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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 11, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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take a live look outside...... oakland (adlib) your time now is 7:00. we want to give you a live look outside at oakland as the sun rises over some clearer skies than we saw yesterday. good sunday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check of the microclimate forecast with vianey arana. good morning to you, and things looking a little nicer out there today. >> definitely a little nicer. it will be an easier day for commuters. the roads were a mess yesterday and the clouds you're seeing right now over oakland, there are a few low clouds in the area still, but they should be making an exit and making room for some sunshine. right now in the peninsula, the south bay, and the tri-valley, temperatures are in the 40s but we should be climbing into the 50s and we'll top out in the
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upper 50s all along the bay area not just for parts the south bay but also the north bay. we should be seeing a combination of partly cloudy skies through the early morning, but i just want to show you a quick look right now at our satellite radar because yesterday this is a completely different picture. we were seeing a lot of rain pushing through. that front that did move in from the north has finally tracked out south and it's sitting south of us, but we are tracking a chance for more rain as we head into the upcoming workweek. i will have a look at exactly what you can expect but today we should be topping out in those upper 50s. >> okay. looking good, vianey. thank you. investigators are busy in the south bay this morning where at least one person has died after a fiery car crash. "today in the bay's" rick boon is live where it happened. are investigators still out there working that scene? >> reporter: yeah, they are, vicky. there's a lot of them out here working the scene this morning. we can just pan around here and also just zoom into that
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vehicle. that's the vehicle that we see in question here. now, i'm not quite sure whether or not the kor rnor hacoroner h yet. a lot of streets are shut down. it's very hard even for us to get to this location to give you this live shot today because there's so many streets that are closed and very heavy law enforcement contingently here for this accident. not quite sure exactly what led to it this morning, but it did happen around 4:00 this morning. you see in a moment or right now some of the video on the screen of how much fire was coming out of this vehicle and how hard it hit the wall that was coming off this road. not quite sure how many people may be in the vehicle or what happened to the driver. we're still waiting for a lot of details in this, but the bigger story beyond this is if you need to be in this area, it will be
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incredibly, incredibly difficult for you to get around, for you to get -- even to make a typical left or right turn. the officers are not only closing the main streets, but they're also closing even streets inside the neighborhoods. so that's really, really huge for you this morning, but, yeah, we're still waiting for more details. hopefully i will have some answers for you. we're live in east san jose for today "today in the bay." the wet weather brought a giant tree crashing down on to the highway right on a car. this was the scene on highway 13 after a huge rain-soaked pine tree toppled down on all four lanes. it trapped the driver inside his car. the driver of the camaro saw the tree falling his direction and wasn't sure whether to speed up or stop. he ended up hitting the brakes and bracing for the impact. >> he thought that, you know, the worst was going to happen,
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and he thought -- he closed his eyes and felt he was going to suffer extreme pain from his injuries, and that wasn't the case. he's blessed to be able to walk away from this collision today. >> wow. southbound traffic on highway 13 was slow for several hours as caltrans crews worked to clear the way. the storm also toppled a lot of trees in the north bay as well. you are looking at two of them. on the left a large tree took out a power pole in sa bass that poll and on the right, that was in santa rosa. the latest storm has also caused a lot of tower issue. saturday tens of thousands of pg&e customers were left in the dark in the east bay. people lost power for several hours. traffic signals were dark and some businesses had to shut down. pg&e says the outage began before 2:00 p.m. and at one point 41,000 customers were out
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wower. one liquor store manager managed to keep his shop own even though his register wasn't working. >> i'm only accepting cash right now, credit cards, debit cards, obviously i can't do it. >> most of the power was restored by 4:00. pg&e points to a substation in oakland but said a second problem happened with a braker at a substation in berkeley. stay up to date on weather conditions with our nbc bay area app. it connects you to our live doppler radar and you'll know when and where the rain will arrive. you can also get personalized forecasts for your neighborhood. the search resumes today for a missing skier swept up in an avalanche in lake tahoe. deputies in nevada's whashoe county say the man was in a closed section of mount rose ski resort. after a six-hour search they called off the effort just before 5:00 yesterday due to
