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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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get ready for round three. rain moving in to the bay area. right now we are tracking the storm and how long it will be here. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. a rainy weekend so far. it's not over yet. a live picture of the golden gate bridge. the road is wet. the rain may last in to tomorrow's commute. >> reporter: tracking the rain from the first two storms adding up to more than an inch of rain in mill valley. half an inch in oakland. san jose seeing more rain than san francisco.
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3/4 inch. san jose right now is dry. as we saw around the golden gate bridge seeing light rain showers on approach as this will move from the north bay to the south bay as we head to tomorrow's commute. of the three storms, this isn't bringing as much rain as we so seen this weekend. the timing likely looks like it l impact the first half of the morning commute with chilly temperatures, too. an umbrella and thick coat for the morning. looking at showers and temperatures in the mid-40s. a chance of patchy frost and more rain chances ahead in our seven-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. two feet, that's how much new snow there is in the sierra tonight thanks to the storms not over yet. more expected overnight. looking at i-80 near castle peak. it will be a busy night for crews up there. stay ahead of the weather with our app. a great way to get your personalized forecast.
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you can also use our live doppler radar. frightening moments at a popular theater in downtown concord after shots are fired outside of the theater. some people hid in fear. it happened just before 7:00 at the brendan theaters. christie smith was the first reporter on the scene. joining us with the latest, terrifying for people there that just went to see a movie. >> that's right. some people inside the theater heard gun fire. the theater was evacuated. when we arrived police were all around the theater. they say one person was shot outside, a man and they say the shooter is a security guard. people inside the brendan theaters had a night they won't soon forget. they say a manager walked in soon after they arrived. >> middle of the movie he turned the lights on and made a calm announcement. >> it was a little scary at
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first. when we got though lobby there was no one there. >> kathy's daughter works at the concord theater and contacted her with alarming information. someone was shot, she was unharmed, though, taking cover in a storage room. >> scared to death. she is locked behind a door but still. >> police say there was a disturbance inside the theater on a ramp between floors. a security guard chased a suspect and ended up shooting him multiple times outside. >> from what i heard from some witnesses say suspect said he had a gun. no gun was found. >> he was taken to the hospital. the security guard taken to the police department for questioning as police try to sort out the details of what led up to it. >> this never happened to me before. >> kind of scary. >> yeah, it is. >> police do say the man's injuries are considered nonlife-threatening. they also say at some point the
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suspect, as they are describing him, did threaten to shoot the security guard. again, they say no gun was recovered. reporting live in concord, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. look at this video just in to our newsroom tonight. three people are injured. one critically in a house fire. it happened shortly before 8:30 when the fire department was called to the home. firefighters had to rescue one person from the home. the others were able to get out by themselves. investigators say they are not sure what caused the fire. shots fired inside of a bar. two people are recovering and police are looking for the shooter. look at the surveillance video. this is the man police are looking for. it happened inside the bottom of the fifth bar in ve. a man pull pd out a gun and started shooting. the two men hit will be okay. the suspect is on the loose. new at 11:00, the search is
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on for a couple missing in el dorado county. they went for a drive yesterday morning. relatives say the couple called and texted and said they were stuck in the snow in a mountainous area and couldn't say exactly where they were. the el dorado county sheriffs office and chp have been searching ever since. muni is running normally after a suspected security breach by hackers. they continue to look this to what caused the malfunction with ticket machines at underground stations. it started on friday. that's when riders were allowed to get on muni for free because of the glitch. workers found a message on their screens that read "you are hacked." there are reports that muni was hit with ransom ware. so far muni has not confirmed those details. a sheriffs deputy is recovering after injured by a drug smuggling bust. this incident happened at the park and u.s. coast guard
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officials notified i.c.e. of three suspects trying to smuggle drugs in to the park. they were in a boat similar to one seen here. they are often used by suspected drug smugglers. during this arrest the deputy was injured. details are unknown. it is not considered to be life-threatening. donald trump sparking outrage tonight. he's upset with a vote recount in wisconsin and what he calls a huge number of illegal voters. nbc bay area's marianne favro has reaction from both sides. >> reporter: in a tweet today, president-elect trump said he won the popular vote. if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. >> there's absolutely no evidence for this. so it appears, i think to some, an act of irresponsibility to cast that kind of es purgs when we know nothing of that and all studies of previous elections up to this one.
