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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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thanks for watching.gave it awa8 ==vo continues== right now at 11... the music world mourns the loss of an iconic pop star. george michael died today at his home in england. he was 53 years old. the music world mourns the loss of an iconic pop star. george michael died at his home today in england. he was 53. the music industry has lost another star in its constellation. george michael was found dead in his home south of london. he was just 53. >> good evening the multiple
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grammy-winning star who sold more than 100 million albums last performed in san jose behind me. it used to be called the hp pavilion. his publicist said heart failure was the cause of death. however, police call it unexplained but not suspicious. ♪ george michael burst on the scene in a senging duo called wham. later his image had sex apeel. >> he pushed the envelope off the cliff. i remember the video for that song. also having a message where he was talking about monogamy and safe sex. >> reporter: he revealed he was gay and con cored pneumonia that hospitalized him in 2011.
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his fame in the '80s remember z what many remember. >> george michael, along with prince, madonna, michael jackson ruled the entire '80s. >> reporter: a new album and tour was months away and he gave a few hints. >> some of my favorite albums would not be things that anyone expected. even though th. >> he could sing, write, produce and play the instruments as well. he is the hand behind it all. i think that is what he brings to the table. ♪ >> an autopsy is planned. meanwhile, elton john called george mike am the kindness, most generous soul. it has been a tough year for the music industry. david bowie, glenn fry a enprince also died in 2016.
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>> so many greats gone. for more on the life and career of george michael, go to nbc bay today started off cold in the bay area but warmed up to be a picture perfect afternoon and evening. a true california christmas. the cold maybe coming back tonight. >> good evening. if you are not outside and indoors, you are lucky because it will be the perfect temperature for a cozy night surrounded by sfrauns. as we head over to the trivalley in the 30s. north bay 34. chilly, mostly clear skies. san francisco 40s. east bay, as well. as we head to the later portion of the night and those early-morning hours, as you get ready to start monday forecast we expect 30s in napa with a low of 34 to start off monday
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morning. if you are heading out early out of san francisco, expect to see temperatures in the 40s by 4:00 to 5:00. 45 degrees. by 6:00 a.m., 42 degrees. make sure to bundle up as you make your way out tomorrow. san jose, chilly and 2:00 a.m. in the 40s. fast forward to 3:00, 4:00, five, 6:00 a.m., 30s in the forecast and we are tracking the possibility of more freeze warnings tomorrow night. plus, i will have a look ahead at what you might be expecting for your new year's eve forecast. is it too soon? i don't think it is. back to you. >> definitely not. it was a merry christmas on the sleeps at kirk wood mountain resort. they received four to six inches of fresh powder overnight. hef ien heavenly reported four to five sixes inches of snow.
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volunteers and donations to the needy are surging. rick boone is live in union square with more on what many are doing to make sure they don't forget anyone this holiday. good evening, rick. >> that's right. what's the song, all you need is love. people are stepping up big time to make christmas a reality for so many. ♪ jingle bells >> around the christmas tree. >> merry christmas. >> menorah and skating rink at union square the holiday spirit is in the air. welcoming families from so cal to charlotte, north carolina who come to enjoy the festivities. >> we are far from family but looks good. people around here are like family. loving around here. >> what do you think of this? >> it is a really big tree.
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very nice. vr pretty. >> all over the bay area. >> merry christmas. >> today wasn't about presents. >> we put our money together and got 50 hoodies and gave them out. >> reporter: random people showing fellow humans they care about other lives more, like here at the san francisco salvation army on 4th street. >> it really opens up our eyes to see how grateful we are at what we get. >> this is the normal christmas for most thinking of someone else, people they never met before. >> it makes everything else about christmas seem to minimal. one was saying we don't want to buy presents for our family now. we want to do this. there is so much more need. >> a holiday to remember for some with a goal to make great memories for others. >> it feels so good. all the lights around, all the people around. >> places like the salvation army are hoping people will continue to give and care and donate long after this day.
