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tv   Today  NBC  December 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> we lov our wines day wednesday. >> yes, we do. >> december 28th. >> who is that? >> kenny chesney. taking a trip around the sun. loves to do that. >> bare foot. playing mind games with two of the stars of the netflix series "white rabbit project" claiming they can control your every movement and you'll have to see it to believe it. >> what does that mean? >> getting hooked up to something and they're going to give you orders and you're not going not be able to not do what
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they say. i heard they wanted to make you eat pizza. i said, she can't eat pizza. make sure she eats something different. >> i think i saw one without cheese on it. >> that's it. you'll be eating it soon. >> okay. and your new year's eve plans may include cocktails but those calories add up. which you can have without gaining weight. >> please, tell me that's an optical illusion. [ laughter ] >> all right. plus -- >> they don't know how fun they is at home. do they? >> plus -- we're going to share two stories about kindness and love. oh, this is -- we were reading this and were sobbing and how one self-less act could literally change someone's life and yours as well forever. >> a beautiful book we're going to talk about. >> gosh what a story. >> can you name some of the biggest pop culture trends of 2016? we're going to stroll down memory lane playing a game of "who knew?." would you like words of wisdom
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to begin? >> i'm ready, hoda. >> here we go -- helping others. that must be one ingredient to success. >> oh, gosh, yes. >> author porter gayle. >> good for her, yes. >> here is a question for you. do you think you're a good person? >> well, apparently buzz feed is the only way you're going to know. they've featured a new quiz. not everybody is happy with the results they're getting. >> amanda is not happy. >> she no likey. the quiz, they make you answer four questions, so you can do them at home. here, this determines if you're a good person. the first one, how do you confirm something is okay when you get a text? do you write, ok, the word okay or just, k? number one. >> tell if you you're a good person. >> it does. question two. >> how do you express laughter? right lol, ha-ha or lmaf, which means laughing my [ muted ] of.
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>> and which smiling emoji? >> i don't use any. the one that blows a kiss. >> nots ot there i know. last question, do you leave voicemails? i do. >> yes or no? here are results we are just learning about now. mine says -- i'm a good -- >> you are a good person. they say you recycle, brush your teeth twice a day and have writ an thank you card. that's true. >> most of them. >> how does that make awe good person? >> how do they know i -- brush my teeth. i mean, i do, but how do they know? >> buzz feed know, kathie, you're a good person, too. >> thank the lord. >> amanda was told she wasn't. that she can cut across two lanes of traffic to get to her exit, and they also said amanda should call her mom more. we know for a fact that she calcalm calling her mom -- >> both: all the time! >> picked okay spelled out, and yes to leaving a voicemail --
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which makes her a bad person? >> no. horrible. >> horrible. one of the irredeemables. >> when we asked buzz feed what their methodology was, they responded, it's science. >> we love buzz feed, but i'd like to see that -- science proved. she's a very good person. >> yes, she is. if you guys use emojis what your favorite? >> i like the one that blows a kiss. i told you that. i like the one that -- also for okay, it's just a -- okay. >> thumbs up. >> good. i like the one with the little halo over tit and i really like the wine. >> i like laughing with tears. looks fun. i just -- you know, clickity clack. i just pick some. according to the emoji -- the applons emoji keyboard, the most popular ones. kiss. a mark. when you tap on the iphone with your finger, too, you can do that. >> really? >> smiling face with a heart shaped eyes.
