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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 15, 2016 4:00pm-4:31pm PST

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mr. trump shifting his position, quote, will scare the bejesus out of the kremlin. lester? cynthia, thank you. breaking news tonight from charleston, where an avowed white supremacist has been found guilty on all counts of a horrifying
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massacre inside mother emmanuel church. tonight, we're getting reaction from a survivor who was forced to watch a cold-blooded killer murder her son. nbc's gabe gutierrez was in the courtroom. >> reporter: fueled by racism, he walked into their sanctuary and opened fire. this afternoon, a jury found dylann roof guilty of 33 federal counts, including hate crimes. >> i knew it was going to be guilty, guilty, guilty. >> reporter: felicia sanders, one of three survivors that awful night, who testified during the trial how she watched roof take her 26-year-old son tywanza. >> not too many mothers ever see their son come in and leave the world. so that was very painful for me. >> reporter: during his closing argument, the prosecutor raised his voice in anger, calling roof a man of immense hate red and tremendous cowardice, who shot his victims while they prayed and had their eyes closed.
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these nine people exemplified a goodness greater than his message of hate, he said. the defense conceded the horror of the rampage, but his attorney tried to bring up his client's mental state. >> he's still in here, i'm afraid. he's still in there. >> reporter: this chilling 911 call from inside the church was among the evidence laid out for jurors, including racially inflammatory writings and a potential hit list of other churches. >> i wanted to do everything i had to do to make sure we get a conviction. >> reporter: and she did. where dylann roof failed to start the race war he wanted, felicia sanders succeeded in honoring her son's memory. >> i wear a smile. the reason i wear a smile, because if you look at the pictures of all nine, they all wore a beautiful smile. >> reporter: in this same courthouse, where decades ago, historic cases of school segregation were decided, dylann roof now faces the possibility of the death penalty. he says he wants to represent himself during sentencing and felicia says she's
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plans to testify again. lester? >> gabe gutierrez in charleston, thank you. there's new fall-out tonight from a massive hack against yahoo. private information from over a billion people stolen. the largest ever breach of its kind that has a lot of americans concerned. but experts say if you think you might have been affected, don't delete your account. nbc's miguel almaguer explains what you should do and what's at stake. >> reporter: with the fbi investigating the hack that compromised the private information of one billion yahoo users, tonight the white house can't address the scope of vulnerable material now in the hands of cyber criminals. we know names, dates of birth, even security questions have been exposed, but more may have been lost. experts say at least 150,000 government and military employees are also among the victims. the 2013 breach disclosed wednesday wasn't even discovered by yahoo. >> the fact that an outside party had to come in and explain to them what had
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happened, is not great for yahoo and sort of underscores their management failure. >> repter: with yahoo stock sliding, verizon said it's evaluating its $4.8 billion deal to buy the internet giant. verizon wants access to yahoo users and experts say could get them at a bargain price. >> we think they still want to do this deal. town hall, -- ultimately, what are they buying? the yahoo finance, yahoo sports. >> reporter: but for many, the brand is tarnished. beth cohen cramer dumping yahoo switching to google. >> i'm fed up with it. i feel like this is the last straw for me. i can't assume there's any kind of security in place. >> reporter: but experts warn simply -- warn against simply deleting your account. if your account was linked to online banking or social media, hackers could re-create the access, -- recreate the account, gaining access to them. so instead, change passwords and security questions. a tangled web of hacked information,
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exposing one billion users in ways still unclear. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. tonight, much of the country is caught in the grip of an arctic blast, stretching from coast to coast. after days of bitter cold, today it got even rougher out there. al roker is up in a moment with the forecast of what else is on the way. but first we get the frigid details from nbc's ron mott. >> reporter: bitterly cold air, snow, and ice, and a harsh reality tonight. getting around, suddenly a whole lot tougher. at least 50 vehicles involved in this pennsylvania pileup. three people hurt. >> truck passed over, got into a ditch and then it started piling up after that. >> reporter: in oregon -- >> look out! >> reporter: scary moments when this school bus lost control. fortunately, no serious injuries. >> nice and easy. >> reporter: hundreds of others stuck. >> why stay in my car when i could be out here helping. >> reporter: upstate new york, blizzard conditions. >> hello, canada, thank you for the cold air. >> reporter: the brutal blast from the