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vicki, merry christmas to you and a happy news year. rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> right back at you. also in san francisco, thousands of people got an early christmas dinner at saint anthony's dining room. >> a big piece of ham and breast of chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and the whole thing. you get a sense of abundance which is what the feast of christmas is all about. >> reporter: slechefs prepared enough food for 3,000 people. football players from indiana university were there to help to serve the meals. the hoosiers are in town for the foster farms bowl on wednesday. from san francisco to the south bay, communities are in charitable spirits. an overflow of volunteers showed up for the christmas lunch and dance event for sseniors in san jose.
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many look forward to this event each year because of its inclusive environment. >> we are providing meals for seniors who live in the downtown, in affordable housing developments. this is a wonderful way to bring the community together. >> event organizers hired performers to sing in several languages to represent the diverse community. also in downtown san jose, locals and visitors came to enjoy one of the most beloved traditions. this is a look at christmas in the park today. a clear sky allowed crowds to enjoy the scenery during one of the final days the park will be open. it cloetss the end of the week. two people are recovering after being shot outside of san francisco nightclub. it happened early this morning outside of the grand nightclub. you can see on the map it's not far from at&t park. police say when they arrived they found two men on the sidewalk, both suffering gunshot woundsful according to the club's website there was a christmas eve event going on at the time. there's a look at the scene this
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afternoon. police are still looking for the shooter. so far, though, they have not released a description. a woman suspected of driving drunk caused a deadly collision in the south bay taking her life and the life of a 14-year-old boy traveling in a car with his parents. police responded to the crash just after midnight on capital expressway and snell avenue. officers say that's where the woman drove over the center median and crashed head on in to the car carrying the family. the parents were treated for nonlife-threatening injuries. the deaths mark the 49th and 50th traffic will have related fatalities in san jose this year. there were 60 last year. coming up next, police say these women were holiday grinchs at a bay area mall. what they got away. plus -- >> they were blatantly going there awe red light. >> a man complains about red light runners at ac transit and he's not alone. what the investigative unit
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uncovered that shows what the agency has known about these concerns for years. we climbed to the 50s. right now in san jose 42. and we are expecting to drop in those temperatures. will these chilly temperatures carry over to your workweek? i will have that answer coming up in just a bit. police in monterey county are
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looking for help from the public -- to catch a pair of thieves. ==vo== r police in monterrey county are looking for help from the public to help catch a pair of thieves. here's the surveillance photo police released of the women. they say the two women went in to an ulta store grabbed items and ran off. anyone with information should call police. high speeds could be to blame for a deadly accident in sonoma county. 10:00 last night, a motorcyclist was broad sided by a pickup truck on petaluma hill road. two people in the truck were not harmed but the 21-year-old motorcycle rider died at the scene. >> we are investigating the speed of the motorcyclist as being a factor.
