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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 31, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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what's next. >> chris, this weekend you may want to stay on your side of the bay. they're going to be closed for repairs and that means increased traffic. >> but we will talk about your ultimates and the big note it's not closing the entire system. we'll talk about that and what's ahead. >> a lot of weekend events going on around the bay area. i hope you plan out the weekend with your micro client forecast coming up. >> from nbc bay area, this is today in the bay. >> and a good friday morning on this blue moon friday. thank you for joining us. >> this morning reality for seven families. all neighbors in a tight knit community in california. piles of blackened debris after several explosions and a fire ripped through their community. >> this all happening in a small
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city northeast of antioch. this all started as a crash fire and took off. >> it did, sam and chris. >> reporter: firefighters were here up until an hour, hour and a half ago putting out flames in this area. it's incredible to see how the aftermath appears now. you can see the frame of a bed here and you can't make out much else. the devastation very apparent this morning. winds playing a big part estimated at 15-20 miles an hour. seeing it blow the smoke away. it began as a grass fire that neighbors said started in a nearby wooded area. they said they did all they could bringing out hoses to try and save their homes.
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>> it was like five people trying to get all the roots. the traflt r -- traveling from one to another. >> we had to get out of there. >> witnesses say they saw a propane explosion that blew a piece of a building hundreds of feet away. eight mobile homes burned to the ground forcing those families to find another place to live. good news is no injuries and the cause of fire still under investigation. it's an active scene. firefighters set to return at 6:00 in the morning. plus more fires eluding. live today in the bay. >> very difficult. things can be replaced, lives cannot. meanwhile, the wild fire in lay county exploding overnight. the rocky fire grew to 13,000 acres. it started wednesday at rocky
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creek road 50 miles north of santa rosa in an area difficult for crews to access. right now, 5% contained. so far, the fire destroyed three structures. mandatory evacuations for 500 people. >> all the warm weather we got in the last couple of days did not make firefighters jobs any easier. >> let's check in with carrie hall. >> now the humidity is up to # 0%. we don't have much of a wind but yesterday the temperatures were hitting in 90s and triple dings in the north bay. the wind forecast breezy this afternoon with gusts up to 20 miles an hour. the daytime humidity will be at 40% as opposed to 20% like we saw a couple of days ago and the overnight hours the humidity ju jumps up to 90%. today the temperatures climbing to the 80s and 90s.
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still warm. as we head out today humid and clouds. also the possibility of humidity bringing in a pop up shower or storm. a mixture of storm and clouds and the fog returns tonight. sunset at 8:18. the next few days it stays warm. we shake the humidity. more on that in a few minutes. sam and chris. >> thank you very much, carrie. 5:04 right now. our wild fire coverage continues on our nbc bay area app. we're updating acreage and evacuation information as it changes. you can follow us on facebook and twitter. >> this morning we know more about the 15-year-old boy accused of murdering 8-year-old mad di. one of the former classmates was in the courtroom yesterday. she said she was close to him about two years ago and even then knew something wasn't quiet right. we are protecting her identity because she is a minor. >> we were close enough back then that i knew something was
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wrong. he is definitely depressed and a little bit, i would say like he did threaten suicide a couple of times. >> he's accused of luring 8-year-old mad di middleton in their apartment. he sexually assaulted her and killed her and dumped her body in a recycling bin. he will be back in court in september. >> fbi rescued a kidnapped girl by killing the capture. now the capture's family is suing the agency for $20 million. hannah anderson disappeared from her san diego home two years ago. they found the home burned down with the bodies of the girl's mother and younger brother inside. the suspect, 40-year-old james. his family is planning on suing the fbi. they said he never got a chance
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for a fair trial before he was killed. >> police want you to take a look at this video. in it you can see a man smashing the front door of a restaurant in east san jose. this happened wednesday night but we are now just seeing this video. the man escaped with cash from the register. another business in the same shopping complex was burglarized as well. >> the city is going to start dishing out parking permits in the next couple of weeks. the mercury news reporting starting august 15th employees can start buying them so they can park in the downtown area. those permits come after residents kpaned of employees taking over the streets. this program will be enforced from 8:00 in the morning to 5:00 at night. employees will pay up to $233 for a permit depending on how much they make. residents get the permit for free. >> prayer is temporarily cancelled at prayer meetings. this comes when an invited
