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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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three dangerous inmates that escaped from the orange county jail are now in custody, one turning himself in. pete, what are the details? >> reporter: you know, it started with a citizen noticing a suspicious van and a man who matched the description of one of those inmates. police tell me this is a perfect example of seeing something and saying something. around 9:00 a.m. today, a citizen flagged down police officers after noticing a suspicious white van and a man nearby who matched the description of hossein nayeri. investigators already in the bay area, after manager of this south bay motel said all three of the men stayed there this past week. one of the suspects, bac duong, recently turned himself in to
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authorities in southern california. orange county sheriff's department told sfpd the remaining two, nayeri and jonathan tieu have ties to san francisco. >> all officers were notified to be on the lookout for these inmates and had the information readily available on their department-issued smartphones. >> it was at this corner where they found jose nayeri but that was only the beginning of the chase. he was chased back to the park district station where he was arrested without incident. then officers went back to that suspicious van. >> officers went to investigate the van where they found jonathan tieu hiding inside. he was apprehended without incident. >> police found 380 rounds of ammunition in the van but no weapons inside. the passerby is commended for speaking up. >> this is an excellent example of keeping the city safe. >> reporter: the san francisco sheriff's department says both
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men had been transported to a county jail but this is still under investigation. >> pete, thanks. new at 6:00 -- redwood city parents are on alert tonight after several suspicious incidents involving teenagers walking to school. looking at sketches right now of the suspects police believe the same man is responsible for all three encounters. january 1st the man asked a 15-year-old boy for directions. then tried to give him a ride. then this past wednesday and thursday, the exact same scenario played out with two 15-year-old girls in separate incidents. we're gathering more information on story and will have details in our 11:00 newscast. police say the man drives a small blue four-door car. happening now a police car stolen. part of a crime spree that happened in campbell this morning and two people are still on the loose. chuck, how did these people manage to actually steal a cop car? >> reporter: terry, campbell
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police policy is to secure the patrol car before leaving it. but in this case with a fellow officer rammed in his patrol car and the suspect driver running away, campbell police say the policy -- priority shifted toward a foot chase, thus patrol car was left open for a third suspect to jump in it and try to make their getaway. right now two people are at large. the 26-year-old is 5'3", 110 pounds with tattoos on her face. and 35-year-old christian hernandez, 5'8", 170 pounds, both with brown hair and brown eyes, both known to campbell police. this all went down about 8:00 a.m. this morning in the 2800 block of south winchester after a string of burglaries in the los gatos campbell area. campbell police cornered the suspects who had a third person with them but the driver stepped on the xwgas and rammed one of e patrol cars. police say at that point the
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woman left behind saw the vacant patrol car, jumped in it and tried to make her getaway. that's when a veteran officer tried to stop her. >> the door to the patrol door car was closed. he reached in through the open window to try to get the car stopped and the keys out of the ignition and it was at that point where the female suspect put the patrol car into reverse and accelerated at a high rate of speed. that threw the officer to the ground and she fled down winchester boulevard. the patrol car police say the woman stole was found about 2 1/2 hours later this morning. right now the search is on for the two, both from the campbell area. the officer who was injured was treated and released from el camino hospital. police managed to capture one of the suspects. he's identified as 22-year-old anthony reyes of san jose. police want your help though in capturing the other two. live in campbell, chuck coppela.
