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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 15, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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around the bay area. at times visibility is low. we will keep those clouds for quite a while. here is a live look outside in san jose as many people will be lining up to get on the celebration train heading into san francisco. it's only 48 degrees with our high today of 62 degrees, areas of fog and cool temperatures to start, but by this afternoon we will see some peeks of sunshine but staying mostly cloudy. there will be a quick moving round of rain early tomorrow morning, we will talk about that and a the rest of the week with two more storm systems on the way, that's coming up in about seven minutes. right now we're following breaking news, this is a traffic alert for you this morning, chp investigating a shooting on southbound 280 in san francisco. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at the scene at alemany boulevard, bring us up to speed on the investigation that's under way, pete. >> reporter: we're going on nearly three hours of the freeway being shut down here on 280 south right before you hit alemany boulevard and as a
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result of that freeway shooting, chp telling us that anywhere from through he to six victims may have been hit. i want to show you guys right now the situation, you've got a few lanes blocked off here, folks are being forced to drive off of the alemany boulevard exit and go back on monterey boulevard to continue on to 280 south. as far as the details that have freeway shooting, we're being told it happened roughly around 3:00 a.m. and the number they're saying is between three to six victims may have been shot and they self-transported themselves to san francisco general. now, as far as what's happening right now, why these lanes are shut down, chp is conducting their investigation, they are able to find some casings in the freeway that may have been related or were related to this shooting, but as a result you've got these lanes blocked off and folks are being forced to drive off of alemany boulevard. as far as when this is going to clear up they've given us an estimated time of about an hour as far as when this will clear up.
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of course, if things change we will bring another update for you guys at 6:30. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." more breaking news for you this morning, chaos overnight in indones indonesia. take a look at this video that just came into our newsroom a few minutes ago. it shows the moments a floor, right there -- this collapsed inside a jakarta stock exchange tower. it appears to be a walkway where those people are standing as it fell right there, police say at least 77 people have been hurt. that lobby filled with debris and people who were evacuated as others lie on the steps outside of the tower. police say this was not a bomb. no word yet on an actual cause of this. also breaking this morning, dozens dead and more than 100 hurt after a suicide bombing in baghdad overnight. police say at least 38 people were killed. officials say two terrorists wearing suicide vests blew themselves up in a city square. this was during rush hour in a
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spot usually full of people seeking work. no group has claimed responsibility but experts say it has the hallmark of an isis attack. at 6:03 to the deadly developments out of southern california. at least 20 people are now confirmed dead in those mudslides. four others are still missing and are now believed to be dead. last night thousands gathered in an outpouring of grief and support in santa barbara county, many just starting the very long healing process. leaders from across the state spoke is a vigil remembering the lives lost and thanking first responders for their hard work. >> we will be committed to work together to strengthen our community and we will move forward and never will the loss of lives be forgotten. >> this weekend two more bodies were found, first a 25-year-old woman whose 12-year-old sister also died in the disaster. then the body of a 30-year-old father whose two-year-old daughter remains missing. the search and rescue mission
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has now been called off. terrifying moments off the florida coast. we learned that a woman is dead after a shuttle fer yeeg people to a casino boat burst into flames. 50 people jumped off the shuttle into the icy water. 14 people were treated for minor injuries. the flames reportedly started in the engine, but a full investigation is under way. we're still waiting for more details in the deadly shooting in pittsburg. this happened friday night on railroad avenue. investigators say officers approached an antioch man in his car to investigate a possible drug deal and that's when they saw a handgun. officers say they told that man to put his hands up, but he reached for the gun. that's when officers opened fire. the man did not survive. pittsburg police have not released his name. this morning the search is on for a hit and run driver who slammed into an east bay dog shelter. rocket dog rescue says the car ran into the fence about 3:00
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a.m. yesterday morning, then the driver abandoned that car. the building was not hit, just the fence. the nonprofit shelter says this is the second time this kind of thing has happened and they need money to fix the fence. rocket dog rescue works with the peninsu peninsula humane society and oakland animal control. president trump is tweeting about daca, within the past hour he said, quote, statements by me last night in florida honestly i do -- i don't think the democrats want to make a deal. they talk about daca, but they don't want to help. we are ready, willing and able to make a deal, but they don't want to. they don't want security at the border, they don't want to stop drugs, they want to take money away from our military which we cannot do. my standard is very simple, america first and make america great again. >> now, this comes as lawmakers are trying to come up with a plan for d.r.e.a.m.ers and as they try to avoid a government shutdown on friday. tracie potts live on capitol
