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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  October 11, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we're back with more football. a nice battle between two future hall of famers in oakland. peyton manning, quarter back for the broncos, charles woodson, safety for the raiders. second quarter broncos up 3-0. derek car finds amari cooper. 21-yard game and they're in broncos territory, bill. >> great throw and catch and an explosive after the catch. >> second quarter more action for you. carr finds walford. >> he has a lot of time to throw and he was able to make a nice throw to walford and big time catch for the rookie. >> need more of that. two plays later, carr to marcel reese. raiders take a 7-3 lead.
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>> i love that play. they come off the edge right there with vaughn miller and carr was able to get rid of the ball real quickly. >> on the next raiders drive, look at demarcus ware. he comes up in pain. he was carted off with a back injury and did not return to action. late in the half, broncos in the red zone, manning intercepted by charles woodson. oh, my goodness. that's the first time he picked off peyton in his 18-year career. >> yes, thanks to malcolm smith blitzing up the middle, charles woodson comes up with a big time play. >> raiders up four point, 7-3 at the half. first drive after half time, carr backs up, vaughn miller sacks him and steals the ball. >> big time play by miller. a game changing play. >> ensuing broncos drive, manning hit december ms demariut can't hold on to it. that led to a field goal. peyton to thomas, this time he
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will hang on to it and with pa that pass peyton manning breaks brett favre's record for most passing yards in nfl history. over 71,000 yards passing, bill. >> big time: he's one heck of a player. >> later in the drive, peyton looking deep for thomas. intercepted but look at the intercepted by old man woodson. >> he kept his eyes on the ball, caught it at the highest point. what a play by charles woodson. >> now time for six all time for interceptions with 64. fourth quarter, broncos ball, c.j. anderson gets the carry, justin tuck brings him down and he's injured. >> you see the arm as he's reaching to make the tackle. his arm goes way back. very dangerous. >> and this was very dangerous as well. car picked off by chris harris, jr., runs it back for the pick six. that's a 75-yard interception return. is one bronco fan celebrating
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and the raiders are like ""we don't want to see that." >> chris harris had his eyes on the quarterback the whole time. gave the broncos the win. >> so the raiders get a late field goal but it puts the raiders in a bad situation by missing two field goals in the game. red zone report bought by your local toyota dealer. the raiders time of possession was nine minutes longer than the broncos. denver's offense did not score touchdown bus they leave oakland with the victory. the major difference is once again that pick six by derek carr and the field goal missed by jankowsky. let's hear from the raiders. >> when you lose a division game it's hard because there's no moral victories for us. we feel we can compete with everybody and we feel like we can win games but we're young and learning how to do that so we have to continue to grow now.
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we have to get better now so we can pull these games out. >> what it boils down to is at the end of the game you have to make the play. your team has to make the play. today it was their team that maid the play. the pick to the house, that was tough so they made a play is the -- a couple big plays at the end and we weren't able to do it and that's the way it goes. >> it's time for our jeep renegade player of the day brought to you by the all new jeep renegade and it's charles woodson. 18 seasons in the league but prior to today's game he had never intercepted a pass thrown by peyton manning. today he had two interceptions, the 39-year-old is the oldest player in nfl history to have two interceptions in a game. so history was made today in
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oakland. let's talk about derek carr, he's the leader of this team. very mature quarterback but at the same time he'll make mistakes. he's young. is this part of the growing pains and do you think he'll get over it? >> he has to get over it. it's a team game, though, and you can't always bring it down to one play. but i tell you what, this play here cannot happen when you're in a tight game you have to protect the ball and make sure it goes to your team. >> well, that was a costly, costly mistake. was there a miscommunication, do you think, between the quarterback and the receiver? >> i don't think he saw chris harris on that and he just broke on it, saw derek's eyes, made a great play. >> when we come back, we'll have the latest on the world champions golden state war yors. there's a condition that's been keeping warriors head coach steve kerr away from his team. we'll have an update on it,
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especially with the regular season approaching. will he be ready to go? hang with us, we'll be right back.
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we're back with a news alert. steve kerr has revealed details as to why he has taken an indefinite leave of absence from the warriors telling reporters his second back surgery in december was to repair a spinal fluid leak that occurred during his initial procedure for a ruptured disk. now, because of that leak, kerr experienced headaches and loss of energy and is still suffering symptoms. kerr remains involved with the team on a limited basis but wouldn't put a timetable on his return. we wish him nothing but the best. get well soon. our draft kings king of the week brought to you by draft kings. play weekly fantasy football for free and win huge cash prizes. get to now.
