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tv   Today  NBC  April 20, 2015 7:00am-11:01am PDT

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from earlier crashes there on southbound 880. nothing big near the bay bridge toll plaza. this is that fire we talked about, 8-year-old brock guzman the amber alert we talked about. >> let's hope he comes back safely. >> we'll bring you updates throughout the morning on that. good morning. good morning. breaking overnight. an intruder scales the white house fence. the suspect quickly arrested. what officials are planning to to do to bring the dangerous incidents to an end. police brutality? a man dies after a violent encounter with officers in baltimore, his neck allegedly broken during the arrest. this morning the demands for justice as the mayor vows to hold the right people accountable. he's back. tim tebow, one of the most popular and polarizing quarterbacks in nfl history. returning to the game after three years. but will he actually play?
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♪ and show stealer. >> please welcome taylor's mother andrea swift. >> taylor swift's mom makes an emotional appearance at the country music awards, her first since her cancer was revealed. >> i'm a proud mom. >> the speech honoring her superstar daughter today, monday, april 20, 2015. >> from nbc news this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a monday morning and welcome back to my pal, savannah. back from a little vacation? >> yeah, we had a great time at
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my beach. my baby got pale with all the sun screen. >> there makes you a good mom. and may there be a little bit of interest in the tim tebow story? >> yes. we're an eagles fan. he's so good at running that offense. >> way to go, mike. >> don't ask me what the spread offense is. >> we'll have much more on that story. another person arrested for jumping the fence at the white house, this time the secret service wasting no time to apprehend that suspect. kristen welker is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in the latest incident the secret service says a person carrying a spur -- suspicious package jumped the fence late sunday night. that's the side that faces the washington monument. the fence jumper was immediately arrested by the secret service and is now in custody. charges are still pending. officials say that package the person was carrying was not a danger. now, this of course follows recent embarrassing incidents
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for the secret service regarding white house security. last september, man jumped the fence and got all the way into the residence. he was carrying a knife in his pocket. last month, two agents drove a government car into a white house security barricade after a night of drinking. the newly installed director joseph clancy has been called to testify on capitol hill about the lapses and has vowed to improve the security situation. the national park service which oversees the white house grounds is considering new steel spikes atop the current fence. that would be a temporary solution to the problem offense jumpers until a new more secure replacement could be built. back to you. >> kristen welker thanks very much. >> a lot of spotlight on the secret service. meantime, the weather is the story. a new round of storms are firing up on the east coast. we're talking rains and tornadoes and dylan is here for al. what are we looking at now?
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>> it's raining down south for days and days and we had wind damage, nearly 150 reports of wind damage and look at what it did in alabama. trees toppled on to homes, power lines crossing the streets here. we had wind gusts up near 65 or 70 miles per hour. a lot of damage to clean up. even the train cars were blown off the tracks because of the strong winds in alabama. in georgia, we saw some very large hail and also damaging winds. large trees toppled down on to the homes as well. now, today we're looking at this threat to spread a little further to the east. this morning we have rain and lots of cloud to ground lightning lightning. we are going to see the threat though of a round of storms develop up and down the east coast. a round of rain in the morning, then a break and then the potential of some stronger storms later on today. it's the cold front that's going to move in. we are looking at the difference of temperatures from 80s in
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washington, d.c. up to 50s in new york city. and that's a possibility of again large hail up to an inch inch and a half in diameter and the possibility of wind gusts up near 60 miles an hour. the evening commute is going to impact the 95 corridor. >> not good news. thanks very much. there's some new protest over the alleged incident of police brutality this morning. this time in baltimore, where a man has died from injuries. he apparently suffered at the time of his arrest. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has more on this investigation. hi, pete, good morning. >> reporter: matt good morning. the mayor and police chief are committed to finding out what happened and giving a public accounting. he was 25, he died a week after he was arrested and a family lawyer says the man's spine was partially severed in police custody. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this cell phone video provided to nbc news by
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the lawyer for freddie gray shows the arrest. gray suffered a broken necklace sunday when police arrested and restrained him. the police have not given a cause for gray's injuries or specified why he was arrested, saying there is an investigation into the incident. >> get off me. >> reporter: the lawyer for gray's family said he died sunday from his injuries. >> what we know while in police exist -- custody while committing no crime, his spine was virtually severed. >> reporter: gray's arrest came after he ran from four officers on bicycles. korlg the, according to a police time line april 12th, officers called for a police van. gray was conscious and talking when he was put in the police vehicle. another video apparently shot by a witness shows the van stopped at a second location at 8:54.
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gray appears to be taken out of the vehicle, put on the pavement and confined by more restraints. at 9:24 police say they called paramedics to the precinct to take gray to the hospital. more than 100 protesters gatherediogather gathered outside a baltimore police station. at a news conference officials said they're committed to providing answers to what happened to freddie gray. >> what we do know we had officers in the area of a high-crime area known to have high narcotic incidents. we do not want to give out any information that's speculation and not fact based. >> reporter: the police officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. at the request of the police commissioner the justice department had been investigating complaints about police brutality in baltimore. matt and savannah? >> pete thank you very much. politics for 2016
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presidential race is already intensifying. democratic frontrunner hillary clinton takes her campaign to new hampshire today. where republican rivals are already on the attack against her record. nbc's andrea mitchell is in new hampshire for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: hi good morning. hillary clinton comes here today trying to repeat her low key campaign style in iowa, but republicans got her first and they gave her a very unpleasant welcome. republicans who are here all weekend made clinton their prime target. >> starting to worry that when hillary clinton travels there's going to be need to be two planes. one for her and her entourage and one for her baggage. >> reporter: this morning, clinton's first chance to respond. she will comment on the economy, and plus meetings with local and state politicians as she did in iowa. photographed there by the campaign photographer. so far, few specifics fuelling criticism from republicans.
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>> she talks about meeting real voters but in the one instance when she walks in the store when there's a real opportunity in chipotle, she remains in silence and the disguise. >> reporter: it was an unscripted moment in 2008 that helped her connect to voters. >> i had so many opportunities from this country. i don't want to see us fall backwards. >> reporter: this time around, voters here are hoping to see more moments like that one. >> i think she's starting right this time. i think she should work on being more relaxed. more open. listening to people. >> reporter: new hampshire has been very friendly territory for both clintons in the past. and while republicans are barely organized here clinton has hired a full staff trying to show new hampshire voters she is taking nothing for granted. >> andrea mitchell in new hampshire, thank you. dana perino served as press secretary for george w. bush and
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she's co-host of "the five." she is the author of a new book pack called "and the good news is." good to see you. >> good to see you again. >> we have a little history. >> at the white house. >> we do. we'll talk about the new book but let's talk you think that's a blessing or a curse? >> when you started the show with andrea mitchell's segment, she was called the front runner. she's not the front runner. she's the only runner on the democratic side. a lot of benefits and challenges come with that. she is the only person all the republicans who are running, if they're trying to show a contrast, she is the only one to show a contrast against. >> we saw over the weekend a bunch of republican would-be candidates up in new hampshire taking their shots at hillary. is that the question question right now for republicans, who has the juice to take her on. >> i think for some republican voters, yes, but there's a lot of different republican voters. and they're all across the
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country. they're wanting to know a couple things. some people might say, who can win, but also, who's going to represent me well? who's going to get the country back on track? the country is about 75% or so, according to some polls, think that the country is on the wrong track. they're wanting to hear, what are the policies and positions you'll have? plus, remember, every presidential election is about character, trust, and honesty. i do think one of the reasons hillary clinton decided to go forward in april and announce her candidacy is they saw her numbers in that key area slipping in key states like ohio, florida, colorado, and iowa. >> you do have a division in the republican party, though, shorthanded as the establishment side of the party versus the conservative side of the party. it's a conservative article of faith right now. ted cruz is one who's a proponent of this argument that the reason republicans aren't winning national elections is because they do not nominate a candidate who's conservative enough. do you agree? >> that's how he's going to define himself. i'm excited about, at this time, as an observer, i'm not part of
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a campaign. that's great and new for me. looking across the field, i think the field in 2016 is a lot stronger than it was in 2012. there are stark differences and contrasts. there are men of substance. there's also carly fiorina. >> you worked for former president george w. bush. his brother looks to be gearing up for a race. as you well know, in 2008, the last bush name would have been a nonstarter. do you think people's views have softened about the bush presidency? >> maybe for some in a little way because time heals a little bit. a bush/clinton race in 2016 would give everyone flashbacks. >> in a good way? >> for some. but not necessarily all. i think that jeb bush knows that he goes into this with eyes wide open. he understands his name i.d. is both a benefit and a drawback. so he has a lot of hurdles he's going to have to clear. if he can clear those and earn people's trust, then he could go the distance.
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>> the book is about you and your unlikely rise. sort of small-town roots all the way to the podium at the white house. it's called "and the good news is." so what's the good news about politics right now? >> i think when people read this book, you'll actually end up with a warmer feeling about washington and public service because, for one, i get asked all the time, how did somebody like you end up in a place like that? i grew up in the west. i had no political connections. some people think that i either knew the bushes or the cheneys and that's how i got the job. that wasn't how it was. when you and i met and you were working for nbc and i was the deputy press secretary, i was quite happy being in that role. but then things happened. when tony snow moved on and unfortunately then later passed away after his battle with cancer, i just happened to be the right press secretary at the right time. now at fox news, it's a new career transition for me, where for the first time in my life, i'm speaking for myself. i don't speak for anybody else. so i wrote this book to try to get people an understanding that you don't have to have gone to
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an ivy league school or grown up in a ritzy town in order to advise the president of the united states. >> you've been there in the halls of power. great to see you again and have you here. >> appreciate you having me. >> and we'll send it over to natalie with the other top stories of the morning, including overnight developments on a tragic story overseas. >> good morning, everyone. hundreds are feared dead after a migrant boat capsized this weekend in the mediterranean sea just south of italy. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in italy with the latest. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. from sicily, this is where survivors are supposed to be brought, but so far most of them aren't here. and in fact, only a few dozen survivors have been pulled out of the water so far, along with a few dozen bodies. hundreds are feared dead. so far, just a few dozen bodies have been recovered from the southern mediterranean. but there may be hundreds more. an italian prosecutor told nbc
7:15 am
news a survivor from bangladesh told him 950 migrants were packed on to a wooden fishing boat headed for europe. the maltese prime minister said 200 of them were women, 50 children. survivors claim hundreds of the migrants were locked below deck when the boat capsized. an italian border police official suggested their weight could have quickly dragged the ship to the seabed. europe has experienced a migrant crisis. warmer weather has brought an increased number of ships. italy rescued 8,500 migrants just this weekend. and even before this latest tragedy, 900 had died this year, ten times as many as in the same period last year. why? libya, mostly. this is a migration center in libya. nobody here wants to stay. they all want to make their way to europe. and now they can at least try. after the fall of ka da if i,
7:16 am
libya has become lawless. its coast a spring board for smugglers. and just today, we're learning that another boat carrying migrants has gone aground, crashing, that one in greece. three confirmed dead, 80 rescued. >> richard engel, thank you. six people were arrested sunday in connection with a terror investigation in minnesota and california. authorities say they've been tracking youth who have traveled or tried to travel to syria to fight with militants, including the islamic state group. the fbi planned a news conference this morning to announce details. the search is over this morning for a new york mother and daughter who had been missing for weeks. new york police say they have found them both in good health in manhattan. the mystery began late last month when the mother and daughter took a short road trip from long island into new york city, and when they didn't return, their family filed a
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missing persons report. police did not provide any further details on their disappearance. it is race day in boston. some 30,000 runners are taking part in the 119th running of the boston marathon. it's the second race since the 2013 bombing. runners face increased security, including more officers on bicycles and more fencing separating the racers from spectators. meantime, the penalty phase gets under way tomorrow for dzhokhar tsarnaev, the man convicted of planting the bombs. two men on a moped walked away without serious injury after getting run over by a car in china. take a look. you can see the car ran into the back of the moped there, sending both people flying, as well as a huge bag full of cash. the men were on their way to the bank to make a deposit. they had about $42,000 on them. thankfully, they were okay and did get all their money back too. and a new species of frog has been discovered in costa rica. there's a couple things that make this one really unique.
7:18 am
take a look. for one, translucent skin -- it is gorgeous, but you can't see there, you see all of its organs. the other, you see the eyes. a lot of people saying it resembles a famous frog, kermit. >> absolutely. >> what do you think? >> absolutely. kermit's long lost twin. >> you know how i feel about frogs, but kermit is an exception. >> how convenient to be able to see all your organs. you know what's missing. we mentioned al is off today. dylan is in with the forecast. >> and you know, it's the eastern half of the country where we're seeing a lot of rain today. it comes in two periods. this morning and eventually this afternoon as a cold front moves in. the middle of the country starts to dry out. temperatures cooler than they were over the weekend. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast is coming up in 30 seconds. check out escape and find out why ford is the brand more people buy and buy again. wow! that's a four-cylinder? i thought it was a six. i definitely feel the ecoboost in the ford escape. that's like a sports car.
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what he said that brought tears to her daughter's eyes. >> what a touching moment. and it's bigger than black friday. why everyone was so freaked out about target's latest limited edition collection. guys, they're comparing it to "the hunger games." first, this is "today" on nbc.