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sae safety concerns. the skiers friend made it out alive but told authorities they did not have any emergency equipment with them. passengers on a flight from sfo to the east coast found a disturbing site when they arrived. the flight took off from sfo and landed without incident in newark. san francisco police say someone called them claiming there was a bomb in a backpack on board that plane. but the passengers never knew because the pilot never told them. >> didn't say anything about this. i just saw two cops when we landed because it would have been pure panic on the plane so they did the right thing i guess. >> i'm glad i didn't know during the flight. >> once passengers got off the flight, bomb-sniffing dogs searched the plane, but they did not find anything. the weekend's storms have not stopped people from gathering to remember those who died last weekend in the oakland warehouse fire. 36 people lost their lives. ♪
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performers played near the site of the fire yesterday. also hosting a vigil outside the warehouse at 31st and international. members of the jubilee christian center. although members say they didn't know any of the victims, they still want to help their city heal. >> when this event happened, it just drove a chord through our heart to come out here and play for folks, comfort folks. >> more memorials are planned for today, including one at grace cathedral where the bells will toll 36 times in memory of each person killed. our coverage of this devastating fire and those who lost their lives continues online. you can read more about the lives they led along with ways to help. just go to our website at a santa clara police officer is on paid leave this morning pending the outcome of a domestic violence investigation.
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the department says daniel burde, a seven-year veteran with the department, is charged with felony domestic violence. early yesterday morning officers responded to a report of abuse and found a woman with visible injuries. investigators learned she was berde's girlfriend. developing news in the east bay. almeida police are looking for a man who robbed a citibank. it happened on santa clara avenue near park street yesterday. a man walked into the bank, threatened them, and demanded cash. investigators have not released any details about the suspect at this time. we have much more ahead. coming up president-elect donald trump has made his choice for secretary of state. why politicians on both sides are worried about the pick. and bay area officers running a marathon in dallas even though many don't have any training in long distance running. the motivation they're using to cross the finish line. stay with us. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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(adlib) your time now is 7:10. let's give you a live look outside at san rafael. we're getting a little bit of a break from the rain so a little bit of a drier sunday for you to get out and maybe do some of that last-minute holiday shopping. okay. well nbc news has learned president-elect donald trump has made his pick for secretary of state, and it's certainly raising some eyebrows. exxonmobil rex tillerson has reportedly been offered the job. he's already drawing fire from some on both sides of the aisle for his close ties to russian president vladimir putin. he was exxon's liaison to the kremlin and he has been awarded russia's order of friendship. there's strong reaction from both democrats and republicans. >> i believe that vladimir putin is a thug and a bully and a murderer, and i believe that the relationship between mr.
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tillerson and vladimir putin needs to be examined. >> to give trump credit, he said he was going to try to surround himself with really successful people who did well and what do we find, ceos, people at the top of their protions. >> tillerson has pespent the la 41 years at exxon. if confirmed he would deal with many lord leaders he met through the company but with different go else in mind. trump's choice of tillerson is keeping russia post and center in the debate. "the washington post" is reporting the cia believes russia interfered with the election with the purpose of hurting hillary clinton and helping donald trump. they are believed to have leaked controversial documents from the democratic national committee. >> you're looking ahead to an early part of the trump presidency where russia will dominate the conversation and certainly you can expect to hear a lot of questions at this confirmation hearing. >> president obama has ordered the intelligence community to completely review allegations of
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russian interference in the election. that report is dubai the time trump is inaugurated. several members of congress are also calling for a separate bipartisan investigation. a probe by the fbi though has found no clear link between russia and trump's campaign. still ahead on "today in the bay," identity thieves have a new way to get at your personal information this holiday season. why you need to keep your eye on not just your in box, but your mailbox too. vianey? >> a beautiful look over walnut creek using our weather underground cameras. are we in the clear of the rain? i will have that answer coming up in just a bit. thank you.
