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tv   Today  NBC  July 26, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody! it is booze day tuesday, july 26th. i want to wish a happy birthday to craig, my sister's beautiful husband. >> oh, congrats! happy birthday. >> it's also spanky tuesday. >> are you sure? >> yeah. and it's green light by pit bull. >> pit bull can crank out hits like nobody's business. >> he really can. he thinks he's flo rida. great show today. we're headed to the kitchen with
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famed chef and emmy winning tv show, my old -- no, we're not old friends. we're longtime friends. to learn how to make a simple dessert to satisfy even the most demanding sweet tooths, right? >> absolutely. >> it's not sweet at all. it's really very flavorful and seasonal fruit. >> oh. i don't know what you're having there, but i have some proseco. >> this is my stuff. >> freddie mank and i, when we moved into our apartment, we were doing construction on our apartme apartment, and we found this beautiful cozy italian restaurant, and we were always the first ones there. we had so many lovely meals. if you want to go to one of the great restaurants in all of new york, it's called felidia, named after her wonderful husband who is passed, felix. yep. >> those were good days. >> those were good days, but
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this is going to be a good one. >> absolutely. >> take your negativity someplace else, okay? >> no, no, no, i'm positive. >> who else, hoda woman? >> he's one of the country's most famous tight ends, used to scoring on the field. but does this wonderful young man named travis -- >> travis kelce. >> does he have an off-the-field game? he's got this new reality show where there is a girl from every state who's vying for his heart. and they are doing whatever it takes to get them. he's also going to hit the streets of new york and hand out some advice. and since he was 8 years old, logan has been working alongside hollywood heavyweights like brad pitt, mel gibson, but logan is starring in the buzzed about new film called "indignation" and he's going to tell us all about that in a little bit. plus, how about the signs your body is trying to tell you that something is up, like you start losing a little hair, your fingernails are cracking. >> fun time. >> we're going to tell you what
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that means. now, we do have some good news in the love department, don't we? >> i suppose it is. >> often we start with -- oh, my gosh, guess who broke up, guess who's filed for divorce, but not today. today we are doing a reconciliation. back in may, sharon osbourne revealed she had left ozzy. yesterday, ozzy confirmed his marriage with sharon is back on track. sharon spoke about their decision to return to their marriage yesterday on their program "the talk." so take a look. >> yes. you know, i forgive. [ applause ] it's going to take a long time -- it's going to take a long time to trust. but, you know, we've been together 36 years. 34 of marriage. and it's more than half of my life. and i just can't think of my life without him. even though he is a dog. he's a dirty dog.
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[ applause ] so there we are. he's going to pay for it, though, big-time. >> you've got to love her. you think after all those years -- >> it's so funny. look at what gwyneth paltrow and chris martin are doing now. they're finally divorced, finally uncoupled. but they were just on vacation in the hamptons, all together as a family. i think, you know, everybody -- that's what choice is all about. you give everybody their option to do what is right for them. but, you know, i think it's possible to break up and still have a loving -- i still pray for my first husband. i pray for him every day. i wish him all the best in the world. but i don't want to be married anymore to him. >> but maybe she wants -- you know when you wake up and you've done the same thing for 30-something years, and even though you say okay, that was a huge mistake, but she likes the idea of him being there. >> the dirty dog you know is better than the dirty dog you
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don't know. i don't know. it's one thing to forgive once or i guess twice. i don't know. but she's right about the trust. it takes a lifetime to build trust. it takes one second to lose it. >> sometimes i wonder, like if somebody does have an affair, and i don't know what their circumstances are, but i think there's a whoopsy and there's a pattern. >> there's chronic behavior. >> there's a difference. i think if maybe he just basically said it will never, ever happen again. >> do you think people can change? >> i think if you make a whoopsy, you can. but i do think there are people who innately cheat. like, i think that that is part of how they are. and i think they can try and they can promise. >> so you're saying it's an addiction of sorts. >> well, i guess. or it's like a pattern of behavior, it becomes part of who you are. i think it's like dna almost. >> it's incredibly selfish, but god bless her. it's none of my business. you know, can we go right to -- >> "the bachelorette"? yes.