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>> alex padilla responded to trump's comments on twitter saying "it appears that mr. trump is troubled by the fact that a growing 0 majority of americans didn't vote for him. his unsubstantiated allegations of frauder fraud in california and elsewhere are absurd. he quoted hillary clinton as previously saying we have to accept the results and look to the future. green party candidate jill stein made the request for a recouldn't in wisconsin. she is also demanding recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. >> this is a half riddled election. on top of that, our voting machines are very open to hacking. >> this is a fund-raising notoriety driven fraud by a person who wants 33,000 votes in wisconsin to president-elect trump who won 1.4 million. in a statement, clinton's campaign lawyers said they didn't uncover any evidence of hacking saying "but now that a
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recount has been initiated in wisconsin, we intend to participate in order to ensure the process proceeds in a matter that is fair to all sides." >> marianne favro reporting. wisconsin election officials are expected to meet tomorrow to discuss a time line for the recount. stay with nbc bay area for coverage on the presidential recount. you can head to nbc bay we have posted more information on the front page. a followup to a story we broke on friday. support is pouring in for a south bay islamic center that received a letter filled with threats. it call kd parishioners children of satan and said trump will cleanse america of muslims. it was signed by americans for a better way. some parishioners arrived to find notes an flowers filled with well wishes. two other mosques in southern
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california received the same threatening letter. coming up next, a neighborhood dispute turns political but it didn't end there. the dangerous turn of events that have homeowners beefing up security. not a warm welcome for kaepernick in miami. how he clarified his stance on fidel castro. plus, keeping the raiders in oakland. ronnie lott speaks about a stadium proposal in the works. right now in san francisco, you can see rain drops outside of our camera lens. we are expecting the rain to carry in to the monday morning commute. big changes ahead in the seven-day forecast when we come back.
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a dispute turned political. this report from concord. >> investigators behind me are taking the issue seriously now
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that public safety is at risk. >> there was one in the door handle to our car. there were flags all over the front lawn and there was one in the framework to our screen door. >> reporter: jay and dennis claim they are being harassed by their neighbor with 56 american flags, some with pro-trump messages written on them. a couple thinks the dispute is possibly over parking spaces on the street, but they say they are not sure what they did wrong. >> i thought, okay, fine. she got drunk and decided to put some flags in my lawn. so i pulled them off and pu them in. >> reporter: they say an hour later, the same neighbor across the street shut off the power to their home by cutting the pg&e line on the side of their house. >> i thought wait a minute, this is an escalation. he has cut the power to my house, what next? home invasion? i'm in danger now. so this is the security system we had to buy.
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>> reporter: now the family is installing security cameras in hopes of catching the vandal in action. >> we felt our family was under attack. >> reporter: police questioned the neighbor but he denied any action. now the hartloves say it is up to them to go at it alone to stop what they feel is unnecessary harassment. >> i used to be friends with his wife. i don't know where things went south or why. >> reporter: in concord, rick boone, nbc bay area news. >> also today for a brief moment donald trump's manhattan building got a new name on google maps and it was not flattering. it is fixed now but instead of trump tower it briefly read dump tower. it is unknown who changed the name but google quickly changed it back. a spokesman for the company said google maps allow users to provide contributions to location but it can oindicationally lead to
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inaccuracies. controversy followed 49er quarterback kaepernick on the field in miami today. fans let loose with a course of boos as he came out. earlier in the week he got in to a spirited debate with a cuban-born reporter when the reporter asked kaepernick why he wore a shirt this year that featured fidel castro. after the game, kaepernick clarified why he supports castro's vision about some things. >> what i said is i agrow with the investment in education. i also agree with the investment in free universal health care and trying to push the false narrative that i was supporter of the oppressive things that he did is just not true. >> reporter: kaepernick said he understands why the south florida community would have objections over any type of support for fidel castro. only on nbc bay area what is really happening with the raiders stadium deal? and is it too late to stop the team from moving to las vegas?