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you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. (ab) here is a live look outside right now at san francisco from our cameras in emeryville. another beautiful picture-perfect postcard view of the bay area from our weather cameras, and you are going to get a chance to go outside today without bringing that umbrella or those galoshes because we're
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getting a small break from the rain but a lot more storms coming this weekend. vianey will be back to tell you when. taking on a new challenge to pay tribute to five fallen officers. nearly two dozen bay area police officers are in dallas today to run a marathon. the local officers will run alongside dallas police even though most of them have never run a long distance race. last night they had a big dinner together in preparation. the goal, to show support for all law enforcement officers at a very contentious time in our country. >> i want the nation to see that we're going to continue to persevere and we're going to bounce back from this. >> five dallas officers were gunned down by a sniper five months ago. it happened during a peaceful protest downtown. 15 people in all were shot, including 2 civilians. well,s s as the holidays approach, it is not just packages being stolen off your
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porch, it's also your mail. here is scott budman with how to protect yourself. >> as this home security video reminds us, thefts are on the rise, both your front porch and mailbox are targets for thieves looking to steal not just gifts but your identity. >> the bills from your power company, from your water company, from credit cards. they all have information about you. >> reporter: personal information, not to mention gifts like cash and checks right outside your door. >> my bank warned us. they put a notification that there's a lot of theft in the area, so be very careful. lock everything up. >> reporter: because of the volume of mail this time of year, some is arriving late, later than you're used to. >> yeah, yeah, the whole schedule i believe is thrown off due to the holidays. >> reporter: which can give thieves hours of darkness to swipe your mail and like your social media posts, your mail can also tell i.d. thieves a lot about you. >> get a glimpse of who you are
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and what you do, what your preferences are and use that to steal your identity. >> reporter: so check your mailbox often, even if it gets late. the mail is for your eyes only. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> okay. let's turn our attention to the forecast ahead and vianey arana is here. we are getting a few more storms coming our way. it was yet yesterday. >> it really was, and a lot of people were still out and about in san jose. i saw a couple people i drove by at christmas in the park. that really didn't stop anybody but if you don't like the rain and you want to be outside, today is going to be the day. we're going to get a break from the rain for now. we are tracking more rain ahead so don't put away the umbrellas just yet. peninsula, south bay, tri-valley, all in the 40s but the low clouds that are lingering in parts of the bay area, well, they should be clearing out and making way for a little bit of sunshine today which is going to be a nice shift from what we enjoyed
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yesterday which i personally like, slightly overcast skies. today's highs will be a little bit cooler than yesterday. yesterday we did top out in the 60s. today we may be climbing into the upper 50s. santa rosa and san francisco in the 50s. half moon bay and loss gatos. satellite radar is looking completely different than it did yesterday. i want you to see this quickly so you can see what a nice, peaceful day looks like. all those storms and that front that moved in from the north bay has cleared out south. i want to go ahead and take a look at your san jose temperature trend over the next couple hours. we should be remain in the 40s, a little cloud cover, but by around 11:00 or 12:00, we're going to start climbing into the 50s so it will give way to a nice lunch hour break. here is a look at our san francisco temperature trend. also expecting to see overcast
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skies. we did see a little bit of that patchy fog in the north bay, but by around lunchtime, we'll start seeing a little more sunshine and those temperatures will also be in the 50s. now, let's look ahead at that rain that we're tracking for the upcoming workweek. right now looking towards the weekend and monday the start of your workweek, seeing a lot of this cloud cover. we might still be seeing overcast skies. it will be chilly overnight temperatures but looking ahead to tuesday, look at this. tuesday by around 8:00 we're going to get another round of storms that's going to really move into san mateo, palo alto, san jose also getting another shot of seeing some rain. yesterday san jose saw a good amount of rain, and if you're heading to the levi stadium for that 49ers game, here is what you can expect. thankfully dry conditions, so we don't have any reason that will be creating any soggy conditions out there for the players or for the fans, but if you do like cooler temperatures, well, this is going to be the week for you because take a look over the
7:21 am
next seven days what we've got going on. by monday we will have that chilly start. monday night, early tuesday morning, that's when we'll seeam system. we're talking midafternoon into the evening hours for rain. by wednesday and thursday we could be seeing more widespread showers. a lot like what we saw this weekend but not as heavy. by friday we're clearing out, and then we're going to make way for an overall nice weekend ahead. inland we're also expecting to see the 60s for today, 50s into the upcoming workweek with that chilly start. by tuesday we'll start seeing that cool start yet again in those 40s so you may want to bundle up if you have to get up and leave ready for work. but today it's going to be a day to enjoy the outdoors. vicky, i'll send things back to you. >> thank you. you're watching "today in the bay." coming up, through tragedy a love story emerges. we meet the girlfriend of one of the oakland fire victims. the incredible social media campaign that helped preserve their special memories. the oakland warehouse fire...
