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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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we are starting off with breaking news in the south bay. a heavy police presence at santana row -- a very popular we start off this monday morning with breaking news from the south bay. a heavy police presence at santana row, a popular spot in san jose. a live look at the scene right now trying to sort out what's going on. a live report is coming up in just moments this morning. first i want to say good morning to you. i hope you had a very nice weekend. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we are also going to start with breaking news on the roads. mike inouye is following an accident in redwood city. >> just off el camino where a pedestrian was reportedly hit earlier had morning just after 2:00 chp got the report. at about 3:00 they did clear most of the roadway. we have a crew on scene. we're getting more details.
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we're following this in the newsroom right now. it does sound like middle field has opened. we'll follow that. meanwhile over here an active scene southbound 101. the left lanes blocked as you approach the sfo exit and we had a little bit of mist so we're going to track the traffic flow. right now the crash is just blocking one lane. no impact to the speeds. kari, a little mist. what do we have for today's forecast? >> it's good to see the fog back that will help to cool down our temperatures as we go throughout the day. it was a hot weekend. as we get a look at some of those temperatures looking live in the south bay and the clear skies, we are going to see the highs this afternoon still reaching into the mid to upper 80s, up it to 85 degrees in gilroy which will be a huge improvement as they try to battle the wildfire near there and the east bay looking at
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upper 80s, 70s in oakland, 72 in belmont. san francisco up to 66 in the mission district. i'll talk more about this coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, kari. 4:32. like you said in the south bay a lot of police activity at the busy and popular santana row in san jose. we're trying to figure out what's behind it all. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell is live it at the scene gathering information. what have you been able to figure out so far, bob? >> reporter: we know san jose police taped off a number of blocks here on the south end of santana road at olson drive. this is by the movie theater. that houses upscale shopping and residents. i did speak with one san jose police officer who has limited information. his understanding is there was a report of a gunshot or explosion and his colleagues are in the process of clearing an apartment building or apartment unit here
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on site and that this activity could be over soon. while we do see a number of police cars scattered throughout the south end of santana row, we do not see any ambulances or other types of vehicles that would indicate that someone had been hurt. reporting live here in san jose at santana row, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we'll check back with you and see if anything else develops there. word of a death investigation in the east bay. police say officers found a body yesterday. what they're calling a remote part of anthony shabo regional park. we're told it's a man. we're trying to find out more information. investigators don't know the victim's identity and have not indicated if they're looking into foul play. breaking overnight, a possible tornado has damaged several homes on maryland's eastern shore. we are looking right now at images of sections of homes destroyed and ripped apart all happening in queen anne's county, that is about 50 miles west of washington, d.c. while there is still no
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confirmation if a twister touched down, we know a violent system pounded that region downing tease and causing power outages there. so far no reports of any major injuries. and a developing story right now, firefighters continuing to battle flames burning right now near gilroy. >> the fire is burning off castro. they're trying to stop it from spreading. as you can see from nbc bay area sky ranger flames quickly moved across the hillside in gilroy. as cal fire crews tried to slow down the flames with water drops are from choppers. they returned over and over dipping into nearby reservoirs while homeowners watched the fire grow -- >> it was a little scary. we've never had a fire before. it started come over the hill on to our property. >> reporter: that's when he sprapg into action. >> get grandma safe first, find important stuff, get that in the car. >> reporter: thick smoke hung over highway 101 and near by
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homes. >> it was bad. we couldn't even be outside. there was ash falling. it was real bad. >> reporter: the fire is burning in the hills above the college but not threatening it. no evacuations were ordered. firefighters say as they take on the fire tonight the wind is their greatest enemy. marianne fach row, nbc bay area news. some relief for people living in the town of mariposa near yosemite. the most destructive wildfire in the country right now continues to burn, but evacuation orders are being lifted. the detwiler fire is 45% contained. people are coming together in the wake of the tragedy. >> hugging each other and really just being supportive like did you make it? what happened to your house? >> 76,000 acres burned and 63 homes have been destroyed. officials say it could take another two weeks to fully contain that fire.
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4:35 on your monday. breaking news to get to, this internationally, the taliban claiming responsibility for a horrific attack in kabul, afghanistan. at least 24 people have died. dozens more injured after a suicide car bombing there. this early morning attack apparently targeted a bus carrying employees of the mines and petroleum ministry. authorities say all the dead and wounded are civilians. at 4:36 this morning, coming up, getting to know siri. apple is integrating the system more and more. now there's a new celebrity offering tutorials on how to use her. the reason you'll be asking can you smell what siri is cooking? >> i think it's show time. >> can you smell what the rock is cooking? the soccer match drawing big crowds. we'll tell you how the 49ers are lending a hand to make sure things are running smoothly.
