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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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san francisco this morning and high temperatures closing in on 70 in a few spots. 80s later this week. a look at that coming up. >> looking a the san mateo bridge. we do have a crash that's clearing right near the toll plaza. a new crash for highway 4 reports vehicles stuck together. we'll bring you the details coming up. >> that doesn't sound like a good place to be. what about the beautiful bay bridge? traffic moving along nicely there on the h tuesday, may 26th. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. we do have breaking news this morning, a brand new house in vallejo, nothing but a burned out shell this morning. this home on sonoma boulevard caught fire just before 3:30 this morning. the people who shot this video they say could feel the heat from inside their car. witnesses tell us they don't think anyone was home at the time and so far no reports of any injuries. up three games in the
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western conference finals. warriors were feeling pretty good. that then they fell back to earth just a little bit last night. some might say with a thud that ended up being no harm, no foul. fans watching game four of the western conference finals, oakland's tavern felt a whiplash of emotions. warriors fight fighting back from a deficit against the rockets but couldn't sweep the series. game five will be played tomorrow with the dubs still one win away from moving on. >> no big deal. they deserve to win one. >> i think we can still win it. we're going to the next level. warriors. >> the warriors do still have the upper hand. you can say. they're up 3-1. no team has ever lost up 3-0 which they were as well. you better believe they're going to be ready to play with the league's mvp steph curry. >> we know his power and the fans held their collective breath when steph curry moment tarlly became a falling star in
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spectacular fashion. the star warrior landed on his head and ended up leaving the game. >> as bad as it looked he came back into the game after being checked out for a concussion. stephanie chuang is live at or rack oracle arena. >> he's good. that was the good news. he was talking after the game. and he seemed to be doing fine. thankfully he was able to get back into the game, game four, and re-enter and play. although he didn't play like his usual self. check out the video. this is game four in houston at the toyota center last night. second quarter. steph curry jumping over the back of trevor in an attempt to block the shot. instead, launches into the air, landing hard on his shoulder and his head. now thankfully he got up on his own after a few minutes. he underwent tests in the x-ray room and luckily curry was diagnose with a head contusion, not a concussion. >> once they said i was all right, went out and played and
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try to do what i could to get back in the game and came up with a little short. be all right next game. >> that's right. curry returning to the kour after an hour. 000 i'm okay to his family, his parents and his wife, who were waiting with their breath held. they are back tomorrow night at 6:00 here at oracle for game five. warriors can clinch the west with a win. i can tell you i can bet the fans here though at roar-acle will be happy to see curry walk back on to the court. live at oracle arena, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> such a booth to see him okay. no sweep but they are still on the verge of the nba fibales. warriors can seal that series tomorrow night. we'll have extensive coverage on our nbc bay area app. after the game ended severe flooding forced fans to stay inside the arena in houston. this is what it looked like inside the toyota center well after the game ended. even some of the players waited out the severe weather. a little more than an hour ago
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the center actually tweeted out some fans are still there. staff now handing out water, coffee, bagels. >> have to reheat the coffee at this point. staying put might have saved their lives. fans who hunkered down avoided the flooding that is already killed seven people from texas to oklahoma and a dozen more still missing. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is here with how much more the region can take and how much more they'll actually get, raerdless. >> these are the first daytime pictures of the flooding. this is live aerial coverage from the houston station there. you see not so much from this picture but the rainwater is still high. it is a live picture. you can see the cars under water. and that's after the waters receded overnight. you can see the fans that were stranded at the basketball game. they were also reports of folks stranded at an upscale mall in houston. some video from inside that mall where workers and customers were humpgerred down. you can still see the he rentless rain overnight.
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the lightning. and houston has gotten four inches and counting. eight inches of rain. now to austin now where in the daylight you can see flooding on city streets and it's probably not a surprise that dozens of people had to be rescued from the rising waters. cars just washed away. part of the problem there is that shoal creek burst its banks. the most heartbreaking stories are of the missing including this mother and two children in a cabin swept away in that flooding. this is what she told her sister. >> we are in a house that is now floating down the river. call mom and dad. i love you. and pray. >> family of four was able to cling together in that cabin until the home broke apart. the father was found 12 miles away. he was alive. he's now at a hospital. the mother and the children have not been found and the rest of the family is expecting the worst. they are among the 12 people
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missing. they are also seven people that we know did not make it out of that flooding alive from texas to oklahoma. i was just talking to rob about this. and he says that this wouldn't eliminate our drought. it would put a dent in it. to put it in perspective, the rainfall the city of houston got is the equivalent of half of all the rain in an average year that san jose gets in one day. it's no wonder the dams are breaking, the creeks are overflowing, and the roadways are now rivers. >> families, too, to hear that phone call that you're floating down in your house. how do you respond. >> probably like, it's going to be okay. she said she went to the center, the high school where they were having this survivors gather and not until that moment did she realize that it was very serious. >> how frightening. >> sleepless nights for them. it's not over yet. >> that's the tough thing about it, sam. >> still in effect. >> they are. amazing. in fact, meteorologist has the latest on the severe weather hit that area. >> the rain rates yesterday, we
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did see the rain rates about two to three inches of rain per hour. that was right towards the end of the warriors/rockets game. see houston there. the line of severe thunderstorms and heavy rains falling. radar detected rainfall total, accumulations there. the darker areas near houston picking up more than a foot of rain. all that coming down in a short oh relatively short period of time, four to five hours worth of time there. you can see heavy rains stretching back from south texas over towards austin. wide area being impacted by that severe weather. unfortunately the pattern is setting up today for more severe weather. more towards west central texas and once again houston earlier this morning had new flash flood watches going up. we can see a few more issued as intense thunderstorms continue again today. probably more scattered in nature but the severe weather threat will continue across texas. no real break in the action for today. back to you. >> thank you very much, rob. new this morning.