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coming up coming up luke skywalker reveals the new reason he's in the "star wars" movie. and the will of princess diana.
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i care deeply about the gulf. i grew up in louisiana. i went to school here. i've been with bp ever since. today, i lead a team that sets our global safety standards. after the spill we made two commitments.
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good morning. i'm sam brock. breaking news happening in fairfield. that's where an amber i lert issued for 8-year-old boy inside a car stolen from outside of a home. here's a hive look from our chopper over that neighborhood in fairfield where the boy disappeared. the chp and police right now are searching for the car. here's the location on a map. someone stole that car from outside a of a house on the 1,000 block of meadow lark drive a little bit before 5:00 a.m. the boy is 8-year-old brock guzman, 5'1" 110 pounds. he was wearing a gray shirt with blue pants at the time. chp says that brock's mother
7:27 am
left him in the car to go back in the house to grab something. when question came back outside the car was gone along with her son. chp is illuminateing highway road signs. here's a look at sign in oak had. the car is 2001 toyota carolla, plate 5 dbwf072. anyone should immediately call 911 and hopefully have a peaceful resolution for you later this morning. on the weather front, changes this week and within the confines of today. for that information check in with meteorologist christina loren. >> good morning to you at home. 7:27. starting the new day with 50s to start. on our way though to a confident toable finish. plenty of 70s in the north bay. and in the south bay. as we head throughout the day, we do have change nsz your forecast. we're doing to see the clouds steadily increase each and every day with a fair chance for showers starting late tuesday into wednesday. a better chance as we head throughout your forecast. details in just six minutes.
7:28 am
>> start in the south bay, see a build for the northbound commute. none of these issues -- incidents to report for the south bay though are on the northbound commute routes. southbound around 10th, the latest fender bender report moving to the shoulder. up the peninsula, congestion over here through the san mateo area. late stalled south from there. redwood city causing more slowing and getting over to 92. we now have a complication on the hayward south. south 880. initial reports of a crash. waiting to get information. southlake maybe might be the middle of your freeway. drive down through pleasanton. back to you. >> you're going to have your hands thulful this morning. ed
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we are kicking off a whole week of fun and surprises by revealing the couple who will be married live on "today" later on this week at get this elvis presley's graceland chapel in las vegas. and priscilla presley is going to be their special guest. >> more on that in awhile. let's begin this half hour with tim tebow. one of the most talked about football players in the last several decades now returning to the league after three years . correspondent craig melvin is here with more on that. this is a big story. >> reporter: this is a big deal. especially for folks in
7:32 am
philadelphia. tebow time in philadelphia the popular and polarizing quarterback is set to sign with the eagles today. has tebow's career been resurrected? once tebow mania swept the nation. his signature move known as tebowing so popular he had it trademarked. >> getting on a knee and praying is a very special deal for me. >> reporter: the combination of faith and football became fodder for late night tv. >> yes i jesus christ am the reason you won your past six football games. >> i knew it. >> tim, easy, easy. ♪ tim tebow to jesus christ ♪ >> reporter: but tebow was traded to the new york jets where he played just season ending up a football analyst for espn. >> we welcome our newest college football analyst tim tebow. >> reporter: now reports saying
7:33 am
he's headed back to the nfl. >> he has never lost his desire to play the game and he always said he wants to be an nfl quarterback. you have to give tim tebow credit for his work ethic that never goes away. >> reporter: tebow's fans are ready for his comeback. his name trending on twitter amid comments like tim tebow to the eagles is a gift from the gods. so tim tebow's apparently already in philadelphia where the eagles all-season program set to start today. we should note she'she's joining an eagles roster the fourth quarterback on the roster. >> you think he's going to play? >> no. no. we might see him four or five times, perhaps. >> maybe in the back field special teams, something like that? >> she reached out to others. it wasn't me. >> he played a similar offense at the university of florida. all right.
7:34 am
>> there's an app called football for dummies? >> anyway. go eagles. >> thank y. as you pointed out, the news had tebow instantly trending. tamron what else are people saying? >> so much more. so the fans got -- i can't stop laughing at savannah's google. fans are buzzing about tebow getting another shot at the nfl. tebow has been trending nationwide. 100,000 google searches. how can we not, of course reflect on tebowing? his signature move that spread like wildfire. it was three years ago that men, women, children everybody was tweeting out a picture of themselves tebowing. but now it's tebowing with a little eagles gear involved in it. can you believe this one went out already? someone said boo. come on. larry king tweeted out, i'm glad tim tebow is getting another chance in the nfl.
7:35 am
#its my 2 cents. texas governor greg abbott. congrats to tim tebow for joining the eagles. may he soar with them unless they're playing the cowboys. meanwhile, #orange room. let us know what do you think of this one-year deal. will he make the team and bring great inspiration to philadelphia where i lived for four years, the toughest fans in the nfl i think live in . >> this is random. couple years ago a washington correspondent there, go to the restroom and standing next at the urinal tim tebow. he was standing there like this. only reason i knew. >> did you high five him? >> no you don't do that there. you might want to learn that. >> c >> no segue here.
7:36 am
at all. dylan? >> wow. >> no high fiving at the urinal. hey, dylan. what's up? >> so glad i get to do the weather now. let's just mosey over here. we have a second area of heavy rain here in philadelphia. but in boston with the marathon going on today, we are going to see a wet day. for the early runners, we'll look at perhaps making it to the finish line before the heaviest of rain starts. but it looks like a very windy, very chilly day for all those marathoners out there. temperatures only in the 40s. we're looking at an east wind of 30 to 35 miles per hour. that is running into the wind. we're also looking at as much as 1 to 2 inches of rainfall in southern new england. also near new jersey and most of i-95. we'll see the second round of rain move in later today. elsewhere around the country, watch out for stronger storms. but the middle of the country looks like we'll start to see
7:37 am
kbruchlts. ju 7:36. good monday morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren looking live at san francisco. a little bit of low cloud cover. you can see most of the tops of these buildings. temperatures are cool to start. 50s. end up in the 70s for most of us inland. we are expecting a low 60s at the coast. we have this unsettled pattern to get through this week. slight chance for showers each and every day. all the way through friday. best chance right now looks like wednesday and friday. overall you need your jacket for today. umbrella by tomorrow. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. last night was a big one for well last night was a big one for country music awards. it was taylor swift's mom who really stole the show. nbc's betty nguyen has more. >> reporter: good morning. such a beautiful moment. andrea swift delivered her daughter with the mile stone
7:38 am
award and in the wake of her cancer diagnosis it was the sweetest moment of the night. >> please welcome taylor's mother, andrea swift. >> while taylor swift was the one being honored at night's academy of country music awards it was the presenter who stole the spotlight. >> i have watched this milestone artist from the time she was a tangled haired little girl growing up on our farm. full of imagination and creativity. >> reporter: andrea swift's moving speech brought tears to her daughter's eyes and an outpouring of support from fans online. mama swift should win an award for this speech. it was the most beautiful thing. and when you see taylor swift's mother is it any wonder why taylor is so grateful? swift revealed online that her mother is battling cancer. sharing in a tumblr post, i asked my mom that one of her gifts to me would be her going to the doctor to get screened for my -- any health issues.
7:39 am
i'm saddened that my mother has been diagnosed with cancer. >> mom thank you so much. i love you. >> reporter: swift has expressed her close relationship with her mom in the past. >> you and your mom have a cool relationship. >> it's a different kind of friendship than the cool mom who tries to party with her daughter. she's my best friend. >> reporter: and sunday night it was clear her mother felt the same way. >> for many years i was her constant companion. i witnessed a young girl with very few friends become a young woman with many. learning to stand up for herself and the things she believed in. like many of you out there tonight, with children of your own, i am a very proud mom. >> so touching. now this is andrea swift's first major appearance since news of her diagnosis. for now, the family has decided to keep details private but it
7:40 am
looks like this message is inspiring fans. and thank goodness taylor swift asked her mom to do this as a christmas gift. >> i don't know how she got it through it without sobbing. beautiful moment. >> thank you. coming up on "trending" we'll get a look at justin timberlake's and jennifer beale's beautiful baby. and five years after the worst oil spill in u.s. history. how clean is the gulf coast? but first, these messages. now at chili's
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7:45 am
from louisiana. kerry, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt when the well blew five years ago about a hundred miles from here the oil began to wash ashore right here on on the island. this is what it looks like today. scientists call this an oil mat. it's the oil sort of all congealed together. this is what it looked like on the island when i was here five years ago. those vacuums are gone but some of the oil and the long-term impact remains. those bank ets -- blankets of oil and dying birds are no longer visible. but big chunks called oil balls. >> this is poison. >> reporter: thick blankets of oil still lie throughout the ocean floor. bp calls that a myth. >> there is no oil out there to be churned up and wash ashore. >> reporter: seafood catches are
7:46 am
back to pre-spill levels they say. >> what happened here five years ago changed us. >> i'm offended they've run these spots. >> reporter: five years ago pat's oyster company went out of business. today they are back but only half the company it once was. state biologists say the oyster harvest is down nearly 25%. meanwhile, fahey is still waiting for legal approval for $1.3 million in compensation. 70,000 other claims remain in limbo. >> there are some businesses fundamentally different than it was before bp. it will never go back to being >> reporter: this was cat island before the spill. this is what that five and a half acre island looks like today. it's barely a sand bar. studies by wildlife biologists
7:47 am
suggests when it came ashore it coated the mangroves and killed them including the root system. it was those roots that bound this island together. >> this is the greatest impact on wildlife in our nation's history. when you look at the range of species from dolphins and sea turtles to all kinds of birds and fish it really is just devastating. >> reporter: it was never going to be easy for bp. at the time an angry president obama told matt lauer he was speaking with adviser to make sure those responsible for the spill were held accountable. >> we spoke to these folks because they potentially had enough answers so i knew whose ass to kick. >> reporter: it was made worse when the bp executive seemed out of touch. >> there's nobody that wants this over more than i do. i'd like my life back. >> reporter: today bp has spent $30 billion. 13$13 billion more is still budgeted. >> the impacts were real short in duration and limited in geography. >> reporter: folk who is have lived through this for the last
7:48 am
five years say what they fear now is in the next five years they're still going to b. back to you. >> all right, kerry. thank you very much. we were just talking about that underwater camera that we watched day after day as that oil was pumping into the gulf. it was tough to see. >> it was. 87 days you saw it. it's good to revisit it and see what the impact has been. coming up, we'll take a turn and talk about some of the surprises from princess diana's will just now coming to light 18 years after her death. and next a fashion collection that just crashed target's website. what happens if you missed out?
7:49 am
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7:52 am
as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. 7:52. a lot of shoppers looking for a pulitzer prize over the weekend at target didn't get it. get it? long lines and online. not everybody came away with the goods. >> no. this is incredible. it quickly became target's most buzzed about collaboration ever. the #lilly for target trending nationwide. as you mentioned, crowds rushed into the target stores all over. these bold patterns have begun so popular normally retail 88 bucks. target has some for $26. these are the lines around the corner. but this is what people found when they walked into the store. empty shelves. allison tweeted out don't call
7:53 am
it a collection if it will only be available for five minutes on one day. corrie says it feels like "the hunger games." these are popping up online for hundreds of dollars. the idea is you're getting a designer dress for affordable price. but who's winning? >> what size is that? >> it's my size. >> oh really? >> i have an 8-year-old niece. this is interesting to see how people gravitate to the designers at a lower price but at what risk? katniss? that would be you. coming kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats®... have 8 layers of nutritious wheat... and one of delicious sweet. to satisfy the adult.... and kid - in all of us. (supergrass' "alright") plays throughout ♪ ♪ ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into.
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a very good morning to you. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we begin with breaking news in fir failed. amber alert issued for 8-year-old inside a car stolen from a house. "today in the bay" bob ridell is live with the ubpdates. >> reporter: good morning. that boy's name is 8-year-old brock guzman. police do not believe that the person who abducted him had any idea that he was in the back of the car that they were stealing. as is routine for brock's family, his parents woke him up early this morning. still in the super hero pjs. possibly a robe put them in the family car, early morning ride to napa where his older brother attends school. left the car running in the driveway outside his home here in fairfield while brock fell back asleep in the back. it was around 4:45 this morning
7:57 am
when that person then stole the car. police again believing that they did not realize that brock was asleeve in the back. parents called police. officers searching since in some cases going door to door. they issued an amber alert tort car, silver four-door toyota. license plate number on your screen right there. parents are cooperating with police. police say if this man or woman is watching this they would like the boy to be dropped off safely. >> let's hope that's what happens. thank you. let's check the forecast now with christina. >> thank you laura. good morning to you at home. temperatures for today are going to end up rather mild although cloudy and cool out there for now. we are expecting these clouds to clear by about 11:00 a.m. as we head deep entire the week we have an unsettled weather pattern. just about every single day, 10% to 20% chance of showers. best bet is wednesday and friday. here's mike and kruryour drive.
7:58 am
>> crash southbound 880. now recovery. slow through hayward. slow over toward the san mateo side. overall look we have your commute returning after all the spring breaks have closed.
7:59 am
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♪ ♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, coming up dishgs anna's final wishes made public 18 years after her death the will of princess diana is become bl available online. what it is revealing about her life and legacy. and college. we follow two members of the class of 2015 as they find out the big news. and become the first in their families to make it beyond high school. >> i always had motivation from my mother telling me i had to go to college. >> and we kick off our special series make your today with a surprise fit for the king.
