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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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naked protesters storming the polling place where donald trump is expected to cast his ballot in the next hour. we'll hear from our own mark matthews who witnessed the whole thing in just a matter of moments. from the national stage to the local spotlight. what you need to know as you prepare to get out and vote when "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. hopefully you've done your homework as we have the thick election guides, all those propositions to get through. much more election coverage, but first a quick check with weather with rob mayeda. >> we're seeing mostly clear skies. there's the view over downtown san jose. 56 degrees. 523 in livermore and close to 60 this morning in san francisco. clerk out our temperatures today. you could not have ordered a better election day weather forecast. low to mid 70s san francisco to
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oakland. upper 70s possible south of san jose into los gatos. >> we have delays for east bay and tri-valley drivers. these drives affected by the folks in hayward. over here coming off the castro valley y, you're jammed up on northbound 238 and also for southbound 880 coming toward the hayward area. the first crash reported over the shoulder. i believe that is the location, but a second crash located south 880 at a street. this might be the same incident. a truck and minivan involved in the crash. that's the big jam out of oakland and towards the san mateo bridge. that's adding to the travel times. a slow drive at the bottom of your screen, 20 to 23 minutes from 238 and down towards the dumbarton bridge. that is your delay right now. we'll track the ripple effect. back to you. mike, thank you very much. let's get ride to it. back to our coverage of this historic election.
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who is it going to be? hillary clinton or donald trump? more than a year of campaigning all comes down to today as voters across the country are heading to the polls to select the next president of the united states. a live look right now at democracy plaza. both candidates are in the state of new york. hillary clinton casting her ballot within the last hour or so. donald trump expected to vote coming up at 7:00 this morning. we have live team coverage this morning. we'll check in with our own raj mathai in just a moment. we want to get right to mark matthews who had protesters storming trump's voting location where he is. >> we're in the basement of ps 59, public school 59. this is where donald trump will be voting later this morning. just a few minutes ago there was a protest here, two women walked in, pulled their shirts off and began shouting "out of our polls, trump out of o our polls." after several minutes police were able to corral them and get
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them out. we're hearing election officials saying the turnout is triple for what they normally see for a general election. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> okay, mark, thank you. i'm raj mathai also in new york city coming to you live from times square. not as eye opening as it is for the donald trump camp as it is for the hen camp. we woke up this morning, your classic new york tabloids, the "new york post" saying get out and vote for the one you dislike least. so having some fun with this presidential campaign. the "new york daily news" which is pro hillary saying "stop the don con." both these candidates campaigning late into the night. let's start you off with hillary clinton. returning to new york around 3:20 this morning. she was campaigning late last night in north carolina, not
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sure if either candidate has slept at all. she got back to the tarmac, got a warm reception in new york at around 3:30 this morning. then shortly after we showed you the clip, hillary clinton along with husband bill clinton and chelsea clinton voting, casting their three votes here in chappaqua new york. it's already been an active morning for both candidates, donald trump expected to vote where mark matthews is. hillary clinton already cast her ballot. later today hillary clinton will be at the javits center where she'll host her post election party. we'll reporting live from times square. kris and sam, back to you in the bay area. >> nice to see you in the empire state, raj. there are two competing measures regarding the death penalty on the ballot in north carolina. proposition 62 would repeal the death penalty and replace it
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with life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. supporters say this guarantees that no innocent person will be executed and saves roughly $150 million a year. opponents says it allows brutal killers the live out their lives at taxpayers' expense. proposition 66, on the other hand, seeks to speed up the death penalty process by setting tighter time limits on the review of convictions. supporters say the death penalty system has to be reformed. opponents say this will only cause more delay. voters in san jose are going to decide on a major pension reform initiative. measure f would end a four-year-long battle surrounding city employee pension and retirement benefits. if it pass, measure f would essentially leave the city to adopt reteermt and pension agreements reached between the city of san jose and fire and police in 11 unions. that would super seed the controversial measure b which passed back in 2012. supporters of measure f say it's
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critical to replace measure b because it makes major cuts to public safety programs and caused many to leave in exodus in san jose. opponents say there are hidden costs and it abandons pension cuts that would have saved the city a lot of money. if you still have questions, and no doubt you do, out of all of these ballot measures, check out our voters' edge guide. it's non-partisan. put in your zip code at the top of the page. it will pull up the issues and candidates and ballot measures, all the local propositiontion specific to your area. you can find it on i think i may have clicked on that 20 times so far. a bizarre sexual assault investigation in the east bay this morning. here is what happened. berkeley high school student on the boy's water polo team is accused of assaulting an opponent during a match. it allegedly happened in the encinal high school pool in alameda last month. school officials say students reported another player behaving inappropriately in the water during the game.
