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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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just as soon as i'm available. thank you for patience at this busy time. join princess cruises for stargazing with discovery at sea. book now for savings up to $1,000 per stateroom plus up to $600 free onboard spending money. call your travel consultant or visit princess cruises. come back new. the desperate search by air and right now, at 11:00, the desperate search by air and sea, for aç missing swimmer a victi of our dangerous surf. >> we begin with that developing story, swept out to sea. it seems the ocean over powered a swimmer at çdunes beach, a
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beach-goer tried to help and got in trouble himself. we have more on the rescue effort and where do things stand now? tr(o district here was one of several agencies that responded to those calls for help at dunes beach, launching rescue vessels to try and search for a person who made it in to the ocean and never made it out. a picture pqfect sunset is a backdrop for an emergency search and rescue near half moon bay. >> i saw the rangers and helicopters. >> i got here and there were a bunchç of cops and emergency personnel and stuff. >> the coast guard and other agencies searched for hours today after two people reported a man went in to the ocean but didn't come out around 1:30.ç rescuers say one beach-goer tried to help. >> one of the reporting parties did try to grab the guy here in
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the in-shore hole and he was unsuccessful, he got knocked in the same wave that the victim was last seen. the swimmer is okay, but nobody saw the missing swimmer again. conditions are rough. >> i could see how somebody would get swept up today, the current is strong today.ç so, it keeps pushing you back in and then it sucks you back out. >> the beauty is deceiving. >> and if you know how the swim and you are not use to the surf, it's still dangerous. >> the)coast guard suspended te search overnight and will decide tomorrow if that search will resume at day break. reporting live, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, we have new video for you tonight of a big rig being pulled out of thisç hous in san carlos. it was a pain-staking process. police still don't know why this 18-wheeler lost control. this is in a small residential area. it crashed in to the home and in
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to a power pole. now theç truck driver was rush to the hospital, crews are working through the night to restore power to more than 100 homes. pg&e estimates that the power will be restored by 7:00 a.m. >> the show is çover, san francisco sheriff's deputies accuses of running a fight club with jail inmates could be facing charges. they will be announcing the charges tomorrow. nbc bay area has confirmed the ç da and fbi are holding a giant news conference. this stems from last year, when two current and one deputy forced inmates to fight as they made bets. is there probable cause, thremç south bay jail guards return to court to hear the evidence against them for the death of a inmate. photos of a dead and blody tyree were shown as his family sobbed. they are accused of assaultinga
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mentally inmate. as that hearing was unfolding, nbc bay area obtained the final report of the jail. we have more onç the report, cheryl? >> reporter: well, jessica here is the report, it's 47 pages long. in it, 30 recommendations to fix a system some say isç broken. >> if there's not a crisis already, the idea is to head off a crisis. >> reporter: and aaron is a piece of that puzzle to try to head off a crisis at the jail. he wrote this report, released to çnbc bay area today, it's filled with findings and recommendations on the grievance and complaint process at the facility. >> there's really a culture at the jail of disregard.ç minimization of inmate concerns.