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hill this morning monitoring all the developments for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. they will be back at it tomorrow, probably some behind the scenes work going on today on the holiday. democrats and republicans say they got together and came up with what they thought was the best compromise possible to not leave these 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers hanging and also deal with the immigration issues that the president said were a priority, but this morning he is not accepting that. friday is the deadline, come up with a budget or face a government shutdown. >> shame on any of us, we say we will let it run out for the sake of politics. >> i for one will not vote for government funding until we get a deal on daca. >> daca, protection for young immigrants brought here illegally, it runs out in march. >> i believe there is a deal to be had. >> there is a deal on the table worked out by democrats and
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republicans, it curbs the visa lottery and what the president calls chain migration. president trump called it outlandish. >> we are ready, willing and able to make a deal but they don't want to. they don't want security at the border. >> we put $40 billion of border security in that bill. >> dhaka is probably dead the president tweets. >> he basically said i'm calling it program to an end and putting a shotgun to everybody's head and if you don't give me my wall i will pull the trigger. >> friday a hard deadline for the budget a shoft deadline for daca, but so far no deal. >> now, there's that whole debate over whether or not the president used profane and defamatory language to describe haiti and africa. he absolutely denies it, but there are some who say it was racist. the president says he is not racist at all and there were concerns this would spill over and affect the immigration
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negotiations happening here on capitol hill, but now lawmakers on both sides say they don't expect that to happen. laura and marcus. >> thanks for the latest. 6:08 right now. an emergency in the air, a united airlines flight from san francisco to france was diverted to virginia last night because of some sort of medical issue. an airline official and they are not releasing a lot of details, but we do know the plane landed at dulles international airport about 10:00 at night. live look at richmond-san rafael bridge this morning. some bay area leaders are reportedly starting to question the idea of adding a bike and pedestrian lane to the bridge's underdeck. a third car lane is already being added to the eastbound lower deck. the same plan calls for a 10 foot wide bike lane up above, separate from vehicle traffic, but the ijay reports one marin supervisors believes it may make more sense to use that lane for cars or perhaps a hybrid lane, pedestrians and bicyclists could
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use only during off peak hours. also happening today, you can get in free at all national park entrances. entrance fees are being waived for all visitors, that means free admission to spots like muir woods and point reyes, even yosemite. surf is up, foggy skies, big waves will be seen across the coast once again today. this was video over the weekend from pacifica. the massive waves brought people out to the pier to watch rough waters. good to watch from a distance. kari has a look at our forecast right now. kind of a foggy start in some parts. >> we will continue to see that fog and also the dangerous surf continuing through today as well as most of the day tomorrow as we will have several storm systems approaching and there will be some strong rip currents. i know with the milder temperatures and you may have the day off you want to head to the beach but never turn your back to the water. we will have 15 to 18 foot breakers and potential of sneaker waves. a live look in san francisco we can see the low clouds moving
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through, we will gradually see those clouds and the fog lifting but look at livermore right now, visibility down to zero. can't see very far in front of your car so you do have to allow some extra time. slow is down as you get ready to head out the door and in concord the visibility down to about a half of a mile, we're also seeing that in santa rosa. this dense fog will slowly lift. if you are going to san francisco for the march and the parade, the fog will be lifting, mild temperatures, only 53 degrees. we will talk about some more events going on on this holiday, that's coming up in just a few minutes. 6:10 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," moment of impact, the dramatic surveillance video into our newsroom this morning showing an airborne car crashing into the second floor of a southern california building. >> plus look how tesla, ford is coming up fast in your rearview mirror.
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it's 6:13 now as you get ready to head out we are seeing patchy fog around the bay area but as we go through the day in palo alto we will be at 55 degrees at 10:00 and only some peeks of sunshine. it will be a fairly warm day reaching into the low to mid 60s there and we will get some rain later on tonight. we will talk about the timing and how much you can expect that's coming up at about 6:19. we continue to follow breaking news this morning.
