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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 7, 2018 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take a live look outside -- san rafael god good sunday morning. it is 7:00 on the dot. we're taking a live look outside. oh, boy. dark and ominous as we look at san rafael. foggy out there this morning. i'm chiropractokira klapper. this is the first morning of 2018 that we had trouble driving into san jose. >> fog is definitely making its return, and so is the return of the rain. it finally -- >> thank goodness. we need it. >> yeah. >> but you say it's going to be a doozy. >> it is. it's going to come down fairly hard. and if you are wondering about the fog, here is san francisco. this is a live camera of the city. but there is so much fog, it's so dense, you can't even spot a single building or a single light. here's a look right now at the doppler radar, and the fog
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making all the way -- making it all the way inland as far as hayward and danville. san mateo, san francisco. but just behind that, we've been talking about that big storm that is expected to bring the significant amount of rain for the bay area and the temperatures right now waking up to some 30s and w40s. that cold front did sweep in overnight. and as far as your forecast for today, temperatures expected to remain cool. if you look at the outlet, coast, bay and inland, the rain could be making its arrival as early as this afternoon. and also expecting a big wind event. it's going to be affecting the coastline. you want to tune in, because i'm going to break it down for you. >> we will stay tuned, indeed. we thought we were going to get a dry day today and the rain would come tomorrow, but you say it's going to come earlier. stay tuned for that. thanks. now to promising young skaters here in the bay area. taking to the ice with their sights set on the olympics. the men's olympic figure skating team is about an hour away from being announced.
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59 minutes, give or take. but last night they had to prove themselves in the u.s. figure skating championships. today in the bay's garvin thomas joins us live from the sap center to tell us about another night on the ice. good morning, garvin. >> reporter: after the women's competition, the night before, it was hard to believe the drama would match. there is a journalist here who has been covering figure skating for years. he tweeted out last night after the men's final group, he said that that hour was one of the craziest he's ever seen in his 37 years in covering the sport. and in the middle of it all is one of our skaters, palo alto's vincent joe. let's watch last night's skate as we kind of walk you through how it all happened. vincent, he went into -- he went into last night's free skate in fifth place. he skated well, but not great. and he was going to need some skaters ahead of him to falter if he was going to have a shot
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at making the team. but that was very unlikely, because two of them were former olympic champions themselves, and skated so well. in the end, that's exactly what happened. they faltered and in a very surprise turn-around, vincent went from thinking he was out to on the podium probably in a matter of 15 minutes. now, of course, will he make the team? that's the big question. here's where it gets interesting this morning. because it's not the first three-place finishers in u.s. championships who make the olympic team. there is a committee that got together last night and made the decision they are going to announce in about an hour. there are many who believe that the fourth-place finisher, a skater named adam rippon deserves to be on the team. if the committee agrees, do they bump vincent or the second-place skater? they're not going to change first place, nathan chen, won the competition, best skater all year and will make the team and has a shot at getting a medal in
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pyeongchang. the announcement 8:15 here at s.a.p. center. we will be here live. if you want to -- if you want to know the results as soon as we know, just follow me on twitter at garvin thomas and we'll tweet them out as soon as we know them. kyra? >> that means i have to wait even longer. i thought the results were at 8:00. but 8:15 it is. and i do follow you on twitter, garvin. so we're excited for that. and we'll see garvin soon, about 30 minutes from now. he'll have another report and will be in south korea reporting from the olympics next month. you can follow his reports nightly right here on nbc bay area. garvin also will be hosting behind the scenes photos and videos on our social media sites. one of the women who accused former alabama senate candidate, roy moore, of sexual harassment, was the victim of a possible arson this week and now a silicon valley tech executive is raising thousands of dollars to help her rebuild her home. tina johnson's alabama home where she lived with her husband and grandson was destroyed by a
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fire wednesday. katie stanton, who used to work at google and twitter, first saw images of this home while watching the news at her office in burlingame. stanton said she couldn't just sit by, so she launched a fund-raiser friday afternoon. people across the country already have pledged more than $130,000. tina johnson is one of eight women who accused the former alabama senate candidate of sexual assault, and he, of course, ultimately lost that senate race. stanton says she's inspired by the courage of women like tina. >> this touched a nerve. i think we have all been moved by the me too movement and have all been moved by the bravery that so many women have demonstrated over the past year. >> while alabama authorities are now saying they don't believe there's any connection between moore's campaign and the fire that destroyed johnson's home, still, the money raised will go to help her rebuild her home, and any extra money raised will go to local charities in alabama.