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good morning, i'm landon dowdy live from cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. we could start the day off on a down note. futures are lower. a very busy week for investors. we'll get reports on housing, consume earp confidence, durable goods and the first look at second quarter gdp. the federal reserve is holding a two-day meeting starting tomorrow. it is also the heaviest week of earnings season with nearly 200
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companies in the s&p 500 set to report. we'll hear from google's parent alphabet this afternoon. on friday the dow fell 31 points to 21,580. the nasdaq slipped two points to 6387. smart phones are eating away at the tablet market. research firm forester says sales fell for the first time in 2015. the number of tablets being actively used is expected to decline for the first time this year. the number of tablets in use is expected to drop an average of 1% a year while the number of smart phones should increase by about 7%. big phones are to blame in developing market like china and india where those devices are often the primary way people connect to the internet. and apple has teamed up with dwayne "the rock" johnson to show people how siri can help them on a daily basis. they have a video on youtube. the premise is johnson has an insane daily schedule and he
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needs siri's help to get it done. siri is about to become more important to apple's bottom line thanks to the home pod that will compete with amazon's alexa and google's assistant. back to you. >> they have their own personal robots now. thank you, ran done. a big soccer matchup to tell you about come to levi stadium. the vta putting out extra service to handle the bustling crow crowds, extra buses and light rail will be rolling wednesday for the gold cup finals. the u.s. team squaring off against jamaica for first place in that cup and the match is expected to draw between 50,000 and 60,000 fans. the 49ers have agreed to cover the tab for the extended service. 4:41. coming up this monday morning, cooler temperatures for us. kari has a look at the forecast. >> much welcome temperatures as we start out a live look in san jose and the temperature trend for los gatos will be at 65
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degrees, rising into the mid-80s, doing much better than those 90s we had with that sweltering heat over the weekend. we'll talk about what's ahead as we go throughout the week up next. and just tragedy in texas. nine people killed, locked in the back of a sweltering semitrailer. the man at the center of a court hearing and the lives lost trying to get into this country.
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a very good monday morning to you. 4:45. folks already up and about. this is the s-curve in san rafael this morning. you may notice some cooler temperatures as you head out the door. side note, maybe it's just so early in the morning. yeah, it's nice this morning and we're starting out withing fog, something that may have been lacking over the weekend along the coastline. we are going to see huge changes under way as we go into the next couple of days. the marine layer bringing those low clouds over san francisco right now. visibility will get worse as we go through the next couple of hours and we may even have some drizzle. now the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see it is going to be a very nice week ahead and our temperatures right now at 58 degrees in oakland. it's 59 degrees in palo alto, and it's 61 now in fairfield so it is still a mild morning.
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and as we go into the day our high temperatures will reach into the low 80s for san jose. huge improvement over the weekend. 88 degrees in in livermore. it will still be warm for some of those inland areas, napa up to 78 degrees today, and oakland 72. san francisco looking at a high of 66. so as you're getting up and dressed this morning, another nice day for your cute summer dress and some heels. that says shorts, doesn't it? yeah, maybe some low heels, i guess. looking at oakland's day planner it will be in the low 60s, start at 8:00 this morning. mostly sunny skies. high temperatures reaching the low 70s today so it will be a nice one. enjoy all day outside if you are planning to go golfing in the tri-valley. we'll see those temperatures in the low 60s to start out this morning. by noontime we're in the low 80s so those temperatures will be warming up really quickly. and over the next several days looking at san francisco's
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forecast, we'll be in the mid-60s. the low 70s for the weekend now. you know when san francisco reaches the 70s it's going to be hot inland. here we go again with are more heat just in time for your saturday and sunday. i'll have more on that, mike takes us to the coast with a crash now? kari, we heard about a crash over here along the coast, highway 101. we'll zoom over there because the speed sensors aren't slowing anywhere except -- look at that. they just cleared up here south of montara. a crash early this morning. highway 101 was blocked because of the crash just off the freew freeway. we don't have a lot of detail but the speed sensors did clear up. fog and mist in the area as well. through the tri-valley, no major issues. reports of a deer darting across the lane at the on ramp. just a word of caution. look at waze as we see traffic flowing great. no need for reroutes. that purple route is your quickest, easiest way from
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crockett down into the city, a 40-minute drive. things will had change over the course of the morning. be with our team nbc bay area wazers. make sure you go to the app and look at the magnifying glass in the corner. that's your profile and you will select your team, be in bay area wazers and we'll be with each other all throughout the remaining summer weeks and through the school year. back to you. >> all right. what is left of the summer. thank you very much, mike. 4:48. developing today federal prosecutors expected to charge the driver of a truck they say was packed with my dprant workers. nine of whom died in sweltering conditions. dozens more people were also found inside that packed truck who are still in the hospital this morning. authorities yesterday discovered that 18-wheeler outside of a walmart in san antonio, texas. and temperatures in san antonio this weekend exceeded 100 degrees. authorities say the truck's airtight doors effectively turned the trailer into an oven. it was called the tragic case of trafficking and has residents
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there appalled. >> devastating. it's horrible. i can't believe someone would do that to people. >> most are in their 20s and 30s from mexico and guatemala. authorities still trying to track down some of the survivors who left the scene. 4:49. now to our continuing coverage of the deadly shooting of the bride to be by a minneapolis police officer. the city's police chief has resigned. the calls for the mayor to resign are now growing. justine damond was shot by officer noor after she called to report a possible sexual assault. the officer has refused to speak publicly about what happened. we'll have much more on the investigation coming up on the "today" show this morning at 7:00. house minority leader nancy pelosi has a problem with how house republicans are handling a routine intelligence bill. she's calling on democrats to
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oppose the bill. in a letter to democrats pelosi says she has no problem with the bill itself but, rather, the pace. she says republicans are rushing it without a full and open debate. the bill is up for a 40-minute depp bait today but lawmakers cannot make amendments. bike lane renovations can be costly. some groups are taking the initiative to make their own bike lanes, albeit temp rarely. advocates say some are moving too slowly in widening the lanes and improving them. the cost to stripe a new lane can exceed $50,000 per mile. the so-called diy groups are now improvising and using 2x4s, pipes, possibly their own paint to alter or add bike lanes. they say the idea is to get the message out about needed improvement. not shockingly many times the makeshift lanes don't last very long. >> hopefully they're not distracting to dwrifrivers.
