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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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votes as he slides to victory with 237. within the last hour or so, we learned clinton is going to be addressing the nation for the first time since conceding to trump. all that is expected to happen at 6:30. >> right now let's check in with raj mathai live in new york this morning with the very latest. what a night, raj. >> reporter: what a night and what a morning, and the drama from last night is carrying over this morning. about 25 minutes from now, hillary clinton will be addressing the country. as for donald trump, people waking up here and back in the bay area wondering what happened and how did it happen, how did donald trump pull this off? the simple answer, america pulled this off. "new york post," the headlines, president trump. they said it couldn't happen. but it did. speaking of president trump, several hours ago, about 3:00 a.m. new york time, he addressed his supporters at the midtown hilton, president elect donald trump sounding very presidential
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and at the same time very humble. take a listen. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us. it's about us, on our victory, and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard fought campaign. she fought very hard. >> every single american will have the opportunity to realize his or her fullest potential. the forgotten men and women of our country will be forgotten no long longer. >> president trump addressing the country. as for hillary clinton, she'll be addressing the country about 30 minutes from now. last night at the javits center, a few blocks from here, her headquarters for the election night, people were living, all of her biggest supporters from around the country including
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several from the bay area invited by secretary clinton here to new york for a supposed party. it was no party, they left disappointed. they were in tears and really they were in shock. we spoke with some of the bay area contingency here in new york about their sadness and really their surprise of these results. >> i'm hoping he would govern in a different way than he campaigned and his rhetoric, particularly on a world stage would be dramatically different than anything he's done up till now. >> i knew there was some portion of america that felt that way, but i didn't realize it was so large. so that's been very surprising. >> reporter: that's some of the raw emotion coming out of the hillary clinton headquarters a few hours ago. we just got an update. hillary clinton we were expecting her to smeek in about 30 minutes. it's been pausched out one hour. pacific time, she'll be speaking
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at 7:30 a.m. we, of course, will cut in to our coverage and bring you that speech live when it hams. that's the latest from times square, guys, back to you in the bay area. >> raj, we're glad to have you. we know it was a long night. one question real quickly, we were hearing reports that hillary clinton was working on two speeches, one if she won, one if she lost. yet she has president made any remarks until, as we're expection, 7:30 this morning. any idea as to why? >> reporter: i think it's fairly standard for president candidates to outline two different speeches. the reason she didn't speak last night, two reasons, one, the javits center, hillary clinton headquarters was booked for another event. they needed everyone out of there. they were breaking down at around 3:00 a.m. that wasn't possible. i think they were waiting to see perhaps if there was a chance if they could win and they weren't willing to concede publicly until this morning. in a short answer, i think she
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was playing the waiting game. now she'll be addressing the nation in about an hour. >> exactly. we're now playing the waiting game to hear what she has to say. raj mathai live in new york, thank you very much. news of the trump victory leads to chaos in the streets from seattle to los angeles. in oakland protest rs lit trash cans on fire bringing traffic to a standstill. >> quite a scene there. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is joining us live from oakland. long night there, anger filled the streets. what's it like now? >> good morning, sam and laura, the streets are clear, but there are plenty of unhappy protesters. shortly after it was declared that donald trump will be the next president of the united states, we're on 12th street and broadway. a lot of that activity happening on broadway. you can see off in the distance, a boarded-up window, the wells fargo building on 12th and broadway between 7th and 24th
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street just before midnight. we've been told there were reports of them chanting "not our president." you see trash cans and be brie in the street that clues had to clean up. multiple businesses were vandalized. no injuries to protesters and police officers. now, this next video i want to show you is what happened around the same time just after midnight. there were reports of protesters in berkeley running on to the 24 east on-ramp at telegraph avenue that's when a protester gets hit by a car. that protester is recovering in the hospital from those injuries. chp warns while they want folks to exercise free speech, going this route puts everyone in danger. oakland police say they'll continue to monitor the situation throughout the day. the big ticket item they're looking for is a protest at 5:00 p.m. taking place in downtown oakland. they're expecting big crowds
