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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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. nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. and this breaking news is in san francisco where an suv rear-ended a muni bus, injuring several people near the 280 interchange. all several people hurt were passengers on the bus. we're told their injuries were not life-threatening. the driver of the muni bus and the driver of the suv were not hurt but the officers took the driver of the suv into custody. they're investigating whether drugs and alcohol played a role in the crash. we'll continue to monitor the story, of course, be sure to check for updates on the story. i'm kris sanchez, will they stay or go? this is the question that will
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be answered in less than six hours after the city of san francisco ordered countless homeless people to clear out of their encampment, calling it a public nuisance with too much waste and needles. >> stephanie, the city has issued a second notice to another area. they will have to leave, as well. >> reporter: they do, scott and kris, the area is showplace square which is just a few blocks from here. those people have to be out sunday night. for the people camped out along here at division street, they're supposed to be camped out tonight. public works has just finished hosing one side of the area and is now down the street here. you can see there are still tents here and some people say they are not going. >> status quo, now, status quo. >> reporter: there are only a few hours into the deadline, but 46-year-old terry foster says he is going nowhere even if he
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loses his stuff, just stuff, plus, there is depression on everyone's mind. where to next? >> i see urine, needles, homeless garbage on the street corners. >> wherever we go, they will find us and make us move again. >> the division street neighbor says she used to be an art history teacher. for the last three and a half years she has been out on the street. >> the only crime that we have is that we're poor. we fell through some cracks in the system. i lost my car, my sail boat, life happens, and here i am. i don't even do drugs, i don't drink. >> reporter: there are signs the city is on the verge of seeking action. homeless teams have been working with people to encourage them to move to shelters. >> we got you guys soup, candy, bread and water. >> these women brought food from their own home to feed the hungry. the trash is piled up.
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this is what neighbor andrew presley has wanted for months, but he also stresses this is temporary. >> i think they need to put toilets and showers here. i think they need to -- put places where people can leave needles here. >> but you can't get rid of people. people are not like gnats or fungus that you can just poison, we're human beings. >> reporter: back here live you can see that power washing that i was talking about before. he is moving through the tents here. according to the department of public health 56 people have decided to seek shelter since the city's order to leave. but i asked this question to the public works director on the phone, he would not say what public works is going to do but he did say at the end of this process everybody will be gone. and he did acknowledge that may be after tonight's 5 p.m.
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deadline. he said also the police will be there to enforce any actions to be there for public works. and back them up in whatever they decide to do. live here in san francisco, stephanie trong, nbc bay area news. >> there was an extension of the deadline, but it was another area, so time is still running out. >> reporter: that is right, so this area division, kris, is tonight's deadline, the other deadline is sunday. and happening today, a man shooting and killing his girlfriend during the valentine day weekend is in jail. pedraza was arrested after evidence was linked to the death of aguilar, who disappeared
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after a party. and shot before 6:30, last night on boynton avenue, not far from interstate 280 and the winchester house. a san jose teacher behind bars accused of having sex with a 17-year-old student. police arrested zach drew after investigators received a tip from a concerned parent last week. both the victim and the suspect are from summit charter school in san jose's oak grove neighborhood. the 29-year-old teacher turned himself in to the santa clara county jail. santa clara police looking for a man who they say may be targeting women. there were two attacks on hope drive in santa clara, not far from river mark plaza. officers released this sketch of the suspect described as a 30-year-old balding man, light
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skin, about 5'10". a woman says she was sexually assaulted back on february 13th in the bella vista apartments, another woman scared off an intruder at her home. >> we want to know what this person looks like, if they said anything to you. >> police believe both incidents are connected. meanwhile, they're stepping up patrols around the area. a bay area campus on alert this weekend. police say four women may have been drugged at two different fraternities at cal. police say the two may have been drugged at the fraternity. two others possibly drugged at one fraternity. so far nothing is concerned but police are investigating the claims. new details about the nation's latest mass shooting, four killed, including the gunman, including 14 others wounded. the investigators believe
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the death toll would be much higher had not it been for the actions of one particular police officer. workers inside a rural kansas plant described a chaotic scene. >> everybody was running, people were screaming, crying, we just didn't know what to do. >> and more people running, all of a sudden, i start running, too. >> when it was over, four people were killed including the gunman. 14 others wounded, five critically. witnesses say the suspect, cedric ford was armed with an assault-style handgun, he shot and wounded three people he encountered on the way to the plant before he went inside and opened fire. the first officer to arrive immediately engaged the gunman and singlehandedly took him down. >> the only reason he stopped, the officer stopped the shooter.