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putting a cost on homelessness. the new report is out today shedding light on a group of people usually hidden in the shadows. >> the santa clara county bay showing homeless populations in area are costing taxpayers noer than half billion dollars every single year. "today in the bay's" r"''s" bob is live. it's actually a small group of the homeless costing the county the most amount of money, according to this report. >> reporter: even though roughly 7600 people are homeless in the south bay, this report idea fayes 2800 of them who are costing the county and the city a huge sum of money. now, this report commissioned by the county of sklar and homeless advocacy group called destination home founded the individuals cost local government $83,000 a year each. add in the other people stuck on the streets, you are looking at a cost of more than half a billion dollars a year annually. that's redundancy there. sorry about that.
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most being spent on emergency room visits. the rest of the money paying for jail stays and mental health services. homeless advocates argue it would be much cheaper to house the people instead of shelling out the $83,000 a year to send them to this revolving door that always puts them back out on the streets. money better spent, they argue, again, by paying for rent or for a home. bheem ho are homeless have said in the past even though they receive housing assistance it's still hard for them to find a place to rent because the rental market is so competitive right now. this report will be officially presented later this morning at a forum in san jose. expected to be there in attendance, supervisor of sklar county and mayor sam ricardo of san jose. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. past the unofficial start of summer. not summer like heat quite yet. >> no. can't break out the white skirt and white pants yet.
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>> you think it's going to be a white winter coat as the drizzle storm continuing around san francisco. you can see the low clouds there. they're going to stick around through about mid to late morning for some of our inland locations around the sklar valley and tri-valley and you see the pattern. it's been ongoing for most of the month. afternoon sunshine inland and low clouds surging back towards the koes as we approach the evening. highs today near 71 in san jose. upper 50s to low 60s around san francisco. near 70 in napa. 68 in dublin. 72 in livermore. as we head towards the weekend we will see warmer temperatures showing up. we'll have your seven-day forecast in a couple minutes. now for another check of your commute, here's mike. >> here's the bay bridge toll plaza. light drive on the approach. show you the map, east bay. few reports going on. none of the major. toll plaza. we'll look at south 680. monument boulevard, reports of the crash on the shoulder off the roadway. antioch, west highway 4, there's a crash reported. hit and run reported. all the activity now doing paperwork off the roadway.
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slowing for antioch. here's a slower drive for out of the altamont in through livermore. earlier debris has cleared. the crash over at the san mateo bridge toll plaza on the approach looks like it's out of lanes, guys. back to you. silicon valley we are no stranger to high home prices. but in one city some people are protesting because the city thinks home prices are too low. clearly not here. plus, taco bell trying something new, scott mcgrew. >> changing their ingredients. plus, how do you promote the person who is already the most important person at your company? we'll have answers just ahead.
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very good morning. it is 5:14. live look outside. that's the s curve in san rafael. looks like it's moving clear to me. we'll check in with mike. crack down on southern california's porn industry. california osha has submited a 21-page proposal for new porn safety standards to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. it includes wearing protective eye gear. the industry calls the regulations unworkable. many productions already left l.a. county after a 2012 law tightened the rules. 5:1. not in our backyard. people in toronto protesting a new low-cost townhouse development for fears that it's going to bring down property values for everybody else.