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they weren't part of the mainstream crowd ... getting back now to our coverage of the oakland warehouse fire, they weren't part of the mainstream crowd and that's what made many of them so extraordinary. the stories of the 36 people who died are heartwarming. the girlfriend of one victim asked for help finding a moment the couple shared in times square. "today in the bay's" garvin thomas has the story of how social media made the incredible connection. >> the word bittersweet was invented for stories just like this. the bitter part is obvious, the loss of 36 lives, including griffin madden, a 23-year-old berkeley grad. when his girlfriend heard the news, she was devastated. still, she wanted to remember the good times they had. one time in particular. she just needed the internet to come through for her, which it
7:25 am
did. >> reporter: this was the night but not the picture saya explained on her facebook page. it was a summer night in 2015. saya and boyfriend griffin madden had just seen "the book of mormon" on broadway and had made their way to times square. it was there, she explained in her post, that the two kissed and a stranger captured that very moment with his camera. he showed it to them but they didn't get a copy. saya so wanted that picture now. so she asked for a facebook miracle, for people to share her story far enough and wide enough that the picture-taking stranger would hear and recognize her plea. which is just what happened. >> some of my police officer friends, they shared the story. i think that was you. can you look at the photos in your archive and i went to my hard drive and i found it.
7:26 am
>> arehe is a new york street photographer who hangs out in places like times square and rockefeller plaza looking for tender moments just like the one between saya and griffin. >> and these guys were absolutely adorable i would tell you because i think he's the lipstick here on the cheek and she was having a pretzel. that was just an interesting moment. i just wrote that a miracle happened. please keep it for your memory. >> saya now has the picture. she posted again today on facebook thanking all the friends, friends of friends, and strangers who made this small miracle come true. she remains devastated that griffin could not be saved, but now at least she can say this moment, and that will have to do. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> you just get chills. "today in the bay" is back in a
7:27 am
moment. coming up, the tribute to bob dylan that didn't quite go as planned during the nobel prize ceremony. plus -- >> a fiery, deadly crash in east san jose. i'm rick boone live. find out why it could affect you this morning. the story just ahead.
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sunrise over oakland your time now is 7:29. thanks for joining us this sunday morning and let's get you a live look outside at oakland as the sun rises over this beautiful city. it is going to be a gorgeous sunday. thanks again for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check of that microclimate forecast with vianey arana and you have been busy keeping track of the storms from yesterday. getting a little bit of a break today. >> today's main event is going to be that sunshine you saw in that sunrise which is very welcome, especially for all of those that had to be inside either tracking it for all those storm chasers or just if you don't like the rain. peninsula in the 40s right now.