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>> reporter: among the findings the jail fails to distwinge between ordinary grievance and alleged misconduct. they fail toç report use of foe and allow guards to intimidate inmates that file a grievance. >> they are lucky more incidents have not happened like the death of mr. tyree. >> reporter: the retired judge heads up the blue ribbon >> i do not want what we are doing to be window dressing. i will do everything in my power and it true of the members of the blue ribbon commission that implemented. >> reporter: the jail spokes person, james jenson. >> we are making strides to improve things, when we see a problem, we are trying to fix it before the suggestions are made and the feedback is made. >> reporter: nbc bayç area new. here we go, tomorrow morning the polls open. tonight a mad scramble for the
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last minute votes. republican candidates held ra y rallys from texas and çkentuck. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders and hilary clinton giving their final pitches. these next 24 hours are pivotal for the presidential race. 13ç states are up for grabs fo republicans and texas senator cruz is leading in his home state. and trump is leading in the rest of the contest. clinton is expected to win most of the states.ç stay with us for extensive coverage of super tuesday, tomorrow as the polls close, lester holt will anchor a special one-hour long edition of "nightly news." >> a substanceç that caused a hazmat situation at a preschool was not hazardous after all. they are not sure what was in
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the nearby dumpster that starteç smoking. air readings all came back negative some three hours later. >> there's a local connection to the violence in a kkk really in southern california, the kkk supporter who stabbed three 4%c weekend lives here in san francisco. nbc bay area's terry mcsweeney is in the marina district with the video of the melee and why the local man is not facing charges. >> reporter:ç according to the please, charles donor who lives here in san francisco, not far from the palace of fine arts was acting had in self defense at the rally on saturday, it barely got going and here is why. >> stop! >> çhey! >> reporter: kkk supporters were met by an angry group of counter protesters. they were kicked and beaten when they got out of their car and others were driven off. will quick said his arm isç fractured. >> i'm black and blue all over
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from getting kicked and hit. >> reporter: 1 kkk supporter identified by police as charles donor of san francisco fought back, stabbed three people, and oneyu)u$ the tip of a clan flag pole. he was arrested and after reviewing the videos, the police released him because he acted in self defense. >> they are entitledç to live without for of physical violence and act to protect themselves. >> why is everyone against people standing up and saying, hey, i'm white and i'm prouo to be white. >> i would not want them to be out there, but legally they have every right to be out there. >> reporter: david williams visiting from new jersey can see both sides of the legal versus moral issue and not surprised by what çhappened. >> the message of hate, anything can happen. >> reporter: donor's tells me
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h her son is still in southern california, we contacted the aclu for comment and they had none. >> the body of a missing ski instructor has been found. carson may went missing last month at the sugar bowl ski resort. now, may disappeared during white out conditions. crews found his body thiu afternoon, buried in five feet of snow. may worked at that resort. someone said, this is not happening in california, what do you say? [ bleep ], i don't know of any college coach that could look mç in the eye and say that. i just, i ka -- it's just not true. >> a major mental health concern affecting student athletes statewide, up next, we investigate an illness that can we learn some schools are ignoring the problem. also, take a look, explosions and these raging
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flames at a bay area gas station the trouble the bus driver noticed moments before hisç bu burst in to flames. >> and after record setting heat again today and mild 70s, we have a huge change on the way. we will let you know when not one but two storms return andç heavy rain expect method up coming weekend.
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♪ for many young athletes, making it on to a college sports team is a dream come çtrue, bu that intense drive can fuel a serious health condition. vicki is with us, and this impacts a lot of people, what is being done here? >> some things are being done, but not enough according to the folks we talked with. college athletgs are seen as te picture of health. but we learn they are the most
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likely to develop bone fractures and organ failure associated with eats disorders they say this-ájtz gets little attention in some cases, it's ignored by coaches and administratorers. >> mary wright earned a scholarship to run cross country for ucla, achieving a goal she had since she was a little girl. >> reporter: she said that the pressure triggered new anxiety, worries about her weight, re-enforced in the locker room. >> you would stand in a line of girls and you get, a number. everyone here?xkk everyone hear what your body fat is, the don't announce it. 12%, 9%. she is running faster. worried about her spot on the roster, she looked to a teammate for guidance. she is running fastebç and you realize she is restricting her food, and without noticing i was emulating what she was doing. >> reporter: losing weight became an obsession, so much so,