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tampa bay running back doug martin from stockton had 33 points. 123 rushing yards, two touchdowns against jacksonville and indianapolis receiver andre johnson on thursday had 77 receiving yards and two touchdowns. let's get back to the san francisco 49ers because there are a lot of people who jumped ship. they got off the bandwagon and said, look, colin kaepernick can't do it. are you a believer or you do not believe and did those people jump off the ship too early? >> i think they jumped off way too early. i've been a believer from the beginning. i love the way he played against the vikings the first game. i thought he played pretty well against the steelers then he plays well tonight. he played poorly against green bay and against the cardinals. hey, three -- you know, he played well three games, two he didn't. at the end of the day he's a young quarterback, he has to
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have blocking up front, the receiver's got to catch the ball for him. it's a team game. the ultimate team game, henry. next up for kaepernick, john harbaugh and the ravens. by the way, the ravens are 1-4 radziwill. that game takes place in levi's. we'll see you later.
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>> reporter: along with the shock in the community came an
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unnerving question, given the national climate of school-related shootings, could keith reed have been targeted because of his work leading the district? an angry student? a disgruntled parent? was any of that even remotely possible? >> i'm thinking and going back through, did he have any enemies? who possibly could have been upset enough or crazy enough to do something like this, you know? >> did you come up with any possibilities? >> well, there was one incident that i know that the family was very upset with him. >> school-related beef of some kind? >> school related. but you know, nothing out of the ordinary, you know? nothing that should have ever rose to this level. >> reporter: neighboring districts were understandably on edge, too. were they next? >> my phone blew up from other schools, are we in danger? is this the beginning of something bigger? there's a lot of people worried. >> reporter: and concern only heightened, the sheriff said, when word spread that an unknown man had stopped by keith's school around noon that friday, asking to see mr. reed. >> he told them that he was
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applying for a job as a substitute teacher, came in from connecticut looking for work. >> reporter: the man seen here was captured on school surveillance cameras. was this visitor a piece of the puzzle? detectives didn't know. but given the potential nightmare of schools and children in jeopardy, it was important than ever for the sheriff to have all hands on deck at the crime scene. county district attorney david foley was there and a door-to-door canvas turned up a critical clue for the timeline. >> a neighbor couple had heard gunshots, three gunshots, friday evening, somewhere around 9:00 p.m. >> reporter: on the property itself though, detectives found themselves frustratingly short of clues, but they did recover in the grass a soggy piece of paper that looked like a receipt. it would be work for the lab to figure out. and around the garage, investigators took notice of something perplexing, three exterior lights, the bulbs were missing. >> why are the bulbs gone? this is odd.
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this is really odd. >> so somebody had done some planning. >> rang the door bell, can't see who's out there flips the light on, nothing happens, opens the door, there's his assailant. >> reporter: so the shooting of the superintendent for a grievance unknown became one theory to pursue, but detectives were about to hear a story that would make them look at the crime scene in a completely different way, something more traditional. was it possible that keith reed was the victim of a bad romance? as it happened, a candidate for a suspect, someone on again/off again, was about to pull into the drive. coming up, angry texts put a girlfriend in the hot seat. >> i just found out he's dead this morning, and now i feel like i'm a susp
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the body of keith reed, the admired school superintendent, had been found in a hedge by his house. he had been shot three times. keith's brother, kevin, a law enforcement veteran, had caravanned to the house monday morning with his 80-year-old parents, expecting to search for a missing person. the sheriff broke the news. >> so now i've got my mother wanting to go and cover him up with a blanket because he's cold. try that sometime. it's a crime scene, mom, you can't go up there. it's tough. >> reporter: as the reed family struggled to make sense of the horror, investigators would put the question to keith's daughters. did they know of anyone who had a reason to hurt their dad. >> we could not think of anyone to tell them. no one.
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>> everyone was just, no. >> reporter: a name occurred to their uncle kevin. of the leads to sort through, he suggested investigators look at keith's on again/off again girlfriend of many years, kimberly roush. >> i said the first thing you need do is talk to kimberly. >> where did that come from in you? >> experience. and knowing the relationship. >> reporter: the investigators learned from kevin and others that the superintendent's relationship with kimberly had at times been rocky. they had been engaged to be married but keith recently called off the wedding. >> by the time summer was over, no, we're not doing this. >> reporter: was this what the crime scene was all about, a deadly confrontation between a man and his lover, upset over a canceled wedding. kimberly, who was almost two hours away, raced to the house. >> i said, kevin, what happened? i said, did he have a heart attack or something? and he said, no. somebody shot him.