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now, get this. the cost of each condo, half million dollars. to be fair, most of the homes in the neighborhood cost at least $1.1 million. the "star" newspaper in toronto report a four-story 80-unit building will replace eight properties in the neighborhood. the group started a save our streets campaign and put up signs around the neighborhood. the founder of the group told the "star" they aren't against development, they're just for development that, quote, enriches their neighborhood. >> half a million dollars isn't rich enough. >> that's not going to do the trick. houses in san francisco knows the price barely affordable by anyone. >> we take $500,000, scott mcgrew, get another peek at the prices this morning. >> we will. kate shiller, calm, is the most respected of all the house price data, the shiller and case shiller has nobel prize. we'll get that data later this morning. looks like house prices in san francisco and across the bridge to oakland and down to the east bay will rise again. last month that survey showed home prices gained 2% in just
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one month . nearly 10% for the entire year. compare that to homes in new york city up 2% for the year. chicago, up about 3.5%. turning to chulupa news, taco bell is getting rid of art 23is initial colors and thflavors. other food companies are doing the same. kraft said macaroni and cheese will no longer contain the bright orange additive. right now taco bell uses black pepper flavor to flavor meat. from here on out they're going to get the black pepper flavor from black pepper. let's change our flavor, instead of landon dowdy let's check? with meg live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, meg. >> good morning, scott. stocks could start on a down note. futures are lower and markets ended mixed. data today on demand for durable goods, consumer confidence.
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on friday the dow fell 54 points to 18232. the nasdaq slipping two points to 5089. back to you. the person responsible at apple for pretty much everything cool from the shape of the iphone to the color of the app has been promoted. considering the late steve jobs called ive his spiritual partner at apple you've got to wonder how do you pro most johnny ive who is the chief designer? he's been knighted by the queen. well, aal created a title chief design officer, or cdo, it makes him one of only three c-level executives at apple. ceo, cfo, and now cdo. >> cdo, wow. >> there you go is. >> is sir richard brandon complaining at all? knighted. competition. thank you, scott. >> yeah. he's got the company of paul mccartney, the works. no too bad. environmental activists plan to protest against chevron. the sierra club and representatives from communities near chevron's oil refinery say
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they plan to confront company executives at the annual shareholder meeting tomorrow. it's been three years since the massive richmond rerhinery fire in 2012 that set hunts of people to the hospital with breathing problems. protesters say chevron has shown disregard for human rights and the environment. since the fire the company says it has inspected and surveyed 12,000 sections of pipe and taken other safety measures. meantime, crews are expected to remove part of the the broken oil pipeline near santa barbara later today. plains all american operates that pipeline. company officials say the pipe will be tested to see if deterioration is what led to last week's oil spill that fouled the santa barbara coastline. workers are still trying to clean up that mess and are now training volunteers on how to safely help out with the efforts. >> we would not put the public out in areas where we felt they could not do that safely. either for themselves or for the environment. >> plains all american says it is looking at four other
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potentially weak spots in the pipeline to see if those need to be re-enforced or replaced all together. >> it is 5:18. rob has a look at our forecast for today. kind of a cool start? >> another cool start, yeah. temperatures this morning in the 50s right now. some drizzle in a few spots around the bay area this morning but it's the seven-day forecast. sunshine, warmer weather, you will get more excited about breaking out of the pattern which has lasted most of the month. mid 50s across the board. north bay, exception to the rule. 57 in san jose. yes, drizzle, once again over san francisco this morning. low cloud spread inland across the bay area with the onshore winds which will increase once again the winds again 10 to 20 miles an hour later an this afternoon. midday clearing across the clouds and bay and inland valleys. low clouds will come back. high temperatures again today will be mostly in the 60s to near 70. once again for the sierra, you may see the clouds building up tall enough. if you're on the oath bay or south bay, you will see the
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towering clouds off to the east. sierra still see that slight chance of thunder showers. back to the bay area, mid 50s through 10:00 this morning as we approach lunchtime. mid 60s for at least san jose and livermore. for the tri-valley and santa clara valley, locations climb close to the low 70s but staying near 60 in san francisco for today. san jose, 71 degrees. average high should be closer to about 77 degrees. this is rearc mabl when you consider you have to go back to may 1st. that's the warmest day of the month so far. 84 degrees at san jose airport. average high this month has only been 68 degrees. not going to be getting into the upper 70s today. seven-day forecast shows you toward the end of the week we will get there. oakland, 63 during the afternoon. towards the evening for the as game, 7:05 start. we will see temperatures in the 50s with low clouds coming back in as we go through the game. the bay side outlook next five days temperatures starting to climb a little bit towards friday.
