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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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the hydrogen fueled mirai. its only emission is water. toyota. let's go places. right now at 11:00, the rain is over but the problems are just beginning. crews racing to make complicated repairs across the bay area and could take them a while. video from nbc chopper, gaping hole after south bay highway collapses. news at 11:00 starts right now. i'm jessica agerry.
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>> and i'm raj matt that i, urging the president. this is not a distillate road butwell traveled by cars and cyclists, remarkably no one was engulfed in the collapse. ian cull is on the scene. >> reporter: had to walk about a mile into the area, closed off in both directions. 75 feet away from the slide. close as we have been invited to get. closed down a long time. life reveals a canyon, massive mudslide taking skyline boulevard down with it. there's a threat of smaller slide a half mile away. lives in between the two. >> only partially out.
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got to figure out how to keep it from eroding further. be interesting few months. >> reporter: closure means his commute just tripled but taking the news in stride. >> the life we signed up for up here. hope the tree falls around you and not on you and hole not out from underneath you. >> reporter: neighbors took this picture to see the damage. others say stay away. >> still risk of land falling away from the hillment come back when there's a bridge. >> reporter: snapping power lines and poles, hillside continuing to move down. hoping that more of the hill doesn't disappear over the weekend. ian cull, nbc news. >> parts of the road shut down due to the mudslide. live in the santa cruz
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mountains. southbound lanes open early. what is the status of the rest. >> reporter: answer from chp and cal trans. likely be until tomorrow around noon when northbound 17 goes in direction. >> lived here 14 years and worst i've seen it. >> reporter: vehicles bumper-to-bumper for hours, cause was the mudslide that threatened traffic. site where a construction worker died on the job cleaning up the mud this week. >> scary because looked stable when you drive by. >> reporter: chp opened southbound only but parts of northbound shut down until possibly saturday, drivers left with few options to get around.
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here's the deal tonight. if you are traveling northbound from santa cruz on highway 17, this is about as far as you're going to go. exit right here. granite creek road, go through detours to head north. little bit of a headache, be that way until at least noon on saturday. live. nbc bay area news. >> major problems getting to lake tahoe, south bay couple ran into trouble literally. tree fell in front of their cars and slammed on the brakes. >> within a second of throwing it in reverse, rest of the hill came onto the road. >> across two lanes of traffic. no cars coming other way. >> hit the guard rail and jeep started tilting 45 degrees,
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luckily two trees stopped us from slipping over down into the american river. >> they walked away from this scene. interstate 80 has been even worse but glimmer of hope. cal trans opened one lane of eastbound 80. it's been closed both directions for mudslide. westbound is closed but one lane of eastbound is open. mess behind the storms is dramatic. drone video from mark culpepper, shows the mudslide for the home in orrinda. out there surveying the damage. want us to use your videos, post to your facebook page. >> other headlines, a weekend of golf lies ahead. president trump and first lady
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in florida tonight with the japanese prime minister and his wife. president trump says confident the travel ban will be approved by higher court, it's possible administration will write a new executive order. >> we'll win that battle but also a lot of other options including filing a brand new order. could be. but i like to surprise you. >> could write a new executive order. one of the judges on the ninth circuit court of appeals asked for vote whether the court should rehear the case. rare move after the unanimous three judge panel refused to reinstate the travel ban. stay in place unless the full court votes. immigration arrested more than 150 people in southern california this week. question now, could it happen here? in san francisco with more on
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the arrests and local reaction. >> reporter: i.c.e. says it's targeting criminals but others say -- has attention of elected officials in the bay area. >> hearing about this increases fear within our communities. >> undocumented immigrants are hearing about arrests of 160 people in five days in southern california. i.c.e. says a long operation targeting criminals, not ordered by trump administration. but community advocates claim arrested those without criminal histories at home and work. say the arrests paired with the political climate shaken immigrant communities. >> talked to my close friends and family about emergency plan, what would happen if i were detained and vice-versa.