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north sent windchills plummeting. 17 below in chicago, 12 below in minneapolis. cleveland, 6 below. misery that has company. all but two states in the lower 48, below freezing somewhere. in chicago the zero patrol was busy today. driver jason blevins finding plenty of stranded motorists to get out of a cold jam on the illinois tow-away. in this case, a stubborn flat tire, a relieved driver. >> not the way you wanted to spend your thursday. >> no, a little too cold for this. >> reporter: bundled up in boston. temps in the 20s today. tomorrow, much colder. >> we're in for a long winter at this rate. >> reporter: chicago is due for a bit of a warm-up tomorrow, and then another on saturday before taking yet another plunge into a deep freeze on sunday. the forecast high temperature, lester, 1 below. >> ron mott in chicago. as promised, al roker is here. what are we looking at tomorrow and heading into the weekend? >> we have a brutal one-two punch of two arctic air masses, one right after the other. here's the first
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round. and look at these temperatures. friday morning, the windchill, minus 10 in billings, all the way to portland, where it's minus 19. the second reinforcing blast of cold air. pierre, minus 25. these are air temperatures. minus 3, kansas city. 14 below in -- 14 in indianapolis. factor in the windchills, it will feel like minus 37. sunday in minneapolis, 1 above. in indianapolis, and minus 41 in pierre. into all this cold air comes a vigorous low pressure system that friday moves out of the rockies into the plains. a swath of four to eight inches from rapid city to cleveland. continues into the midwest and northeast. look at the air flow. take a look at the actual -- i'm sorry -- the actual accumulations through the weekend, on into the northeast. and in fact, just to kind of reinforce this, lester, it will be 14 below monday morning in chicago.
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in the south pole, it's actually going to be warmer at 12 below. >> don't know if that makes anyone feel better. >> i don't think it does, but thought i'd share. >> it is what it is. al, thank you very much. frantic evacuations have resumed in aleppo after a new ceasefire went into effect, but secretary of state john kerry said some fleeing civilians are still under attack by syrian forces, accusing the regime of nothing short of a massacre. and many of those under fire are children. nbc's bill neely has more from inside syria. >> reporter: fleeing aleppo today, children under fire. one screaming for her father. there was meant to be a ceasefire as they left the rebel-held east. yet still they were targeted. their mother's trying to comfort them. nearby, other children fled today. they have no parents. orphans of the war. 47 of them, finally able to leave an orphanage riddled with bullet holes.
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and defiant. we're leaving aleppo, he says, but when we grow up, we'll be back to liberate it. from their refuge, they pleaded yesterday for their freedo led by 11-year-old yasmin karmuz. we're scared, get us out. nbc news has been following their ordeal for months. ♪ >> reporter: this was august. yasmin is playing, but her teachers told us she was traumatized. her parents, killed by an air strike. the next month, she told us, when there's bombing, i hide under the blanket. i'm scared. i want to have my father, to see my mom. in october, it got worse. the orphans hit -- hid underground, the siege tightening. today, it ended. yasmin and all her friends leaving aleppo. gunfire as they went. they were part of a huge convoy, thousands evacuated as the city
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fell to president assad's forces. the biggest rebel defeat so far. but not the end of a war that has orphaned so many, and for some that's lasted a lifetime. and thousands more civilians will be evacuated tomorrow. the orphans are safe tonight. but they're in another rebel-held area, which president assad has vowed to recapture. their trauma may not be over yet. lester? >> bill neely in syria, thank you. tonight the egyptian government says traces of explosives have been found on some of the victims from that doomed egyptair flight from paris that went down over the mediterranean back in may. all 66 people on board were killed. no one has claimed to have attacked the plane. egypt says a criminal investigation is under way. still ahead as we continue tonight, facebook crackdown. the social media giant launching a new war on fake news stories in your feed, but putting much of the responsibility in your
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it's the best thing that ever happened to me. can you say thanks nicoderm cq? every great why needs a great how. a major crackdown announced today by facebook. since the election, the social media giant has come under fire for the spread of fake news on its site. you've probably heard about some of these fake stories, like pizzagate, in which false information triggered a very real shooting in a washington, d.c. restaurant. well, now facebook