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we continue to follow developing news out of fairfield, where police are searching for the person who shot at a car and caused a chain reaction crash. police tell us two cars were driving down waterman boulevard around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, when someone opened fire on the driver of a silver honda. that driver was hit multiple times, lost control, and crashed into two other cars. he is now in critical condition. seven other people in the other cars were tweeted for non life-threatening injuries. it happened where waterman meets hill born road, just north of the air base parkway off-ramp of i-80. investigators are urging anyone with information to come forward. the shooter sped away from the scene of the crime. police are reviewing surveillance cameras. we are learning more about the pulse flight club massacre in orlando. the bay area wife of shooter omar mateen knew he was plotting a crime, and even knew that pulse was his target.
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new court documents show in the hours after the mass shooting, salman told the fbi that she knew about mateen's plans. she allegedly even helped him scout out locations. the 31-year-old is charged with aiding and abetting and obstruction of justice. mateen killed 49 people and wounded 58 in the 2016 pulse nightclub shooting. people lined up in san francisco yesterday morning to make their first-ever legal purchases of recreational marijuana. seven approved retailers have started selling recreational pot. all of them were previously established dispens res. customers chose from a menu. the stores tell us they're seeing a wide range of customers, and they're feeling a sense of relief that marijuana use is now out of the shadows. >> it's absolutely a mix, but we are seeing a lot of first
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timers, or people who haven't used marijuana, maybe since college. >> it seems more legitimate. it's safer that way, rather than dealing with people on the black market. so i think that makes it safer. >> at the ribbon-cutting, state senator scott weiner addressed friday's federal reversal when it comes to marijuana legal states. he says he believes california leaders will be able to preserve access and tell federal authorities to stay out of state business. president trump had a lot to say to reporters yesterday during a break from meetings at camp david. the president defended his fitness for office, echoing a series of tweets about his mental stability and genius level intelligence. he went on to claim that the author of the new "fire and fury book, michael wolff, does not know him and never interviewed him. the president touched on goals of overhauling immigration laws and welfare programs. he repeated his campaign claims that he did not collude with russia and hackers and hinted at
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starting a dialogue with north korea. at just about 7:09 on your sunday morning, much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the bay area high cost and high taxes. the loophole one lawmaker is trying to create to ease the pain of new federal tax reform. plus -- >> fire victims paid 100% of their insurance premiums. so why aren't they getting 100% of the benefits? i'm consumer investigator, chris gomorrah. nbc bay area responds, next.
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welcome back. 7:11. a live look outside. beautiful pink skies over san rafael. fog across the bay area. and rain as soon as this afternoon. we'll have your microclimate forecast. the new year has brought big changes in the tax law, and one of the biggest and most painful to many californians is the new limits on deducting state and local taxes from your federal tax return.
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but one state senator already is proposing a creative work-around to save millions of californians big bucks. "today in the bay's" marianne favro explains the new law. >> reporter: you don't have to drive far to find homes topping $1 million in the bay area, which means hefty annual tax bills. which is why president trump's new tax bill is especially painful. it limits deductions for state and local taxes. experts say people in high-taxed areas, especially here in california, could be on the hook to pay more, because now the deduction is capped at just $10,000. >> republicans are saying, democrats always wanted richer people to pay higher taxes. that's exactly what this is doing. and democrats are saying, hold on. this is really unfairly targeted at high-tax states. >> reporter: but state senator kevin de leon from southern california is now proposing a loophole to potentially save californians billions of dollars. he introduced the protect
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california taxpayers act. it would allow californians to make a charitable donation to a state excellence fund, run by the treasurer's office, and in return, they would receive a dollar for dollar tax credit for their contribution. that way, they can still deduct it from their federal taxes. but it's unclear exactly how the california excellence fund money will be used. the irs would also have the right to weigh in, and could say the unusual donations don't qualify for tax relief. in the meantime, one state is taking a more direct approach, as new york governor, andrew cuomo, vows to sue. >> and we will challenge it in court as unconstitutional. >> reporter: marianne favro, nbc bay area news. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay. "where the winning powerball ticket was sold. and yes, the fog now, but our biggest concern is going to be these two large systems forming into one. and they are expected to bring a
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good amount of rainfall, and also very strong, gusty conditions. we're talking about advisories and flash flood watches throughout parts of the bay area. i will have a complete breakdown, just after the break. stay with us. the oakland coliseum.
