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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 6, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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look at that, folks up and about. going to enjoy this great bay area day, right? good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off, but vianey is tell us about -- i have folks coming in from out of town, we will show them a perfect california day. >> we are, but how long are they staying? >> more than one day. >> see, there goes the streak there. today is going to be absolutely beautiful, scott, today will be a fantastic day to really show them around because we're expecting a lot of sunshine and, yes, some 70s in the forecast, even right now as you make your way outside it's still a little chilly, cold in the tri-valley at 38 degrees and i will tell you more about that warm up and what scott's family can expect in a couple days. we are looking over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the camera here shows folks stacked up in the cash lanes, we expect that, but over the last few minutes i saw almost a crash here as folks tried to merge last second, i almost saw a crash in the parking lot, one car tried to exit the parking lot entrance. be aware, folks.
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even though there is not super crowds on the roadways you do have to get out there and be very careful for the other folks driving. fortunately everyone is driving well on the roadways, the maze no problems getting over toward the bay bridge and the rest of the bay is at speed, guys. back to you. we're following this breaking news in the south bay, some shaking waking up a lot of people. we were the first to tell you about this in our last half hour. within the last 20 minutes there have been two quakes in the gilroy area, a 3.6 magnitude quake around 4:38 this morning, a few minutes later a 2.6. both centered about six miles east of gilroy. here is a look at our seismograph at nbc bay area. if you experienced any damage we would like to hear from you. we can also see any activity on our quake map at >> thank you very much to the people that have been reaching out on twitter, some reports from morgan hill this morning. more breaking news to tell you about this morning, a major developing story across the pacific. there's a possible sign of a compromise from north korea and it has to do with nuclear power.
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south korean officials say kim jong-un is winning to denuclearize if the safety of his regime is guaranteed. now, that announcement comes after both sides met in north korea for talks. north korea has agreed to impose a moratorium on tests of nuclear weapons and missiles if it holds talks with the united states. no response from the white house so far this morning. north and south korea are expected to hold talks again next month. and new this morning here in the bay area, two men behind bars after officers say they discovered materials to make explosives. the discovery led to the evacuation of a hotel in oakland last night. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell has been live at chp headquarters gathering new information overnight. now, we're learning more about how officers made this big discovery, right, bob? >> reporter: we are. good morning to you, laura and scott. this started as a traffic stop over the weekend, chp officers from this location tried to pull over a driver of a honda crv,
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this is early sunday morning, there was a short pursuit before officers were eventually able to arrest this man. his name is jeremy guy and inside his vehicle officers say they found ingredients to use to make explosives. flash forward to yesterday, over 24 hours later, chp obtained a search warrant to search the hotel room that guy shared with his father. this was the scene last night over that hotel, it's the homewood suites on the 1700 block of the embarcadero in oakland where officers evacuated part of the hotel for a few hours while they searched that room. it's not clear what if anything law enforcement found inside that room, but we do know that they arrested the father as well. his name is ronald guy. both he and his son jeremy are from riverbank, a small down mere modesto. they face charges of possessing destructive devices and materials used to make destructive devices. guests were allowed back in their rooms a little bit before
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11:00 last night. reporting live in castro valley, bob redell, "today in the bay." and now to some developing news out of washington. a former trump campaign aide has changed his mind overnight. first he refused, now he agrees to comply with a subpoena in the russia investigation. the entire ordeal played out on cable news stations all day yesterday. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill with this change of heart. good morning. >> reporter: it was unusual to watch, scott. good morning, everyone. first of all, sam nunberg was a player in the trump campaign early on, he was fired and now the special counsel wants to get him before a grand jury, but nunberg initially said no. >> the subpoena is clul ridiculous. >> reporter: fired trump campaign aide sam nunberg told msnbc he won't produce e-mails and other communications and won't testify friday before the russia grand jury. >> it's a witch-hunt.