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now the alameda police department is investigating. so far there have been no arrests and no names released because all the boys involved are minors. the berkeley unified high school district released a statement saying, we take good sportsmanship serious lu but can't comment on student discipline. a bay area nanny accused of abusing a baby is scheduled to appear in court. home surveillance video caught ingrid perez beating a 6-month-old. investigators say that video shows her slapping and dragging the baby and fousing him into a crib. doctors say the infant did not suffer major injuries. she's due in court for a pretrial hearing. new details in the stabbing death of a homeless man in san jose. these two men are behind bars in connection with the death of jeffrey cooper. the men are both from san jose. police say they found the victim
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unconscious on ritter park drive near a lowe's home improvement store not far from 880. he later died. investigators are still piecing together the details. a bit of a turf war going on between two local cities. santa clara is reportedly suing the city of san jose over a planned development next to santana row. >> chuck coppola is live in san jose. chuck, you say this could be an act of retaliation because of a separate lawsuit altogether? >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. it is the perception this may be retaliation, at least on the part of some of san jose city officials. the net effect is that the old century 22 theater behind me may stand a little bit longer. that's because plans to demolish it for a six-building expansion of santana row near winchester and stephens creek, those are being challenged by the city of legislator in a lawsuit, claiming the proposed development may make traffic far worse in the area and there's no
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provision for housing. the office workers will be occupying the office buildings across from santano row and on the edge of santa clara. a political consultant quoted in the "mercury news" saying the lawsuit may have more to do with retaliation because the city of san jose filed its own lawsuit to block a santa clara $6.5 billion development across from levi's stadium in santa clara called city space. santa clara wants a bill to provide 25,000 jobs. san jose says there's only housing for about 13% of those workers and it will make traffic worse in that area which borders san jose. so the legal action effectively delay s both projects at least for now. live in san jose, chuck coppola, "today in the bay." >> chuck, thank you so much. if you head to the beach today, make sure you check out the high surf and be on alert there. a large storm in the gulf of alaska is stending another round
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of huge waves our way. some could reach 20 feet. beachgoers are reminded the look out for so-called sneaker waves that push beyond the normal coastline along with stronger rip currents. at 6:10, as you can see here on the satellite view, there is that large storm with hurricane-force winds in the gulf of alaska. all that wind starting to reach the coast in the form of long period swells. high surf advisory starting at 3:00, taking us through most of the day tomorrow, where some could get above 20 feet at times. temperatures ten degrees above average, 76 in san jose, 76 in los gatos. you see numbers from the low 70s in oakland. mild temperatures through thursday. now not as 34u67 rain ex-peshlgted with the system friday night into saturday. a few light showers overnight and clearing skies. warmer weather midway through the weekend. we're traching hayward very closely. the rest of your bay moves well. the crash to the shoulder 101 at alum rock, so far not a problem.
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here the crash south 880 at a street did clear after ten minutes of slowing. all clear now, you see the slowing out of san leandro for southbound 880 and the cos tomorrow valley y. we're hoping this holds steady, lightening up a bit. that means more traffic toward union city. we're also tracking a delay for b.a.r.t. ten-minute delay out of the west oakland station. some sort of equipment issue. no other stations affected so far. we'll track that as it ripples around the station. back to you. up next, paying to cut the cord. wait a minute. the reason that canceling your cable might actually cost you more money. virgin america might be one step closer to the big merger with alaska airlines. how it affects you and the way you fly coming up next.
