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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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firefighters thrown into the frigid water. within the past 30 minutes the fire department releasing new details about what happened. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco with the very latest on this developing story. christie? >> reporter: well, terry, we do have new information for r you. first, all seven of the firefighters are safe. they are accounted for. we have learned that one of the firefighters who was taken to the hospital will stay overnight but that's mainly as a precaution after the boat they were in on a training drill capsized today. this is in the very cold waters near ocean beach by the cliffhouse. they were in a 32-foot boat. the firefighters were involved in a rescue training exercise and we're told they were actually dressed for getting in the water when a wave hit the boat just after 11:00 this morning. fortunately, other rescue watercraft were out there as part of this drill and private operators helped, too. >> it could have been a lot worse. the rescue swimmers that were staffing the rescue watercraft
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which is the same as cdo, per se, they were instrumental in ensuring our seven members are safe today. they did an extraordinary rescue of those seven members. they ensured those seven members were brought to sthohore effectively. in addition to that, we're very grateful to two private fishing vessels that were in the area that were able to pick up two of our members and assist them to shore as well. >> reporter: now four of the seven were taken to the hospital as a precaution. again, we're told one is staying overnight. the boat is still out there in the water upsidedown but it has been secured and the firefighters will be working with the salvage company later to try and move it. coast guard also responded today. firefighters still trying to determine exactly why this occurred but we're told there will likely be two separate investigations one by the fire department and one independent investigation. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much.
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you've been to ocean beach, you know how dangerous it can be out there. conditions may have played a role in why the boat capsized. for more on that here's meteorologist rob mayeda. >> from the video you could see white caps across the area. 36 mile per hour gusts around 6:00 a.m. west of golden gate, wave heights 7 to 9 feet. making for a small craft advisory around harbor entrances as of 4:00 this afternoon, we had that advisory up due to combination of wind waves and high surf. we're going to see a small craft advisory through 3:00 on tuesday. very gusty winds out along the coast if your easter sunday plans include the coastline. chilly and breezy for sunday as we begin to see increasing clouds and some changes now coming to the forecast. right now, mild with mid 60s around the tri valley. tomorrow morning we'll see a chance of drizzle along with patchy fog. the north bay, big chilly changes coming our way. a chance of more sierra snow.
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how that will impact your easter sunday plans coming up in our forecast in ten minutes. >> thank you. an urgent need for new leadership. that is the recommendation endorsed today by a commission trying to reform santa clara county's troubled jail system. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us live from san jose with why the commission says the current leadership is not working. >> reporter: well, the commission's recommendations are largely symbolic but are certainly important. you may remember sheriff laurie smith was the one who asked to form the commission and now that same commission is asking she be taken out of jail leadership citing a stunning lack of transparency. the commission also voted today to submit 120 recommendations for jail changes to go before the santa clara county supervisors. those changes include creating an independent citizens oversight commission, increase inmate visitation, increase medical services particularly for mentally ill inmates and
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review the hiring, training and promotion practices. during public comment, a former santa clara county sheriffs department captain talked about the urgent need for change. >> we find ourselves in a position where inmates started being hurt and dying. i don't think that there are correction officers that start off being bad people but failed leadership gives an opportunity for a toxic environment. >> reporter: the commission also voted today to recommend an investigation into the policies and procedures in place prior to new videocameras capturing a riot earlier this month at the santa clara county main jail. nbc bay area obtained two internal e-mails from the santa clara county sheriffs department sent six days before that fight. a memo was september to staff ordering them to abandon a safety policy enacted back in 2014 limiting the amount of time mixed-race inmates could spend with each other. five days later sheriff laurie smith went shopping at costco and bought cameras on her own
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credit card that were then installed in the jail. and that was all caught on tape by those cameras. that riot. now today it was the last meeting for the blue ribbon commission. they are forwarding all their recommendations to the santa clara county supervisors who will take up this issue on april 12th. we did reach out to the sheriffs department to talk to laurie smith. we have not heard back from them yet. reporting live from san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much. just into our newsroom someone has been sending racist fliers to network printers on the u.c. santa cruz campus. police say the main housing office in the cressey college academic office first reported the flyers on thursday and not just u.c. santa cruz. they are offensive and anti-semitic messages sent to printers at universities across the country. "the washington times" is reporting a hacker has taken