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i'm not going to cooperate. >> reporter: later nunberg suggested he will cooperate. >> do you think that they have something on the president nchts i think they may. i think that he may have done something during the election but i don't know that. >> he doesn't know that for sure because he's incorrect. as we've said many times before there was no collusion with the trump campaign. >> reporter: another aide carter page is cooperating but skeptical. >> everything should be based on facts and unfortunately it's been pretty seldom focused on that thus far. >> reporter: democrats on the house committee investigating russia may also want to hear from nunberg. >> certainly if mr. nunberg has light to shed on what the president knew before that trump tower meeting, we would be interested in finding out. >> reporter: that meeting promised but produced nothing on rival hillary clinton. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. this is simply a tragic story to report near lake tahoe this morning. a san francisco woman and her young son were killed after they were buried in three feet of
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snow. the alpine county sheriff's department says olga and her seven-year-old son were hit with a chunk of snow that fell from the roof of their vacation condo near kirkwood on sunday. rescuers searched for hours to find them and a neighbor eventually spotted ski gloves next to the condo and called police. they are the third and fourth skiers to die at california resorts since a major snowstorm late last week. a developing story a huge break in a cold case in the east bay. fremont police announced the arrest of david misch in a 30-year-old double murder case. believe police he killed michelle xavier and jennifer duey back in 1986. those murders left people in fremont living in fear for decades. the bodies of the two best trends were found naked, shot and stabbed along mill creek road. xavier's car was found six miles away at the mission valley shopping center. investigators say dna evidence along with interviews and
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families and witnesses led to misch's arrest. >> it's a great feeling to be able to say we can finally get some closure. >> not a sense of relieve for my own safety but i feel relieved for the family. >> david misch was already in prison for another murder when police charged him. he is expected to be moved to santa rita county jail and arraigned later this week. an about face for sonoma county's district attorney. she reportedly plans to reduce or ee ace marijuana related convictions. press democrat reports district attorney jill rat vich initially said she would not consider reevaluating old cases but with california's new law she now says otherwise. this after dozens of petitions were filed to have hot related convictions dismissed or felonies dropped to misdemeanors. someone in the department has now been assigned to review individual cases. and a follow-up san jose leaders have reportedly eliminated one proposed location for a group of tiny homes. initially there were three
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locations being considered each would provide up to 40 homes for homeless people. mercury news says the plot near hellyer and silicon valley road no longer under consideration. that's site number 2 on your map. that's because the land there is restricted and can only be used as parks. city leaders say a replacement site will not be considered. happening today a meeting on the future of caltrain tracks through the city of palo alto. tonight's meeting comes in the wake of recent findings that the cost to send caltrain tracks underground would probably be in the billions and that has palo alto leaders reportedly ready to pull the plug. another idea involved sending some areas of the track underground in the southern part of the city which would free traffic up at two major intersections. tonight's meeting takes place at 6:30. and it is 5:08 as you make your way outside it's chilly in the 30s and 40s but i've been talking about this warm up so exactly what you can expect in terms of the afternoon, well, let's go through that. your microclimate highs for today, so keep this in mind as
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you're packing heading towards work, will be in the 70s in san jose for a high of about 70 degrees. milpitas 67, east bay upper 60s as well, oakland a high of 66, walnut creek 69 and check out the peninsula, even in the 60s along the peninsula. this is expected to climb to 63 degrees for half-moon bay. in san francisco we will be into those mid to upper 60s in some spots including mission and outer sunset at 66 degrees. now, the north bay will have a combination of low 60s and even some 70s on the map. this is all thanks to a ridge of high pressure and that's going to keep us dry at least through today and tomorrow morning before we see the arrival of a storage system that is expected to bring some rain. let's check in with mike. we're waiting for that rain, we will with a much for that rain. so far dry roadways today leave green sensors on our speed sensors. we do have a change coming out of the altamonte, with he knew there was going to be slowing, a little more distraction west 580 at north flynn, there is a crash there over on the shoulder but
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folks with a bigger commute coming in out of the tracy area you are seeing slowing there. livermore, dublin is just fine. there's gilroy, hollister, san martin moves at people for highway 101. the highway 17 summit looks great as well. the bay bridge toll plaza you do have the cash lanes with a backup, there is the shift because now we have all the cash lanes open, typical, guys. back to you. coming up next on today in the bay, caught on camera. terrifying moments on board a flight from san francisco. >> i am god. i am god. >> an investigation under way after a woman tried to open the cabin door during a flight. going for a test drive the self-driving buses that are one step closer to hitting the streets in the east bay when "today in the bay" continues in just a moment.