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>> no. >> nobody likes that one. >> no. looks like a perverted cookie. >> heavy heart is another one. >> what? heavy heart? what is that? >> it's half full. is that what it is? >> heavy heart a. face throwing a kiss. >> that's the one. >> the one i like. >> number one emoji of all-time is, smiling face with tears of joy! oh, my god. that's the one i like. >> that's so exciting! [ laughter ] >> so sad. the small things. >> i was actually surprised i even use them. because i'm not that type -- it's so no me. sometimes it's just fast. >> easier. >> come on in, donnadorable. we have is a new -- >> donnadorable. ♪ donnadorable i added music to it. >> new trend, makeup, you guys, called metallaf achlt pmetallam
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>> they metalmorphasis. >> get everything for $165. listens, cheeks, eyelids. do you like it? >> cool. comes with a powder and a mixing liquid. that's how you make it into this. >> does it kiss off? >> do you want to try? >> sure. >> okay. >> do i have it on me? >> let me see. let's see. a little. no. not really. >> no. >> donna, you look gorgeous. >> sure. >> i'm sure our crew agrees, they love their. >> both: ♪ donnadorable >> yes. hope you have a hot date. you look gorgeous. okay. ever had family members. they come to visit, now, you love your family and i love my family so we're not talking about them, but others. >> they just won't leave. >> or guests. >> because people love your
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house. especially in the summertime. nobody wants to leave my house. i don't blame them. >> wanted advice get their brother-in-law out of the house. moved to town to help his father move into assisted living, get his childhood home ready to sell. that process took time. >> the house needed renovations. you know how long renovations can take? >> yes. he asked to temporarily move in. happy at first, sister and brother-in-law financially kind to them in the past. then, when it got into week three, she was getting ticked. >> wanted her privacy back. you want your privacy back, you want your routine. you know? she loves her brother. scared of ruining their relationship, hurting her sister's feelings by kicking them out. it's her brother-in-law. what should she do? advice column says. >> since they are family i suggest you do your best to get through this uncomfortable period. don't do anything rash and try
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to -- >> shown kindness and helped her out financially. an opportunity to pay back. you get an opportunity to pay back. >> how long should she wait? it's been three weeks? >> i have somebody i loved very, very much and they stayed for almost four mosnths, and there was a reason for it. i kept telling myself what a blessing i'm able to do this for this person. changed their life. in a certain circumstance. doesn't matter. but, yeah. at least i had -- depends on how big your home is, too. if they have a place, where you can get away, have your own space. >> that's one thing. >> one thing, yes. >> you do need to have an exit plan. by the way, i'm going to stay at the outside six months. >> yeah, but then life happens. just be kind. isn't that right? be kind. see how that gets you. all right. do you keep clothes that don't fit you? >> yes, all the time. >> but you don't change much? >> i know there are things i don't fit into but i think one day i might, so i just leave them hung up there.
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>> what you're wearing, smaller or bigger? >> some are bigger, the smaller ones you hope one day you'll fit in and the bigger ones you have because you know you're going to get into those again. it's true. you know. >> only time will tell. >> yeah, of course. >> i have some size 0s i used to be a long, long, long, long, long time ago. i save them because they're ralph lauren and one day i think my daughter's will not care they're vintage. i keep them for her. >> that counts. >> and survey, four to five items of clothing, that no longer fit them, but hang on to them anyway with hope they're -- hope springs eternal. >> and some buy smaller clothes, hope you get into that dress. >> do you have clothes in your closet that don't fit? show us on facebook. it would be fun. >> yeah. stand by your small dress, it's
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too little. >> i look at my wedding dress and i don't think i could get a thigh into it. you know? but how do you throw away your wedding gown? never mind. >> it's not so hard. >> apparently it's kind of easy. >> not that tough. all right, so -- how do you make your kids smarter? that's what you want to do. combed through studies on kids and found these are the ten ways to make your kids smarter. so are you ready? >> uh-huh. >> here they are. >> i agree with this one. >> music lesson. kids involved in music tend to have higher i.q.s. >> you really have to use your brain to learn music. the dumb jock, it's a myth. >> kids like sports? it's great for them. cheer them on. don't read to your kids. read with them. sometiming we read and say, go to bed. >> sleep deprivation is very bad for absolutely everybody. listen to this. missing one hour of sleep turns a sixth grader's brain into the brain of a fourth grader. >> i.q. is not much without
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self-discipline. willpower is the number one habit for success. >> discipline. i agree. learning is an active process. >> right. don't -- yep, right. treats can be a good thing, but at the rhyme time. >> arf! >> happy kids are successful kids. >> missy franklin on the show, the thing she likes about, wasn't the medals. >> just loves being in the water. >> that was it. makes me happy. >> in the water, felt at home. >> parents said, when i saw her get in, lights went off and how they knew their kid was doing the right thing. >> peer groups matter. >> definitely. >> and believe in them. excellent. >> dreams, everybody deserves their very own dream. >> you got it. >> all right. we're going to give it away. hoda does that a lot. we're going to give -- for the complete rules and regulations go to klg and hoda coin com hit the connect button.
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we like to give you things. prepare to be amazed. >> i never agreed to this. >> apparently you did. take control of her movements and her mind. >> wait. i never agreed to this. >> yes, you did. here we go. come back after commercial. >> joanne kept saying it's nothing. it's little. they're the putting electrodes on you. that's what she said! rage. the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. that just tastes better. with 10 times more vitamin e. and twice the omega 3s. because why have ordinary when you can have the best. only eggland's best. better taste.