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now the man who wants to keep the raiders in oakland reveals his plans an the money behind it. ronnie lott spoke exclusively to raj mathai. >> reporter: thoughtful and confident but it maybe the biggest challenge of ronnie lott's career, at issue not just a new stadium for the raiders but dealing with the political hot potato, a mayor hoping no to lose a jewel of her city and an and owner that stays committed to las vegas. >> you have the buy in from the mayor and the fans but not mark davis. why go through with this? >> because in life what you try to do is you put something on the table that you hope you can't refuse. that hasn't been the case. until we are able to do that, then that should be the posture that he should take.
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he has something valuable that is a bid in las vegas. he doesn't have that here. until he has that and i think john madden said it, yeah, they want to stay here. the tough part now, time is running out. >> reporter: it's not a matter of months. it's a matter of days. oakland will try to fast track lott's proposal in a closed-door session on tuesday. meanwhile, the glistening stadium deal in las vegas has already been approved and casino mogul shelden atleson pledged $650 million. >> i want to make sure we have more than him. >> do you have more than him? >> i think we have more than him. >> reporter: lott reached out to several prominent money men and is consulting with the point man of the levi's stadium deal for the 49ers. >> do you think your biggest challenge is allow mark davis to allow your group to have partial
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ownership here. >> i will never play for ownership. the reason why. >> not controlling ownership, just partial. >> not even partial. this is one of those things in life where get it done. do the work. wear your hard hat and get it done. >> among the concerns here the future of the a's. lott says the city has options on the table for the a's. bottom line we will know more after tuesday's city council meeting. it's a peninsula holiday favorite. the festival of lights parade is a decades old tradition. it's been celebrating the holidays since '77. >> pretty cool, especially for the kids. look at the colorful displays. the parade led by the festival of lights. queen and princesses. high school bands marched with floats along the parade route.
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pretty chilly. a lot of people in coats and sweater and many hats but still hundreds lined the streets there. i was one of them. it was a beautiful sight to see. very cold. a lot of people bundled up, kind of for the first time. >> at least things were not damp at the parade route. right now light rain in to san francisco. it's the sneak preview to what you can expect for tomorrow's commute as we take you outside right now. as we look at christmas in the park, san jose a different picture from last night at the same time. a lot of rain in san jose. eventually few showers in to san jose. relatively dry right now. little light rain near the trivalley in to san francisco right now. you can see a few showers there with, again, temperatures chilly. 40s with rain overnight tonight. as you can see on the radar view, some light rain from san rafeal to castro valley. san jose not in the rain yet. what's interesting is the system
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is moving north so south. usually from west to east but when they drop from the north they tend to be chillier an maybe they don't carry as much moisture or rain. but thanks to the cold air, it means more snow, maybe down to 4500 feet toward the sierra. we will look at the sierra storm totals in the next half hour. round three, bringing in a tenth of an inch of rain. not a lot but enough to wet the roadway. so for tomorrow's commute, the first half of the commute, around the south bay, 6:00 a.m., you can see how the clouds are hung up here. clearing in the north bay by the morning. by launch few clouds and sprinkles south of san jose. in the afternoon we will see drying winds picking up. clear skies setting the stage for a chilly night ahead. that's one of the trends we will see playing out over the seven-day forecast. once the clouds lift and clear for the afternoon, south bay temperatures close to 60 in san jose, low 60s around the trivalley.
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upper 50s toward vallejo. a few early-morning hours. peninsula temperatures even in this sunshine state, cooler an upper 50s. turning breezy for the afternoon and then north bay, sunshine here first by mid-morning and highs approaching close to 60 in santa rosa. it is unusual about the seven-day forecast is we move to the start of december is how dry it is. wednesday we have this weak system passing by. after that, no chances of any rain. an unusually dry forecast. patchy frost could be possible. the next best chance of rain, at this point, looks like it will hold off until december 5th. light rain tomorrow morning should be out of here by mid-morning tomorrow. a few showers and we will emphasize a few for the north bay. we think on wednesday. after that that is a dry looking seven-day forecast. patchy frost and chilly temperatures outside tonight. that's the trend in to next weekend. >> dry until the 5th pretty much. >> looks that way after tonight.