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notice san jose finally the temperatures climbing up as we get into friday and saturday and for the tri-valley for a change, may finally break out in 80s as we start the weekend. high fre sure will begin to build back. that's going to come press the marine layer, 3,000 feet thick today down closer to 500 feet or 1,000 feet by the weekend. we'll show the areas inland warm up but san francisco maybe not so much. as we can see next weekend's forecast, 60 nasdaq san francisco. 70s to low 80s from the peninsula into the south baby next saturday. now to see what's happening with your tuesday commute, here's mike. >> easy building on the morning commute right now. here's the san mateo bridge eastbound. no problems. very light flow of traffic. westbound, picking up the volume just a tad bit. look at your map. the crash i told you about by the san mateo toll plaza just off of 880 and 92 does still have debris reported in the sticking out into the slow lane. may be issue. chp just arrived. hope to get more accurate information once they get there. not a lot of slowing. not a lot of slowing on the by
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bridge approach either. smooth drive for the upper east shore and off of 24 and the caldecott tunnel. behind me we have slowing. hit and run crash. all the activity is off highway 4. slowing through antioch. slowing toward north flynn. clear through livermore. mild build through the dublin interchange. south bay, sensors are green. live shot, very smooth right here. northbound 101 just starting to pick up that volume here. nice easy drive at the limit through san jose. silicon valley up the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you. the weather starting to warm up a tad. drivers may be more inclined to roll down the car windows. if you do be aware it could hurt your fuel efficiency. the epa reminding everyone that riding with the windows up and the ac on at least on the highway weighs less on fuel consumption than the drag an your car with the windows open. car simply doesn't have to work as hard. although it is harder to get that feeling of warm summer air blowing through your hair. you may have seen this
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shocking video a bounce house whipped into the air by ferocious wind. three little kids were praying inside at the time. we new information on that coming up.
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both amazing and scary moments caught on camera. take a look at this. that is a bounce house in the air with three kids in it. two of them were injured when that bounce house went airborne in ft. lauderdale. they're out of the hospital this morning. that's the good news. this happened yesterday as people were celebrating memorial day at the beach. it turns out that winds from a water spout lifted up the inflatable bouncy house with three kids inside. the house ultimately got 50 feet into the air. all three kids were under the age of 8 and taken to the hospital. the two are already out 1/3 child is being treated this
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morning. >> kids love to go in those things, too. we know that work can be stressful but a new study finds people who work full time may feel it less. they don't have time to be stressed. the u.s. substance abuse and mental health services administration studied anxiety disorders in working adults. researches found less than 4% of the americans with full-time jobs had an anxiety disorder during the past year. that percentage increased among adults who worked part time or not at all. the results are in when it comes to working out. it seems there's more work to be done. at least that's when it comes to stats from the wildly used map my fitness app. the app's 22 million users last year averaged 73 minutes of exercise a week. that's less than half of the cdc's recommended 150 minutes. california did top all states with 87 weekly workout minutes per user. go californians. >> you're going tv to check out your fit bit and see how many
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minutes you've got logged. steph curry logs plenty of minutes on the court taking a nasty fall last night. today we'll find out object his health status and when he's going to be back on the court right after this.
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the view from inside a houston shopping mall. nothing but flood waters where cars should be. employees strappeded for hours of severe weather ripping through texas. breathless moment for warrer yos fans after seth curry takes a nasty fall after last night's playoff game. and we're seeing low clouds and drizzle once again to start the morning and cool temperatures today. but big changes finally showing up in seven-day forecast. warmer temperatures on the way. a look at that coming up. i've got an oakland camera turned south. trying to find this crash or signs of slowing. activity in san leandro or inactivity, i should say. let's see how much activity we have right now on the bay bridge, mike. it's pretty tough to tell from this vantage point. a beautiful shot, none the less.
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it is tuesday, may 26th. you are watching "today in the bay." good tuesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. thanks for being here. we start with breaking news. a brand new house in vallejo nothing but a burned out shell this morning. this home on machine any drive near sonoma boulevard caught fire just before 3:30 this morning. the people who shot the video say they could feel the heat from inside their car. witnesses tell us they don't think anyone was home at the time and so far no reports of any injuries. now to a developing story. authorities in parts of texas are sounding the alarm this morning. they're warning people to stay home amid heavy rains and flash flood warnings. >> we saw video of people kayaking in the city streets. "today in the bay's" kris san cheds is here with the latest developments. describing the floods with words like historic and catastrophic. >> would you believe that?