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many bay area drivers say ac transit buses are getting a free pass to break traffic laws. liz wagner joins us with what the investigative unit uncovers about red light runners. >> we obtained complaint database and found hundreds of accusations from members of the public that bus drivers are blowing through red lights. this started with a tip from a viewer in the east bay after making repeated reports to the transit agency agency he says with no resolution. he called us. >> i want to just cross my street and take my dog for a walk. he says the ac transit buses are
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clearly speeding, blocking cross walks and more. >> the buses were blatantly blasting through red light. he wants them to know he is watching. dash cam caught her running a red taking a sharp left turn and tossing passengers on to the floor. skyler, battling hiv said his life is already at risk. >> i don't need help to hasten my death or get injured by a bus from a driver that is careless about how they are driving. that's why this is important. >> reporter: skyler said this busy intersection near his home is the r especially problematic. so we decided to check it out. our camera found buses blocking traffic and double parking. this bus is still driving through the intersection even while the light for cross
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traffic is green. this one is entering on a red. >> is this dangerous? >> well, of course. >> transportation safety consultant reviewed our video. for 25 years he provided expert testimony in bus crash cases. >> the bus is going through the intersection on a red light. >> he said these buses should be slowing down to anticipate the light to turn red. instead it is speeding up to beat it. >> it's unclear if red light running resulted in a serious accident but many fear it could. we have reviewed complaints submitted to ac transit since 2014. this person writes, i do not feel safe when your bus drivers routinely run red lights. another agrees this is a regular pattern and even found complaints about a school zone with a bus full of children. in in the east bay, we found 230
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complaints about buses running stop signs and lights. does ac transit have a problem with buses running red lights. >> no, we do not. >> the general manager said they investigate each complaint and train and discipline drivers who violate the law but he said the number of red light concerns we uncovered is too high. >> if that number is in fact true and if that number does not dramatically drop we are not delivering what the taxpayers are paying for. >> reporter: hirsch was appointed to lead the agency a little more than a year ago. he said he hired an executive director of safety to report concerns to him. like the problems we found at the intersection near skyler's apartment in berkeley. >> i appreciate you brought it to our attention. i'd rather we find it on our own. but regardless of how we find it, if it happens it will be investigated. we will respond to it and make sure it is fixed. >> he said the temporary closure of a nearby bus stop created
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buses here. >> will you reach out to the city of berkeley? >> we already have. >> the city says signs have been posted to direct passengers to a bus stop up the street. skyler said he will continue to report problems to the transit agency for his own sake and for the safety of his companion. >> this is all about her. just taking her for a walk. >> during our interview, the general manager pledged to meet with steven skyler to review his safety concerns. he kept his promise. we created a map of where people have complained about buses running red lights. we plotted the location and bus route of each. check out the map on our website at nbc bay >> guys? if you have a tip for our investigative unit call 888-996-tips, or send an e-mail to theyou ununit@nbc bay area.c.
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beautiful across the bay. >> sunny, a lot of sunshine. not so much cloud cover. tonight a chilly night but not as cold as last night. no freeze warnings are currently in effect. that's because in san jose still seeing in the 40s. 42 degrees right now. as we head over to the san francisco area, seeing nice, clear conditions. right now 46 degrees. and out near the oakland area seeing pretty nice overnight lows to the 40s, as well. we head to the next couple of hours and as the christmas dinner settles in and you get ready for bed, chilly out there. i would recommend heading outdoors. look at the temperature trend. areas in the north bay are more than likely going to drop to the 30s. no freeze warnings are currently in effect. look at the next couple of hours. in to the overnight hours around 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 a.m., hopefully you don't have to get up this early, 35 degrees. as we head over to san francisco
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area, the next couple of hours, it is expected to drop to the 40s. early-morning hours are going to be the coldest. by 3:00, 4:00 a.m., we are talking 41 for the san francisco area. definitely going to feel bitter cold as you wake up to take your dog on a early morning walk, much like i do. in san jose, also chilly. 30s in the morning for temperatures. possibility they may issue a freeze warning and frost advisory tomorrow night. we will keep an eye on that. the highs will be slightly warmer than today. highs in the san jose area 55. los gatos 55.
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east bay monday is not looking too bad. sunshine and it is going to be the trend. it will be the biggest event in the bay area. not expecting rain. we saw the threat of possible showers along the peninsula. it looks like the system is off to the coast. 52 degrees for tomorrow. san francisco also in the 50s for the most part and in the north bay, the lower 50s will be dominating for tomorrow's highs. a lot of people are heading to the mountains this weekend. maybe a lot of you will be staying in cabins. looks like your drive down from the mountains will be more pleasant than the drive up. we are expecting much more pleasant conditions, clearing skies, in the 60s for the monterrey area. commute shouldn't be too bad.