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speaking of love. >> you look so pretty today. >> thank you. it's the final four. next week cease the end. we're almost done. i'm very upset about it. so we're going to talk about luke first. luke, we talked about last week. >> tell us again. >> it was the final four rose ceremony. he steps out from the pack because he's knows he's at the bottom. pulls her aside. >> because he didn't say i love you. >> it was like this hail mary pass. for football terminology. so did it work was the question? it did not. i was shocked. she sent this guy home. they had tons of chemistry together. but take a look at how it all ended. >> why is she crying? >> what we could have had, that's what really sucks. because i wanted to fall in love with you, and i never got to see it through. >> what if that was a mistake?
10:07 am
that scares me. oh, god. i, like, miss him. i miss him already. >> he just walked away! i'm looking at frank, one of our stage managers who is going like this the whole time. maybe it's a generational thing. we can't even watch this stuff, can we, frank? >> i don't want to look at lydia. >> i don't think she should have been crying that hard. but i do sort of feel like she -- >> she said it hurt, right? >> they had such a connection. i think she wasn't sure if she did the right thing. i was home going, oh no, how is she going to recover? like getting a little teary. we come back from commercial break, she's on thailand on the beach like, i'm ready for my next date! she went on a date with robbie. they're in thailand. they first go and get a foot massage done in thailand because it's raining. these are the overnight dates. this is the fantasy suite. so he accepted the fantasy suite for her. they made out in her hotel.
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radio. and then they have the dramatic closing of the door. she dates jordan next. after robbie. so then she dates jordan the football player, which is the next day. they made out in their hotel room. >> there was a word for this when we were growing up, frank. >> so we don't know what happened there. >> did she go into another fantasy? >> she gets to go 14 times before she's called promiscuous. >> just trying to find love. >> you and i are going to have lunch and i am going to talk to you. >> it was a great date. he accepts the fantasy suite card. they go into the hotel room. he then says for the first time ever, i love you, and let's look at her reaction. >> i don't know if i'm in the same place as you.
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and i don't even know if this is making sense right now. >> i get the point. >> talk to me. >> i just threw myself out there. i just jumped over a hurdle that i've never done before. now i'm skewered. i'm shattered. all because i said i love you. i should have never said that. i'm embarrassed. and i'm heartbroken. >> she wanted a barf bag. >> he's heartbroken. >> oh, these look good. veggie straws. let's have one of those, hoda. i'm sorry.
10:10 am
if any of you agree with me, please, don't leave me hanging here. >> she sent him home, because she wasn't feeling it. >> how many is she down to? these two. >> just pick one. i'll pick one, you pick the other. >> i want him. what's his name? >> jordan. >> i want jordan. >> so you get the other one. >> the former swimmer. okay, that's it. so next week, we'll see who wins. >> bye! >> how are the veggie straws? >> so delicious. thank you. so didn't wake o you wake u alarm or music? >> alarm. i can't wake up to music. >> music you love? >> spotify did partner with a psychologist to figure out the perfect music to wake up to. they like music that builds slowly and sends a positive message and has a strong beat. those are the three things. >> i don't listen to music in
10:11 am
the morning. >> here's "wake me up." ♪ i'm wiser and i'm older ♪ >> okay. that's a good one. we heard "wake me up," we thought it would be this one. ♪ wake me up before you go-go ♪ ♪ don't leave me hanging on like a yo-yo ♪ >> they recommend it as number two. "downtown." this one. >> we thought it was this one. ♪ you can forget all your troubles ♪ ♪ and go downtown >> you know what? that's a good one to wake up to. >> and number one, though, was "viva la vida" by coldplay. >> i like this song. >> i'm thinking of music.