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these are the first daytime pictures from the air. roadways turned into virtual rivers and as high as this water is here, that's actually better than it was overnight. it's houston got in one day half of all of the rain san jose gets in an entire year. from the ground those cars that were in the water nearly up to their rooftops are in better shape than they were overnight when they were completely submerged. just moments ago we saw fans stranded inside a basketball game. there were also reports of folks stranded at an upscale mall in houston. this video from a worker inside look at the waters just looming. here's what's going on outside. the rain is relentless. you can still see the lightning coming from that storm system. houston's gotten four inches and counting. the outlying areas, eight inches of rain has fallen. to austin now where in the daylight you can see the flooding on city streets and so it is probably not a surprise that dozens of people had to be rescued from these rising waters
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as cars just washed away. part of the problem here is that a creek burst its banks. this though is the most heartbreaking part of the story. the people who are still missing. family of four swept away in a vacation cabin near the river. they clung together until that house broke apart. the father was found 12 miles away. the mother and the two children have not yet been found. they are among the 12 people who are missing. we know seven people did not make it out of the historic flood waters alive. that's from texas to oklahoma. the national guard there is on the ground hoping to find some of those folks that are still missing. hoping to find them alive. >> that's just so frightening what they've had to go through. >> just doesn't let up, as rob mentioned earlier. >> right and now that water has nowhere to go. >> respective, certainly. severe weather as well did have an impact on some warriors fans in houston. take a look at this. dozens of fans mostly from rockets forced to stay inside their toyota center well after
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the game. even some of the players waited out the severe flooding. about two hours ago toyota center tweeted out some fans are still there and the staff is now handing out water, coffee, and bagels. kind of like a makeshift shelter. >> exactly. scare in the air for warriors fans staying in the arena. star mvp steph curry doing somersault action over trevor. that was a scary scene. landed on his head and his neck. this happening during game four of the western conference finals. all in all the team pretty much went thud last night losing decisively to the rockets. game five will be tomorrow night back at oracle arena and curry says he will be in the lineup. >> such a tough tumble to see. warriors had to hold their breath for star player. up in the air and, bam, down. >> everyone, sports fans and the casual viewer feeling nervous about that. stephanie chuang is live outside this morning. steph, what did the other steph have to say about it afterwards?
5:34 am
>> sam and laura, steph curry, very candid, called the moment scary, adding that there was a lot of caution that him playing in the game again last night would not jeopardize his performance in the series. it's quarter number two we're talking about at houston's toyota center when this all goes down. curry trying to block trevor's shout. launching into the air. landing hard on his shoulder and air. the warrior, of course, a concussion. thank fle he gets up on his own after a few minutes. undergoes tests that shows it is not a concussion. it's a head contusion. frightening moments for the fans but especially for his family. >> i saw my dad once i got back to the locker room. obvious i got family here and all just worried about my well being. so i wasn't on my phone or nothing texting my family in the crowd. so he had that relay information somehow. but so that was comforting to kind of see familiar face and
5:35 am
let him know i was all right. >> after about an hour curry walked back to the court. i'm okay to his family. his parents and wife in the crowd there. back tomorrow night at 6:00 at oracle for game five warriors will clinch the west with pun more win. i can tell you happy to take steph curry being okay over a sweep any day. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, steph. okay. so no sweep but they're still on the verge of the nba finals. warriors could win tomorrow night. we do have extebsive coverage on our nba bay area app as well. get that, watch the game. staying in the sports world in trouble again and again without a job. former 49ers star ray mcdonald facing a new round of charges after his third arrest in a year. nb andrew young bay area broke the story yesterday. san jose police arresting mcdonald after they say he broke down his apartment door and assaulted a woman inside holding a baby. they say he was arrested later at the house of former teammate justin smith.
5:36 am
his new team, the chicago bears, now his ex-team, promptly kicked him off the squad. mcdonald was never charged if the two prior arrests. one fordow mess tick violence and one for sexual assault but it may weigh into whether prosecutors pursue a case this time. >> domestic violence by its very nature takes place behind closed doors so that prior history particularly if it's documented, is going to be critical to the da's case if they decide to pursue charges. >> mcdonald faces misdemeanor domestic charges and child endangerment charges. do you have a drought busting idea? san francisco's public utilities commission wants to hear from you. sfpuc holding a public hearing today to talk about the current drought program and how to make it better. also talking about how much to fine people for using excessive water on ornamental landscaping and turf. >> a lot of people getting those drought resistant plants in
5:37 am
their yards now, too. they will not suck up too much water. >> right. >> do we have any water in our forecast? looking out here, rob? >> we've seen maybe a little bit. measurable enough that it's come down at about .05 of an inch of rain in some parts of san francisco thanks to heavy mist and drizzle we've seen in the last few days. right now seeing more misty sky there's in san francisco with the blue and gold laths over downtown. warriors flag there over downtown san francisco right now. temperatures in the mid 50s. low clouds all across the bay area. and the sea breeze again will be weather story of the day. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour moving into the afternoon. cooler marine air spilling into the bay area and ensure that valleys stay several degrees below average. got low clouds for the morning across inland locations along the central bay and by 5:00 once again the low clouds sweeping back in. so short term. not much change in our weather pattern. cool temperature, 50s through 10:00 this morning, and then by noon we will start to see a few