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kleenex. someone needs one. okay. you're probably wondering why i'm attached to all of these
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electrode, because hoda wouldn't do t. i couldn't do t. a perfectly clear explanation, i hear, but i don't know what it is. >> it has to do with these two, tori and karen both known for role ngs the former "myth busters" show on discovery channel. in a couple of minutes we are going to conduct a live experiment where tori and cary will challenge kathie lee to eat some salad and pizza. >> sounds like this is not all bad. okay, but they claim that they're going to be able to control my body movements and prevent me from eating. >> anyway, we'll get to that in a minute. first a look at tori and cary's new network show, "white rabbit project" taking on experiments and investigations. take a look. >> everything's going to go perfect -- or the whole thing's going to just blow up. >> like i'm training a pumpen. >> i have the weirdest job. >> pc load letter? what does that mean? >> i don't think i'm ready to go down this rabbit hole. >> you crazy kids! >> i asked, are you scientists?
10:17 am
they go, no. what the heck am i doing here? >> we play them on television. >> winky-wink. >> you were hosts on "myth busters." >> yes. >> reunited. one person not with you. >> grant is not with us. >> okay. >> nothing happened terrible to -- >> well, you know, we had an experiment. >> he had to stay home to get engaged to his girlfriend. >> that's sweet. okay. >> how is this thing, white rabbit -- how is it different from "myth busters"? >> it's not a spin-off. it's a totally different platform. we're doing investigations into different stories. we kind of think of it like, you know that moment on the internet where you've lost an hour of your life because you started looking to something cool and it led to something else and, and you fell down the rabbit hole. >> i don't go there. spent years down that rabbit hole. >> often. >> ten episodes on netflix and you can binge watch, the great thing. each episode will have a different theme. so one of the themes was super hero powers.
10:18 am
now, i don't know if you guys ever fantasized about being a superhero when you were kids? i'm guessing -- >> there were none when i was a child. no. a barbie doll. that was it. >> we did and one of the super powers was -- controlling somebody's mind. >> mind control. >> wow. >> and you're not controlling my mind with this. you're going to control by body function. >> but using the mind to control your body. >> you're not eve an scientist. you told me that that's true. >> really quick, on your -- >> so this is going great. >> you have electrodes on you. >> yes. >> and hooked up to a gizmo and kath has elech troeds on her. >> correct. >> what are you trying to get kathie to do? >> get together and have a quaint dinner a. nice people. >> replicating something we did on "white rabbit project" where i inrighted him to a lovely italian dinner, he showed up. i handed him safety glasses. he had no idea. >> safety glasses? >> just in case. >> in case food goes flying?
10:19 am
>> don't mess up my hair a. good look. a fashion statement. >> probably going to go crazy. >> all right. why don't we conduct the, the little experiment. >> your movements are going to control kath? >> i don't know. let's just have a salad. >> let's have salad. okay. >> dish yourself out from salad. >> there's -- your tongs are right there if you want to serve yourself up. >> what tongs? oh, i see. >> all right. thank you. >> all the equipment. >> okay. tongs. watch what he does with his right hand. i'm on to you. >> so when we did this on the show -- >> yes, but that's my left and i'm -- [ laughter ] >> i'm sorry. i love you. >> we do this on the show, i gave him -- lots of bein. >> the worst part. i hate a mess. >> let's try to eat some. [ laughter ] >> you're so lucky. he's so much nicer than me. >> longer than that? give it to me good.
10:20 am
>> how delicious does that salad look? >> try it. not that great but go ahead -- [ laughter ] >> and -- yes. >> it needs dressing. >> we're going to blow your mind, everybody. thanks so much. all the best on the show. looking bag the year's biggest trends. >> playing "who knew?." so stay tuned, right after this. ♪ hodi wants her pizza >> you are such -- >> i've got it!
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it's wines day wednesday, which means joy's in our room waiting to reveal the question of the week. >> where does today's question come from? >> i love this time of year. so many great holiday questions. this one is a fun one. it comes from elena in harrisonburg, virginia, writes, i'd like to look fabulous in a slinky new year's eve dress after eating my way through the holidays. do you have any tips to slim down fast? i have a great strategy coming up in a few minutes. elena, stick around! >> oh, joy. >> wow. >> we want to hear, too. not just elena. all right? plus, we are getting ready to mix it up with madeleine. >> the skinny on all the liquid calories you'll consume over new year's. >> and we are celebrating the big efforts trends of the past year. we're going to play "who knew?" baby. >> i'll drink to that. >> so will i! >> after your local news.