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>> yes, we have an announcement to make. >> a special one just for us from none other than barbra streisand. barbra streisand is heading back on tour. she took the time to send us our own very special message. she did it on a phone, i think. anyway, take a look. >> hi, kathie lee and hoda. i look forward to seeing you and your viewers when you come to my concert this august. and i'm going to be singing a lot of new music and hope you like it. see you soon, girls. >> this is exciting for lots of different reasons. >> except i'm beginning to be at the olympics and missing it. >> i know. i'm not going to be able to be there either. but she's giving us two tickets to her concert. we're going to pass on to you. we're going to be able to give you details on how to win those soon. have you ever seen her in concert?
10:13 am
>> i saw her once at barclays. >> she's unbelievable, still. >> it doesn't matter where you sit in the stadium, she sings so beautifully. >> she's a maniac perfectionist, so the sound is exquisite. >> i would miss marvin so much right now, because every time i went, marvin was her conductor. anyway, thank you, barbra, that was sweet of you to make that private little invitation. it's hoda's favorite day. spanky spanky. we're going to give it away a little bit later. not as much as the bachelorette does, but we're going to. notice your hair thinning around the temples? >> the signals y
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fortunately there's get the credit you deserve and low monthly payments. now you can! premature balding, brittle nails, dry lips and breakouts all in a day. there are signals that your body may be trying to tell you something important. >> here to help you figure out what health issues you should be
10:17 am
concerned about, "prevention" magazine contributing editor dr. taz batia. >> you have none of these things, that's why you're doing great. our bodies are telling us things by our physical symptom. >> i think we're used to thinking of our bodies at separate pieces, but every part of your body tells a story and that story is connected. so learning to listen, look, and observe your body gives you a host of information. and we've learned this really from the old systems of medicine. they really had to rely on these medicines, like chinese medicine, they really had to pay attention to all these subtle signs because they didn't have labs and technology. >> so we're used to gray hairs. but what if we're starting to lose a hair in a certain spot. >> let's start out with talking about balding. >> wow, okay. >> so balding at the crown, for example. people don't realize, but that crown is command central for your hormones. so if you're seeing changes at the crown, then there may be a hormone imbalance. we know today in research, we see a lot of pcos, it's an
10:18 am
epidemic. so many young women are facing it today, and it really is causing a lot of different hormonal imbalances that result in everything from infertility to endometriosis to acne. so look at your crown. >> are there things you can do? >> clean up your diet. we know that hormones are balanced when you have the right diet. remove sugar. remove refined carbohydrates. sleep. so many women skimp on sleep and don't sleep. that's an important concept. sleep for seven to eight hours a night and try to manage your stress. >> let's move over. >> don't go too far from us. >> brittle nails. a lot of women suffer from this. >> if you're seeing a change in your nails, that's what you need to pay attention to. there is a congenital male disease that many people have. we're not talking about that. we're talking about a change. low calcium, low iron, low zinc. if you're seeing your nails crumble or get really dry, you might have some of these deficiencies. some of the things you can do for that, try to increase those
10:19 am
through food. so with calcium, the greens and dairy, they have a ton of great calcium. increase your iron-rich foods, maybe getting grass-fed beef in a few times a week. add zinc through sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds. if you can't get the food thing down correctly, take a supplement. >> it's interesting. so if you get acne or break out, and especially on your forehead or cheeks. >> when you get breakouts there, those are digestive issues. they're not hormonal issues. so you may want to keep a food journal. look at your diet. see if there are certain foods that are triggering that. the big ones are typically dairy and sugar. >> if your lips are dry and crackly. >> let's talk about that for just a second. dry lips. the skin breaking around the lips. you're usually dehydrated and you may lack fatty acids. so really think about increasing your hydration. get about 100 ounces of water in about a day. increase in high-fat foods. they're good for you. they're not bad for you.