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the raiders season just ended welcome back. it's 7:16. a live look outside at the oakland coliseum, where the raiders' season, well, it ended. but the excitement for next year already is at a fever pitch. the worst-kept secret in bay area sports has become official. jon gruden is returning to coach the silver and black. yesterday the raiders confirmed what has been widely reported, that the team has agreed to a deal with gruden. the raiders tweeted out this message, "welcome back, coach gruden, let's get to work." the record-setting contract is reportedly for ten years, and worth nearly $100 million. the team will hold a press conference at noon on tuesday. well, one lonely ticket matched all the numbers in last night's powerball lottery drawing, and it was sold in new
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hampshire. too bad for all of us. the jackpot, $570 million. here are the numbers again, though, in case you missed them. 12, 29, 30, 33 and 61 with the powerball of 26. you might want to check your tickets, because in addition to the big winner, five people matched five of the numbers, winning $1 million each. and there were millions of tickets that won smaller amounts, so, again, it's worth checking your stubs. friday, a mega millions ticket worth $450 million was sold near tampa, florida. good for all of them. nbc bay area responds now to a north bay fire victim who is having problems getting her insurance company to pay up. so she turned to consumer investigator, chris chmura, for help. >> reporter: holly webb's santa rosa hope is completely gone. the october firestorm burned everything in the three-bedroom house. but holly says her insurance company won't pay her the full amount for her belongings, unless she does a complete inventory of everything in the
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rubble. down to every fork and knife. holly says it's cruel to put people through that. she also says she had no idea when she bought her policy that she would have to prove on paper what she had, even if she lost everything. you think you should have been told that up front? >> yeah. and then, here's how you do it, and here's what we'll need. >> reporter: but that didn't happen. >> no, it didn't happen. >> reporter: holly is not alone. we've learned that hundreds of north bay fire victims have filed complaints with the state. tonight, after the golden globes, what the insurance commissioner is doing about it. and why insurers say the written inventory is necessary. plus, we'll walk you through the steps you can take right now to try to prevent the headache holly is feeling. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. 888-996-tips. or visit i'll see you again tonight after the golden globes. >> thanks, chris. it is just about 7:19. we'll check in viani.
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you say a ton of rain. >> and a flash flood watch is expected to be in place tomorrow for anything really adjacent of those north bay fire burn zone areas and the burn scars. ask that could create a big issue as we head into tomorrow. this morning, the biggest threat so far is just really that fog. you can see this live camera over san francisco. so if you are heading out this morning, just make sure to slow it down and take all the necessary precautions when dealing with fog. now, let's get right to that rain. because this is going to impact us, and it's definitely going to bring a huge impact to the start of your workweek. doppler radar not showing one but two storms. you can see the storm off to the north and we've got this second storm sitting just off of southern california. now, with this second storm, it's got this plume of sub tropical moisture. and what our models are showing is these two storms kind of converging, turning into one, and that's what's going to create a big storm as we head
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into the start of tomorrow. and even as early as this afternoon. right now, doppler radar just showing a lot of that fog. but if i take you to the time line in just a bit, you'll see exactly what i'm talking about. the temperatures off to a cooler start than what we saw yesterday. 30s and 40s, no 50s, and our overall highs fairly mild. if you look at the outlook, once we burn off the early morning fog, very cloudy. as far as the rain goes, let's talk about that hour-by-hour time line. originally, a lot of our models were showing the rain making its arrival as early as 9:00, 10:00. look at this one. 2:00 p.m., there is a possibility that that first storm, a round of showers, could move in through santa rosa, san rafael, san francisco and also through the palo alto area. that's going to bring a round of showers even through the 9:30 hour. so it looks like there is a potential of that rain making its arrival a lot earlier than what we had originally imagined. as far as sunday night into monday, this is where we're expecting the heaviest of the downpours. so once we get into monday, we're dealing with widespread