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let's take you up in it the air as our nbc chopper gives us an aerial view sf super bowl city. tens of thousands heading to san francisco for the festivities. of course it's been months in the making and planning. the doors opened today for the very first time. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in the bay area. today you got a good assignment. >> reporter: i think i scored tonight. boy, this is the start of super bowl city just an hour away from some of the beginning performances that will be happening here on the city stage. big crowds but not so big that you have a hard time moving around. about 30 minutes ago we heard chris isaac, the headliner. he did a sound check on the city stage. he'll be back to play at about 7:30 tonight. this is a nine-day free to the public span village. there is food, drinks, lots of
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interact of games, things i've never seen before. the fan zone i'm told is quickly become being the popular spot according to the super bowl 50 host committee. they also say that their plan here with the security line seems to be working pretty well because they're not too long. >> you go through the tackometers. quick back check. people have been moving through. one of the good things is people have been able to come in at different times during the course of the day so there's a steady flow. even at peak hours it seems as though they're moving pretty quickly. >> reporter: for us it took maybe five minutes. the nfl experience, that's also happening at the same time over at mosconi center but that's a ticketed event if you're looking for autographs, that sort of thing. what we're told that before super bowl, the days leading up to super bowl sunday, maybe the first couple of days is when you might find more locals out here. in fact that seems to be the
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case. we're seeing a lot of niners and raiders jerseys out here. of course also seeing the carolina and denver folks coming in from out of town as well. but certainly off to a big start and they have lots of things planned for this evening. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. super bowl excitement continues tonight in san francisco. the bay bridge lights will be turned back on. fireworks show will follow that. we have a look at the set-up of this fireworks show. you see them being put into their containers. chris isaac will take the stage. it is the first of several free concerts planned at super bowl city over the next week. >> he's a hometown boy. he doesn't age. he looks the exact same. >> you know him. >> i met him once before. so happy to hear him play. vandals continue to strike
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super bowl statues in san francisco. take a look at this one at alamo square. this is the aftermath posted to twitter in this photo. you see how the statue was knocked down, letters re-arranged to say oops. the sign already been vandalized. then this super bowl statue in civic center, also in san francisco, somebody here rearranged the letters to say sup, bro. head down to bay more. rain is making a quick return tomorrow morning. relatively dry the last couple days. a live look right now at downtown san francisco where if you're headsed to a super bowl party, that's the place to be. >> not a lot of raindrops, your evening plans should be fine. a few sprinkles towards san
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francisco, 50s outside right now. but through the next 12 hours or so we'll begin to see the radar fill in heading towards tomorrow morning, an impact we think will be highest for the south bay. tomorrow morning you'll see the rain coming in but totals not moving a whole lot. we aren't expecting much out of the system in terms of rainfall but it will bring much cooler air and blustery conditions to wrap up the weekend. that's the storm we're tracking for sunday. there are more out in the pacific but chilly changes ahead and a huge change in the extended forecast which does include super bowl weekend, a drier seven-day forecast ahead. that's in a few minutes. coming up, protesters attempting to disrupt the kickoff of the super bowl coming up in san francisco. what they're so upset about and what they're willing to do to get their message across. plus, facebook taking aim at guns. how the menlo park company plans to ban its users from selling them on the site. trt: 05 =terry//cont vo=
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protestors angry over thpolickid their best to disrupt san francisco's super bowl city protesters angry over the police killing of mario woods did their best to disrupt san francisco's super bowl city festivities today. they marched through downtown approaching the entrance to the festival but police blocked them from going any further. super bowl partygoers looked on as the demonstrators chanted demand being the firing of the
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police chief and the officers who gunned down the 26-year-old wood in december. an online petition against a decision to honor mario woods. b both the mayor and police officers association opposed that move. police say the shooting was justified as woods had allegedly just slashed another man and would not put down a knife despite repeated commands by police to do so. facebook tackling the gun issue. the company announced it is banning users from selling and buying all firearms, gun parts and ammunition on the site. the changes come after president obama put pressure on facebook to tighten its gun restrictions. the problem is many facebook posts offer guns for sale often without background checks. in early 2014 facebook also blocked anyone under the age of 18 from seeing posts about gun sales.