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plus, a cluster of tremors struck near lake tahoe this morning, two were mag nitude 5. earthquake. you can find the map on our facebook page. and finally the world continuing to mourn star wars actress carrie fisher. we'll look back at her career and life on our home page. after the break a look at your weather and traffic.
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as you head out this morning, possibly still some frost on the windshield but warming up quickly as we go through the day. 58 degrees in oakland and napa. 59 degrees in palo alto. a light wind and a lot of sunshine. it will be a touch warmer for the day tomorrow, and then we'll have a chance of some spotty showers in the forecast through the end of the week and also some cooler temperatures. let's get an update on this morning's commute now. hey there, kari. we were tracking a sig alert issued by the chp near the palo alto area but it appears all lanes have been reopened and no more backup. this was pretty backed up. as you make your way out. our drive time bridge times, westbound 80, bay bridge 10 minutes. the san mateo bridge not looking bad and south bay drive times looking pretty good out there. sam? >> pretty light. thank you very much.
10:30 am
something you were reporting on this morning, we have news of an arrest in a very bad 280 southbound crash in morning. much more to come at 11:00. it is wines day wednesday and we're ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew?." in a few days hard to believe we'll welcome in a brand new year and thought it would be fun to look back at this year's most memorable moments and trends in pop culture. our houda woman say cross the street in 30 rock ready to hand out $100 to anybody who answers the questions correctly, and one of her signed books to those who don't. that's the best prize. here with me is the editor-in-chief of "entertainment weekly" he is stackable's boss. henry. >> good to see you. >> and everybody else there at that great publication. >> about sluzly. >> your name? >> sheryl gould. >> where are you from? >> spokane, washington.
10:31 am
>> let's play. which celebrity surprise the final five jim nifgymnasts at t olympic games? >> zac efron. >> yes it was! you've got $100! >> yeah. a great moment. >> that was, and hoda -- >> right there in the middle of it. >> orchestrated it getting simone on camera and her crush with zac. >> your name? >> amanda. >> from, rhode island. >> hear it for johnston. facebook released new reactions button including love, has ha and sad and angry. which sass an option, wow, boring or yuck? >> yuck. >> is she right? >> wait. wait, wait! >> uh-huh. >> yuck, will have to wait another day. >> another year or so. released wow, one of the other
10:32 am
ones, and so in favor of this. someone says my dog dies and you have to press like to acknowledge it. this way they expanded the repertoire. >> makes sense. sensitivity. >> hoda? >> what's your name? >> brad. >> from. >> atlanta, georgia. >> this is big, brad. give him room. might need room. here we go. run-up to the 2016 super bowl carolina quarterback cam newton helped popularize the dad dance move. show me the dab. >> that's a good one. >> show me the dab! >> come on. >> somebody -- somebody -- >> there. give him $100 for that. >> you got it. wow. i don't know the dab. that big thing. >> a big thing. a brave man. wouldn't want to dot it myself either. >> oh, he looks good doing it. >> catching a sneeze, though. >> yeah, yeah. okay. all right. you never know. my husband would be aplombed at that. just appalled. okay, hoda.
10:33 am
>> and betty, betty's crazy, good kind. where you from? >> philadelphia, pennsylvania. >> love my betty. >> thank you, who is number one on the forbes highest paid celebrity list? james patterson, taylor swift or lebron james? >> taylor swift. >> she says -- she gets $100! [ cheers ] >> she is one of the hardest working people in the industry. >> she is. >> $170 million. >> kathie lee, i thought it would be you, though. >> oh, honey. i'm not kelly ripa. okay, hoda, go ahead? >> your name, michelle? >> that's your husband? >> yes. >> your husband's birthday. rodney's birthday. give him money for his birthday. became engaged on "the bachelor." don't know. tuned out. what is the name of her spin-off series? ben and lauren take new york, ben and lauren happily ever after or ben and lauren, you're
10:34 am
still here? >> happily ever after. yes! yes! >> all right. yes. that whole series, as you know, is not my favorite thing. >> not your fave rhorite thing. >> i wish everybody all the best in the world but it's hard to watch. >> put a question mark in the beginning. rightly so. >> happy holidays. thank you, everybody, over there. don't pop the champaign just yet. madeleine will get you thinking about all the extra calories you'll be drinking on new year's eve, after this. they don't seem to be having any problem! [ cheers and applause ] hey,
10:35 am