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good morning. it is 5:13 and we're off to a pretty serene start. temperatures in the 40s for san jose, 42 degrees. we've got clear skies and we are on tap for sunshine, but we're also looking ahead for more rain in the bay area, details coming up. and here is a nice look at san rafael, highway 101 moving south with headlights, no real cloeg as you're heading down toward lincoln, but we will talk about the bigger view of your north bay commute. some folks have to drive a lot farther than that. thanks so much. it is 5:13. new footage showing you this morning some pretty terrifying
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moments on board a sky west flight from sfo to boise. take a look. >> i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. i am god. >> yesterday morning an unruly passenger was detained by police after attempting to open an airplane cabin door during the flight. it's unclear why the passenger was trying to get outside but the fbi is now investigating. san francisco leaders today will discuss new ways to generate revenue from ride share companies. they will be using infrastructure impact fees. supervisors say it's time to charge companies like lyft and uber for the impact from so many riders and increase congestion. not clear how much the companies would have to pay. happening today, self-driving buses all ready to go, the next mile in san ramone and transportation leaders will be on hand today to show it all off. for the past year easy mile
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autonomous buses have been shuttling workers as part of a pilot program. those buses will now be rolling out on the streets and surrounding area. contra costa transportation leaders will be there for today's test run. 5:15. amazon may offer checking accounts in the near future. the company reportedly in talks with banks including jpmorgan chase to offer checking accounts that could draw in younger customers. according to a recent survey half of people were open to using amazon as their primary banking account. >> you have to show teenagers how to write a check, though. >> they wouldn't recognize t would they? more tech and business news now, walmart is dipping into the meal kit industry. >> let's check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hi. good morning to you. wall street is set to open higher this morning after yesterday's big rally. the dow snapping a four day losing street and i'm investors looked beyond the threat of a
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global trade war sparked by president trump's at that riff announcement. we get a report this morning on factory orders. the dow jumping 336 points to 24,874, the nasdaq rising 72 to 7,330. nordstrom has resocial securitied an initial offer from it's founding family to take the retailer private. that bid worth about $8.4 billion is less than the company's actual market value and the move comes as the industry is facing a record number of store closures as more shoppers are choosing to buy online. north strom gets more than a quarter of its revenue from online sales. walmart is launching its own line of meal kits to take on amazon and blue apron. the kits cost between 8 and $15 and range from one step and you're done offerings like pot roast to more flexible preportioned kits like steak dijon, they're available now in 250 stores and will be in more than 2,000 locations by the end of the year. you will also have the option to buy them through walmart's
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online grocery pickup service. scott and laura, back over to you. >> there you go. thank you. three, two, one, zero. ignition. liftoff. >> how about that. you're looking at the 50th falcon ix rocket to be sent to space. it lasted off from cape canaveral last night. no dramatic landing -- or launching or a roadster being launched into ma rs this time. spacex putting a spanish communications satellite into orbit. >> if they put two of those -- >> and you just became the most interesting man in the world. >> well done. >> in space. >> all right. it's going to be a great day today. >> it is a great day to enjoy. the 70s will call for a day to be outside. i know it's tuesday, a lot of people work but maybe when you
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get off of work that's when you can head outside, maybe a nice evening stroll. now, south bay right now at 42 degrees, peninsula 41, tri-valley 38 degrees right now. it's still a little cold out there, same for the north bay at about 35 degrees. check out san francisco, 45 degrees, east bay 42 and we can thank this warmup in temperatures to a ridge of high pressure. let's talk about some of the warmer spots right now, the 24-hour temperature change in san jose, four degrees warmer at this hour than we were yesterday, a little more 5 degrees warmer, even up towards the north bay also about 4 degrees warmer thanks to that ridge of high pressure that's going to warm us up into those mid to upper 60s and look at all those 70s on the map. concord 70 degrees, napa 70 degrees and even in san francisco a high of about 64 degrees. so let's talk about our next chance of seeing some rain. so we will be seeing some cloud cover later into tonight, but look at that wednesday timeline at about 5:00 we see this storm system sitting just off to the
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north. if i fast forward this timeline right into the evening hours wean 6:00 and 7:00 and then later at about 11:00 we will get the stronger showers in on wednesday. this will continue all the way through thursday. so that rain will arrive late tomorrow and look at the next seven days as we head in towards wednesday we get evening rain chance and into thursday we catch a little bit of a break on friday and then saturday and sunday we see the arrival of an additional storm system and that looks like it's also going to bring more snow for the sierra. i will talk more about that as far as rain totals and what we can expect heading into tomorrow night in just a bit. we're starting to get more cars out there, not really a problem for those speed sensors, we will talk about this altamonte behind me in a second. the south county we had those earthquakes east of gilroy, no problem for those commuters traveling up highway 101 and over here san jose and the rest of silicon valley also looking at speed. we will move over here now talking about west 580 out of
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the altamonte corridor, that crash still on the shoulder at north flynn, but you see just orange here, that's the speed sensors looking at a pleasant drive in the 50s. at the worst as you travel past that scene and then close to the limit here, maybe a little love the limit. i know how people drive, i'm one of them. looking toward the bay bridge a smooth drive getting through the maze, the backup forming at the toll plaza. we should see the metering lights on in the next couple minutes right on schedule. in the north bay we do see a little slowing here, highway 37 out of vallejo heading toward novato, a typical pattern, nothing dramatic yet. back to you. 5:20. coming up next on "today in the bay," game on. >> honestly i came for my husband who is a huge fan of roger federer. he loves him. >> they got to see him. it was federer and gates versus fwut ri and sock. the tennis match in san jose that brought people together for a great cause. savannah guthrie and al roker will join us live to tell us about all of the drama on the
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court. here )s a winningombonati chere )s a winning combination
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the best tennis playe r here is a winning combination, the best tennis player in the world one of the richest men in the world, tv star power and a plot of tennis. >> tennis fans sold out the sap center in san jose last night for the match for africa.