5:38 am
temperatures break out in the mid 60s around san jose and livermore by noon. high temperatures today near 71 in san jose. still upper 50s to near 60 for san francisco. for the north bay, highs close to 70 at napa. low 70s in tri-valley. but from here, temperatures will try to warm up a little bit towards the weekend. even in san francisco moving away from 60 closer to the mid 60s by friday. the more significant warming we'll see as you notice in the seven-day forecast in the bottom of the screen and what's just behind me here is towards friday and saturday. san jose, upper 70s to near 80. tri-valley starting to see the temperatures rebound. low 80s. by next weekend finally 70s and 80s inland. cool temperatures closer to san francisco. mike? >> rob, right behind me seeing the backup of the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not on just yet. we do have the backup here. slows up toward incline and where the lanes start to merge at the metering lights. we'll look at your map and show you the flow on the approach. easy drive for most of the east bay coming across the carquinez
5:39 am
and benecia bridges as well. antioch slowing. pittsburgh and bay point easy. highway 13 just off of 580. the freeway, car swerved to avoid a deer and the car went down the side of the road. there's activity there but no major injuries and no lanes blocked. looking southbound 880 at marina. reports of earlier crash there. one car still stuck in lanes. i don't see slowing. they may have just cleared that. the rest of the bay is typical, predictable flow of traffic. south bay and quick look at the peninsula. palo alto, no problem. back to you. it's 5:39. no accident, late b.b. king say investigators need to look into the death of their father. they think foul play was involved and they even think they know who did it. plus, good news for dodgers fans but scott mcgrew, when did we start caring about dodger fans? >> we'll put it in a broader context. we're back after the break.
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new this morning. just two days after defense secretary ashton carter says the iraqis don't have the will to fight their launching a major offensive to take back a i can city from the islamic state. >> tracie, this announcement came just hours ago. >> yeah. it did. just a few hours ago we learned from senior security officials telling our folks on the ground in baghdad that offensive is now under way. these are iraqi troops getting weapons provided by the u.s. as many as 8,000 have gathered in an area east of ramadi, shia and sunni working together. as of this morning they're launching a major offensive in anbar province delivering the city taken by islamic state. >> number of air strikes to assist the forces on the ground are going to help if they're not going to seize and hold the terrain. >> reporter: the offensive comes as isis takes over major parts of iraq, including ramadi, where
5:43 am
americans died to free the country from saddam hussein. >> first memorial day in 14 years the united states has not engaged in a major ground war. >> reporter: defense secretary ashton carter says when the iraqis could fight they ran away. >> many of russ disappointed. many of us are upset. many of us are frustrated. it ult pautly highlights the fact that men and women in the military are willing to defend our nation. >> reporter: but proud of the sacrifice made by americans and now it looks like iraq may be willing to do the same. and as i said it's already under way. they announced that on iraqi state tv this morning. >> thank you very much, tracie. also new this morning. australia's prime minister wants to pass a law to punish people suspected of supporting isis even the if they're not convicted. prime minister tony abbott hopes to pass the law within weeks. it would allow the government to strip citizenship from dual nationals who are suspected terrorists even if they haven't
5:44 am
been convicted of a crime. right now more man the 100 australians are expected to be fighting with isis and other terrorist groups in syria and iraq. as many as 50% of those have dual citizenships. back in the u.s. the justice department and cleveland officials agreed to settal case alleging wide spread police misconduct. that agreement coming in the wake of several incidents of alleged police misconduct including the november shooting death of 12-year-old boy who was playing with a toy gun. under the settlement federal law enforcement officials are expected to monitor the cleveland police department. this marking the first settlement reached under new attorney general loretta lynch since she took office last month. two daughters of the late blues legend b.b. king claim their father's death was not an accident. the daughters filed affidavits claiming king's business manager poisoned him. they also requested a formal investigation. lawyer for king's estate called theal sgagss ridiculous. the 89-year-old singer died earlier this month at his home
5:45 am
in las vegas. right now some of the stories we're working on for 6:00, a man accused of killing a mother and toddler in a high speed crash following a day of drinking returns to the courtroom. the warriors landed with a thud also p night but the real concern is star steph curry following his big fall. oh, painful to watch. why curry expects to score however in game five. while scene in houston outside the arena. the search for the missing after heavy storms triggering flooding in the southwest. what's our weather look like on a tuesday morning? checking in with rob. >> familiar sight across the cameras. fog and mist again in the forecast this morning. but the seven-day forecast though at the bottom of the screen will hint at warmer changes finally coming our way as we wrap up the month of pay. right now we've got clouds across the screen there. misty skies around the coast and san francisco got 57 degrees right now in san jose and san francisco a little bit of mist once again. yesterday we had enough drizzle
5:46 am