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a mostly clear start to the morning in palo alto and sunnyvale. speaking of sunnyvale, temperatures climbing into the mid 70s with high clouds into the afternoon. looking at the bottom of your screen, a little recovery for 880 past the scene of the earlier crash at a street. better for the b.a.r.t. trains in the last couple seconds, we got word the delays out of west oakland cleared. 49 trains on time. >> thank you very much for the update. back to our coverage of decision 2016. this is one ballot measure that is extremely important.
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we've talking about proposition 55. prop 55 would ekts tend what was supposed to be a temporary personal income tax, prop 30, that was passed in 20, by 12 years. that would be to continue funding for k through 12 schools, colleges and government health care programs. it would impact taxpayers who make $250,000 or more per year. they would continue to see a 1% to 3% surtax on top of the regular taxes. supporters say it helps children in schools thrive. opponents say the tax in 2012 was supposed to be temporary and this measure breaks that promise. santa clara county is asking for your help catching a suspected burglar. investigators believe this person is responsible for breaking into businesses at cambria plaza on halloween night. that suspect broke into a togo's
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sandwich shot. he got away empty-handed. also broke into bee's flower shop and there was able to steal cash and a phone. you thought you were saving crash here, kris, cutting the cord in lieu of video streaming services may cost you more money. it's often referred to as a netflix tax. some cities like chicago have approved them under the amusement tax umbrella. at least a dozen bay area cities are considering the same variation. some internet advocacy groups continue to question the legality of those kind of taxes. not to muck up the water more, you'll be able to get netflix on cable. >> i guess that's a plus. scott mcgrew, that's the opposite. >> the exact opposite of what you're saying, getting rid of cable to watch netflix. netflix is coming to cable.
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the cable company is making it happen. you still have to pay for netflix, but it will come through your cable box instead of your apple tv or roku or smart tv. comcast is the parent company of this tv station. the bottom line, it will be easier to watch netflix. it will be on your channel lineup on the main screen as opposed to switching sources or clicking a becomes or however it is you switch over your tv. i have been told by two people in the nurm, you can actually find that feature on xfinity right now. look under the comcast lab section if you have x1. the markets exploded monday, reaction to news that the fbi would once again not pursue the hillary clinton matter any further. the dow is up 371. nasdaq, the best performer up 2 1/3%. the vix measures volatilitvolat. it's down 13% yesterday.
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investors feel confident they know how today is going to go. there's talk virgin america and alaska airlines are closing to getting approval of their merger. it sent shares of virgin america higher. one report says the new match-up would have to give up some of virgin's gates at san francisco terminal two. mcdonald's says it will roll out a mobile app next year. mcdonald's is a little late to the game on this one. starbucks has been doing this for quite some time. it was a very handy way to skip a line. starbucks says busy stores actually see about one in five customers using the mobile order and pay system. i think there's going to come a day in which we're not going to use cash at all. you don't need a cashier, you type in what you want, it bills your phone. >> but who is going to spell your name wrong on your cup? >> you've got a point. >> how do you miss tell kris?
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>> chris. >> my son's name is ian. all the time, lan! a lot of us undoubtedly will be watching tonight's election returns with others. one chain trying to make that easier. tonight, forget dr. strange, hacksaw ridge, all the other movies out. 50 amc theatres in 25 cities are wat offering a watch party. the amc in 'em i have ville the bay location. the amc east ridge is in the red location. you need to be an amc stubs member to get in. >> i'm all decked out in red because i'm super excited. >> you're a big screen kind of lady. >> i know. >> we do have some yellow coming through today which is of course the sunshine.
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>> keeping all colors happy this morning. >> we've got green on mike's map, red and blue, gray on sam. >> a little bit of everything. what we can all agree on is at least our temperatures will be pretty warm by november standards. 56 degrees. in san jose, fog-free. in san francisco a few high clouds, almost 60 to start the day. here is the view from tiburon. the fact we've done the time change for these sunrise views before 7:00. you can see a few high clouds. low clouds, less than two miles visibility. sacramento into stockton, pretty thick fog. later today high surf on approach thanks to strong storms off to our west. one period during the day today into wednesday and probably another as we approach the weekend. this is the main concern weatherwise over the next day or so. you'll have breakers that could get up above 20 feet as the wave heights offshore exceed 15 feet
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at times. during the day today, patchy fog to deal with for the mornings an increasing high clouds and coastal low clouds making a comeback as we head into the evening. highs today mid to upper 70s around the south bay towards the tri-valley. numbers closing in around 80, black hawk and danville for the afternoon. 70s around the peninsula. san francisco into the north bay, highs i understand the low to mid 70s. we don't see much in the way of rain even as we head towards the weekend. that system falling apart. in terms of projected rainfall, as all these ballots are counted up, not much to show for it. you can see the seven-day forecast, warm, san francisco, close to 70 through thursday. then the clouds fill in for friday. not much rain and whatever does fall will fall friday night into saturday. clearing skies and warmer approaching sunday. hopefully folks get out and vote today. a smooth flow of traffic.