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and i just started sobbing and i started to go down to my knees in the road. >> reporter: investigator randy boland was assigned to talk to her. >> she is crying and very, very, very emotional. so, i immediately go and speak to her but i give her some moments. >> reporter: but in the investigator's eyes, kimberly quickly went from grieving girlfriend to potential suspect. he asked for her phone. >> i said, okay is there a reason why? you know, i just was kind of shocked. >> reporter: it turns out keith had asked kimberly to join him at the educator's conference that weekend. she said they had never finalized the plan but she had been mad at him for not returning her calls. >> she gets very upset in her text messages back, like, i can't believe you're not talking to me. you know, and they are like half-violent, like why are you -- why are you not calling me? >> really flaming stuff, huh? >> yeah. >> reporter: and something else.
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in keith's bedroom upstairs, crime scene analysts noticed this picture frame. it was toppled over and taken apart on a bookcase. whatever picture had been in it was gone. you can put a story together with that pretty easily, huh? >> the pieces of the puzzle were just starting to come together. >> reporter: investigator boland brought kimberly in for a formal taped interview. she was read her rights. >> i'm still in shock. i barely have my head around that he was killed and now i feel like i'm going right from that into are you the one that killed him? i just found out that he was dead this morning and then i show up and i found out he was shot. and now i feel like i'm a suspect. >> reporter: kimberly told investigator boland she had been three hours away at her parent's house at the time that keith had been shot. she did admit while she did get angry with him, she would never hurt him.
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>> never in a million years, no matter what he said or did did i ever consider or conceive of the thought of harming him or hurting him or living without him. i remember feeling absolutely terrified and i thought, i have two little boys at home. i need to get home. they don't even know he's gone. >> but in through some of your messages, you displayed the -- >> people say things in anger. >> anger. anger. you know what i mean? >> have i been angry? you bet i have been angry. anybody would be in certain situations. that doesn't make them a killer. >> reporter: but had there been a trigger leading up to friday night? the investigators saw in kimberly's text messages that she was intent on getting back from reed a high school diploma, something she thought might be at his house. >> i used the f-word and i said i'm sure you're -- obviously you're there with another woman and i don't even care. i just need my [ bleep ] diploma. why won't you just pick your [ bleep ] phone up?
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you think i'm gonna show up and shoot him over my missing diploma i can't find? i would just go there, look through the bins, find it, take it and leave. >> reporter: but what about that picture frame? detectives thought it might have been toppled over during a fight. >> no, we've never broken pictures of each other so i really had no idea what they were talking about. >> reporter: investigator boland confronted kimberly with a working theory, thinking keith was away, she stormed over to his house with a male friend to get her diploma back, only keith was still home, an unhappy surprise. >> there's an issue here where there's two males going at it. did you see something you didn't want to see? >> i wasn't there. >> seriously? not at all? >> not at all. they were thinking i was guilty of this. and i loved him so much. i could never have even thought of doing anything like that. >> reporter: the nearly three-hour-long interview was over.
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kimberly was still in the crosshairs and the thought was terrifying to her. >> am i gonna go to jail for something i didn't do? >> reporter: but investigator boland had his doubts she had anything to do with keith reed's death. >> she didn't lead my suspect list, but at the same time, she -- she seemed genuine that she would never do something like this. >> reporter: meanwhile, there had been a very puzzling development in the investigation. the sunday night the superintendent was reported missing, the cop also asked the phone company to ping keith reed's cell phone to ask the technological question, where are you? the phone answered back electronically, i'm in harrisburg, pennsylvania. this man is dead in the hedges by his house and his phone is in harrisburg, p.a.? >> yes. >> hours away? >> hours away. >> reporter: a school superintendent dead at his home. his phone more than 200 miles away. what was going on? coming up, things get way more complicated when a second
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woman makes a phone call to the sheriff. >> i don't know. >> okay, just relax. >> she was very, very upset.
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returning to our story, a school superintendent in upstate new york has been found murdered.