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responsibility for the attacks. they're treating the incident as a hate crime. a warning for menlo park parents after two men tried to lure a boy into a car yesterday afternoon about 3:30 near sharon road and alameda dos pogas. officials say the men pulled aongside the 12-year-old boy. they were driving a silver four-dour sedan. they asked the boy if he was running late then told him to get into the car. the boy said no, walked away. he is safe. police trying to determine if the men were trying to lure that boy or maybe just to scare him. concord police identified the man day believe is behind a drive-by shooting that landed an 8-year-old boy in the hospital. 32-year-old james jarrard is wanted for the shooting that happened 6:00 last night on la salle avenue. the boy was shot in the neck. he survived. after being rushed to john muir medical center by his family. jarrard is on parole for burglar and considered armed and dangerous. he was arrested in 2013 following a short chase by
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concord police. at the time he was wanted for stealing a car and burglarizing several homes in moraga and lafayette. getting an early start on fighting wildfires. calfire beefed up its front lines by hiring 400 additional season firefighters, specially trained in fire prevention. normally the seasonal firefighters are called in around the end of april or so, but thanks to state funding because of the drought, the firefighters are starting a little l early. they'll primarily be working to clear brush and create fire breaks. fairfield is also fearing up for the fire season. this is video they posted on facebook today. the firefighters training new reserves and apprentice crews in wildland fire fighting. b.a.r.t. riders are facing delays on a fremont line this holiday weekend. the repair work began this morning between the san leandro and bayfair station. crews replacing portions of the track. riders are being shuttled between stations on a free bus bridge. the work is being done during daylight hours an select
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weekends through june. coming up next, two big wins for bernie sanders. we'll show you where and what it means in the democratic race for the white house. then a pilot stopped by security in detroit but not for anything in his luggage. the serious allegations against him. plus, crab season officially kicks off today. we talked to a local fisherman who tells us when you might start seeing fresh crab here in the bay area. easter weekend kicking off with some high clouds and temperatures around san jose in the 70s. warm days continue at least to start the weekend but get ready for chilly changes on the way as this low drops down out of canada. what it means for your easter sunday and a chance of showers early next week in the forecast when we come right back. turninto desion 16...demoatic e
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turning to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders is celebrating two landslide wins that could give his campaign fresh momentum as he chases hillary clinton. sanders easily won caucuses in alaska and washington today. democrats in hawaii are also casting ballots. no results from there yet. washington is the biggest prize today with 101 delegates at stake. nbc news analysis shows sanders needs to win about 58% of remaining delegates to defeat clinton and become the democratic nominee. the vermont senator spoke a short time ago at a campaign rally in madison, wisconsin, and
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specifically addressed young voters. >> we have been told for a long time that young people were supposed to be apathetic. [ audience booing ] that young people were not interested in shaping the future of our nation. well, that is not what we are seeing in this campaign. >> republican voters next head to the polls april 5th in wisconsin where polls show it is a tight race between donald trump and ted cruz. more tragedy in belgium tonight. we're getting word that two more americans are among the dead. justin and stephanie schultz were among those missing after tuesday's deadly terror attacks. well today the family confirmed that they were killed when the bombs at the airport exploded. the schultz s originally from tennessee moved to the belgian capital in 2014. belgian prosecutors announced they charged three men with terror offenses but only one
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identified as faycal . it's not clear if he's seen here in the surveillance picture from the airport. belgium's interior minister is urging the public not to hold a rally for the belgium attack victims tomorrow. he's saying police are stretched too thin with the investigation. >> we're still all over the country in threat level 3. there are inquiries, important inquiries going on. for this inquiries we need a lot of police capacity all over the country. >> the brussels airport will remain closed until at least tuesday. a flight from detroit to philadelphia was canceled this morning after the co-pilot was arrested. the federal aviation administration says the pilot was stopped at security because workers there suspected he was drunk. when police arrived the co-pilot allegedly failed a breathalyzer test, taken into custody.