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>> reporter: police say that he was served with a protective order just hours before the shooting. the investigation will continue for quite sometime, but for now, the community is mourning the loss of life here in rural kansas. you know california's three strikes law, but did you know research shows that the tough on crime approach may not actually reduce crime. our investigative unit spent the last couple of months digging behind the reality. it's a system that started in the '80s during the tough on crime political era. but researchers now say the sentence enhancements are contributing to overcrowding, injustices and have little effect on reducing actual crime. >> we all suffer with this overly elaborate criminal justice system that just piles on this obsessive sentences.
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>> we discovered tens of thousands of inmates locked up behind bars, with sentences that are often longer than they got for the actual crime. tonight, we'll look at the prison reform and take you inside san quentin to see what is being done. tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news and of course if you have a tip for the investigative unit you can call 888-9966 tips or send an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay area. and very good news in the search for a missing bald eagle on the peninsula. she has been found. the zookeepers at the palo alto zoo say she flew away when they took her out for a flight demonstration on monday, she was pursuing a red tail hawk. this morning crews found her. we're looking at details where sequoia had been hanging out. we can tell you she is partially
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paralyzed and missing part of her foot from being shot out of the sky. she is safe though. this guy is a choke artist, this guy is a liar. and stakes higher than ever, who came out swinging. coming up, we'll take you to san francisco to explore why people are so obsessed with the orchid. that story coming up. i'm meteorologist carrie hall, today, temperatures way down with more clouds and a chance of rain. i'll have more coming up in the microclimate forecast. >> i had had this gun so i was given 25 to life. the time was way more than you would get for the crime itself. >> tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit goes inside the walls of san quentin for the real story. >> where is the justice in the sentence they give us? >> sort of piling it on. wouldn't know anything a
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businesman.... i dont knoanythi5 =stt/cont vo=a bickering tch - p you wouldn't know anything about it because -- >> well, i don't know anything about bankrupting cars -- >> let me ask you -- >> a bickering match on the political stage for candidates who want to be president duke it out in the last debate ahead of super tuesday. edwin laurel shows it was
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mainly marco rubio and ted cruz working against donald trump. >> first of all, this guy is a choke artist, this guy is a liar. >> donald trump was attacked from the right and left by marco rubio and ted cruz, who joined in a tag team. >> anybody who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn't hire illegal immigrants. >> rubio talked about his health care plan among other issues. >> that is the only part of the plan? the interstate competition. >> you have many different plans. you will have competition, so many different plans. >> now he is repeating himself. >> no, no, no. >> rubio upped his attacks, telling "the today show," we will expose the real trump. >> we are not going to turn over
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the conservative movement to a con artist, who is telling everybody something else, but has spent the last 40 years sticking it to them. >> can somebody attack me please? >> last night's debate set the stage for voters to decide on super tuesday. donald trump is winning or slightly winning all of the polls in super tuesday states except for one, that is texas. senator ted cruz is winning in texas. he represents the state here in the u.s. congress. reporting in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. and happening now, a big name in the bay area, vice president joe biden will be in san jose for the california democratic convention. he will give the keynote address for more than 3,000 people at the event. the convention kicks off today with the spotlight on tax work helping people. apple filing its response to the fbi's demand that it unlock a controversial iphone.