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rain. talk about wind and rain. and look at this. all the way from the north bay down towards the south bay, even through san jose, expect anywhere from possibly 1 to 2 inches of rain and that system carries on through tuesday before we see the system finally make its exit. but let's talk about the big impacts with this rain. so what can we expect? number one, anywhere between 1 to 2 inches. the euro model is showing just over 2 inches in napa. orinda just over an inch-and-a-half, and look at san jose, kind of rare, usually falls into that rain shadow. also over an inch-and-a-half, which is why there is a flash flood watch that is expected to cake in tomorrow at noon for all of the north bay fire burn zones. so who is at risk? areas adjacent to the atlas, mudslides, and yes, flash flood watches. also hour-by-hour wind gusts, you can see the potential for pretty gusting conditions, anywhere between 20, 30, to 40 miles per hour, which is why
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there is also a gail watch in place. if you are going to be heading out, mariners need to take caution. we are dealing with winds between 34 to possibly 47 knots. so as of right now, it looks like we might be issuing that microclimate weather alert as early as tonight in the evening shows, because mudslides, fire zones, we're talking southwesterly wind gusts between 20 to 40 miles per hour. and that will remain a concern, at least through tuesday. so we've got big changes ahead. check your tires, check your windshield wipers and bring out the umbrellas. kyra? >> yeah, wellingtons, raincoats. thanks. still ahead on "today in the bay," one of the most glamorous nights in hollywood expected to turn political. we'll preview everything you need to know about this year's 75th golden globes.
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woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear.
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but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away) first off, we're going to give you all... nbc )s mark barger has a preview of the s h welcome back. seth meyers will host the 75th golden globe awards tonight, and nbc's mark barger has a preview
7:25 am
of the show, honoring the year's best in tv and films. >> five of the most tainted men -- >> talented -- >> the unpredictability the golden globe shows is known for -- >> i was in the bathroom, mom! >> i can't recall a golden globe best drama race where four or five of the nominees could have an equal shot of winning. >> the fantasy romance, "the shape of water," leads with seven nominations. rivals include "the post," the world war ii epic, "dunkirk," "call me by your name". >> it's really rare a movie has taken me on the kind of emotional journey that "three billboards" goes on. >> the star is favored by many to win best actress for her role as a grieving mom. >> it's just such a moment for her. she is incredible in that role. >> when will the election be done! >> gary ohlman's performance in
7:26 am
"darkest hour" has him favored for best actor as are denzel washington and tom hanks. >> that performance is on a different level than anything else we have seen this year in that category. >> "the greatest showman" for best musical comedy and "get out." the coming of age comedy "lady bird" could score a win. >> she manages to really portray this quirky teenage character in in such a grounded way. it's an effortless performance. >> the performance of seth meyers will be closely watched, as recent hollywood scandals provide a fine line for comedy. >> you want to address it, but you also want to remind people that despite all that awful stuff that happens, this was a great year for film and television. >> the best of that work will be honored tonight. mark barger, nbc news. among the nominees in some of the golden globe tv categories are nbc's "this is us" and "will and grace."