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it was a fundraiser org nightsed by roger federer to send children in africa to school. the 20 time grand slam winner certainly put on a show. he was teamed up with microsoft founder bill gates and our own "today" show's savannah guthrie. paired up with top american jack sock. >> roger recognizes that he is in a position of not just privilege but influence. he can put together an event like this and people come and they pay for a ticket, they get a great show, they get a great match, not necessarily from me. >> oh, come on, savannah. so who won? federer and gates defeated guthrie and sock, but they gave it their all. "today" show's savannah guthrie and al roker join us live now from san jose. savannah, we talked to you live yesterday morning, you said you were a little nervous ahead of the match, but what a great night for you. >> and, al, coming out all this way to support her. good for you. >> well, it's such a great cause and i will do anything for my pal. you had such a good night. >> it was really fun, guys. i said my tennis was not the greatest, i will admit, but it
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was so fun to do it and, i mean, it was a dream come true, it was a great crowd, great cause. san jose was so warm, the crowd was so nice to me. i think they kind of felt bad because i was like missing all the tennis balls even roger at one point was like, stop looking at me, you know, look at the ball. but it was just -- it was really -- it was like beyond -- beyond my dreams in every way and it was just the chance of a lifetime. >> i love it. and you practiced quite a bit for this. >> i know. it didn't show, but i did practice. >> come on. you were great. >> i did. i practiced really hard and actually that's one of the things that's been fun about t in fact, i got a text from my mom right after and she said, honey, you got a couple good shots in, now keep up with your tennis. it's fun to kind of get out of your comfort zone and try something new and i've always loved tennis but i've never really applied myself and it was fun to have a goal and to have a focus so i'm going to try to keep up with it. >> this really pushed you.
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>> yeah. >> as the matches went on you were getting -- you were really getting into it. i mean, you guys crawled back. >> roker is like, if it had only gone on longer i think you really would have been hitting your stride. i was like i want it to end. i'm ready to sit and watch the pros and have a cocktail. it's not easy what they do. you have a practice nd you're like i think i'm hitting pretty good but to stand in front of all those people, it's so overwhelming and exciting and distracting, but, you know, i'm even more impressed with what these professionals do. >> al, if we could get you out in some charity match, what's your sport of choice there? >> curling. >> no. cycling. >> cycling. i like to bet. i'm not a competitor psycycler. >> hundreds of bikes out every
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day. >> i thought you meant curling. program a computer and curl. >> a little something for everybody. al and savannah, thanks for taking the time to join us today. stick in the bay area, it's going to be a gorgeous day out there. >> i know, we -- >> we would love to have you stay. okay. so you can see more of savannah's big match upcoming up later on the "today" show, it starts of course at 7:00 right after "today in the bay." what good sports out there. of course we've got more news as well. banning gun shows in the south bay, that's coming up. the reason one santa clara county supervisor says these events need to boston. plus supporting west virginia teachers. new this morning the local group coming together to collect money for the strikers. san
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good morning to you, it's 5:30 on your tuesday morning. it's a live look at san jose. it is supposed to be beautiful today. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew marcus has the day off. >> and i'm laura garcia. let's check in with vianey arana in for kari hall this morning with a look at a pretty nice forecast for the day. >> you have that shot of san jose, i have this gorgeous shot overlooking san francisco. look at how stunning that is. we are also expecting to see a nice shift in our weather pattern. remember yesterday we were talking about that dry and warming trend, well, it's here and it's going to stay for the next couple days. at least the warming part is anyway. right now the temperatures in the 30s for the north bay, 37 degrees napa, hayward 44,
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mountain view 38 degrees. look at some of your daytime highs just to give you an idea of who how amazing today will be, 66 degrees for oakland, 70 degrees for san jose. we are technically still in the wintertime so this is definitely above seasonable and probably one of the warmest days we've seen so far in the bay area. we will stay warm but how long will we stay dry? i will have that answer coming up in just a bit. that question always makes me look for my umbrella. looking over here we knew we weren't going to see clear roadways over here on the bay bridge. the metering lights are on and the backup fills in all the lanes just in the last couple minutes things have filled in for all the cash lines there. there's bay bridge toll plaza itself and there is a crash reported on the approach to 580. we will track that and i will let you know as it affects your drive to the toll plaza. peninsula 101 approach from westbound 92 just cleared the