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680 southbound on alemany boulevard -- 280, that was my bad -- 280 southbound at alemany boulevard this morning, much of the freeway has been shut down. traffic is being led off because of a shooting that happened. they believe three to six people could have been shot. some of the victims driving themselves to the hospital. the investigation continues with southbound lanes all shut down this morning. pete suratos is on the scene, he's gathering information as the chp investigation continues this morning. incredible surveillance video into our newsroom this morning. take a look here showing the speeding car hitting the median and flying into the second story of a building. this happened in santa anna in southern california. this was the scene after the crash. right here. look at that. investigators say that car was speeding when it hit a raised median and became airborne. witnesses describe what they saw. >> the car was coming down the
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[ inaudible ] here, very high speed. i heard a big boom and it hit that -- it hit there and got launched. >> now, it did not end there. the car caught fire after it crashed into the building. the driver managed to get out, the firefighters had to rescue a passenger in the car. police say the driver admitted to using narcotics and was taken to the hospital along with the passenger. they both were treated for minor injuries. >> new self-driving car guidelines are coming. we are learning the trump administration is expected to reveal the revised guidelines this summer. u.s. transportation secretary told the detroit auto show forum the guidelines would not only address self driving cars but also trucks and buses. this will be the third set of self driving vehicle guidelines. ford is promising more than a dozen new electric cars. >> scott mcgrew joins us now. the car company doubling down. >> vastly increasing the amount of money it's inn crest vesting
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in electric and plug in hybrids. ford made that announcement at the detroit auto show. the company says it will invest more than $11 billion in green energy. lots of models are coming from ford including a super fast sports car. that could be very bad news for tesla. obviously tesla is far ahead of all other car companies, but those companies are catching up and more importantly ford has more experience building cars and is much better funded. these are pictures of the first tesla 3 to hit the showroom in palo alto last week. tesla is badly behind in manufacturing that car. there's growing concern this morning that big changes to the facebook feed will cause a rise in fake news. facebook has been bedeviled by fake news helping to spread all kinds of nonsense during the last presidential election. last week it announced it would remove lots of media companies and news articles from the facebook feed in an attempt to bring facebook back to its roots of baby pictures and other
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personal news. the worry being if you take away the presence of depend ablng news fake news gets more strong. the stock markets are closed today because of martin luther king day and will reopen tomorrow. there was a scare at -- well, at -- for a family in atlanta. take a look at this video, they were trapped on a balcony as the fire roars around them. we will play it again for you so you can see, a desperate father throws his child down to a firefighter down below who catches the child. video tap toured from a helmet camera on another firefighter. not only did that firefighter catch the child but 12 other people were also able to escape with only minor injuries. the heroics of firefighters is amazing. >> they put their lives in danger every day to make sure all of us are safe so thank you to all the firefighters out there. >> they're pretty cute, too, sometimes. >> okay. so let's put out that fire.
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let's move on to weather and we are going to have a day with some patchy fog and it starts out that way, we've seen at times the fog just lingers through much of the morning. here is a live look outside from at&t park looking towards the city. right now visibility is not too bad there, but we've seen it dropping down, rolling in from the central valley and it's a spare the air day so unhealthy air quality expected today for the north bay and the inland east bay and no wood burning today, it's going to make the air quality even worse for the bay and the coast, it will be moderate. south bay as well as the santa clara valley moderate air quality today and our temperatures reaching into the low 60s in east san jose, it will be a nice one after the clouds and the fog lift it will get a little bit nicer with some peeks of sunshine. upper 50s for walnut creek and hayward today, expect a high of 62 degrees, 59 degrees in daly city and san francisco upper 50s and low 60s, mission district today at 60 degrees and 58
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degrees today in napa. if you're going out for the cal trains martin luther king jr. celebration train be, it's going to start out with a lot of clouds and chilly temperatures, only 51 degrees. make sure you're wearing something nice and warm. with light rain well to the north of us, that will be approaching as we go into tonight. looking at when we are going to see that moving in with this storm system still well to the north but we will see some of that rain starting to drop in. as we go into tonight here is the way it pans out. by early tomorrow morning shortly after midnight that rain starts to move into ukiah and approaching santa rosa and there is where we will have the heaviest rain falling but it fizzless out and breaks apart before much of the rest of the bay area sees it. only spotty showers possible for early tomorrow morning, a much more widespread chance of rain is expected on thursday and we will have some rounds of showers that will continue through friday. saturday is looking dry and then another colder storm system will
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be here on sunday into monday of next week. so a lot to watch here over the next few days. once again this first round of rain will be very light, a few one undreads of an inch for areas south of the golden gate bridge and our temperatures following off as one. the weekend will be chilly as well. inland areas 62 days to 55 degrees on friday. we will have another look at the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. 6:20 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay" a new warning about this year's flu epidemic, the reason it's hitting kids particularly hard and what parents should try to do to keep their kids healthy. a north bay fire victim seeks our help with an insurance claim. now she says it's settled in her favor. nbc bay area responds next. we have a follow-up to a
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north bay fire victim whose home burned to the ground. we have a follow-up now this morning to a north bay fire victim whose home burned to the ground. she felt she was being required to do unnecessary paperwork to get her full insurance benefits. >> so she contacted us for help. consumer investigator chris chmura reports on the big developments in the case. >> we introduced you to holly web earlier this week. she says she was required to document all the belongings she lost in the fire before her insurance would pay in full for the contents. but not anymore.