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next seven days, 50s in the forecast. and looking ahead, pretty far ahead for now, new year's eve forecast, looking like sunshine will be another trend for california christmas. now it will be a california -- or new year's eve, rather. if you have plans to bring out the christmas dress and wear it on new year's eve or you have a new one, it will be sunny and chilly but perfect for the new year's eve celebrations. tonight bundle up. chilly morning. >> good to know we will have clear skies. coming up, we will take you along for a tour of christmas around the world and out of this world, as well. that's next. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens.
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wait, he won? christmas holiday at home ... surrounded by loved ones and enjoying traditions like bingin many people find themselves faaa if you are lucky you are spending the holiday at home surrounded by loved ones and binging on tv and food. many are far away but finding a way to keep the holiday spirit alive. brian mooar has the story. >> reporter: pilgrims and tourists around the world welcome christmas in bethlehem, the biblical birthplace of jesus. pope francis offered a prayer of peace for those starved by war and violence. high above, on the international space station, a similar viewpoint from the expedition 50 crew. >> seeing the planet as a whole reinforces the fact that we should live as one people and strive for peace. >> reporter: on the ground in
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iraq, american troops did their best to enjoy a peaceful holiday away from home. >> kind of a struggle. kuhn, but i have a good support back home. you know, this isn't too bad. we have pretty good family here. >> reporter: some took time out to share the holiday spirit with those less fortunate, at places like this shelter in indiana and this rescue mission in charlotte. >> charity meal like this make us really feel what christmas is all about. >> reporter: 500 homeless people from the dallas area were give an gift they will not soon forget. not just a meal but a room at the omni hotel, which teamed up with a local soup kitchen. >> wow, this is the greatest experience of my life. i never in a million years thought i would be experiencing something like this. i've never felt so good in my whole life. i'm so grateful. >> reporter: spreading holiday cheer on this christmas 2016.
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brian mooar, nbc news. coming up next on nbc bay area news, the mother of "star wars" actress carrie fisher gives an update on her daughter's health two days after she suffered a heart attack on a plane. we have an update on the
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condition of actress carrie fisher. the star wars star's mom took to social media today -- saying her daughter is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack on friday. ==take vo== we have an update on carrie fisher. her mother says she is in stable condition after suffering a heart attack on friday. she had a heart attack on the flight from london and rushed to a hospital upon landing. her mother says she will keep fans posted throughout the recovery process. reynolds thanked her daughter's fans afor support. as the president and president elect pause to celebrate christmas a showdown is
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escalating between the current white house and trump's over israel. kelly o'donnell has the details. >> reporter: the president elect was greeted with applause christmas eve as the trump family attended services in palm beach at the church where donald and melania trump were married. while the obamas enjoyed their annual christmas trip to hawaii. they released their final holiday video. >> as we look forward to the new year, let's resolve to recommit ourselves to the values we share. >> reporter: 25 days left in the obama presidency and today the tense relationship his administration has with israel soured even more. at a cabinet meeting, prime minister benjamin netanyahu made a startling allegation that the u.s. secretly led the u.n. security council to admonish israel for its settlements in the west bank. >> as i told john kerry on thursday, friends don't take
11:31 pm
friends to the security council. >> reporter: friday the u.s. declined to block the resolution with its veto and chose not to vote. machinen in said today "we have no doubt the obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed." . netanyahu vented his frustration to ambassadors from security council nations calling them in on christmas day and sent a very loud signal today, looking past the obama presidency. >> prime minister netanyahu is looking forward to working with president elect trump in our quest for peace and in order to further strengthen the relationship between israel and the united states. >> reporter: israel warned the obama white house it would seek help from trump who lobbied egypt to kill the resolution and tweeted his support for israel, claiming the big loss will make it harder to negotiate peace. trump's pre-oath of office involvement is quite unusual. >> you really haven't seen a situation like this where a
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president elect is speaking out on all sorts of issues in a way that is almost drowning out the person who is still president. >> that was kelly o'donnell reporting. rescue operations continue today surging for the russian military plane that crashed in to the black sea. the plane had 92 people on board. thousands of rescue workers searched the crash site but there appears to be no survivors. drones were also used to help spot bodies an debris. divers were flown in from naval facilities across russia and powerful spotlights brought in so the search could continue around the clock. the plane crashed minutes after taking off from the sochi airport. it was carrying 60 members of the russian army flyer at a base in syria. investigators are working to figure out what caused the crash. ♪
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a service in berlin takes place a week after a truck plowed no a christmas market. 12 were killed and 56 hurt in the attack on the german capital last monday. tsunami warning had the chilean coast . a earthquake struck 6:30 this morning. the area was sparsely populated but prompted officials to evacuate 4,000 people nearby because of the tsunami scare. fortunately the warning was called off 90 minutes later. next, a rematch of the nba finals. it was the christmas showdown sports fans have been waiting for. the game between the warriors and cavaliers did not disappoint. the suspense-filled ending to one of the season's best games.