8:01 am
>> everybody that knows me knows that i'm just obsessed. i'm casey, i'm 26 years old and i love elvis. >> we're about to give this couple the surprise of a lifetime today, monday, april 20th, 2015. ♪ >> hi, florida! and arizona! >> sisters reunion from sisters, oregon. >> good morning to our kids in alaska. ♪ trouble maker ♪ >> we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it's a 20th day of april, 2015. i'm going to be honest, it's a nasty day here in new york city. raining, windy, chilly.
8:02 am
>> it's going to get worse. >> that's the good news. >> tell us about the hail. >> savannah is back from vacation. al is off today. >> i thought that was your list of bad things. >> no. i'm saying welcome back. >> it's raining, it's windy, savannah is here. >> why don't we bring the couch here, can you lie down. we can also say that al is off and dylan is here. tamron is joining us as well. >> it is make your today this week and next week we have another great event to tell you about. the second year in a row, we are celebrating the latino culture. it begins on monday, get this. we have a concert from the biggest star in latin music romeo santos is here. >> and we also have special behind the scenes access to jennifer lopez and enrique iglesias and mark anthony and much more. that is viva today all next week. >> that sounds great. meanwhile, let's go inside. natalie is there with a look at the headlines.
8:03 am
>> hey guys, good morning once again. one person is in custody this morning after jumping the fence at the white house during the night. the secret service says the individual was immediately arrests. charges are pending. last sement you recall a man with a knife jumped the fence an got inside the white house. this time, however, the suspect didn't get very far. the national park service is considering new steel spikes atop the current fence. officials in baltimore are promising a thorough investigation into the death of a man who is injured while in police custody. 25-year-old freddy gray was stopped by officers last week and was put into a police van. a short time later, he was hospitalized. his lawyer says his neck was broken and gray died on sunday. protesters are demanding answers. baltimore's mayor says the right people will be held accountable. >> we're hearing publicly for the first time from the family of the man who was shot and killed this month in oklahoma.
8:04 am
a reserve sheriff's deputy is charged with second degree manslaughter.
8:05 am
8:06 am
be arraigned tomorrow. natalie? >> gabe gutierrez in tulsa, thank you. in health news now, a new blood test is showing promise in the battle against cancer. according to "the new york times," researchers are testing what they call a liquid biopsy to look for traces of cancer in a patient's blood. the test is far less invasive than a tradition alibi opency. more research is still needed to look at the test accuracy and reliability. but oncologists say the possibilities are exciting. it is 8:06 right now. let's get another check of the miserable weather outside from dylan. >> that's an understatement. it just started raining harder. we have a birthday out here. i'm sore your your sign is looking sorry this morning. how old are you turning? >> 10. >> where are from you? >> boston. >> sorry about the rain. can't do anything about it in the northeast. it is a very rainy day. and also back through the great lakes where we have some
8:07 am
showers. but it is more the wind that is going to cause delays at the airports to day. we could see those wind gusting near 35 miles per hour. temperatures, we're looking for those to top out in the 40s and 50s. it is going to be warmer through the southeast. there is a warm front moving through. that's why we have the rain. we'll top out in the 80s in washington, d.c. that cold front there is going 8:07. good morning. taking a live look from high atop mt. hamilton you can see the entire santa clara valley filled in like a bowl of soup with low clouds. low clouds to start, but a nice sunny afternoon coming your way. temperature at lunchtime into the low 60s. by 4:00 when the highs come in widespread 70s. 70 for the peninsula. 72 in the south bay, and the same for the north bay today. cooler weather for tomorrow. a few showers on the way late tuesday into wednesday. a pert chance as we head through friday. i told you it was going to get worse. it's raining. zw r. 3 f2 ahora sí que está lloviendo.
8:08 am
the producer said go outside. light rain. not so much, matt. >> they're hanging us with here, right? >> straight ahead, why did mark camel agree to do "star wars" again? we have his answer. >> then on "make your today" this couple is about to get the surprise of a lifetime, a vegas wedding with one very special guest. >> plus our best of broadway week gets under way with a live performance from "on the town." but first on a monday morning, these messages. ♪ buuut the minute you try to use reward miles from your airline credit card... it's slim pickins! the flights you want -- sorry, they ask for a ridiculous number of miles. time to switch to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles. and using those miles is easy. just book any flight you want, on any airline. then use your miles to cover the cost. no blackout dates. what's in your wallet?
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8:13 am
time for a welcome back savannah version of "trending" let's get to it. how about this rare reunion over the weekend. music fans loved it. paul mccartney and ringo starr coming together on stage at the rock and roll hall of fame. listen ♪ ♪ tell me that you love me baby ♪ ♪ i want to be your man ♪ >> it's two beatles. they sang "i want to be your man." ringo being inducted into the hall of fame as a solo artist. congratulations. other members of the class of 2015 joan jett green day, and dale withers who made a rare public appearance. yes.
8:14 am
"ain't no sunshine" bill withers. >> good teaser there. >> we all know it's a national obsession trying to get the perfect selfie. right? how many photos do you think people delete before settling on the one they like. >> ten. >> so you post the first one you take? >> i don't post them. >> okay. thank you very much miss morales. for womens is six photos. the sixth selfie is the one that women prefer to post. they delete the others. >> you have a good selfie angle. you do the high and up and look at it. >> do i? >> you always take a good selfie picture. >> they tell you to go up and you direct your eyes at an angle. >> how do you take a selfie? >> i think i've taken two
8:15 am
selfies in my life. >> both with me. >> under duress. >> you were forced into it. >> men are satisfied by the fourth photo. >> that's not a big difference. four six. >> how about this question? what would the newest "star wars" movie be like without luke sky walker? we don't have to find out. mark hamill said he didn't have a say in the manner. he said can you imagine if for some reason i said that i don't want to do it. i'd have you all surrounding my house like villagers in a frankenstein picture. angry villagers with torches. >> he's right. >> i would have been dressed as bobo fett and lazered him or whatever. that's great he's going to be in it along with han solo. >> cool. this morning the world is getting its first look at the
8:16 am
littlest timberlake. justin timberlake sharing this photo of his son little silas and mom jessica biel. you can see silas is wearing a grizzlies jersey. and justin wrote the timberlakes are ready, go grizz. >> i think i speak for the guys in the crowd saying is there a baby in that picture? and that's "what's trending" today. meantime the life of princess diana is getting new attention this morning with the online release of millions of wills in great britain. hers is among them. keir simmons has this story. are we learning? >> reporter: good morning. this is kind of amazing standing in this historic setting and holding in my hand princess diana's will. if you turn the page here you can see her signature. it says signed by her royal highness. what's more incredible is you
8:17 am
can now purchase this for yourself on the internet and . ♪ princess diana's extraordinary life her dazzling beauty and style are frozen in ti. designer gowns, diamond teeiaras and jewelry passed to her children. here returning from canada in 1991 with wide open arms she is reunited with her boys. in her will she left them around $30 million. a will in historic terms gives you a real insight because they tell so many stories. diana's shocking death in paris at just 36 followed her divorce from prince charles. in the event of her death she says in her will her mother should be consulted about the children's education. >> she wanted to make sure they
8:18 am
were showered with love. that was something she really agonized over when she split from prince charles. >> reporter: an indication of her tormented private life. her butler and confidant paul is given millions. and even her wedding gown admired around the world is now preserved by william and harry. diana's will is among 40 million online for sale for around $15. >> she's become an historic figure. this is a way to get to feel they are close to the princess and know something deeper about her. >> reporter: britain's wartime prime minister winston churchill, george orwell and even the author of winnie the pooh now represented. but it is perhaps diana's legacy that will get most interest. a woman who changed the royal family and became a global superstar.
8:19 am
and there it is again, diana's signature on the end of her will there. isn't that just amazing? and 20 -- almost 20 years ago she died. it just seems incredible guys that all this time has passed. of course i'm standing here outside buckingham palace waiting for kate to go into the hospital and give birth to her second child. and it's something really special about that couple getting ready for that moment with everything that's gone on in william's wife before. >> all the things she's missed that has to be one of the most precious grand kids. keir thank you. appreciate it. now we have a special kickoff to a week we're doing here on "today" called make your today. we are making viewers' dreams come true. yes, that is elvis music you hear. it's no accident. we are starting by announcing the finalists for our ultimate elvis wedding. >> on thursday one lucky couple will become the first to ever be married at the brand new elvis
8:20 am
presley graceland wedding chapel in las vegas. it gets better. priscilla presley is going to be a witness. jenna bush i sure do. casey and cameron are from portland, oregon. and as you'll see, they have a hunk of hunk of burning love for each other. ♪ love me tender ♪ ♪ love me sweet ♪ >> the love between casey and cameron is about as tender as it gets. >> i thought he was the cutest thing and he had a personality that was so vibrant and exciting. >> took me about a month. in that month's time i knew i wanted to marry her. >> it's been two years and the birth of one beautiful baby girl lucy since casey and cameron knew they wanted to spend their lives together. >> i wanted to marry her for years now. i haven't had the opportunity to do so. we've made plans and it's always been pushed back.
8:21 am
>> sometimes life gets in the way of the best laid plans. casey keeps busy at home with their daughter while cameron spends his time selling shoes at nordstrom. >> this is a totally popular shoe. >> but leave it to the other man in casey's life to finally bring them down the aisle. >> everybody that knows me knows that i am just obsessed die hard. if i meet you within the first five minutes you know that i'm an elvis fan. hi i'm casey, i'm 26 years old and i love elvis. >> casey's love for elvis began when she was a young girl and had a childhood illness requiring painful injections every day. >> i had to sit completely still so my mom would put on elvis movies. ever since then i have been head over heels in love with elvis. >> to me he's more the person that whenever i hear his music i think of him and i also think of casey. >> when casey saw on today the chance to be married at elvis presley's grace land chapel wedding in las vegas, they both knew this could very well be their destiny.
8:22 am
>> everything involved in this is something that i could never do for her. i could never have priscilla be at our wedding. we'll be the first to be wed at this brand-new graceland chapel. everything incorporated is our dream. >> for now they will continue to dream and keep their fingers crossed. >> i know that we want more in life and we want to grow together and figure out where we want to go from there. this is the perfect beginning to that to our life. ♪ never let me go ♪ >> they seem like a sweet couple. >> yes. >> casey and cameron are with us now from portland oregon. guys, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning, got morning. >> good morning. casey, this story is kind of poignant about how you fell in love with elvis because you were ill as a child going through these treatments and you'd stare at these movies. do you have a favorite elvis movie and favorite elvis song? >> oh, gosh there's so many.
8:23 am
"king creole" is probably one of my favorite movies and "love me tender" is by far my favorite elvis song. >> it is cool you are priscilla presley fans as well. >> oh, yeah. >> what would it be like to meet her? could you guys handle it? >> i can handle it but i would be really really excited. >> we mentioned that you guys are finalists, which is a very cool thing, but this morning we want to also tell you that we've already made our decision and you two will be getting married at the elvis chapel so you are our winners. >> no way. >> congratulations. >> oh, my goodness. thank you. >> yeah! >> are you excited? >> i get to marry my best friend. >> that's the nicest thing i've ever heard anyone say. i get to marry my best friend. that is really sweet. >> you know what guys i'll be
8:24 am
there with you, and i'm already crying. >> yeah! >> i can't wait to see you. and priscilla presley, as we mentioned, will also be a witness at your wedding. >> you know what casey -- >> thank you so much. >>en jenna just told me she's going to start crying on the plane on the way out there? >> i'll be crying with you. it's okay. >> did i mention this is happening thursday? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> all right. >> can you guys clear the schedule? >> we'll make it happen. >> to get married thursday. >> i think we can do that. >> these guys are such a cute couple. i think we couldn't have picked a better couple for this. so congratulations. >> thank you. >> we'll see you thursday. >> thank you so much. >> just enjoy it okay? >> can't wait guys. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you. >> i'm not sure she's going to make it through this. we'll check in with them on thursday. should be a lot of fun. jenna, thank you very much. >> of course. >> savannah. matt thank you so much.
8:25 am
you have a big act to follow. how cute was that? >> you better be singing, dancing, doing the whole thing? >> all right. all right. they're on shore leave. we're going to get a great performance from the cast of "on the town" but first your local news.
8:26 am
good morning:8:26 on your monday. that breaking news in fairfield. an 8-year-old boy who disappeared earlier this morning has been found. again, authorities have called off the amber alert that was issued earlier today. the boy brock guzman, was inside the family car sleeping when his mother had gone back to the house. when she came out, the car was gone along with her son. police say an alert resident noticed the car of two miles away from the house. when officers arived on scene, the boy was still in the car apparently asleep. police have not located the car thief, however. very good news there. now let's check the roadways. >> thanks. that's why we send out amber
8:27 am
alerts so the entire community can help with the search. sounds like good results. in the south bay, a gentle northbound continuing to build through san jose and the rest of the south bay. we have a heavier volume than we've seen for a few weeks. keep that in mind. sounds like all the spring breaks are done. hay award and into union -- hayward and into union city, a gradual build. north 101 through san mateo seems to be worst off the san mateo bridge. oakland, 580 and 880, lafayette, north bay not so bad. >> okay. the party still on the roadways waiting to cross bridges. another update in 25 minutes.
