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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 12, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PST

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it is tuesday january 12th. coming p on early today, changes in the wind as obama heads into his final state of the union address. alabama back on top of the college football world. >> national champions for if first time in seven years but clemson put up one heck of a fight. inside the raid for the most wanted drug lord and the infamous meeting with actor sean penn. and get ready, the polar vortex is spreading arctic air.
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and the impact of daf bowie's life. "early today" starts right now. i'm sheba wassal. we begin with breaking news out of turkey. 15 wounded followed an explosion in istanbul. turks and foreigners are among the dead. turkey's president says a serial linked suicide bomber is believed to be behind the attack. recently turkey has been dealing with the threat of ice i-linked extremist. a double suicide bombing that killed more than a hundred in october was blamed on isis and teamwork officialed said last month they foiled an isis attack planned for new year's eve. >> some are calling it one of the best national championship games every. clemson tigers face the alabama crimson tide.
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just before halftime. tie game, clemson with the first down but the clock did not stop and clemson's coach made sure the refs knew it. they settled for a 44 yard field goal. which comes up short. to the fourth now and alabama with a game changer. >> onside kick. alabama has the ball back. >> two plays later, jake coker finds o.j. howard for the 51 yard touchdown and the lead. later in the fourth, after a clemson field goal cut the lead to four, that play. >> look out. kenyon drake can fly. eludes the kicker and will not be caught. touchdown drake. and that game the tide an 11 point lead. toop for the tigers to overcome. alabama beats clemson, 45-40.
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alabama's fourth national championship in seven seasons and is it fifth for head coach nick saban. only legendary bear bryant has more with six. the win is also sabin's 100th as alabama al's head coach. >> there weren't many people who thought this team could do it early in the season and this team made a commitment to one another and did it together and i've never been proud ore f a group of guys than i am and that is why i'm so happy for these players. >> congratulations alabama. and now to tonight's main vent. president obama's final state of the union address. a live look at the u.s. capitol where the address will take place. sunrise happening right now. nbc's tracy potts is in washington with a preview.
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>> reporter: duelling videos are setting the stage. the white house says president obama will reflect on his achievements and look ahead. >> he's at an opportunity to lay out for the american people the longer term challenges we face but also the opportunities. >> reporter: this preview focuses on november the elections. for the first time ryan will be seated directly behind the president. >> i'm not a real poker face guy. i grimace, i wins i -- >> the president of the united states. [ applause ] >> reporter: south carolina governor nikki haley follows the president tonight, delivers what republicans call an address. >> the reason i didn't want it to be a response is i certainly am not one to compete against the president or try to imply
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that i -- >> reporter: trooz is skipping to campaign in new hampshire. rubio, paul and sanders are expected to attend. tracy potts nbc washington. and the today show will be live from the white house and a preview of the final state of the union address for the president. and special coverage begins at 9:00 eastern 6:00 pacific. bernie sanders is putting up a fight. the top pair came together last night for the brown and black iowa numbers on fusion. >> has been criticizing you. have you noticed lately she's been getting more aggressive with you?
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>> yes. >> why is that? >> i don't know. >> you tell me. >> it could be that the inevitable candidate for the democratic nomination may not be so inevitable today. >> clinton answered with sly digs of her own questioning the senators elect ability and stance on gun control. she also had a bigger fish to fry. the republican front runner. >> anybody can win. who would have thought donald trump would be leading in the polls. >> reporter: donald trump was on "the tonight show" last night. and he's telling the truth we ain't seen nothing yet. >> the newest poll just came out today where i'm beating her easily and substantially and i'm winning against hillary one on one. look, and i haven't even started on her yet. although last week -- but we
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haven't even started. >> he has reason to be in good news. and another has trump reking the lead from ted cruz in iowa. farther down fiorina and paul, so low in fact that both have been relegated to the kids table for the next gop table. but senator paul says he's not going. >> i won't participate in anything that's not the first tier because we have a first tier campaign. >> and you notified fox? >> we let them know it. video of the raid and capture of one of the most wanted men. al chapo guzman. there are new details in the strange subplot featuring an oscar winning actor. gabe gutierrez reports. >> reporter: dramatic video just
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released by the mexican government showing friday's raid. mexican marines closing in on the most wanted drug lord in the world as el chapo makes one last ditch effort to escape through an underground tunnel. >> emerge about a half mile away. and then police say they stole a car and that driver called it in. and authorities were able to track them down. after his dramatic escape from a maximum security prison last july guzman was on the run but in early october took a secret meeting with oscar winning actor sean penn brokered by del castillo. she says guzman reached out to her about making a movie about his life.
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and penn would arrange this video interview and write an article for rolling stone describing the process as a clandestine horror show, burner phone, anonymous e-mails and encrypted mental eed messages. penn has betailed in journalism before. in cuba and 234 venezuela. if guzman is expedited to the united states, legal experts say the interview could hurt him. >> it wasn't necessarily ethical but it wasn't necessarily illegal. >> penn told the associated press he had nothing to hide. that was gain gutierrez reporting. mexican authorities have started the process to bring guzman to the us to face drug charges.