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the crash in san jose cleared to the shoulder. slowing in hayward. the commute is going to kick in, slow off the castro valley y, better out of san leandro as well. we're back to 20 minutes, standard flow from 238 towards the dumbarton bridge. as we look at the rest of your travel times, approaching the bay bridge, 28 minutes from highway 4. the upper eastshore freeway slow. back to you. mike, thank you very much. up next, "nbc bay area responds." a six-year holdup at the bank. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, a $500 struggle when "nbc bay area responds" next.
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curry hit another three for the record! yeah! >> how exciting. >> the name of warriors, more happened last night. another record broken, steph curry high fiving and celebrating, had 13 threes last night, an nba record for a single game. curry ended up netting 46 points in all, leading the warriors past the pelicans at oracle arena last night. it comes, interestingly, after curry had a streak of making threes in 157 consecutive games, also a record, snapped on friday. back on track very nicely. >> "nbc bay area responds" to a
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foster city woman who has been trying for six years to collect unclaimed property. >> consumer investigator chris chmura helped her out and is here to tell us how he did it. >> donna rahlfs randomly checked an unclaimed property site in 2010 and discovered she was owed money from her deceased father's wells fargo account. she contacted the bank. it told her the check was sent years ago. she never received the check and asked for a copy of it, a copy she says she never received. donna has tried for six years to collect the money with no luck. that's when she called us. we reached out to wells far go and donna received the $570 she should have received from her dad years ago. in a statement wells fargo did not explain what went wrong. but it did say we are pleased we were able to resolve the issue for ms. rahlfs. if you have a consumer complaint, you can call us. the number is 1-888-996-tips or visit tomorrow we're asking who is on
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the hook for a prepaid purchase when a business changes owners. have a great day. >> an alleged sexual assault under waterment the troubling new details we're learning about an alleged crime during a high school water polo match in the east bay. >> reporter: it is election tuesday. good morning from new york city. i'm raj mathai. we'll check in with both hillary clinton and donald trump. it's already been an active morning here in new york. we'll see you in a moment. as raj mentioned a second ago, there were naked protesters creating quite a scene at a new york polling place for donald trump. this same place where trump plans to vote in just about 30 minutes from now. >> reporter: the election precincts about 30 minutes from opening here in the state of california. the steps uncle sam is taking to pre vent voter intimidation at
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the polls.
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right now at 6:30, months and months of campaigning all comes down to today. a live look at democracy plaza in new york city on the left. on the right, the place where both hillary clinton and donald trump hope to call home, the white house. thanks for joining us on this election day. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> live team coverage of
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election day in just a moment. raj mathai and mark matthews in. we see a beautiful sunrise. >> almost red, white and blue actually. we're seeing clear skies and patchy fog really the only thing getting in your way. here is the view in san francisco right now. you can see we've got high clouds making for a nice sunrise. low to mid 70s, 76 in san jose. check out the areas south of downtown close to 80 around campbell and los gatos. great voting weather. >> i don't have the blue and the white, but i do have the red. it's over in hayward getting in off the castro valley y, only four minutes now. but the speeds are starting to improve for north 238 and getting worse for 880 south from 238 down to highway 84, the dumbarton bridge, 24 minutes. the red was because of an earlier crash. that's starting to move better through hayward now.