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again. pete suratos for taish. >> 6:05. in the skbay meantime, demonstrations at san jose state university. more than 400 students crowded outside dorms giving a series of spontaneous speeches. at one point a fight broke out between protesters and several trump supporters who showed up carrying pro trump signs and an american flag. it was quickly stopped by police. >> they made a run for it. they sprinted as fast as they could away from the crowd. luckily they had a good enough head start because there was 20, 30 people chasing them right after trying to basically attack them and really do some damage. hundreds of students protested following trump's viktsry. plips say at least 500 people swarmed around ucla earlier this morning. protests at uc santa cruz, irvine and san diego. at one point stock market futures called for a worse day
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on the market since 9/11. >> scott mcgrew watching the numbers on wall street for us. >> there's a lot to worry about what's happening here at home. we're going to bring you the open bell live. we'll keep you updated on the stock market numbers let's talk about for a minute what this means beyond stocks. let me say right off the top, we're speculating. we're speculating based on the very words mr. trump has said in the past, his promises during the campaign, the best predictor of the future is past behavior. mr. trump has promised a number of things like firing janet yellen. that's not exactly how that happens. but he can decline to renew her term in 2018. the fed has an interest rate meeting next month. other promises and things that may be ahead, mr. trump talked about military action in the middle east. that could affect the stock market, we'll be watching that today. certainly would affect oil prices as well.
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interest rates, mr. trump has in the past talked about not paying back american debt. that would send interest rates very, very, very high indeed. he's talked about increasing tariffs and taxes on silicon valley products, like iphones, things made in china by as much as 40%. he's taurkd about getting rid of the h-1b immigration visa. that would affect silicon valley as well. will these things come true? we don't know how many promises turn into action. we don't know what congress will let him do. people might say that list is alarmest, it's crying wolf. let me remind you at the end of the story the buy gets eaten by the wolf. >> we, o of course, are a government of checks and balances, so we'll have to see. as for what else happened overnight, california voters say yes to legalizing recreational marijuana in this state. the yes vote holding a decisive
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margin, 56 to 44. it allows residents to possess and grow mayor ahn fla. dispensaries will have to obtain new licenses to sell to the general public. those licenses are not expected to be issued until 2018. bob redell is in berkeley this morning and will have a live report in the next half hour. it's :09. on the ek loal level, snare voters weighed in on pension reform. right now measure f is passing 63% compared to 37%. measure f would end a four-year battle surrounding city employee pension and retirement benefits. it would also roll back some of the deep cuts made when voters passed measure b in 2012. assuming the numbers hold, it finalizes a deal brokered between the city of san jose and 11 of its unions. californians have approved an increased tax on cigarettes. proposition 56 passed with 53% compared to 37%. it into creases the cigarette
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tax by $2.00 per tax. you can count on nbc bay area to bring you the latest election results on our website, head to election results tab at the top of the screen. there you can get the latest news on the races around the state and in the bay area. 6:10 on this wednesday morning. 49 degrees in santa rosa, 52 in livermore, 56 in san jose. we're tracking patchy thick fog. visibility down to a half mile. you can see low clouds there east of downtown san jose. los gatos, a nice day today, temperatures in the 50s this morning, change to mid to upper 70s by 2:00. south bay temperatures the warm echt we'll see around the bay area. 77 in san jose, 71 in san francisco, close to 80 in morgan hill. 76 around livermore and a warm 76 as well in santa cruz this
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afternoon. >> watching the fog float around. so far no major issues because of that. we'll talk about the south bay in just a bit. i want to update the crashes and delays out of castro valley. the crash at 238 has cleared at east 14th. you should see recovery from redwood road. the crash is over at west 92, but we don't have a major problem off 880 either. slowing for the tri-valley, typical pattern for pleasanton. we're looking at these drive times, 24 minutes from the dublin interchange through sunol. the earlier car fryer has cleared from fremont. recovery for 238 in the last couple minutes. better speed, recovery out of castro valley. in the south bay we did see slowing right on schedule, northbound 101, 16 or 17 minutes from the split with 85 up to guadalupe parkway. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. a look at some of the other top stories we're following this morning. that includes a violent night on the streets of san jose. the unusual circumstances that ended with one man dead and homicide investigators combing
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for clues. plus our election coverage continues with chris sanchez. we're watching some of the returns on our local issues, those that impact our wallets here at home. i'll have those coming up.
