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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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police on the scene here. what we know about the danger to the public. a fire rips through an east bay home overnight killing a man and his dog. the investigation now under way to find out what sparked the deadly flames. pretty stunning video taking social media by storm as hump back whales make a rare visit underneath the golden gate bridge. the reason the focus is turning to kite boarders getting too close for comfort. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you. as we started off yesterday, it was foggy&ç >> we'll see the same thing today. we haven't seen much in the way of change. in san francisco, you may not see the skies clearing at all. we will start out with morning clouds. pleasant afternoon. lunchtime temperatures will be
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59 in the city, 55 in the tri-valley. in the south bay with the drive-home temperature at 74 in the south bay. san francisco up too 62. you are updating us on a crash in the tri-valley? >> we expect later build for friday. we'll show you the maps. there is activity, a couple of issues in the south bay popping up. this is southbound 680 off the 580 interchange. that trash sounds like we will have one lane blocked. it happened overnight. construction crews in the area off 580 are starting to move and get ready for the morning. back to you. >> thank you very much. breaking news 0 you the of south bay where there's been another homicide. police are investigating a deadly stabbing.
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this one happened at story road and king road around midnight. >> kris sanchez live there with what we know so far. >> good morning. san jose police have not told us if that killer is in custody so we have to believe the person who stabbed this man to death around midnight last night is still at-large in the community. san jose police still here on scene five hours later along story roadside of the parking lot of the tropicana plaza. the victim was stabbed once and died here at the scene. investigators are collecting evidence. they have cordoned off a large part of this commercial parking lot here. this is san jose's 17th homicide of the year. anyone with information is urged to report it to the san jose police department. you can report what you know
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anonymously. kris sanchez, today in the bay. 5:02, a man and his dog were killed if a house fire in concord last night. a woman in the home was able to get out ahive but did suffer minor injuries. firefighters say when they arrived, a car and the garage were fully engulfed in flames. the man later died at a hospital. firefighters say it is not clear what sparked that fire. to a developing story we've been tracking. lanes of highway 80 were shut down because of police activity. >> we were working to find out what happened on interstate 80. there was a crash at 10:30 last night in the eastbound lane just west of highway 4. one person was taken to a hospital. investigators are not releasing that person's condition. all lanes were closed off for several hours and are now all back open. we know the name of the man who
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san jose police officers shot while he was allegedly attacking his mother with an axe. he's been identified as 26-year-old ryan ajuski. he attacked his mother wednesday morning not far from the high school. both are expected to survive. the son does suffer from mental illness. the tables are turned for an officer on the peninsula. he is at the center of a criminal investigation. he is accused of sexually assaulting women while on duty. prosecutors say they've been investigating him since october. the san mateo police chief announced she put winchester on indefinite leave. he has since resigned. an uber driver says his nerves are rattled after his suv got stuck on the edge of a sinkhole. >> i was thinking earthquake. i don't know what's going on.
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the car went straight down pretty bad. >> not an earthquake but the ground did open up. this is a sinkhole in san francisco on mission south of market. the uber driver had a family in that car at the time. he was headed to a hotel when the sinkhole opened up. no one was hurt but he got plenty scared. crews are hoping to install new pipes by saturday. this morning a block of mission street remains closed. >> another sinkhole in san francisco is in need of repair. this is at the tenderloin. it was pretty small, didn't completely open up, but there was a clear depression in the middle of the roadway. to a majestic sight s by the golden gate. two humpback whales frolicking in the san francisco bay. it shows two wind surfers moving too close to the action. local whale watching businesses
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are used to navigating near the mammals but know to keep a safe distance. >> they tell us to not approach them at a quick rate of speed. we can run parallel with them. if they start changing course a lot, that means we are bothering them. >> experts are reminding everyone you can be fined for getting within 100 yards of a humpback whale or altering its course and that fine can run as high as $10,000. no one wanted to get too close to the sharks in the water last night. from whales to sharks. san jose sharks trouncing nashville in game seven of the stanley cup playoff series last night. sharks leaving little doubt during last night's 5-0 run that rout was on early.