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back to you. green there, but red, white and blue in our decision 2016 coverage it all comes down to today. it's been more than a year of campaigning, and now voters across the country are heading to the polls as we speak to elect either hillary clinton or donald trump as the next president, the 45th of the united states. >> a 4r50i6 look at democracy plaza on this election day. both candidates are in the state of new york. hillary clinton cast her ballot about 90 minutes ago. earlier this morning action as well as protesters staging a naked protest at a polling center in new york. that's where donald trump is expected to vote in about half an hour from now. that's public school 59 in manhattan. our own mark matthews was there. we'll check in with him in just a moment. let's kick things off with raj mathai who joins us live from times square. good morning. >> reporter: sam, good morning to you. it's been incredible. the last several months, all the campaigning, all the controversy
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and all the back fighting, but now candidates controlling the message. finally it's the voter's turn to control the message of the it's a classic morning in new york. we're coming to you live from times square, beautiful fall morning. it's business as usual for the most part. everyone rushing off to work or rushing off to their polling stations. polling stations have seen long lines here in new york. we've mentioned both trump and clinton are here. that has president happened since the 1944 presidential election that both candidates are from new york city. so new york city is getting ready in a big way. in terms of security, about 5,000 police officers and federal agents are patrolling these streets as we speak. we'll start with hen, about 90 minutes ago, she cast her vote in chappaqua, new york. that's where she lives, about 30 miles north of where we are here in new york city. hillary clinton, bill clinton and chelsea clinton all casting their votes bright and early this morning.
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you've got to hand it to both candidates. hillary clinton, 69 years old, donald trump 70 years old. their stamina has been incredible, campaigning late into the night and waking up this morning and going to vote. now, what's hillary clinton going to do after casting her ballot? they're getting ready a few blocks to the south of us at the javits center. that's where she'll have her election headquarters tonight. they're prepping in a big way there for all her supporters and all the media that will be coming here. it's not just new yorkers here, it's also bay area people, coming from the bay area, hillary clinton supporters, about 10 to 15 influential supporters from the bay area all on site in manhattan. i'll send it to nbc bay area's mark matthews with the donald trump campaign a few blocks away. >> reporter: we're in the basement of public school 59. this is where donald trump will be voting later this morning.
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just a few minutes ago there was a protest here, two women walked in, they pulled their shirts off and began shouting "out of our polls. trump, out of our polls." here is what it looked like. >> after several minutes police were able to corral them and get them out. we're hearing from election officials that the turnout this morning is about triple what they normally see for a general election. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. thank you very much. back here at home, let's talk about local measures here. people in three different bay area counties are voting on measure rr which impacts b.a.r.t. it's on the ballot in san francisco, alameda and contra costa counties. it proposes $3.5 billion in bonds to repair b.a.r.t.'s infrastructure, relieve overcrowding and improve safety. the agency says it's needed to keep the transit system running.
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opponents say they're worried b.a.r.t. has mismanaged its system in the back. proposition 64 would legalize marijuana for recreational use for anyone over the age of 21. the state could license, regulate and tax marijuana. supporters say it creates a safe and legal system for adult use of pot. opponents say there is no way to monitor people for driving under the influence of marijuana and that children could be exposed to marijuana advertisements. we know in california many people take advantage of early voting. if you go to the polls to do it in person or are planning on doing it, bob redell joins us from fremont with what you need to know before you head out to cast your vote. bob, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, sam. those polls are about to open in just under 30 minutes. all polls statewide open at 7:00 a.m. including the one at the garage of this home in this neighborhood in flee month. you might want to give your elf
6:37 am
extra time in case there are long waits. this was the scene yesterday in san francisco and san jose where early voters waited in long lines, some for as long as 30 minutes in the south bay to cast their ballot. now, to make sure there is no intimidation at the polls, the 2k79ment of justice sent out more than 500 civil rights monitors to 67 jurisdictions in 28 states. this includes locations here in alameda county and up north in napa county. again, the polls open at 7:00 this morning, open until 8:00 tonight. check the back of your sample ballot that you should have received in the mail or the california secretary of state website for your low cakes. if the pomgs close, you can still vote as long as you're in the line by 8:00. if you're a registered voter but your name is not on the list, you still have a right to vote. you have to use a provisional ballot that will be accounted once officials confirm your eligibility. a vote by mail must be
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postmarked by today and arrive at the local election office by the 14th. you can drop off your ballot at drop-off locations including the local library or city hall. check your local voter registrar's office. live in fremont, bob redell, "today in the bay." good information, bob. the nbc bay area investigative unit is looking out for you. if you experience any problems at the polltion, wes want to share about it. you can call our tip line, 1-844-nbc-vote. you can also file a complaint online on our website at a disturbing crime at an east bay high school. authorities want to know what happened. a water polo player was allegedly sexually assaulted during a match. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at the alameda county police department. this alleged crime happened under water. good morning. >> reporter: good morning sam and kris. that's what we're being told.