to pick up some measurable rainfall. about less than .05 of an inch of rain. some of that coming down in the form of heavy mist through the morning. right now oakland, roadways look dry. misty skies around parts of the east bay out towards pleasanton and the inland stri valley. 57 right now in san jose. winds staying onshore throughout the day today. that is going to re-enforce the ocean air conditioning. the marine layer is 3,000 feet high. so no trouble keeping our inland valleys staying cool into the afternoon. we're going to have the sunshine again not particularly warm, especially around the bay and the coastline. highs in the 50s. and out towards the sierra, chance for afternoon showers and thunder showers. hour by hour, mid 50s through 9:00 or 10:00 this morning. temperatures will start to jump up for areas around san jose and livermore by lunchtime. you will see mid 60s on our way to about 71 degrees in san jose. you will see upper 50s to near 60 for san francisco. upper 60s to near 70 around the north bay and low 70s around the
5:47 am
tri-valley. and then the trend begins to change not so much for tomorrow or thursday. san francisco a little bit warmer towards friday and saturday. but notice here san jose pretty significant jump. close to 70 today. upper 70s by friday. near 80 to start the weekend. tri-valley, warmest spots around the bay area as we approach the start of next weekend, those temperatures soaring into the low 80s by the end of the week. mike? >> rob, we have the bay bridge metering lights are finally registered on. we still see good movement for the fast track. it's visible. the rest of the backup fills in. let's look at your map. tuesday, expect the volume of traffic to be sizable today. memorial day weekend kicking a huh yesterday. easing back into the work schedule here. the only slowdown we see of note will call out san leandro. southbound 880, two incidents at marina boulevard. first cleared from the roadway. second one has activity in the center divide slowing out of behind me, the tri-valley. a little build for the volume.
5:48 am
no drama for the dumbarton bridge. south bay has slowing. camera at 101 at 680. live look and show you the volume of traffic as we're traveling north. second build. this one is starting to kick in. the first build we see this one just before 6:00. the first build should ease up a bit. no problems for the peninsula, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:48. investigative unit exclusive. the head of the nation's immigration court system is calling on congress to fix the system he says is broken. and backlogged with so many cases it will take years to catch up. tonight for the first time ever the director of u.s. immigration court system known as the executive office for immigration review sits down on camera to answer questions about the problems. director blames budget cut backs that stretched over years combineded with last summer's surge in undocumented immigrants for straining a system beyond the breaking point. >> the reality is the system is over burdened.
5:49 am
absolutely. and that works to the detriment, not just to the system itself but also people waiting for their hearings for a long time. >> tonight at 11:00, stock takes us behind the scene of u.s. immigration court here in san francisco and investigate what's going to take to fix the system that has some people waiting four years to a simple court hearing. if you have a story for us call our tip line at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to it's not over yet. mobile home park residents continuing their fight to keep their homes. the palo alto city council will hold a meeting to discuss the controver controversy. the park's owners want to shut it down. residents say they can't afford to livni where else if that park closes. tonight's meeting begins at 5:00. new this morning. half a billion dollars. that's how much santa clara county taxpayers fork over every year to deal with homelessness.
5:50 am
>> homeless advocates are issuing a call to action in the form of a new study that shows the true cost of homelessness. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live from san jose with the details. bob, you've crunched some of the numbers. >> sam and laura, there are several thousand people homeless here in santa clara county but this new study you mentioned identified just under 3,000 of them who are costing the county and the city terrible sum of money. now, this study that was commissioned by the county of santa clara and homeless advocacy group called destination home found the individuals cost local government $83,000 a year each. and if you add in the other people who are stuck on the streets, you're looking at a cost of more than half a billion dollars a year. most of that money being spent on emergency room visits. the rest of the money paying for jail stays and mental health services. homeless advocates argue they would be much cheaper to house these people instead of shelling out $83,000 a year to only have
5:51 am
them go through a revolving door that always puts them back out on the streets. people who are homeless have said in the past thaechb with housing assistance, vouchers and the like, it is hard to find a place to rent because the rental market is so competitive right now. and that's why they end up especially slooing out there on the streets. the report will be officially presented later this northerning at a forum in san jose. expected to be in attendance, super of santa clara county, mayor ricardo of san jose. reporting live in san joese, bo redell, "today in the bay." not in our backyard. people in toronto protesting a new low-cost townhouse development for fears it's going to bring down property values. the cost of each condo, half million bucks. most of the homes cost at least $1.1 million. the "star" reporting a four-story 80-unit i'd being will replace eight properties in the neighborhood. the group rt to started a save our streets campaign and put up
5:52 am
signs around the neighborhood. the founder of the group told klt the star" they are not against development, they're just for development that enriches their neighborhood. charter communication will buy time warner cable. >> scott mcgrew, this changes the tv landscape quite a be it. >> it does. it creates a cable company almost as big as comcast so two almost evenly matched cable companies in the united states. though traditionally cable companies don't compete against each other. you have a choice of one cable company and one only. you can choose satellite or no cable all together which many people are doing. charter will pay more than $78 billion assuming it gets dpoftal approval. this comes of course after comcast tried and failed to get approval to buy time warner. in that case the government was concerned the resulting cable company would be too large. though again, cable companies don't tend to compete with each other. i should point out this tv station is owned by comcast.
