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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  July 24, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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pen. sem is out on deck for the athletics. with the pitcher due up next. did he swing? yes he did. and that is all for sam fuld. two down. home plate up pyre rayburn -- umpire rayburn made the call himself. >> mike: oh, yeah. easy call. >> jon: marcus simmen acquired by the athletics in the off season hitting .256, .301 on base percentage but 28 errors committed. ball one. giants saw him in spring training and his first at-bat in the spring, he hit a home run
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against the giants and then the second at-bat he hit another one. i think he hit another one later in the spring, at the end of the spring against the giants. a check swing and a foul. one ball, one strike. >> mike: you have to believe that is exactly what he is trying to do with this at-bat. looking for some lightning down right here, down four runs. >> jon: well if he got ahold of one, he could make it a one-run game. and semien who is a bay area product out of cal. one strike. that one is in the dirt. two balls and a strike. en went to st. mary's high school over in berkeley graduating in 2008 and went to
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the university of california at berkeley. helped cal get to the college world series in 2011. actually born in san francisco. lives in the off in el cerrito, and now year round. crawford, getting one, to end the inning. covering at second with the force-out on sogard. 7-3 giants, we go to the last of the seventh. this mountain doesn't own a watch. it's not in a hurry to get where it's going. and yet, after millions of years, it has arrived. it's what inspired us to cold-age our beer... which, thankfully, takes a little less than a million years. coors light. born in the rockies.
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my name is kieran griffin. i work here at five star auto care in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change to solar and we couldn't have done it without pg&e. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. working with five star auto care we looked at how we could make their business more energy efficient and save them money in the long run. with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. with this extreme drought we're using the savings from our solar system to save every last drop of water. if you are looking for ways to save energy your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california.
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>> reporter: welcome back to the giants game. it is time for the toyota by the numbers segment. and it is all about jersey numbers being sold. the best-selling jerseys for the first half of the season and three of the top ten best-selling belong to the giants with bumgarner leading the pack and posey in third and pence with the sixth best-selling jersey. the biggest blockbuster in theaters. it is the toyota summer blockbuster sales event. get blockbuster deals on every sale. go to gentlemen. >> mike: another stat that we didn't know. >> fernando abad comes on for oakland.
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abad, who had just a fabulous year for the athletics last season, they picked him up from washington. and he was among the toughest left-handed relievered in the american league. a 1.57 e.r.a. but he has not had the same success this year. last year 57 1/3 innings, 34 hits allowed. he's come back to earth this year. 0-1 the count to blanco. >> he has good stuff. low to mid-90s. two types of movement, curveball slider and change-up. the stuff you see from a starting pitcher you'll see from abad. a good breaking ball and curveball and slider both. >> jon: strike two. abad has not been nearly as effective against lefties this year. lefties have hit .278 against him.
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it is the righties he's done better against this year. who are hitting .162 versus abad. he has what is called a reverse split lefty-righty. arias is on deck for the pitcher. kontos up next. and nice pick there by lawrie and throwing out the fast-moving blanco. and he showed off a great arm there. >> mike: he's got a cannon no doubt. i think he's upset because he had a throwing error in the ball game. but nevertheless good at-bat from blanco. >> jon: arias pinch-hitter for george couldn't os and strickland runs down to the giants bull pen once again to start throwing.
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ball one. >> and there is the sign. and we appreciate that. i wonder if she made the glove. >> one ball, one strike. >> mike: they're ready. >> jon: and they have the buster posey mask on. >> mike: i think where they're citying it is mandatory. >> that is not a bad idea. >> mike: it makes sense.
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hat-attitude. do you remember that. >> jon: i don't remember the night they gave those away, do you? >> i don't know if they did. >> the attitude fedoras? >> mike: it's working. >> jon:- 1-2 the count. and that is all for arias. two down. >> mike: and so you think that is the little piece they added right there. >> jon: it looks like some embroidery working. >> mike: they are rocking it right now. >> jon: we could start doing stuff like that on all of the long flights on the road trips, we could do some embroidery and really make many cool things. what do you think? >> mike: i mean it is a party here. party night, it opens up and everybody comes out and has their orange and black on. this place leads the league in
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it. they have the fever. come on. >> jon: two down, pagan hitter. pagan has not been retired tonight. he's had three hits and walked. he's been on base four straight times. pagan during the three-game series here before the all-star break with the phillies in town, the phillies just could not get enough. he had seven hits just before the break. 1-2. that was 77 miles per hour, down and away. joe panik on deck.
