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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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south bay. for the 2nd night in row... human remains have been discovered. breaking news in the south bay for the second straight night, human remains have been discovered. thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai and i'm jessica aguirre. >> officers were called to this area near san jose city college around 6:00 this evening.
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it was found behind a fence in some heavy brush nech say a passer-by spotted a human skull about a month ago but didn't call police until today. that man says that he saw news reports of the human remains found in gill roy last night and just now thought that he should call authorities. >> they called it in because they heard about last night's story and said i remember there being some remains out here also so let me call it in now. it's very odd circumstances. >> officerscy it's still too early to determine if the skeleton is from a man or a woman, the area where the remains was found is a known homeless encampment. >> sorrow after the tragic shooting death of richmond police officers augustine gus vegas. a dedicated father who died in his own home. he was killed overnight police say in a domestic dispute with his daughter's boyfriend. the loss is being felt in two
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east bay cities. >> candles and flowers are now in front of the home where offduty police officer gus vague as was shot and killed. this street was blocked off for hours as police piece together pieces in this tragedy. tonight robert vagua is behind bars here at the county jail. the people who live in the glen cove neighborhood where it all happened are in shock. >> he is as genuine, a good human being as you're ever going to find. >> this deadly shooting is the result of a domestic dispute at the officer's home. >> how this from what i understand went down, i just know he was probably trying to protect his daughter. >> sources tell nbc bay area that he heard commotion in his daughter's upstairs bedroom.
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when he opened the door, he was shot several times and shot instantly. his wife escaped through an upstairs window and ran to a neighbor's home for help. when police arrived, they need meadry started looking for the suspect. >> did you see anything, did you hear anything? i was like, well, i didn't hear anything but i did hear gunshot. the suspect is a graduate of the nap,valley police academy, the same academy the rich mopped police officer attended in 1990. >> it's nothing short of a tragedy. >> the subject was arrested in fairfield. he had his 6-year-old son with him. he was unharmed. funeral arrangements for this fallen officer are pending. i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> after months of speculation, protests and controversy. today the autopsy was released in the mario woods killing.
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it reveals that san francisco police officers fired more than two dozen shots killing woods, who was armed with a knife. nbc bay area's jean elle joins us this evening. any indication of how this autopsy will be used to defend or punish? >> it's a very important part of the wide ranging investigation. it details how many times san francisco police officer shot at wood and it also reveals what was in his system. >> it's like it's unconscionable the number of shots that were fired. wood family attorney john burress says this video of san francisco police officer shooting 26-year-old mario wood made it clear officers fired multi- shots. tonight a new autopsy report pin points that numbers at 27 shots fired. it described where 21 of those bullets hit him. >> there's only one shot in the
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front. all the rest are in the back. >> burress as filed a federal civil right lawsuit claiming excessive force. the report also shows injuries. and it says woods had drugs in his system including methamphetamines and anti-depressants. police say officers fired because woods was an armed stabbing suspect and was behaving unusually. burress agrees with the fact of the case but says wood was never a threat to the officers or the crowd and officers could have con taped the situation without firing. >> i recognize he had some influence of drugs on him. he did not respond in a way nat officers thought he should. my view is that's a tactical
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question. >> police are reviewing use of force tactics. jean elle. >> our coverage continues across our digital platforms. go to nbc bay to read that full 31-page taautopsy. >> what i believe is the united states in fact should join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care to all people. >> the numbers don't add up. and many people will actually be worse off we have got to move toward a pt toward citizenship. i agree with president obama, who used executive orders to protect families. >> we should be deporting criminals, not hard working immigrant families. >> the democratic caucus in
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nevada is now nine days away. one poll shows clinton ahead of sanders by 23 points. >> president obama is still here getting rid of next week's summit. mr. obama also stopped by the ellen show in his first appearance as president. that segment will air tomorrow. earlier told he was in the bay area. he made house calls in palo alto, making a lot of people happy there as they watched the motorcade go by. fund-raisers hosted by executives and then grabbing babies and shaking hands before taking off on air force i. well, tonight they are back in business but not everyone is happy about it. dungeonis crab can now be fished