6:39 am
according to witness statements it happened during a water polo mat match. this happened during the competition inappropriately, since they're minors, the names not released. no arrests made at this time. you've got investigators in both districts trying to determine if this was just an isolated incident. >> still looking into that, yes, the number of perp trarters and victims. still investigating that. berkeley unified school district spokesperson said, quote, we take good sportsmanship and behavior seriously but cannot comment on any specific case of student discipline. that spokesperson did go on to add that they might release more information on this case later today. live in alameda, pete suratos for "today in the bay." at 6:39 right now. we have a cool start to the morning. light jacket especially in the
6:40 am
north bay, at 50 in santa rosa, 56 in san jose. watch out for patchy fog in the north bay valleys and a little more fog in solano an inland cos tra costa county 71 in san francisco, 73 in oakland. not much change through thursday. then we'll see more clouds on the approach leading to a chance for rain on friday night. skies clear. temperatures rebound for the weekend. back to our typical pattern where traffic pushes across the peninsula. starting to see more traffic on 101 throughout that area. things are back to normal for hayward. westbound across san mateo and the dumbarton bridge. you see speeds coming down just a tad. nothing dramatic. the approach towards the bay bridge, that's all right. the upper eastshore freeway, a crash making it a 36-minute drive from highway 4. south bay, 35 minutes from 101 and 85 from where they split in
6:41 am
san jose to where they meet in mountain view. back to you. up next, a bay area city getting thousands of dollars in state money to make the streets safer. the steps police are taking to prevent serious crashes as you head out the door this morning. your money did very well on monday. stocks were on fire. how are they doing today? we'll look ahead to the election day trading. dow industrials down 21 points. decision 2016, rematch between mike honda and ro khanna. both are democrats. khanna lost previously. this is the area from cupertino to north shea and over to hayward. you're watching "today in the bay."
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a live look at some hazy skies over downtown san jose, tracking temperatures in saratoga. soaring into the mid to upper 70s under mostly sun nye skies. >> a quick look at your bridges. a build westbound as is the trend. the bay bridge 23 minutes out of the maze across to the toll plaza getting into san francisco. live pictures right now coming into our newsroom from the santa clara county
6:45 am
registrar's office. a lot of hustle and bustle from volunteers and workers as they're sorting through thousands of ballots that were mailed in. what you will not see inside that polling place. they haven't opened yet but will in about 15 minutes. polls open at 7:00 and stay open until 8:00. as you plan your day, know as long as you're online by 8:00, you can cast your vote. >> such important work they're doing. today voters in san jose will consider a measure that would offer more hours for pleas living on low wages. measure e known as the opportunity to work initiative, requires employers to offer crept part-time workers more hours before hiring new workers. opponents say it leaves businesses with too many unanswered questions including when they have to notify employees about their hours that are available. >> kris, while we stay in san jose, voters deciding on a tax
6:46 am
increase today that the city says would provide vital services. measure g would change the city's business tax. the base tax right now would increase from its current $150 to $195 starting on july 1st. that would raise an additional $12 million every year for police services, emergency response and pothole repairs. in other news, continuing coverage of the killing of a young man whose body was found buried on the sonoma state university campus. we reported on this all last week. investigators are looking for a bicycle that looks like that. it's a white men's 2001 cannondale quick mountain bike. police say that bike belonged to the victim, 18-year-old kirk kimberly. he was found stabbed to death and buried on the sonoma state campus last week. anyone with information about the bicycle is asked to please call the sonoma county sheriff's department. three people hit by a driveer outside the east bay court are expected to make a full recovery.