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plans to combat these fabricated and dangerous stories by relying on you. jo ling kent explains. >> talking about fake news. >> those fake news stories. >> fake political news. >> the impact of fake news. >> reporter: facebook wants to put fake news out of business, with your help. today, after months of public pressure, the social media giant announcing new preliminary measures, to weed out stories that are intentionally false, and spread for financial gain. to make it easier for its 1.8 billion users to report a hoax, they can click the upper right-hand corner of a post to flag content. if enough people mark it, the story will be reviewed by facebook researchers and passed on to independent journalists to fact-check. if determined false, the piece will be marked disputed on facebook, demoted in your news feed and the creator will be banned from promoting it on facebook's advertising platform. >> facebook is censoring to the extent they will cut off some sites from
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economic benefit. >> reporter: marco chacon runs a fake news site, he says his articles are satire. >> if you look at that site and think it's a real news story, i think that's on you. >> reporter: chacon welcomes facebook's new measures and doesn't think it hurts his right to free speech. >> facebook is a private company, they can decide for ideological or business reasons if they want their news platform to be used for this stuff. that's totally legitimate and it's not censorship. >> reporter: facebook's announcement said, we cannot become arbiters of truth ourselves, and that it's targeting the worst of the worst. >> fake news is not as simple as bzzz, it's false. but right now, they're trying to fact-check those things that are apparently and obviously false and not give them money. that's an easy first step, but there's a lot more work to do. >> reporter: a controversial experiment, facebook asking users to police fake news, trusting them to call it when they see it. jo ling kent, nbc news, new york. we're back in a moment with a heartbreak tonight over a legendary tv personality. ♪
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a sad day in the world of sports as it says goodbye to a broadcasting legend. long-time nba sideline reporter craig sager has died after battling leukemia. known for his colorful personality and even more colorful wardrobe, sager was a fixture on the court for decades. he died just days after his induction into the sports broadcasting hall of fame. sager was 65. just a few hours left to sign up for obamacare, if you want coverage to kick in january 1st. more than four million people have selected policies for 2017 since open enrollment began november 1st, according to government figures. the pace picked up this week, though president-elect trump vows to dismantle obamacare when he takeoffice. and big money from a big star, giving back to the place she loves. dolly parton said here -- says her star-studded telethon raised $9 million for families affected by the devastating wildfires in
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finally tonight in the season of giving, some folks needed a little extra help to make their family's holiday wishes come true. but a group of secret santas working in mysterious ways is here to help. nbc's jacob rascon explains in our "inspiring america" report. >> reporter: when the store manager called -- >> if you're here for the 4:00 event, can youlease come to customer service? >> rorter: they thought they were in trouble. >> i thought, what could this be? >> reporter: they had thousands of dollars in toys and clothes on lay-away. diane nero's far from paid off. >> i really wasn't expecting to get it out until after christmas. but this year -- >> i'm dwight, this is devin. >> reporter: -- christmas came early. >> we've been blessed with an opportunity to take care all the bills that you have on these lay-away items. so they've been completely paid off. [ applause ] >> reporter: for many
4:28 pm
like mary jackson -- >> my lay-away is paid off and it's a blessing. >> reporter: their gifts are for children who might otherwise get nothing. >> i just want to see kids happy, even if i don't get nothing back in return. but look what happened. >> reporter: pay away the lay-away is a national charity, collecting donations online, paying off tens of thousands of dollars in lay-away accounts. this year, in 30 cities, even getting nba athletes to play elf. who is your favorite part? >> the lady, how excited she was. unexpected but just really thankful. >> reporter: the only person more excited than diane about her lay-away, will be her 12 grandchildren. >> i'm so thankful. they will get these for christmas, thank you. it's a blessing. i'm so happy. god is good. >> reporter: the season of giving, to the gift-givers too. jacob rascon, nbc news, dallas. that is going to
4:29 pm
do it for us on a thursday night. don't forget football tonight. the rams take on the seahawks here on nbc. and there's a saturday game too, the dolphins versus the jets. i'm lester holt. from all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching and goodnight. holt. from all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching a
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nbc news sports, home of the olympic games, the nhl, premier league, the chase for the nascar sprint cup, and primetime's number one show, "sunday night football," only on nbc. >> on a brisk night in sle, russell wilson looks to rebound from a lopsided loss in green bay, and in the process, help the seahawks clinch a playoff berth over jared goff and the rams. for l.a., it's the first game following the firing of jeff fisher.


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