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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 11, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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==peggy/take vo== right now at 11... snoetss ♪ right now at 11:00, 36 chimes for 36 lives lost this in the oakland warehouse fire. the touching memorial this weekend as the investigation takes a crucial step forward. the news at 11:00 starts now. thank you for joining us. >> the atf wrapped up its investigation today. in less than 48 hours, investigators will provide an update. the people have gathered at a fund-raiser to help the families who lost loved ones in the devastating fire. >> we have team coverage. begin with christie smith in san francisco at the fund-raiser. christie, a big named musician her taking part. >> yeah. that's right.
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this benefit started tonight at 8:00, still going strong. we understand that moby is expected here probably within the next 30 minutes. inside, artists, friends and many who say one way to help is attending benefits like this. a crowd lined up before the doors open. taylor williams works in music venues and came early. >> a lot of people had creativity in this community. it's definitely important for us to show support. >> reporter: inside of mezzanine in san francisco, music played at an oakland benefit. it paid tribute to those those who died in the warehouse fire. monique said her brother was among them. >> million benefits going on and trying to go to as many as we can. >> reporter: in oakland the atf wrapped up its investigation as local police moved the barriers closer to the burned warehouse. flowers honoring the lives lost
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also moved closer as family members stood closer. >> we discovered a whole community of people that loved him. >> reporter: john and kathy remembered their son joseph matlock known as joey casio, an electronic musician. they say a song called "share the cup" holds a special place as they recall his kind and generous nature. >> joey was a peacemaker. he would like for reconciliation rather than hostility in every environment he was in. that song to us really epitomizes the personality of the son we have left here. >> reporter: this wasn't just music tonight but also a silent auction and a raffle. organizers say the club holds 1,000 people and it sold out quickly. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. . also bay area rockers green day paid tribute to the victims of
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the fire during a performance last night at oracle arena. >> my heart goes out to all of these people that perished in that warehouse. these are people just looking for themselves, deciding to celebrate, being artist and being weird and having fun. >> that is the lead singer billy joe armstrong. he went on to say that oakland needs to cherish its artists. he dedicated the song "i walk alone" to the victims of the fire. it is part of the not so silent concert. a somber memorial service for one of the 36 people killed. chuck coppola has the story. >> reporter: 34-year-old jonathon burnbalm, loved "star
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wars" as a boy and gabecame advocate for social justice. >> heed a brilliant, insightful mind and aggressive way of arguing. >> friends and older brothers say that bernbaum founded the visual arts with music. >> he learned the ropes and within a ridiculously short period of time was making art. >> like many of the warehouse fire's 36 victim he was an artist who sought independence. master's degree in film had not made for an easy career launch in a tough business. >> he rejected the corporate game. >> in lafayette, a memorial was held for sara hoda who taught young children in oakland. sunday afternoon, the bells at san francisco's grace cathedral tolled 36 times, once for each victim. >> it reminded me of the aids crisis.
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we lost so many beautiful creator and designers and thinkers. >> reporter: the san francisco interfaith council is trying to encourage churches to contribute under used property for affordable housing to provide more options than warehouses such as the so-called ghost ship. chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> our coverage of the fire in oakland continues on-line. find more details from the stories behind those that lost their lives on our website at nbc bay a chaotic scene in the north bay as a police officer opens fire at a shopping center. officials say just before 6:00 this evening someone tried to run a pedestrian over with their car in windsor, sonoma county. the chase began. police were able to corner him in a shopping center parking lot at alden lane. officers say shots were fired and the suspect was hit. no one else was injured. they are saying he was a man in his 50s but not saying anything
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about his condition. a dry night right now and bracing for what maybe a wet week. we have team coverage. we start with rob m. >> we have the storm ranger astop the san bernardino mountain. not too foggy. you can see the storm ranger scanning the bay area. you can see how things look at the radar level atop the peninsula and you can see a few sprinkles off shore to the west. a calmer view than yesterday where we had the periods of heavy rain. right now not seeing a lot. we have high clouds over the bay area. this actually stretches all the way back to hawaii. this is the tropal boost to the rainfall. we expect to come in an bring a chance of heavy rain. the return of the king tides which will lead to coastal flooding issues during the middle of the week. wind, power and tree impacts as the storm brings gusty winds to