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roadway. look at your live shot from the san mateo bridge, on the hayward side all these folks are heading over there. happening today a possible limit on gun sales in the south bay. santa clara county supervisors will consider a controversial ban on gun shows at county fairgrounds. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez live in san jose with the reason why. good morning, kris. >> reporter: there is no gun show on the fair grounds marquis at this point, the next gun show isn't scheduled until april, but supervisor ken jaeger wants to stop the gun sales here on county property and he makes two main arguments, one, of course, is keeping guns off the streets of santa clara county, which he says is in line with the primary mission of the county, that is, the health and welfare of the people of santa clara, but the supervisor also makes a financial argument, there are only two gun shows here at the santa clara county fairgrounds and he says the county only made $6,000 off the code of the west
5:33 am
gun show in february. one counter argument is that ending gun shows could drive sales underground. >> if you are not doing it in the public eye under controlled circumstances i feel like there's just going to be, you know, back door deals going on. i mean, one way or the other you can't get rid of it so why not try to be a part of it and support it to the point where it's a little bit more controlled. >> reporter: so for perspective i pulled up a uc berkeley report on gun shows and gun violence that i covered back in october for you. it showed that there was a 70% spike in gun violence following gun shows in nevada. in california communities that were within driving distance, and that trend continued for two weeks after the nevada gun shows. there was no similar impact after california gun shows and some of the factors in that report seemed to be stricter regulations in our state and california's ten-day waiting period. santa clara county supervisors will take up this issue at their
5:34 am
meeting today. of course, you know that nbc bay area will be there. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." at 5:33 this morning, san francisco teachers are using a slice of ingenuity to support striking teachers in west virginia. the strike there is now in its second week. teachers are seeking a 5% wage increase, state senators are offering a 4% raise. san francisco teachers launched a go fund me page to provide striking teachers three days worth of pizza and water. their goal was to raise $15,000, but donations have shot well past that total. now to developing news. the search continues for former nfl star aldon smith. we're learning he is expected to surrender to san francisco police today meantime the raiders officially decided to cut that troubled player from the team. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos joins us live from san francisco with what we're learning about the investigation. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning to
5:35 am
you, laura and scott. it's just a never ending story when it comes to aldon smith and his legal troubles, but as you guys mentioned our sources are telling nbc bay area that he and his lawyer are expected to surrender here right behind me at the san francisco county jail on bryant street in san francisco, but tmz is reporting that apparently he may have checked into rehab following that incident on saturday night so we will be on stand by this morning to see exactly what happens here this morning or throughout the day, but here is the scene on saturday night in san francisco, police have issued a warrant for his arrest after he was accused of a domestic violence incident on saturday night in san francisco. a neighbor of the victim is the one who called 911, but according to dispatchers the victim in this also called saying that she was bitten. now, here is san francisco police explaining what kind of charges the former star nfl football player could be facing following his latest run in with the law. >> there was an arrest warrant that was signed by the district attorney's office citing charges
5:36 am
of domestic violence, force likely to cause great bodily injury, false imprisonment and vandalism. >> reporter: past run-ins for aldon smith include charges for hit and run, dui as well as possession of assault weapons. the raiders did cut smith from the team yesterday following this most recent incident. smith is currently suspended from the nfl due to those previous incidence. i want to point out our crews have reached out to smith's attorney, we have yet to hear back but we will be sure to bring any new updates to you guys as they come in this morning. live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." it is 5:36. new this morning a new gymnast is coming forward claiming sexual abuse by disgraced team doctor larry nassar. but in a twist this latest accuser is male. gymnast jacob moore is the first male to speak out and he does so exclusively to nbc. >> if i can kind of help end the stigma that guys can't be
5:37 am
sexually abused and, you know, kind of take that angle, then that's a victory for me. >> moore says he has joined several other gymnasts in a federal lawsuit. you can hear his entire interview on the "today" show. and happening today a live look in oakland this morning, a very important guest will speak there tonight, the former united kingdom prime minister david cameron in town speaking at the paramount theater. if you are wanting to hear from him and don't already have a ticket you are out of luck, the event is totally sold out. countdown under way to the 2020 census count as are the concerns some counties have about covering the cost. today santa clara county supervisors will discuss giving $1 million to invest in the first phase of the coming count. supporters believe the 2020 census is currently underfunded at the federal level. he added money will help ensure fair representation and