8:28 am
♪ we came in station wagons, campers, on planes to see what walt had built. ♪ forever young ♪ and what we found was a place that was always growing, but never grew old. ♪ forever young ♪ and now comes a celebration 60 years in the making. the disneyland diamond celebration. ♪ may you stay ♪ with dazzling, new experiences for the young ♪ may you stay ♪ and the young at heart. ♪ forever young ♪ come remember that feeling. ♪ forever young ♪ come feel forever young.
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8:30 am
♪ ♪ i'm so lucky to be me ♪ ♪ i am simply thunder struck i'm so lucky there was a change in my luck ♪ ♪ never dreamed you'd want me too ♪
8:31 am
♪ i'm so proud you chose me from all the crowd ♪ ♪ there's no other guy i'd rather be ♪ >> 8:30 on this monday morning. and we're getting set to kick off our best of broadway week. and that is part of the cast of "on the town." we'll get a full performance coming up. >> speaking of singing, movie "pitch perfect" and we're about to take you inside one of the biggest competitions in the world. >> plus, for women in the u.s., is it easier to be married or single? it's an interesting conversation triggered by a woman who is embracing the term sinster. >> first, it's a top ten showdown on the "voice" tonight. carson has our preview. >> ten artists. four coaches.
8:32 am
♪ oh, sometimes ♪ >> that's it. ♪ take me home ♪ ♪ you better find somebody to love ♪ >> it's perfect. there couldn't be a better song. >> tonight, they'll all try to get one step closer to winning "the voice." for today, carson daily, nbc news, los angeles. >> all right. you ready? you can catch "the voice" tonight and tomorrow 8:00/7:00 central. >> dylan now with a check of the weather. >> it is disgusting out here right now. it is absolutely pouring. i can't catch a break. you know where i didn't go this winter? i didn't make it to north pole, alaska. you made it to new york. >> yes. >> was it a cold win thor? >> no. it was warm. you guys got all the winter. >> all right. i was out in it just like we're all out in the rain right now.
8:33 am
it is going to be a rainy day in the northeast, that's for sure. we're going to get a little bit of a break and then see another round of potentially severe storms especially across the mid at lan tick and southeast. large hail, maybe an isolated tornado possible. then the front clears the area and we'll start to see improvements. back through the plains states, 60s today, closer to 70s tomorrow. a risk of thunderstorms in texas. we could see a couple lingering showers across the great lakes tomorrow. the southeast looks nice. finally starting to dry up. thank you. we have a little bit of drizzle coming down at the immediate coast. this is pacifica. you see plenty of low clouds. not a lot of fog out there to interrupt your smooth drive to work. overall, the low clouds will keep us cool for today. starting out in the 50s. we are on our way to the 70s for most bay area cities. meanwhile, you'll see the low 60s for today in san francisco. unsettled weather this week. slight chance for showers tuesday into wednesday with a better chance as weigh head
8:34 am
throughout your friday. overall, much cooler weather than what we had last week. hope you have a great day. >> and that's your latest fo. matt? >> dylan, come on in. the highly anticipated of "pitch perfect 2" is just wund yea. we checked out one of the biggest competitions in the world. >> this is a fun time. the icca championships are sometimes referred tos at super bowl of acapella. the genre is never more popular. ♪ it's about the money, money, money ♪ >> this is pitch perfect, the hit 2012 film about the competitive world of kbej acapella singing. and this is the real life pitch perfect. ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life ♪
8:35 am
♪ my life ♪ >> the international championship of collegiate acapella, better known as the icca, held their final saturday night in new york city bringing some of the best college acapella singers together under one roof. >> the icca tournament is the march madness of acapella. >> this is as big as it gets. >> everything is at stake. >> it's like the super bowl of acapella. it really is. ♪ we both know ♪ ♪ rollin' on the river ♪ >> acapella is in. >> it's caught on slowly over time. "american idol" came out, singing is cool. then they had the singoff on tv. and "pitch perfect" really put us on the map. >> dl is even a new acapella reality show called "sing it on." >> we want an obvious spot in our group. >> yay! >> one of the teams featured in the show, the nor'easter of
8:36 am
northeastern university competed in the icca finals. ♪ nobody ♪ >> but it was the vocals of the university of southern california who took the top prize, their fourth time winning. >> should be able to win is such an honor. that's not why we came here. it is to showcase the music we've been working on for so long. [ applause ] >> how fun is that? that's amazing. so "sing it on" premiers on may 13th. it hits theaters may 15th. beal have lots more on that leading up to the release. you're actually in "pitch perfect 2," natalie. >> i'm singing. >> that's awesome. >> you don't believe me? >> come on. i'm amazing. no, i have a little cameo. it's cool. >> that's great. good stuff. >> up next, new spin on spinsters. the woman who wants to celebrate
8:37 am
the single life and, yes that, works. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
we are back now. it's 8:38 with an unprecedented shift in 2014 for the first time singles outnumbered married people in the u.s. kate bullock wrote about it in the atlantic. she's now following that up with a book called "spinster." first we asked a few women what the term spinster means to them. >> when i hear the term spinster i think of the little old lady who's alone living in that house at the end of the street with 50 cats and she's by herself and lonely and sad. she's a little scary. >> i think a woman who's independent and she doesn't need a man to survive. >> when i was growing up the image of spinster i had was a
8:40 am
school teacher from little house on the prairie in a black victorian dress who was not always happy and sometimes bitter with her loss in life. >> kate bullock, good morning to you. starting a conversation again. spinster is not a word as we just saw that most people associate with positive things. are you trying to kind of reclaim it in this book? >> i am. i think that spinster is an excellent way to broadcast our conflicted attitudes around women. and a way to think about how we can rethink the single woman experience. >> this book takes your column in a next step. i guess it sort of talks about a single life you choose. >> exactly. i wanted to show the state many women avoid of being alone and childless that many women have thrived past and present. amazing things can happen when
8:41 am
people are alone. >> but there's so much pressure to pursue that course. you write it in the book. whom to marry and when will it happen those two questions define every woman's existence and govern her until the answers are even nobody and never. some women can say maybe i'll have relationships, maybe i just won't get married. >> i think society is catching up. it's hard to bring attitudes up to date with demographic shifts. it always takes awhile where we still have the attitudes that our parents and grandparents dealt with. we were dealing with a different reality on the ground. but right now we have more unmarried women than ever been. it's changing the conversation. >> there's a distinction to be made there. is this a question of women saying i don't want to be in any relationship or that i don't want to be married? >> it's a lot of things. i've only talked to a handful of
8:42 am
people who say i never want to get married. that's not for me. mostly it's about women who are really excited about their careers or their educational pursuits and keep pushing marriage off but still feel like something's wrong with them. or feel like they're alone in that decision. >> and generationally it also must make a real difference. >> yes. absolutely. i see that women of my generation who they're the ones who -- it's been -- we tend to grow up thinking we'll get married some day because that's what people do. then we hit our mid-30s and go through this paradigm shift like wait a minute i love my life. >> i have to say, you have a part in the book where you're talking about walking down the street in the middle of the night eating a big mac going home. i was like i remember those days. those were good days. by the way we asked folks to weigh in in the orange room and asked them whether or not they thought being married was easier
8:43 am
than being single. and 59% said no. actually that being single was harder. wait. is it easier for a woman to be married than single? no. 59%. it's a good decision to have and one that will continue online. >> thanks so much. coming up the joys and stresses of getting into college. we're with students as they learn the big news. but first this is "today" on
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:45. we're back now with something you might be experiencing if you have a high school senior in the family 37. >> yes. the exhilarating anxiety inducing time which is the college admissions season. jenna is back with that story. >> when we applied it was all about the envelope. now decisions are sent by e-mail. but what hasn't changed, the nerve-racking process. and for the last four months we followed along with a group of
8:46 am
students from one new york city school as they applied. >> let's go seniors let's go! >> reporter: it's an annual tradition in washington heights. a trip to the post office to send off college applications. an emotional journey for many of these students. like 17-year-old erica cabrera who has big dreams. when you were younger how'd your parents talk about college to you? >> since i was younger, my mom always told me i don't want you to be like me. she works at a gasoline station. she wakes up at 5:00 in e the morning and she goes off to work. that was the motivation for me my mother telling me to go to college. >> reporter: erica attends wheels where most are first generation college applicants. she rides the subway every day for over an hour each way hoping her dedication will pay off with acceptance to her dream school. >> i couldn't help it but to fall in love so hopefully i get
8:47 am
accepted. >> reporter: i had classmate byron garcia also has big plans. >> what makes me nervous is not getting in into a college. the worst thing is getting a denial from both of them. >> reporter: wheels is a school that stresses education and not just abo getting in. >> being eligible for higher education and truly being ready are two different things. >> reporter: the founder of a group called blue engine sends mentors to work with students at schools like wheels. he calls it his army of peer mentors. >> the students and teachers in blue engine are working so closely to make sure what students have when they go they're going to have what they need launched into higher education. >> reporter: blue engine representatives tutors students
8:48 am
helps with financial aid forms, and perhaps most important for all, they're there for the kids after they've graduated serving as a sounding board. with the help of blue engine mentors, three months after byron mailed in his application, he finds out. >> i got into university at buffalo, university at albany and wait listed at bart college. i'm planning to go to university at buffalo. >> reporter: now it's time for decisions and plans. on a journey that started with a symbolic three-block walk. getting parents teachers mentors, and a neighborhood a reason to celebrate. are you proud? >> yes. >> reporter: blue engine mentors so proud too. >> byron has come a long way. i'm just extremely happy that he's here. i love him to death and i'm so excited for hi
8:49 am
>> reporter: wheels principal brett kimmel says it's a message of hope for the kids to follow. why is it so important we celebrate these kids applying to college. >> many of them will say i've been waiting for this for years. we saw in ninth grade the seniors do it and we were ready to do it. it becomes inspirational that way. >> reporter: a step towards the future. >> congratulations, class of 2015. >> reporter: and what about erica cabrera? >> touch my heart right now. >> reporter: on the day she checks the dartmouth website, her mom is by he. two shining stars leading the >> i must be hormonal too. i don't know. >> being pregnant and watching these amazing kids is so
8:50 am
terrific. but erica is going to dartmouth, it was her first choice. she traveled almost an hour and a half one way to get to school because this school wheels is so terrific. all the support systems that got them to where they're going is incredible. >> follow them. keep following them find out how they do. >> that touched my heart. you touched our hearts. thank you. up next, the best of broadway. a live performance from the cast of "on the town" in our studio. but first this is "today" on
8:51 am
8:52 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought >> and we're back with the best of broadway. our week of live performances from the biggest shows on the great white way. and here is our lineup this week. today we've got "on the town" with music by the legendary leonard bernestein. then kristin chenoweth will be here tomorrow. and then "chicago" featuring brandy. tyne daly stars in "it shoulda been you." and then friday "something rotten." again, we're beginning with "on the town." it's the story of three sailors who encounter love in the big
8:53 am
apple before shipping off to fight in world war ii. performing i can cook too. take it away. >> so what's the specialty of the hous ♪ ♪ oh i can cook too on top of the rest ♪ ♪ my seafood's the best in the town ♪ ♪ yeah i can cook too ♪ ♪ my fish can't be beat ♪ ♪ my sugar's the sweetest around ♪ ♪ i'm a man's ideal of a perfect meal ♪ ♪ right down to the demitasse ♪ ♪ i'm a pot of joy for a hungry boy ♪ ♪ baby i'm cooking with gas ♪ ♪ because i'm a gum drop a sweet lollipop ♪ ♪ a brook trout right out of the brook ♪ ♪ and what's more baby i cook ♪ >> sit down. sit down.
8:54 am
♪ some girls make magazine covers ♪ ♪ some girls keep house on a dime ♪ ♪ some girls make wonderful lovers ♪ ♪ but what a lucky find i'm ♪ ♪ i'd make a magazine cover ♪ ♪ i do keep house on a dime ♪ ♪ i make a wonderful lover ♪ ♪ i should be paid overtime ♪ ♪ because i can bake too on top of the lot ♪ ♪ my oven's the hottest you'll find ♪ ♪ yes i can roast too ♪ ♪ my chickens just ooze ♪ ♪ my gravy will lose you your mind ♪ ♪ i'm a brand new note on a table dhote ♪ ♪ but just try me a la carte ♪ ♪ with a single course you can choke a horse ♪ ♪ baby you won't know where to start ♪ ♪ oh i'm an hors d'oeuvre ♪ ♪ a jelly preserve ♪
8:55 am
♪ not in the recipe book ♪ ♪ and what's more baby i can cook ♪ ♪ >> wonderful recovery. ♪ baby i'm cooking with gas ♪ ♪ because i'm a gum drop a sweet lollipop ♪ ♪ a brook trout right out of the brook ♪ ♪ and what's more baby i can -- what's more baby i can -- what's more baby i can cook ♪ >> alicia and jay from "on the
8:56 am
town," thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i bet y great to have you. by the way, bread week. tomorrow we have cast of "on the 20th century." >> look who else is here. >> yeah. >> not me. >> ryan's joining us in the next hour. going to have some fun with him. he's getting comfortable around here. >> i know. you can do that thing where you start on your back a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. a happy ending in the disappearance of an 8-year-old boy in fairfield. we learned an alert resident discovered the boy two miles from home inside the same vehicle where he first fell asleep.