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turning now to decision 2016, the numbers are in from the final des moines register poll. donald trump has muss ldcled ah in iowa, standing ahead at 28% compared to ted cruz's 23%. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has maintained her slim margin winning 45% of democrats compared to bernie sanders' 42%. because iowa polling can be a little bit off, the candidates have now packed their schedules leading up to the caucuses in two days. republicans ted cruz, marco rubio, and donald trump all urged their supporters to come out in force. on the democratic side, clinton and sanders also held similar events. clinton has held more than 90 campaign events so far in iowa. sanders has held an incredible 130. caucus turnout is usually so small that a few votes can make a difference. that will keep candidates pushing hard all the way until monday. we have your microclimate
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forecast. i know there are tens of thousands of people in downtown san francisco wondering what it might be. >> right now we're seeing clouds and a few sprinkles this evening and a chance of some real rain at least for the south bay towards tomorrow morning. right now, low to mid 50s right now but our daytime highs tomorrow will be very close to those numbers. some cold gulf of alaska air conditioning heads our way. radar picking up a few sprinkles as they pass on by. the system here taking place offshore, cold air dropping in from the north and moisture as the system starts to strengthen and head towards the central coast during the day tomorrow. we have the highest chance for seeing rain in the morning. the during the afternoon, chilly be with blusteryy winds pick up. the main impact of the sunday forecast will be chilly temperatures by will drop snow down to the sierra foothills.
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winter weather advisory in the high country through 4:00 a.m. monday. bay area, totals, everything here in green probably less than a quarter inch for most spots. best bet of seeing any measurable rain should be around the south bay. heading down the coast, central coast, southern california getting the biggest impact of the storm and one that at times can bring winter driving for sure along i-5, the grapevine heading into southern california, 101 will be your better route if you have to head south to wrap up the weekend. around the bay area, better chance of rain for the south bay we think for the morning, transitioning to breezy conditions and scattered showers for the afternoon. you see those highs tomorrow. mid 50s. we'll have a cool start to the week. some chilly temperatures for the morning in the 30s. but another chance of seeing showers we think right around tuesday. but the forecast is actually trending drier. the long-range forecast next two weeks puts us in slightly below average rainfall. the way this will look as we go
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into tuesday, slight chance of showers on tuesday. another one into thursday. look what happens super bowl weekend, now we see strong high pressure building in. if that's the case, your super bowl weekend forecast iludes the warmest temperatures now of the week. saturday into sunday, temperatures will be in the low to mid 60s which as things hold up right now, super bow sunday not all that bad. some high clouds at times, temperatures in the low 60s. chilly with some showers to wrap up the weekend. but next weekend as all the eyes of the sports world will be on the bay area, temperatures will climb into the low 60s with some sunshine. >> that is such great news for everyone! >> they'll think it's that way all the time. we've certainly heard a lot about things being blamed on legel nino. but a toxic substance so dangerous to dogs. the party really ready to get
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started. here's a live look at the fireworks bar we told you that the party was already under way. let's take you out live right now to give you a look at the fireworks barge. this is getting into position for tonight's fireworks show. the show starts at 7:30 tonight. if you're in it the bay tonight, stay away from the barge. but enjoy the show. algae that's toxic enough to kill dogs, tonight the blue-green scum growing in east bay lakes is starting to clear out. this is great news for some east bay parks, especially east bay regional park district saying quarry lakes in freemont are now algae-free thanks in part to el ni nino. recent are inhrain has helped t out the stuff. some had to be closed to swimming because of the problem.
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it can kill dogs and make people severely sick. right now it is left in two lakes but park workers are keeping a close eye in case new blooms pop up. we're checking on why the san jose starbucks closed in a norovirus scare remains off-limits when it was supposed to re-open by now. managers closed the cafe recently because an employee was sick with norovirus. they made the discovery thursday night, they shut it down for cleaning. norovirus is extremely contagious. the cafe was expected to re-open today. right now, over to fallon smith joining us from come kath sports net. we just got the good news that super bowl sunday looks to be a beautiful day here in santa clara which is very exciting. >> they say a win is a win. that's all that matters. dubs win but steve kerr not happy after this one. the nba's worst team gives the warriors a scare. the game went down to the wire
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in philly and it wasn't even steph curry whose play sealed it for the dubs. teams in the nba... the warriors
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showed why they're in a league of their own. well today, they traveled some of the top teams in the nba, warriors showed why they're in a league of their own. well, today they traveled to the city of brotherly love to face the league's squad. and it was all but easy for the dubs. let's take you to the highlights. warriors in philly. the 76ers came out strong. an early 17-10 lead but the champs woke up and it took 19-point lead into the half thanks to thompson's game high 32 points. second quarter, steph curry blocked the defense. in the fourth, 76ers went on a run. isaiah hits the three and one.