5:38 am
certainty that every home in the county is properly counted. transportation leaders in san francisco will decide today whether to add bike lanes to eight streets south of market. the eighth street safety project stretches from harrison to town send. mta board members will vote on the second phase of the plan that includes pedestrian and bike lane improvements and that meeting is at 1:00 this afternoon. good morning, folks. we have a change. i showed you the san mateo bridge last report things were moving but but after we got this report i've been staring at a crash on the high lies. i do see taillights slowing down as you head up the hill and it will start to back up. there is a crash currently blocking one of your westbound lanes. it does show up on our speed sensors in the last couple of minutes here again right at the high-rise in your commute direction. this could be a problem for folks heading over from hayward. we will track this to see how long it takes the bridge crew, they usually work clickly at this time of the morning. if you have a choice maybe take
5:39 am
the dumbarton bridge. it is clear. here is the south bay, the tri-valley all with a typical build, the patterns showing slowing as more folks hit their tuesday community. west 24 at 580 right near that approach to the maze the crash reportedly blocking one lane. they see a vehicle but don't see anybody involved. an easy drive on these roadways getting toward the bay bridge toll plaza but the metering lights are on and the toll plaza is full. we've already moved past monday, let's take a look at the weekend weather forecast. >> today is probably going to be the best way of the week this terms of weather, but it may be a good day for you this weekend even though we're tracking rain, guys. >>est that okay. we need it. >> for saturday and sunday and even into the start of why you are workweek next week, but let's focus on saturday. coast, bay and inland temperatures will drop back down into the 50s. look at all that rain. we have a cold front sweeping in and that's what's going to kick up the chance of some showers.
5:40 am
we have two storm systems, we have the initial one arriving on wednesday and this is the second system making its way in on saturday. carrying over into your sunday forecast as well. so if you had any plans to be outside, maybe birthday parties or anything like that, you may want to prepare, maybe go get a tent or something of that nature. as far as the bay and inland spots go, it looks like we could see breezy to windy conditions as we head in towards the weekend. with this storm system we're also tracking more snow for the sierra. friday, saturday and sunday right now the forecast is showing some snowshowers up there which means, yeah, there go those road conditions. i will talk about that and a the most recent snow pack and the conditions you can expect as well heading up there coming up in just a bit. back to you. it is 5:40. coming up next on "today in the bay," a daring rescue caught on camera, the frantic moments in washington as crews scramble to find a man trapped in the snow. plus ticket prices going down. the reason you might have more money in your pocket if you ride
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good morning. as you head out the door this morning these are the temperatures that await. san francisco 46 degrees down through san jose also in those 40s. if you are heading out in the north bay still chilly in the 30s, 37 degrees right now in napa. bring on layers that you can shed because we will be climbing into those 70s. more details on that in just a bit. and we're ten minutes after this crash was reported on the
5:44 am
san mateo bridge and, look, the brake lights by our camera just pass the toll plaza. so the flat section is jammed to the crash at the high-rise. we will talk about the progress on this crash and your way around the peninsula. it's 5:44 right now. new video is to show you this morning, the dramatic rescue of two men caught in an avalanche on saturday at washington state. this is helmet cam video from one of the rescuers. the drama played out 50 miles west of seattle. the men were snowboarding when they were caught up in that of a larchl. sadly two other people died in that very same slide. >> dramatic new video to show you with a happy outcome here, but take a look, see that little girl she's dangling from a chair lift at big bear mountain ski resort in southern california. she is being held by someone in the chair. eventually, oh, my goodness, she's released to the crowd below but they had a tarp that was out. all the crowd unifying to catch
5:45 am
the little girl. she's reportedly okay. five years old. she was with a ski instructor who caught her by the hoodie when she started to fall. the resort, however, is now investigating why this even happened. 5:45. before there were mp 3s there were albums and tads apes and c. 92-year-old russ solo mon died in sacramento on sunday. he is known for starting what eventually became tower records. his first store opened in sacramento in 1960, his second in san francisco. the brand eventually became known globally. bay area lawmakers have announced another effort to boost the number of homes in and around bart transit hubs. the new bill is authored by san francisco assemblyman david chew and tim greyson. it would require bart to approve streamline standards for housing in low income units. any city or county that did not comply would risk losing control
5:46 am