8:57 am
the boy of sleeping in his family car before 5:00 a.m. when his mother went into the home. she came back out. the car was gone along with her son. when officers got the call and arrived at the scene, the boy of still in the car apparently still asleep. police have not located the car. we'll have another local news update in a half-hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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lease the well-equipped volvo xc60 today. visit your local volvo showroom for details. this morning on "today's take," taylor schilling trades in an orange jump suit for a shift on the overnight. then separating the truth from the lies with rove macmanus. and nia vardalos has something to celebrate. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everyone. it is a soggy yucky day outside. but that doesn't matter on this
9:01 am
monday morning april 20th, 2015. it doesn't matter because we have ryan egels in for al and willie. you're getting really comfortable here. >> yes. >> you have something to do with this? >> with willie? i can't talk about that. >> is he on the blacklist? >> he's got the answers. >> you are getting very comfortable 37 we took a snapshot of you in carson's office, right? >> making some phone calls. >> did you go through the drawer the medicine cabinet? >> i found things i should not repeat on air. >> are you wearing carson's suit? >> yes. just his underwear, actually. >> i didn't see that coming. scary. we're happy to have you. >> last time you were here we were trying to pry stuff out of you about the show. so red's life right now hanging on by a thread. >> hanging on by a thread. >> he's shot, right? >> right.
9:02 am
>> by -- >> by a crazy sniper. by someone we don't know. that's where we're headed. for the first time -- >> we're not showing red. we're showing you. >> what's going on here? this is a little something else. >> there he is. >> the shot heard around the world. >> it's like who shot j.r. but who shot red. >> he's always the -- the man is always in control. he's down and out. >> so we're going to find out thursday? >> we are. thursday we're back yeah. >> nice. okay. so there's your little tease for what's happening on thursday. you know what? something we've been talking about this morning did you see taylor swift's mother at the country music awards last night? last night the show, 2015 academy of country music awards. we've been talking a lot about taylor after she revealed her mother was battling cancer. we don't know what type of cancer she has.
9:03 am
but we know she had a strong message last night. take a look at her beautiful speech. >> for many years i was her constant companion. and i witnessed a young girl with very few friends become a young woman with many learning to stand up for herself and the things she believes in. like many of you out there tonight with children of your own i am a very proud mom. >> and taylor swift, a very proud daughter there. i mean it was so sweet. the audience reaction, reaction on social media. you know, we don't often want to bring our parents into our world. we're so protective of them. and she shared her story her mother's struggle. her mother slept in the car and waited on her for auditions and was her best friend. now she's standing there with her mother somebody who will pull through this. and our prayers and thoughts are with them. >> i don't think there was a dry
9:04 am
eye. adorable speech. you see that bond so close. here's an interesting op-ed that caught our eye. i think you probably all know what i'm talking about if you are a parent of young kids. the sarl hey kids look at me when we're talking. the author says when she shakes hands with young people, they have an aversion to looking at him in the eye. why is this? well, the theory is that kids obviously spending way too much time looking into their screens that they start to lose the ability to read non-verbal communication. things you start learning when you're an infant. you start mimicking what they do. but he says that kids as they're getting older all they're doing is staring at their screens. they're losing the ability to read people's non-verbal signals. and therefore are not having those -- the one-on-one interactions that you normally have. and according to the article i was reading, apparently the kaiser family foundation says
9:05 am
the amount of time kids are spending on devices under the age of 8 tripled from five minutes a day in 2011 to fifteen minutes in 2013. and they say for teenagers, kids are spending on average seven and a half hours a day on their devices. seven that's more than they're sleeping in most cases. >> i mean it may very well be the devices, but it's also correction. you know i have three nieces and a nephew they're like my kids. we go everywhere together and when we are that he a restaurant, i make them look up and order their food. you can't just look -- i'm not going to order it for you. you want chicken nuggets, i'm not going to tell the waitress or server you have to look at them. >> can i text you, cameron, to get me chicken nuggets. >> order number 1 with or without hot sauce. >> that's a battle. >> this makes me feel like an old guy. those darn kids on their devices. >> but i'm sure your parent or someone around you said give a firm handshake.
9:06 am
>> right. >> look a person in the eye. >> yeah. >> so i don't know. i mean i just think it's correcting the behavior that may not be as prominent when we were kids. >> it is. it's the way the kids relate to people is through their devices instead of face to face. >> how often do you hear kids even really having a real conversation? they'll be in the same room texting each other back and forth. >> that's what al says and other people, guess where they're learning it though? from parents. they keep their work phone on. >> not good role models. >> it's not that we've all become -- it's not being bad or good we've become tech obsessed. i look every day to see when my iwatch is going to be shipped. trust me, i'm, working on that. >> do we have a parenting app that will raise the kids? >> put a picture of the kids. >> we have a show called "super nani." >> bring her in. >> bring in things that are
9:07 am
super. okay. >> gather around everyone you know. >> oh, no the gather around. >> grab whatever you have with you. so this kid got the surprise of a lifetime. do you know what a big deal it is to visit the zoo. >> yeah. >> going to the zoo. i'm so excited. so fun. i'm going to see the gorillas everything. >> is that what you do when you go to the zoo? >> i still do it at 199. well in omaha at henry dorley zoo, young lady cute girl thought it was a good idea to beat her chest at the gorilla. take a look at how that went. >> oh, man. whoa. >> full disclosure here. i'm kind of bummed because we didn't show the little girl. there she is, the little blondy running there. she was standing in front.
9:08 am
she just tapped her chest ever so slightly. this silver back came out of nowhere. parents, children small dogs ran for the hills. even dad is like get out of the way. >> everybody out -- >> the glass broke. >> the glass broke. >> but she just -- we've all done something silly at the zoo, you make a face on the other side. she just barely tapped her little chest. she's like i don't know maybe 5 years old. this gorilla came out of nowhere. he never made eye contact. he never made contact. >>. >> boomer: >> do you think he felt threatened? >> that's what the assumption is. >> never going to the zoo again. >> i'm never beating my chest at the zoo. >> boom. >> you've got to go online. >> so fascinating. >> stunning. the central park zoo, love just sitting there staring at them. it's amazing. >> no eye contact. just don't beat your chest and don't do any crazy things in front of them. >> scary moments. >> terrible. well speaking of baseball -- >> you play baseball? >> do you play baseball? >> i'm getting really good at
9:09 am
this. >> who's your team? >> you know i moved to new york. i've got to say yankees. >> yankees? >> what do your friends back home think? >> they're upset. they're all dodgers fans. the second inning of the padres game. jon lester saved a base hit. >> wow. >> snagged by lester. >> he could not get the ball out of his glove so he ended up taking his glove off and throwing it to the first baseman who got him out. >> does that count? >> it completely counts. >> is that a legal play? >> it's legal. as long as the ball is in the glove. >> how did it stay in the glove? >> a firm glove. >> wow. >> you massage the glove so that it's like -- >> brand-new glove that was not yet broken in. >> you would think it would spin over and the ball would come
9:10 am
out. >> i don't know. >> we used to drive my mom's car over our baseball gloves to break them in. >> really? >> just so that didn't happen. >> oil it put the rubber band around it? >> yeah. yeah. i never pulled that one off. let's turn it over to dylan. she's in for al. check of the weather. hey, dylan. >> good morning, guys. we have a lot of rain out there especially moving through the new york city area out there. it will come in two rounds. the first one is moving through the northeast eventually into the boston area where the marathon is coming. we have the cold front back through western north carolina right now. that will trigger stronger storms especially as we go into this afternoon. that's what we have to watch out for later on today. the warm front moves in we have rain. we might get a break before the second round of storms moves in. these could potentially be severe especially down from philadelphia into southeastern parts of the country where we could end up with large hail. also some damaging wind gusts. we could also see perhaps up to 1 to 2 inches of rain so we do
9:11 am
have to keep our eyes out in this area. no wide storm tornadoes. this will develop as we go into this afternoon and eveni 9:11. good morning to you. i'm meteorologist christina loren. temperatures are mild, cool enough for a jacket. we'll stay cooler than average even at 4:00 p.m. 63 in san francisco. around 71 in the north bay. low clouds will be clearing by 11:00 a.m. today. that's when you'll get your vitamin d and sunshine. today looks to be the sunniest and warmest day of the week. an unsettled pattern with the jet stream to the north. for us, a few chances of rain. wednesday and friday look best. d that's your latest forecast. back on over to you guys. >> thank you, dylan. >> one of the most exciting things over the weekend was to follow you on twitter. >> i ran in the more marathon. this was my favorite shot.
9:12 am
>> yeah. this makes you a little queasy. >> that's you coming in to the finish. >> that's mye shooting this. >> where was the camera, on your forehead? >> no i was carrying it. there's erica hill she ran along with you and you co-hosted the event. >> the half marathon. can i point out the incredible support that we had there our team today. we had a lot of producers, staffers running along with us. it was such a great group. it's all about women empowerment. more half marathon. >> how many ran this year? >> over 10,000 ran in central park. a great race. so much fun if you're a first-timer, cameron, maybe next year we can get you to run. you're a track star. >> i can't run three minutes. >> do it together. >> it's a women's marathon. >> i can do it. >> we'll see you in a wig. >> i think we just make the sign go natalie! >> congratulations, ladies.
9:13 am
coming up next you know her best in an orange jump suit behind bars as the star of "orange is the new black" but now pipe perfect has -- piper has busted out of litchfield. >> here she is. >> how are you? >> we're good. >> how are you? >> what's up? ♪ the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. new caress love forever. for an unforgettable fragrance up to 12 hours. the taste of light and fit greek non fat yogurt gives you the power to help make temptation shrink away! with irresistible flavors never have 80 calories tasted so satisfying! light and fit greek.
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9:16 am
actress and our friend taylor schilling may be the only person who's not caught up on the episode of netflix series "orange is the new black" which centers around that women's prison and her character named piper. >> they've lor's been granted a temporary release to star in a film "the overnight" about a play date that takes an unexpected turn. >> we have the exclusive premiere. it is very racy. check it out. >> you new around here? >> we just moved from seattle.
9:17 am
>> tonight is our pizza night. we could turn it into a welcome to the neighborhood get together. >> thank you for having us in your beautiful home. >> why don't we put the kids to bed upstairs and continue down here? >> there are things that no one needs to know about. >> we should leave before anything crazy happens. >> you want to go home? >> i want to stay here forever. >> taylor, good morning. what are we watching? >> what was adam scott on in that last moment? >> i just want to know more about the premise of this. you have a play date with your kids, turns out it becomes a couples play date as well? >> yeah. >> and there's some hanky panky that happens. >> yeah. >> yeah? >> yeah. everybody plays. everybody has a chance to have a play date in this movie. >> it's a grownup play date. >> it's a grownup play day.
9:18 am
it's a kid's play day. >> i love the innocence in your eyes when you explain this. >> it's sweet. >> sweet, innocent you. >> i don't know. you know, it's fun. we get to kind of take on some of the taboos we all have questions about. what happens in perhaps each other's bedrooms. i don't know. >> what research did you do for this? >> key swapping parties? >> i mean, it was just -- it was a great group of people. you can see from that trailer. adam scott and jason schwartzman. it was really an extraordinary thing. >> jason and adam are very comfortable with a little nudity. >> did you watch the movie? >> yeah. they're very comfortable with being on display, i suppose you could say.
9:19 am
we'll get a copy. >> yeah. >> and to their credit, prosthetics were involved. yeah. >> is that to their credit? >> i mean, just, you know -- right. i mean, some of them are -- really want -- it's important. i think adam would want me to make it clear that they were prosthetics. >> is there a place i could pick up these prosthetics just for help sometimes? >> okay. let's transition. "orange is the new black." you've not watched an entire episode. is that true? >> i did, but when the show premiered last year, the premiere you watch an episode. >> but you don't watch regularly? >> no. >> all right. but we will be watching. >> i hope you watch. >> you know we're not going to miss this. >> don't do as i do. do as you do. do it the way you do it. >> and alex is back? >> alex has come back. >> we've got our nicknames.
9:20 am
>> tamron. >> where'd you get the orange jump suit? >> i have them at home. wicked crook. natalie's is scary icebox. >> yours is cool. >> there's an app to put this in? >> nice. i look like an escaped mental patient. >> and wiggy hippie. and al is crazy nails. >> we know that. >> willie is flakey weasel? that is terrible. >> where do we come up with this? >> it's an app. they generate it for you. willie don't get mad at us, you flakey weasel. >> those are crazy. wiggy hippie? it's not completely far off base. >> taylor, thanks so much. we can't wait to see more of you. season three, have a binge watch
9:21 am
marathon. up next, we'll see who can pass a lie detector test. you should stick around for that. and this image has somebodything to do with it. what is this showing? we're going ♪ ♪ to feel this special... you need to eat this special. ♪ i love it ♪ kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber... ... to help a body thrive. ♪ i love it ♪ folic acid and vitamin d... ... to make a body feel this good. start your day with 150 nourishing calories... a bowl of special k. ♪ i love it ♪ kellogg's special k... eat special, feel special. [ laughing ] want to play hide and seek? yeah! 1... 2... 6... 10! [ female announcer ] piña colada yoplait. it is so good when you need a little escape. [ mom ] still counting.