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mary chose to leave the team anç began her recovery away from college sports. >> i was completely done. >> reporter: jennifer medina said she was restricting food and it led to healthç problems. >> when they did a bone density scan, i was already in my 60s. >> reporter: your bones were weak from the eating disorder? >> yes. >> reporter: she said the coach forced her to out herself to the team. >> his intentions were right and the execution is wrong and it's not uncommon. >> reporter: new york as a therapist, she helps students with eating disorders and wants to changeç the game. what kind of sports do you see disorders in. >> there's no risk free sport. for guys as well though. out of all mental illnesses, this is the highestç mortality
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rate, this is not a joke. >> reporter: to see how deep the problem runs in california, the investigative unit asked all public division 1 and 2 programs how many student athletes they have treated for eating disorders in the lastç five yes the schools educate 10,000 student athletes a year and none of them had any idea, some said they don't track that information and others say they didn't refer anyç students for treatment. for someone that says this is not happening in california, what do you say? >> [ bleep ] i don't know of any college coach that could look me in the eye and say that. i just, i can -- it's not true. 'háhe ncaa surveyed 1400 student athletes and found 34% of women at risk for anorexia and men with signs of bulemia, it prompted the ncaa and the athleticsç trainers association to give the schools
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screening guidelines, saying, has anyone set a target weight for you and do you limit food intake for weight. we found those best practices are often ignored. out ofç the 28 california schos that offer ncaa scholarships, at least half a dozen do not ask any recommended questions about weight and body image. >> i think it's key to have some type of question that you are at least asking about the issues.ç otherwise, they may never come up. >> reporter: this pediatrician works at the children's hospital and believed that disordered eating is a problem that campuses often overlook. >> we have seenç athletes at a, 20, 21, have fractures that you should not see until someone is more of the age of 50 or 60. >> reporter: karlsson is working to design aç scoring system th will identify students at risk, using medical histories from stanford sports teams, she wants
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to catch athletes before they develop health problems. >> we look at the college career, did they sustain stress fractures and bone injuries so we could say, if they have this score, what was their likelihood of developing a stress fracture. >> we are trying identify as many students as possible. >> reporter: this doctor said his departments that a teamç dedicated to treating all students with eating disorderings, including athletes. this year, they will meet with the entire coaching staff to identify athletes at risk and share solutions among the different sports teams. >> the problem isç there's a whole lot of shame and stigma associated with eating disorders. >> reporter: not all schools are as pro active, schools are not required to follow best practices for preventing and treating disordered eating. it's left upç to each school t address and as we found in some cases, ignore. we asked to speak with the chancellor's office for the csu and uc system, both declined the
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request to discuss problems on their campuses. you as anç athlete, were you educated about the signs and symptoms? >> not at all. >> reporter: she said it needs attention now, so that more athletes do not follow in her footsteps. >> we need to be open and honest with each otherç and be i thin if we can have those conversations, it will be empowering. >> reporter: it's a complex issue that we will take a closer look at in the coming months. our next report focuses on national efforts to addressç eating disorders, we have posted information for parents, coaches and athletes on how to prevent disordered eating. and there's a lot of talk about concussions and physical injuries when we talk about college athletes a lot ofç exparts say eating disorders and the mental health problems are the fastest and biggest growing concern. >> and complicated by the athlete that does not want to be considered the weak link in the
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team. >> they arebu)jt that stigma goes away with increased awareness. >> thank you, if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 1-888-96-tips or send an e-mail directl2)ñ >> let's check in on the weather. it is monday and we are headed toward rain, hopefully. >> it does look like it, you will see on the seven-day forecast, promisiing chances of rainfall and tomorrow heavy rain, but the possibility of drizzle in the north bay, with areas of fog, and patchy to fog for the east bay and the south bay starting off at 49. let's go ahead and get in to the rain chances over the next seven days and you will see for ii=]night, possibly scattered showers, up near santa rosa, middle town and calastoga, that is it. the better chance of getting rainfall arrives as we head through thursday morning, ç3:0 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. once we hit