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apple says the act does not give of the court the power to remove the pass cord lockout on the seized phone. both the fbi and apple would like congress to step in and create new laws to address the problem but it may end up in the supreme court first. experts believe the legal ramifications are huge. >> if they lose this then you could argue the government would always want a back door, they have to keep this into consideration developing hardware and software. >> during a hearing, apple accused the government of running over its first amendment rights. they're addressing it during apple's shareholder meeting. >> our blacks and purples and blues. >> and down at the orchid show in san francisco. scott and kris, there are about 150,000 orchid here at the 56th annual expo opening here in san francisco representing thousands of different species as you look around. clearly, overwhelming, how do
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you focus on any of this? that is why we needed to find and orchid expo, definitely, he has expert written all over his face. how are you, dennis? >> i'm good, thank you. >> looking for three interesting orchids you could show us in a short amount of time. >> it's a hard choice, but this right here is in the andes, a cool-growing orchid, a cooling mechanism, and captures briefly, but then this is called the lip. and this pen is the gnat that would land and crawl around. >> and it shuts them in there. >> it shuts them in there for about 15 minutes. >> is it a silent scream? >> i don't think we can hear it no matter what it's doing. >> this is not only a plant sale, but it's a show.
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and you had people entering. the first place -- >> so the best in show is this black orchid with all the roses hanging from it. >> you have the green leaves, and the black -- >> and the black with the white and pink lip. >> why did that 11? >> well, people love black orchids, even though there really are not black orchids. these are plants you will only see in places like san francisco. they absolutely must have cool, humid conditions all the time. >> and the vampire part of this? >> that means little dragon, there is a dragon phase to most of the flowers. >> okay, as we walk over here, this is kris and scott, you say it's the signature flower of the show? >> the flower is inspired by a
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lot of darwin's thoughts about the co-evolution. >> he saw this -- >> he saw this orchid, this produces nectar that accumulates from the bottom. >> and in order for it to get the nectar, it had to be a moth. >> it had to be a moth. no one discovered that moth, experts thought he was out of his mind, 70 years later the moth was found. >> very cool. quickly, why do you have such a love for this? >> i find orchids to be the top of the line, if you want to think of humans as the top of the line in the animal kingdom and in some way we are, in some way orchids are the top of the line in the plant kingdom with their origins. if you look there are so many different forms and sizes.
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they spread across the world just as we have. >> they're like people. >> they're like people, except they don't talk as much. which means i have to shut up. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> hey, this runs through friday, saturday, sunday here at the festival pavilion, here in san francisco, bob redell, san francisco bay area news. >> i think we're going to get an orchid. >> we know what you do with orchids, they don't last. >> it's beautiful weather out there for a while, it's like that. >> and we have had some great weather this week. today, we'll bring the temperatures back down. it will feel a little nicer. we're taking a look at san francisco where you can't see anything, the fog is just rolling right across. elsewhere as you get away from the bay you do see that it's all clear out there. at least to start out this morning, and we will start to see this system that has been producing rain well to the north doing like any of the systems we've seen this winter. moving well to the north of the bay area, and we're missing out
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on the rain, but we'll see an increasing cloud cover and then by this evening, maybe a few showers will be able to make it into the north bay, we're not expecting much out of it. temperatures, 69 in san francisco, 66 degrees for the south bay and as we get a closer look we have upper 60s, in santa teresa, 69 degrees, downtown, 68 degrees, this is what the computer models do with the rain towards the north of us, spreading it out. it becomes weaker, clouds moving all across the bay area by 10:30. and still light rain moving into the north bay, while it kind of fizzles out as it moves farther to the south. so once again we're not expecting much out of the system but it's helping to cool us down and bring it back a little closer for the average to the end of february. today in gilroy, still warm, 72 degrees, in redwood city, 66 degrees, financial district, 61.