7:30 am
san francisco, east bay, north bay feeling a little chilly but we will be climbing into the 50s for today for a mostly clear afternoon. however, we are tracking another storm system that is expected to make its arrival in the bay area in the upcoming workweek. that peaceful satellite radar will once again be very active. i will have more details on exactly how much rain we're expecting and the timing of its arrival coming up in a bit. >> vianey, thank you. emergency crews responded to the scene of a fiery single-car crash this morning in san jose. we're told at least one person has died. "today in the bay's" rick boone is live at the crash site near capital avenue in san jose. rick, do police think weather was a factor? >> reporter: well, not as of right now, but we're still waiting for a lot of details to come from this deadly crash that happened around 4:00 in the morning. we push in here on the car. you can see part of that wall, that wall is on top of that vehicle, and it all happened around 4:00 m morning.
7:31 am
we're not quite sure exactly how many people were in the vehicle except the driver as of right now. as for the cause of how it happened or why it happened, still trying to find that out, but i can tell you there are a lot of law enforcement here on site. we're not quite sure why. we do see some that have crime scene on their jackets so not quite sure what the correlation of that is to why this vehicle is out here. this area, by the way, this is at capitol ave and capital expressway. just about every street around this accident is pretty much closed off. you can't even get anywhere. if this is a location you have to get to, it's not going to happen this morning. it seems like more law enforcement is coming towards this area. the weather issue, i don't see it because i don't exactly know if i saw any skidding or anything like that, but i wasn't able to get closer to that vehicle but we're still waiting for more details to come as the
7:32 am
investigators continued to be here on the scene. at least one person has died in a car that caught fire here just outside of this neighborhood and just about every street close to that is closed down. we're live here in east san jose, rick boone for "today in the bay." >> rick, thank you. the search will resume today for a missing skier swept up in an avalanche in lake tahoe. the 64-year-old man was in a closed section of mt. rose ski resort. after a six-hour search they called off the effort just before 5:00 yet due to safety concerns. the skier's friend made it out but told authorities the two did not have shovels or any emergency equipment with them. police were waiting on the tarmac for a flight from sfo to the east coast after reports of a bomb on board the plane. the flight landed without incident in newark, new jersey. san francisco police say someone called them claiming there was a bomb in a backpack on board that
7:33 am
plane. passengers say the pilot didn't tell them about the threat and they're glad. >> didn't say anything about this. i just saw two cops when we landed because it would be panic on the plane, so they did the right thing, i guess. >> i'm glad i didn't know during the flight. >> once passengers got off the plane, bomb-sniffing dogs searched it, and they did not find any bomb. the vigils continue for the 36 people who died in the oakland warehouse fire last weekend. some events were planned to gather donations for the families left behind. other gathering popped up spontaneously as people continue to grieve. performers played outside the site of the fire yesterday in oakland's fruitvale district. members say they didn't know any of the victims but just wanted to help the city to heal. >> when this event happened, it just drove a chord to our heart
7:34 am
to come out here and pray for folks, comfort folks. >> more memorials are planned for today, including one at grace cathedral where the bells will toll 36 times in memory of each life lost. our coverage of this devastating fire and those who lost their lives continues online. you can read more about the lives they led along with other ways you can help. just head to nbc bay and vigils were held across the country yesterday for the fourth anniversary of the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. san francisco honored the victims with a ceremony at st. luke's episcopal church on clay street remembering the 20 children and 6 adults who were killed when a gunman opened fire on the school. congresswoman nancy pelosi the keynote speaker at the vigil expressing her anger at the lack of gun control. >> the only things will change is with the outside mobilization, people who care
7:35 am
about this make their voices heard. >> this event was put on by moms demand action for gun sense in america. bob dylan has always done things his own way, and as expected the singer/songwriter was a no-show for the nobel prize award ceremony in sweden, however dylan did prepare a speech read by the u.s. ambassador to sweden. the folk singer said he was honorer and said he had, quote, as much chance of winning a nobel prize as standing on the moon. patty smith performed "a hard rain" is going to fall but she had to stop when she reached the second verse. >> sorry. i'm sorry. could we start that section. i apologize. sorry, i'm so nervous. >> after the crowd gave her a warm round of applause as encouragement, she started the
7:36 am
song over and performed beautif beautiful beautifully. to her credit the song is full of tricky lyrics. there is a new warning for drivers about a mysterious device being used to break into cars without even touching them. thieves are using 21st century technology to copy your keys just by standing near you without you ever knowing it's even happening. we get the alert and the details from nbc's jeff rossen. >> reporter: in california this suspect is using a mystery device to break into this suv stealing an expensive bike. in seattle another suspect holding his backpack close to the car door and, boom, he's in and it's happening across the country. but now officials at the national insurance crime bureau say they may have solved the mystery. this device that fits in a small bag could be what thieves are using showing us how it works.