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>> thanks. still to come, cubans dealing with the death of fidel castro. >> we are in havana with mixed reaction across the country as cubans prepare to mourn the death of a dictator. this is my park. i'm like the mayor here.
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somber day in san francisco's history. today is the 38th anniversary of the deaths of supervisor and gay rights activists harvey milk and george moscone. former supervisor dan white was arrested and convicted for their murders. zeroing in on drunk driving. tonight chp officers are wrapping up their thanksgiving weekend crackdown. they sent out extra officers to keep an eye out for drivers
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under the influence. in the first six hours alone, troopers made 179 drunk driving arrests. the extra enforcement ends at midnight. that does not mean troopers won't still be on the lookout for driving under the influence. an all too familiar situation at san jose state. the university fired the football coach. ron caragher is out. he did not have a winning season in the four years and finishes his time at the school with a 19 win, 30 loss record. they finished the season with a 4-8 record. still to come, we track overnight rain. rob will be joining us next. >> and also looking at the morning commute, especially if it is raining. >> can a cancer diagnosis make you look better? we introduce you to a young woman living with stage four. she says while she hates her disease it has given her something back.
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welcome back. we are tracking rain moving in to the bay area tonight. >> it's been a pretty rainy weekend. and so far tomorrow's commute could be no different. this is the third system in the past two days. rob has been up speed looking at the models. what's it going to be like in the morning? >> light rain moving back to the bay area. the system is moving quickly, overlapping each other as they move through the bay area. from the storms we have had half an inch from richmond, san francisco and oakland. san jose a nice change. some south bay locations picking up more rain. in in the sierra two feet of snow and counting at sierra, tahoe. we will be adding to those numbers. eight inches are possible. as you can see on the radar
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tonight, we have light rain showers moving through, dropping in from the north. that's the trend that should last through most of the morning commute in the south bay. cool start, too. temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll let you know how much rain to expect and other changes ahead in the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. for up-to-date conditions, head to our website, nbc bay that's where you will find our sky cameras, live traffic cameras for your neighborhood. preparations are underway in havana as cubans prepare for two days of tributes to fidel castro. the late dictator died on friday at the age of 90 stefan holt is in havana where feelings are mixed. >> life in havana goes on somewhat as normal. many reluctant to go on camera to express their feelings but those who shared their thoughts shared sadness. one elderly man told me the
11:30 pm
father of the revolution is dead. >> reporter: in this neighborhood in havana member m are remembering the man. >> ever since i was a kid i have been hearing about fidel, listened about fidel. i carry him in my heart the same as the cuban people. >> we already knew that he was sick because one of his last speeches he admitted probably one of his last. >> reporter: still restaurants are busy, but nightclubs are closed. bars are not selling alcohol. the atmosphere sober. even during the day, driving around the capital in a '51 pontiac. many cubans feel sincere loss. >> the cuban people love fidel. fidel. we always love fidel. >> there are those reflecting on, the ladies in white marched
11:31 pm
in protest every sunday for the last 13 years. today they called it off out of respect and fear. >> we found one person happy that castro is gone. >> happy because i never good with him. i'm always against him. i'm not republican. i'm independent. >> havana ending the second day of mourning. a city known for its arts, culture and night life somewhat subdued out of respect for fidel castro. tomorrow, his ashes will make their their way to where many will gather and pay their respects. still no no sign of two prisoners who escaped from jail. the search continues for the two after they broke out of jail wednesday night. authorities say the men sawed
11:32 pm
through bars across a second-floor window to get out. the sheriff said the men are still believed to be in the bay area based on numerous sightings. a $20,000 reward is offered for information leading to their capture. two highway patrol deputies are recovering after a truck plowed in to their patrol car. it happened in san jose on southbound 680 near capital expressway. officers say they were investigating an abandoned car and had just gotten back in the cruiser when a pickup lost control and slammed in to them. the deputies were taken to the hospital for minor injuries and are expected to be okay. investigators say the wet roadway likely played a role in the pickup losing control. tense morning at the medical center in san jose. the hospital was lockdown around 6:00 this morning after a patient reported seeing someone with a gun. officers searched the hospital for two hours. nothing was found. the lockdown was lifted and police say they later learned