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napa, 64 degrees in oakland. a high today of 66, pleasanton, 69 degrees, as you see that seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen we'll have a couple of chances of rain in the next several days but nothing significant until about next thursday. and with that system well to the west of us it will still be enough to turn up some of the waves and produce a high surf advisory swells up to 11 to 14 feet. and long periods between those swells. this weekend as you make plans to get outside it will be very nice. up to 69 degrees in the peninsula tomorrow. and then on sunday we'll have a little bit more cloud cover. i'm going to keep this chance of rain in the forecast in case we do have a couple of sprinkles. but not once again expecting a lot out of this. a few spotty showers here and there as we go into the afternoon and evening hours, high temperatures once again staying in the 60s. so next week, looks a little bit better as far as our bets for rain. i'll talk more about that coming up in the next microclimate
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forecast. scott and kris? >> all right, up next at 11:00, fourth graders taking life lessons outside the classroom. some youngsters find a way to not only honor a lost classmate but to save lives in a colorful way. but first, the clock is ticking on san francisco's tent city. san francisco seems to be certain to clear out the homeless. we have watches out on division street today. plus trending on our website, millions of drivers owing for overpaid parking tickets. head to nbc bay area and find out if you're due for a refund. ==kris/2shot== color make a cro?
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three 4th grade girls at "payne . can a flash of color make a crosswalk more noticeable? >> well, three girls who wanted to make the streets safer after a fellow student was hit last year came up with this plan. you have probably seen it in other areas, too, like willow glen, but here, the students will place this back in the other bin on the other side of the street for the next student to use, to help with the color. >> if you can't see somebody, how do you know they're there? the pedestrian colors are so bright but you can actually see it. >> all five crosswalks around
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the school now have more than 20 flags, thanks to donations that the girls rounded up. the girls will be honored by the san jose city council next month for their idea. three members of one oakland family will get recognition for their dedication to help lives. >> the three were honored after coaching student athletics in oakland for a combined 92 years, from every sport like football to basketball and track and volleyball. the school is honoring them as part of black history month. up next at 11:00, we investigate. i'm just in terrible pain. >> it really is a crime against women, who they have done. our investigative unit looks into high-risk medical device that is having devastating health consequences for bay area women. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by "days our
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lives" at 1 p.m. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green® fertilizer, at lowe's.
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to women for years.and resulted in thousands a serious warning about a medical device that has been sold for women for years and resulted in thousands of complaints about severe health problems. >> specifically one device that many women say ruined their lives. as senior investigative reporter vikki nguyen shows us, the product is still on the market. >> yes, this product is still on the market being implanted in women right now. we looked at concerns where some say it should have never been put into the women. some are trying to get the device banned in the u.s. >> gosh, i think it's terrible. feels like it's on fire. >> i have regretted every moment of it. >> they don't know each other but these three women share a common story, all undergoing a treatment procedure called transvaginal mesh, it was introduced in the '50s to fix
11:30 am
hernias after surgery, but in 2002, they built a method to help weak pelvic muscles. the repair doesn't require surgery because the doctors go through the vagina, and in the past few years, it was used for incontinence. >> it was simple and quick, i went into the hospital, next day back on my feet. >> but the women said after the first year they had had chronic pain and infections. >> i had it put in 2012, i had five to six utis a year. >> i literally sat in the tub all night long sometimes because it was so painful. >> a scale of one to ten, what was the pain? >> close to a ten. >> rita morrison says she was separated from her husband for two years, because of her cleaning health. >> i got back with my husband,
11:31 am
we were watching tv, he said what the heck, rita, that is what you have. you had that surgery, that is what is making you sick. >> rhonda rayburn said it was supposed to help but instead caused more suffering. >> it feels like a screen from a window that is on my insides. >> reporter: it's a pain felt by women across the country. records from the fda's product monitoring data base revealed more than 3,000 complaints from more than a dozen makers of the mesh products, including johnson & johnson, who have defended their products in court, contending these devices have been strongly tested and helped women repair their prolapse. the fda has not requested they pull them from the market. >> there is your legal rights. >> reporter: at this call center in danville, dispatchers take calls from women around the
11:32 am
clock to explain their legal and medical options. >> if this was a bunch of men would could not use their reproductive organs there would be more noise about it. >> reporter: she runs the office with attorneys who now are taking on the mesh makers. >> what is a woman worth? >> reporter: she estimates roughly 2 million women have been implanted with mesh and it's still on the market, but thousands of women are turning to surgeons like this man in st. louis, he has performed many removal surgery and says he has seen a quick number of patients some coming as far as australia for the removal. a process that some doctors describe like taking rebar out of concrete. the doctor says that mesh was marketed to doctors as safe and less invasive than surgery.