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dubs' lead down to two. then curry turns the ball over, smith slams it home. final second -- money! the game winning three from the corner. ar warriors survive a scare. >> we got to win. it is a long season. we're disappointed how we played but we got to win and going to be a lot of different situations that we have to go through to keep winning. we've kept our composure to the point we can go home, happy that we got a win. we each got to learn the lessons and continue to play 48 minutes. we only played 24 tonight. >> super bowl weekend officially kicks offnd a here in san francisco the nfl experience is under way at the mosconi center, the lead's largest trade show.
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consider is the macworld or dream force of the nfl. this place has everything. you'll find customized shirts, hats, even high-end items like a tiffany designed football or an 18-karat gold plated electric guitar. but the biggest draw for fans is a chance to get up close and personal with their favorite players like joe montana who held a free autograph signing session. line for that was insane! australian open finals. serena williams and angela kerber. williams finishes with a drop shot here. she'd win the second set to force a third. championship point, kerber, guess what? williams -- oh, no, unforced error. she beats serena for her first major title. stanford at utah.
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first half, utah up four. utah upset in final seconds of the half. check this out. gets the bucket to go and one. stanford down nine at the half. second half, the double-team. finishes with the reverse. utah goes on to win 96-74. it's also a weekend in the nhl. . red carpet in nashville. check out bird rocking the red blazer and red boots along with the cowboy hat. nick looks clean cut next to bird. i like it actually. i don't know if you saw that. i think you guys need a cowboy hat to do the news. >> terry's got red boots on right now. >> it's just a look. >> he's going to pay for that
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during the commercial break. >> we'll be right back. ==terry//con't vo== theti
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♪ parties just getting started. not only here in the bay area for the super bowl, but in new orleans. mardi gras has begun. you're looking at one of many parades. this one in -- on the historic st. charles avenue. >> not everybody though is loving it. businesses and neighborhoods have put up some fences as
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barriers to keep the huge crowds off of their property. parades for the annual celebration go through fat tuesday which ends on february 9th. >> you got plenty of time to get down there. >> though why would you really around here lately? >> super bowl city is in town now. weather looking pretty good. a little bit of some wind around san francisco but no rain right now. heading towards tomorrow morning, some rain at times, especially in the south bay. cool and breezy in the afternoon, highs in the mid 50s. >> enjoy the fireworks show tonight. going to be beautiful. >> thanks for choosing nbc bay area news. male announcer: you're watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight we investigate trophy hunters bringing black market animals into the united states. david hayes: there's really very little scrutiny of these animals coming in at all. announcer: and many of these endangered animals came through the port of san francisco. bigad shaban: are inspectors able to check every sport-hunted
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trophy that comes through here? ann-marie holmes: no, not even close. announcer: plus, questionable spending by a bay area community college chancellor. vicki nguyen: did you charge alcohol to the district credit card? ron galatolo: i'm not quite too sure. announcer: vicki nguyen investigates whether buying mojitos poolside in vegas and springing for a $100 bottle of wine are breaking the rules. female: very difficult to explain. announcer: but first, millions of dollars worth of big-ticket items missing from a bay area government-run hospital. paul lorenz: first of all, i have to say that we take this very seriously. announcer: and you, the taxpayer, pay for it. [music] announcer: here's nbc bay area investigative reporter bigad shaban. bigad: thank you for joining us. for the next 30 minutes, we investigate, exposing stories, uncovering issues, and holding government accountable. we begin with missing medical equipment, millions of dollars worth, paid for by taxpayers.


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