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our hill tops. i will have a time line of three days of rain and microclimate conditions coming up. a very serious warning in pacifica tonight. new erosion is happening along the coast after yesterday's downpour. nbc bay area marianne favro is live along the coast where a popular path to the beach is shut down. neighbors say they are witnessing this erosion. >> they are. they have been for the past few years, peggy. neighbors tell me this sign went up yesterday, closing beach access because of erosion and a sinkhole. this is all happening on the same street where earlier this year apartments had to be demolished because of the cliff side dangers. >> no trips to the beach, erosion and a sinkhole in pacific a ka d
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pacifica did this path in. likely caused by the king tides. gary says he has watched heavy rain and menacing rains erode this cliff side for years. >> it's a constant battle. if you look at the sidewalk over there it's narrow. just a shadow of how it was, you know, years ago. >> reporter: not only has mother nature forced this closure but changed the look of the entire block. in march, apartments a few yards away were demolished after several winter storms pummelled the coastline and a state of emergency was declared. gary tiggs said the crumbling coastline has prompted him to think of contingency plans when he walks his daughter's dog. >> i'm always ready to jump back because it could fall at a moment's notice. just because there's a sidewalk there doesn't mean it won't fall. >> reporter: balancing the beauty of the coast with the hazards. there's no word yet on when this
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beach path will be reopened. reporting live in pacifica, maryaianne favro, nbc bay area news. this weekend's storm is blamed for trapping a dozen people at a buddhist retreat in the santa cruz mountains. they rain caused a rock slide in boulder creek. the rocks so big the county needs to bring in a contractor to get them out of there. >> this is huge. it's really going to be something to chip it apart and move it. >> that's a fact. for now the only way in and out the retreat is by foot. the staff at the institute say they have enough food. the issue is getting people that need to go home out of there you can track the forecast with the weather app. it is free to download on the smartphone. you can check conditions in your neighborhood and use our live doppler radar. weather outside right now in san jose has some high clouds, cool temperatures tomorrow morning.
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starting in the mid-40s. afternoon in the 50s. we await the next round of rain that could bring heavy rain at times. the forecast when we come back. plus, a day on the water ends with no water at all. and a muddy mess. the unusual rescue caught on tape. coming together to honor a tragedy overseas. this emotional vigil at a pa innocence la church.
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in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine,
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and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. tonight -- where a bombing in egypt has killed at least 25 people and wounded more a developing story overseas where a bombing has killed 25 people, wounded 30 others. it happened at a cession cathedral in cairo. it's the second deadly attack in cairo in two days. on friday, six policemen were killed in a bomb attack. authorities believe the suspects have links to the outlawed muslim brotherhood. hundreds came together tonight to pray for the victims of the bombing. members of the eastern christian churches of the bay area joined in prayer at the orthodox church of the redeemer. they took time out from the scheduled celebration to sing a
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special song honoring the victims. some of the attendees were born in egypt. >> we were sad obviously. we are very much with the christians in egypt. we share the same faith in our lord jesus christ, but also we were from the middle east. so we have the same family. >> many say they feel a sense of solidarity with the victims in the cathedral bombing because their church was destroyed in an arson fire in 2002. a dangerous morning on the roads in east san jose after two people were killed in a crash. it happened near south capital avenue. this is the 44th deadly crash to happen in the city this year. what's going on here? rick boone spoke to witnesses of the crash. >> it was like the middle of the night, like 3:50, 4:00 in the morning when i heard like it was a big swoosh. >> a horrific scene in san jose. investigator ares say with two