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recreationally. toxic algae levels are now under control but for commercial fish -- fishermen, the ban is still in place. >> it's a huge hit to the commercial fleet. >> the toxic acid caused the season to close. the commercial crab fishing industry has seen a major economic hit. >> we are just seven hours away from the start of super bowl -- the super bowl of surfing. some of the world's best boarders are getting ready to carve it up. we go live. the locals are certainly, so excited. >> we can expect to see thousands of spectators pip
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spoke to one of the competitors and he tells me this is an opportunity of a life time. >> as the world's top surfers arrive for the maverick show in half moon bay, locals are getting ready. >> it's crazy. crazy. people everywhere. >> this one day competition at pillar point is one of the sport's biggest events. as can you see, the waves are massive. so you can't watch the competition on site. instead it will be streamed online and at viewing parties around town, can you expect street closures, too. >> what we can see right here, it's big. >> that looks very big, man. >> 25-year-old colkocolin dwyer compete tomorrow and grew up in pa pacifica. >> colin is one of the 24 competitors, all men. the coastal competition wants
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the event to include women next year or they can lose the ability to do the event. >> good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we are tracking very dangerous waves from 11 feet, could go as high as 15 feet. and coming up, details on our next possible rain. >> also, there video shows what happens right after a suspect was tased. but it doesn't show what led up to the confrontation. we investigate the reason why bay area police cameras aren't always rolling when officers use force. >> details of a high profile
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case between -- with a celebrity.
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across the country including here in thba well, body cameras are becoming the new normal at police agencies across the country, including here in the bay area. >> but how often are those cameras actually turned on and recording? we investigate which local departments track this information and which ones don't? your senior investigative reporter vicky wynn. >> no, no, no. >> mountain view unit, we have units here. >> you're watching cell phone video recorded by a mountain view police officer. >> sir, stop resisting. >> i'm not resisting!
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>> thhe shared this video with , admitting it doesn't show him at his best. with you what he said is they don't show the police tasing him money. >> they were waiting at a doctor's appointment when he got into an altercation with another patient. >> the office staff called 911. is there he has a knife? >> he has a knife. >> what kind of knife? >> a pocket night. >> they say hoff reached down to his waistline where the officer so a knife clip and that's when the officer tased him. >> he ran out and immediatery ta -- immediately. tased me. he wants to know why there's no
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video of what happened before he was tased. he claims it would show officers caused these cuts and bruises. >> my husband's head was going straight into the curb. >> reporter: huff has filed a complaint against the department. none of the four officers scene were wearing a body camera because it was during the voluntary time of wearing cameras. >> i think the trend frankly is going to be towards greater and greater openness. >> chris just took the top job in tucson. he's widely crediting with reducing violence and building trust between police and community members money. >> do you think all police departments should move in the direction of getting body cameras? >> i do. i think that not only shuld they do it but i think the public's going to expect that they do it. >> he oversaw the implementation
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of richmond's body policy and training for its 188 officers last year. >> just so you know, we have body camera being recorded. >> officers go through drills like this every three months. drills that include now turning on your camera at the beginning of any call for service. data shows in the first two months officers were equipped with cameras, the department used 28 use of force incidents, meaning anything from an officers displaying a taser to using a weapon. but none of them were recorded. the numbers improved to 48% in and most recently 92% of use of force incidents were on camera.
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there are times that a camera can be turned off. >> there have to be consequences if you ever don't turn on your body camera. we have disciplined some folks for that. >> we found most are tracked during use of force incidents bum here at oakland p.d., there's no way to know how often the cameras are turned on. the pilot fram started in 2010. the agency doesn't have a tracking mechanism to show when cameras are rolling. we requested multiple interview to ask why but we were told the chief could not accommodate the our request. >> you can't have some officers turning cameras on some times and other officers turning them on other times. >> why do you think souts important to have that data?