6:47 am
this is cell phone video. police say a woman ran down her estranged husband and two friends as they were leaving family court yesterday. the woman threw her car into reverse and hit one of the vic terms again. she then drove to the benicia bridge where law enforcement says she took her own life. police are taking steps to boost safety on the roadways. according to the "mercury news," the police department got $300,000 in grant money to reduce the number of traffic collisions over the next year. they want to boost staffing at dui checkpoints and also increase street enforcement, but also use some of the money for safety education campaigns at schools where we have some of our youngest drivers. there is a crucial vote today on a proposed memorial honoring women and girls sexually enslaved by the japanese army during world war ii. the plan is to build the memorial at st. mary's park in san francisco. three finalists were chosen for a design.
6:48 am
today the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote on whether the project moves forward. judge lillian sing says she retired solely to making this memorial hang. >> we need to publicly speak about an atrocity that happened during world war ii. >> some people say the project would fuel anti japanese sentiment and unduly point out their wrongdoing. the marin food bank is getting a big check today to help with the initiative. as we reported yesterday, the sf marin food bank is raising money for a new delivery truck right now. california law says your boss has to give you time off to vote today if you can't otherwise do it outside work hours. >> to make this easier, hundreds of companies, many of them here in the bay area are just taking the whole day off.
6:49 am
let's check in with scott mcgrew. >> from survey monkey and all kinds of startups are closing so employees can vote. there's a list online. we can scroll this, on you can see how many companies there are. at first glance this sounds like a good idea. this idea encourages people to get out there, get to the ballot box. but there's also a reasonable argument against this idea as well. there's a fear if you give people tuesday off, they'll take off monday, too. now they have four days off and they leave town and don't vote. election day holiday would actually depress voting. i'm sure you would never do that, but you probably know somebody who would. think about it that way. for the next two days, both "the washington post" and "the new york times" will be entirely free online, all sections as a courtesy and public service.
6:50 am
we're covering your local races on lots of things going on from a vote on balco mall to legalizing pot. dow industrials down 30 points, nasdaq barely moving. boy, what a day yesterday. the dow up 374 points. we do think that we won't see much movement today and traditionally that's true. in fact, it may sink a little. wednesday is a brand new day one way or the other. we want to head outside on this tuesday morning, decision day in america. as we look from one of our live camera, not a lot of fog, hopefully clarity at the poll stations as well. we're looking forward to seeing how this comes together. >> a live look from san francisco, rob. are we going to beat 70 degrees in san francisco? >> i think most spots around the bay area, especially the south bay and east bay this morning, a little chilly start and still
6:51 am
some patchy fog in a few spots around the bay area this morning. san jose has hazy skies right now. the fog not like it was yesterday morning at this time. there's sunrise reaching the taller buildings there, the transamerica pyramid in san francisco. 59 degrees, high clouds. what a view from tiburon this morning, 54 degrees. into the north bay, visibility at times less than a mile. you're seeing that in sonoma county around santa rosa and has you head through solano county, pretty thick fog on the coast to patchy low clouds this morning. watch out for high surf as the wave heights start to come up 15 to 20 feet during the day, that's the reason we have a high surf advisory starting at 3:00 this afternoon. thin, high clouds this morning. probably more coastal fog setting up later today. otherwise, not much change weather wise from what we saw yesterday in terms of the temperatures. probably two to three degrees warmer around downtown san jose, 76 in the forecast, check out
6:52 am
los gatos into campbell. upper 70s, same into morgan hill and gilroy. towards the east bay and tri-valley, numbers near 79 degrees. danville 70s. you see peninsula highs in the mid 70s from belmont to palo alto. downtown san francisco, close to the low 70s today and mid 70s around the north bay. our one chance of rain may, in fact, be going away. friday into saturday, the system weakening, the projection is we'll probably not get anything out of this weakened weather system. you may have to wait until the 16th to see measurable rainfall making a comeback around the bay area. the seven-day forecast keeps things mild through thursday, more clouds on friday. but less raindrops it looks like. in fact, the weekend will see clearing skies and warming temperatures sunday into monday. >> we'll move quickly around the bay. not really any major crashes. the south bay has slowing, it's your typical pattern. 280 toward 880, that's the slower drive. speed sensors improving for the vie trally.