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pastor included his opposition to same sex marriage and abortion in the prayer. one redwood city resident who is commissioner says a government meeting should be a place where everyone feels welcome. >> it doesn't surprise me anymore when i hear things like that. certainly, i would never expect to hear it in that context in a place whe place. >> the pastor told nbc bay area he didn't mean to offend anybody. they won't be bringing prayer back until they meet with local clergy to talk about the incident and how to make sure indications are appropriate as a whole. >> a live lookout side at 5:07 and no traffic issues on the toll bridge. traffic light right now. the issues you are going to encounter this weekend are not going to be on the roadways, it's going to be a different
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variety. bart is planning a major shut down for the weekend. that's the tunnel that runs beneath the bay from san francisco to oakland. even if you don't take bart and plan on traveling from one side of the bay to the other, this is going to impact you. >> you could see increased traffic, for sure. bob is live in the news room tracking the project. lots of cared expected to cross the bridge this weekend. >> that's where you could see the biggest impact at the by bridge toll plaza, especially if you're trying to get in to enjoy the nice weather coming from the east bay into san francisco and this is why. bart is shutting down so it can begin critical work on the entrance. no service between west oakland bart. that's your bart link into between san francisco and oakland. the shut down starts tonight at the end of service. it's going to last all day tomorrow, all day sunday. fortunately, regular service
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will resume monday in time for your monday morning commute. if you're trying to get into the city, you have the option of taking the bay bridge. keep in mind there's probably going to be a lot more traffic on there. you have the extra cars from people who would normally taken bart into the city. here's another option and this is something bart is setting up. they're offering a lifeline bus service between 19th street station and oakland and the temporary transit terminal. you know they call lifeline because this is not something they want everybody to take. it's really just for people who have to absolutely positively need it. it won't cost extra. a transit agency is warning the bridge could take an extra one to two hours more than the regular train service would and they'll also be offering limited shuttle service from west oakland and bart to its 19th street station. if you want to take the bus hop on there and get into the city. this weekend, of course, is just one of two shut downs. the track work is so extensive
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they need to shut down the trans trans bay tube again. >> as he suggest, there's going to be a lot more cars on the roadway this weekend. >> you said maybe even get a zip car. >> you know, you can use a zip car, short term rentals. you don't have to go out and get a long term weekend rental. a lot more cars on the roadway. over here behind me, this is the oakland scene. we just mised one of the trains that arrived. remember, the rest of the bar system is running. for example, as we look at the map, as games, weekends off. saturdays and sundays if you use bart to get there all along the east bay corridor. it's just the bart and trans bay corridor closed. the ferry system into and out of san francisco adding service. that's an option as well. no drive for the system.
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even in the south bay a clear road for traffic. >> skies are looking cloudy and you feel the humidity as you head out for the morning commute. it's 60 degrees in the north bay and san francisco and mid-60s elsewhere. today will still be a warm one. 74 degrees in the east bay peninsula. 77 in the south bay. a little bit more sticky and 83 degrees in the north bay. a slight chance we could have a pop up shower or storm today. clearing out this weekend in time for the aloha festival. we'll start out at 10:00 with 62 degrees. overall some great weather for that. i'll have a look at somemore events going on this weekend and help you make some plans in a few minutes. sam. >> carrie, thank you. hundreds of thousands of sick people possibly forced to overpay for prescription meds and officials say a popular drugstore chain is to blame. what do you have?
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>> looks like we were spying on another country and got caught again. we'll tell you the latest coming up in business tech. starting today uber is slashing
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prices.. but not erywhere==take here's the deal.. beginning this morning.. prices for uber in the east bay, peninsula and south bay will be reduced by 15 percent. the ride-sharing company says it's lowering rates i prices in the ooegs bay and peninsula and south bay will be reduced by 15%. they're lowering rates.