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christmas day traditions unwrapping gifts, drinking eggnog and of course marquis matchups in the nba. it doesn't get more marquis in the association than the warriors and cavaliers. richard jefferson turning back the clock. are you kidding? throwing it down on thompson. that's what we call a poster. cuts the lead to a deuce. tie game. warriors in transition. looks like it could end the game. accept curry drains the three. irving breaks the hearts of warriors fans again.
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puts the calves cavs up. jeff steps on his foot and knocks him down. warriors lose 109-108. after the game, k.d. on the final play. >> i don't know. i don't know. i'll leave it at that. >> get stepped on. >> trying to make a move and failed. >> we had control of the game. we did not execute on the fourth quarter. great tape to look at. it will be quite valuable for us to look at that tape. we know we let it slip away. >> on to football news. the 49ers running back mcl in the win in los angeles. he will miss the finale in seattle. he finishes 12 yards shy of the
11:37 pm
1,000 mark and scored nine touchdowns. highlights, football, on christmas. chooefs and broncos. raiders win the afc west. tyree, get aload of this. that is how fast he is. not sped up. chiefs up 14-0. next possession, kelsey breaks off an 80 yard. you thought 70 was big, 80. longest play from scrimmage for the chiefs this season. kc wins. that's going to do it for sports. merry christmas. we vel eel have more news after the break different days.
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a christmas carol brought to life, to make one family's holiday brighter. nbc's joe fryer has the inspiring report. ==take pkg== nbc news, las vegas."@2:00 ==3shot== vianey arana is here with your microclimate forecast ... ♪ >> reporter: no doubt you heard this holiday tune. ♪. but the morales family can say they have lived it. it started when the family found a basket with pears at their front door, inspired by the infamous partridge in a pear tree. >> we read the note and knew what was going to happen. >> second day, two turtle doves in the form of dove chocolates. on the sixth day, goose pinata
11:41 pm
and ninth day, nine ladies dancing seemed to magically appear outside of their window. >> why us? >> reporter: the reason, emily's husband died of a heart attack in january leaving her alone with five kids. so the las vegas community responded with 12 days of gifts. >> we seen one of the gifts and it had an ornament in it and okay, i guess we will put up the tree. i wasn't thinking of decorating. as you see we did. >> they were picked by a charity called request in 12 days started by suzanne lee. when she lost her husband they showered her with 12 days of comfort. >> we felt something free of pain and we hadn't felt that in nine months. >> now she is paying it forward, orchestrating 12 surprises for families each year. like this school assembly. >> we love you.
11:42 pm
the school loves you. >> reporter: dedicated solely to the moraless. >> what was your reaction? >> way more laughs an smiles an the house now. >> the last day begins with a parade. yes, those are 12 drummers drumming. >> for me, joy is back in my heart. >> dozen days that will linger a lifetime. >> such great stories this time of the year. we have a look at the microclimate forecast. you have some new year's eve information for us. >> i do. and merry christmas. it looks like we are going to be enjoying nice temperatures around the bay area. not just tonight. it will feel a little chilly in the morning as we start off monday, as well. i don't know if a lot of you are heading back to work but i'm pretty sure you are. south bay 41 degrees. peninsula in the 40s and trivalley seeing those 30s in the forecast.