6:53 am
holding steady for hayward and pushing across the bay. the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges showing the build. a fender bender reported around the maze. overall right now it's just a slower drive down the upper east shore approaching the bay bridge. we're looking at a 40-minute drive from highway 4 in herk le hercules. we're waiting for the polls to open in about seven and a half minutes. we or tracking both presidential candidates on the road, too. >> reporter: good morning from new york city. i'm raj mathai. we're coming to you live. it's almost 10:00 a.m. new york time. we'll check in with both hillary clinton and donald trump and show you why two women were arrested a short while ago at donald trump's polling place. stay with us. happening right now, it is the moment of action, nbc bay area sending out crews across
6:54 am
the region to bring you the most comprehensive election coverage. a pregnant woman says she was publicly humiliated when a walmart employee forced her to lift her shirt and expose her body in front of customers after being accused of shoplifting. you can weigh in on this on our facebook page. back in two minutes.
6:55 am
there aren't enough police officers to fill the ranks. when most of us make a mistake, we own up to it. but not madison nguyen. her vote to slash the san jose police budget was disatrous. one hundred officers were laid off. crime spiked twenty-seven percent. and when nguyen was warned her that cuts left police short-handed, she passed the buck. blamed the police for "spinning information out of control." mrs. nguyen, it's crime that's out of control. blaming others. risking our safety. madison nguyen is the wrong choice for assembly.
6:56 am
welcome back. a lot going on this morning.
6:57 am
let's get right to it. a nienl look at the top stories we're following on "today in the bay." >> we want to take you out to wra we are, just moments away from opening the polls in california, 7:00. this is the santa clara county registrar of voters. it looks like maybe they're getting reld difficult to open the doors. "today in the bay's" raj mathai is in new york city. >> reporter: good morning, kris. we are live in new york. i'm raj mathai. it's been an eventful morning already, pretty incredible. the buzz here in manhattan and also back in the bay area. i think a lot of people after seeing so many months of infighting, they want this election to be over. i think it almost is. in fact, polls have been open here for the last few hours here. let's show you what's been happening in the last several hours here in manhattan. we'll start with hillary clinton. just outside of manhattan at her home in chappaqua, about 30 miles north of the city here,
6:58 am
hillary clinton, bill clinton and chelsea clinton casting their ballots. it's been a long night for mrs. clinton and donald trump, campaigning late last night in north carolina she was, donald trump late last night in michigan and now waking up here in new york to cast their ballots. let's check in with donald trump. live pictures at his polling station. this is ps 59, a public school on the upper east side. we're awaiting donald trump and his wife melania trump to cast their votes any minute from now. before the trumps have already r arrived, protesters, two women showed up topless and were promptly arrested by nypd and taken away without further incident. already an active morning here at donald trump's polling station. before we send it back to you in the bay area -- sam you're from new york, so you'll miss the tabloids.
6:59 am
"new york post" with the screaming headlines, "go out and vote for the one you dislike least." "new york post" having fun, as they usually do. back to you in the bay area. we'll check in with you throughout the morning and the day. >> the "new york post" always has the best deadlines. no one is debating that. never a dull moment on the campaign trail. thankfully it is dull on the weather front. >> can't complain about the weather. mid 70s, just patchy fog in the north bay. >> we're feeling all red, white and blue, seeing just read. >> let's show you the map. nothing really unusual. there is a crash in north 101 at tully causing extraìc% the rest of the bay moves well. if you're choosing between the san mateo bridge and the dumbarton bridge, vote for the dumbarton bridge. >> yes on 84. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with more live local news. if you haven't decided how
7:00 am
you're going to vote, go to and check out our non-partisan voter's edge guide. >> we'll have reports throughout the day. we'll see you again in half an hour. good morning. election day. >> it's now officially tuesday, november 8th. >> let's make history together! >> polls now open. voters casting their ballots after the most ctentious and controversial presidential campaign in history. 18 grueling months. >> i accept your nomination for president of the united states! >> i humbly and gratefully accept your nomination for the presidency of the united states. >> a race full of stunning


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