10:20 am
so think about nut butters, chia seeds. the drier your lips are, you will lick them. so keep a nice barrier. >> your hair is such a window into everything. >> the hair is such a window. this is really a part of my story. but really pay attention to your hair. if it's getting dry, brittle, if it breaks really easily, that is a sign that something is wrong internally and usually, not always, it's your thyroid. >> very serious. >> which is very serious. so make sure to get those checked. with all of these recommendations, you want to run them by your doctor. make sure that you're getting things checked out. use your body and your body clues as a sign that something is wrong. >> good info. great job. >> f we meet a football star that's hoping to catch the perfect catch off the field. kansas city's travis kelce goes the extra yard to find true love, but can he do it? >> we don't know.
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it is brain teaser tuesday, when we give you a fun riddle that will have you scratching your head. >> and this one comes to us from squiggly' >> mr. and mrs. smith have seven daughters, if each daughter has a brother, how many children do mr. and mrs. smith have? >> that seems too easy. >> if each daughter has a brother, which would also mean seven, right, how many children -- it's got to be something different. we're going to start counting. we'll reveal the answer after the break, after someone tells us. >> liliana bastiana is going to
10:25 am
show us how to make an easy the type of experience that can save a life in the midst of chaos. doesn't quite fit on a resume. jump 50 feet over the rapids and i crash land. check out my scar. there's nothing there! you didn't jump the creek! there's a new neosporin antibiotic that minimizes scars.
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new neosporin plus pain itch scar give them a universe of knowledge with this 11.6" samsung chromebook for just $189. save money. live better. walmart. to secure a job in the therfield of education.ents sleep isn't one of them. out - but the investigation in happening now, a strip mall fire in san jose is out. but the investigation into how it all started just beginning. the fire broke out a little over 2 hours ago at the pink elephant shopping center on king road. our own chuck coppola is at that scene and talking with business owners. he'll have an update on the 11
10:27 am
a.m. newscast. you can check our twitter feed for the latest as well. spare the air day. the smoke from the large fire in monterey county making for poor air quality. you can find out more at but we'll take a look at weather coming up after the break.
10:28 am
temperatures heating up today. it will be a nice beach day.
10:29 am
if you're heading over to pacifica, we've seen a lot of whale sightings there. we will have a high of 65 degrees. low clouds and fog will clear out later on today. half-moon bay, a little bit warmer up to 74 degrees. winds blowing off shore at about 5 to 15 miles an hour. in santa cruz today, a high of 73 degrees today with mostly sunny skies. and water temperatures at 54. air moving in from once again, from east to west. so whatthat's blowing offshore. not much of a wind. poor air quality may be an issue with the wildfire farther to the south. going into the forecast for the next several days in san francisco, mid 70s today. but dropping back into the 60s in time for the weekend. it will still be hot for the inland areas with highs reaching 99, 102 degrees for the next several days and a little bit cooler this weekend. back to you. >> all right.
10:30 am
kari, thank you. next newscast, we'll see you then. back to "the today show." it's scary. it's brain teaser tuesday. we're trying to get lidia to stay for spanky tuesday. >> she said she's not. >> before the break, we gave you this riddle. >> mr. and mrs. smith have seven daughters. if each daughter has a brother, how many children do mr. and mrs. smith have? >> and the answer is eight children. the reason, it's possible that each daughter has the same brother. but maybe not. >> but who knows? >> if you're puzzle ed by what make for dessert, our team has come up with a recipe that's easy as pie. >> the only thing better than a fresh fruit tart with a buttery crust is if it's made by lidia bastianich. >> thank you, ladies. what a chorus. >> you're the owner, by the way,
10:31 am
we should point out, of a restaurant called felidia. best italian restaurant you will ever go to right here on 58th street. >> and you know we remodelled it. we just finished. it's beautiful. fresh. >> we'll come. >> what are we cooking today, a tart? >> a tart. in the summer, the stone fruit is delicious. simple and straight forward. so all you need is this ingredients. >> that's not a ton of them. >> it's not. to make the dough, you need this flour. >> some butter. >> and a little bit of sugar. >> does that go in? >> not all at once. >> exactly. >> getting ahead of myself. >> that's right. >> hoda does that. just drizzle it. >> a little bit. >> is that just water? >> just chilled water. >> you don't want to work too much the dough. you want just a good crumbling. go ahead. you just want it to get crumbly like this.