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>> i just broke down. i was so relieved. >> holly says within 24 hours of her story airing on nbc bay area state farm offered a cash settlement, which means she and her husband gene will not have to document every item she lost like she feared. >> they offered us 75%, which isn't 100, however, i believe in compromise. i don't have to do the list, they don't have to read my list and it feels good. i can't thank you enough, but thank goodness for nbc. >> holly and gene told me they believe they are now set to receive more than $175,000 for their belongings. state farm has told us it cannot discuss details of the case due to confidentiality concerns. there is one thing holly might have done differently and it's something that you can do right now. you can do a home inventory while you still have a home. go through every room and shoot
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video or snap photos of everything, then up load those images and clips to the cloud for safekeeping. holly called us and so you can. 8 8 8 888-996-tips. on line at an alert this morning in th north bay about a scam tied to fake pg&e phone calls. rohnert park leaders say bogus callers are threatening to cut service unless an immediate payment is made. the targets are told to pay with a prepaid cash card. the department of public safety says the scammers are making their caller id numbers look a lot like the legitimate pg&e numbers. if you think that you are being targeted you should call pg&e's customer service department. continuing coverage this morning of what experts are calling one of the worst flu seasons in a decade. doctors say the main strain could be much worse than last year. nationally doctors are focused on the elderly and children. >> we know that about 70 to 80% of those children that die
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aren't vaccinated. so vaccine really has been proven in an observational study and a vaccine effectiveness study to prevent 50% of flu deaths in kids. >> you can see more of that interview on "the today show." the flu hitting almost every state including california. as we look closer on california cases, 42 people have died so far. many under the age of 65. at this time last year only nine people had died. the l.a. times has details on the death toll from state officials, the flu season which runs from october through may typically peaks in february. flu activity is widespread in california, the entire state is seeing elevated activity. >> make sure you wash your hands. >> that's right. do what you can. coming up on "today in the bay," rocking the south bay, the small art projects popping up and how you can get involved. plus, remembering dr. martin luther king jr., the rallies planned across the bay area today.
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. we )re off to a cool and even foggy start in parts of the bay area this morning. right now it's 6:30. we are off to a cool and even foggy start in parts of the bay area this morning. taking a live look outside. at least you can make out that pleasanton sign, a nice look at downtown, kind of quiet right now. nobody is up just yet. 6:29. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we want to bring in meteorologist kari hall to get
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us a better look of what's going on throughout the bay area today. >> we've seen the fog drifting around the bay area and coming out of the central valley into the delta and parts of the north bay where visibility has dropped down to a half of a mile in santa rosa as well as concord, livermore visibility is up just a bit now but earlier we were seeing zero visibility. that's what you have to deal with as you head out the drive this morning. maybe you are going to san francisco, going to the martin luther king jr. march and parade. now that will be cool with some temperatures only in the low 50s and the fog will be just starting to lift around 11:00 and a very cool start as we look at our high temperatures today, san francisco will be up to 59 degrees, 61 in oakland and palo alto and 62 degrees in san jose. it will be a cooler day and we are in for some rain later on tonight. we will talk about that and the weekend forecast, that's coming up in eight minutes. 6:30 right now where we continue to monitor breaking news this morning. lanes of southbound 280 in san
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francisco are shut down this morning after a freeway shooting overnight. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live along the freeway to show us what's going on. i know you've been out there since 4:30 this morning. what are things looking like now? >> reporter: i just spoke with chp and they're telling me that these lanes should be reopening shortly. of course, they've been blocked off all morning long as a result of that freeway shooting. chp saying that anywhere from three to six victims may have been hit. they did self-transport themselves to san francisco general. at this time they really don't know if they are looking for a suspect or at least have a suspect description in this shooting. we are going to show you sky ranger, you're getting an overhead look at the situation on 280 south. a number of lanes are blocked off but folks are being diverted off of alemany boulevard and they have to hop back on on monterey boulevard to get back on 280 south. we're going told this happened roughly around 3:00 a.m. we don't know if this was a drive-by shooting or if a