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>> now it's on to the western conference finals. sharks have gotten this far three times before, but have never quite made it to the champions series. let's do it this year. fans hoping things will change this time around. >> we've been waiting our whole lives. >> this is our year, baby. this is it. >> it certainly felt good. especially with that score. game one of the series takes place sunday night in st. louis. it's on nbcsn. what makes this year different than other years? we have joe pawbelski. they crushed last night. i could here the cheering over the streets in san jose. >> today warrior fans have the opportunity to see steph curry's two mvp trophies on full display. >> the trophies will be on display at the team store in oracle arena starting at 9:00
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a.m. the viewing will go till 9:00 tonight. curry was elected to his second consecutive mvp award thursday. he is the only player to win unanimously. really a living legend. >> he is. he is already in the history books. his team now, we've got to bring them a championship. >> were you watching this game? >> not at all. we have to wake up at 2:00 in the morning? >> that's why you're glowing. >> i know i'll see the highlights this morning. let's take a look outside. you're wiping your eyes, a little tired. it is cool. 7:00 in the east bay and south bay. 51 in the north bay with patchy fog. as it clears, we'll be up to 59 in the north bay. beautiful weather this afternoon with breezy winds and mostly sunny skies.
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more of that in the forecast for the weekend. i'll tell you about that in a few minutes. let's head to the roads with mike. >> this is a live shot of the freeway heading down to fremont and milpitas. smooth traffic flowing. earlier we told you about a piece of luggage or something. that did clear from southbound, but northbound has reports of a big rig and another vehicle on the shoulder. the other side of the peninsula. palo alto, easy drive here. it's friday, so we should see a later and lighter build. back to you. 5:09. a call for justice. directive from the obama administration concerning transgender students and what path rooms they should be allowed to use. >> facebook reveals some of the secrets behind its controversial trending topics.
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we'll take a look.
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the white house today will weigh in on what has become a devisive issue. the fight for transgender bathroom equality. department of education and department of justice will provide guidance to public schools in the wake of north carolina's recent law requiring
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gender-specific bathroom use. "the new york times" report that the president is going to direct public schools to allow transgender students to use bathrooms matching their gender identity. schools that do discriminate may lose out on title 9 funding. president obama is going to host a summic for northic leaders at the white house followed by state leaders. prime minister of sweden, denmark and iceland. the goal is to deepen u.s. and nordic relations. 5:13. donald trump and house speaker paul ryan met yesterday. ryan still has not endorsed trump. the speaker says the meeting went well and is looking forward to working with the presumptive nominee. they are far apart on issues like the economy, planned parenthood and trade. >> we'll go deeper into the policy areas to see how we can make sure we are operating off the same core principles.
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>> hillary clinton would not comment on trump's meeting. senator bernie sanders said the republicans are still divided. >> they've got a serious problem, an extreme right wing party dealing with a guy who changes his views every day from bad to worse. >> sanders trails hillary clinton in the delegate count. he promises to take his campaign all what it to the convention. hillary clinton continues to build up her support in the bay area. she opened another local campaign office. this one is in san jose. the mayor joined the campaign staff to help drum up support. the other clinton campaign offices are in san francisco and oakland. clinton will be back in the bay area in a couple of weeks for a fund-raiser in africa. >> getting our first look at internal facebook documents showing how employees chose those debated trending stories. >> scott mcgrew, it's working the way you said it did. >> it's a lot more human than
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facebook was letting on. facebook released the instructions that it gives news employees hours after the guardian leaked them. the documents marked for internal use only show the process by which employees are supposed to pick the stories that show up as trending. while the first culling is done by computers, the rest is as we reported done by people. zuckerberg and facebook came under fire after they said they some times quash stories. he plans to meet with conservatives to smooth things over. donald trump tells fox news, if he becomes president, he'll direct the justice department to investigate amazon as a monopoly. this comes as he becomes more and more frustrated with "the washington post." jeff bezos, the founder of amazon owns "the washington
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post." >> every hour we are getting calls from reporters from "the washington post" asking ridiculous questions. i will tell you, this is owned as a toy by jeff bezos who controls amazon. amazon is getting away with murder taxwise. he is using "the washington post" for power so the politicians in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. >> trump says if he becomes president, he'll try to open up libel rules. good morning, loudoun many. >> happy friday. wall street could end the week in the red. futures are lower. dow eking out gains and a slump in tech stocks highlighted by a slide in apple on concerns of iphone sales. rising nine points to 1707.20.