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without much to go on, police have questions about his former fiancee, but a phone, and a phone call, will soon take detectives in a new and unexpected direction. here again is dennis murphy. >> reporter: of the many details concerning the homicide of well-liked school superintendent keith reed, perhaps none was more perplexing than the murdered man's cell phone. why was the phone company reporting its location as harrisburg, pennsylvania, four hours southeast of the crime scene? >> i thought maybe it was a mistake. no one knew of anyone he would know in harrisburg. >> reporter: in the hours after keith's body was found, relatives frantically called that phone, desperate to get a voice on the other end. the sheriff was shocked on monday when one of them hit pay dirt. >> he said, i just called keith reed's phone and somebody answered. i said, what? >> that's a holy cow moment. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: it turns out the person saying hello was a construction foreman on a bridge near harrisburg.
10:32 pm
the phone had been found on some scaffolding, which suggested to detectives someone in a car had tried to toss the phone into the river. >> it landed on a bridge deck that was -- had been set up to do repairs to the bridge. it was a very lucky break for us. >> what are the odds? >> one in a billion. >> reporter: while this recovered cell phone was on its way to the fbi lab, crime scene analysts spent the next day at keith reed's house, scouring the property for clues. district attorney david foley knew the clymer community, on edge about a school-related shooting, was anxious for the case to be solved, but an arrest looked a long ways off. be nice to announce an arrest very quickly but you can't. you can't calm people down, can you? >> no. >> reporter: but then wednesday afternoon, something totally out of the blue happened that turned the investigation upside down. the sheriff was in a closed-door meeting when his secretary interrupted. >> i thought it was a family emergency. her face looked like she had seen a ghost. she said, sheriff, you have a phone call that i think you need to take.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: a panic-stricken woman was on the phone, she needed to talk to the sheriff immediately. the sheriff returned to his office so he could take the phone call. >> i don't know. i don't -- >> okay. just relax. >> i'm so scared. >> reporter: her name was mary taglianetti, she was calling from virginia. no one in keith's life, including her daughter, megan, had ever heard of her. that name mean anything to you, mary? >> not at all. >> in inin the family, did that ring a bell? >> no. >> reporter: meghan's older sister kaitlin didn't know the name either but realized this woman mary was someone he had taken to dinner in 2010 during an off period with kimberly. >> i remember him saying he was going out to dinner but, yeah, nothing ever came from it. >> reporter: but now mary was on the phone. >> she was very, very upset. [ crying ] >> stay with me. this is gonna be okay. relax. i kept her on the phone purposely, as long as i could, and while we were talking, i had
10:34 pm
my staff scrambling to get somebody in law enforcement to her home. >> reporter: almost 400 miles south, officers in virginia brought mary to an interview room. she was the second woman in three days investigators were speaking to about the murder of the superintendent. >> i'm glad they have these here. i just might need them. >> oh, okay. >> reporter: mary says she and keith first developed a relationship on she'd separated from her husband and had moved with her four children to upstate new york. after 11 years of marriage, she says she was trying to figure out how to get back into the dating game. >> i was lonely and just needed someone to talk to, friend. >> reporter: mary says she was intrigued by the superintendent and responded when he sent her a message saying hello. >> and i said, you know, you're really good looking but we started talking and we had some things in common and then he asked if he could call me. >> reporter: they talked on and
10:35 pm
off for a couple of months, she says. keith, who always had a soft spot for someone in need, provided emotional support as she struggled to find her footing as a newly separated woman. >> i kind of felt lost, you know? i didn't know what to do or where to go next and he was great. he was -- he was really encouraging. >> reporter: it was sometime in the summer of 2010, she told the detectives, that she met her online match for their one and only date. >> he took me to dinner and we had a night together. >> reporter: it was little more than a one-night stand. mary says she decided to try to make things work with her husband. keith reconciled with his girlfriend. >> we both just kind of said good luck to each other. >> so, it was like a handshake and good-bye, huh? >> pretty much. yeah. >> reporter: but a couple of years later, mary says, her marriage was once again coming undone. in the spring of 2012, she tried to friend keith on facebook. he didn't accept the request,
10:36 pm
but the superintendent did write her a message. >> he sent me a message back asking me how i was and i told him that i wasn't happy. and things weren't going too well. >> reporter: she says they started calling each other on the occasional evening. keith, struggling with his relationship, and mary, lonely in her's, confided in each other. was that something nice in your life at that time, mary? >> yes. >> what was it doing for you? >> a piece of happiness, like i felt a little more fulfilled. >> reporter: but she says their phone conversations did, at times, get sexual. was it hi, how are you but did it also get a little steamy, mary? >> yes. >> reporter: still, it hardly seemed like a big-deal relationship. could a single date and some suggestive phone calls really add up to murder? in mary's mind, yes. but she hadn't called the sheriff to confess to the crime, nor had she called to point her finger at a potentially jealous girlfriend. no, mary had someone else
10:37 pm
entirely in mind and the clue to who killed the superintendent could be found on his computer. coming up, the secret comes out. >> trying to give you everything that i can. it was this long thing about don't -- don't you dare contact my wife ever again and if you do, you're gonna be sorry. >> when "dateline" continues.