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americanairlines apologized to passengers who had to be booked on other flights. legal blood alcohol level for people operating a commercial airline is .04%. we have a follow-up on water issues at john muir medical center in walnut creek. patients are reportedly still drinking bottled water as health precautions. workers noticed small flecks in the hospital's water supply on thursday. experts are continuing to test the water to determine what those flecks are and to see if they are dangerous. crab season finally got under way today but you'd hardly know it. boats sat idle this afternoon in half moon bay. rough water coupled with no agreed upon price combining to keep fishermen at the dock. some boats are out to get samples and then the crabs that they catch out there will be tested for quality. >> will come back with a price and most everybody will get together and say we want this price and there bill a little bit of haggling, you know, and
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set the price on monday and then looks like maybe tuesday or wednesday weather should be good, we'll get out there and set the pods and definitely is crab next friday off the dock. >> the season normally starts before christmas. regulators held off until now because a toxic algae plume made the crab dangerous to eat. a beautiful day across the bay area today. local police departments were out there helping the community celebrate easter. the fairfield police department tweeting out these photos today. this is at rolling hills park and fairfield high school. nice day. meteorologist rob mayeda here to talk about not jus tonight but also easter sunday. >> yeah, of the two weekend days, today the warmer of the two. we had highs earlier in the 70s. right now 60 in san francisco with high clouds moving in out toward the tri valley. dublin 67. hazy sunshine as you look at dublin. hazy skies. bit breezy. 66 degrees. our temperatures tomorrow kind of similar to the numbers we're seeing right now. we're not going to see mid 70s
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for highs as a combination of some onshore winds and cooler air set lg into northern california is going to be dropping our temperatures. see that with the seven-day forecast. taking a dive the next couple days. right now, no moisture off the system that's coming in other than the high clouds we're seeing. as the low clouds surge in, we'll see a chance of mist or drizzle at times for the morning. especially around the coastal hilltops and perhaps even around the south bay. so that's very early tomorrow morning. and then by noon the low clouds begin to break on up. we'll see temperatures starting to climb into the 6 0s with increasing high clouds as we head through sunday afternoon into sunday evening. for tomorrow morning areas of clouds, drizzle possible early in the day. around noon, temperatures jumping to the mid 60s for most spots for highs tomorrow. notice as the winds pick up out of the north, it's not going to feel that warm outside especially come monday and tuesday. tomorrow's highs, mid to upper 60s around the south bay. san francisco close to 60 degrees.
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north bay, numbers in the mid 60s and about the same in the tri valley. the big pattern shift away from the very high temperatures. high pressure resettling up toward the gulf of alaska. we're going to see this cutoff low drop in right over the sierra. it's going to bring in a lot of cold air. usually that type of cold air doesn't have moisture to work with it. needs to come in over the ocean to scoop up more moisture. right now, mainly a chance of hilltop showers from monday into tuesday. closer to where that low is set up out toward the sierra late tomorrow night into monday and tuesday, there you go, south of highway 50. you could see some winter weather advisory-type conditions early next week as we see maybe another half foot of snow coming down in the sierra early next week. look what it's doing to the temperatures around the south bay. highs below average. low 60s jumping back into the 0 70s toward the end of the week. san francisco, numbers in the low 60s. same temperature trend no matter where you go. tri valley, dublin 62, by the end of the week climbing closer to 70 degrees.
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long-range forecast right now keeps that chance of showers into tuesday then we're going to see mainly dry conditions, probably until about it looks like the 3rd or 4th of april. a dry stretch which has been atypical for month of march as well. bay area, march ends on thursday, but what a month it has been. 150 to almost 200-plus percentage of average for the rain we've seen so far this month. right now, it may be a dry start to april. late next weekend we could see a few more showers and obviously more snow in the sierra early for the sup coming week. back to you. >> rob, thanks a lot, great numbers there. coming up next, a grand re-opening called off. how technical difficulties caused big problems at berkeley's historic u.c. theater. afterts grd re-eningproveto benu
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berkeley's historic u.c. theater sits vacant after its grand re-opening proved to be anything but grand. it had been set for last night, instead the show was called off because of what those in charge called technical difficulties. landmark underwent a $6 million renovation after being vacant for 15 years. venue's facebook page has a statement apologizing for missing the re-opening and telling patrons to stay tuned for a new date. astronauts at the international space station got an early easter delivery today. a cargo ship arrived full of fresh food and new equipment for experiments. it's the first of three shipments over the next couple weeks which will be a record. one experiment involves a controlled fire. the fire will be set on board the supply ship with researchers hoping to find out how a large-scale blaze spreads with the absence of gravity. hopefully doesn't spread too much. now for a look at what's coming up in sports, fallon
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smith, comcast sportsnet, how are you doing? >> i'm doing good. we're talking playoffs in sports. how about that? the sharks entered saturday hoping the third time was the charm. at the end of the day, they could need a little help to get in. more on that next in sports. enteredhe dawith nother"chanceo
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with eight games left in the regular season, the shark s entered the day with another chance to clinch a playoff spot. all they had to do was win. easier said than done. they could have clinched their two previous games, instead they lost both. let's see if the third time's the charm. at the s.a.p. center hosting the stars. former shark, douglas murray honored before the game. we pick it up in the second period. dallas already up 2-zip. they kept on rolling. patrick sharp beats martin jones. just like that's it's 3-0 stars. third period.