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saturday afternoon and evening, we will see things pick up with possibly a half inch to 3/4 of an inch of rain, sunday is the heavy rainfall entering the entire state, that is where we will watch out for the potential of flooding. here is how the models show the potential of rainfall. to two inches. and the same for the santa cruz mountains as well. we will fine tune the forecast as we get closer. climates on tuesday, san francisco, mild in the mission. and 70, cooler back toward the marina 67. and then up towards san jose, above average temperatures and 64 in san jose. for the north)bay, east bay, ad tri-valley, chance of scatterered showers tomorrow, up in to napa and santa rosa,
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otherwise, 70s all around across the board. from oakland to çfremont. as we leave you, increasing chances of rainfall on thursday and heavier and stronger storms likely by saturday evening and also on sunday. raj, jess, it looks like this could mean 4 to 7 inchesç of kw this weekend. that is what we need to with the pattern. so we hope we see it tomorrow. >> that would be great. the peace of yosemite history that vanished from the park on the eve of changes there.ç >> and we have jimmy. pictures of what may be a recora now, popular on the website, pictures of what could beç a record breaking birth, a sheep dog just had 17 puppies and it could be the biggest litter ever in california. and trending on facebook,
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federal health regulators are warning women of theç contraceptive device, essure, it's being blamed for a number of health problems. we are back in a moment. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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bus catches fe, causg multip explosio at we are getting more answers about this dramatic scene in san francisco a bus catches fire, causing multiple explosionsç a the chevron station, the bus was over heating and once he was out, the entire 25 passenger bus was consumed by flames and two of the gas pumpsç exploded. witnesses were terrified. >> you could feel the force in your chest from 80, 90 yards
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away. >> no significant injuries, and the bus was inspected afd had o issues. >> google is taking partial blame for a car crash involving one of the self driving cars. the accident happened on valentine's day, it merged in to a lane and hit a bus. the car was traveling çreally, really slow, no one was injured. consumer advocates are calling for video to be released of the cash, it's the 18th accident involving a self driving car, the first where the googleç ca is to blame for the accident. tomorrow, a major name change at yosemite, the concern is over a historic sign that is missing. the sign welcomes visitors to the famous hotel, and it was stolen over the weekend. this bómes in the middle of a bitter legal fight over some of the iconic land marks. the park's previous vendor claims it has trademark
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ownership, but it's contract expires atç midnight tonight. now while the legislation continues and litigation, we should say continues, park rangers will cover existing signs with temporary ones. >> and those new names. >> up next, a big night for the sharks and theç apology from draymond green, stay with us. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
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♪ ç all right a lot of fun at the shark tank, big night in san jose, the sharks hosting the montreal canatim9ñ the goal, a sweet swede, the sharks within striking distance. it was not far away. they win, big time, 6-2. >> we have warriors çdrama, sth curry's ankle injury and an apology from draymond green. joining us now, dave feldman. >> hi everyone, i'm dave feldman in the csn bay area statutes the basketball world stillç buzzin over the heroic game winning three in overtime on saturday to beat the thunder. the warrior fans were wondering if things are still a-okay with
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green and kerr. green is an emotional leader,çe got in a heated exchange with coach kerr at halftime and may have sparked the second half come back. though green was 0 for 8 from the field, he had 14 boards, six steels, and 12 blocks. toda[ç green said this. >> i apologize to my teammates and my coaching staff and this organization. that was not the right way to handle what needed to beç handled. and as a leader of this team, i can't do that, it sets a bad precedent for how everything is ran around here. as far as curry, he isç listeds questionable because of an injured left ankle. he did it in the third quarter, versus okc, hurt it falling in to the basket support, and then russell westbrook came down on top of hit. and he left the game and of course, returned to be theç he but the ankle did force him to
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miss practice today, and he is questionable for tomorrow's game at oracle against the atlanta hawks. i'm dave feldman, more ne parents are wishing "bryce me"a
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for aerch won'tappen again okay, parents, wishing bryce mello, a happy birthday, he is the first leap day baby in santa >> i'm pushing toward the first more so, i have my birthday on february, so we will make his march. >> so this is forest pham, mom said it was a secret hope of hers to have the baby in to the world todpd because she thought it would be unique. let's see if he thinks that when he does not have a birthday every year. >> every four years, you will be fine. >> bye-bye. test. test. test. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- steve martin and edie brikell. martin freeman. musical guest, the cast of


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