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cal train is getting new cars. you can help pick out the seats. happening at 4:30 at king street station in san francisco. once the tracks are electrified they will replace 75% of its fleet with electric trains. the rest will remain diesel. the event goal is full conversion to electric. marin transportation leaders are reportedly preparing to take their most prehencive look at county traffic patterns in years. the ij reports a new is yosurvel be done this fall to pinpoint areas in need of the most attention. surveyors will focus specifically on the interchanges connecting highway 101, highway 37, and interstate 580. well, we've been hearing more and more about bear encounters these days. now see an up close and personal view of when a bear gets behind the wheel of a car. 4:51. happening now following breaking news of a chainsaw attack in switzerland. at least five people have been hurt, two seriously. this happened in a small town near the german border.
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police just said it is not considered to be a terror attack and they have identified the suspect who apparently is still at large. a south african girl has been virtually cured of aids. the patient who was born with hiv kept her infection suppressed for more than eight years after stopping anti-hiv medication. doctors say this is more evidence that early treatment can occasionally cause a long remission that if it lasts could serve as a form of cure. we'll be back with more news on this monday in two minutes. ♪
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look outside at the golden gate bridge. a few people on the roads. your forecast coming up in about five minutes. the oldest man in the united states and an oakland native has died. larry matthews born in 1906. a neighbor says he died in his sleep on saturday. he moved to indian wells just outside of palm springs in the '70s worked in construction. matthews lived through both world wars and supported his family through the great depression. new video this morning out of myanmar. c cameras catching the moment a buddhist pa go goda. look at that. rain raised the weekend and may have weakened the pace. that pagoda sat right on the bay. it tumbled in when it couldn't stand anymore. >> good luck. >> get a bear out of your car. a black bear versus a car this morning. a colorado man may need to find
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a new way to get around. >> i think he was marking his territory. this is the destruction from the bear in the rocky mountains town of crested butte on saturday night. look at the side of that door. >> look at the guy's face. >> there goes that. i hope my car insurance covers it. the owner says the bear climbed in, somehow locked itself inside the car and as it was trying to get out it thrashed around. that is the result of the bear's claws. the owner says bears break into cars all the time in the area but he's never seen anything quite like this. >> he said the bear was just thrashing around, the whole car was rocking. the bear was a monster. its nose was as long as the car is wide. >> after a couple hours the bear apparently figured out that it could break a window and get out and then it bolted. well, a happy end iing righ now, laura, for a wayward kitten. this white kitten who delivered himself to the peninsula humane
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society has found a forever of home. the staff was unloading its week ly delivery of pet supplies when it saw that little kitten tucked among the wooden pallets of a delivery truck. it's unclear how he got in but was named appropriately pallet. >> stay tuned. we have an adoption fair coming up not too long. 4:57 right now. coming up we are taking you live to the scene of breaking news we're following at santana row where police have surrounded a building. and as we take a live look outside right now in fremont and the temperature trend for the day is going to be cool to start and a very nice afternoon high reaching 80 degrees there today. as we get a look at what's ahead some cooler temperatures. m plus, washington is abuzz. jared kushner testifying in a few hours behind closed doors. the statement the president's son-in-law just released moments ago. santana row in san
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jose....surrounded by police overnight. breaking news to start off your monday. santana row in san jose surrounded by police overnight. our bob redell is there right now talking to investigators trying to find out what's happening. we are also learning more information about what's behind this investigation. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. right to the forecast for this monday morning as well. meteorology kari hall. we look forward to much cooler temperatures.
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a lot of sunshine and some high heat for the inland areas. we are going to have some more dense fog returning to the coastline and that's going to help cool us down as you head out right now temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s with highs today reaching the upper 80s inland. napa up to 78. san francisco 66 while san jose will be at 83. we'll talk about what's ahead as we head through the weekend. another hot weekend ahead. that's in a few minutes. mike is now tracking a crash near sfo. >> and it doesn't sound like a major injury crash. that's the good news. it is blocking one lane, though, as we look at these great speed sensor reads all green. green heading southbound past the sfo exit right near 380 and the crossover. here is sfo on your map and no slowing shows up on our sensors. no slowing on the approach to the bay bridge. a smooth drive. look at the travel times. no delays for cash payers. breaking news out of san jose where police are surrounding the shopping center righw.


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