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here is a live look over san jose. patchy low clouds to start your day. highs approaching 78 degrees. >> more fog and low clouds reported. we see it in dublin, a 25-minute drive toward 580.
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slowing across the bridges. let's get to some breaking news this morning. mike and rob, thank you very much. we are hearing about a massive fire unfolding as you see right here, in lodi, about 40 minutes south of sack men toe, burning at a plastic recycling plant right now. we know that. we also know the flames are burning upwards of 50 feet? some areas, at least they were. lodi and stockton crews are protecting surrounding structures and untched plastic products. as you can see, there's mutual aid there, a huge fire still burning brightly there, spousing water as they try to tamp it down. again, this is in lodi, we'll keep a close eye on the situation. everyone talking politics this morning. decision 2016. we're still tracking the results of propositions on the california ballot. they've been coming in overnight. >> there have been a few to keep track of. "today in the bay's" kris
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sanchez joins us with more. >> many of these issues are decided or headed that way. we'll talk about gun control, proposition 63. vast majority of people said yes, that's 63% and 99% of pre sengts reporting. that bans the sale and possession of large capacity ammunition magazines. it also requires background checks for people buying ammunition and also calls for felony charges for gun theft. next, the two measures that would decide the future of vallco mall in cupertino. a majority said no to allowing retail, dining, hotel, commercial, but no office or residential space. a majority of voters also said no. measure d, the town specific plan, that one did allow housing and office space along with areas for schools and educational purpose. at this point it looks like
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vallco's future is in the air. just three-quarters of precincts reporting. to the so-called soda taxes for san francisco, oakland, albany, final numbers, 100% pre since reporting, san francisco, 62% of you said yes. oakland, 62% of you said yes to your measure. albany you said yes, too. but with a greater margin, 71% of voters passing that one cent per ounce tax on soda and other sweet drinks. in the next half hour we'll talk about three other measures, death penalty, school funding and the plastic bag ban. we'll continue our coverage of decision 2016. >> a lot to talk about this morning, thanks so much, kris. 6:17 right now. other stories we're following, a fight in the street turns deadly in san jose. police responding to the area west alma avenue about 8:00 last night after reports that several people were in a fight. they found an adult male pronounced dead at the scene.
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a sexual assault investigation right now is under way at san jose state's south campus. the university police department says a woman was using a portable toilet near the bus shelter when a man forced open the door and attacked her. that attack was interrupted by friends of the victim. the suspect took off on a bike. a high surf advisory in effect until 6:00 tonight with waves reaching 20 feet. beachgoers are being warned to look out for sneaker waves and stronger rip currents. this represents the second week in a row that we've seen that swell, rob. you've been tracking that closely. also seeing a swell in temperatures as things continue to be pretty warm. >> today we could get close to 80 in a few spots. if the warm temperatures want to make you head out to the coast, you caution the peak of this high surf advisory happening outside right now. let's show you some of the wave heights. wave heights of 18 feet which means breakers in those favorite spots like pillar point around
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half moon bay could get above 25 feet this morning. the high surf addvicsory throug 6:00. visibility down, about half mile in napa. patchy fog around santa cruz. as you' about to see, fairly thick around parts of the tri-valley this morning. 49 degrees in santa rosa. low 50s for most locations inland. you see san francisco there, no worries about low clouds. beautiful start, 57 degrees to start your morning. here is the view now in pleasanton where you see it's 52 degrees. pok. once the skies clear, a prarm day taking shape in pleasanton. patchy low clouds east of downtown. the santa clara valley seeing the warmest temperatures south of downtown. close to 80 around san martin and gilroy for the afternoon. tri-valley, mid to upper 70s. peninsula temperatures in the mid 70s around belmont and palo alto. upper 60s and 70s in downtown san francisco. north bay temperatures in the