11:33 am
>> doctors have lost trust of their patients. >> reporter: he urges women to seek treatment if they're suffering. >> i don't want to live with hopelessness. >> reporter: one doctor testified in 2011, urging them to take action saying that the mesh instance causes multiple problems in women. there are numerous safer surgical alternatives with superior success rates. the fda has issued warnings, last month they ordered the devices to be reclassified to a high risk class three device. makers who want to use the mesh for prolapse now have months to show the product is safe and everythi effective. the women say the warnings and actions are not enough. these women are suing the makers of their devices. >> we can't trust them anymore. >> what do you think fda should
11:34 am
do? >> stop putting it on the market, get rid of it. >> some 100,000 women are involved in lawsuits against the mesh makers, under the current law it will be on the market until 2018, listed as a high risk device. according to the experts we talked to women need to hear all the complications before they have it put in. back to you. if you have questions about the device send us an e-mail or call. what we're interested in is justice. >> only on nbc bay area, taken for a ride. a local taxi company accused of hustling disabled riders. the taxi company was accused of charging people in wheelchairs more than three times the regular rate. >> and now this has the attention of the feds. nbc bay area's jean ellie has more. >> the car ahead of time, the
11:35 am
day before and set it up. >> reporter: joseph says that lining up a taxi ride on the peninsula that can accommodate his wheelchair is a challenge. this yellow cab company provides the service. but for people with disabilities, they say they are charging people in wheelchairs more than other customers for rides. >> we found that they were coast guarding high rates for people with disabilities. >> reporter: the alleged discrimination first surfaced in 2013. minutes from a public meeting show the owner of the cab told critics the higher coast guahar have been a misunderstanding. cid took test rides. >> and in 100% of the cases, our passengers were overcharged. >> reporter: diagula was part of the test. receipts for rides from a mall to his home show a flat rate
11:36 am
charge of $35. his partner, who is not in a wheelchair took the same ride and paid $9.40 into i think it's wrong because obviously it has not just happened to me. i'm sure it happens to other people as well. >> reporter: cid and aguila are filing a lawsuit regarding the monitoring system to make sure all customers are treated equally. the cab company's attorney says the owner is eager to meet with the plaintiffs. >> my client is very upset. and they would like nothing more than to resolve this with the plaintiffs and renew their commitment to the disability community. >> reporter: jean ellie, nbc bay area news. well, the city of vallejo's longest serving police officer is the son of the city's shortest serving police officer.
11:37 am
>> nbc bay area has more. i like to say i have the job my father couldn't have. >> lieutenant robinson is living his father's dream. the 64-year-old is the vallejo police officer's longest serving officer in history. >> everything goes back to my father and the values to he instilled in me. >> it was robinson's father, fred robinson, who paved the way. he was hired by the department's custodian in 1946 and promoted in 1948, becoming vallejo's very first african-american police officer. his family and the black community were proud. >> everybody was very happy for him. and they commented that we're seeing history made tonight. because you know, no black man had ever worn a police uniform in the city of vallejo. >> but it was short-lived, his badge was revoked two weeks later. >> the city fathers didn't feel
11:38 am
it was time to have a black officer. >> so it was back to mopping floors. he continued as department custodian until he died in 1968. >> i'm sure he had to swallow a lot of pride in order to continue to work for the city police department. >> 27 years later, herman robinson joined the force and has been serving for more than four decades. the department is diverse now. but it was alfred robinson who opened the doors for officers of color including his proud son. >> it is all because of the things he instilled in me that i wanted to be the best that i could be. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. and hundreds of ships move around the bay every day but this week one ship made extra waves. >> this ship helped to build and define the west coast. >> reporter: there was a time long ago when hundreds of wooden
11:39 am
lumber schooners helped to build the west. but of those vast fleets, this one was pretty sorry looking. >> people would come by and say is it a replica of noah's arc. >> reporter: it looked like the candidate for the kindling pile, but then last week, the ship was towed to alameda for its next chapter. the crew built new masts and bow strips and began to add back her detail. >> the ship has been painted and detailed. the crowning achievement is to get the mast in. >> reporter: several weeks ago the ship finally got its new mast. >> today is the first day in a long time that it looked like this. well, the idea is to have completely authentic 1895 west coast lumber schooner.