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the internet had given renewed life to the cyber relationship between school superintendent, keith reed, and mary taglianetti. now, mary would explain to detectives in virginia why she feared their amorous digital trail had led to his death. >> i'm trying to give you everything that i can. >> reporter: mary had met her husband, rob taglianetti, in college. he was an historian with the marines. she was mostly a stay-at-home mom to their four kids. she told detectives that their 11 years together had been difficult at times, but something had happened that august which pushed the marriage to the brink. she was at the doctor's when her husband discovered an e-mail. his wife thanking reed for the previous night's phone sex. >> he said do you mind telling me who keith reed is? >> you knew what he had come across, huh?
10:42 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: mary who had struggled through the pain of separation once, now decided to try to keep her family together. >> i was really thinking about the kids and i just thought, you know, they deserve to be in the home with their father and the mother. >> reporter: but her husband was adamant, she says, if he was going to stay there was a condition attached. she'd have to hand over her passwords. mary told detectives he later logged on to her e-mail account and fired off a blistering message to reed. >> but it was this long thing about don't -- don't you dare contact my wife ever again and if you do, you're gonna be sorry because i have the e-mails and i'll post it all over your school. >> reporter: the superintendent responded simply and directly. "back off. stay away from me or i'll take action and tell your wife the same." and that should have been the end of things? >> it should have been the end of things. >> but it wasn't? >> no. >> reporter: after reading keith's e-mail, mary says rob started getting dressed.
10:43 pm
she asked him where he was going. >> and he said where do you think i'm going? i said, you're going to go see keith? and he said, well, i guess you know me. >> does he take off in the car? >> he leaves, late, 11:00 at night. >> reporter: that all happened, she said, the night before investigators suspected keith reed had been killed. >> i had thought in my mind, like, there's no way he's going to go all the way up there just to try to beat this guy up. >> that's what you thought this was, confrontation, a fist fight? >> oh, yeah. he had gotten in fist fights before. >> reporter: for the past few years, mary says, she had been concerned about her husband's trip wire anger. >> he had episodes where i would be afraid of him or the children would be afraid of him. >> reporter: it had caused their separation two years before and now she worried her husband had lost all perspective. i hear you saying it may have been a love triangle, only in rob's mind? >> yes. >> that is not what was going on? >> no. it was more like a connective friendship and it was flirting.
10:44 pm
>> reporter: she says she e-mailed keith several warnings and tried to reach her husband throughout the next day, but her calls went straight to voicemail. >> i was just thinking i was gonna get a phone call from the police saying your husband was acting like an idiot, but i didn't hear anything from anybody. >> reporter: mary says rob returned home saturday morning telling her keith had been out of town. >> instantly, i was like, oh, good, i was so happy. like, i was so relieved. >> reporter: relieved she told the detectives, until four days later, when she ran an internet search to see what her husband could have found out about the superintendent. >> there it was. keith's picture saying 51-year-old keith reed shot to death. i couldn't believe it. like, i lost my breath and i was shocked. and i knew right away that it had to be rob.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: to investigators looking for the killer in upstate new york, mary's husband made more than a lot of sense. there was keith reed's cell phone found off this bridge in pennsylvania. >> harrisburg is on the way to virginia. see, now that makes sense, too, that piece of the puzzle. >> reporter: and something else clicked. remember that man who'd appeared at clymer's central school asking to speak to the superintendent? investigators sent a freeze frame from the school's security cameras down to the interview room in virginia. >> does this look like him? >> yes. >> that's him? >> yes. >> mary identifies those stills being her husband. so we know that it's him in the school. >> reporter: now authorities had a suspect but where was he? mary said a few days after her his returned, he told her he got a new job and quit his position as an historian at the marine base in quantico, she said he had also packed up some things and taken off, leaving behind a cryptic note
10:46 pm
about going on a camping trip to clear his head. at the time, it hadn't made sense to her. >> i didn't understand why he didn't want to take us, you know, if he's gonna take a couple of weeks off for vacation, why wouldn't he take his family? >> reporter: but now, everything added up. the authorities issued bolo, a be on the lookout, for anthony rob taglianetti, a manhunt is under way. >> we are actively looking for this individual to pick him up for questioning and we consider him to be armed and dangerous. >> where are you? where are the children? >> we were at a hotel. they were worried that he was going to try to come back and look for us. >> reporter: as the authorities search for rob taglianetti, keith reed's family up in new york state gathered to say their good-byes. the church in his hometown was too small for the hundreds of mourners, all the people whose lives the educator had touched. brother, kevin, was a pallbearer. did you speak that day? >> i couldn't. my son had to hold me up. >> you were a wreck at that point? >> oh, yeah. completely.