7:27 am
many actresses expected to wear black in solidarity with the me too movement and anti sexual harassment group time's up. coverage begins at 4:00 p.m. only on nbc bay area. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." a new team of employees at google with one task. track down bicycles. plus -- >> said he interviewed me for three hours in the white house. that didn't exist, okay? it's in his imagination. >> and the president's remarks about his mental fitness for office, next. ♪
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does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you. good morning, thanks for welcome back on your first sunday morning at 2018. a live look at fog covering the bay bridge toll plaza. good thing people have their lights on this morning, because you need them across the bay area. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana was saying, this is exciting for you. this is what you -- >> i'm looking at the models,
7:30 am
and we're talking a decent amount of rainfall, good amount of rainfall. but you know what, it's going to be tough. so pay attention in terms of the time line of this, because i don't want it to mess up your plans and i want you all to be fairly safe. san francisco, that camera looks blown out, but it was showing fog. and i want to show you exactly what we're dealing with here. look at the doppler radar. you can see the two storm systems, one off to the north and one sitting off just west of southern california. now, the one that's sitting off near southern california is actually pushing a plume of sub tropical moisture, and that's causing a lot of that moisture to pull down from the north. so these two are expected to kind of combine as we head into tonight, and that's what's going to bring all of that rain that we have been monitoring and tracking really all week long. but now that we're getting closer, we really have a better idea of exactly what we're dealing with. so when it comes to this storm, we're talking about wind watches, gail watches, flash flood watches, all of the above. even winter storm watches, if you're heading out to the
7:31 am
sierra. another thing is that cold front swept in last night. so expected is, those temperatures dropped overnight and gave us a better chance to wake up to 30s and 40s, unlike yesterday we woke up to 50s. so we've got a lot to talk about. your microclimate forecast today is mild, but i'll give a bigger picture coming up in the next 15 minutes. >> we'll stay tuned for that around 7:45. thanks. promising young skaters are here in the bay area, taking to the ice with their sights set on the olympics. the men's olympic figure skating team is about 45 minutes away from being announced. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas joins us from the s.a.p. center to tell us about another night of high drama on the nice where the men had to earn their ticket to pyeongchang. hey, garvin. >> reporter: hey, kira. you know, people who have covered this sport for a long time say there is always drama associated with it at these competitions, and we witnessed that firsthand all week with the
7:32 am
women a couple nights ago, and right now we're in the middle of it with the men's competition, and right in the middle of that is palo alto's vincent joe. let's show last night's skate as we explain where we are in this whole olympic selection process. vincent came into the long skate, the preskate in fifth place. he skated well, but not great. what he was going to need to make it on to the podium was a couple of skaters ahead of him were going to have to falter. but that seemed incredibly unlikely, because both of those skaters were former u.s. national champions themselves. but that is exactly what happened. in a stunning turn-around in the space of just about 15 minutes, vincent went from looking like he had no chance to make the olympic team to third place. here's what he had to say after his skate. >> i definitely feel ready. i've been training very well.
7:33 am
i know that i deserve to go to korea. but honestly, that's not up to me. that's up to the selection committee. so i came here, and i skated. and the rest is not up to me. >> reporter: here's where it gets interesting this morning. the competition, of course, as we said, the competition doesn't determine the olympic team, the committee does. there are many who believe adam rippon, the fourth-place finisher, deserves a spot on the team because of his body of work in the past year. if the committee agrees, do they bump vincent or second-place finisher ross minor? they're not going to bump the first-place finisher, nathan chen, dominated from beginning to end, pretty much dominated the figure skating season, a lock to make the olympic team, and considered by many a good candidate for a medal coming up in pyeongchang. so here's how we go forward. the announcement is made 8:15 this morning right here in
7:34 am
s.a.p. center, we'll get to ask some questions a little bit later. if you're interested in how this works for vincent, does he make the team, does he not, we'll be tweeting out the announcement as soon as it happens at 8:15 this morning. so kira, the drama is not over yet. >> it's not over. a nail-biter for the next 40 minutes. but who is counting? i'll stay tuned to your twitter, garvin. thanks. and garvin is headed to south korea for us. you can follow his reports nightly, right here on nbc bay area. garvin also will be posting behind the scenes photos and videos on all of our social media platforms. one of the women accusing former alabama senate candidate, roy moore, of sexual harassment was the victim of a possible arson this week. tina johnson's alabama home was destroyed by a fire, but a silicon valley tech executive here in the bay area said she couldn't just sit by, so she raised more than $100,000 to help rebuild. "today in the bay" has more. >> reporter: this is what's left
7:35 am
of tina johnson's home in gadston, alabama. authorities have opened an arson investigation. katie stanton saw these images while watching in her office in burlingame and decided to do something to help. >> i looked online to see if there was a go fund me page and i didn't see one so i decided to set one up, thinking i could raise $1,000 or more for her. >> reporter: she launched friday afternoon. people across the country have already pledged more than $130,000. >> this touched a nerve. i think we have all been moved by the me too movement, and have all been moved by the bravery that so many women have demonstrated over the past year. >> reporter: tina johnson is one of eight women who have accused former alabama senate candidate, roy moore, of sexual assault. he ultimately lost that race in one of the most watched special elections of last year. alabama authorities say they don't believe there is any connection between moore's campaign and the fire that consumed johnson's home. johnson says they're devastated by the fire. >> everything is gone.