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>> have a great weekend. >> starting monday, the world of investing changes as the securities and exchange commission opens up the rules as part of the jobs act. the jobs act dates back to 2012, but it's i taken this long for the s.e.c. to figure out all the rules. it will take till monday to figure out how to implement it. basically it says small businesses can solicit you for an investment. you could be part of the company, own part of a company even if it's not on the stock market. this all happens monday. >> that could give a big boost to small business. >> it would be tremendous. that's why they did it. >> you know how we know it's taken that long? president obama wasn't completely gray? >> that office ages everyone. >> thank you very much.
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>> somebody still has a job right now would be sharkey. he's going strong. everyone's bay area hockey mascot will make an appearance in the south bay. there is no hangovevç for sharkey. circled the shark tank late in the evening. sharkey will appear for the annual friday the 13th festivities at the winchester mystery house. at 1300 hours, that is 1:00 p.m., sharkey will ring the tower's bell 13 times. being that the l.a. angels of anaheim play in orange county, perhaps it's appropriate orange cat taking over the stands, making a mad dash across the diamond into the stands, into the arms of someone there. don't get cat scratch fever from that one. they followed that cat around. the cat wasn't such great luck
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as they lost that 12-10. you see the ticker, he's in the stands. it is 20 seconds. >> he looks like he didn't know where to go. cats, sharks, dogs. back to reality here. >> good morning. we start out with low clouds and mild temperatures this morning. heading into the weekend, it looks like it will be another nice one. nicer than last weekend. let's get a look outside as we get a view of the bay bridge. low clouds as we start out the day. now in the mid 50s. watch out for patchy fog no worries beginning this friday. 56 in the peninsula and san francisco. it's 7:00 now in the south bay. let's drop in on the north bay to get a view how cool it is in
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some spots. 51 in yountville and napa. san rafael at 53. temperatures in the 50s now as we break it down for oakland. clouds throughout the morning. by lunchtime we see the sun peeking out. beautiful bright sunshine throughout the afternoon with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. we'll still have a wide range of temperatures from 75 in gilroy to 63 in half moon bay and embarcadero 61. 70 in santa rosa. mid 70s for the tri-valley. the next system will bring in clouds and drizzle. it is approaching from the west and will bring cooler temperatures for the weekend. we are seeing the cloud now. a couple of spotty showers will be possible for early tomorrow morning. that should not be enough to ruin outdoor plans. on sunday we'll do it all over again with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine.
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looking ahead in the north bay 69. 73 in the tri-valley. more of the same throughout saturday and sunday. no major changes. beautiful weather for the bay to breakers sunday in san francisco. let's head over to mike to get a look on the roadway. >> we have a live shot from san jose. most our freeways are looking good. tracking two crashes. the one in milpitas looks like it's over on the shoulder. 680 at stone ridge, this may stick out to the slow lanes. major front end damage report. it's out of lanes, but the activity may be a distraction as you hit the dublin interchange. showing you the approach of the maze, something surprising for the speed sensors. a couple of folks waiting for cash lanes. san rafael, southbound 101.