10:47 pm
>> reporter: keith's three daughters, though, did find the strength to speak. years before, they had almost lost their father in a motorcycle accident. he had persevered. now, they were determined to make him proud. >> i knew that he wouldn't want us to be sad and depressed. i knew he would want it to be a celebration of his life. >> reporter: it was that same afternoon that taglianetti's gold buick was spotted speeding down a road near a national park in virginia. >> make the plate, pull it over and take him into custody without incident. >> reporter: anthony rob taglianetti was charged with the second-degree murder of keith reed. to the prosecutor, the theory of a jealous husband killing his perceived rival connected all the dots. but wait, the defense said, the real story of who was to blame had yet to be heard. rob taglianetti was merely the puppet, the defense would argue. it was his wife, mary, a cunning and manipulative woman who had pulled the strings.
10:48 pm
>> all she wanted was to be with keith reed, which means she's got to get rid of rob taglianetti. she's got to get him out of the picture. coming up, an angry husband, or as the defense argued, a scheming wife? >> this is the story about manipulation and exploitation. >> who was really behind keith reed's death? i would kill for something sweet. i know... we could have one of those. one? are you kidding? we'll end up eating like thirty. wanna split that?, so much fat. don't fight your instincts. with each each for 150 calories or less try our chocolatey brownies, tangy lemon bars, and new creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. go on, have one.
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a little more than a year after the killing of popular superintendent keith reed, rob taglianetti went on trial for second-degree murder. he pleaded not guilty. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury -- >> reporter:s the procuter told the jury that this case was about an explicit e-mail that provoked a husband to kill. >> he sought out keith reed and shot him to death. >> reporter: the prosecutor laid out his case.
10:53 pm
taglianetti caught here on tape at the superintendent's school the day of the murder. a gold buick like taglianetti's spotted in reed's driveway that afternoon, and that soaked piece of paper found on reed's lawn? it was an atm receipt linked to taglianetti's bank account. what a look at me detail, huh? >> wonderful. >> reporter: more incendiary e-mails, too, a flurry of them prosecutors said, sent to keith reed the night before the murder, capital letter stuff, exclamation points. >> i'm gonna get you. i'm gonna take care of you. you don't mess with me and my family. >> reporter: and all but say good night forensic evidence found in taglianetti's car. in the case under the driver seat lay a .357 revolver. it was wrapped in a printout of the wife's steamy e-mail. and on the gun itself? >> eth reed's blood not only on the barrel but in the barrel. that was the gun that was pressed up against keith reed's back.
10:54 pm
>> reporter: and a big surprise found on taglianetti's laptop, the prosecution said, an exit strategy. hours before his arrest, rob taglianetti bought a one-way ticket to israel. >> his ultimate idea was to get out of the country. >> reporter: but as convincing as the prosecution's case appeared, the defense attorney, ned barone, told the jury it was not at all what it seemed. >> this is a story about manipulation and exploitation. >> reporter: rob taglianetti, he said, was a u.s. marine with a sterling record, a devoted husband who loved his wife and you wanted nothing more than to keep his family together. his wife, mary, on the other hand, was a master manipulator, he said, dead set on destroying the marriage any way she could. >> rob taglianetti she wanted out of her life. keith reed, she wanted to be with him. she did whatever she needed to do to accomplish both those ends. >> reporter: take rob's discovery of his wife's sexual e-mail. the defense suggested mary left that e-mail open on purpose. why?