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9:24 am
well if you know a boldfaced lie when you hear one, you're going to love the new game show called "lie detector." >> yes. you have to separate the truth from the lies so we wanted to give it a try. >> rogue mcmanus is the host. good morning. >> you're feeling confident. >> you'll show us the picture, we'll guess what it is. >> this is a game we have on our show. it's called big picture. this is zoomed in on a larger shot of something. i want you to take a guess at what you think is the true answer to what this is. is it a rather large sunbatheing gentleman being smacked in the gut by a kid trying to jump a skateboard over him? very complex. is it the class photo of a high school boy with a pokemon mask at the last second. or is this is a photo of a cup
9:25 am
of beer being guzzled by a nun. >> "c." that's easy. >> all right. let's take a look. there we go. nuns on spring break. >> you're coming back with harder stuff right? i bring the gift of the name your price tool to help you find a price that fits your budget. uh-oh. the name your price tool. she's not to be trusted. kill her. flo: it will save you money! the name your price tool isn't witchcraft! and i didn't turn your daughter into a rooster. she just looks like that. burn the witch! the name your price tool a dangerously progressive idea. why am i so awake? did you know your brain has a wake system... and a sleep system? science suggests when you have insomnia, the neurotransmitters in your wake system may be too strong, which may be preventing you from getting the sleep you need. talk to your doctor about ways to manage your insomnia.
9:26 am
good monday morning 9:26. i'm sam brock. to the happy ending in the disappearance of an 8-year-old in fairfield. an alert resident saw the boy inside the same vehicle where he first fell asleep about two miles from his home. the boy, brock guzman was sleeping in the family car before 5:00 this morning when his mother went inside the house. when she came out, the car was gone, along with her son. whether officers got the call and arrived at the scene, the boy was still in the car apparently still asleep. police have not located the car thief. happening today, oprah winfrey goes back to school as in stanford university. there she's going to deliver the annual lecture on a meaningful
9:27 am
life. it honors the late stanford law professor harry rasman who delivered his last lecture annually from the 1930s to the 1950s. it's for students faculty, and staff, lucky enough to win, they had to endter a lottery for a ticket. and parting ways, the team issuing a statement saying the decision was mutual. mcle whichand coached the -- mcclelland coached the sharks for seven seasons. they also let go assistant coach johnson. we'll be right back.
9:28 am
9:28. welcome back. this is point reyes, but we have the same cloudy sky. the low clouds will burn off but not until 11:00 a.m. after that, we'll see abundant sunshine for the greater bay area. highs, much cooler than yesterday. 72 degrees in the south bay. today, just 70 in the north bay. 63 on the east shore. and 72 out in the tri-valley
9:29 am
with cooler days ahead tuesday into wednesday. also bringing in showers. we'll have full details for you today at 11:00. now, here's mike and the drive. >> here's 880 with the compression squeezing down in here through fremont. underneath the low clouds. not a problem for visibility. just for speeds. it's crowded. look at the map. we see the drive through fremont south toward milpitas, things starting to improve. the south bay looking good. the last crash in lanes, north 280. sounds like it's sticking out special the slow lane. on the peninsula, a slower drive north through san mateo. a tough morning all morning for the stretch. the latest slowing north of 92. there's the approach to the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you very much. see you again in 25 minutes with another local update.
9:30 am
. taking a look at the head lines. a new study is suggesting that regular and long-term use of aspirin with reduce the risk of cancer. researchers looked at data from more than 130,000 women and men, and they found those who took two or more aspirin per week over three decades had a 5% decreased risk for overall cancer and 25% reduction in coalo rectal cancer anymore a couple is suing saying it didn't tell them their donor is schizophrenic. the lawyer says the company represented the donor as the best of the best. their son, who was conceived with the donor's sperm was born
9:31 am
more than seven years ago. the lawsuit also claims the photo of the donor had been altered to remove a large mole on his cheek. xytex has posted an open letter on its website denying it misled a client. a new study reveals mothers who talk about basic math with preschoolers can actually improve their children's grasp of the subject. researchers tracked 40 families and recorded their conversations. and when there was more talk about arithmetic children then did better a year later in math achievement. norway plans to become the first country who do away with fm radio. beginning in 2017 norway will switch entirely to digital audio broadcasting. d.a.b. apparently is cheaper and according to the government will give listeners more diverse content and better sound quality than fm. if you are flying this summer, you may still get a small break on the price. the airlines reporting corporations says that the
9:32 am
average round-trip fare to europe is down $50 from last summer thanks to lower fuel costs and because more seats are crammed into planes. domestic fares are down but just barely. about $2. the company says flights to hawaii and florida are cheaper, but those to new york denver and san francisco are still up. "furious 7" took in $29 million, according to early estimates. "paul blart mall cop 2" was second and "unfriended" third. now let's get a check of the weather from dylan in for al. heavier rain across parts of the new york city area which we're seeing now, but we also have to watch what happens in the boston area. we've got the marathon going on. we've got some lighter showers, but the heavier rain is getting closer and closer. so the fast runners will probably beat the rain. for everybody else we are looking to get wetter and wetter over the course of the marathon
9:33 am
today. temperatures in the 40s and then to top that you have to run into an east wind at 35 miles per hour. so it's not the ideal day, but, of course it doesn't matter in boston. everyone excited for the marathon today. we are going to see those showers, and perhaps even some stronger storms as we go into this evening. especially in the mid atlantic area with as much as 1 to 2 inches of rain that could make things messy for the evening commute. that's a 9:33. good monday morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. showing san francisco still murky sky overhead. a nice finish temperaturewise. 72 in the south bay. 63 on the way to east shore. temperatures will stay cool every single day this week. comfortable. you probably don't have to use a.c. or the heater throughout the day today. by tomorrow a few drop expected. then we have a better chance of widespread showers as we head into your wednesday. better chance even than that on friday. >> and that's your latest forecast. natalie?
9:34 am
>> thanks so much, dylan. she plays one of the most memorable characters on the big screen. the unmarried 30-year-old who finally finds love with a non-greek guy in the film "my big fat greek wedding." >> get ready to fall in love with her all over again. >> she plays maggie cooper. an overbearing parent to a 17-year-old. take a look. >> very nice. >> okay. one wish and i have to be in it. >> you are. okay. yea. happy birthday. >> i didn't get it. i didn't get it. one more. >> can we be done please? >> done? >> it's just too much, mom. >> i love you. happy birthday. okay. >> okay. all right. okay. you ready? three, two one. >> okay. >> nia is with us. this movie will hit close to home with so many parents these
9:35 am
days. >> you mean those of us who hover over our children all the time. >> hover when the kid goes off to college, popping up in the dorm unexpectedly. and that is a big topic these days on how to balance it a all. >> yes. when my daughter started kindergarten, they try not to have too many dropping kids off. so they had a shuttle bus the kids would get on. and i was like, no no. i couldn't deal with it. so she got on the bus and i stared at her through the window. and then i -- i'm such a greek mom. i jumped onto the bus and kissed her forehead and left a big lipstick stain there. i was like it'll make you funny later. you can use it in your one-person show. >> that's adorable. >> good pictures for when you grow up. so did you have to channel anyone or is this all coming from you being that kind of mom? >> i think i have issues letting go. i definitely do. >> that story says a lot, running on the bus.
9:36 am
>> ryan, your mom was like this? >> yeah. that's my mother. scarred for life. too many pictures, lots of hugging and kissing. telethree, two, win hit home. >> we came up with that on the set. we were given all this room to improvise. it was fun to make up things. one of them was the three, two, one letting go hug. i enjoyed doing that. i liked suffocating him. i tried to gross him out all the time. he was from disney. i was like i'm going in. >> what'd you do? >> i would just say really, really dirty things knowing they wouldn't use them in the movie because it's a pg-13 movie. i would say things that i would try to shock him. but i would ultimately end up shocking myself because i'm such a nice greek girl. >> we won't ask for examples but we went to twitter and asked parents to answer the question i know i'm a helicopter parent if dot dot dot. this one says you know you're a helicopter mom when your child brings home their school project
9:37 am
and you ask what grade did i get. another says you know when you won't let your kids do kid things because they might get hurt. >> of course. they might get hurt. >> god for bid you need a band-aid for anything. >> put it on before you get hurt. >> you have a twitter -- i mean, you tweeted out a picture or instagram of "my big fat greek wedding" sequel. >> yes. >> not saying much. and so it begins. >> that's it? >> this is it? >> is there a picture? >> no. that's it. that's how you start a screen play fade in. we have gone to great lengths to keep the story underwraps of the sequel coming soon. i'll be here hopefully next year talking about it. it's fun to keep the secret. we even wrote fake audition scenes for the actors we brought in. >> you're killing it.
9:38 am
>> i can tell you something. we -- i wrote the script hoping that the whole cast would come back like i invited everyone to the party. and they have all come back. >> the whole cast? >> yes. >> i can't wait. >> what happens next? >> you'll have to see. >> meanwhile we can at least watch "helicopter mom" it's available on demand and theaters this friday. thank you. pleasure to have you on. >> thank you. coming up the timber baby revealed. our first look at justin and jessica's new bundle of joy. that's i'm brian vickers, nascar® driver. i'm kevin nealon comedian. and i'm arnold palmer, professional golfer. know what we have in common? we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto®. me, when i had a blood clot in my leg that could have traveled to my lungs. that's why i took xarelto®, too. xarelto® is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. i took xarelto® for afib... an irregular heartbeat
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i need to look for a used car. but i just keep putting it off. it's daunting. what if i make the wrong choice? it's like, if i buy a t-shirt and then change my mind i can return it. but a car? you don't reeeaaa eeeeeaaaaaly know until you've driven it a few days. i just want to be sure. ♪ ♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. hi. happy monday. mugs up. we are toasting -- yes, you've got to do the mugs up. >> one more time. >> it's water. >> i'll provide the vodka later. monday edition of pop fix. we'll start off with promising
9:43 am
news for bobbi kristina brown. bobby brown says she is no longer on life support. she has been in a coma for about three months since being found unresponsive in her home. according to people magazine her dad told a crowd at a concert on saturday. bobbi is awake and she's watching me. tina brown updated fans on her page saying yes she woke up and is no longer on life support. this is incredible. she went on to say god is good, thanks for prayers. still a process but she is going to be okay. this is an incredible develop. people all but thought that, you know, they were saying their good-byes at one point in time. we'll keep you up-to-date on that. and some beautiful baby news. it's only been a little over a week we learned justin timberlake and jessica biel welcomed a baby boy but there are sharing a photo with us. thank you justin. posting an adorable picture of silas randall in mommy's arms on instagram. although he's not in a suit and tie he eventually willing.
9:44 am
baby silas is decked out in grizzlies basketball. and jessica biel is glowing in that picture there. hopefully we'll meet silas. >> that's a good name. >> that's a great name. i like that. well, now that the tears have dried for one direction fans after zayn said bye-bye, he showed off a new look during a solo look. he was there for an award ceremony. the thanked former band mates and said i'd like to thank four of the best guys i've met while being in a band. some of the things we did will stay with me for the rest of my life. he finished by saying here's to the future. i also have breaking band news. major music announcement here on the take. ryan eggold is in the studio
9:45 am
today recording. >> yeah. recording a new tune. i'll come back and play it if it's good. if it's bad you'll never hear from me again. >> no. you're coming back. >> you're a musician. >> a secret musician. >> but a good one. >> i'm all right maybe. >> a whole album? >> not wet. one of these days yes. >> we as in your band? >> yes. >> i won't tell the name of the song. >> you can do it. >> okay. it's called "stay." >> it's going to be great. maybe a banjo. >> you can't tease us like this. >> i'll come back. >> and later ryan will have a dance track dressed like miley cyrus. i like forward to that. up next the things celebrities say on twitter. some is real, some is fake. we're going to have some fun all of us together and even you at home figuring out what celebrity sent out the tweet. can
9:46 am
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9:49 am
as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common and if you've had tb hepatitis b, are prone to infections or have flu-like symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. ask your gastroenterologist about humira. with humira, remission is possible. we're back and so is rove mcmanus from the show "lie detector." >> it's like a game we play here but on steroids basically.
9:50 am
here's a peek. >> 30 million facebook profiles belong to dead people. al pacino has webbed feet. which one of these ridiculous statements is true? >> al pacino has webbed feet? >> you said that with not as much confidence as the nun drinking beer now. >> i don't know. >> it's most facebook people. dead facebook people. there's over 10 million dead facebook people. so you could be poking a ghost and not even know. >> wow. >> poking a ghost. >> okay. >> i don't have facebook. >> you're going to quiz us. >> yes, i am. you did very well before. now we're going to move on to another game. we've taken celebrity tweets. two of them are not real tweets. you have to tell me which one is the true tweet.