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mid 70s. ahead, two chances of rain, one minor one at that. early saturday mainly for the north bay, could be a drizzle storm on the north bay coastline early saturday. skies clear saturday to sunday, looks fine. now it's tuesday where we'll see more clouds and a better bet of finding rainfall. rain accumulations through the weekend, maybe a little something here in northern sonoma county. you'll probably have to wait until tuesday afternoon to see that rain move into the south bay. the change is playing out in your seven-day forecast, cooling for the weekend with more clouds. not as warm as the next twro days. you consider some spots tomorrow, could be close to 80 degrees. 70s not that bad. monday more clouds late, tuesday the rain making a comeback for the rest of the bay area. >> approaching 80, we have pumpkin spice latte. easy drive on the peninsula side. the tri-valley and east bay showing a typical pattern as well. the upper eastshore freeway we had reports of a tractor-trailer
6:21 am
on fire, maybe smoking brakes. no major issue. that's over on the shoulder. a crash down here getting toward cutting boulevard. sounds like the same incident. i'll corporate to track that. it adds to more slowing. your travel time, just a couple more minutes as you travel from hercules to the bay bridge. 20-something minutes there. look at the fog registering for the north bay. watching napa, down below a half mile in some spots as well as the tri-valley and pleasanton. now it's over 30 minutes because of the delays past both of those scenes getting past hercules down to the bay bridge. that's the build over the last couple minutes. we'll show you the south bay, northbound 101, we see the jam starting from 680 up to old oakland road. that's the beginning of the silicon valley commute just starting. back to you. if you're just waking up with us this morning and you haven't heard yet, donald trump is going to be your next president. hillary clinton, we're expecting her concession speech sometime around 7:30.
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overnight reaction over what many are calling a stunning upset. the glitch that has many wondering if people really are planning to flee to canada after donald trump is declared victorious. ==sam/ve pi=
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(ad b) at 6:24 right now, more on decision 2016. as you see, democracy plaza, a/k/a rockefeller plaza is fairly empty this morning.
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we have more information as we move forward here -- sorry. we're getting word from our producers. we're waiting for hillary clinton to be speaking we're expecting about 7:30 this morning. stay tuned on that. in the meantime, a story coming from this election, new interest from americans about leaving the united states. >> online searching including move to canada and immigrate to canada spiked as the election returns rolled in last night. at one point heavy traffic knocked out canada's immigration website. canada was also trending on twitter with well more than a million tweets. in other news this morning, jokes a hoax. that's what it turned out to be after two women claimed they found a baby on the sidewalk in east oakland. a young woman and her sister brought the newborn to a hospital yesterday morning saying they found her wrapped in a cloth. it turns out one of the women
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gave birth to the baby girl. she wasn't aware she could surrender the baby to the hospital without getting in trouble. eventually they admitted concocting the story. the baby is in the care of child protective services. a violent home invasion on mount muir court, less than a mile from dixie elementary. it happened after midnight jed. the sheriff's office says three men got into the home through an unlocked door. one carrying a gun, the other had a baseball bat. the suspects rounded the familiar up, stole electronics, cash and jewelry. one robber apparently hit the homeowner with a bat, but fortunately was not seriously injured. updates now on highway 4. all lanes are back open after a pileup yesterday evening. >> that's right. take a look at the aftermath you'll see as the camera pans down, the car chase that ended eventually in a crash. it started when contra costa county sheriff's deputies spotted a stolen vehicle on eastbound 680 near el hambra.
6:27 am
it took off and crashed on highway 4 after the chp laid out spike strips. the driver eventually arrested. at this time we're unsure just how many people were hurt. up next on "today in the bay," our complete team coverage continues of this historic election. raj mathai is live from new york. >> reporter: good wednesday morning to you from new york city. it is an eventful morning here. we're awaiting hillary clinton to address the nation. we'll also check in with president elect trump and all the bay area hillary clinton supporters here in new york. we'll see you in a moment. >> reporter: protests in the streets of the east bay following the election of donald trump. now local law enforcement are preparing for more.
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right now, 6:30. waking up with a new president. a live look at the white house, the future home of president elect donald trump. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land, that i will be president for all americans, and this is so important to me. >> just hours ago, donald trump addressing the nation in what some are calling a political stunner. while you were sleeping news of trump's victory sparked protests across the country. that's a look at oakland. several bay area cities affected where those protests took place.