7:36 am
we come out of that with the clothes on our backs. me, my grandson and husband. we have nothing. >> reporter: since launching the go fund me campaign, stanton has been able to talk with tina johnson by phone. >> when i first called her, she was in tears. i think she was both overwhelmed by the grief of losing her home, but also by the remarkable compassion that so many people have shown. >> reporter: the money raised will go to help rebuild johnson's home and any extra money will go to local charities in alabama. nbc bay area news. well, yesterday morning marked the first-ever legal recreational pot sales in san francisco. seven approved retailers have started selling recreational marijuana. all were previously established dispensaries, like this one, the apath care yum. >> it's absolutely a mix, but we are seeing a lot of first
7:37 am
timers, or people who haven't used marijuana, maybe since college. >> it seems more legitimate. it's safer that way, rather than dealing with people on the black market. so i think that makes it just safer. >> at the ribbon-cutting, state senator scott weiner discussed the reversal when it comes to marijuana legal states. he says he believes california leaders will be able to preserve access and tell federal authorities to mind their own business. president trump is spending the weekend at camp david, meeting with republican congressional leaders and cabinet members. they're talking about immigration, national security and the budget. but the president's intelligence and mental stability also took the spotlight. nbc's sara dallas reports. >> reporter: in the midst of a retreat with congressional leaders, president donald trump on the defense again about allegations his campaign colluded with russian officials. >> but everything that i've done is 100% proper. that's what i do, is i do things
7:38 am
proper. >> reporter: during a brief question and answer session with reporters at camp david, the president touched on the 2018 mid terms. >> we need more republicans. we have to have more republicans. with that being said, i think we're going to go bipartisan. i think we're going to have some really great bipartisan bills. >> reporter: and on his own mental health. early sunday, he described himself as a very stable genius in a tweet. >> why did you feel the need to tweet about that this morning? >> only because i went to the best colleges. or college. i went to a -- i had a situation where i was a very excellent student, came out, made billions and billions of dollars. >> reporter: the tweets appeared to be in response to a new tell-all book alleging concerns among some white house aides. trump has described it as a work of fiction, and his efforts of president were praised by those flanking him sunday. >> the president's efforts have been achieving extraordinary results. nearly 2 million new jobs created, unemployment at a 17-year low. >> reporter: while the president is riding high on the best
7:39 am
weekly approval ratings he has seen since this summer, some question if that upward movement will continue. sara dallof, nbc news. google has a problem with bikes disappearing, so google has hired a team of 30 contractors to track down the bikes from mountain view and surrounding communities. that, according to the "wall street journal." google says between 100 and 250 of its 1,100 bikes go missing on a weekly basis. in addition to the contractors tasked with scouring the streets for the bikes, google is also testing gps trackers on some of the bikes, and locks that only employees can open. still ahead on "today in the bay," more on the controversial book about donald trump's white house. political analyst, larry gerston joins us live in a few minutes to discuss the president's strong response to the author of "fire and fury." also, steph curry continues his
7:40 am
spree. we'll see the incredible performance in l.a. the trump presidency has
7:41 am
7:42 am
hi, everyone. mindi bach at the xfinity sports desk. jon gruden worked the desk between the titans and chiefs and moments after, he was no longer a commentator, he was once again the raiders' head coach. the silver and black made the announcement. espn is the first to report the raiders offered gruden a whopping ten-year deal worth roughly $100 million. the deal is the longest offered to an nfl coach and would make gruden the league's highest-paid coach. he will be introduced at a press conference on tuesday. an early start for the warriors in los angeles. no kevin durant for a second straight game. no problem. they had one stephen curry. he made eight three-pointers in this one, four in the opening quarter alone! look at this one from the corner. nailed it. that's worth a little shimmy. curry had 17 points in the first quarter.