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joe pavelski's shot denied by the former shark anti niemi. tomas hertl to put in the rebound. san jose within one. under 2:00 to go. sharks, then jamie benn adds the empty netter and the sharks lose their third straight at home 4-2 the final. >> you know, you go the to be careful and make sure you keep the proper perspective. obviously we want to be winning every game this time of year, but we've won a lot of games over the season, you know, where we played like that. so, you know, we just got to build on the positive. well, here's a positive. the sharks can still punch a ticket to the postseason tonight if the flyers beat the coyotes in regulation. the puck drops for that game at 7:00 tonight. all right. cactus league action in the desert. giants facing the cubs. how about this? huey lewis hang lg sodling the
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duties today. matt duffy, hello, good-bye, takes john lackey deep for the solo shot. his second homer of spring. it's 3-0 san francisco. jeff samardzija on the hill for san francisco. bottom three. jesus guzman goes down swinging. dexer fowler. ensuing at-bat. samardzija catches addison russell. huey lewis is a happy camper. giants win 5-2. more spring action. a's taking on the royals. trying to rebound after a rough outing versus the giants. he gets in trouble after the first. walks and two runs. raymond fuentes singles to left. two more runs scored. allows five runs in five innings of work. now in the seventh, sean doolittle on the hill. first batter, cody decker gro d grounder up the middle. nice stop. throws out decker at first. doolittle gave up no hits, no
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walks in his only inning. good for him but oakland, they lose 5-2. the world's number one player, novak djokovic, had fans going crazy friday and not because of a great shot but more like a ridiculous catch. during his miami open match against kyle edman, popped the ball up, instead of letting the ball fall on the ground djokovic stretched out his shorts and the ball landed perfectly in his pocket. sort of unnecessary, though, because he immediately took the ball out of his pocket to use it. but terry, i guess when you're the number one player in the world, you have the right to show off, right? >> and he was very cool about it like he's done it 10,000 times which he probably has. >> probably has. the level of difficulty i think is valely high. >> i agree with you, fallon. >> pretty good. all right. see ya. >> thanks very much. we'll be right back with how the rolling stones concerted for theit timever,herollg stos
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the banpyed f freeto a for the first time ever the rolling stones rocked cuba. the band played for a crowd of hundreds of thousands in havana last night for free. the concert is the latest sign of change in the country. a country that once banned rock 'n' roll. all of it. people caught listening to pirated rock 'n' roll music risked being sent to work brigades to cure so-called ideological deviations. >> this has been a great performance for all the cubans
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and a big opportunity. >> we really enjoyed. i personally, i cried. >> very honest man. fans started gathering before dawn just to get into this event and some came away -- came from as far away i should say as the other side of cuba. right there, jimmy buffett. he knew what was going on, hopped on a plane, flew over to cuba which apparently jimmy buffett maybe could always do. the rest of us will be doing it soon. thanks very much for choosing nbc bay area news. "giants clubhouse" up next. see you back here tonight at 11:00. ♪ our whole lineup's back. >> the excitement is at an all-time high. >> if we can keep people healthy this year, it could be really good.
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♪ >> i really do believe that we can win a lot of baseball games. >> just the undertone and the vibe of the team is so strong. >> it is out of here! >> we got a great group of talent. >> the front office and ownership did their part. they put together a team that on paper -- now it's up to us to do our part. >> dive, matt duffy. gold glove quality play. >> the fact that we're going into 1'16, an even year, i thin it would be great if this magic happens again. >> ultimately that's our goal to win as many games as possible and have a shot in the playoffs. >> if we can avoid injuries, this guy's the limit for us. from the broadcast home of the san francisco giants, nbc bay area presents "giants clubhouse."


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