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two down nobody on here in the seventh. and changed up and struck him out. we're moving to the eighth. top of the inning. canha vote and zobrist. strickland coming in from the bull pen.
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three lucky fans will one $1,000 with the triple pay giveaway. it is easy. download the nbc area app for iphone and open to get the code and tap the screen to area at nbc boyer/contest. don't miss your chance to win $1000. enter the triple pey giveaway now before the game ends. hunter strickland in his 25th game in the big leagues. a 1.29 e.r.a. 29 strikeouts. >> mike: just 25 base runners in the 29 innings. he has great stuff. he is night and day different now from he was last september when he first came up. back then he was a two-pitch
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guy. one type of four seam fastball and a slider at times that would get lazy. this time he's added to the fastball. he has a split-finger fastball that he throws. >> 98 miles per hour for a called strike two. there is vogt on deck. >> still has high velocity. and that is with both grips. a lot easier to throw at a higher velocity with a four seam than a two seam fastball but he can do both. put the flames on both grips. >> jon: 7-3, the giants leading, eighth inning 0-3 the count to canha. right by him at 98 miles per hour. >> mike: with cut. and i don't think you talk to yourself. that is a three pitch seamer right there. just four seam with little cut action that breaks down both elbows. that is a rough at-bat.
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>> jon: and stephen vogt, who has an american league all-star team member. vogt is 0 for 3 in the game. belt -- strickland covering. two down. the series will continue tomorrow. 1:05. bumgarner is scheduled. and the athletics will go with the rookie bassitt. and then on sunday afternoon game, the former oakland
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right-hander hudson against graveman. slider off the outside. one ball and no strikes. and mike krukow and duane kuiper will be back on comcast sportsnet bay area for tomorrow and for the games. 2-0. and we'll be back on nbc bay area on monday night with milwaukee in town. nbc bay area and the giants television network on monday night. ben zobrist has struck out twice and then hit home run in the seventh inning. right back to strickland. and that is a very powerful inning. seven pitches and out.
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panik duffy and posey coming up for the giants.
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well tune into comcast bay area tomorrow at afternoon before game two of the series. weerl back bea on nbc bay area on monday night at 7:00 for the giants and the brewers right here from at&t park. >> jon: the giants leading 7-3 in game one of the series.
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the giants -- athletics, bay area interleague match-up. and here is edward mujica, pitching for oakland. and those are his over all numbers this year. given up six home runs in the 27 1/3 innings. but he has pitched better since coming to the athletics. >> he can be a low 90s velocity. he is a kind of a fastball split guy, occasional sliders. >> jon: now heeka starts with the red sox and designated for assignment on may the 8th and the next day was traded to oakland for a player to be named later or cash.
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that called a strike. we remember him from his days with the st. louis cardinals in the national league. he's had 16 career appearances as you see duffy on deck. 2-2. panik has popped out, hit a sacrifice fly and struck out and grounded out. so officially 0 for 3 with an rbi. they have had 14 hits in this game, scored all of the runs in the first five innings. canha out number one. and now duffy will come up. >> mike: one thing the giants have done this year i think, that is different than we've seen in previous years is they
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are a good team coming out of an off day. they benefit from the off day. in previous years and previous years they come out from an off day and it took them one day to get warmed back up and find the rhythm. not so this year. >> jon: a cool shot right there with the coke bottle and the glove just behind buster. and that is a base hit for duffy. he's 2 for 5. and buster will come up. >> mike: he's 2 for 5 but he hit the ball hard four times tonight. and once again, buster posey gets to hit with a runner on. and one of the keys tonight was to set the table and the giants have really done a nice job of that. a's pitchers have been in the stretch a lot tonight.
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they've been a lot of one-two-three innings tonight and that was in the seventh. >> jon: buflter had a -- buster had a sacrifice fly. he's knocked in one. 26 rbis in his last 21 games now. >> mike: big-time sink right there on that fastball. and they're both smiling. that's rare this late in a ball game. ice cream will do that to you though. make you happy. >> jon: that was very good. she's not happy, the team is doing poorly -- ice cream --
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enjoy. >> it's working. deep, into the hands of posey. >> jon: let that be a lesson to us all, ice cream. >> you scream. >> jon: if things aren't going well, ice cream fix it. >> it has been working at my house for years. >> jon: 0-2 the count. 2-2. >> mike: i want to get that i want to get that, i want to get that. that is the best part, right there. i'm sorry. i would not be putting that down. it is just starting to get good.