6:31 am
they did take a destructive turn in places. we have live team coverage right now on "today in the bay." >> a very good wednesday morning to you, and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. there is, of course, a big impact from all of this as well. breaking news right now. the markets just reacting for the first time to the incoming election results. we hope they don't have to activate the circuit breaker, scott. >> be saw them there briefly as we try to contact scott mcgrew there, get his mike working. >> can you hear me now? let's go back to the big board. what a turn-around this has been. in the middle of the evening last night we were looking at dow futures going as low as 800 points. this would be a sell-off worst than we have seen since 9/11. now all of a sudden the dow is trading to the positive. you saw the big board out of new york city just a short time ago,
6:32 am
there you see up 69 points. never in stock market history have we seen such an enormous strange in what's happening on the markets. we were going to tell you all about circuit breakers, the things that protect the market from huge losses. these are unnecessary, down seven, down 13, down 20%. so far irrelevant as we watch the markets move higher, absolutely abc stoppishing news. i do want, sam and laura, to talk anti things that are not the stock market. in the coming days, the coming months, the coming years, we are going to need to talk about h-1b visas, mortgage, bond prices, et cetera. but for now, nothing to see here, folks. >> very remarkable because overnight -- >> down 800. >> it was amazing. so up about 70 so far. so we'll continue to watch that.
6:33 am
thank you very much. we'll check back in with scott in about 15 minutes or so. >> goods good. >> hours was not a campaign, but rather an incredible and great movement. >> remarks recapping what was a very surprising evening given what the polls indicated for this election season. looking at president elect trump. while many of us were sleeping, donald trump spoke to the country moments after he was declared victorious in what many are calling a stunning political upset. >> nbc bay area anchor raj mathai joins us live from new york city. so far, no public comment from hillary clinton but we understand she is expected to speak about an hour from now. >> reporter: that is exactly right. hillary clinton will address the nation and we'll talk about her in a moment. we'll start with president elect trump. we talked to scott mcgrew, talked about the markets and the business, specifically for the bay area moving forward, it's
6:34 am
going to be interesting to see if and how president elect trump pivots and embraces the bay area and the silicon valley. so far he has not. compare that with hillary clinton and draum for so many years, the close relationship with the silicon valley. a lot of nervous business people in the tech sector are concerned to see if donald trump reaches out. a few hours ago in his victory speech, he sounded very humable and presidential. >> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans, and this is so important to me. for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i'm reaching out to you for your guide dance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country.
6:35 am
>> reporter: on the flip side, hillary clinton at the javits center waiting for her, they were expecting a victory party. that was not the case. this was the scene inside the javits center. thousands of her closest supporters invite friday the bay area, leaving disappointed, in tears, hugging each other. so many of those people at clinton headquarters last night were invited from the bay area, and they, like so many people around the country, are sad and shocked about what happened. >> tomorrow we have to roll up our shirt sleeves and work harder on advancing all these issues we've gotten behind. there's so many more things we have left to do, we have to work harder. >> reporter: those are supporters from the bay area who traveled to new york with secretary clinton. hillary clinton will be addressing the country a short while from now, i believe in
6:36 am
about one hour from now. we should note the weather, after all week it's been glorious and sunny, this morning it is chilly, rainy and gray, perhaps symbolic for hillary clinton to address the nation. >> we saw you with that black umbrella a few minutes ago. thank you very much for that report. as the news broke, violence also broke out across the nation including here in the bay area. in oakland, protests quickly turned destructive as people took to the streets, setting fires and vandalizing businesses. >> we have multiple reports this morning. we're going to check in with chuck coppola live from the san jose state campus where students gathered overnight. let's start in oakland where the streets are full of people only a few hours ago. pete suratos joins us live. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning sam and laura. a majority of the protesting in the early morning hours happened between 7th and 24th street on broadway. we're at 12th and broadway right now. over there, you can see on the wells fargo building, that is one of the windows vandalized
6:37 am
during that protest. it's boarded up. let's queue up the video of the protest. in oakland hundreds of protesters, some of them chanting "not our president" in response to the election of donald trump. trash cans and debris burning in the street. multiple businesses vandalized. one individual was cited for a vehicle code. there were no injuries to protesters or police officers. now, the second piece of individual yoe i want to show you is around the same time, just after midnight, when there were reports of protesters running onto the 24 east ramp at telegraph avenue in berkeley. that's when the protester gets hit by a car. we know protester is recovering in the hospital with major injuries. once again, chp warns while they want folks to kper stiez free speech, going this route puts everyone in danger. we're expecting a protest in oakland around 5:00 p.m. tonight in downtown oakland.