9:51 am
so is it true? did jonah hill tweet this? love my fans, love my costars, love lighting. love makeup. sound is fine. just waiting for this mic to get cut out at this point. next is chrissy teigen. did she tweet this? i just tried to take a picture of a smell. i think i'm dying. with a question mark. >> sounds like chrissy. >> and finally tween role model miley cyrus. she tweeted this beautiful world is 2015 years old today. happy birthday earth. #another year older. which one do you think is the true tweet? who actually tweeted what? >> i think chrissy teigen's. >> went to take a photo of a smell. let's see. let's take a look at the real tweet. you are correct. you guys are really good at this. >> she says stuff like that all the time. >> you can do it with instagram. a nice filter, make it look
9:52 am
classy. >> i don't know what smell looks like. >> okay. this is called odd job. we'll look at a gentleman here. and you have to tell me what interesting job this guy has. his name is austin. is he "a," a freelance dead body collector. "b," a dog food tester. or "c," a horse hypnotherapist. >> i'm going with "c." >> i want it to be "c." >> wouldn't that be great? if he's waving a watch in front of a pony's face. he is actually -- let's reveal. he's actually a freelance removal of dead body collector. >> why would you do that? >> i'm not really sure i get that. >> it's sort of -- i don't really know. it's a part-time job. >> all right. one more. >> terrifying way of saying he's in a mafia, i think. >> all right. historical facts here. tell me which is true.
9:53 am
facts about the royal family. two are made up. genealogists say the new royal baby will be distantly related to dracula. so there we have that. is it football superstar and dave beckham are both prince george's godfathers. or julia gillard sent the family a baby koala. >> what is the true one here? >> elton and john and beckham. >> dracula. >> related to the vampire. >> that's mean. >> okay. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we want to thank our friend ryan eggold. >> how cute is
9:56 am
a very good morning to you. 9:57. a happy ending in the disappearance of an 8-year-old boy in fairfield. an alert resident saw the boy
9:57 am
inside the same vehicle where he first fell asleep about two miles from his home. the boy was sleeping in the family car before 5:00 a.m. when his mother went inside her home. she came out, and the car was gone along with her son. when officers got the call and arrived at the scene the boy was still in the car apparently still asleep. police have not located the car thief. we learned this morning a suspected white house intruder arrested yesterday is from the bay area. agents arrested the man last night after they say he jumped a fence on the south side of the property. the secret service identifies him as 54-year-old jerome hunt from hayward. he is expected to be arraigned today. let's check the forecast with christineachristina. >> thank you. low clouds lingering over parts of the bay area. a nice sunny mild afternoon ahead. temperature at lunchtime, mostly in the 60s. we'll round out the day actually comfortably. i'm forecasting about 72 degrees in the south bay. 70 on peninsula. around 63 in san francisco. changes coming your way. a comfortable finish today.
9:58 am
cooler for tomorrow with a few drops in the forecast. then as we head throughout wednesday, thursday, and friday we're expecting widespread shower activity over part of the bay area even thunder. we'll talk more about that at 11:00. mike? >> a haze look at the oakland area. we had the northbound side gum it up. it's starting to move a lot better over the last five to seven minutes. southbound picking up volume as well. let's look at the map. north of the coliseum we did have debris in the roadway. quite a distraction, whatever was going on tying up both directions as you see the speed started to restore. now general slowing from 90 down toward the coliseum area. that's it for the focus of your commute. things simmering down in the north bay. across the carquinez bridge, as well. compression for south 880 through fremont. that's it. >> thank you for joining us.
9:59 am
10:00 am
> from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockafeller plaza. >> hello. >> we're here. >> crnk it baby, please. ♪ >> all righty. fun day monday and it's april 20th. we have a terrific show including an emotional tribute to taylor swift by her mom at the academy of country music awards in today's buzz with brian balthazar. >> they are part of rock and roll royalty, the daughter and wife of the one and only gene
10:01 am
simmons. he's got a very unique hairdo that i wear often myself. i'm looking forward to him. >> you really dop. >> yeah. >> okay. if you need a little monday motivation to lose weight the two newest members of our joy fit club who lost more than 300 pounds combined. >> how was your weekend? >> my weekend, thank you for asking, first can we say hello to a certain gentleman that wants to deliver something important. >> ryan eggle is not feeling well. >> for you. i'm feeling much better now. >> you didn't breathe into that or take a sip. >> it's coming back, yes. >> good. >> feels good. >> oh, yeah. it's very soft. >> we love ourselves some ryan. >> we'll stay here. >> we won't call you an eggle head anymore then. >> high school experience. any version of that. egg roll, egg man, egg head. all of it. >> all right. i'm ruining your show. >> we love you. >> you couldn't. >> it was already ruined. >> he wasn't feeling well this morning and he powered through.
10:02 am
>> thank you. >> why are you standing there. go. party's over. >> over the weekend you went down to palm beach. friday night we had a screening at our house for some people who are interested in the human trafficking situation, which is you know, every 60 seconds in our country a child is trafficked in our country. >> yeah. >> it's cassidy in a new filmed called "caged no more" produced by arnold and her side kick. we had a screening friday night and there's cas at our house. >> look at you two. >> she is such a pumpkin head. she does a beautiful job. difficult subject matter. plays a young 17-year-old girl sold into the sex trade by her own father. >> oh, my gosh. >> which happens. so it was kind of harrowing to watch that a little bit, but cas has always had a heart for that -- the women that is their reality.
10:03 am
and that, of course, you see gretchen. >> yeah. >> gretchen carlson. she and i do a cameo. >> yeah. >> so that will be out in the near future. tell you more about it. it was a beautiful finally spring weekend here. you missed it because you went even southerner. >> i went further south. my mom's birthday. we went and celebrated a little birthday for my mom and my friend mary. >> yes. >> and all three of us, that was a selfie we took it in the house and look at the cake that i bought from publix. >> good for you. >> by the way, publix birthday cakes. >> they're delicious. >> unbelievable. >> so are piggly wiggly. >> and winn-dixie. >> and giants. >> happy birthday to your mom. >> yes. >> so last night if you were home, you're probably watching the academy of country music awards firstful all it was huge. they held it in the texas stadium where the cowboys play. >> yeah. >> over 70000 people. >> look at this. it was colossal like you can't believe how many people were there. and they said they set the guinness book of world records
10:04 am
for the most people at a live show. no question about it. >> and blake. third time these guys hosted it. >> yeah. >> and luke won entertainer of the year. >> and miranda. >> by the way won so many awards. >> wonder if it's getting old. i'll never know. >> the this song "little red wagon" was hot. take a look ♪ i love my apron but ♪ ♪ you can't ride in my little red wagon ♪ ♪ because ♪ >> she does look fantastic these days. >> looks awesome. >> yes. >> she was nominated for eight, won in three categories album of the year for platinum female vocalist of the year and twice for song of the year. >> that's the trifecta. >> she won it all. >> it is. >> little big town whom we love it's not controversial when you understand the thought behind it take as listen.
10:05 am
♪ i want to take her lips ♪ ♪ i want to ♪ >> it's about i want to be that girl. i want to be that girl that got that guy with you. >> yeah. >> so we're proud of them and love them. >> congratulations them. all right. who else? oh, this was -- there was a real -- it was a very emotional moment that took place, randy travis who had suffered a stroke two years ago, was at the awards ceremony and lee brice was doing a little tribute to him. let's just take a look at his performance. ♪ i'll be happy ♪ >> you all, that won song of the year in 1985 and the man who sang it has had an amazing comeback to be with us tonight. ladies and gentlemen, be the great randy travis.
10:06 am
[ applause ] >> randy, so great. >> oh, wow. >> look at him. he's standing up. >> this is a tweet that he put out, he says, it was an amazing gift to feel all the love from you tonight he wrote. it's been a hard fought and miraculous journey since my stroke two years ago and i've gained a greater understanding of god's grace and how quickly events can change us. words can never express my gratitude to those who believe in me and keep me lifted throughout. >> wow. he's a sweet guy. always has been. had some rough times lately and nothing compared to this, though. this gets your attention doesn't it? >> it sure does. >> wish him all the best. apparently ellen just is having more fun. >> she is having more fun. matt and ellen are going back and forth with the pranks. >> ellen is winning. >> yeah. >> don't think anybody thinks otherwise. >> this was all about finding
10:07 am
matt's tickle spot. anyway on thursday, ellen declared the winners. take a look. >> the winners of our tickle for 12 days contest are brianna and cody cabral. you two -- [ applause ] >> look at that. not only did they show up with a sign they got a picture of hoda where she's not drinking wine. that's rare. that's like seeing bigfoot. that's crazy. >> matt might be ahead with that big poster he put up. >> i haven't seen that. >> oh, my god the plumber, it says -- >> a crack involved, right? >> ellen is bending over and her behind is sticking out and says, do you need a plumber? call this number. there are billboards four of them all over l.a. >> oh. >> he put out. >> funny. he made lots of points with that. >> sure did. >> all righty. do you know. >> what? >> what it means to be a spinster. not a word we've heard. >> spinster seems like the wrong word.
10:08 am
>> antiquated term like old maid seems nobody talks that way anymore which is good, but they say of the 158.3 million women living in the united states, 105 million are unmarried and. >> 18 or older. >> 18 or older. >> there's an interesting new book kate ballic called -- it's a part memoir. women who remain unmarried "spin ster making a life of one's own" but a lot of women are in relationships and not married. >> right. >> i'm not sure how this comes down. >> seems old school to me. seems old fashioned. i do think look there is a time in your life probably when you're 30 or older, where people will keep asking you and asking you, i got married later in my 40s. >> how old were you? >> i was 41 i think. >> wow. >> were you feeling at the time a ton of pressure? >> i did feel a little bit like you know, get moving, kind of thing. you feel like you want to get your life going. >> that part of it at least. >> that part of your life. i think you might do things that
10:09 am
aren't so wise. >> when you were growing up and when i found you in the basket on the nile river, did you have dreams of some day, was that part of your life picture i want to be married have a family of my own? >> yeah, i think it was. i don't know that i thought about it all the time. like i didn't picture my wedding dress like a lot of girls do. i wasn't picturing that day. but i did picture like a rich life. >> like a life plan. >> and when that marriage didn't work out. >> this is awful. >> we both have one of those, we agreed that -- don't be so desperate to get married because -- >> yeah. >> we've been in an unhappy marriage before. i would rather be single the rest of my life than ever again be in a bad marriage. >> me too. the worst feeling is to feel alone when with someone. >> yes. >> one thing to be by yourself and make choices, but i think it is different when you feel like you're next to someone by yourself. >> i wrote a song about it that dolly parton sang open only my pillow knows.
10:10 am
if you ever get around to listening to my music. >> i rov your music a lot. >> today is today what is it called? today is earth week product day. >> no kidding. >> yes it is. >> so we have products. >> earth day is wednesday. and every day we're going to tell you a little bit about some of these. this is so you can do -- these are recycled toys. they want to give toys a second chance. if you have toys that are plastic and that may be gently used they would like to refurbish them and, you know, send them off to other kids who may need them. >> good. >> you save a lot of stuff in the landfill and good to reuse toys. what do you do with your old toys? >> we've always given them away to a charity. >> to charity. >> this high school student sasha lip top started this charity eight years ago and distributed toys that would be sitting in the landfill. the charity, what is it called? >> second chance toys.
10:11 am
>> you have a nice group of people. >> i have a lovely group of people over there my friend lisa and her beautiful daughters kylie and casey, next to her is her best friend kara from college, with her boys aiden and brodie and they picked -- >> the gorgeous last weekend. they picked today to be in new york. thanks for being here. love you. >> all right. >> don't go anywhere. we will reveal our favorite things a little later. >> also where else will you find ben affleck and demi moore and channing tatum? >> right here of course. >> in today's buzz. >> with ou nexxus introduces a new movement in hair. ♪ ♪ a beautiful fluidity. restoring strength and flexibility ♪ ♪ so it moves and responds the way you do. ♪ ♪ new improved nexxus with concentrated elastin protein and precious ingredients. for hair that lives to move.
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10:14 am
you're not going to want to leave the house until you get caught up on today's buzz and all the hot hollywood gossip everybody will be talking about. >> here with the scoop you may have missed over the weekend pop go the >> i'm back. >> brian balthazar. >> where have you been? >> i've been on a roller coaster ride and glad to be right here. >> don't leave us. >> i won't.
10:15 am
>> like you've been leaving us. >> good to be here. >> were you watching the academy of country music awards. >> taylor swift with her mom and the milestone award seeing her mother be announced came out and the audience stood up and awarded taylor swift her mother did, let's watch. let's watch let's do it. >> for many years i was her constant companion and i witnessed a young girl with very few friends become a young woman with many learning to stand up for herself and the things she believed in. >> i'm so grateful that i learned what hard work is from my heros who are all sitting here and so unbelievably proud that i learned to treat people with kindness and respect from country music. i love you so much. >> so that was a portion of the night. >> i think it was it touching. >> watching them watch each other. of course we know that last week, it was announced andrea, her mother, we've learned she was diagnosed with breast
10:16 am
cancer. >> breast cancer. >> yeah. >> okay. >> we wish her well. >> they're keeping it quiet about the treatment and what they're going to do from here but a touching moment. >> i think it's nice to see taylor recognized at this award ceremony. remember when she made the transition into pop and wondered how she would be welcomed back. >> so many of the pop stars are there. >> everyone is trying to horn in. >> country is cool i have to say. >> country has always been cool. >> i'm just reiterating it. >> yeah. >> move on to ben affleck. >> okay. >> more hacks in the sony department. >> so interesting. pbs has a show called "finding your roots" which follows the ancestry of celebrities, a captivating show and ben affleck shot an episode and they discovered, actually, that one of his ancestors had had been a slave owner and the controversy surrounds the fact that ben wanted that story line cut from the show. he did not want that included in the show. >> okay. >> how did we find out about it? the host of the show henry lewis gates e-mailed his friend head of sony and said, he doesn't want this in there, i feel a little torn we have other great
10:17 am
story lines, but this is kind of a big one. and they ultimately did not include it in the show. the sony hack, which actually just last week more e-mails came out and were on the website this is how this came out. >> okay. >> what pbs said. read their statement. it's clear from the exchange how seriously professor gates takes editorial integrity. he has told us that after reviewing approximately ten hours of footage for the episode he and his producers made an independent editorial judgment to choose the most compelling narrative. >> the narrative they went with was a relative that became an acultist after the civil war. other celebrities have found out they had ancestors who were slave owners, ken burns anderson cooper and they did follow that story. the acultist story is probably one they haven't followed before but some are saying it's censorship. >> that's how it appears to me. >> you can't write your history. >> can't rewrite it either. >> new york city prices are crazy with apartments but this one is like -- >> demi moore is selling her place insane. listing it for $75 million.