7:37 am
>> we're going to demonstrate this. by the way, this is a two-person job because the device comes in two different pieces, your piece and my piece. my producer is going to play the victim. basically any one of you who park at a mall parking lot, any big parking lot. so here is what happened. you and i are going to play the suspects. we come over here and we sort of be in a parking lot talking amongst ourselves, nothing suspicious. you would park your car and here is what would happen. >> getting out of my car, locking my door like i normally would and walking away. >> what she doesn't see, our suspect trailing behind her with the device cloning the signal of her car's key fob. in just seconds -- >> i go the green light. i have got a signal from the fob and i'm backing off. >> reporter: so his device just automatically send the signal to my splaulmaller device. this is basically the key to the car. when i hold this up to the door, i open the door right up and that's not all. with this device, watch this, yes, i just started the car. so now i'm a thief in your car
7:38 am
driving away within seconds all because of this little device. terrifying how fast this is. and it's not just this car. our experts using the device to break into and start 17 different makes and models. the alliance of automobile manufacturers telling nbc news automakers have been working on multiple fronts to address security and enhance it calling it a top priority. so what can we do? >> park in a crowded area at least so it lessens the chance. if you see somebody suspicious, have second thoughts and maybe alert the police. >> reporter: a new warning just in time for your holiday shopping. jeff rossen, nbc news. >> wow. as rain continues to come and go in the south bay, the need for coats is crucial for struggling families. the silicon family interreligious council tried to meet that need for people in san jose. this was at the grace baptist church on san fernando street.
7:39 am
families began lining up at 7:30 yesterday morning for the annual coat giveaway now in its 13th year. >> so they come back every year because they're in need. maybe they haven't been able to get stable housing. they don't have stable employment, and so they come every year and replenish what they need. >> the council also collects hats and gloves to try to keep people warm throughout the winter. "today in the bay" continues after this short break. up next, a rare loss for the warriors. who the team was missing last night in memphis and what the team had to say following that loss.
7:40 am
7:41 am
your time is 7:41 this sunday morning, and as we've been doing all show long, starting you out with some beautiful shots all around the bay area. this is the sunrise over palo alto. well, the warriors are usually the team on the winning end of a blowout, but last night in memphis the grizzlies gave
7:42 am
them a little taste of their own night. they were missing pachulia. the warriors fell behind in the first quarter and they never recovered. they lose by 21 points to the christmas. the warriors fall to 20-4 on the season. >> i just checked with bob. i'm not fired so that's good. i called him just to make sure. >> we sucked tonight. we'll get better tomorrow. just a rough night. so no real explanation really. just got beat in every facet of the game. >> i like to see he still has the holiday spirit. "today in the bay" back in two minutes. straight ahead, now that the president election is over, the fight over major issues is set to begin. why california leaders are most likely to be at the forefront of the charge. political analyst larry gerston joins us live in studio next. stay with us.