10:32 am
>> i like it crumbly. it's rustic. >> you pull it together. >> and again, you don't work it too much. the more you work it, the more it melts. >> she's spanking it. >> be careful, lidia. >> am i getting into trouble? >> you might. >> be very afraid. >> once it's all together like that, you wrap it up, you put it in the refrigerator. then you get the fruit ready. these plums are so delicious. you can make it with peach, with apricot. >> could you combine the two? >> different cooking time. >> oh, for cooking different fruits. arer the fruit i just tried was a plumcot. it's an apricot and plum mixed. they're sugar sweet and delicious. >> it's against nature. >> now we're going to season this. >> what's that, sugar? a little bit of lemon juice. go ahead.
10:33 am
with the zest. and that will hold it all together. >> like a gel, huh? >> do you put in in there? >> you just put that. you don't want it to melt, but it will just mix in. and this is the filling. now, what's important is this little thing. this is bread crumbs, sugar, and a little bit of cinnamon. we're going to put that on the bottom so it absorbs the juiciness. >> that is so deceptive of you. >> so you take the dough and you roll it between two parchment, just like that. >> i'll take it for you. >> okay, thanks. and you just scoop that right in there. >> it's too juicy. >> you don't put that on there? >> you do. >> mix in a little bit. and sprinkle it just in the middle here. >> where you're going to put the fruit. >> i'm observant. >> it's wonderful when it happens. >> and you leave a little bit for the top. this is great. and we'll just line up the plums
10:34 am
just like that all around. >> and that butter, just not melted, you pop it in there? >> it's going to melt in there. and you can line it up, really line it up. or you can plop it in. and that's fine. do not put all of the juice in there, because -- >> it will be too sloppy. >> so do you just pinch these sides up? >> you just pull them up. >> i like the way you do it, not all fancy. >> this is the one right here. should we try it, lidia? >> yeah. >> simply have to. >> beautiful. >> do you want to try the peach or the plum? >> i'll try the plum. >> okay. let's put a little bit of bread crumbs right here. okay, thank you. and we're going to taste this. >> this one. >> you see how simple and straight forward? nice and crunchy. if you have any extra fruit, you just -- >> right on the top. >> poach it a little bit.
10:35 am
>> the crust is delicious. the crust is so good. for this recipe and more, go to when it comes to the game of love, nfl star travis kelce is having a ball. >> the buff bachelor tells us all about his new dating show, coming up next. sara, could you come in here. yep, coming. oh wow, what kind of underwear are those? they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. [gasp] what are those? guys... they're breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. yes, they have these tiny holes to let the air through, can you help me? wa wa weewoo look at those. can you feel this? [blowing] turn around for me. seriously? yeah. slow...slow...slower...slower is that okay. i don't think you should get that dress. it doesn't fit. stay cool with breathable underwear from fruit of the loom. get your beauty sleep and use yonew aveeno®r? absolutely ageless® night cream with active naturals® blackberry complex. younger looking skin can start today.
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10:39 am
so...bananas have feelings? i...guess that's what i'm saying. do you hear that, alfie? bananas have feelings! sorry, banana, this isn't personal. mmmm! the family favorite. yoplait. adorable? >> check. >> charming. >> that's what they say. >> athletic. >> very. check, check. >> football extraordinaire travis kelce, tight end for the kansas city chiefs, is now searching for love off the field on his new e! dating reality show called "catching kelce." so clever. >> 50 women from 50 states are vying for a chance at love with travis. but first, he has to narrow down the playing field to just 20 lovely ladies, who only have 30 seconds each to make the impression of a lifetime. take a look. >> georgia peach in the house. >> georgia peach. >> okay. >> don't eat.