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one driver worried change will take away from his profit. >> we use to actually make a descent living when we first started out but now with all the cuts, we're basically on poverty wages. the increase of demand should make up for the cheaper rides. >> tony bennett is not the only one. apple might have been born in silicon valley. the hearts less than going to san francisco. apple is working on the new campus which you see right here. but the booming accompany, yes, the spaceship, the booming accompany needs more room. the san francisco business times reported that apple just rented 76,000 square feet of office space. still no word on which apple division will be enjoying life in the city. >> if you hate waiting in long lines, google has your back. the accompany just announced a new search feature for millions of businesses this week to help you avoid the crowds if you're a
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grumpy person like me. you'll see a chart showing when it's the busiest. you can swipe to see popular business times. >> negotiations on the transit pacific partnership. it shows we are spying on the offices of prime minister and not clear if we tapped his phones specifically. you'll recall other leaks showed we were tapping the phones of the president of france and brazil. there's also evidence the american spy agencies were listening to mitsubishi. it's embarrassing to get caught
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especially in the middle of trade talks. facebook has a drone not for spying but for delivering internet. they showed off the pictures thursday. it's as big as a 7:37 but weighs less than a prius. let's check in for the bell. good morning bertha. >> good morning, scott. that super drone is kind of like an uber cloud, right. it's going to be so far up in the sky. it's been quiet a roller coaster ride for the markets. we're poised and the week and month ending in positive territory despite mixed section on thursday. the nasdaq had its third straight gain. the dow falling slightly into the red for the sixth time in eight sessions. that's just today watching for data on labor cost,
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manufacturing and sentiment. the dow slipping up to 17,045. the nasdaq up 17-5128. scott, back to you. >> all right. have a great weekend. recently, the tsa tested its own security and as you may recall the results were missed nearly 95% of the test weapons. the answer might be to take the humans out of the loop. we're going to take a look at something called kyler. it's new technology and hands off most responsibility to commuters instead of people. it may turn out that people are the weak link in our security.
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is. >> yesterday in federal court in san francisco, they claim cbs over charged customers for generic drugs. >> from impact to your iphone, resear researchers hope a new device will keep yupg athletes from getting concussions. it's being used until the special olympics right now. the headband-like device sends information on brain activity directly to a doctor's smart phone. >> you see burkely getting a million dollar grant turning the warning system into a reality.
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cal is one of four west coast universities set to receive a total of $4 million in grants. they're spending an adegsal for new sensor equipment and hope that the system will soon be able to provide people at least a few seconds warning before a major earthquake strikes. >> we can give you lots of warning about your wardrobe choices this morning. >> a muggy one. let me go back to the earthquake. we have a cool chic map on the nbc bay area website. >> yeah, it's going to be humid. you can check the forecast online and right here because we will go into the weekend with some high humidity but it does come down in time for saturday and sunday. we see mostly cloudy skies. it will be humid. sunrise coming up in less than an hour. now the 7-day forecast is right
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at the bottom of the screen and you can see what we expect. heading out today, cooler temperatures, more humidity and a mixture of sun and clouds and of course with higher humidity not that much more comfortable. 64 degrees in san jose. indians verses the as today. if you're headed over to oakland, first pitch 71 degrees. beautiful way to enjoy this weather. if you're headed to southern california, maybe vegas, a chance of showers and storms especially with the afternoon showers and storms popping up as the moisture rolls into the region. we're feeling the humidity and seeing the clouds and only a slight chance of rain for us. as we head out for the fremont festival 74 degrees on sunday and mostly sunny skies. a look at the climates this
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weeked. looking at the highs in the 70s and 80s. the trivalley shoots up to 91 degrees. sunday still in the lower 90s. once again, we won't have to fight the high humidity for the weekend. we'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's get a look at the roads with mike. >> you talk about the fremont festival. 880 past tesla and easy drive here. let's look at the map. talking about the fremont festival. lots goingen this side of the bay. the saber catch back over. keep that in mind as well. tonight no problems for the dublin interchange. also eastbound we see some slowing just as you're heading in. the road crew reported it clear. the rest of your approach to the bay bridge and toll plaza itself
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moves smoothly. we'll look at the incline as the travel moves smoothly. back to you guys. >> all right. thanks, mike. he hopped a curve and headed straight for a group of teenager. dramatic cell phone video shows a whole incident. kids running for their lives as a car barrels towards them. the man behind the wheel says it was no accident. he was defending his daughter. 20 years after kurt cobain's
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death - a judge today will hear arguments to unseagruesomdeath ==vo== seattle police last year released twof to years since kurt cobanes death. seattle police released two photos taken in the aftermath of the former nirvana. a seattle man wants all photos and records released. he believes the images will prove the photos will prove
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someone killed him. they want the photos sealed saying it would cause them too much man. >> an illinois man says he was just defending his daughter but police say he went too far when he tried to run over a group of teenagers with his car. the whole thing caught on camera. this is cell phone video. it shows the car coming down the block and then it turns on to the sidewalk taz teens run out of the way. >> he was coming at us and revving his engine to speed up getting close to people. when he got close to me i jumped out of the way. >> this happened outside an elementary school. it started when he found out his 14-year-old daughter was involved in a fight after school. he went after the teens involved. williams was arrested when police saw that video. police also looking for a man who tried to rob a subway sandwich shop. the reason he got away with nothing.