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pedestrian shot at the vehicle. of course, all that is under investigation, but what chp does know as far as their investigation goes is they found shell casings in this area as a result of this shooting. i want to take you guys back out here to show you the cones that are blocking off alemany boulevard in san francisco where folks are being forced to drive off as chp conducts that investigation into the freeway shooting but as i mentioned at the top of this report it looks like they should be reopening these lanes shortly. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." 6:32 right now. happening today, it is martin luther king jr. day and americans are remembering the civil rights icon. >> just as i have a dream, my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content
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of their character. i have a dream today. >> that is part of that iconic speech there. marches and rallies are planned across the bay area today in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose this morning where the celebration train will take off in a couple hours. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, the annual martin luther king celebration train which will be sponsored in cart by cal trains will be leaving diridon station at 9:45 this morning heading up the peninsula with stops in palo alto and san mateo before making it to san francisco. once in the city there will be a march and parade in honor of dr. king. the train ride up the peninsula if you are not pham lay it's a social experience with passengers chanting and singing songs in celebration of the late civil rights leader. this year's celebration train takes place with the backdrop of president trump's comments last week when he reportedly referred to haiti and africa as s-hole
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countries. this was in a meeting about immigration reform. last night he denied making that remark and says that he is not a racist. tickets for the celebration train are sold out. other events taking place in the bay area. up in the north bay in napa at 9:00 this morning a group of nonprofits, religious groups and service organizations will hold an mlk jr. day of action and compassion. the base camp for that is at st. john's parish hall. that's in napa. in the east bay there will be a cultural celebration at noon at pittsburgh high creative arts building. that's in the city of pittsburgh. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." in 1983 president ronald reagan signed legislation designating every third monday in january as dr. martin luther king jr. day. >> as we well know dr. king spent much of his life fighting for equality for african-americans and other minorities. he was assassinated on april 4th, 1968. we'd like to share this portion
6:35 am
of his famous "i have a dream" speech from 1983. quote, in the process of gaining our rightful place we must not be guilty of wrongful deeds. let us not seek to satisfy our thirst for freedom by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred. and today as we celebrate dr. martin luther king day i will actually be the master of ceremonies at the 38th annual martin luther king jr. luncheon. that is taking place at 11:00 at the holiday inn in san jose. a great honor to be a part of a great and long running program. >> that's great. we turn now to continuing coverage of the after matt of montecito's deadly mudslides. the death toll in the disaster rose to 20 over the weekend. searchers found the body of a 30-year-old father on saturday. four people including that father's two-year-old daughter remain missing. but the hope of finding anyone else alive is gone. officials announced the search and rescue effort is now over.
6:36 am
also highway 101 remains closed in the area with no estimate of when it will reopen. this morning no word on a possible charges after a weekend brawl caught on can a camera. this happened saturday at an east bay pizza parlor. take a look. now, this was inside joe's incredible pizza in newark. police say a girl was looking for her missing phone, then the fight broke out when she asked people about that phone and if they had seen it. here is what one worker had to say. >> next thing you know there's just a massive brawl of people throwing fists and it was quite crazy. we would have definitely found the cellphone if they would have given us a little bit of time to let us do our jobs instead of throwing punches. >> police say there was no cellphone theft. the phone had been turned into the restaurant's lost and found hours earlier. this morning accusations of sexual misconduct against one of
6:37 am
hollywood's rising stars. all new today we're hearing his response. aziz ansari describes the encounter with his accuser as completely en son shul. he says in part the next day i got a text from her saying although it may have seemed okay upon further reflection thee felt uncomfortable. his statement goes on to say it was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when i heard that it was not the case for her, i was surprised and concerned. i took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said. now, the woman says, ansari acted actively and pressured had err into sexual encounters. in his statement ansari says that he supports the me too movement calling it necessary and long overdue. now to south america, people in perú are assessing that damage after sunday's strong earthquake that shook the country's southern coast. the 7.1 quake struck before dawn and it could be felt some 300 miles away.