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people inside, this car truck a center divide, and then hit a wall and burst in to flames. crews rushed to the scene but it was too late to save the driver and passenger. >> i was trying to make it out here. >> it happened on south capital avenue early sunday morning. no other vehicles were involved. the police closed down a dozen streets in the area. the noise of the crash so loud it rocked the community with concern. >> the impact sounded loud, like next to my house. >> reporter: in san jose, rick boone, nbc bay area news. family's kayaking trip did not go as expected today. the two adult and children were a few hundred yards off shore when the tide went out leaving them stranded in thick mud. the group was able to call 911. when it became clear they wouldn't get in on their own. first responders brought everyone to dry land using
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paddle boards. >> they are all fine, a little cold and muddy and everyone is going to be fine. check the tides before you go out and know when you have to be back in. >> they were quick about rescuing them. the entire rescue took about 45 minutes. tragic end to the search for a skier killed in an avalanche. a search team has discovered his body near lake tahoe. the avalanche happened yesterday in an area near the mount rose ski resort. the team found the skier trapped under ten feet of snow. the man's full it di has not been released. a disturbance at a south bay jail this afternoon. officials say inmates began to protest after their phone privileges were taken away from all of them. 120 inmates took part in the protest. they refused to return to their bunks. the sheriffs office had to call in more resources to help the
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situation. no inmates or jail staff were hurt and it didn't last long. 49er fans continued to vent frustrations today. a plane carrying a banner over the game said yesterday, you reap what you sow. it is in real estate to the managers who some fans think need to be fired. 49ers are having a terrible season to put it mildly as you can. they are one win and 12 losses. blowing the fourth quarter lead today to the jets. >> that's what i was doing today. i was watching the 49ers and the jets today. thought they had it. >> yes. >> let's talk about the weather. >> so frustrating. if you don't like rain this might be a little frustrating, too. >> we have had a lot of rain to start the weekend today. you saw the gray skies over levi's stadium and probably similar tomorrow before another workout later this week.
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right now no fog or mist around the top of san persmountain. it is not much as we show you the radar view over then the computer. the scan across the peninsula to the south bay not a lot. as we widen things out for you. we have had a few sprinkles off shore. a lot of it is precipitation and evaporating before it hits the ocean ocean or ground around the bay area. off shore more clouds, high clouds for now. as we head to tuesday bigger changes as the rain comes back in the forecast. despite the high clouds, chilly in the north bay, 43 santa rosa. 51 san jose and pretty views in the area right now. fog free emeryville to san jose and san francisco. clear skies and the beacon lit atop the pyramid tonight and clear visibility.
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you can see the golden gate bridge in to downtown san francisco. in the morning patchy fog around solano county, mid-40s for the the most spots. few you are er 30s are possible for the morning. peninsula temperatures in the mid-50s. high clouds at times san francisco to the north bay highs in the mid 50s. increasing clouds during the day on monday evening in to tuesday. by late tuesday morning, we see the rain arrive. notice where it hangs out. central bay in to the north bay, south bay you maybe wondering what the talk of rain is about from tuesday to wednesday. the rain line looks like it will hold north of the golden gate. could see rain wednesday morning. watch what happens the rain actually moves northward during the day on wednesday. so we're talking about chances
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of rain tuesday, wednesday and thursday. for the south bay, looks to be mainly wednesday night in to thursday where we will see the rain rates pick up. the rest of the bay area should see rain wednesday in to thursday. you can see it turns rainy for the south bay as we get the subtropical moisture out of east of hawaii aiming in on the bay area. that is thursday morning. as the system moves on, cold air drops in. snow levels as low as 3,000 feet in a few spots by late friday in to saturday. so the three-day rain event for tuesday, wednesday, thursday looks to be mainly for the north bay. san francisco northward on wednesday and then thursday will be the wettest day for the entire bay area. that is wednesday in to thursday morning. look at the high temperatures, low 50s and patchy frost for the valleys next weekend.
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>> seeing freezing temperatures for lows. >> looks like it. >> it is a san francisco tradition that is for a good cause. the salvation army and compass real estate are partnering for the ninth year collecting toys for needy children in the city. the fund-raising began on monday. they have $140,000 of donations and are doing well. the toys will be distributed to families starting next week. coming up next, ride sharing is supposed to cut down on traffic but leaders say it is having the opposite effect. how can that be? we'll explain. >> "saturday night live" not backing down from criticizing president-elect trump but they attacked him from a different angle. we'll show you. thank you.