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the teenage clerk did what the teenagers did best. they ignored the man. he walked in with a white t-shirt on his head and plastic shopping bag over his face. he demanded money at the counter. the employees didn't respond to him. the man who looks kpgot agitate out empty handed. >> good thing he wasn't armed. >> questions this morning about a custody in san francisco. this morning we have at least one answer. transbay "trouble" for weekend
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travelers. we'll show you the ways around the mess. =kris/vo= and a grass-fire quickly ignites into an inferno -- wiping out at least 8 homes in a delta community. how the displaced trouble for weekend travellers. we'll show you the ways. >> wiping out at least eight homes in a delta community. how families are doing this morning. >> and we'll talk about that closure as it effects your weekend and the commute as it effects your friday. >> you're feeling the humidity
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this morning. it doesn't stick around all weekend. i'll explain coming up. joining us. i'm kris sanchez - in for laura garcia cannon. =sam/2shot= and i'm sam brock. anotr.o= from one home - to >> this is today in the bay. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. >> from one home to another flames leapfr froging across a mobile home park. >> it was a big fire in a small city. the mobile home park was northeast of antioch in the bay area. >> stephanie live this morning, steph what is next for these families. >> reporter: i just spoke with one of the residents who said she's been here overnight to monitor and said there actually were a couple of hot spots including one in this area where they see the devastation.
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you can barely make out it's a home. aprparently this is one of the first to go because it's one of windiest parts in the area. that's where the fire started behind this area. from our chopper's view you can see how big the flames got and how quickly they move. catching on to the palm trees moving fast across the mobile home park. starting around 4:00 in the afternoon the damage was done. seven mobile homes completely destroyed. this morning people here again are keeping an eye out because they're seeing some flair ups. >> kind of scary because there's a lot of force behind my house. i didn't want to think about what would happen. no one's really out here now to watch it. >> she was waive and give up of people that saw a propane explosion that blew pieces of homes hundreds of feel away.
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concerns overnight and now this morning rumors there might be lewding. she said she saw some hot spots and put them out herself very good at tut from the people, even those who lost their homes completely. >> thank you, steph. overnight, the rocky fire grew to more than 13,000 acres. the fire started wednesday east of lower lake near rocky creek road. 50 miles north and in an area that is difficult for crews to access. right now, it's only 5% contained. so far, three structures are destroyed but there are mandatory evacuations for at least 500 people. >> chris, it's getting hard to keep track of all the fires.
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there's more than a dozen burning in california right now and part of the problem, no doubt, is the heat. >> meteorologist carrie hall is here with what firefighters must be up against today. >> hi. the conditions might be better this morning for the crews to try to get the wild fires under control. the humidity is much higher and the moisture moving in. during the overnight hours humidity jumps up to 90%. highs reaching 80s and 90s all across the bay and in spots where they had the wild fires developing. at least it's coming down from the triple digits. we did have just a couple of days ago. humidity comes back down and temperatures remain the same. i'll talk more about that and highlights to help you plan out the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, carrie.