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those were conversations i never thought i would have to have. >> united states senator diane feinstein issued a statement saying she was alarmed. -- says he understands the fear and protect all law-abiding citizens. >> if doing something wrong that's one thing, if not, that's meanness, that's not america. >> reporter: and i.c.e. said would release more information on monday. reporting live. from russia with love. edward snowden, learned that russia is considering turning over nsa leaker snowden as a gift to president trump. figured out allies in series of russian conversations, materials reportedly talked about handing over snowden to quote, curry
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favor with the current president. fugitive in russia and if returned to u.s., face espionage charges. tweeted irrefutable evidence i never cooperated with russian intel. no country trades away spies as rest would fear they're next. thousands of drivers fined, even though the police officer could have helped them avoid a ticket using an app. tonight we'll tell you all about a law some police officers are keeping to themselves, could save you from fine as high as $1200. very scary. >> girl scout and her mother robbed at gunpoint, share us with the encounter outside of bay area safeway. increased sunshine this weekend might make it perfect to head to the san francisco giants fan fest. temps in the 50s, not done with
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the rain yet. coming up in less than ten minutes. police say this guy ...tonighttf
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e who would steal from a girl scout? police say this guy. they released sketch of a man they say pulled off armed robbery on mom and 12-year-old daughter outside of a grocery store. not hurt but shaken. spoke to them tonight about the terrifyi terrifying ordeal. >> never thought would happen to me. >> reporter: did on wednesday, a robbery at gunpoint outside safeway in union city. rosa bennett and 12-year-old daughter there selling girl scout cookies. >> asking about the cookies, how much is that or this?
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then came back. >> reporter: angry, holding a gun. says she froze. daughter stepped away for the cookies and came back, knew something was wrong. concealed daughter's identity. >> felt so bad for my mom. crying. >> reporter: angry, when word spread, officers were digging in pockets donating money to replace the cash stolen. in two hours time raised close to $600, next day grew to $1100, mother and daughter frightened, thankful and aware of lesson learned. >> be way more cautious next time. never know what is going to happen. nbc bay area news. nbc bay area responds, how does a $25 fix it ticket lead to
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$1200 fine? making the same mistake. chris wants to change that. ji joins us with ngs how. >> playing thousands of fines could be paying nothing showing smartphones. comes down to consumer protection law many don't know about right now. but you will. photographer mark lily spends mornings in santa cruz, capturing the sunrise. last winter early morning skurgs started off wrong when a police officer pulled him over. >> made a rolling stop. he pulled me over. >> wasn't ticketed for rolling stop but cited for not having insurance card with him. >> nice about it. just a fix it ticket. >> allows you to pay a $25 fine
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later if you show proof of insurance to the court. mark says he tried to do that but ran into road blocks. wrong address on ticket and computer problems. after several weeks trying to pay, he gave up. >> didn't cross my mind. fix it ticket, minor, $25. >> but months later that ticket ballooned into a $1200 fine. the court sent mark's case to debt collector. demand $900, full fine for not having insurance and $300 collections fee. >> shocked. didn't know what to say. >> asked if we could help. we tried but still told he has to pay. lesson is this. something he could have done to prevent this mess at the time he was pulled over. cell:15. since 2013 california law allowed drivers to show proof of
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insurance electronically on his smartphone. mark says had no idea, and police officer didn't suggest it. >> curious how many other drivers were issued tickets when could have have pulled out smartphone and not paid at all. difficult to get. did get numbers from san mateo and marin counties. redwood city issues 1100 fix it tickets, san carlos, san rafael. drivers paid $320,000 in fines when could have paid zero if had smartphone to show proof of insurance. >> california is behind in the electronic communications. >> with insurance trade group that backed this law. would like to see police officers encouraging drivers to pull out phones and do away with fix it tickets.
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>> this is not -- this is happening now. anyone that has a phone understands this is how it works. >> mark wishs he had that option. >> $25 to $1200 seems a little bit outrageous. >> he's appling. don't require officers to tell you smartphone can get you out of a ticket. asked 16 police departments what they do. no protocol requiring them to do let drivers know. chp says it does. show proof by downloading insurance company's app or take a snapshot of your card. other piece of information you're asked for, registration, electronic copies of that are not allowed. paper only according to the highway patrol. >> all i need is picture on my phone of insurance card?