of development projects on bart-owned land. san francisco muni leaders are reportedly chi about changing tairs again, but believe it or not in this case some may be headed lower. the chronicle reports the mta is considering dropping fares for two groups, people who buy monthly passes and visitor passports that are offered to tourists. at the same time the mta is also considering more fare hikes in other areas. they will debate numerous fare changes later today to help close a $20 million budget deficit. amazon expanding its two hour delivery service from whole foods to two more markets, atlanta and san francisco. the service free for prime members on orders of more than $35. this has been available for about a month in austin, dallas, cincinnati and virginia beach. other cities are expected later this year. customers in san francisco will be able to order beer and wine as well. happening today students from marjory stoneman douglas high school will perform at new
5:47 am
york's carnegie hall. members of the school's wind symphony arrived at jfk over the weekend. they will perform this afternoon at the 2018 new york wind festival. the band was one of six schools in the nation chosen to perform at the prestigious venue. obviously the high school thrust into the spotlight on valentine's day when a gunman opened fire killing 17 people. if you are a fan of the hbo show big little lies this may be an opportunity for you. the award winning tv series holding an open casting call in monterey. it's this saturday from 10:00 to 4:30 at the embassy suites in sea side. auditioners are being asked to bring a 3 by 5 photo of yourself, a pen and great attitude. that's something you should always have. north bay high school theater group is getting a huge lift thanks to the new nbc series "rise." >> the american canyon drama department received $20,000 yesterday, half came from money raised by a special screening in napa for the new theater
5:48 am
inspired show "rise." the car damon gillespie showed up on campus with a check that thrilled even teachers. >> i was absolutely shocked and surprised and floored. i could imagine $10,000 what that could do for our program but a full $20,000 my brain can't even wrap-around. >> last night the group received another $10,000 check from nbc's rise america project, that effort handed out half a million dollars to 50 drama departments across the united states. you can watch the special premiere of rise one week from today right here on nbc bay area. it starts at 10:00 at night. it's 5:48 in the morning right now. >> rise and shine. >> rise and shine. let's get the day going. >> did you guys catch that marcus was the emcee for that event. >> that's why he is not here this morning. letting him sleep in a little bit. >> yeah. so today we're going to see like you said sunshine.
5:49 am
i told laura she brought the sunshine and that is, in fact, what happened. now, we are expecting to see also warmer temperatures so with that sunshine we welcome a very nice warm up. right now in the peninsula 41 degrees, the tri-valley 38 degrees, the south bay 42 and check out san francisco right now at 45 degrees. the north bay, though, still cold at 35 degrees, east bay 42 degrees and it's all thanks to a ridge of high pressure i've been mentioning this dry warming trend, that's what's bringing that. today's forecast look at those temperatures upper 60s for oakland, a high of 66, napa at 70, san jose at 70 degrees. let's talk about our next chance of rain. if you look at this time bar it gives you a good timeline, that storm system is off to the north at about 5:00 p.m. and then it really starts to make its way down late into wednesday night, lingering around through thursday as well which means thursday morning's commute could be a tricky one at times. now, as we head in towards wednesday into thursday we will see that first storm system
5:50 am
clear out by thursday night and that will give a little bit of a break into friday. but we do have the arrival of another storm system on saturday and that's what's expected to bring some more snow for the sierra saturday into monday a couple inches, nowhere near what the last storm system brought, but any snow is good snow because the latest snow pack was revealed and so far we're only at about 39% of average of where we're supposed to be around this time of year which means we would need six more similar storms to get us up to average and the chance of that happening by april 1st is about one in 50. so we have a long way to go in terms of that snowfall. now, the next seven days here is a look at what you can expect. through tomorrow we stay with that warming trend on tap with the 70s and then we see a light decrease in those temperatures. mike? vianey, we will start the odds making with the snowfall as well. the chances are good that you will have a better drive across the san mateo bridge than we showed a few minutes ago. no confirmation from chp but we're looking at these lights
5:51 am
and i've been watching the taillights start to move better as you head over the high-rise westbound. i do think that the bridge crew was able to clear that at least off to the shoulder if not off the bridge of the there was a minor crash reported at this high-rise itself. the dumbarton bridge a clearer drive. the build for the volume over in hayward out of san leandro. the rest of the bay, south bay, all look good. typical friday -- tuesday pattern, not friday. still a little slowing as you get over toward the crash at the shoulder on west 24 at 580 that may be what's keeping things lighter at the bay bridge. we're seeing some lanes ease up over off of the left approach but there is a good volume but the metering lights are on so this will not last. once that crash clears over in the maze things will fill in over here. coming up next a major online gambling operation busted it was happening right here in northern california playing out in a city's major downtown.