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mine wheel sources say sean penn had nothing do with the capture of el chapo. and the mother of affluenza teen iit itett ethan coach test morning. he testified her balance is negative 99 billion and currently frozen by authorities. she's been charged with hindering the apprehension of a felon after she and her son. and snowplows had difficulty clearing the roads. so much snow and traffic. and take a look at this. a car in buffalo frozen solid
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after being hit with waves from lake erie. and firefighters fought subzero temperatures in omaha, nebraska. the weather froze the water almost instantly leaving behind an erie ice covered ruin. >> what do you do with the car? get a tow truck and bring it somewhere warm and wait for to it thaw, right? >> get a couple hundred blankets. >> don't get the heating torch. another huge storm off the west coast. this storm is heading northward, parallel to the coastline and british columbia towards alaska but it is dragging slowly a warm front and eventually a cold front into the northwest and the northern california and that is where we are going to pick up rain and snow depending on your elevation. the system is approaching the
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coast. it is really going to be northern california event and portland and seattle. and this takes us through tonight and into tomorrow morning northeast a few sprinkles and showers to the south. for the mouth part as the northerly seem. the red color here is 2- 3 in northern california. the blue about an inch from eugene to seattle. and as far as snow gees not a ton. a brighter red color today through thursday possibility of another foot. we'll take flooding. i don't think too much damage will be caused by the storm but you notice the northwest is definitely involved with this. just ahead. a battle between brothers goes a
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little too far. and it is all caught on police cam. you are watching "early today."
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check out this dash cam video of a vehicle in michigan ramming into a police car while a man was on the hood. that man was reportedly fighting with his brother who was behind the wheel. police arrested both brothers for domestic disturbance. let's get down to business now with landon dowdy. >> good morning to you. you are never too old to find love. rupert murdock is engaged. he's 84, she's 54. they got engaged this weekend while attending the golden globes and announced with at ad
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in the london times. and the playbook mansion is on the market. but hugh hefner will be allowed to live there until he dies. when while china goes hollywood. buying legendary entertainment for 3.5 billion dollars. they have co-financed several films including jurassic world and straight out of compton. just ahead the team vegas has winning the super bowl. and the nfl is dropping the harm over this play. sports is next.
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in sports, if you are just tuning in alabama won the national championship late last night defeating clemson 45-40. that is head coach nick saban's sixth national title. looking ahead to super bowl 50. multiple las vegas sports books have the arlz cardinals favored to win. and the nfl has suspended von pes burfict for the first three games of next season for
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repeated violations of safety related playing rules. the nfl ruled burfict's actions placed opponents at unnecessary risk of injury. and lindsey vonn has just notched two more wins in austria. bringing home the gold in super g and also won the downhill, which for those keeping score gives her 73 overall world cup wins, 14 behind the record. and just ahead an overwhelming outpooring for david bowie continues the world over. and powerball levels never seen welfare.
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and now to entertainment news. a worldwide tribute to david bowie continues to grow as more and more people learn about his death. fans left flowers at his star on the hollywood walk of fame. and the chamber of commerce honored the rock legend. london tower scrolled his name. online streams of his music jumped by 2700%. his final album topped charts yesterday, with three more of his al pulmos in tbums in the t. a tribute will be held on march 31 at karnggy hall. the roots, cindy lauper and the many are slated to perform.
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and they named this penguin bowie. a memorial service was held yesterday for singer natalie cole. cole died at age 65 on new year's eve. and variety reports that mgm wants to set a 2007 release date for the sequel pre two. >> and about being a selfish dancer. >> i have good intentions. and darling let's go dance to this. "that girl is poison" -- >> sure got the moves. i'm sheba russell and this is "early today."
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millions in isis cash destroyed in u.s. air strike. happened early sunday on a u.s. air strike hit an isis bank. the money was reported by used to pay isis fighters and their families. since november u.s. and coalition forces have been trying to kill isis by going after its main money source source. and donald "chip" pugh hate his mug shot and sends police a new photo. the selfie was captioned here is a better photo. that one looks terrible. he does look better. the police hoping the heightened
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attention will help locate the fugitive or he'll turn himself in. residents voted on a controversial village seal yesterday. i it appears to show a white settler choking a native american and it's been called offensive. the village website says the emblem dates back to the early 1900s. a majority of residents were in favor of keeping the image, despite the backlash, its changed. and the powerball swells ahead of tomorrow's drawing. the world's largest jackpot ever offered. and never try to kiss a snake. she learned the hard way. fortunately she only suffered minor injuries.
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and a burglar video. stuffing a make into his pants. the snake was being sold for 200 dollars. police are still searching for suspect. guiness world records just released a stunning video of a record breaking light show in germany. beautiful. the show is made up of a hundred drones lighting up the sky to the tune of beethoven's fifth symphony. most unmanned unmanned vehicles in the air at the same time. it hopes to demonstrate the immense capability of uavs and inspire others to push the limit of the industry. and happy birthday to howard stern. 62 today. rush limbaugh is 65. rush limbaugh is 65. also 65 actress
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it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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sitting on the door step in the middle east. turkey becomes the latest victim of terrorism. an explosion rocks the country's capital killing at least ten people. victimized by neighborhood violence. the reason three young children found themselves surrounded by shattered glass in richmond while just sitting in their car. plus, at the mercy of nfl owners. awaiting on the decision of the team's fate at any moment now. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have some wet weather ahead. anthony slaughter in this morning for kari. >> we are waking up


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