11:43 pm
now let's go ahead and look at your temperature trend over the next couple of hours if you are not inside with the warm hot chocolate, which i think you should be because this is too cold for my taste. if you have an early morning commute or you have to run off that christmas dinner, by 4:00 other five, in the 40s. 41 degrees. san jose, look at this, 30s in the forecast yet again. 4:00, 5:00 a.m., 38 degrees, 37 degrees. the good news we expect mostly
11:44 pm
clear conditions and not tracking rain chances the next couple of days. we will stay fairly dry. look ahead at the future cast by 5:30 a.m. we are not seeing cloud cover or fog. we saw the low pressure system but that is far off shore and it isn't expected to bring rain to the bay area for a couple of days. we will have sunshine and cooler temperatures. cold air mass left behind by the storm we saw on friday. pushing ahead toward monday night at 10:00, clear conditions all the way around. setting us up for a last week of 2016. i know i can't believe it either. i don't know if you have your new year's day gold but temperatures for tomorrow, 55 in san jose. morgan hill 50s. moving to the east bay, seeing a trend of lower 50s. livermore 50 for the high tomorrow. along the peninsula not much of
11:45 pm
a change. microclimates are looking similar around this time of the year. san francisco in the outer sunset. embarcadero 51. as you head to the north bay, seeing 50s in the forecast. if you enjoyed today's weather you will enjoy tomorrows as well. not too bad when you go back to work. 51 dropping to the 30s. this is where we will keep an eye out. tomorrow night will be colder than tonight. so you can always stay up to date using your nbc bay area app. we issue weather alerts and freeze warnings should they issue any via the national weather service. 50s in the forecast yet again and we warm up in to thursday and friday. as we head in to next weekend, that is new year's eve. we are expecting, as of now, long range models showing clear conditions that could change over the next couple of days. for now we will keep our fingers
11:46 pm
crossed. inland, as well, expecting to see 50s. nice clear conditions and sunshine will be dominating this week in the forecast which will bring decent conditions for the last week of 2016. i really hope you enjoy christmas with friends and a lot of food because i know i did and i'm already planning to how many leftovers i will eat. >> that's the best part, the leftovers, almost better than the first time around. >> i agree. it can be a vicious cycle, all the holiday shopping leading to a mad dash to the mall the day after christmas to return unwanted gifts. details on what you can expect and where you might find post-holiday deals. >> some retailers could see as many shoppers today as they did in the days leading up to christmas, but this rush has to do with returns of gifts that are either damaged, not working, don't fit or those you just
11:47 pm
don't want. odds are you'll return one out of every ten gifts you got this year, more if gotten on-line. >> as much as 30 to 40% of things bought on-line can be returned. >> reporter: cnbc's courtney reagan wrote recently about the many unhappy returns that come after christmas and what retailers do with all of those returns. >> maybe they sell it like an open-box merchandise. best buy does that a lot or in some cases sent to a liquidator or wholesaler. >> pressure on retailers to please customers, even when customers are exploiting the transacti transaction. >> many women, in fact, will order dresses or clothing in more than one size and never intend to keep all three, just the one that fits. >> reporter: as sure as christmas returns a year from now, so will some of the gifts to be given. chris clackum, nbc news.