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>> jon: there goes the runner and right to the vacated shortstop hole. and matt duffy got obstructed by sogard, the third base umpire drake immediately pointing at sogard but duffy made it to third base any way. >> mike: it looks like sogard was putting it on deep and then he got in the way of the running path of duffy. the umpires were right on it. as you pointed out, the second base umpire and the third base umpire both pointing toward the obstruction. >> jon: and the idea on that play, that we've learned, is that if made a play on duffy, maybe they've thrown him out at third and with the obstruction, they would have ruled it just awarded third base. first ball swinging and pence pops it up and billy butler catches that one half kay down-- way
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down the line. so pence who had a four hit game going is out on one pitch here. two down. and brbd brandon belt -- belt he's 1 for 4. now with 16 hits. posey has three of them. pagan has three. pence has four. a couple of hits for matt duffy. that is out of play. i think we were talking about the giants coming back after an off day but coming home from a road trip where they hit well how many times have they come home from the road trip and not hit well. so tonight, immediately just picked right up where they left off on the road trip.
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>> mike: 16-hit night. this is definitely a different team than they were three weeks ago, i think just in confidence. i think hunter pence had everything to do with it. got everybody in the line relaxed and got deeper. he did something remarkable. when he came off the disabled list, he did not go down and rehab, he just went right into the lineup and he has been the best -- >> jon: there goes posey from first base. and 1-2 belt. >> it is a 7-3 game. that is a good play. put yourself in scoring position, managers like to go into the ninth inning with a five-run lead so run swing of the bat can't tie the score. not going to hold on to make it. >> jon: with the over shift on
10:26 pm
for belt. so it would still be 7-1. the giants had a 7-1 lead in the seventh, then he would not go. >> no he would not go. >> jon: duffy at third posey at second. posey got credit for a steal. belt still alive. one ball two strikes. >> mike: and they did their signs. strap on the orange and black and head out to the yard. that is a good friday right there. >> jon: all they do is win.
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1-2 the count. right through the defense there. and that is a two-run single for brandon belt duffy and posey both score, 9-3 giants. and a three rbi night for brandon belt. 0-1 to crawford. crawford has had one hit and four at-bats and a one scored. the giants just before the break had the three-game series with the phillies.
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scores 27 runs in the three games on 49 hits and they've had nine runs and 17 hits tonight. which is just about the average night that they had against the phillies in that three-game series. of course, they had 15 runs and 22 hits in one game against the phillies. two weeks ago tonight in fact. >> back in the jart of june -- start of june, they could not get it going offensively here. but now not a problem. >> giants get two runs and have a 9-3 lead as we head to the ninth inning. vogelsong up in the giants bull pen.
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>> jon: on to the ninth inning. strickland still in there for the giants leading 9-3. trying to get the ninth win in the last ten games. and they have the bull pen getting ready if needed. the right-hander vogelsong and the left hander lopez. and butler is leading off, 2 for 3 in the game and two singles.
10:31 pm
reddick and then brett lowrie to follow. three runs and seven hits and one error for oakland. a beauty. at 97 miles per hour it is 0-1. >> throwing the ball great today. really spotting that fastball well. >> jon: in the eighth inning had seven pitches on strickland. slierld along the right field line and could be trouble and drops in. base hit. strickland hustled over to first base to cover the bag as butler took a big turn around first base. so it is a bloop single for billy butler his third hit of the night and bruce bochy is coming out with the left-handed hitting reddick coming up and he'll bring in the left-hander javier lopez to face him.
10:32 pm
9-3 giants. we're still going here in the ninth inning. we'll be back.
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9-3 giants, we're in the top of the ninth inning here. the giants and the athletics, interleague play. and after the bloop single to right by butler, lopez brought into the game by manager bruce bochy. you're seeing lopez' numbers.
10:34 pm
and the hit total that grabs your eye. >> mike: i think he reinvented himself this year in spring training. starting throwing around some other pitches and brought a change-up back he had early in his career and it made the difference and he's having fun. never been better. >> jon: that is a foul ball. reddick, singled and fouled out to the watcher and lined out to center, 1 for 3. he has been tough on lefties and righties this year. against lefties, you expect him to be strong and he's never been better. leftings hitting .118, the righties hitting only .161. 2-1 now.
10:35 pm
there is brett lawrie on deck. and there is the two extra runs in the eighth inning and now a 9-3 lead. joe panik in time to get reddick who is hustling up the line. and butler moves to second. so lopez got the left-handed hitter and now bochy will bring in brian vogelsong here with the right-handed hitter lawrie coming up. we have another pitching change. vogelsong coming in runner at second.
