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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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developments in france. five people are now being questioned after thursday's truck attack in nice. police are trying to figure out if the 21-year-old tunisian man worked alone. among those in custody, his wife. 84 people died after he drove his truck into crowds of people. another 202 are injured and 25 of those are still in intensive care. we have team coverage of this developing story. we have the latest on the search to find the missing cal student not seen since the attack. >> reporter: he was part of a group of uc berkley students studying abroad in nice. and his parents have not been able to reach him. this is his family leaving their del mar home earlier today to catch a flight to france. three of them suffered injuries in the attack, in which a gunman
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drove semitruck for crowds. they saw lesley avoid the truck but lost him later during the chaos. his social media account has been silent and has not returned to student housing. his uncle is checking all the hospitals area. >> so, we decided to bring the flyers and we've been in touch with the american consulate and we officially asked for permission to put their number on the flyer. so, i had official permission. and the police didn't like where we were put ourg fting our flye. >> police questioned him about why hawae was posting the flyer. they say the mood is very somber as they turn to social media to try to garner support for the students still in france. some say the attack has caused
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them to reconsider plans to study abroad. and of the three uc berkley students, only one remains in the hospital recovering from a broken leg. nbc bay area news. we cover our coverage of the attack in nice with christy smith in san francisco where victims were remembered today. >> reporter: it was a somber gathering to remember the victims in nice. we spoke to a number of people that recently moved to the united states from france. they shared frustration and wanting to be close to home. and of solidarity. many found out about the gathering through social media and left notes of sympathy and flowers and left stories of check in on friends and all the emotions they felt after the
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truck attack in nice. today, a man who recently moved here from paris shared his feelings. >> just really, really sad. and i was just saying not sure what's a good solution to that problem. that's the hardest thing to take right now. when is it going to stop? >> reporter: the consul general of france spoke to the crowd of about 100 people and talked about the meaning of bastille day and listed a number of attacks in and out of france and they're against the values of freedom and said we will never give in to the terrorist threat. reporting live, christy smith, nbc bay area news. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of the deadly attack in france. you can cover our digital platforms for all the latest.
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police say a 911 call came in about 10:30 from a dental office near the corner of deer wood and crow canon roads. a 3-year-old girl was unresponsive. they performed cpr before she was rushed to the hospital. they're looking into what procedure the little girl was having done. her condition has not been released. they're asking for hem fin finding a bicyclists. witnesses say a dark colored sedan ran into the cyclist from behind causing major injuries. the cyclist had to be air lifted. many are calling on law makers to pass strong gun control measures. and erick solwell teamed up with nancy o'malley to discuss
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strategies. and they invited patrick grady, a member of the british parliament. they enacted tough gun control measures after a school shooting 20 years ago. he doesn't understand why the u.s. congress again did nothing. >> the notion that something as simple as that wouldn't be allowed a straight up or down vote is astonishing in itself. >> reporter: he was part of the demonstration on the house floor after the shooting. they would track illegal weapons better, none has come up for a vote. he's one of the warriors' most iconic players and his contributions to the franchise are immeasurable. the hall of famer receiving an out pouring of support. henry willferred has more. >> reporter: the basketball world lost one of the greatest
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play ofers of all time. hall of famer nate the great died after battling leukemia. he was inducted in the basketball hall of fame in 1985 and named one of the nba's 50 greatest players of all time. itrits his number is retired by the warriors and the cleveland cavaliers and was an ambassador for the golden state warriors. rick berry had this to say. "quote he was one of the greatest sinners to ever play the game and i was privilege to call him a teammate and dear friend. he battled his illness to the very end like a true warrior. his legacy is a fierce competitiveness, love of basketball and selfless devotion to others. my heart felt prayers go to his family, friends and fans." today we say good bye to one of the greatest to ever play the
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game. nate the great theurman was 74 years old. >> we'll have more on thurman's life and death in a few minutes. you see it right there. this opened up yesterday and it is big enough to swallow a car. lanes are closed for the repairs. likely all the way through tomorrow. a new park shut down by a judge anderat it's only been open for months and donald trump explains his vp pick. why indiana governor mike pence is the right running mate. and sunny skies toward the try valley. liver more only 82 degrees. low 60s for tomorrow morning. upper 50s with patchy low clouds. but will the sea breeze stick around to keep temperatures cool? ...olling co atmptn
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flights grounded. today, trips have been canc lel following the coup attempt in turkey. the ticket desk did open for anyone with questions about changing their flight. the turkish government is arresting thousands of military members. the military tried to over throw the president, nearly 200 people died in the chaos.