6:38 am
local police will corporate to monitor the situation throughout the day. right now we'll send it over to chuck coppola where there was a similar protest taking place in the south bay. chuck? >> reporter: pete, here at san jose state university after donald trump's acceptance speech, the statue behind me became a gathering point for some 400 students who gathered around 1:00 a.m. they clung to the statues of tommy smith and john carlos famous for their black power salute during the 1964 olympics. when three trump supporters showed up with trump signs and an american flag, a fight broke out. at least one student was punched repeatedly. a bystander took pictures of the incident on his cell phone. the student was chased off by a crowd of 30 people who surrounded him and two other trump supporters. one bystander had this reaction.
6:39 am
>> as diverse as we are, we just can't support that. that racism has to go, ignorance and bigotry got to go. after obama i don't understand how we can have a trump. that don't even make sense. >> campus police officers were called to the scene and the trul supporters managed to escape. no arrests were made. a crowd dispersed peacefully around 2:00 this morning. chuck coppola, "today in the bay." at 6:389, other races we've been following. ro khanna leading mike honda. ro khanna sounding confident in front of hundreds of supporters if free month last night, a much different result than the first time around. back in 2014 khanna lost this congressional race to the eight-time congressman mike honda. khanna believes endorsements from lieutenant governor gavin
6:40 am
newsom, president jimmy carter and some papers helped him last night. >> the grandson of an indian freedom fighter can realize his dream to represent silicon valley in the united states congress. >> i think what we have to say is that congressional district 17 is a very unique district. it needs to be paid fully attention to. it has probably the most diverse diaspora in the country. >> congressman honda did say he plans to concede the election today. as for his lawsuit against khanna alleging he illegally obtained sensitive fund-raising information about honda supporters, the congressman says that will continue. popular california attorney general kamala harris will be california's next senator. she was up against another democrat, representative loretta
6:41 am
sanchez from california. harris won by a large margin, 63% to 37%. harris replaces senator barbara boxer, long-time senator from california. the last time california selected a new senator was 1992. at 6:41 right now, seeing patchy fog set up around the tri-valley. a little bit around san jose. 56 degrees in san jose with clear skies into san francisco. 57 for now and most spots climbing into the 70s this afternoon. low to mid 70s from san francisco to oakland. upper 70s around san jose. tomorrow likely the warmest day of the week in some inland spots approaching 80 clouds for the weekend. cooling temperatures, best chances of rain holding off until tuesday next week. looking over here, not holding off on the traffic. that's continuing to build right on schedule moving across the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge to the peninsula without delays for the bayshore freeway. down here in san jose, we have a slower drive, 101, 280, 85, all
6:42 am
a typical build through san jose and toward the rest of silicon valley. 85 and 101, 37 for highway 101. in the east bay we're looking at slower drives as well. look at this, 880 south from 238 toward the dumbarton bridge, over half an hour. that's a tougher drive. no crashes there. back to you. 6:42 right now, coming up, we're in the done yet. a lot more local and state races to update you on this morning, including two propositions involving plastic bags at grocery stores. one of them calling for an outright ban statewide. we'll show you how californians reacted next. =i uniteopenmni!! ==rowsi==(robd lib ==mi/trx=(mikad li )
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6:45, a live view over san jose. patchy fog setting up around downtown. by the afternoon, hazy sunshine and highs almost ten degrees above average. upper 70s by 2:00. >> looking at a slow drive right here for the upper eastshore freeway, highway 4 into the bay
6:46 am
bridge, a couple of crashes to get past but on the shoulder. 25 minutes from dlaeng toward vargas road. more on the election now. california lighting up, not just for medicine. voters approved the hotly contested prop 64 which legalizes the use of recreational marijuana. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell live in berkeley with more on what it means for the people of california. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. you can start smoking marijuana recreationally immediately, however, it's going to be some time before you're able to buy recreational pot unless you have a medical marijuana card. eventually the state of california will issue licenses to sell recreationally, but that wouldn't happen until at least 2018. proposition 64 does n act some restrictions. you must be 21 to purchase and smoke weed. the amount you can possess will be limited to 28.5 grams at a time. you can also grow and have up to