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that wild fire coverage continues on our nbc bay area app. we constantly update acreage and evacuation information there as it increases. you can also find us on facebook and twitter. >> we have new details now on the death of a man in san francisco police custody. officers say this man was also wanted for severely beating a senior citizen. the man got in a fight with two female officers yesterday morning after he rear ended a car and walked away from the scene. both officers were injured and went to the hospital. several more hand cuffed the man. police say he suffered a made cal emergen medical emergency and stopped breathing. police called paramedics and they performed cpr but that man
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died. after the incident they learned he was wanted in the beating of a 97-year-old man. >> a new development in the mass case. a tentative ruling could cost the family millions of dollars. a judge is to uphold previous finings. if that's the case it would limit damages to a few hundred thousand dollars instead of the millions of dollars if she were considered alive. the family accuses the hospital ignoring their calls for a doctor and hounding them to donate. >> at 5:35 a one time san francisco 49er expected to court today to answer to multiple charges. back in april police arrested harris following a chaotic night
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where police say he was involved in two hit and runs and fell asleep in his car while it was on and eventually resisted arrest and tried to bite a responding police officer. the d.a. expects harris to be areigned on misdemeanors including hit and run and driving under the influence of drugs. harris was convicted for misdemeanor domestic abuse. >> a doctor facing felony charges after prosecutors say she was prescribed a dangerous amount of drugs. prosecutors say she wrote so many prescriptions for dangerous and addictive drugs that many major pharmacies started to refuse to build her orders. she allegedly gave drugs to an addict. she's pleading not guilty to the charges. let's take you outside. looking live at the toll bridge plaza. traffic light now. but as the transitway tube shuts
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down the story will be different. service will be suspended for major repairs this weekend to the tracks. >> there are 100,000 plus people that use that trans bay tube each day on the weekend. bob is joining us live. bob, officials expect traffic to pick up on the bridge. >> dan and chris, absolutely. if you are planning on using bart to get into san francisco or oakland this weekend, you'll want to come up with plan b starting tonight. the agency shuts down the tube so workers repair the tube itself. this means no service between west oakland bart and here in the city. this shut down is going to last all weeked all day tomorrow and sunday with regular service resuming monday morning. if you're trying to get in the
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city you have the option of the bay bridge. keep in mind, everyone else will have the same idea. here's a plan b. not a great alternative but it is an alternative. bart is offering what it refers to as a lifeline bus service between 19th and oakland. as the name lifeline suggest, it's not intended for everybody. just for people who really need it. not going to cost extra for bart passengers. they're warning they could take an extra one to two hours than the regular train service would. bart would be offering limited shuttle service for people trying to catch the bus bridge. this is going on this weekend and that train work is so extensive. they've got to shut down the trans bay tube. that's not going to happen until labor day weekend. reporting life, today in the bay. >> second chance for commuters to get it right. >> go through the whole process
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all over again. all of those people got to go somewhere this weekend. that can be a mess. let's find out what the options are, mike. >> why would you say there's any traffic on the bay bridge? >> hey, look, traffic on the bay brej. closure of the bart service over the bay. as we look at maps, your alternates, bob talked about the lifeline bus service. we have the ferries. taking you into ond oand out of francisco. you can drive, of course, we'll talk about that and the transit bus drives. the rest of the system is running on schedule. we're going to send it over to carrie talking about the bay in general. >> it will be a good weekend but humid. you can feel the high humidity right now. temperatures in the low to mid-60s. that's going to start out the day. highs reaching 74 in east bay.