7:43 am
in the second, more curry. doesn't matter, because he can drive right by, as well. beautiful reverse layup. he only needed to play three quarters in this one, because everything was working. in transition from downtown, a season-high 45 points for curry. the warriors win big and their third straight on the road. more news after the break. begun the new year under seige
7:44 am
7:45 am
from fire and fury. the trump presidency has begun the new year under siege from "fire and fury". the book by michael wolff has revelations ranging salacious to stunning. reaction from the white house has been swift and direct with the president slamming wolf as a, quote, total loser who made up stories in order to sell this really boring and untruthful book. his words. many critics feel otherwise. nbc bay area political analyst, larry gerston, joins us. oh, man, i could not wait for this. what do you make of the book? >> well, look. there are two ways to look at this whole thing.
7:46 am
first, its significance lies not in new substantive information, but really the author's ability to cobble together and confirm an abundance of material that's already been provided by other sources. in other words, the book takes pieces and organizes them into a compelling narrative about the president and his presidency. look, at the same time, the book undermines its value with silly references to the president's dyed hair, where he eats his cheeseburgers and alleged claims he's stupid and woefully uninformed. frankly, these departures really take away from the book's more serious discussion points. >> okay. so then let's stay on those more substantive points. what did you find was the most compelling? >> okay. you've got to go with the russia investigation. we need to remember that when robert mueller was going by this whole thing, brought on as special counsel last may, trump fired director james comey.
7:47 am
mueller was tasked then with investigating the extent to which russia may have tampered with the 2016 presidential election, and helped donald trump win. in the book, wolff quotes bannon who was anything but a casual observer. in fact, bannon was the trump campaign chief adviser, and later the trump administration chief strategist. in other words, he was a major player before and after the election. according to wolff, bannon describes the 2016 meeting between donald trump jr., jared kushner, paul manafort, with a russian emissary who supposedly had damaging hijacked e-mails focusing on hillary clinton as 20 treasonous and unpatriotic. in addition, wolff writes one of trump's lawyers resigned from his post after trump dictated a false explanation, believing in itself the inaccurate explanation could be obstruction of justice. these are heavy words here. wolff also quotes bannon saying
7:48 am
at its root the case against trump centers on money laundering, most likely alluding to the illegal transfer of funds from russian banks to the financing of trump hotels. >> and bannon, there is so much surrounding him right now. he seems so critical to the book. why is that? >> look, three points here stand out. first, bannon has not denied anything ascribed to him in the book. second, bannon was intimately aware of various key meetings because of his roles. and third, last month, there are published reports that mueller had subpoenaed financial records from russian affiliated banks, a concern bannon allegedly expressed 18 months ago. >> wow. well, critics, including the president, have described the book as long on exaggeration and short on facts. so do these observations undercut its value, do you think? >> you know, there is no question about the value of accuracy in reporting. whatever the subject.
7:49 am
to the extent that wolff misses dates or participants and reported events, yeah, he runs the risk of providing a book that may be so flawed that it's not worth reading. but let's remember the most important point. more than specific errors are potentially erroneous reporting in spots, the book contains more than 200 interviews with people in and close to the trump administration. you know, collectively, these interviews largely confirm sordid reports on efforts to successf squelch the russia investigation. last week, the "new york times" reported that trump lawyer don mcghan tried to convince attorney general jeff sessions not to recuse himself from overseeing the russia inquiry after sessions revealed he too met with russians. and we learned that reince priebus and former press secretary, sean spicer, also tried to dissuade sessions. of course, sessions' recusal in
7:50 am
the wake of the president firing fbi director -- the director, comey, led to the appointment of the special counsel, robert mueller. so the question is, did these people approach sessions on their own? or were they directed to do so by the president? >> honestly, my head is spinning. you had to come up for air. there is a lot of information. what is the take-away here? >> you're right. look, the silly and salacious observation notwithstanding, the wolff book seems to confirm the most important points of the russia investigation. from the book, and other recent stories, it appears the mueller investigation is moving toward an obstruction of justice case, based on the effort to keep fbi director james comey from carrying out his investigation. so the big, big remaining questions, which may not be answered for months, are whether there was obstruction, and if so, was the president a part of that obstruction. that's where we are. >> wow. that is where we are.
7:51 am
thank you, as always. wish we had more time. we'll be back with breaking news out of fremont and a last look at the weather, next.
7:52 am
7:53 am
we have breaking news out of fremont. two people are in the hospital after an early-morning shooting in a residential neighborhood. it happened in the area of summit drive and mellow way just after 2:30 a.m. a fremont police spokesperson just told us the gunshot injuries are not expected to be life threatening, but four people are wanted by police for this shooting. two men and two women.