6:47 am
six plants. you won't be able to smoke into anywhere. it's leike smoking cigarettes. you could be fined if you are smoking marijuana while driving, boating or flying. pot retailers won't be able to advertise on television. the state will be able to put a 15% excise tax on the sale of weed, in addition to a cultivation tax of growers of almost $10 an ounce. if you add that together, the state expecting to raise about $1 billion amply. live in berkeley, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, thank you very much. let's turn to "today in the bay's" kris sanchez tracking more local results for us coming into our newsroom. that includes the big b.a.r.t. measure. >> it may not make your ride any easier today, but we do know how measure rr was decided. voters said yes overwhelmingly to $3.5 billion to make the transit system better. now, also, voters decided several other issues this morning, and we are talking
6:48 am
first about those death penalty propositions, also school funding and plastic bags. 54% of voters said no to prop 62 which would repeal the death penalty. more people said yes to prop 66 which would speed up the death penalty process. 51% said yes on that one. school funding passed early and it passed easily. this is a continuation of a temporary personal income tax. 62% of voters said yes to proposition 55, and that will mean more taxes for 12 more years on people who make more than $250,000 a year to generate funding for hospitals as well as k-12 ed case, also colleges as well. moving on, proposition 65, a mixed bag for the two propositions related to plastic bags. voters said no, prop 65 which would have redirected what you pay when you buy a bag. voters said yes to proposition 67 the statewide ban on
6:49 am
single-use plastic bags. it passed 52% to 48%. we'll continue to watch these for you and we'll post them online at you can see them while you're on the go. so much to cover there. thank you very much. a fight in the street turns deadly in san jose. people responding to west alma avenue and massey street after reports of several people in a fight. they found an adult male with visible injuries. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a sexual assault investigation is under way right now at san jose state's south campus, after the i don't know versity's police department says a woman was using a portable toilet near the bus shelter when a man forced his way in through the door and attacked her. the attack was interrupted by friends of the victim and the suspect took off on a bike. lie surf advisory in effect until 6:00 tonight. beachgoers are reminded to look
6:50 am
out for sneaker waves along with stronger rip currents. as rob has been pointing out along with all the fog, some unseasonably warm temperatures. be careful out there. >> use caution. our weather upped ground cameras able to see on the shore right now, ocean beach, the waves crashes on some of the rocks offshore. here is a live look outside from that camera as we show you how things look on the coast. lots of white water out there. wave heights west of san francisco about 13 feet. higher than that, west of half balloon bay. wave heights of 18 feet. breakers 20 to 25 feet possible. larger sets through the morning. high surf advisory through 6:00. wave heights coming down as we head into the evening. the other issue is the fog. quarter mile visibility livermore into dublin, hayward, too, around the san mateo bridge, pretty thick fog, too. you see napa, about a half mile the current visibility. that's the view?
6:51 am
dub lichb. 52 degrees, misty skies with low clouds. skies clear around san francisco. san jose, hazy skies, 56 right now. mid 50s to start the morning. patchy low clouds turning to hazy sunshine. adding 20 degrees to temperatures we're seeing outside. mid to upper 70s up and down the santa clara valley. some of the warmest temperatures, maybe around the tri-valley an sunol, mid to upper 70s, concord 75 degrees, 78 in danville. mid 70s around palo alto. daly city around 70 degrees. low 70s around san francisco, thanks in part to high pressure and offshore breezes. for the north bay, highs in the mitd 70s today. we'll be tracking two chances of rain ahead, one specifically for sonoma county, court see of the weakening system for the start of the weekend. as it clears on buy, plooisz through sunday and a pattern change late monday into tuesday.