hang in there. thanks. kleenex. someone needs one. ♪ well, if you want to sing out, sing out ♪ ♪ and if you want to be free, be free ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪ and if you want to be me, be me ♪ ♪ and if you want to be you, be you ♪
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the kind of courage that shows up when we need it... and when cancer is least expecting it. courage. just one reason more of us are surviving cancer than dying from it. give now to the american cancer society. christmas may be over. you guys, the biggest party is yet to come -- >> both: new year's eve. >> if you're heading to a big bash there's bound to the booze, but you can still indulge without feeling the bulge the next day. >> here to make you have smarter
10:39 am
changes, take or leave it, madeleine. >> and at lex, the bartender is with us. >> the game of "take it or leave it" on clalcohol. smartly indulge don't overdo. based on calories which would you take, which would you leave? >> offer a a beer or wine cooler? >> a regular beer and this is a regular wine cooler. 12 ounces. >> wine with what? >> wine and some other -- >> syrup and something else. >> i would take the beer. >> sweet. >> the beer. >> it's sweet. >> ah -- i'll go with the other to be -- >> no. the beer would be right, because regular beer, not even light beer, about 145. this is over 200. >> really? >> thinking because it's a wine cooler, extra sugar in it. >> never had that. >> drink it slower, because it's fizzy. >> a glass of champaign or a cool glass of white wine? >> yeah, thank you. >> for our -- >> going with the white wine. >> going with the bubbly. >> hoda, you would be right.
10:40 am
how crazy? i'm really winening. >> why don't i care? >> and fizzy, less sugar in champaign and you tend to drink it slower because of the fizz. >> the fizz makes you slow down when drinking it. >> excited about this next one. >> the martini or gin and tonic? >> two gin drinks, both have a jigger. 1.5 ounces. this is a gin and tonic, and this is -- a martini. >> going with the martini. >> i'll go with the other. >> hoda, you're right again. it's that -- >> she's on fire! >> i'm burning up! >> tonic has lots of sugar in t. yes. tonic looks clear. you think -- >> that diet tonic is fantastic. >> it is. >> diet tonic tastes just like it. >> no calories. >> swap it out. sounds very good. >> crunchtime, ladies, mimosa or bloody mary? >> going with the bloody mary. >> i'll go with the mimosa. >> hoda, you are on a roll! >> i never win. >> that -- champaign -- >> i drink wine.
10:41 am
that's all i know. >> the champaign will lower the calories but a pop of tomato juice as well. about 50 calorie difference. enjoy both. >> have one drink a water in between, then a drink. >> absolutely. >> you need to moderate and you can still enjoy yourself. >> pomegranate sangria. >> no idea. >> or toasty eggnog. >> oh -- >> think about this for a minute. which one is going to -- take it or leave it. >> that looks like to knows more because of the cream and all that. i go with that. >> sangria. >> you the eggnog? >> no. sangria. >> sangria is lower. low calorie bargain. almost 200. eggnog with alcohol has about 300 in this little serving. >> eggnog. >> a killer. >> so thick -- >> one for the entire holiday. >> and it's over. what else? >> spanish coffee? or irish coffee? >> what's the difference? >> madeleine? >> irish coffee has irish whiskey. a spanish coffee has a little bit of kahula and whiskey.
10:42 am
>> i go with irish. >> spanish. >> you would be right. kathie lee is right. irish coffee. just one bit of alcohol in it. it's the whiskey. there's two, a little combo. this is over 200. >> i like kaluha. >> irish or spanish s. that it? >> everyone grab a drink. >> this is good. thank you, that helps. >> the winner -- >> way go go. wait a minute. those are left over from two weeks ago. >> you're giving me old props. >> but it's chocolate that looks like olives. you'll love t. thank you. more take it or leave it new year's drinks to play on our website at coming up, how selfless acts of kindness changed two people's lives forever. coming up, after this. >> no, no. >> what did you do with it all? . i know [goat noise] i stole the other team's mascot for good luck.
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we've been talking about sharing kindness all month, and sometimes you hear a story so moving and inspiring you never forget it. >> yeah. like the one laura sharoft called "invisible thread." detailing her life with a disadvantaged boy. met by chance. >> now a grown man with a family of his own were guests on the show in 2012 and their story brought us both to tears. >> sure did. their story inspired countless others to share theirs with laura and she's compiled many in a new book calmed -- >> both: "angels on earth." >> laura is leer to tell us about two of those stories with her dear friend and ours psychologist dale atkins. you actually met here. >> we did. >> hoda and i were reading the book this morning, and in tears, i couldn't stop crying, but then i couldn't stop reading, too. i was just -- first of all, congratulations.