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>> jon: 9-3 giants. vogelsong on relief with lawrie a right-handed hitter coming up. >> the numbers for vogelsong, fifth time out of the bull pen. he made 16 starts [ inaudible ]. his fastball has been really connistent to the -- consistent to the corners a curveball and a change-up. he's in the groove. >> jon: 0-1.
10:38 pm
>> mike: well not a lot of boat but that is all you need, i guess guess. as long as you have a cooler. >> jon: it has pedals. duffy -- toying with the idea of going after billy butler to tag him out but threw out lawrie. two down. buttler now at third. eric sogard will come up. brian vogelsong pitching out of the bull pen, he went two scoreless innings in relief on monday night in san diego in a loss for the giants. he was the tenth pitcher in the start of the road trip.
10:39 pm
first game out of the road trip, the giants will extra innings that ended up using ten pitchers and vogelsong went the last two innings and got the win in that one. one ball and no strikes to sogard. and has a narrow zone. >> i think that rayburn, he has some zones. some nights you have some big zones and some small zones. if you know at the beginning, you don't have a problem with it. there haven't been many comments from either bench and not a whole lot of rubbernecking going on there at the plate and the pitchers haven't gotten a lot of stank eye on him. from nrn um -- from an umpire's perspective, you get no stank eye, that is a good night. >> jon: that is just foul. and it wasn't foul by very much.
10:40 pm
hit very hard by sogard. 2-2 the count. all right how foul was it? a couple of feet. 2-2 the count. those who are still here rise. strike three called! and that ends it. the giants win, the ninth win in the last ten games, and they remain three games out of the first in the national league west. and a strong night for jake peavy for the fourth time in a row, peavy looking strong. >> mike: he was strong tonight. at one point he had 12 retired
10:41 pm
in a row but i think what he did early in the game establishing the low part of the zone really set his night up and he has to feel good about it. and the offense is clicking. the 17 hit, nine run night. >> for more tune into christmas sportsnet and tune into bay area tomorrow afternoon at 12:30 for the giants pregame live before game two of the series. bumgarner is on the mound for the giants. we'll be back with you on monday night for the giants and the brewers. for mike krukow and amy g. thanks for tuning in. we hope you enjoy the telecast. and now from san francisco, we say good night, the giants beating the a's.
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==jess/2shot== and i'm jessica aguirre we're on early tonight because of the a's - giants game here on nbc bay area. ==jess/ots== we begin with developing news in san jose, where a man has been shot and killed in a community of senior citizens... ==take map== it happened at "woodbridge mobile home park," just north of highway 101 and east capitol expressway. nbc bay areas ian cull is live there tonight. ian what do we know?
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just in to our newsroom... a well known and popluar teacher in san francisco -- is missing. ==take map== "ed cavanaugh" disappeared a week ago -- in the placerville area . he left for a dirt bike ride near a cabin he rents, and hasn't been seen since. his friends and and family -- reaching out to us tonight. ==take vo==
10:46 pm
cavanaugh is a diabetic who needs daily medication. he's also a cherished teacher at san francisco's "downtown continuation high school" in potrero hill. cavanaugh's is an avid outdoorsman -- and runs a program -- which teaches students wilderness skills. he was recently featured in the new york times. the el derado county sherrifs deparment -- is on the case. ==raj/cu== some troubling accusations involving a personal trainer.. he worked out of his home -- d now -- he's accused of sexually assaulting a 16 year-old girl. another concern...are there more victims? ==gfx== nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is in milpitas -- w/ the latest. cheryl?
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there's progress tonight in the battle to subdue a wildfire near lake berryessa. it's now 30-percent contained and evacuation orders have been calle there's progress to report tonight in the battle to subdue this wild som it is now 30 pnt contained.8 shor evacuation orders have been called off for people in some 50 homes. crews also felt it was safe enough to reopen. the fire though has consumed 6900 acres since it broke out wednesday. the most active section is gr burning along a mountain range in a remoet area. drastically with the heat wave. >> early next week, we're going to see a rapid change. but right now, the weather is helping things out. temperatures down to 67 degrees.
10:49 pm
humidity starting to come back as those on shore breezes are not too strong today. but the direction of the wins, again tonight. will push in some more low clouds. you'll see some low clouds moving inland. some mist very likely to start your day in the upper 50s to low 60s. lots of outdoor events. low to mid 80s. we'll be watching the big sporting event. taking on manchester united the weather looks just great about that. gilroy and the start of the fest kal weekend, upper 60s and low 70s around san francisco.