11:33 pm
the patient who reported all of this had been hallucinating over the past week. cancer diagnosis is devastating news. one bay area woman refuses to let it devastate her life. before she got sick she was a busy silicon valley ceo working an the clock. now she said she is living with stage four cancer and in some ways it's made her life better. >> why did it get it? that's the toughest part. >> reporter: for years the ceo and president of the silicon valley forum worked nonstop, creating and supporting all kinds of technology. >> being a person that's always worked so hard, had such a career, and really never taken time. >> reporter: in 2015, she was  busy trying to get pregnant with her new husband when a fertility screening revealed cancer. stage four cancer. she was 37 years old. >> so when you get stage four cancer diagnosis, you don't know
11:34 pm
how many years you have. >> reporter: not long after, this life-long energetic workaholic stopped and strangely said a new chapter of her life began. >> irony in itself is that i'm actually living my life more now. >> reporter: it is pom almost impossible of thinking a cancer diagnose would make someone's life better but this cancer specialist said it can and does. >> it forces you to trivialize the trivial and value what matters in life. >> reporter: >> one of my parents said my life has never been the same since i got cancer but in many ways it is better. >> reporter: once a month she takes a trip all over the globe with people she loves. >> it is wonderful that she is telling a positive story. >> reporter: her oncologist says she is one of the patients using cancer to her advantage. >> it almost always changeser
11:35 pm
that outlook in terms of how they relate to their job, their families. >> reporter: barney said don't get her wrong. she is very mad at her disease. >> i'm really pissed off with cancer for doing that. >> reporter: but it has given her something back. >> what's the worst thing that can happen in life? that you die or someone near you dies. that's the worst thing that can happen. while you are alive, why be dead? right? >> reporter: dr. spiegel says this is the unwelcome gift that some cancer patients accept. >> cancer cures neuro sis. you realize some of the thing you have been wasting your time worrying about aren't worth it. >> i'm trying to live life to the fullest. >> i love that. cancer cures neuro sis. it puts things in perspective. she said she would rather not have cancer but the right response to such a diagnosis can make all the difference. still to come, the fight
11:36 pm
against isis goes on-line. google gives us an inside look on how they are working to take down terrorists. but first a look at what is coming up in sports. coming up in sports an exciting sunday full of action in week 12 of the nfl. and a freak injury for derek carr. did it almost cost oakland the win? you do not want to miss the highlights. i pinky promise.
11:37 pm
the laide raiders came home to host a slumping champion.
11:38 pm
so why would the match up against the panthers is the game that oakland had been avoiding all season. the raiders led carolina by 17 at the half. in the third quarter, derek carr is going to fumble this snap. recovered by carolina. and carr dislocates his right pinky in the process. he heads to the locker room. carolina took a one-point lead in the third quarter. hek, ya, carr is definitely coming back if this one. in this fourth quarter with the panthers up. carr finds wofford for the touchdown. raiders have to go for two. carr is going to convert. the game is tied at 32. superman wearing silver and black in this one. sebastian has a 23 yard go ahead field goal and raiders improve to 9-2 with the win. what do you think about that jack del rio?
11:39 pm
>> things were unraveling a bit at the end. the third quarter, you know, three, four possessions by them in a row. we weren't moving it. i actually tried to make sure and say, let's just remember, we keep fighting and we keep believing and go from there and whatever happens we can deal with, but i thought we snapped out of that and got our energy back and continued to fight. and then found a way. >> reporter: 49ers faithful believing but hasn't worked out as well. final drive with the 49ers down by seven. jeremy curly watches this incredible catch on the sideline. originally called incomplete but look at the toe tap. body awareness outstanding. with two seconds to go, 49ers on the sixth yard line. four receivers to the end zone
11:40 pm
but kaepernick runs it and he is stopped two yards short of the goal line. the 49ers lootse a tenth straig with a loss to miami. >> they are all competitors. i don't know what they'd gain from packing it in. make them feel better? they want to straighten this out so they will compete and we have a bunch of competitors that want to win. they don't want anyone to pat them on the back and say good job, you were close. they are grown men and want to win and they will continue to -- they practice all year long. they have great attitudes. i don't think that is anyone's mind set. there's never a question from the inside. checking in on jarrod looking for a win against the rams. he threw his first career touchdown. austin caught that one. goff's career start. he had three touchdowns on the
11:41 pm
day but the loss 49-21 the final to the saints. the warriors return to action on monday as they host the hawks on csn bay area. hope you join us for our pre-game coverage that begins at 6:30. back with more news after the break.