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♪ donald trump today made his first public appearance with his choice to be his gop running mate. he insisted the pair are the right choice to lead the country in a new direction. here with more. >> reporter: donald trump said indiana governor mike pence was his first choice to unite the republican party. >> he's a man of honor, integrity and honesty. the turn around and the strength of indiana has been incredible. >> reporter: in fact the recovery of pence's state was typical. but he's a favor of family values republicans. >> i'm a christian, a conservative, and a republican in that order. america needs to be strong for the world to be safe on the world stage, donald trump will lead from strength. >> reporter: after the terror attacks in france and in the u.s., trump's pledge, his ticket has a mission.
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>> we are the law and order candidate and with the law and order party, we're going to change things around. >> reporter: the wrong changes, warn hillary clinton, bad for the economy, she said, women, immigrants and literally the planet. at the rock & roll hall of fame, republicans accepted trump's pick to join his band. >> mike pence is a conservative and some of the conservative base, i believe has been skeptical. >> reporter: i'm steve handles, nbc news, cleveland. >> the gop convention kicks off in just two days. final improves are being made for the main stage. big name guests are going through walk throughs and rehearsals ahead of time and security is very tight. hillary clinton is promising to act quickly to overturn citizens united.
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she made the pledge in a video message in a conference today. it lifted limits on corporate and union spending in elections and lead to a flood of political money. she says she will act against citizens united in her first 30 days in office. the california based company is agreeing to pay $200 million and change its business practices. they cracked down hard on herbllife, falsely telling people they could get rich quick. >> the marketing materials claimed consumers, regardless of their background or experience could earn part-time income ranging from $500 to $1500 per month. >> herballife is in los angeles. the company, which had revenue of more than $4 billion said it
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dis grees with many of the fcc allegations. and here with the weekend off to really whatever you like, it's available. >> not too hot and not too cold. everybody's happy. >> i will take sh pome porage. >> and the sea breeze pushed in and temperatures only in the 60s in san francisco. 69 towards napa, 72 around the peninsula. and that is the warm spot right now. livermoor, right near 88 degrees the winds up to 25 miles per hour and into san francisco, 60 degrees. winds at west at 20 and into sa. the high was 82.
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fairly close to average with the hazy skies. and the sea breeze doing a great thing for air quality. you koedon't often see good air quality unless you have that case of ocean air conditioning on over drive. southwest winds up to 17 miles per hour. from the try valley to the north bay and even san jose running a few degrees cooler. that will continue tomorrow as we wake up to areas of low clouds in the morning and drizzle in san francisco and the peninsula. and by 11:00, you're still see some of the low clouds around the bay bridge toll plaza. and sunshine on the coast around santa cruz. pacifica and half moon bay plan on seeing clouds. 60s closer to san francisco and
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san matemateo, only in the midafternoon. and if you're heading to wine country, not too bad. 80 at napa and the hour to hour shows how the south wind will prevent temperatures from getting too cold and not 90s, not 70s. mid to upper 80s in the forecast and the three-day out look not much change through tuesday and notice on wednesday, upper 80s and 90s beginning to show up. you're starting to see that there in the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. mid-week we'll begin to see the temperatures climb on up. lots of low clouds, morning mist and 68 on wednesday and keep that mid-week forecast in mind because the next chance we'll see 90s is when the low leaves, which is why we're staying cool
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this weekend. we'll have to watch 90s returning to the valleys with dry conditions. the opposite of what we're seeing this weekend which could lead to fire danger. something not to focus on but as we approach next weekend, lots of 90s and some heat. >> for now i think i'll enjoy the fresh air you're talking about. it's one display at the zoo you'll never see. inside an important project saving some little lives. lims=o +ail "vgasl
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one of the east bay's newest parks is already off limits. plateau regional park closed yesterday. after a judge said roads were not widened enough to handle an
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influx of visitors. this stems from a 2012 ruling where they agreed to upgrade e roads because of neighbors concerned with traffic. the park district says it plans to appeal that closure. a couple of bay area zoos are teaming up to save threatened animals. but they'll never meet the public. joe rosodo jr. >> reporter: we think of zoos as places where animals are on display. but behind the scenes at the oakland zoo is a group of animals the public will never see. inside a tiny room and a couple of tubs sits a group of western pond turtles. these tiny turtles came here as eggs taken from the wild in lake
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county a year ago. >> we take care of the cleaning them, feeding them. >> reporter: but after a year of pampering. >> turtle season is over here. >> reporter: the turtles are now heading home. >> it's a species in pretty steep decline. >> reporter: newly born turtles are a meal for pretty much every critter in the wild. so, they've teamed up to give these endangered turtles a first year of sanctuary. >> we're giving them a literal head start in life. we're going to take the turtles we raised and release them. we have to hike out in the middle through probably about 50 yards. >> good bye, humans, back to your ancestral home. >> reporter: when released. >> to their home turf, they linger at the surface, taking in
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their saviors but then freedom sinks in and so do the turtles. >> it's so worth it when you get to take these little animals and see them swim away. >> reporter: nick guys comes to lake county to protect and cover the turtle nest. >> it's really something special for a zoo keeper. it's not something a lot of people at a zoo get to do. >> reporter: back in the wild, their instincts will take over, guiding them forward. the same could be said for the zoo keepers who plan to return again next year. nbc bay area news. ready to try again. coming up, space x ready to send another rocket into space despite some failed attempts. but first remembering a warrior legend. we'll be right back.