10:50 pm
oakland, not too bad. mid 70s in the trivalley now. you can see,60s and 70s around the central bay. especially on monday the temperature is coming on up. and we may have to go as that sea breeze becomes more. as you can see in the bottom of the screen, very likely. once the heat sets up for places like live emore, it's going to stick around. mid 90s around downtown. we could see another return of
10:51 pm
some tropical moisture into next weekend's forecast that does have a chance with more showers. >> another fear in the lake that hoe area. 50 had been closed since yesterday because of this fire. all boats were ordered off of the united states house reservoir today so held e helicopters could get their water drops. now, this fire has burned eded more than 200 acres. >> the man accused of pill e killing a police officer has been found guilty. today, a jury convicted him of h pe shooting the officer at 12011 bank robbery.g one the same jurors must decide.
10:52 pm
it's been a long road for that panel. the jury had to restart deliberations from scratch three times. >> continuing coverage in the f shooting death of heyward police sergeant, scott lunger. mark estrada is accused of 11 killing the ser jent during a traffic stop on wednesday. also coming up blazing a trail a local team transitions. >> and hulk hogan body slammed. the comments that caused if edd the wwe to erase him from history wooks.
10:53 pm
thrown out for celebrating a win. tonight, a bay area fatheris fing aftern umpire threw his
10:54 pm
son out of a critical playoff game - moments after the boy got the winning hit. ==raj/2-shot=== thrown out for celebrateing. moments after the boy got the winning hit. >> the umpire's decision may have cost the team a trip to the little league world series. >> reporter: he was arguably the best player on the field wednesday night. at 12 years old, jake delaney is already turning heads. jake is still thinking about his game-winning hit and what it cost him. on wednesday, his team mates poured onto the field to celebrate when jake threw his helmet out of sheer happiness. that's when the first base umpire rushed in and threw him out of the game. that ejection meant he would not be able to play in thursday's deciding game.
10:55 pm
>> it's shame it came down to this. i don't know how any rational person could penalize for something like that. >> reporter: the deciding game jake wasn't even allowed on the complex where his team lost to petaluma valley and lost the chance to advance on the road to the little league world series. >> jake didn't want to discuss the call today. and then, between swings, he took the high road. rule 1.16 states an umpire will warn the player if he removes his helmet before reaching the dugout. jake says he was never warned. >> that was damien reporting for
10:56 pm
us. an e-mail from a cincinnati reds player who saw the video of the game and said it was agree jous that the boy was thrown out. he referred us to a lesion report on umpire ejections. but that report wupt provided to us. there's a new stop shop in the sales world. has now overtaken walmart as the world's biggest retailer. a net income of $92 million in the last quarter. that boosted its markt value some $20 billion. >> square has officially filed for initial public offering with backing from investors like starbucks and visa. the ipo will be led by golden sacks. >> a return to his ancestral
10:57 pm
homeland. i think it will be an incredibly powerful moment. this is a domestic servant for the british. now, he's returning as president of the united states of moerk. >> preparations have been underway for weeks including flags, billboards and a half million dollar beautify case project there. >> it comes with the territory. multiple mountain lions have people on edge. that's the second time this month that a big cat was seen there. sightings were also reported in
10:58 pm
redwood city and wood side. you might recall this moup tan lion that caused quite a scare just a few months aid go in may. now, if you come across a mountain lion, don't run. make yourself look bigger by waving your hands and arms. >> a very hot time in gilroy this weekend. yes, the annual gar lick festival is underway. that meanings it is time to fire up the calamari and the scampi and that's just some of the food going on. >> there's a lot going only. pesto, mushrooms, you name it, everything is laszed with garlic. it's garlicy goodness e nks all the way around. >> a lot happening this weekend.
10:59 pm
thousands of runners. get ready -- a lot of foot traffic. you can bet the competition will be stiff. there will be a lot of road close sures. here's a look at the map. you could learn more about the race and the road closures. >> nasa releasing the latest images showing the planet in extraordinary detail today. the most stunning picture, this silhouette of pluto as it sped away from pluto after approaching the planet a couple weeks ago. pluto is more than 2 billion
11:00 pm
miles from us. so it takes a while to get those images sent back here to home. push runs=04 ==jess/cont vo== right now at 11: a quiet south baneighborhood on edge tonight after a man is gunned down. >> this park is normally pretty safe. >> right now at 11:00, a quiet neighborhood on edge tonight after a man is gunned down. >> good evening, everyone. if you're just now joining us we've been on early because of the as-giants game. let's get onto the shooting just north of 101 and east capital express way. nbc bay area is on the scene with the details. ian. >> like he said neighbors say this is a very quiet neighborhood. san jose police arrived within minutes to find a man dead


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