10:40 am
it's been on the floor. >> dang. >> that's nice, right? >> she gonna hurt me. >> i think we can connect on a lot of levels. >> what was she doing? what was she doing with her tongue? >> um, i think it was like the worm with the tongue? i'm not sure. i was trying to keep it pg up in here. >> did she make it? >> i don't want to give anything away. it was interesting technique there, though. >> what made you decide as you have a very successful cool career? you didn't need this. >> or for chicks? >> so why did you do it? >> the original reason is i've been very success-driven. i've been thinking about trying to be a professional athlete my entire life. so the aspect of really trying to focus off the field, in like a family aspect, a girlfriend aspect, it's -- i don't want to say it's been a disaster, but it hasn't been what i needed it to
10:41 am
be. >> what are you looking for in a woman? >> i've been looking for a very success-driven woman as well. someone that's very focused on her ambitions in life. on top of that, who doesn't love a beautiful smile? >> we heard that you were actually giving some love advice to people. so you hit the streets of new york city to dish it out. so let's take a look at that. >> i can't wait to see this. >> the love shack. giving love advice all day. time to put the game face on. travis kelce. and this is love advice. >> all right, so owe see this handsome young man standing at the bar. the bar is a very approachable place. so maybe go over there, stretch your stuff. throw a little elbow on the bar. you're nice and close. just say hello.
10:42 am
>> hello. >> and you're in from there. >> i feel like you have to charm him. are a simple hello with those blue eyes, you'll kill it. >> do you know how much a polar bear weighs? >> roughly around a ton. >> enough to break the ice. >> broke it. after that, you've got to immediately go into the transition of hi, my name is shea, hi, my name is travis. >> i just want to be matched by everyone, then have my pick. >> i feel like it's all in the delivery. >> what kind of pictures would i put? >> there's always the classic selfie. maybe show the angles. boom. look at that -- she's got the smile. guys are swiping right all day. all day. >> so you're basically looking for depth. >> basically. >> are the guys on your team just busting your chops over
10:43 am
this? >> nobody can make fun of me better than me. so going into this, i knew everything was going to come down on me, especially in the locker room, especially around the guys. but it's fun. i had a blast doing it. and sure enough, i found a lovely lady at the end. >> wow! how long has that lasted? >> so far, two months. >> all right, all right. it premieres august 5th on e!. >> we wish you all the luck in the world. >> thank you, ladies. we're going to catch up with logan from the first moment you met
10:44 am
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he's just 24 years old, and for 16 years already, logan lerman has been landing some of hollywood's most coveted role. >> logan's newest film is called "indignati "indignation" and we're going to talk to logan about it in just a moment, but first, a look at his impressive career.
10:49 am
>> that's an 8-year-old logan lerman, at just the start of his acting career, playing william martin in mel gibson's "the patriot." now at 24, logan's got countless hollywood hits on his resume, including "the perks of being a wallflower." >> i didn't think anyone noticed me. arer the wildly popular greek mythological franchise "perry jackson and the olympians." >> i make my own destiny. >> and the biblical epic "noah," which grossed over $360 million worldwi worldwide. >> you said the creator would give us what we need. >> perhaps his most star-studded film was the world war ii drama "fury" where he got to share the script with brad pitt, shia labeouf, and michael pena. >> i'm staying here with you. >> now logan's got an executive producer credit with the coming of age film "indignation," which he also stars in. playing a young jewish college student who must deal with stifling conformity and sexual repression at the height of the korean war.