6:38 am
the area struck is not heavily populated but dozens of homes have been destroyed. it also cracked roads and left other highways blocked by boulders. there are reports of two deaths. happening today parents will join tobacco opponents in san francisco to pressure city leaders. organizers are demanding elected officials and political groups refuse money from tobacco companies seeking to overton san francisco's new ban on flavored tobacco. supervisors pas that had ban last june. organizers say big tobacco is funding a campaign to overturn the ban with a june ballot measure. the maverick surf competition won't happen this week. they called off this competition this weekend after closely monitoring the conditions. organizers were eyeing today and tomorrow for the event in half-moon bay. last year the organizers declared bankruptcy. the hope is now the right conditions will develop before the organizers' windows closes on february 28th. new this morning, small art
6:39 am
projects are popping up around saratoga. >> the city is encouraging people to decorate rocks and leave them at landmarks, then share them on social media #saratogarocks. saratoga is offering rock painting kits if you want to participate. the idea is to celebrate the community. i do that with my kids all the tim time. >> i think it will be a great day to get out there because the rain holds off until later on tonight and then we will see more rain as we go into the weekend. let's check out saturday's forecast and look at how cool it's going to be. mostly to partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid 50s and then as we head into sunday it's going to be a little bit milder, but that rain does move in late. if you are going to napa valley this weekend our high temperatures will only be up to 55 degrees and mostly sunny and then for sunday that rain once again will be rolling back in, low 50s there, caramel valley
6:40 am
will see rain on both ends of the weekend. so friday looks wet and then sunday as well. saturday is your only dry day in caramel valley and then also the same in santa cruz with 55 degrees our high temperature and some breezy winds as we will see kind of some much cooler temperatures than we have had recently. also we stay below freezing in squaw valley all weekend long so the rounds of snow we will get will stay there and it's going to be nice to see some fresh snow falling, but the heaviest snow will begin on sunday and continue into next week. so let me know what you're doing this weekend and we will talk about it. let's get to those traffic maps as we've been also getting an idea of what's happening out there on the roadways, getting a look at 280 right now going through san francisco. it's really starting to back up and our pete suratos has been out there with the investigation going on with the shooting. elsewhere it is a light flow of traffic and also dealing with that dense fog, but we are not seeing that fog right now as we
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get a live look outside at the bay bridge, traffic is light and the metering lights are not on on this holiday. we will continue to watch that. also your weather forecast. another look at the draft is coming up in about three minutes. also coming up next on "today in the bay," a terrifying false alarm. the steps the government is taking to restore trust after an alert was mistakenly sent out to hawaiians saying there was an incoming missile attack. washington is scrambling as well because there are only four days until a government shutdown. when "today in the bay" continues.
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right now at 6:44 we get a live look outside at fremont as you get ready to head out the door. we've seen some patchy fog in parts of the bay area. as we go through the day that fog gradually clears but we will be left with mostly cloudy skies and clear temperatures today reaching into the lower 60s. as we get a look at those roads around the bay area we have had a light flow of traffic on this holiday, only a few minor issues, but the biggest issue will be the fog, especially around livermore where you see all the yellow highlights. i will talk about that and what's ahead for the rest of the day, that's coming up in about five minutes. it's quarter to 7:00 right now. new this morning, two robberies overnight in sebastopol. first happened just before 1:00 in the morning, police say someone called to report vandalism after finding a sliding glass door smashed at a lucky supermarket. officers say a man waited inside that store for it to close.