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11:43 pm
from san bernardino to orlando, recent terror attacks raised concerns about americans being radicalized, not in war zones but on-line.
11:44 pm
silicon valley tech giant google is on the front lines. ronan farrell has a look at how they are responding. >> reporter: this may not look like the latest front in the fight against terrorism, but here at google researchers believe they could be on to a new way to confront isis. >> the islamic state has inherited a new era in on-line extremism. >> reporter: yasmine green is the head of research and development at jigsaw, google's incubator for geo political problems. the latest challenge, reaching bedroom radicals. people drawn in to extremism on-line. like 30,000 foreigners that joined isis around the world. >> we believe there's an opportunity to use the internet to get to those recruits before isis. >> reporter: they call it redirect. >> we will have the experience of searching for something like a pair of sneakers and then finding an ad for those sneakers pop up later. we used that same principle
11:45 pm
instead to find potential consumers of isis' messages on-line. >> if i'm a young person out there somewhere, maybe sympathetic to joining isis, what's the process i go through? >> so you would likely search, for example, for a term, let's say martyrdom for allah. we would show you an ad linked to your search. you would be taken to a video like this. >> videos of imams and religious scholars preaching against isis, not supporting it. >> anything is worth trying, isn't it, at least make it harder, make it harder for them to steal our children. >> reporter: sally evan's son thomas grew up in a london suburb. >> he was a normal little boy. he was on his computer upstairs. >> like many he drifted away from family and friends, eventually joining the terrorist group al shabaab. he was killed in this terrorist
11:46 pm
attack. the group used video of his death as propaganda. >> no mother should have to see that. that was awful. it's tearing final moment. as a mom there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: this man also fell in to radicalism on-line. >> people need to know that anyone can become radicalized. >> reporter: he was considering a bomb attack in london but pulled back. >> what led me away from radicalism is listening to more relatively moderate scholars and imams. >> reporter: he was not a part of redirect but thinks it could discourage others. in an eight week pilot program it reached 300,000 people who watched a half million minutes of video all aimed at undermining isis. nbc news, london. >> back here at home chilly temperatures mean we are welcoming a lot of folks in to
11:47 pm
shelters in the south bay as temperatures drop. starting tomorrow, santa clara county will open the cold weather shelters from sunnyvale to gilroy. various locations will be open. the shelters will open as early as 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. rob has been talking about rain is going away but the cold is not. perfect timing for the shelters to open. >> the storms have been dropping snow to 4,000 feet. patchy frost could be possible later this week. let's talk about the rain totals so far this season. almost through the first quarter of our rainfall season and the numbers from itty good. 115 to 188% of average. well ahead of last year and there you saw the seasonal averages on the right. we are adding to that a bit right now in san francisco. you can see the rain drops lit up by the city lights over san francisco. you can see that in marin county, berkeley, richmond, in to the east bay, trivalley seeing a few showers. now a line from sunnyvale
11:48 pm
approaching san jose. nothing too heavy on this and we are not expecting much in terms of yellow or orange on the radar. unlike the downpours we had at times this weekend, this system is relatively lighter. this bebigger impact is this sierra where they could get eight inches. you can see most areas, maybe except morgan hill less than a tenth of an inch of rain. the issue is the timing. we are seeing light rain now. we think it will linger to the morning commute. 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. you notice how the south bay seeing showers and vench around lunchtime we may see sprinkles in los gatos and campbell. as the skies clear and the wind sheltered valleys, upper 30s possible over the next couple of nights. both early in the week and second half of the week as things trend dryer in the seven-day forecast. the highs tomorrow once the clouds clear, upper 50s to close to 60. around the peninsula,
11:49 pm
temperatures in the upper 50s with light rain showers for the morning. san francisco trending breezy for the afternoon. clearing skies. highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. north winds picking up at times from santa rosa in to sonoma and clearing as early as mid morning in the north bay. the changes in the next few days, high pressure weakening. one more system coming in on wednesday. falling apart as it crosses the finish line. maybe a few showers. after that all the way through next weekend things are looking dry as the high builds in. could be breezy through friday and next weekend doesn't look like much of anything in the way of rain. the seven-day forecast trending much drier than we typically see this time of the year. light rain tomorrow morning. a few showers possible on wednesday, but look at the bottom of the screen, overnight temperatures in the 30s for half of the next seven days. with clear skies and light winds could have patchy frost this week. >> it is chilly.