10:50 am
>> relax. you're so intense. >> trust me, i'm trying. >> wow! your resume is crazy. >> thank you. >> so good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> what goes through your mind as you're watching that? >> yeah, i don't know. i'm very embarrassed. it's odd to watch clips of yourself in films and a montage like that. >> is there a project when you looked at that whole array where you were like, that one, that so far is my crown jewel? >> no. no, they were all great experiences. and very different experiences. fulfilling projects. except for the first one, where i was a little kid. i mean, there's no -- i have no memory of what that was like. >> that was also with heath ledger. >> yeah. >> he was a son as well. >> tell us about your character in "indignation." >> i play marcus. the film takes place in the 1950s. he's a very opinionated young
10:51 am
man. oh, sorry. you hear that? >> that's the video. >> i was like, what's going on? i didn't know what was happening there. >> we're messing with you. >> you're nervous because you know we're going to play a little game in a moment. >> but it takes place in the 1950s and i play a guy going to a very conservative college and he clashes with the administration. and yeah, he's a very opinionated young man. >> is it to stay out of the korean war? >> yeah, the korean war is a looming presence over the film. you know, young people in the 1950s, if you attended college, you didn't have to go fight off in korea. so it was kind of a safe haven. so my character -- you know, a ton of repression and having to repress his opinions and his desires in order to stay safe and stay in college and not get kicked out of school. >> and sent to korea. >> yeah. >> i think we have a few seconds. >> so we're going to guess who the co-star is. these are all people you've
10:52 am
co-starred with. we're going to put them on the back monitor, and you're going to try to guess. we're going to guess along with you. let's see if first one. >> mel gibson? >> paul rudd. >> yeah, paul rudd. >> in what movie? >> i don't know. >> we love him. >> i can recognize his eyebrows. >> renee zellweger. >> yes. >> she's the best, too. like the nicest person. >> she's a sweetie. >> all right, we know it's renee. we're wasting time here. play another one. >> come on, guys. >> oh, pierce brosnan. >> that one eye. >> last one. >> is that brooke shields? >> no, jennifer connelly. >> good one. >> i did all right. >> you did beautifully. >> good. >> "indignation." we wish you all the best with the film. it hits theaters this friday, everybody. >> earlier, we said "catching
10:53 am
kelce" premieres in august. it's actually october. >> that's what we were told. our fans are going for one last spin before we give it away. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
we are about to make five lucky viewers really happy, because it's time to give it away. >> this week's prize is -- >> a herum slow juicer. >> it features a patented slow squeeze technology. >> hoda loves that. >> to retain the natural nutrie nutrients. you can control the amount of pulp to suit your case. >> it also works on vegetables and soy beans. tofu and even ice cream. >> i bet you that's full of nutrie nutrients. >> shall we find out who our winners are? >> the swanky music. >> not until we pick one.
10:57 am
>> the first viewer is -- >> who is it? >> edward solerno from old forge, pennsylvania. >> oh, my gosh, edward won. >> here's one. >> don't get excited. >> terrence smith from tucson, arizona. >> and childers from birmingham, alabama. >> it's my turn. >> i know. but i've already got the last one. >> hoda, don't stall. our viewers are on to you. don't show disrespect to our viewers. >> wait a second. here we go. christine samaru from arlington, virginia. >> yes, and valerie ingram from gresham, oregon. >> we want to say congrats to our winners. we shred the non-winning entries, you guys, so make sure you enter again for the prize. >> assume the position. >> tomorrow, actor jason biggs and his real life wife are here. >> plus, a live performance from
10:58 am
elvis's newest artist. quick work by firefighters helps
10:59 am
11:00 am
save a cluster of south bay businesses. but one popular market is cleanig and right now at 11:00, one popular market cleaning up at this hour. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on our midday newscast. >> this is a developing story we're following right now. we are outside of the lucky supermarket and it sounds like this could have been a loss worse. >> absolutely. a lot of firefighters this morning, we're at the pink elephant center. the fire began this morning in the kitchen of the


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