11:40 am
>> reporter: and on monday, the gangway lifted up. >> we're under way. >> reporter: and it began its journey back to san francisco riding a tug boat instead of the wind but looking like a sailing ship. >> she has masts and a bow, rigging. >> reporter: she also had passengers, like brian mullen, a descendant who the ship was named after. >> they did an incredible piece of art. >> if this ship went away there would be no more west coast lumber schooners anywhere in the world. >> reporter: and so it headed into port where the workers will hang her rigging and install a new sail. 120 years after its birth, it seems this last survivor of the
11:41 am
lumber fleet will continue. nbc bay area news. that gradual work, day after day, one step forward could get you somewhere pretty incredible. >> he is a magician who spends hours practicing his craft. what he has his sights set on, and why it will make you bay area proud. and we're seeing more clouds today and temperatures coming down by several degrees. i'll let you know what to expect and through the weekend to hat coming up next. something up his sleeve ... and.
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==kris/2shot== nope, is not c a welcome back, a berkeley magician has something up his sleeve, not what you think. >> it is not a card or a handkerchief. it is something very special. more on today's bay area proud. >> chuck says he fell in love with magic at the age of five. seeing a street performer in london turn a single coin into many. he thought he had discovered a way to get rich. what he really discovered, though, was a talent. though as you will soon see it's far from his only one. >> so first thing i'm going to do is show you how magicians find your car. >> chuck hadis has been very
11:45 am
business practicing these days, he has more than one big event planned this summer. there is the magic show he is putting together, one that will support his nonprofit helping sick, hungry and homeless children. >> oh, wow! >> chuck was just a kid himself when he became fascinated by magic, although it was not until his sister was in the hospital and his magic trips helped to keep her spirits up that chuck realized it was a talent he could use for good. >> i realized that it was something that was meaningful to me and the floodgates opened. >> it started chuck down for road to performing the magic of miracles, performing and teaching magic to kids in hospitals and homeless shelters. >> if this magic could take them out of the situation for a second it would have been totally worth it. >> chuck sometimes wishes he could devote all of his time for magic, but then there is that other event he has been preparing for this summer.
11:46 am
a little something called the olympic games. chuck, you see, is añi cal grad and american holder in the relay withes goggles firm on rio. chuck believe his two passions are not as different as they may seem. mastery of either takes untold hours of practice, what is more, chuck is certain that doing one helps the other. making the olympic swim team would certainly bring attention to his nonprofit. and working with children in need, well, that provides an extra kick in the pool. >> and i think receiving that energy back from them makes everything i do worth it. >> chuck, it would seem, is a magician with a little something extra up his sleeve particularly when he is not wearing any. >> chuck's specialty is the breast stroke, and while not a
11:47 am
shoe-in to make the olympic team he believes if he has a good day at the olympic trials, it is a goal within reach. >> and if you know somebody doing something nice, search bay area proud for garvin. let's check our forecast with meteorologist kari hall, we've already gone towards the weekend. >> the weekend is here at least for us, the day is almost over. we're looking at nice weather as we head into the. but we have had clouds rolling across the bay, especially right along the coast. it's cool to see the time lapse and the fog rolling over the hills. it's still sitting on top of the golden gate bridge. around the bay area, high clouds are moving in. out ahead of this system bringing rain well to the north of us. as we go through the day that moves a bit closer, brings in lower clouds and brings our
11:48 am
temperatures down too. but we're still now in the mid-60s in san jose, oakland at 62 in san carlos, at 59 degrees, into the rest of the day we'll see the temperatures rising. and a mix of sun and clouds, won't be as warm as it was yesterday, but we'll still have temperatures slightly above for this time of year, even with that front moving in. so mostly cloudy skies and temperatures tonight dropping back into the 50s. all the microclimates are bringing it down at least four or five degrees in some spots up to ten degrees, in san jose, we're looking at a high today of 71 degrees. 67 in palo alto and the richmond district at 58 degrees, petaluma, 69, chance of rain later on this evening. antioch 64, and dublin. we'll have a slight couple of chances of rain and tonight the rain will be scattered. we're looking at much of it staying well to the north, as many of the systems we have had
