not, you know, scarfing it all down and having it all over yourself. you should be okay. you know, sometimes left overs taste better than the first time around. >> that is true, but not fries. once they get, no coming back. there's a new museum in los angeles, and it's celebrating everything that has gone wrong. calls it the museum of failure. it features consumer products and innovations that may not have caught on in the luong run. and they highlight tech like the apple newton and google glass and the atari, the museum cure ator said that he -- curator said that he hopes it makes people aware that failure is a necessity of innovation. >> and the fails are more successes. so now to a story that is putting a spotlight on a zoo in indonesia, can you see what he is doing.
4:21 am
look at his mouth. he is smoking a cigarette, and flicking the ash to the ground. that is after the visitor threw it at the encloser, it's causing a stir about the zoo safety. the zoo is known for poor welfare conditions. this orangutan picks up the cigarette and takes a puff. >> it looks like he knows what he is doing. >> he has technique, my goodness. >> maybe he can do smoke rings. >> right, that's the next video. tune in next week. a shave and a haircut, nfl star tom brady get as new look for a good cause. you are watching "early today" ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs?
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that's why pampers swaddlers is the #1 choice of hospitals to wrap your baby in blanket-like softness so all they feel is love pampers swaddlers . well, we need a break, not a third nor'easter, well our american model and european models are not agreeing, thankfully with this storm system set up, a lot of models out there agree with the european model. this is 5:00 p.m. monday. there's no snow from d.c. to philly and new york. let's go to the american model and look what it does. i brings a lot of snow up to the northeast. there's disagreement and oh, boy. >> weather and tariffs, right? thanks, bill. >> still ahead, ready for a close-up, a cool estimate selfie you will see. powerful skincare, now light-as-air
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- sometimes it's nice to see all the good that's out there. bringing folks out, we have seen it in community after community. welcome back, let's check in on what is coming up this weekend on "sunday today." >> this weekend, on "sunday today," my guest is jeff daniels, we talked about his high school days in chelsea, michigan, his decision to leave hollywood and go the michigan as his career was taking off and the career changing movie, with jim carrey. >> what did the people around you say when you said, you know what? i want to do this "dumb and dumber" movie, i want to do it with jim carrey, trust me on this one. >> they said, he is a genius, and he is probably going to wipe you off the screen. sorry. i said, but he is not in the tongue on the pole scene.
4:27 am
he doesn't hit her in the head and pick a fight with her and he is not on the toilet. >> classic scene by the way. >> it will be on my tomb stone. >> the toilet scene. our sit down and the latest from the white house, this week, you can catch us in the morning or set your dvr and watch us any time. >> all right. thank you. >> now, tom brady and the massachusetts governor teamed up for a good cause. each buzzing their head to raise money for the dana farber cancer statute, it's the annual saving by shaving fundraising. they helped to raise $7.5 million. and looking good too. >> yeah. >> and brady can sport it all. there was a scary moment last night in a game of basketball between boston and minnesota, you may want to look away a
4:28 am
minute. >> here comes brown. smart on one side, wiggins to the right. oh, oh! >> oh. >> right? that was boston's jaylen brown. hit the ground hard after his two handed dunk. he just kind of lost the grip on the rim there. and he stayed down for a few minutes and received medical attention, everybody gasping in the arena, and the good nud, he was helped to -- the good news, he was help hadded to his feet and walked to the locker room and he said, he has a headache, but he will be okay. >> it just had been a different angle, the neck, right there, how he went down. wow. >> okay, here is a riddle for you. what is black and white, and has been seen all over? can you guess? it's of two cam penguins -- it's of two penguins that got their flippers on a camera that was left on the ice. they could not help but stick their beaks in for a good selfie.
4:29 am
it's like happy feet, real deal. thank you for being with us. >> don't forget to follow us, facebook, twitter and instagram, the news continues right here.a
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francisco aluminum. the time now is 4:30. taking live look -- well, a look, you may not know where that is, but i'm going to tell you it is san francisco. looking at the screen you know it is a foggy one. foggy start to our friday, but it is friday. >> fear not, it's friday. >> good morning, thank you so much for joining us, i'm marcus washington. we saw what was going on outside, are we seeing that across the bay this morning? >> mostly the north bay, mike knows this one, and san francisco along the peninsula as well we are starting to see some of that denser fog, so slow it down, keep both hands on the wheel. 51 degrees in the south bay, peninsula 50 degrees, tri-valley 49. the north bay 42 degrees. east bay you can see some of that fog


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