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finger-pointing taking place over san francisco's traffic congestion. transit officials say they know bumper-to-bumper, a lot of fingerpointing taking place over san francisco's traffic congestion. officials say they know who's to blame. companies like uber and lyft. ride share services are adding 45,000 cars to already congested city streets. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is putting the blame on the california public utilities commission which is in charge of regulating the companies. the accusations were made during a state leglatory filing. "saturday night live" continues to satirize president-elect trump despite his tweets calling the show one sided. this weekend it wasn't alec baldwin drawing attention but bryan cranston who portrayed trump's pick to lead the dea. >> do you know anything about
11:25 pm
drug enforcement? >> trust me, i know the dea better than anyone, inside and out. >> white >> mr. white, how did you get considered this this job? do you know mr. trump. >> no but i like his style he acts first and asks questions later. >> this time trump did not stweet about the show. still to come, donald trump calling a cia report insane. it suggests that russian hackers may have impacted the election. why the president elect isn't buying it. plus -- >> i'm garvin thomas. the girlfriend of one of the victims from the oakland warehouse fire says she needed a facebook miracle. which is what she got.
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as a supervisor at pg&e, it's my job to protect public safety, keeping the power lines clear, while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job, to teach our customers about the best type of trees to plant around the power lines. we want to keep the power on for our customers. we want to keep our community safe. this is our community, this is where we live. we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california.
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that's how president-elect
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donald trump and his team are describing a c-i-a report that russian hackers inue ridiculous and insane is how president-elect trump and his team are describing a cia report that russian hackers influenced the presidential election and may have tipped the race his way. >> a lot of people were talking about that. president obama has called for a full review now, which trump says he welcomes. a bipartisan group in congress is promising an investigation, as well. this as trump gets close to naming his secretary of state. nbc's jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: president-elect trump a ensoon to be commander in chief attending the army-navy football game and dismissing a cia report that russia hacked no campaign files to tip the election his way. >> i think it is ridiculous. another excuse. i don't believe it. i think the democrats are putting it out because they suffered one of the greatest defeats in the history of politics in this country. >> reporter: trump's incoming chief of staff call the report "insane." >> the russians didn't tell hillary clinton to ignore
11:29 pm
wisconsin and michigan, okay. >> reporter: a bipartisan group in congress is calling for an investigation. >> the goal is to find out how extensive this is, how deep it is, which countries are doing it. it won't be limited to russia. >> reporter: president obama ordered a full review of campaign season seicyberattacks that trump welcomes. >> president obama has been great and i want it to. i don't want anyone hacking us. >> reporter: the russian election controversy comes as trump considers exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson, who has strong business ties with russia for secretary of state, worrying some in congress. >> it is a matter of concern to me that he has such a close personal relationship with putin that would color his approach to putin and the russian threat. >> reporter: trump says no final decision has been made. other candidates, including mitt romney are reportedly still in the running for secretary of state. trump may make an announcement later this week.
11:30 pm
jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. the former ambassador to russia is a professor at stan ft. lauderdale and weighed ford. he weighed in. he said revenge interest could have caused putin to harm hillary's chances and donald trump's chances of becoming president. >> putin thinks she intervened in the parliamentary election in 2011 and have said as much public aand i have heard him talk about it privately. president-elect trump supports a lot of foreign policy positions that putin supports. >> he served as ambassador to russia from 2012 to 2014. a new challenge to pay tribute to five fallen police officers. two dozen bay area police officers ran a marathon in their
11:31 pm
uniforms. yesterday we showed how they were preparing for this race even though many had never won a marathon before. our sister station in dallas shows how they found the motivation to reach the finish line. >> no matter how you break it down -- >> i tried not to look at the mile markers. >> reporter: there's nothing kind about running 26.2 miles or half of that distance, which rebecca knight learned firsthand today. >> never done a half marathon before. it was probably the most difficult thing i have ever done in my life. >> reporter: if it was easy crossing the finish line wouldn't have felt so satisfying. >> just matters that you are here doing it. >> reporter: if it was easy, knight and a team of police officers from the san francisco bay area would have no reason to be in dallas today. >> fair representation when you run in a full uniform will you experience things that will make you want to quit. that's the important message. we are not going to quit. >> reporter: they decided to run
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the marathons in uniform to honor the police officers killed on july 7th and to show the dallas community that people near and far still care. >> that's the important thing. showing support. >> for knight -- >> i think all of the people cheering me on are what got me through the race. >> that made every tough mile worth it. >> well, we are hearing so many stories in the aftermath of the oakland fire. stories of 36 people an their incredible lives. >> tonight the girlfriend of one victim is sharing their love story. also an intimate moment captured on camera. nbc area garvin thomas tells us about a times square kiss that will last in her heart forever. >> the word "bittersweet" was invented for toirs like this. the bitter part is obvious, the loss of 36 lives, including griffin madden, a 23-year-old berkeley grad.