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>> since 2013. >> seems underhanded, amazing. thank you chris. >> going through that right now. >> no texting in the newscast if you have a consumer complaint for chris let him now. 888-996-tips or water gushing out of anderson reservoir. relieving the pressure on the dam. instead of collecting the ground water, flow all the way to the ocean. too much water to deal with. after the winter's record rainfall. park your cars and get in boats. russian river is flooding again. many know not to be fooled by clear skies. >> not out of the forest yet.
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it's february. february is flood month. >> we've had enough. we're done. that's it. stop the rain. >> i don't think the rain is going to stop. ask jeff about that. third time this year this particular neighborhood in guerneville been flooded. what is still to come? >> long range forecast has storm systems coming our way in seven to 14 days. we have this week of a break coming that begins officially tomorrow. for folks in guerneville along the russian river, still at flood stage. stubbornly and slowly starting to drop through tomorrow and sunday push below so people can start to clean up. third time people who live out there have had to deal with water this high so far this year. everyone across the bay area is
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happy to see the doppler right now after fif to ten inches for higher elevations. we're completely dry from north to south bay. morning forecast. few clouds, mosty clear for the trivalley. 50 and 49. sunny days and 44. and san francisco is fog-free and 47 degrees. key change saving us is high pressure. pushing rainfall off to the north. look at microclimate forecast. winds breezy. 62 in los gat oes. 65 in concorde, hayward is 62. peninsula, sunny skies in palo
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alto. north bay. 61 in valley, 65 in sonoma. lot happening this weekend. lot-us water-logged and want the sunshine, in san francisco you have giants fan fest starting at 10:00 but also the san francisco chinese new year parade. starts at 5:15, clear skies through the evening and temperatures in the 50s, light jacket. saturday looks phenomenal, sunday just as good. stay dry into wednesday,en in the next storm system thursday and friday. early estimates could bring another one to two inches of wet weather. interior valleys same fortune this weekend with clear skies
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coming our way. i can't wait. i have urgent desire to lay outside in bathing suit. >> going to stay outside all weekend. up next, dog food dilemma, problem with particular brand prompted pet smart to issue a revaul. >> and jimmy. >> lena dunham is guest with her puppies and john early, don't change the channel. iranian infant soon have life-saving heart surgery in heart after temporarily banned from coming to the u.s. by the travel ban. and iditarod is moving farther north to fair banks because of a lack of snow. starts next month. a train derailment near
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saramento. our c chopper shows take a look at this. train derailment near sacramento, nbc chopper shows the aftermath. near elk grove. 23 cars tumbled into the water. no word yet on the cause. search for per rufian president, believed to be in san francisco. ordered arrest on suspicion of taking millions in massive
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corruption scandal. he was president of peru, 2001 to 2006. >> pet smart is recalling grreat choice dog food because of choking hazard. it was sold several stores. best by date is august 5th, 2019. so far no reports of pets hurt by the product. >> one step closer to space exploration for elon musk, rocket on the launch pad at cape canaveral. signature rocket designed by spacex, his brain child. sits on the same launch pad used in 1969 to bring neil armstrong and buzz aldrin to the moon. if goes as planned, launch next
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saturday. up next, what is it like to be steph curry, we'll take you behind the scenes.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. might be a little noisy. okay. it's pretty incredible. if you happen to be staying at same hotel where the warriors stay, be warmed.
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going to be noisy. welcome to steph curry's life. take a look. >> hello steph. outside the hotel in memphis tonight. rock star treatment for curry as he gets on the team bus. lots of cheers wherever he goes. most of the fans don't have ticket to the game, this is a way to see him. they're happy. >> stars for the warriors on the court. draymond green had the first nonscoring triple-doubles. never been done in nba history. klay thompson also hot. beat grizzlies 122-107. tomorrow night the showdown, kevin durant and warriors return to oklahoma city. >> be right back.
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take a live look in san francisco now. happy new year. hundreds of thousands of people will be in the city to ring in the year of the rooster.
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chinese new year's parade a tradition since the gold rush. more than 100 groups featured and because of the rain, scrambling to get finishing touches on floats. streets are closed and will be all weekend. live look at at&t park. thousands of giants fans will meet and greet players in the sunshine instead of the rain. >> perfect. >> everyone in the bay area. enjoy your weekend. thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- lena dunham, common,


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