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>> because in a use of force, you have a police officer who is taking one of the weapons that they're armed with and deciding to deploy is t against a civilian. in those moments, that's when the community is most concerned about an officer acting correctly. >> there also was a real learning curve towards officers operating the camera. it seems like very simple thing and it not difficult to did. it just do you remember to did it under high stress. >> he says not only is it troubling if they don't track during use ofs for incidents, he's also seeing another change at opd. >> they'll say i think we need to have an administrative conversation. >> is that code for turn off why were body camera, we'll talk about this sflaert. >> it is. >> they allow officers to turn off cameras when they're
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discussing law enforcement sensitive information. >> what do you make of that? >> i think thip it's b.s. my question to the chief when i spoke to him most recently was what is there to hide? >> a judge ultimate live sen tested this man to one day in jail and anger management officers. >> some might say you were taunting the officer. >> i was overcome with the situation. >> i thought hi the right to remain silent. >> they capture the good, bad and ultimately get as close to the truth as possible for both sides. >> it might be a strting point. >> body cameras became mandatory for mountain view police officers in september. since that time there have opinion six use of force incidents and 33% were caught on camera. as for other local departments, we have that data on our web
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site. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail directly to the unit at nbc bay >> we're on the brink of friday. jeff, what's in store for us? >> we have some warmer and sunnier weather coming our way. i know you want the rain fault eventually. we'll have the possibility of rainfall by next week. as we get into the forecast for tomorrow morning, we'll have patchy areas of fog in the north bay, isolated fog in san francisco at 53 and for the south bay starting off with 48, filtered sunshine. we been stuck with the same pattern for the past seven to eight days. every single storm system that gives close just continues to get broken apart. it's all due to this area of high pressure that is so extremely stubborn. it's not going to allow any
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rainfall, even up into this upcome being weekend. now and we might possibly get the rainfall coming our way. san jose expecting 72 degrees, up against the immediate coastline, a stronger westerly wind will keep you cooler in pacifica and tom. >> north day, east bay and also for the tri-valley looking good up into napa with 73 degrees. back in the mill valley, 68 for your high. how about the east bay and beautiful the ski areas here
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have done a great job by keeping that snow stacked up. 116 inch at squaw valley. 79 opens at. >> hey, guys, it's a great show! >> happening now on our digital platform is the latest el nino forecast. check out our nbc bay area twitter feed. and in the right place at the right time, off duty fiefts save a man at a local gym.
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check out our facebook page for a slide show. check out this a house fire
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rescue courtesy of the firefighters helmet camera footage. the video shows the intense battle during a call yesterday. the homeowners all got out ok -- an all right, check out this house fire rescue. it shows an intense battle during the a call yesterday. the firefighters went in and did a full sweep of the smoking house and found that, the tienl occupant, a ask a. >> so this is called a vaporizer. >> that's republican duncan hunt
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from her san diego county. hunt erp decided on the show until many. >> actor james woods is taking on twitter. he's using a twitter user that goes by the handle abe listed for calling woods a cocaine addi addict. >> there as bad blood brewing between the raiders and the oak laupd a's. that store is it. >> fallon's move on nbc tonight
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7. with withes rn -- now through monday take an extra $100 of of close outfear cease. >> part of the commitment is our partnership with habitat for
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humanity. >> hour mission is to build low are and that ahows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. >> we're building a all right california with why and then you have
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-- in mhs news, this will be the first time that the english side visit the bay area. and it took some time to get the deal done. >> and so we reached out, probably it was two years ago. we worked with the league to put the whole deal together over the last six or eight months. >> there you go, guys. it going to be a great game.
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more news with raj and jessica after the break.
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moreelfies.hat's whahe told crowd yestery in illinois.
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he says not enough people want to shake hands now. and in fact, he says if smartphones were president obama declared no more selfies. he says not enough people want to shake hands now. he said if morms weren't in mess ant in twine, then it on the 4:00 start of the same game. >> you go dwr wrgs fwr zbgs. from understood yoch 60 in the heart of new york city, ilt the "tonight show owe "starting jimmy fallon.


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