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about the same amount of traffic. next, a pricey plan to fix a major problem. caltrans is addressing flooding at the base of the main tower on the eastern span of the bay bridge. a live look at the eastern span
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of the bay bridge. and caltrans is gettinghgreen light tfix thee a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. drivers ticking right along while cal strans is getting the
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green light to fix the problem of flooding at the base of its signature tower. yesterday they approved a plan to remove affected grout, clean out suspension rods and install a new waterproof seal. that will cost more than $10 million. the board also approved a separate $1 million plan to protect the tower from corrosion. also happening today, governor brown scheduled to release his revised state budget. >> in january, brown proposed a relatively modest $122 billion spending plan. about half of it goes to education. today's release comes amid new concerns about declining revenue and renewed pressure to assist low-income residents. >> it's been hailed as the bond measure to help solve our drought that is meant to improve infrastructure and pay for new projects so california is better prepared for the next vaught. our investigation found
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questionable water projects buried inside the fine print. we found old traditional projects that critics say are not innovator and likely don't benefit the state at all. >> i would rather see in the future more of the state bond money going to things that are very hard to fund locally, and that means less emphasis on funds going to water supply and waste water agencies, and more emphasis on the kinds of things they don't fund with the rate payer base. >> the investigative team also discovered a few projects that benefit big oil at a local country club, as well as private retirement community. find out what senior investigative reporter dug up in that fine print tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip, give us a
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call 888-996-tips. 5:26. students at one south bay elementary school are dealing with a wave of stomach sicknesses. at least 90 students have come down with the stomach flu over the past two weeks. that's more than 10% of the student body. six staffers have become ill. no other school districts are affected, but a lot of homes are affected. my kids have the flu right now. breaking news at the south bay. deadly stabbing in the south bay. active investigation under way this morning. tragedy in the east bay. bob redell live at concord where a fire kills a man. that story coming up. stephanie chuang live in san francisco where lucky people got to catch the sight of the humpbacked whales. there is a warn that could lead
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to fines and jail time. for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. =laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's kind of light out there. >> it is friday. >> friday the 13th. >> scary. reality check. >> you're wearing black. >> we all are pretty much.
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>> are you superstitious? >> not at all. we show that video of the black cat running across the ice. >> good luck charm. >> we are going to have an award-winning forecast, too. looks very nice as we go into the weekend. looking outside now, we have clouds. we will see that for the next several hours. also staying along the coast throughout the day. and a pleasant afternoon. here is a look at lunchtime temperatures. this will be on the cool side. 59 and mid 60s for the tri-valley with highs today in the 60s and 70s. let's head over to mike. it's time to turn on metering lights. >> we just talked about that lighter friday commute. that's what we see. look at this. we have the fastrack lanes are clear. cash lanes backing up. no major problems. metering lights turned on right on schedule. look at the rest of your bay as we zoom out.
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we see no problems for the speed sensors. i have a couple of minor crashes. there is the fremont area. >> live pictures right now from san jose where a man was stabbed to death overnight. we've been following this as breaking news since we came on air at 4:30. that stabbing happened along story and king road. there have been no arrested in this case. officers are continuing their investigation. today in the bay kris sanchez is talking with investigators and will bring us the latest in the next half hour. deadly flames in the east bay taking the lives of a man and his dog. firefighters say when they arrived, a car in the garage of the home was fully engulfed in flames. bob redell live where it unra l
5:33 am
unravelled. a woman managed to escape with minor injuries. >> she was the wife of the man killed. she was able to escape with minor smoke inhalation that she is going to be okay. one of the challenges for the firefighters when they arrived at this home was a live power line down across the drive way. that limited the amount of water they could initially use. it also delayed their entry into the home. they had to wait until pg&e could deenergize the line. it appears to have started in the garage, spread to a car in the driveway and also to a portion of the rest of the house. the fire department tells us the garage was so involved when they arrived, once they sprayed water on it, the roof collapsed. the wife told them her husband might still be inside. firefighters made entry in the house. it was full of smoke.
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sometimes rescuers had to get down on their hands and knees. took ten minutes to find the man, transported him to the hospital where he was declared dead. >> that's our job. our job is to safe people's lives, when we can enter structures if necessary to rescue them if possible. >> the fire department doesn't think they could have gotten to the man in time even if they weren't delayed by the downed power lines. a family dog was also killed in the fire. the fire department, we did speak with them in the past 30 minutes. he tells us there are smoke detectors, but not whether or not they were working. we asked if there was anything suspicious about this fire. all he would tell us is this is under investigation. the fire started last night in concord. unfortunately, killed a man who was inside.