6:45 am
a security camera caught this photo. police say the suspect tried to get into the cash register, then he smashed the glass door to get away. nearby a short time later police say there was an armed robbery at a convenience store, it happened about 1:30 in the morning at the 7-eleven along pleasant avenue north. police say the clerk told them a man came in, revealed a handgun, then remanded cash. the clerk says the man took money and other merchandise before running away. police have not caught him. this next story you have to see to believe it. take a look at this boeing 737 dangling off of a cliff in northern turkey. this happened yesterday when the plane was landing, but skidded off of the runway, almost into the ocean. one of its engines did fall into the water. everybody on board was able to get out. the crash is under investigation but the airport says it appears to be a pilot error. >> can you imagine being on the plane? >> no. controversy in britain this morning, the liter of the
6:46 am
independence party has ended his relationship with a woman after she reportedly made ris iks remarks about meghan markle. markle is due to marry prince harry in may, she has spoken out about how her ethnic background has affected her acting career. jo marney is apologizing for language she used in a series of text messages to a friend, but says they were taken out of context. while marney had no official post in the party her membership has been suspended. new this morning, talks continue overnight between north and south korea. lower level officials met early in morning. today's meeting specifically focused on north korea's plan to send an art troop to the south during the win they are olympics which are next month. wednesday there will be more talks about athletes who will participate in the games. the homeland security secretary is working to restore trust after saturday's false alert in hawaii. there was widespread panic caused by the government alert
6:47 am
warning hawaiians of an incoming ballistic missile attack. it took officials 38 minutes to tell the public the warning was a mistake. homeland security assured americans that alert systems are not to be ignored. yesterday homeland security secretary said mistakes like these are extremely rare. >> i would hate for anybody not to abide by alert and warnings coming from government systems. they can trust government systems, we test them every day. >> critics say there is no reason the mistake couldn't be corrected sooner. the missile alert system was put in place after tensions escalated between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un. our coverage of the false emergency alert continues at 7:00 as the "today" show looks deeper into the investigation. what did the president say about africa? the debate continues this morning. and, scott mcgrew, the secretary of homeland security finds herself back in the middle of the controversy. >> because she was in that meeting, kirstjen nielsen just started her job, you will recall
6:48 am
she was in napa last week looking over fire damage. while she was in the meeting where thump is reported to have used a profane comment, but so far nielsen is saying she can't recall the president using that profanity. some people say he did, some people say he didn't, some people take the middle ground of i don't remember. nielsen is in the i don't remember camp. now, what's going to be interesting is she will have to testify in front of the senate judiciary this week as part of her regular duties and one of the people questioning her is senator dick durbin, he was in that very same meeting and durbin says the president did use the profanity. now, if durbin asks her directly, her answer will be senate testimony. so there's yes he did, no he didn't, i don't remember and then here is the answer senator purdue of georgia gave, the nonanswer. >> you are saying flat out definitively the president did not say those words? >> i'm saying that this is a
6:49 am
gross misrepresentation, it's not the first time senator durbin has done it, it is not productive to solving the problem -- >> so what did the president say? >> most people in america, george, want us to solve the daca situation. >> indeed this all comes as the government is trying to settle the daca issue. that's what that whole meeting was about. democrats and republicans are negotiating to fund the government as well, four days until shutdown. we just got word from the white house the president is golfing. we examine the president's tweets, executive orders and speeches every day right here on "today in the bay." he will us what you think, i'm on twitter, i'm @scottmcgrew. a lot of football fans out there this morning still buzzing about one of the wildest finishes in years. >> it happened at the end of yesterday's playoff game between minnesota and new orleans with the vikings down to their last play. take a look. >> keenum steps into it, pass a caught! touchdown! unbelievable!
6:50 am
>> and he goes all the way. that's minnesota's stefon diggs scoring the improbable 61-yard touchdown. the saints fans will undoubtedly remember the missed tackle that allowed diggs to break free. minnesota will face philadelphia in the nfc championship game. the afc that's new england they play jacksonville. >> why do we have to do this story before weather. >> i know. >> i'm still heartbroken after that loss yesterday. i really thought we had it, the saints. oh, my gosh. >> sorry. >> yeah, i guess case keenum really deserves that win. all right. so we are going to have a day starting out with some clouds and fog on this holiday, we are seeing that right now as we take a live look outside in san francisco. we had some really dense fog for the past several mornings and today no different, it takes a while before it clears. it's also a spare the air alert day. no wood burning today. it will be unhealthy in the north bay as well as the inland east bay, moderate air quality
6:51 am
for the bay and the coast and the south bay as well as the santa clara valley. we will have a day that will start out cool, dense fog and poor air quality throughout the day with our visibility in concord now down to about three-quarters of a mile, but right now in the central valley and the folks driving in from the central valley are only getting visibility ahead of the -- just ahead of the head lights. it's really bad there and we've started to see some of that fog drifting in. it will be slow to clear throughout the day but we will get part will i to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures today up to 62 degrees in san jose, upper 50s 230r the north bay. if you are going out to the caltrans martin luther king jr. day celebration train, it's going to be chilly, only 51 degrees with a lot of clouds and that train leaves at 9:45. make sure you have something nice and warm to wear. we will have a day where you do need the hat and also a nice warm jacket. as you're standing in front of the closet getting ready this morning you will probably be wearing that all day long. later on tonight we will start