5:52 am
we'll tell you where. first happening now more than 500 victims of the las vegas mass shooting are starting to receive payments of up to $275,000 each. the cash is coming from a $31 million victims fund. plus a southern california hospital shutting down because its sitting on an active earthquake fault. the long beach facility will close because it can't be retrofitted to meet state seismic regulations. seismic regulations. [burke] vengeful vermin.
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and welcome back to you. isn't that beautiful? taking a live look outside, our san francisco camera this morning. off to a chilly start, but it will warm up a bit as we head into the day. vianey arana tracking the temperatures. more rain moving in, coming up in five minutes. new this morning investigators bust a massive online gambling operation in northern california. investigators say a 36-year-old woman who is running an illegal online gambling café in downtown stockton. investigators seized 16 computer hard drives in that building yesterday and arrested the woman. police say it is the fourth time she's been arrested for this type of crime. the illegal business had been running for about two months before the bust. so here is how it works, players
5:56 am
would pay the cashier and receive a playing card to track their online games. if they came back with a credit then they would be paid out. >> so basically you have a cashier here that's acting adds the bank and that's what makes it illegal. >> i'm extremely shocked, concerned, but i'm not surprised. >> investigators say some of the customers will likely be arrested as well and they're sending a warning to other illegal gambling operators. and new this morning muni planning to expand a train spot near the warriors new stadium in san francisco's mission bay district. it's not going to be cheap. san francisco examiner reports this morning that train stop will double in size to accommodate all the large crowds going to the game, but the cost of rebuilding the stop increased by $6 million. the new chase center will open next year. according to the examiner muni hopes to expand the 160 foot long light rail flat form to 230 feet. there will also be more trains at the stop as well. the powerball and mega
5:57 am
millions jackpots growing to more than $600 million combined. nobody won the overall prize after drawings over the weekend so the mega millions jackpot is now about $265 million, powerball $348 million. mega millions drawing happening tonight, powerball drawing tomorrow. happening today walmart issuing a massive recall for a certain type of multi-cooker. retail giant is recalling 104,000 g 85 multicookers because they say it has a fire hazard. there have been more than 1 hub reports of cookers overheating. make sure that's the right one, the multi-cookers were sold exclusively at walmart from august of last year through january of this year. they cost about $80. if you have one, stop using it and return it to walmart for a full refund. walmart launching one of its
5:58 am
own lines of meal kits in a bid to take on amazon and blue apron. those kits will cost about 8 bucks, as much as 15, they range from one step meals to preportioned kits available in about 250 stores now, about 2,000 more locations coming up by the end of the year. you will have the option to buy them online through walmart's grocery pickup service as well. 5:58. a bay area man is hoping to make his mark on nbc's the voice. he's moving forward on the competition. ♪ >> oakland's brett hunter took the stage with his ukulele during the brand auditions last night. his skills impressed blake shelton who turned his chair around during the performance. the blind auditions continue tonight on nbc bay area at 8:00 and then at 9:00 the all new episode of the hit drama "this is us." second-to-last episode of the season. 10:00 "chicago med" followed by our news at 11:00.
5:59 am
>> bad mamajama with a ukulele. coming up next on "today in the bay," new information into our newsroom on an explosive investigation that led to evacuations in the east bay. what we're learning about the two suspects behind bars this morning. plus shaking in the south bay, small earthquakes just reported within the last hour and a half. and media circus, a former trump campaign aide says he will not comply with a subpoena from special counsel robert mueller. and then reverses course. the political back and forth all coming up as "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good now tuesday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus has the day off. vianey has a wonderful one-day forecast. >> a wonderful one-day forecast. i like the way you put that because scott has been listening about how i'm tracking some rain and that has not changed. although i will say this, at least the temperatures will
6:00 am
remain through tomorrow. you still have at least a day and a half, so that rain moves in tomorrow night. right now the temperatures as you make your way outside are in the 30s, but, parents, hey, if you're packing up the kids getting ready for school keep in mind we are going to be fairly warm today into the afternoon. just to give you an idea even though the north bay is in the 30s, eventually areas like santa rosa, napa, will climb into the 70s. it's going to be one of the warmest days we have had so far. let's check in with mike. i was right and i was wrong. over here i saw the high-rise moving better. it is, but the flat section is jammed up now. westbound 9 # 2 very full because the crash looks like it's at the base of the high rides. i have not seen them travel across that surface lane but i'm hoping they clear that quickly because 92 you saw the live shot, you see our sensors jammed up with the toll plaza all the way to the base of the high-rise inou


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