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over, but the fights over major issuesl the presidential election may be over, but the fights over major issues will likely intensify next year and given the potential impacts of key issues here, california's leaders could be the anchors of the opposition. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us now. what do you think is going to be driving this resistance? >> you know, vicky, much of it is about this issue we call demography, the kinds of people who live in california, just looking at ethnicity alone, california is different whereas non-hispanic whites are 63% of the population. here non-hispanic whites account for 38% of the population. it means larger percentages of other groups such as latinos, 39%, asians, 13% of the state. only california's african-americans with 6% are less than the national average. so we're different. >> we certainly know that,
7:46 am
right, intuitively. california much more ethnically diverse than the nation but talk about how that plays into policy differences with the trump administration. >> let's give a few examples to consider. public education for one. 43%, 43% of all californians speak a language other than english at home. english education in the schools, therefore, is necessary to help these groups succeed as a state priority. immigration, my goodness, california has 2.7 million of the nation's 11 million undocumented immigrants. that's 25%. and those folks often on the lowest step of the socioeconomic ladder with the lowest paying jobs, and then, of course, there's poverty. the national poverty rate is 14%. california has 19% african-americans in poverty. 20% of latinos fall below the poverty line. so, again, the differences come out. >> and we know that california has a diverse population, that data is very interesting as you break it down there, larry.
7:47 am
how do those diverse opinions really come into conflict with the trump administration and what we've heard throughout the campaign season? >> that's where we begin to put things together. we need to turn to some of trump's major themes, education, for example. trump's new education secretary wants to fund education with vouchers. vouchers and less money for public schools as well. well, studies show that this approach harms minorities which are very rich in california. immigration. well, trump has promised to deport all undocumented immigrants. he's also threatened to withhold funds from sanctuary cities, which, of course, are prominent in california. again, a difference in culture here. health care. trump wants to repeal the affordable health care act which has helped the poor and minorities and new proposals in congress, by the way, seek to remove that altogether. so the point is california's population and trump's political positions, well, they're at loggerheads. >> and what does that mean then for our elected officials here in this state?
7:48 am
what should we be expecting from them? >> and here is where we get an interesting story about california. lots of pushback. lots of pushback from california's leaders who are overwhelmingly democrats. look, governor jerry brown has already promised a vigorous fight on any trump administration effort to water down environmental laws and regulations such as renewable energy and emission standards but you can expect others as well to fight. the new attorney general javier becerra won't hesitate to sue the national government if he sees changes that might be unconstitutional, particularly with deportation of undocumented residents. and with 39 members of the 53-member delegation in congress, 2 democratic senators as well, we can expect the state's congressional delegation to fight back in congressional hearings. look, at the end of the day, vicky, you know this, i know this, it's the president. it's the president who is the most powerful person in the nation. so the nation's leaders, they're
7:49 am
going to have their hands full, and on that note we can expect endless court fights emanating from california to try to slow down that trump express. >> and that really actually underscores those are the court fights we will see in california. what about at the supreme court level with the president appointing the next supreme court justice and having control really of the house? >> and that's, of course, where particularly the senate, our what democratic senators, diane fieinstein has been along for a long time, and harris, they will have to stand up for the state's values as they question the supreme court nominee. you're absolutely right. a critical opportunity. >> thank you, as always. when "today in the bay" returns, a whole bunch of santas having a lot more than milk and cookies. we'll take a look at the always colorful and cheery santacon. here is a look over berkeley using our weather underground cameras. are we tracking dry weather for the remainder of the week? i will have that answer coming up after the break.
7:50 am
7:51 am
returns, a whole bunch of santas up after the break.
7:52 am
good morning, bay area. we are off to a much drier start here all across the peninsula, the tri-valley, and the south bay seeing some pretty decent, peaceful sunrises. 48 degrees, partly cloudy skies. out in the south bay seeing a combination of some clouds and, of course, a little bit of that cloudiness is going to stick around through the early afternoon. those temperatures right now in the 40s. for san francisco, the north bay saw some patchy fog early on,
7:53 am
about you we will be warming up, so let's take you on a tour of our microclimate forecast highs for today. now, all along the south bay yesterday we were topping out into those mid-60s. today we're going to remain in the upper 50s, lower 60s. san jose topping out at about 60 degrees. los gatos 58 degrees. moving over to the east bay, we're seeing mid-50s. 58 for walnut greek. hayward, oakland also in the 50s at about 56 degrees, and along the peninsula we're going to be slightly cooler than yesterday. half moon bay, san mateo seeing 50s. they're all sticking with the 50 to 60 range. the biggest change for today is going to be that drying weather that should be sticking around at least through tonight before we begin to track more active weather in the forecast. san francisco and the north bay, north bay also expecting similar conditions to yesterday with the exception of that rain.