6:52 am
here comes our next best chance for finding rain around the bay area. rain totals through the weekend look sparse except for the far morgt bay. by next tuesday, the rain makes a comeback. notice cooling temperatures going through the weekend, warm day around the bay area tomorrow. partly cloudy skies saturday and sunday. weekend plans look just fine. tuesday, though, plan on the rain making a comeback. >> traffic coming back from a little break overnight. here we're showing the push, traditional west across the bay bridges and north from the south bay and silicon valley. as we look over here, a lot of slowing for 880 off 238. majority of traffic right now continues south past the san mateo bridge toward the dumbarton bridge for southbound 880. i want to show you the dublin camera rob showed you, behind my back here, we see the low clouds, you can barely make out the traffic flow. this is between the camera and the roadway. the roadway itself, you may find slowing out of the altamont pass. travel times through the area,
6:53 am
580 likely more slowing through dublin, 680 down towards sunol, 21 minutes toward vargas road. we'll see the travel time creep back up 880 south, over half hour from 238 toward the dumbarton bridge. i showed you that backup there. also more slowing for the trains. no major problems with 58 trains on time for b.a.r.t. some mechanical difficulties, two trains coming in on the train five schedule. back to you. >> thanks very much, mike. 6:53, results are still coming in in california. we have a very busy newsroom, working on getting them all online. head to for the latest on decision 2016. destructive protests break out in the east bay. our community embedded journalists tracked the demonstrations that closed down streets, started fires and shut down freeways. more video on our twitter page. we'll be back here in two minutes. the mkets up - is morng...a li e
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
. welcome back. the presidential election results were surprising to many last night, and this is surprising, a lot of folks this morning. the dow futures were down almost 800 points at one point overnight, but the markets are all up this morning as you see from the big board right there. the dow in early trading is up about 60 points. >> that's right. quite the turn-around as you mentioned from last night. we'll continue to watch the
6:57 am
market. it's remained about at that level so far this morning. in other news that we're continuing to follow, hundreds of protesters pour onto the bay area streets blocking freeways, lighting fires and chanting. protesters smashed windows of the "oakland tribune" newsroom. about 400 students, protesters in san jose at san jose state as well. >> let's bring in nbc bay area's raj mathai anchoring our live coverage for the last several days. hillary clinton expected to speak in about 30 minutes from now. >> reporter: exactly, 30 minutes from now hillary clinton in midtown manhattan will address the nation. you think about it as we all wake up on this wednesday morning in this new donald trump america. a few things to note, donald trump supporters feel a little redemption because no one now the he could do it. hillary clinton supporters,
6:58 am
including many in the bay ar ea are shocked and saddened. everyone whether you're supporting clinton or trump or neither waking um tired this morning. so many of us watching the drama unfold. that drama will continue in about 30 minutes when hillary clinton does address the nation. as for president elect donald trump, his goal is to heal a fractured and polarized nation and he spoke about it several hours ago. >> now it's time to heal the wounds. for all republicans, democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> reporter: it should be noted as we move forward here, will president elect trump embrace the bay area, specifically the
6:59 am
silicon valley because for so many years hillary clinton and barack obama have embraced, had a close relationship with the silicon valley. it will be interesting to see if donald trump will pivot and what next for hillary clinton? perhaps she'll give us a few clues when she addresses the nation about 30 minutes from now. we're live in times square, a rainy and gray day in new york. back the you in the bay area. >> come on home, it will be bright and sunny when you return. thanks a lot, raj. hillary clinton addressing her supporters at 7:30 this morning. you'll see that on the "today" show. >> a coastal contrast, if you will. rainy in new york. sunny here. >> sunny in san francisco. patchy fog in a few spots in the tri-valley. by the afternoon should climb into the mid to upper 70s. >> in the meantime, some slowing out there. >> a slow start actually for the south bay. we'll look at your map overall, things normal. the south bay not kicking in as strongly as we typically see. a lot of folks stayed up late for that drama we didn't expect last night and fog in the
7:00 am
tri-valley as well. >> it continues as well. the "today" show up next. we'll be back in a half hour with a live update. >> we'll also have hillary clinton at 7:30. have a great day.


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