6:52 am
to see rain moving in. here is the storm system, we can see all the clouds, this will be moving in as we go into tonight but only light showers offshore that will be moving into the north bay and we will see that rain moving in by about 1:00 in the morning, heaviest in the north by but then becoming more scattered. we will have more rounds of rain as we head through the rest of the week. we will have three storm systems moving in between today and sunday. so it looks really good for our rainfall totals. let's head over to traffic as we get a look at the maps out there right now. we are seeing a few issues on the roads, but we are seeing green sensors all around the bay area except for that investigation that's shut down part of 280 in san francisco and then all the yellow highlighting shows we do have some dense fog from livermore off towards the east and that may slow you down as well. overall looking good. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge this morning with a light flow of traffic on this holiday and we will continue to watch that and the fog drifting around the bay area. another look at the forecast
6:53 am
coming up in just a few minutes. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories on today in the bay including breaking news, a major bay area freeway shut down this morning, the reason police have a stretch of 280 closed off. at 6:53. first happening now, a health scare at chicago's o'hare airport, officials are warning that passengers may have been exposed to measles. last week a passenger with a highly contagious disease landed and boarded another flight. flyers who have not been vaccinated for measles should be tested. breaking news out of the philippines, nearly 15,000 people have been forced to evacuate from villages around the country's most active volcano. lava is flowing down the crater and scientists warn that a gentle eruption at the mayan volcano could become explosive. we will be back with more news right after this break. before you head out the door,
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door, the time is 6:56. here are the top stories on "today in the bay." breaking news that we continue to follow in san francisco where nbc bay area sky ranger over the site of southbound lanes of 280. they just reopened just about two minutes ago after a shooting that shut it down since early this morning. up to six people were shot at about 3:00 this morning at alemany boulevard.
6:57 am
chp tells us the driver brought everyone to a nearby hospital. the condition of the victim is not known and officers so far are not revealing a motive. and looking live at diridon station in san jose this morning, the annual celebration train departs at 9:45 this morning. it makes stops along the peninsula before reaching san francisco where people will march and hold a parade to honor dr. martin luther king jr. marches and rallies are planned in several spots to honor mlk day. we put those details of today's event on our website the death toll now stands at 20 in the deadly montecito mudslides. two more bodies were found over the weekend. a 25-year-old woman whose sister also died in the disaster. and a 30-year-old father whose young da you are is still missing. a total of four people are still missing this morning. a large vigil was held last night in santa barbara county to show support for the victims. one woman is dead after a shuttle boat carrying people to a casino boat burst into flames. it happened about 40 miles off
6:58 am
the coast of tampa, florida. 50 people jumped off the shuttle into the water. 14 people had minor injuries. the flames reportedly started in the engine but a full investigation is under way. this is a weekend brawl caught on camera, it happened saturday at john's incredible pizza in newark. police say a girl was looking for a missing phone. the fight broke out when she asked a group of people if they had seen it. police say the phone had been turned into the restaurant's lost and found, however, before the fight. no word on possible charges. and coming up next on the "today" show, continuing coverage of the investigation into how a false missile alert was sent out to people in hawaii. this caused a widespread panic and fear that lasted more than 30 minutes. taking a live look outside from pleasanton off to a cold and foggy start on this martin luther king jr. day. >> a lot of people have today off, hopefully they can
6:59 am
celebrate. >> a day of service. get out there and do something good. >> and the will cooperate. >> yes, it's going to still be foggy out there, that's what we've seen the past several days. it takes a while before it clears and we get some peeks of sunshine. 60 degrees today the high in san francisco, rain moves in late tonight and early in the morning and 62 degrees for the inland valleys, after that rain moves in. we will have a little dry weather before another round of rain moves in and then as we get a look at how the roads are moving around the bay area, there has been a fairly light flow of traffic, as we mentioned it is a holiday and a lot of people are off today, but the yellow highlighting shows where we do have some very low visibility and dense fog rolling through and we will also have that problem on 280, that we are just getting the update that the roads have been reopened in san francisco. no metering lights at the bay bridge so it does look good there and it looks like we can just count the cars on the road. >> it looks like a lot of people are off. >> thanks for joining us this
7:00 am
morning for "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25. 11. have a great day have a great day . good morning. breaking overnight, fire engulfs a casino boat shuttle off the coast of florida. dozens of flightened passengers forced to jump into the chilly water to escape. this morning with an investigation under way, how the captain's quick thinking saved lives. absolutely unacceptable. the head of the fcc weighs in on that false alarm in hawaii. new video now emerging of the panic it caused. the worker who accidently triggered it reassigned as nbc news is given exclusive access into the bunker where the mistake was made. a pde


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