11:33 pm
when his girlfriend heard the news, she was devastated. still, she wanted to remember the good times they had. one time in particular. she needed the internet to come through for her. which it did. >> this was the night but not the picture she explained on her facebook page. it was a summer night in 2015. saia and boyfriend griffin madden had just seen "the book of mormon" on broadway and made their way to times square. it was there, she explained in her post, that the two kissed and a stranger captured that very moment with his camera. he showed it to them but they didn't get a copy. she so wanted that picture now. so she asked for a facebook miracle. for people to share her story, far enough and wide enough that the picture taking stranger
11:34 pm
would hear and recognize her plea. which is just what happened. >> some of my police officer friends, they showed the story, i think that is you. can you look at the photo and i went to my hard drive and found it. >> arkan is his name. a new york street photographer who hangs out in places like times square and rockefeller plaza looking for tender moments, just like the one between saia and griffin. >> these guys were absolutely adorable. i think the lipstick on the cheek and she was having a pretzel. interesting moment. i couldn't resist a photograph. and i wrote miracles happen, here's your photo. please keep it for your memory. >> she now has the picture. she posted again today on facebook thanking all of the friends, friends of friends and strangers who made this small miracle come true. she remains devastated that griffin could not be saved.
11:35 pm
but now, at least she can save this moment and that will have to do. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> what a special picture. and very cool story. we have continuing coverage of the oakland warehouse fire. you can find more on our website at nbc bay click on the news tab at the top where you will find a link to the page dedicated to those who lost their lives in that fire and the latest developments, updated constantly, about the investigation. still to come, the deadline is just days away. if you are a member of a group that wants health insurance in january. many people who used obamacare in the past say they are hesitant to sign up this year. we'll explain why. also coming up, sports. >> hey, guys, i'm fallon smith. coming up in sports after getting embarrassed many memphis, the warriors were in minnesota trying to avoid losing
11:36 pm
back-to-back games for first time since 2015. highlight an reaction ahead. and the 49ers have victory within their grast but watched it slip away as the jets flew away with the win. more on that in sports. heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask
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breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care. warriors on the road facing the timberwolves. they had trouble with karl anthony. third quarter off the miss.
11:38 pm
towns huge put back. finishes for 25. down in to the final frame. fourth quarter. tied at 92. david west with the block and duran finishes on the other end. more defense leading to offense and he and livingston with the strip. in transition, thompson for three. money! clay finished with 30 points. warriors win. the war warriors haven't lost consecutive games since 2015. here's steve kerr with more on that. >> one of the most impressive streaks i've ever seen. to go that long -- how many is it? how many games, 111. that's a lot of games. the schedule catches up to you often in this league. it's kind of catching up to us right now. this is our fourth in five nights. five and seven after new orleans in a couple of nights. a lot of travel.
11:39 pm
we didn't have great energy tonight but you can see the resilience in the fourth quarter and the way our guys really came up with about five or six straight stops to start the quarter which was huge in changing momentum. >> we played a great 12 minutes. our second unit played nine of the 12 minutes. that's what gave us the win. that focus level we had in the fourth quarter is what wins. not losing those back-to-back games. however, we have to focus doing that for 48 minutes which we did not do tonight. football now. jets and 49ers. first quarter. punches it in from four yards out. 14-0 san francisco. didn't last long. jets down three. nick faulk nailed the 50-yard field goal and headed to overtime. in ot, niners ball. fourth and two at the jets 37.