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77 degrees south bay. 86 degrees in the east bay as well we'll have some warm temperatures. trivalley still reaching into the 90s and the north bay expect a high of 83 while we'll see a high of 70. >> you've heard of this bay now, the american dentist who killed a beloved lion. u.s. wildlife service wants to talk with the hunter but this morning we learned our government not the only ones looking for him. if a secret map obtained by nbc
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news is accurate - the u-s is coming under repeated cyber attacks from the chinese government. ==vo== that map uses red dots to mkhat then-s-ae more than 600 attacks over a five year period. the targets run the gamut - from valleys mitary to sicon giants like google and facebook. th targets run from the u.s. military to silicon valley
5:43 am
giants. the nsa is not commenting. >> this morning a search helicopter skouerring the waters around reunion island spotting more debris. >> today in the bay tracey pots has been following the story and tracey, are officials any closer to verifying if the wingspan piece is from the missing jet? >> we could know in the next 24 hours or so. that big piece we saw 6 x 9, they think it's a wing flap. they confirmed it's a wing flap from a boeing 777 but still has to be confirmed it's from this boeing airplane, the mh370 flight. they're taking that and another piece of debris, a suitcase found and sending it overnight to a defense lab in france. it was a french island where the debris was found. they'll take a look at it and verify whether it's from the ma
5:44 am
lags airlines flight and take a closer look at the things like the barnicals on the wing flap to get a better sense of where it came from in the indian ocean. i mentioned the suitcase. it was found but experts don't think it's necessarily from this flight. it doesn't look at all like it's been in the water for 16 months like the other piece of wreckage we found, the other piece of debris that's been found. that's where we are now. both pieces are suppose to be leaving reunion island tonight arriving at the lab in france sometime tomorrow. >> hoping for answers for those families. thank you, tracey. a twist in the sentencing phase for the colorado theater shooting trial. a woman started yelling in the middle of the courtroom. her outburst was over whether
5:45 am
james holmes should get the death penalty. >> zimbabwe officials want to extradite the american dentist who killed the beloved lion. one problem, no one can find him. investigators are trying to track down walter palmer for the death of cecil the lion. the animal was posted in zimbabwe later this month. every since it hit social media he has been hiding. yesterday the u.s. fish and wildlife service tweeted out a request for palmer to contact the agency immediately. >> new this morning, beijing is as good as gold for the winter olympics. you heard that, right. winter olympics, 2022. they selected beijing over the other final.
5:46 am
they were held 100 miles. we are right now as far away from winter as you can possibly imagine. we've been seeing heat in the triple digits recently but i guess it's been cooling down. >> yes, and today the monsoonal moisture rolling in and we can feel the humidity. it starts to get pressed into the afternoon. just plan on not having a dry heat today. and temperatures continue to warm up for the next couple of days. nice, warm weekend ahead as we take a live look now. you see the low clouds and we start out in the lower 60s as the 7-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen. kind of holding our temperature steady and a slow warm up for the start of next week. right now, it's 65 degrees in liver moore. san jose 64 degrees. a mild start to the day. if you're heading out to the
5:47 am
indians verses the as game, that starts at 6:35. the first pitch at 71 degrees and it drops back to 62 degrees as the clouds roll in by the end of the game. so the slight chance of showers and thunderstorms for us but a better chance for southern california as well as nevada because of that rolling in bringing in that southwest moisture into the area. just for us, we'll see the clouds and feel the humidity and it increases today and continues through the weekend. also, if you're headed over to the sierra be mindful of the showers and storms. a lot going on here this weekend. we've got the full line up and the list of events at this is one of many. tomorrow it starts out at 10:00. it will be 62 degrees and clouds clearing out and giving us sunshine. for the next tfew days we'll ha
5:48 am
county fair. pack extra bottles of water. this weekend it will definitely feel like summer. in the east bay mid-70s but the trivalley low 90s in san francisco. it will be around 70 degrees both days this weekend. let's see how traffic smoving now with mike. >> it's moving well but we have a back up at the bay bridge. we've turned over towards the metering light set up here. a reminder over here, the as are playing tonight and after service ends tonight, no start for the transit bay two service between oakland and san francisco for the weekend. a brush fire reported north hitting around the bridge and nothing expected as far as
5:49 am
length. a smooth drive. >> lots of people hoping to go back to their tap water which is safe to drink for most people. >> this information comes despite a round of testing that shows no longer tainted but the mercury news reports water officials say there needs to be two rounds of negative test before they can say that the water can be consumed. the second test results will be available later today. the advise ri comes after a hydrate tested positive for e.coli. >> now to an investigative unit. exclusive candid comments coming from the new president of the public ewe tilties commission.