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the basketball world lost a great man on the court and off the court. nate the great thurman, dead at the age of 74 and everyone has nothing but positive things to say about this man. what made him special off the court? >> i got to start with the fact his nickname nate the great was totally fitting for him. on the court, worthy of his hall of fame selection, outstanding, he could score but primarily focussed on defense. i think he enjoyed playing against guys like kareem abdul-jabbar and wilt ch chamberla chamberlain. nate made sure that wilt chamberlain was frustrated in every attempt he tried to score and off the court a gentle man, kind man, dignity, class. these personified who nate thurman was. you won't find a person anywhere
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on earth saying a bad thing about nate thurman. i can't imagine it happening. he wasn't a -- one of those guys that came in with high expectations like wilt or a kareem who was supposed to change our franchise. he grew up in a small town in akron, ohio and went to bowling greens, so he didn't come in highly touted. he earned it and was so good that people realized, he's not just a good center, he is one of the elite sencenters in the lea. >> nate the great thurman dead at the age of 74 and named one of the greatest 50 players of all time. the gpopar kem gopp leto me rio
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the mega popular pokemon go app led to very frustrations today for fans all over the world. servers crashed as the app rolled out in 26 additional countries. the makers of the app say no, it was too much to handle. in the u.s., it's being downloaded up to 5,000,000 time as day. well, practice makes perfect. spacex trying to launch another load of space supplies. on board is a critical docking
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port. last year, the same model was destroyed in a spacex crash. the good news is excellent weather is forecasted for the launch about 12:30 tomorrow morning from cape canaveral. they not only hope to get the supplies and get their left over booster back at cape canaveral. they've tried this four times before and only cusucceeded onc and they're hoping this will be twice. and they did it once. it was pretty impressive stuff. you're talking really good air. >> for july standards, quite the opposite right now. if you're heading towards san jose, 75 degrees, clear skies and pretty pleasant forecast. and as we approach tomorrow morning, close to 60. so, the sunday forecast has
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temperatures in the 80s in the south bay. san francisco staying in the 60s. and the seven-day forecast, not much change to wednesday. they start to climb on up and a similar trend in the inland valleys and the heat turns back on. thursday and friday. second half of next week looks like we could get a taste of heat. and except for the fog and mist out on the coast tomorrow. >> thanks very much and thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. see you back tomorrow night i hope. have a good night. an nbc bay area news special. "reality check," next. nigel farage: well, i have to say, you're not laughing now, are you? sam: rebellion in the united kingdom. the vote that shocked the world, as even some brits show buyer's remorse. we'll see if there's any way to back out of brexit. plus-- male: did hillary clinton lie?
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director james comey: to the fbi? sam: an fbi investigation that fired up a frenzy on capitol hill. hillary clinton appears to have ducked criminal charges for now. why the presidential nominee is not in the legal clear just yet. and finally-- male: no fly, no gun. no fly, no gun. sam: the issue that's reached a fever pitch for democrats. paul ryan: house be in order. sam: demanding gun reform now. male: look at that. they're shooting back and forth. sam: the orlando tragedy turned up the urgency. but did the party put guns on the back burner when democrats were calling the shots on capitol hill? we cut through the claims and come up with just the facts, next on "reality check." sam brock: and good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. it has been a very turbulent last few weeks, from more mass shootings to political scandal and theater ahead of the elections. let's get right to it. and we're gonna start right now about 5,000 miles away


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