5:53 am
now, in southern california the dodgers channel as it's known is only on time warner. so this would be good news for dodgers fans in places like burbank and long beach who have charter cable. they could actually watch the dodgers on television. wall street gets back to work after three-daybreak. last week the s&p 500 set new records. you'll report janel yell len gave a major address on friday in which she said she expected interest rate hikes later this year. about 6:45 our time we will get the case-shiller report on house prices. last time we saw it, san francisco gaining 10% in one year. highest slightly over denver. just amazing numbers. >> yeah. pretty big. >> living here you would believe it. thank you very much, scott. update to breaking news. police in grand fork, north dakota, say an airman from grand porks air force base was
5:54 am
involved in a deadly shooting inside a walmart store overnight. that city's police chief says three people are involved in the incident. the airman and two others. we also know the shooter is dead. a number of other people were in the store at the time of the shooting. taken to the hospital. no word on the age of the victims or what started the shooting in the first place. we will continue to update this story. better news here. happening today the 2015 special olympics flame begins journey across the country. three torches will be lit in washington, d.c. and travel through all 50 states. finally ending in los angeles for the games next month. special olympic athletes and members of law enforcement will have the honor of carry that flame. 5:54 on your tuesday morning. a lot of people probably full bellies this morning, lots of hamburgers and hot dogs. >> a little barbecuing. >> exercise a little bit if weather conditions permit, rob. good morning. >> the weather was good yesterday but folks may be
5:55 am
pundling up by some of those barbecues around san francisco. the coast, as we've had low clouds and mist over the last few days. right now 55 degrees in san francisco. misty skies over downtown. warriors swag there on the right side of the screen. san jose, the roads look dry but you will run into a little bit of mist on your windshield. even around the south bay for this rp noing. we're doing to start the day off at areas of low clouds and drizzle. and at the bottom of the screen, san jose, fremont, morgan hill, notice as we approach close to lunchtime. break out to the sunshine. temperatures in the mid 60s by noon and by 3:00 this afternoon. now we're nooer 70 in san jose. morgan hill. san francisco, a little sunshine but keeps temperatures down near 60. heading into the weekend. finally see some 70s and low 80s back in the forecast. the weather right now though, mike, mist and drizzle could get the windshield wipers going for parts of the commute. >> good note for folks around the bay. we're going to call out the east bay commuters for special note here. this is our shot from the
5:56 am
coliseum. there is that crossover there from the station to the airport. that's 98. that's where the slowing starts. heading south look at this jammed up all of the way past 98. let's look at your map. this is a result of two separate incidents we told you about right at marina boulevard. sounds like in the last couple ovl seconds finally cleared. both incidents are off on the shoulder. you see the really focus slowing heading south between oakland and hayward. san lee a dro and slow drive continuing. one problem south of the san mateo bridge on the anymore mets. heading across the bay bridge from any routes, moving smoothly. we will look at the toll plaza. the map shows you no real problem except for right here on the span just outside on the san francisco side of the treasure island tunnel. latest update has it blocking one lane. slowing down, basically stopping as you are approaching the pretreasure island tunnel. i'll give you the updates. so far this is going to be a tough drive across the bay bridge and expect that to ripple back for the next half hour.
5:57 am
at least. stick with us. >> mike tracking that. update to breaking news. brand new home up in flames. witnesses saw the whole thing happen. hoping no one was inside. their story's next. ♪ (musfx: (smash)ut) sfx: (roar) ♪
5:58 am
sfx: (roar) sfx: (engine roars)
5:59 am
frkt catastrophic floods. first look at the devastation as the sun comes up. got no control over yourself and it could have been a lot worse. >> a sky of relief this morning. it could have been much worse. look at that fall. steph curry opening up about his health after a scare in the air
6:00 am
brought the basketball world to a stand still. in the air the skies over san francisco right now. seeing some mist and some low clouds. temperatures for today again running fairly cool. we do have much warmer changes ahead in your microclimate forecast. look at that coming up. well, we want to welcome home the dubs. this is not what we want them to see. southbound from the nimitz freeway. show you where the problem originates over in san leandro. >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a house under construction is nothing but a burned out shell this morning. this home on hundred any drive near sonoma boulevard caught fire just before 3:30 this morning. some people who shot the video say they could feel the heat from inside of their car. witnesses tell us they don't think anyone was home at the time. so far no, reports of any injuries. new this


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