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bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. 5:34, bay area manç missin for ten years has been found but it's not the news his family was hoping for. they have identified 24-year-old jack dupuis remains. a body found four years ago is the man they were looking for. workers discovered the burned body in an are charred. ten years later dna led to the identification. >> it was like getting punched in the stomach all over again. >> investigators still don't know who killed him or why. for a trial waiting in limbo for years, the sierra lamar murder case could move forward today. it's not clear if that trial date will be set today. sierra lamar disappeared four
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years ago on her way to school in morgan hill and her body had still not been found. prosecutors say there is dna evidence linking garcia torres to the crime. the morgan hill gym owner accused of sexually assaulting his clients is expected in court to face charges. the owner and trainer at wolfpack training center. five female clients are accusing him of sexual assault. wolf smith faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. happening today, a somber annual event taking place in washington. the names of the fallen officers who have died in the line of duty around the nation will be honored at the law officers memorial. this year 52 names are being added. including michael johnson from san jose and hayward police officer scott unger. 5:36. stunning and very rare images in the bay. did you get a chance to see
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these whales yesterday coming underneath the golden gate bridge. right now the focus isn't so much on the beautiful sea life, but concerns over how close the kite boarders came to those animals and to the boats getting close to mother nature. stephanie chuang joining us with a warning for those getting a little too close for comfort. good morning. >> good morning. i just spoke with a man who said he was able to capture the image of those humpback whales here, just beautiful. the warning is clear. stay away from the whales. if you don't, you could pay tens of thousands of dollars in fines or face jail time. take a look again at chopper video that was able to capture on camera these two whales swimming by the golden gate bridge. we saw a wind surfer and kite boarder getting too close. that is according to whale experts we spoke with. the endangered species act
5:38 am
protects the humpback whales. people and vessels may not get within 100 yards of these whales nor do anything that might alter the whales' behavior. those trained how to deal with the whales say giving them ample space is top priority. >> they tell us to not approach them at a quick rate of speed. we can run parallel with them. if they start changing course a lot, that means we are bothering them. >> reporter: he says the humpback whales coming into the bay this time of year is unusual, attributing it to el nino and climate change. the law is clear on what you face if i do not stay 100 yards away from them. fines can go from $10 to $10,000. live in san francisco, stephanie
5:39 am
chuang, today in the bay. >> stay a distance. >> we were seeing the golden gate bridge in stephanie's live shot. there is patchy fog. but looks like it's okay. >> it's all clear for many spots across the bay area with some clouds that will start us out this morning. looking good as we get this friday under way. a look at the microclimates. you can see a shot of our golden gate bridge and breaks in the clouds. in the north bay patching fog and 7:00 in the south bay with clouds overhead. it will be a touch cooler than yesterday with mostly sunny skies. that's the weather we'll see this weekend. i'll talk about that coming up in less than ten minutes. let's head over to mike. >> not a big deal unless your car was damaged in those crashes. dublin area, lighter traffic. that is what we expect. that's the first of the crash
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i'll talk about. major damage to the car no injuries. blocking part of your slow lane. northbound 880, lanes are clear but big rig on the shoulder. a bloody brawl between students and a teacher. the disturbing video of that fight and what's next for the two people involved. a call for action. the directive from the obama administration overnight will impact schools nationwide.
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i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape.
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push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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bathroom" will reach a turning point today. 5:42. the fight over who uses which bathroom will reach a turning point today. obama administration will direct every public school across the country to allow transgender students to use the rest woom that matchers their gender identity. >> edward lawrence joining us live in washington, d.c. with more on the impact of this directive. it sounds like the president is using the power of the purse, if you will, to threaten these schools. >> very influential when you talk about money. this not only affects all public schools but most colleges and universities across the nation. a letter will be send out with strong language saying these educational institutions need to comply or lose federal funding. they have to make accommodations for locker rooms and bathrooms. this comes days after north carolina and the federal government sued each other over
5:44 am
north carolina's bathroom law. north carolina is not backing down off their bathroom law. many times states historically back off when monies involved or threat of losing federal money is involved in this. north carolina not backing down. the white house says they will n not cut funding to north carolina until lawsuits are settled. it's an interpretation of a rule already on the books. so there is no word if there is a violation when the federal funds will be cut off for everybody other than north carolina. edward lawrence, back to you. a sensitive issue. thank you very much. >> 5:44, a san francisco catholic high school teacher who came out as a transgender man gets to keep his job. "the chronicle" reports that mercy high school teacher was allowed to stay by the order of the nuns that run the school. they support the dignity of each
5:45 am
person regardless of race, religion or gender identification. 5:44. a student is facing expulsion and teacher on administrative leave after a violent on-campus confrontation. cell phone video caught 30 seconds and punches were flying. it happened tuesday in concord. it involves a p.e. teacher and 15-year-old student. police think they sorted out what happens. >> the student was walking to the gym. the teacher told him he couldn't be there words were exchanged. it led to a physical altercation. >> the 15-year-old student is facing assault charges. follow up on a story that is not sitting well with many. the bidding for the weapon that george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin is now fetching millions, but it's not clear if those kids are serious. bids for the .9 millimeter gun.