10:49 am
second of all -- >> thank you. >> -- why when we're sob sdg it make us happy? makes us happy because we identify and see if they can do it, i can do it and realize that the sadness and all of the things that are difficult in the world that we feel powerless about, we do feel that we have power and can make a difference. that's why. >> one story that both kath and i read, laura. about a young girl who was a teenager, didn't have a lot of mrn and decided to sponsor a child that you see -- >> wanted add sweater, though, remember that? she want add sweater. >> tell us a little about her story. >> she wanted a sweater and was actually looking through "women's day" magazine and came across the ad. to sponsor a child. and she thought, this is what i want to do. >> through the christian children's fund? >> absolutely. and for ten years corresponded with him in guatemala. >> spent $15 a month. hard-earned money. >> she didn't have much money. it was really out of her need she sent t. and really not knowing if this was making a
10:50 am
difference. then when he came to the united states and was going to georgetown university, he was determined to track down this woman. >> find her. >> and to thank her for how she changed his life and helped him achieve his dreams. >> look at him, hoda! >> she saw him as a little 9-year-old in a picture. wrote him letters. he wrote about his life on the farm. afterwards, lost contact. this kid tracked her down and found her. got his doctorate doctor in her honor. >> dedicated, that little $15 a month actually paid for three quarters of his entire -- his education, all the way through becoming a doctor. >> picture that? this is one tiny chapter in the book. as you flip, there's another one and another one. >> i know. >> another one we wanted to talk to you about. >> the other swun the baby-sitter. another sweet story. you know, all of the chapters, i love them all. all unique, all special, but this particular one, her name is
10:51 am
mary faulkner a real estate agent, young mother came in with an infant child looking for an apartment and also looking forea baby-sitter. mary said she's help her out and she ended up baby-sitting for san tino for four years. then the mother abruptly moved to hawaii, but then when san tino was in kindergarten, could no longer care for him. mary, kind of saved him. brought him back home, and by the time he was in second grade, he was adopted, and he graduated high school in june. >> oh, my gosh. >> he's a whiz with the whucomp. hopes to go to college. she changed his life. >> just a chance. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> it's -- one act of kindness. now, these are wonderfully larpg and life-saving acts of kindness. small acts of kindness also change lives. >> like what? >> giving someone a complement. asking someone if you can buy their groceries for them.
10:52 am
holding the door for someone. saying to someone who's a new co-worker how you can be helpful, make them feel comfortable. talking to somebody at party who lackey as loan and on their own. giving somebody a flower. not complaining. >> not complaining! >> hold the door for somebody getting on an elevator. >> people feel your compassion. what happens is we feel what is known as a helper's high when we help other people because endorphins are released in the brain and the pleasure center ignited when we give, when we read the stories laura has written we feel it's possible to change the world in a positive way. >> it s. if want to feel good, read laura's book. calmed "ankles on earth." beautiful. >> absolutely beautiful. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> for all you do, thank you. a living testimony to how kindness can change lives. you, do, dale, need to fit into your lbd for new year's eve? >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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an answer to this week's diet s.o.s. question. >> joy, how can we help our viewer ileana slim down before new year's? >> this is going to work. next two days three steps. nix the saltshaker an avoid all starchy carbs no rice, pasta bread, two dwas. >> she can do that two days. >> the more water you drink, the more e debloat. you'll be going to the bathroom, and three meals comprised only these three days lean protein and vegetables. when it comes to the protein talking egg whites, pork tenderloin, seafood. vegetables anything goes. raw, steams, roasted, a salad. two days, you will be in that slinky dress looking great! >> you go, joy. >> a question for joy go to klg
10:57 am
and >> a look at new year's eve? look like her. >> come down for a makeover. >> and cocktails from all over the world. >> what? have an awesome wines day wednesday, everybody. remember, tomorrow is -- >> both: thirsty thursday! shedding new light on what might
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
have led to a horrifying, wrng right now at 11:00, shedding new light on what might have led to a horrifying wrong-way crash that was so powerful it popped an engine from the hood of a vehicle and seriously injured two drivers. word is just coming in of an arrest. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. that wrong-way accident led to an ugly three-car pileup and shut down lanes on southbound 280 in san jose. now we are learning details about what may have happened before the driver took the wheel and went the wrong way down the bird avenue exit into oncoming traffic. the police have made an arrest. nbc bay area's tom jensen has been covering the story since 4:30 this morning and brings us the newor


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