11:49 am
this winter has been doing. we'll still have a slight chance of rain moving into san francisco later tonight. look the time line, here we are at 1:30 a.m. clouds moving in early tomorrow to get us off to a cloudy start through the weekend. clearing up in the afternoon. if your plans include the beach, keep in mind there is a high surf advisory, continuing until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. the swells will be anywhere up to 11 to 14 feet and a long period between those waves at 18 to 19 seconds we also run the risk of some rip currents and some sneaker wave. now, if you're planning to head to sonoma this weekend, today, once again we'll have the slight chance of rain, overall still a very nice day. 66 degrees, tomorrow, 69 degrees, down to may, we'll have a lot of sun this weekend, and lower 70s, feeling comfortable with a light breeze, santa cruz,
11:50 am
warmer, up to 71 degrees today. then on saturday up to 70 degrees, more clouds on sunday and 68. so over the next few days we'll still have clouds and a mix of sun coming out during the afternoon. and it doesn't look like we'll see much going on until the storm system moves in next thursday. that could bring in a more significant chance of rain and looking farther down the line it seems the weather is more active as we head into march. that is a good sign, we still have about six or seven weeks with the influence of el nino on our winter season. scott and kris? >> we'll be right back in a moment. coming up. access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00.
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11:53 am
you back to ancient china, featuring the music and dance and legend of a young girl's journey, celebrating culture, honor and a warrior's spirit. it's the disney screen, brought to life by the smaller set. even the grown-ups are kids. and from a musical in the south bay to a musician in the city, head to swedish american hall for the pod cast, you will for sure know her from call me maybe. she will break down her new song when i needed you, in a live discussion taking apart the song piece by piece, telling how she created it, how to make her decision point. i find that stuff fascinating. from the swedish american hall you can head over to the russian festival either saturday or sunday, both days at the center. you can say da to the traditions of old russia they will have food, art, dancing. the samovar, the vodka tasting,
11:54 am
you know what that is, also borst. since it's lunchtime, guys, i best be rushing out of here because i'm apparently also hungry, guys? >> that is a good one. well, daylight saving time does not begin for another two weeks, but one bay area lawmaker would rather it not begin altogether. they will talk about the proposal to end california's daylight saving time. he says it causes havoc on people's body clocks and that elderly people in particular have a very difficult time with it. they are calling for california to remain on time over the entire year so your friends and relatives will call you at really a bad time. >> or call you maybe. >> all right, we'll be right back. >> in 1997 we put up our first historic markers on african american history so we could
11:55 am
show people visually what the history is. you go to the hotel, and you have nine murals of black women. they tell the story of how california came to be. there is the queen in the background. we could actually show people visually.
11:56 am
chris rock's younger brother hosting. >> next access hollywood live.
11:57 am
>> today at noon on nbc bay area. blam c-h-p officers weren't expectind escaped a photo shoot.the whited . chp officers were not expecting this. a unicorn it that had escaped a photo shoot. what? it wasn't a real unicorn? the animal escaped and darted in and out of traffic and after several hours the officers put it in an orchard. the pony is not hurt, but its reputation is ruined. >> the officer gets home, his wife says how was your day? oh, the unicorn, the usual.
11:58 am
>> have a great day.
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now get 20% off sta-green® fertilizer, at lowe's. stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> this is unreal. again, this guy is a con artist. he's always making things up and no one holds him accountable for it. we are not going to turn over the conservative movement to a con artist. >> whoa! marco rubio up against con artist trump last night. kept on going this morning. it was on "gma," too, he said the same thing here. welcome to "access hollywood live" on a friday. >> what do you think about that? interesting after last night where it was throwing everything at donald trump on both sides. i like what marco rubio focused on con artist three times on the "today" show, that was


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