5:46 am
the website took the auction down. another website stepped in and took over. you may remember zimmerman shot and killed martin who was unarmed in a florida neighborhood four years ago. zimmerman claimed self-defense and a jury acquitted him. >> a bit of relief for nation retailers this morning. more people are buying things at the mall. >> scott mcgrew says this is good news. we were just talking about this yesterday. >> we were. we just got the latest retail sales figures a few minutes ago. arguably the most important economic numbers behind the jobs report. they do show an increase of 1.5% in retail sales. macy's released really bad numbers yesterday. kohl's and jcpenney followed with terrible numbers. amazon a huge factor in this. one analyst says he expects amazon to hit $1,000 a share.
5:47 am
for mere discover amazon is easier than going to the store. >> one stock not doing well is apple. shares fell below $90 for the first time in years on the nasdaq thursday. the concern here is two-fold. one, that people don't want to upgrade their phones. they are happy with what they've got. two, there is no super cool apple device in the pipeline. alphabet should take over as the most valuable company any time now. > symantec will lay off workers. >> lending club, a group of small community banks will no longer buy loans from the san francisco start-up after the ceo left the company amidst talks of irregularities. there is not much left for lending club to fall. if you're confused about banks
5:48 am
not willing to buy up those loans, when somebody loans you money and you start to pay them back, that ability, that money can be sold to someone else. this may have happened with your mortgage. lending club is seeing banks not willing to buy their loan. >> could this be more of an industry-wide issue? >> so many san francisco companies that depend on this movement of credit. it's a problem. >> one to watch as well. thanks a lot. it is 5:48. some of san francisco's most tourist hot spots are the hives of activity these days. the buzz surrounding honey bees. seven popular hotels including the clift near union square placing bee hives atop their structures. the clift has ten hives. part of a growing effort to take the sting out of a growing bee shortage and helps produce hundreds of pounds of honey in
5:49 am
the process. if you have allergies, try to take local honey. >> bees take the local pollen. >> this forecast looks sweet for the weekend. take a look outside as we start out this morning with some clouds. it's also nice and cool. the kind of weather we've been seeing throughout the week. this is beautiful. take a look at this sunrise with the clouds in the distance. it's a great way to start out this friday. 56 outside in san francisco. the peninsula. 7:00 in the north bay and the east bay. let's drop in on the east bay to get a closer look as we see temperatures in the low 50s. sunol 55 in pleasanton and castro valley. 51 in the north bay. taking it hour by hour in san francisco, we stay in the 50s
5:50 am
through most of the morning. mostly cloudy skies. then we see the sun starting to come out. this will be one of the few spots where you don't get that full-on sunshine later on this afternoon. we will see it in the south bay as temperatures warm up to 75 in san jose. 67 in redwood city. 70 for santa rosa. oakland at 69. pleasanton a high of 73. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we have a dry forecast. that does not mean we can't see sprinkles in the forecast during the morning hours. we see that on futurecast. also a few dots of green showing we could have sprinkles early tomorrow morning. we'll do it all over on sunday. looking ahead to the weekend forecast, it will be nice and comfortable with highs in the 60s and 70s. up to 67 in the east bay on saturday and san francisco. big bay to breakers happening
5:51 am
with the run starting out during the morning. that fog and drizzle over the city. 55 and into the low 60s by early afternoon. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. over to mike to see where it may be slowing down on the roads. >> it is lighter. we have the low clouds as the back drop to our city shot from emeryville. both those shots show the traffic moving very well. this toll plaza shot shows traffic moving well. as i step into this shot, you see fastrack lanes moving. that's a lighter commute. you're back up here, metering lights are on. there is the richmond san rafael bridge. a crash eastbound 80 past highway 4. part of that slowing, just be careful. south 680 at stone ridge. earlier crash we track are not
5:52 am