5:50 am
>> good morning. imagine for a moment taking over an agency under investigation by the u.s. attorney and the state attorney general and federal grand jury. he did something his predecessor never did. it was a no limit 60 minute interview. he told us it's probably the most frustrating job he's ever had. the e-mails at the center of that state and federal investigation he said he's read them and found them troubling and distressing. finally and perhaps most important he says he plans to hold them more accountable. he must become more of a priority and says he's working to learn what it might take to
5:51 am
revoke his exclusive gas and electricity franchises. we invite you to watch our entire investigation and exclusive interview. you can find it online at on the home page. >> if you have a tip for the investigative unit give us a call or send an e-mail to the unit at nbcunitbay >> chris, the grades are in and not so good. a new study shows california schools are among the worst in the country. that study performed by wallet hub which found california has the ninth worst school in the u.s. they sited low reading and math scores as part of the reason for the failing grades. perhaps the most significant reading they have the highest number of students in the country. our state is ranked third worst.
5:52 am
j happeni >> happening today, the event is happening today in fort lauderdale, florida. the national urban league wants the candidates to explain how they plan to save american cities from violence and economic turmoil. g.o.p. presidential candidates are also expected to attend. speaking of jeb, his dad, george posted this picture letting his followers know that he's okay. the 91-year-old fell on july 18th and broke a bone in his neck. the pictures show the former president mismiling with a neck brace on and wrote who knew jumping out of a plane -- he's also been sky driving a number of times. >> 5:52.
5:53 am
this weekend, the south bay taking action to keep drivers from using neighborhood streets as a short cut to the beach. starting tomorrow more police are going to be directing traffic and extra signs point drivers toward the freeway and away from the downtown area. >> new this morning, expect to see more uber drivers at the oakland airport seen. to port of oakland reported yesterday to issue a permit for drives to issue and drop off passports at the airport. in a stachtement, uber says it' thrilled with the decision. >> san francisco international airport trying to get more customers away from uber and toward other ride sharing services. yellow cab offering a new
5:54 am
incentive. there is one catch. they must book their event. they can do it all on an app. >> how uber needs more drivers and thinks they found them. >> what is this so-called gray area you speak of? older people. >> your grandmother. the uber driver whose a grandmother. uber is going to try a program with the aarp. drivers hold a deal tomorrow and it will include a pay raise giving them rates between 21 and 25 an hour for every high-tech shuttle bus except facebook. facebook's drivers drive for a thrd party bus accompany and reached a deal earlier this
5:55 am
year. the first of what may turn out to be a series of defaults. low oil prices a real problem. we're showing more than $0.30 a share on chevron. those numbers are low. that almost doesn't sound right. >> that's some numbers right there. meteorologist here with a look at the forecast. reality checking the
5:56 am
temperatures too. even though it will be warm it will feel warmer because of the mugginess. we're saying mugginess in california standards. castro at 60 degrees today. mrning clouds, afternoon sunshine and the north bay area. oakland 73 degrees. there will be spots hitting 90 degrees. let's get a look at trsk with mike. >> by california standards, this is muggy. i go by my armpit index and that's what i'm feeling. freemont no problems. north bound will simmer down once again before we get started with the morning commute. friday so a lighter flow around the bay. typical for friday.
5:57 am
no problems for the bay brinl but the lights are on at the toll plaza. golden gate bridge and heading out of the city itself a nice view and easy drive. back to you. >> all right. let let's kaep it that way. they kidnapped 26 kids nearly 40 years ago and held them for ransom. the kidnappers were sentenced to life in prison. this morning we learned one of the men could get out as early as today. >> d e a bow and arrow ♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪] weekend's big transbay shutdown will impact you - whether you ride bart or not. =sam/topvo= plus: devoured bflame several families left witht place to live - after a fire, ripped through their tight-knit
6:00 am
>> devoured several families left without a place to live after a fire ripped through their community. >> this is today in the bay. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm in for laura. >> and i'm sam brock. riders and drivers be ware. we've been talking about this for weeks. it's finally here. no bart service between oakland and san francisco this weekend as crews work for repairs. >> if they choose not to stay on their side of the bay they'll be taking the bridge. they will have quiet a traffic nightmare. during many weekends especially when you have big


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