7:54 am
so far, no arrests have been made. let's check in with vianey with the weather. >> this is squaw creek, lake tahoe. a winter storm watch expected to be in place and in effect at least through tuesday, with the incoming storms. right now the temperatures are slightly cooler than what we have been seeing. we've got 30s in the north bay, 40s for the remainder of the bay area. bundle up. as far as your highs for today, we're talking about upper 50s, lower 60s for the majority of the bay area. of course, you have probably already seen that early morning fog outside of your window. and we are tracking that major storm, the first big storm of the year. in fact, we're expecting a decent amount of rainfall, much-needed rainfall. and here's what's bringing it. so we've got the doppler radar, you can see we've got two storm systems. we've got one sitting just off to the north and then we've got one sitting off of southern california. the one sitting off southern california is bringing a plume of sub tropical moisture.
7:55 am
that's pulling the moisture from the second storm, and these two are expected to meet up and align, and that's what's going to bring that widespread rain, wind advisories. it's also expected to be a wind event. let's talk about that time line. so as of right now, our models are picking up the possibility of seeing some early morning rain. or early afternoon rain, rather, at about 2:00, possibly for san rafael, san francisco, and half moon bay. and then we keep the chance of showers really all through the evening and into the overnight hours. but the biggest impact is going to be into tonight, and into early monday morning. we're talking widespread rain, all the way from the north bay down to the south bay, where you see the oranges and yellows. these are the heavier pockets of rain that we're dealing with, along with strong, gusty conditions. we're talking about the possibility of seeing a band of showers at about 8:00. you can see even red pockets of rain of really heavy pounding rain, and the system is expected to linger at least through tuesday. so we're talking about a big storm system. let's talk about those rain totals. as of right now, the euro model
7:56 am
is showing the possibility of anywhere between 1 to 2 inches of rain. look at napa, just over 2 inches. san francisco, over an inch-and-a-half. san jose, just over an inch-and-a-half. that is going to bring some major concerns for the north bay fire burn scars. the biggest threat is going to come into play tomorrow at noon. so who is at risk? any area adjacent to the atlas, tubbs or pocket burn scars has to be kind of on alert. also, the fountain grove neighborhood, the potential for mudslides. so if you live adjacent to the burn scars, you have to be on high alert, at least through tomorrow evening, because the strongest wind gusts as of the right now, if you look at 12:00, 34 miles per hour in half moon bay. santa rosa, 20 miles per hour. and then they really begin to pick up by about 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. look at half moon bay. 43 miles per hour. so in addition to it being a rain event, we're expecting a wind event. there is also a gail watch that
7:57 am
is in place for tomorrow with possible winds anywhere between 34 to 47 knots. mariners need to take caution. another thing we look out for is the sierra forecast. look at this. we've got a decent amount of snowfall, and we are expecting that winter storm watch to also kick in. so please be careful. if you have plans to drive up to lake tahoe, you definitely need to check road conditions. we are expecting to kick in a microclimate weather alert, possibly as early as tonight. here's a look at what you can expect. i am going to be hopping on facebook live right after the show to really take you through this time line, because this is going to be a big storm, and it's going to be our first big storm of the year. so you need to take all of the necessary measures, tie down any patio furniture that might fly away, clear out the storm drains, check your tires. i mean, there's a lot that goes into play when we haven't seen rain in such a long time. >> such a long time. you'll definitely want to follow vianey on facebook for that. thanks to you for making us part of the your morning. because of the golden globes,
7:58 am
we'll have a special newscast at 3:00 this afternoon, and more at 11:00. have a great day and stay safe tomorrow.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, "fire and fury," a new book portrays the trump white house as dysfunction a.m., with a president described by his own staff as an idiot surrounded by clowns. a [ bleep ] fool with a staff that questioned his fitness for office and his mental stability. prident trump reacts. >> i consider it a work of fiction. >> calling himself a very stable genius. >> i went to the best colleges, or college. >> and the white house pushes back hard. >> complete fantasy, disgraceful and laughable. mistake after mistake after mistake. book full of lies. that's one of the most ridiculous things. >> author michael wolff defends his reporting. >> the one description that


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