affecting the speed through the area. a look at san jose. the only blip other than green there showing a little build. 680, 280 interchange no big problem. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:52. president obama getting funding to fight the zika virus, about you only half of what he wanted. senate reached a bipartisan compromise and will allocate $1 billion in emergency funding to help states prepare for the arrival of the virus this summer. the obama administration originally asked forç $2 billi. bay area piece of american history is back where it belongs thanks to an alert viewer who saw our report. east bay man who collects war memorabilia says he saw our story on a world war i cannon stolen wednesday. he had just purchased a cannon from an undisclosed seller believing that the deal was legitimate. our cameras were there when police returned the cannon
5:53 am
yesterday. police are looking for the person or persons who stole it. coming up, two south bay mothers watch their daughter fight a mental illness and end up in a fight of their own. when doctors' orders. what's happening right now. following breaking news in the south bay. kris sanchez is on the scene of a deadly stabbing in san jose. a live report in just minutes. kris is tweeting out updates. head over to our facebook page in 15 minutes and say hello.
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a funeral will be held today for the california u-s navy seal who was killed earlier this month in iraq. it is 5:56. a funeral will be held today for the california navy seal killed earlier this month in iraq. remains of charles keating iv will be transported to san diego to be buried. the 31-year-old was a grandson of the late charles keating jr, the notorious financesiier who
5:57 am
served prison time. imagine being a parent whose child is struggling with severe mental illness. you probably trust a medical team who recommends physical therapy. >> what happens when doctors' orders are at odds with what a health plan decides to cover? liz wagner joins us to explain. >> that's the dilemma a south bay family is in now. they reached out after blue shield twice denied coverage of their teenage daughter's eating disorder treatment. they found the care was not medically necessary. blue shield told us its internal review process includes assessments from doctors, but the family paid out of pocket more than $100,000 to get their daughter the help they believe she needs. consumers can ask for a third party review of coverage denials based on medical necessity. you looked at data from the department of managed health care. since 2001 state overturned more
5:58 am
denials involving mental health than any other type of medical condition. they found health plans improperly denied coverage nearly half the time. to combat this they conduct policy reviews, make sure health plans are following laws that call for equal coverage of medical and mental health, but still advocates say we need stronger laws to protect people. you can watch our full investigation online right now at click on the investigations tab. >> thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. it's 5:58. a travelers' nightmare, 3,000 bags didn't make it on to flights leaving phoenix airport. >> the system checking bags for explosives crashed. thousands of bags were taken to
5:59 am
airports in l.a. and san diego for screening. >> frustrating. it's very frustrating knowing you took the time to pack everything. people in front of us were going to a wedding. and they don't know if their stuff is going to be there. >> finding that spare tux or dress could be a challenge. >> the phoenix airport says all the bags should be reunited with passengers later today and that screening machine should be running just fine now. more than 4 million people travel through the phoenix airport just in march alone. >> let's hope the brided a her dress. at 6:00, still on scene of the city's latest homicide. the killer is still on the loose. plus beautiful but dangerously close. the reason a kite boarder and wind surfer could be in serious trouble after our nbc chopper
6:00 am
took this video in the san francisco bay. get an up close and personal with a piece of history. where you can get a picture with steph curry, mvp trophy. today in the bay continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. what is better than a picture of the mvp trophy? a picture with steph curry. mike can get a look at our morning commute friday light in a little bit. >> everyone has high demand for the weather forecast hoping to get sunshine over the weekend. >> we will in some spots. not all across the bay. we'll still have low clouds and fog lingering near the coast. it's 56 degrees in san francisco and 51 in the north bay with patchy fog. all that clears out later on today for perfect mostly sunny skies. up to 68 in the east bay. 67 in the peninsula and 62 in


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