7:54 am
out near napa, 57. let's look ahead at that satellite radar because i am still talking rain in the bay area. we are not in the clear. satellite radar not showing a lot so have no fear. this is your look at today's forecast, but looking ahead. let's look at our temperature trend. we are going to remain in the 50s for both san jose and also out near san francisco as well. so today will devil be ofinitel of the days you can go out and enjoy a nice lunch or dinner because the biggest threat is just going to be nice temperatures. no threat next several , we a we are still tracking the possibility of another storm system. monday at 10:30 you will wake up to dry weather yet again so no commute issues. if you had a lot of rain yesterday in your area you saw those roads backing up and it caused for some serious situations on the roads, but by tuesday we will start seeing an increase in the cloud cover, a
7:55 am
culmination of that patchy fo y. tuesday at 5:00, 6:00, 7 owe he clock we'll see the system finally make its way in. by 8:00 we're talking the possibility of widespread showers for a majority of the south bay as well. typically the south bay doesn't get as much rain as the north bay but this will be concentrated there. we are definitely going to keep a close eye on that. if you are headed to today's 49ers game, here is a look at what you can expect hour by hour. now kickoff is at 1:05. so it's going to be in the 50s, be fairly nice. perfect football weather. not too hot, not too cold. that's just how we like it for football. i would say a light sweater would be all you need for the remander of the day but the overnight temperatures, there's a change there because we are still seeing a drop into those 40s overnight. by sunday and monday we're going to keep that cloud cover. not a lot of rain chance but by tuesday and wednesday we are going to spark up the chance for
7:56 am
that rain yet again which means, yep, don't put away that umbrella and i had say maybe even hold off on washing your car because i'm not sure how long those rain checks are for but we could be seeing the arrival as tuesday midafternoon. you may want to hold off on that and give it an extra couple of days as we see the weather pattern begin to make a shift yet again. we'll keep a close eye on that. >> thank you. my idea of a car wash this time of year is just park it outside. >> exactly. >> thanks so much. a stunning northern lights display turned the sky a swirling green over finland. just gorgeous. tourists just south of the arctic circle were treated to this incredible display. the northern lights, also known as the aurora borealis happen when particles race from the sun and hit the earth's atmosphere. a different santa turned out in cities worldwide including in san francisco. saturday was the annual santacon pub crawl. this is where people, many wearing full santa gear, some
7:57 am
not, go barhopping and singing. some say it is the best way to spread holiday cheer around the city. >> the best way to spread christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear. you see the people out here. they're clearly enjoying themselves. >> well, perhaps the best part of all of this revelry is that the people in the santacon crowd bring thousands of gifts to donate to the san francisco fire department toy drive. no 5:00 or 6:00 newscast. instead we have sunday night football. a special edition of nbc bay area news followed by a special on the oakland fire. we investigate what the city knew about the warehouse and how inspectors missed opportunities to get inside and we will remember the people who died as their loved ones speak out. we will see you tonight after the game. until then, stay up to date on have a great morning.
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this sunday morning donald trump, the russians and the 2016 election. the cia has concluded the russians intervened to help elect donald trump. who as a candidate praised vladimir putin. >> i think i would have a good relationship with putin. >> at issue, how did the russians interfere? why did they do it? to what extent did they succeed? i will talk to donald trump's incoming chief of staff reince priebus, the top democrat in the house intelligence committee adam schiff and the former u.s. ambassador to russia, michael mcfaul. plus, early reaction to donald trump's apparent choice for secretary of state, rex tillerson. the chief executive of exxon mobile who has a particularly close relationship with putin. >> a great


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