11:40 pm
oh, no, career high 193 yards. can't move the sticks when it matters most. the jets take over on downs on their drive, powell, oh, dear. hello. 19 yards for the score. game over. 49ers fall 23-17 for their 12th straight loss. >> i think we all want to be looking at the film. you can always second guess yourself and that's what we always do, like the last couple of games. a couple of the guys, it is my responsibility. i made the call for us to go forward with the ball on the 36th yard line and we didn't get it. i made the wrong decision. >> my job so execute the play. not to worry about what coach, if it is conservative or not. just go out and execute it. i feel like if we go out and execute it the play is a good
11:41 pm
play. >> tough time to be a 49ers fan. that's it for sports. more news after the break.
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==terry/vo== president obama and bill murray -- goofing around... and golfing in the oval office. the white house posted this video on twitter late tonight. president obama and bill murray goofing around and golfing in the oval office. the white house posted the video on twitter later on tonight. it is a push to sign up for health assurance through the affordable care act. murray complains about his back later if the video and claims he doesn't have health insurance. so president obama suggests he visits >> great golfer, bill many you ary, by the way. >> an avid golfer, maybe not great. >> he did well with the glass. >> he can do it. yeah. >> very vocal golfer, as well. if you want your health insurance to start january 1st the deadline to register on-line is wednesday. >> with so many questions about what president-elect trump will do with the affordable care act many are wondering if even signing up for obamacare is worth the time. gabe gutierrez checks it out. >> reporter: following a cancer
11:45 pm
scare and kidney infection, lisa is a strong supporter of obamacare, especially the guarantee of coverage for pre-existing conditions. >> my premiums aren't bad. i'm paying $180 a month. >> reporter: he plans to renew the policy this week but worries about what will happen when president-elect trump takes office. >> it makes me nervous. >> reporter: trump has promised to repeal obamacare, but also said he is willing to keep parts of it, including protections for people with pre-existing conditions. experts say any changes could take least a year with likely procedural delays. >> there's more reason to worry about january 2018 or january 2019 when there's a greater chance that there will be programs dismantled. >> reporter: today 20 million people rely on the affordable care act for insurance but premiums are set to rise 25% on average next year, though some offset by more subsidies. >> in your view has obamacare hurt patient care?
11:46 pm
>> no question about it. >> this doctor is among those eager for obamacare to be gutted. >> the policy of obamacare has made it very difficult for us in private practice to stay in private practice. >> reporter: the two main trade groups for the u.s. hospital industry are warning repealing obamacare could cost hospitals $165 billion by 2026 and trigger a public health crisis. >> nobody is -- >> at the medical center of miami-dade, a steady stream of patients are still signing up. >> any changes that may take place in the future would have to consider pre-existing, if not emergency room costs would skyrocket across the country. >> for now, patients like lisa are in limbo. >> i don't know what this means for the future. >> reporter: wondering whether obamacare son life support and for how long. gabe gutierrez, nbc news, warren, ohio. we are looking at a new
11:47 pm
workweek around the corner here. how about the rain heading our way. >> interesting weather art toward the middle of the week. right now high clouds but not much showing up from the radar scans around the bay area and with our storm ranger mobile doppler radar which is parked atop san bernardino mountain. let's look at our radar screen. you can see some returns there off shore. as that moves towards the coast, watch what happens. here's the progression. it doesn't reach the ground. not bothering anyone inland or any fishes off shore. not looking at rain on the ocean. radar is scanning the peninsula to the south bay. maybe a sprinkle or two in the summit of 17. the moisture is mainly mid and high-level cloud cover right now but the cloud layers will lower
11:48 pm
tomorrow in to tuesday. a lot of subtropical moisture coming in. one of our short-range models shows what you saw on the radar. some returns showing up but notice how the numbers don't move. maybe a few sprinkles in terms of measurable rainfall. that will likely hold off until tuesday morning. morning temperatures 30s and 40s. high thin clouds outside and temperatures cool. close to average in san jose. 58 with mix of mid and high-level clouds. trivalley temperatures 50s and antioch and concord. for the peninsula n the mid-40s for the morning and mid-50s in the afternoon. same from san francisco to the north bay. mostly cloudy skies and maybe a sprinkle or two during the day on monday. we will see a lot of clouds at times. they may thin out mid afternoon and fill in tomorrow night around this time. notice by midday on tuesday you are seeing light rain. what is interesting here, keep an eye on the south bay in san jose. from tuesday to wednesday really