11:50 pm
still to come tonight, from instagram posts to featured in "vogue" magazine. >> how a san francisco artist captures the eye of gucci.
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11:52 pm
it's that time of year again. looking like christmas in downtown san jose. christmas in the park is up and running at the caesar chavez park. the rides, decorations and 70 christmas exhibits are all in swing. it's part of the whole experience there. 500,000 people visit christmas in the park every year. some people tell me the decorations, a couple of them are the same they were when they were kids. >> it's -- you look forward to seeing those and they have new ones there. >> new ones, too. >> some nights is packed down there. >> very pretty. >> it's fun. shoppers are hitting stores across the bay area in a mad hunt for gifts some may hold dreams of gucci under the tree
11:53 pm
like peggy bunker. >> what? >> a bay area artist whose gucci dreams came true in an unusual way. >> for years artists toil away hoping for the one big break. but she took the scenic route. >> i studied biology my first few years in college. >> she was inspired by nature and fashion. >> i love natural forms and animals. >> even dead ones. >> it was six years ago she started to draw professionally with some inspiration from her husband, artist jeremy fish. he is so passionate about his work. >> who also likes fashion. >> reporter: not long ago jade
11:54 pm
started to draw tarot cards. the creative director if the italian fashion line gucci apparently looks at instagram. >> he happened to see and contacted me. he was curious if i would be open to gucci acquiring them. >> reporter: gucci bought fish's drawings. this fall the couple got invited to italy for the fall fashion show. though she wasn't sure why. >> not really. >> no idea. >> i was excited, nervous and mostly making sure she didn't explode. >> it was a smoke-filled room, dim red lighting. >> one by one they start coming down. >> that's when the couple saw it. >> like oh, my god. >> clothes go down that had my illustrations printed on them. oh, wow, a tiny owl, oh, they made a patch out of that. >> i was in awe. >> the same gucci that inspired fish was inspired by her art. >> an opportunity this amazing
11:55 pm
by using a hashtag of a dude's name. it seems impossible but it actually happened. >> reporter: jade fish has been written up in "vogue" and "elle." >> like some magical thing happened to me. >> maybe the shortest distance between two points is fine art and a social media account. >> nbc bay area news. >> nice. >> i think i saw what we will get you. i won't tell you which. >> she have open her first solo art show in san francisco. >> i liked the dress with the owl. >> funny you said that. that wasn't it. still ahead, an unusual addition for one russian family. we will show you this wild scene inside of their home. that's right. that's a deer in the house.
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
take a look. this is not your average house pet. this deer roming freely in a russian house. >> they found it injure ned forest and rescued it after a nature reserve wouldn't take the deer. she has taken well to domestic life. the family said she demands pets and likes to play with their young cow. i hope the cow lives outside. >> thank you for joining us. have yourselves a great night and great week. >> enjoy, everyone.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
some in the american media criticized whether or not you deserved election? >> well, that's a mature society right there. i didn't vote myself. >> you ming, former nba center and 2016 hall of fame inductee. the retired houston rocket invites us to his hometown of shanghai five years after our first visit to see what life is like today. his influence on the game has


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