10:55 pm
maybe because a confrontation between the two men was her goal. why else, he said, would she not have alerted the authorities to her husband's impending showdown with the superintendent? >> if you're really worried of what your husband's going to do to another individual, wouldn't you call the officials? wouldn't you call the police? she waits, literally days, to call law enforcement. >> reporter: mary taglianetti, a prosecution witness, says she is appalled by the defense's theory and calls it preposterous. how is killing reed and getting her husband thrown in prison supposed to solve any problems? >> i didn't do anything on purpose. >> did you willingly provoke him, as the attorney suggests, even leaving open that e-mail to light the torch? >> no, no, no. i wish i never would have left that e-mail open. >> because that's the story that the jury is hearing about you, that you're driving the events. >> yeah, that's not true at all. >> reporter: but the defense attorney went even further, maybe those blistering e-mails from taglianetti to reed had been written by mary?
10:56 pm
while she denies it, he implies it could be a way for her to frame her husband to show that he left the house with murder on his mind. >> there's no corroborating evidence whatsoever of mary's testimony that rob authored those e-mails. >> reporter: to try to prove that point, the defense attorney cited a phrase in one of those messages that he said rob taglianetti would never have used. >> a marine doesn't refer to himself as a former marine. once a marine, always a marine. >> reporter: as for what did happen on keith reed's property the night he was killed, the defense did not concede that rob taglianetti was there, but if he had been, he said, maybe the superintendent was the aggressor. after all, he argued, it was his reputation that was at stake if the phone sex with mary was exposed. >> when someone's confronted with that situation, who knows what they could do? >> reporter: no, there were just too many unanswered questions to justify a guilty verdict, the defense told the jury, during closing arguments.
10:57 pm
>> the prosecutor has failed to establish this case and every element of the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. >> all rise. >> reporter: but it didn't take the jury long, just three hours to come to its decision. >> how does the jury find the defendant? >> the jury finds him guilty. >> reporter: guilty of the second-degree murder of school superintendent keith reed. rob taglianetti received 25 years to life in prison. he declined to interview with "dateline." in a pretrial motion, his attorney argued that rob taglianetti suffers from bipolar disorder and he hoped to make extreme emotional disturbance part of the defense. a notice of appeal has been filed. state of mind of the accused here is going to be an area to investigate, huh? >> that's crucial. absolutely. >> reporter: outside, kevin reed embraced his niece. a brother and father killed by the husband of a woman he had dinner with one time in his life. a woman keith believed to be single. so overwhelming?
10:58 pm
>> i thought i would feel relief or happy, but it just -- it wasn't. it was tough. >> reporter: among those thinking about keith reed's family is mary taglianetti. >> my heart goes out to them almost every day. and it's a tragedy and my heart breaks. >> reporter: the reed family is far from the only victim in this case. kimberly had nothing to do whatsoever to do with the crime, yet she says she had to endure being questioned as suspect while simultaneously struggling with the grief of losing a man she loved and admired. >> he was an incredible man who loved life. his girls always came first. he was a wonderful father figure to my children as well. >> reporter: keith reed's three daughters now face a future without their dad. he won't be there to walk the
10:59 pm
two younger girls down the aisle or be a loving granddad to their children or take their daily phone calls. when do you miss your dad the most, megan? >> when i drive home from work, i always grab my phone to call him. it's just hard without that person there that i talked to so often. >> reporter: it has been close to impossible for his family to understand it, a devoted educator who did so much good for so many students, ripped from their lives for something so mundane, some online flirtation, a single dinner date, more flirtation two years later, and then three quick shots. >> it was a complete waste. lives of kids he could have helped. who knows what path they would have taken if they had contact with him. >> reporter: homicide brewed in cyberspace may sound perfectly modern, but the combustibles are as timeless as the winter fields here.
11:00 pm
one woman, two men, and a jealousy that was all-consuming. >> that's all for now. i'm lester holt. thanks for joining's horrt moving. runs :05 ===terry//take vo=== right now at 11... nbc bay area news starts now. >> chaos. >> horrible. like the lines are not moving. >> right now at 11:00, flyer frustrations. nationwide delays for thousands of passengers. a computer glitch that is forcing travelers, including some right here in the bay area to change their plans. good evening, everyone. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> and i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us tonight. 450 flights delayed today. an agonizing day of travel all across the country. now the airlines are warning people if you're flying tomorrow, there could be continued problems. let's show you what it looks like at airports from los angeles to washington, d.c. today. lines of passengers w


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