11:49 pm
not seeing much as the rain line stalls out for marin county northward and it's not surprising it is the north bay where we expect to see the highest rain totals in to wednesday night. the areas of purple and red could see one to two inches of rain. santa cruz mountains rain through wednesday. wednesday night and thursday where the rain should pick up for the south bay as the system off shore begins to access subtropical moisture. we had a taste of that yesterday. we saw the rain rates come up. that is wednesday night in to thursday morning. then thursday in to friday. transition to a cooler pattern. northerly flow aloft with scattered showers and snow levels, we think they could drop close to 3,000, 4,000 feet. we're not going to see as much showers but the air will be chilly setting the stage for a clearing trend for the weekend that looks dry but may include patchy frost. for the north bay, flee days of rain tuesday to thursday and for
11:50 pm
the south bay more of that on wednesday in to thursday. everybody turning chilly next weekend. patchy frost possible on saturday in to sunday. >> thank you very much. they are a crowd favorite at the zoo, but in the wild gira e giraffes are in danger of becoming extinlt. >> it is a tough thing to hear but alarm evidence that scientists uncovered about the species. the story after the break. one of natures most majestic
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11:52 pm
creatures -- may be in danger. well, they are amazing, beautiful creatures, majestic creatures and also in danger. >> scientists say the number of giraffes in the world is plunging and the future of the species maybe in jeopardy. nbc's anne thompson reports. giraffes, watching out for trouble nearly two stories above earth. now in trouble themselves. their numbers plummeting 40% in the last 30 years.
11:53 pm
such a dra mat hick drop the iucn that designates endangered species lists giraffes of vulnerable victims of what some call a silent extinction. >> it has gone ourn e under t-- under the radar. killed by poachers for their meat, hide and tails. >> they are in the consciousness of all of us and the whole planet from childhood. >> reporter: at places like the bronx zoo, these improbable and inquisitive creaturers spark wonder in school children. >> when they eat, they wiggle their mouth a little bit. >> can you imitate them? up close some adults can't help but be awed. animated versions sell toys and movie tickets. beyond the fascination, if giraffes no longer roamed
11:54 pm
africaafrica grasslands, how would it impact the balance of nature? dr. pat thomas the associate 0 director of the bronx zoo say that they stimulate growth in the trees on which they feed which provides home for bird and av ants. homes that would change if the giraffe is extinct. >> can we reverse the trend. >> as long as we set aside protected areas where giraffes live, enlarge the protected areas and curb the hunting there's no reason that giraffesent can't increase in numbers. >> reporter: protecting their habitat to make our world better. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >> there's a problem. >> a problem. >> and there's hope. >> there is hopeful hopefully people will sit up and notice now. >> we'll be right back.
11:55 pm
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to las vegas. but will nfl team owners give the move a thumb's up? rnls the raiders are trying to move to los angeles but will nfl team owners give the move a thumbs up? >> everyone is watching the story. it is explored in depth with graham bensinger. >> this week we are in atlanta spending two days with falcons owner and home depot poe founder arthur blank. he takes us to his iconic stadium under construction. >> that's the most complicated roof design in the history of the world and i'm not exaggerating saying that. >> and conversation with star quarterback matt ryan. that is coming up here on nbc bay area. >> also tonight, it's a tradition each holiday season san osay firefighters wrap up toy and hand them out to disadvantaged children. >> the event took place this
11:58 pm
weekend at center road. firefighters and their families wrapped thousands of gifts and today they were distributed to 500 families who say, yeah, they appreciate the good will, especially this time of the year. >> it felt good. >> i like to -- and she can't afford presents right now so this will help us. >> reporter: toys can be dropped off at any fire station until january 1st. >> a lot of people think what can we do, you can still donate toys. >> firefighters to the rescue, that's not news. >> thank you for joining us. have a great week. >> good night. here is a
11:59 pm
12:00 am
design, a fan design, a fan experience design that is responsive to what the fans are telling us they want. you find any way you can so they really feel appreciated. so they feel like this is their home. ♪ ♪ arthur blank, the atlanta falcons owner, helling fund one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. -- helping fund one of the most impressive stadiums in the world. >> you want it so unique and special, it's the best. >> we travel to atlanta to s


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