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coming up, he's a super star on the basketball court. two-time mvp accept curry shows how he brings smiles off the court, too. his inspiring story is next. 'tis the season to share the
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
holiday spirit... and a warriors superstar did just that. here's comcast sportsnet's mindi bach with the heartwarming story. 'tis the season to share the holiday spirit and a warriors star did just that. here's the heart warming story. 'tis the season for christmas lights and sleepless nights, at least for these select few. >> he's been really excited, really anxious. he hadn't been sleeping good. >> he was so excited he didn't -- went to bed for almost two days. >> reporter: they came from afar
11:51 pm
by plane and car to have their one wish come true. >> what's your name? nice to meet you. a day with the big man topped their list, the one they call mvp. through lengthy health struggles he brought them great joy, the one named stephen curry. >> it is a humbling feeling because you understand how much they have bb through their lives and out there, their experiences have been with their sicknesses. so watch what we do on the court and for that to give them hope and inspiration, like you said, they have one wish and they want to experience a game day here with myself and my teammates. it is a pretty amazing feeling. >> reporter: curry didn't disappoint. he showered them with gifts, shoes, shirts, hats, odds and
11:52 pm
ends. he signed whatever they wanted, shot a few hoops and introduced him to his not so small friends. >> what's up, man? how are you doing? >> good. >> glad you are here today and support the warriors. we are going to do it today. get our hands in the middle. you have to say it loud so everyone can hear you. one, two, three, the smiles they came and grew bigger and bigger until they were ten feet wide, whether energetic by nature or thoughtful and quiet, their excitement was impossible to hide. >> what was steph like? >> amazing. one of the best days of my life. >> what was your favorite part of meeting him? do you have one? >> hugging him. >> i could play with him and shoot some free throws with him.
11:53 pm
>> that he was generous and nice. >> reporter: still there was more. curry took them to court. court side seats with the family in tow and they sat in the stands and wooped during the warriors show. back to iowa, new york, michigan, florida, wherever they call home. they still may not sleep, there's too much to tell but the happiness is not theirs alone. >> just imagine all of the excitement and happiness going on. it's, as a mom, as a parent it's amazing to see your child that happy. >> it is something i'm never going to forget. i'm just like -- i want to cry. >> when i was able to speak to the kids, they said this is something they will remember the rest of their lives. what do you take away from it? >> don't take each day for granted because what we do on the court, you don't know where that will reach to. and where that story may -- who
11:54 pm
it may impact. so, continue to do what i'm doing using this platform i have been given, blessed with, to give back in whatever way, shape or form. >> reporter: he doesn't wear red. he's not big, but he is jolly. a giving man that can shoot, dribble and dish, but we can all be like curry and make someone's season much brighter. it starts with fulfilling a wish. >> great story. still ahead, christmas in outer space. we will tell you what the crew on the international space station had on their menu for christmas dinner. plus we look at which movies raked in the big bucks this holiday weekend. we'll be right back. talk about a holiday celebration
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11:56 pm
that's out of this world. ==vo== the crew abroad the international space station
11:57 pm
sent a holiday greeting back to talk about a holiday celebration that is out of this world. the crew aboard the international space station sent a holiday greeting back to earth before they chowed down on their christmas feast. >> we will eat very well up here on christmas. of course, we will all miss our family members and wish we could be with them but we will have a great time up here. >> reporter: the meal included dishes from each astronaut's hometown. there was ox tongue and gingerbread. the u.s. menu included turkey, stuffing, chocolate cake and hot cider. this is space so everything had to be dehydrated. rogue one, a "star wars" story brought in $15 million on christmas eve. it is projected to haul in $320 million total during the six-day holiday period. universal's animated comedy
11:58 pm
"sing" finished in second place with $8 million on christmas eve. rounding out the top three, passengers which brought in $3 million. thank you for joining us this christmas night. we will have more news on today in the bay. that starts 4:30 in the morning. have a great night and wonderful holiday. >> merry christmas.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> lebron was really strong. to this day i don't know how he prepared for train wreck. anything you asked him to do, he would do and really commit to it hard which is what you need to do in a come did i and because he did that he's hysterical in the movie. >> a comedy industry giant who helped change the landscape with his blend of heart felt stories and r rated humor. >> just having the courage to tell the truth, just getting to the core of people's essence. >> it's a career he was destined for studying tv sit comes as a


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