10:18 am
>> it's a steal. >> she owns the south tower. >> bono owns the other one. >> wants to borrow a couple sugar. owns a triplex at the top of the tower. >> the same -- >> the one that rejected madonna. thanks but no thanks. sweeping staircases, 7,000 feet of interior square footage and 1500 feet of terraces on the outside. owns an apartment on the bottom floor. they bought it. she and bruce bought it 25 years ago. >> if you've ever gone to central park and come to visit and go around you see those two towers. >> the buildings. beautiful. >> by the way, rumor -- >> pool our money and get it. >> okay. >> rumor is getting a lot of attention from dancing. >> favorite to win "dancing with the stars." >> she has won fans. >> she has. that's what that show can do for you. very grateful. coming into her own. she actually just gave an interview she said she had a hard time making friends her own age being the daughter of a celebrity. >> i bet she did.
10:19 am
>> now she's owning who she is and happy and doing well. i think she could win. >> let's -- sfrl. >> yeah. >> let's end on a cute guy channing it tatum. left a bag in a cab. backpack. >> tweeted out hey somebody help me out. we have a copy of the tweet. >> left it in the cab. >> dropped off at 42nd street in new york city and left my bag in the cab. he tweeted the e-mail address if people found it. everyone was like it's at my house come get it. the taxi and limb plow seen commission was on it and a good samaritan came forward and didn't ask anything in return and got his bag back. the power of twitter. >> want to clarify one thing usually right 100%. tiny mistake. taylor swift's mom has not revealed. >> oh. >> she has breast cancer. >> you're right. >> okay. >> yeah. >> but we wish her well. >> we do. >> thank you. up next, she was a closet eater and he simply stopped working out. >> what motivated each of them to get healthy and become the newest members of the joy fit club. >> about to make someone's day
10:20 am
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jane's wearing martha washington's inaugural gown to prove you can wear anything while pouring our thicker formula bleach. freedom from splashing revolutionary whitening. the liberating line of clorox splash-less bleach. now it's time to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll, please. >> who is it? >> while we spin the globe. today it has landed in one of my favorite cities charlotte north carolina. >> that's where our fan watches us on wcnc channel 30. >> wait a minute. >> with her husband dan and they happen to be the parents of -- >> triplets.
10:23 am
>> triplets? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. congratulations. >> what are their names? >> this is braden, this is emma, and that's katie. >> becoming fan of the week is like really low on the list, right, when you get three presents like that. >> i know. i know. we're very -- >> so sweet. >> wonderful. we want to tell everyone why you were chosen. jes gave birth to the beautiful babies this past october. three months early. so they were in icu during that time. she got to spend some quality mommy/baby time together while watching the fourth hour. >> jes tells us she connects on a personal level with our show watching bobbie thomas go through her journey with ivf and so glad about that. >> bobbie is doing great too. now time to put your fan dom to the test with a trivia question. 15 seconds to answer. >> i think you're going to get it. are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> okay. here it is. is bobbie thomas expecting a boy
10:24 am
or a girl some. >> a boy. >> yes. >> ready? >> all right. >> you're going on a fabulous trip and i guess you're going to go with dan, right? >> i guess. >> you will be headed to miami florida, where you will stay three flights and four days at the eve hotel in miami. a destineation hotel. >> during your stay enjoy a wynnewood arch tour with eves curator, dinner for two at the biscayne tavern and uber ride to and from the design district daily breakfast and airfare included. >> we haven't heard a word from dan. how are you, father of three? >> i'm doing really well. [ inaudible ] while we're gone. >> beautiful family. >> you guys thank you so much. congrats. >> say hello to my friend dan nielsen in charlotte. god bless. >> from the happy new series "happyish" we will catch up with kathryn hawn. >> real family jewels in gene
10:25 am
simmons life. >> all nobody told us to expect it... intercourse that's painful due to menopausal changes it's not likely to go away on its own. so let's do something about it. premarin vaginal cream can help it provides estrogens to help rebuild vaginal tissue and make intercourse more comfortable. premarin vaginal cream treats vaginal changes due to menopause and moderate-to-severe painful intercourse caused by these changes. don't use it if you've had unusual bleeding breast or uterine cancer blood clots, liver problems, stroke or heart attack, are allergic to any of its ingredients or think you're pregnant. side effects may include headache pelvic pain, breast pain vaginal bleeding and vaginitis. estrogens may increase your chances of getting cancer of the uterus, strokes, blood clots or dementia so use it for the shortest time based on goals and risks. estrogen should not be used to prevent heart disease heart attack, stroke or dementia. ask your doctor about premarin vaginal cream.
10:26 am
how did denny's put the magic of dreamworks into their new kids' menu? that's a secret... kind of. introducing dreamworks to the new denny's kid's menu. denny's. welcome to america's diner. kids eat free on tuesdays 4:00pm-10:00pm. . >> i have to say year after year. >> oh.
10:27 am
[ technical difficulty ] just in to our newsroom the san jose sharks and head coach tom mcclelland have agreed to part ways. the team issued a statement a short time ago saying the decision of mutual. he coached the sharks for seven seasons. the teamous let go of assistant coach jim johnson. coming up after this break, a look at weather and traffic.
10:28 am
10:29 am
welcome back. i'm meteorologist christina loren. low cloudslingering across the bay area -- cloudslingering across the bay area. we have a sunny afternoon. temperatures at lunchtime in the low 60s. we'll round out the day with widespread 70s. 70 on the peninsula. 76 in the tri-valley. 72 degrees for the north bay and the south bay. a little cool at the immediate coast. a nice comfortable finish for most of us. today looks like one of the warmest days of the week. could see a few raindrops by tomorrow. a better chance heading throughout your wednesday. we'll talk all about this today at 11:00. in one half-hour. here's mike and your drive. >> all right. folks, looking to the south, things looking considerably better. dipping toward 60 miles per hour from north 87 and north 85. the remainders of the commute, not a big deal around the bay. pretty smooth drive. a little slowing through fremont for 680 and 880. clearing for san mateo and the
10:30 am
bay bridge. >> a bunch of green, just what we like. thank you very much. we're back on the fun day monday with a rock and roll mother/daughter duo shannon tweed simmons and sophie tweed simmons nope as the wife and daughter of gene simmons. they are the ones front and center in the reality show called "shannon and sophie". >> what else would you call it. >> they deal with everyday family issues like dating. check it out. >> worst day ever. >> what do you mean, worst day ever? >> it was just terrible. and then we got back to his car he had a boot on the car. >> no. >> over a first date. >> put his boot on the car. >> they tow your car away boot on the tire so you can't move. moving on. >> anyway i'm done with first
10:31 am
dates. >> you can't be done with dating. you're 21. >> was he a bad guy. >> i can tell you really care from the tweets you're sending. >> addicting to the tweeting. >> is he? >> twitter on our phones to correct him because he's politically incorrect when he tweets and doesn't tag anyone. you have to give people their props. >> what's it like having your dating life front and center for all to see? it. >> >> it sucks. >> you knew what you were getting into is. >> i grew up on camera so it's been out there. if someone is not okay with that they're not the right person for me. >> did you like the early years of being on camera? when it wasn't so much a choice. i'm sure you went along with it? >> no. >> what do you mean? >> think i forced child labor. >> i did. i did. >> it was fun, but it kept me out of trouble honestly because i spent more time with my family than i did out ever. >> l.a. can be a rough town can't it? >> oh, yeah. >> fast town. >> definitely. >> grow up quickly. >> but you have something called
10:32 am
creek -- creepdar. >> she's taught me which is basically to spot people that look creepy in a crowd and casually avoid them. >> keep your periphery open. >> when you're watching your daughter date you want to protect her and you can't because she's grown -- >> you can't be there all the time. you have to do your work before that happens, before the dating happens. >> your work should be done. >> do you do any -- i heard you went on-line and googled around. >> i stalked a little. >> i lurk. >> we're friends on all social media platforms so no hiding. >> how much of that is because of your wild child antics when you were younger? >> let's say i know what not to do and i did a lot of that. i can tell her. >> marrying a rock star. >> i would highly recommend not doing that. >> yeah. >> you've been with us through the years -- >> marrying, yes. don't date one. the married part is great. >> that took a while though. >> 30 years, right? >> i paid for it. >> you were aware of your mom
10:33 am
and dad's dating life. i mean -- how much did you know? >> we know everything. >> you do? >> do you guys share -- >> do you share everything as mother and daughter? >> absolutely. >> more like a friendship now? >> it's really sad. >> apparently. >> i might share with her i shouldn't really share with you ever. >> what about with gene? do you share with your dad? >> no! >> no. >> he would die. >> old-fashioned man. >> he is. >> first met him we thought he's going to be wild. >> no. >> he is so smart. >> very conservative. >> very conservative. >> traditional. >> he still gets up when a lady leaves the table. >> he does. >> everyone is like no one is doing that. >> leaving? >> bathroom. >> what are you doing? >> you're an empty nester. she moved out. how are you adjusting to that life day in and day out? >> you will see it on thursdays. we are still sort of not -- >> with me and i never get alone
10:34 am
time. >> he's on a world tour. >> i'm left home alone now. everybody is out of the house. i have to stalk someone. >> we only live 15 minutes apart. hard to get away. >> moments where you think, mom, beat it, please. >> yeah. there are some things you can send in texts you don't need to come over and rearrange my house. >> look like such a good mother. i hope my kids are watching. >> for years you saw this. >> we got to break. >> new episode of "shannon and sophie" thursdays on the up network. >> check out the up network. it's awesome. joy fit coming up. this is what they looked like before over 300 pounds they lost together. >> they have. we'll introduce you to them in a little bit right after this. you exercise. you choose the salad. occasionally. but staying well - physically, financially, emotionally - its hard on your own. so cigna's got your back and your knees, 24/7.
10:35 am
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10:39 am
it is a great day when we get to induct two new members into the joy fit club and these inspiring people dropped more than 300 pounds combined. >> did it cutting out the unhealthy snacks and getting their bodies moving. here to introduce them to us today is our nutritionist and leader of the joy fit pack joy bauer. >> hey girlfriends. >> as usual these two people are going to totally take your breath away. are you ready? >> ready. >> we are. first up we have 48-year-old abby abrams from cherry hill, new jersey. and when she was kid, she was never ever allowed to eat sweets
10:40 am
or snacks. when parents are too controlling they do it for the right reasons sometimes, it comes from love, but it really backfired. she started sneak eating she started bingeing. >> and when she went out on her own she could get anything she wanted. >> that's right. >> fast forward she was married, she has a beautiful teenage boy named jesse and her weight had really skyrocketed out of control. she was eating healthy foods with them but in between she would again with the bingeing and sneak eating. so in that picture she's at her all-time high, 291 pounds. >> wow. >> the thing that really sort of was her aha moment her son jesse so embarrassed by her size he didn't want her to come to school functions. she took that emotion and turned it around, fueled determination and drive. so she is now down 147 pounds. she looks better at 48 than she ever did in her 20s. >> here's abby's before picture.
10:41 am
all right. abby come join the joy fit club. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, my gosh. >> are you for real? are you? >> it's all done with mirrors. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh. >> wow. >> how long did it take you to drops the weight? >> total of six years. i had plateaus, injuries. >> of course. >> two rounds of 15-pound weight gains but i powered through. >> powered through. >> and battled. >> and so nong loer -- >> how about that. >> so proud of me. >> wow. >> play baseball with him on his team. >> probably had trouble walking with him before, right, because of the energy level. >> i have so much energy now i'm all over the place. >> we saw you throw your pants. >> overcoming the bingeing is incredibly hard and difficult. she binged a lot on ice cream and made this commitment every time she would have the urge she
10:42 am
had to go for produce first. i just wanted to show people, you know, 760 calories worth of that small pint of ice cream. >> you get all those strawberries. >> you could have 200 strawberries. >> okay. >> not that she ate all that but it's telling. >> who's next. >> congratulations. >> next step we have 37-year-old brad fisher from winston-salem north carolina. in college he was an offensive lineman about 300 pounds. >> not offensive. offensive. >> she's not in a football family. >> when he comes out you will see a guy that has dropped about 157 pounds and the thing that really helped him drop this weight was a text from his wife who saved his life. she sent him a text and said you keep your life -- you keep your life keeping score. i think it is now an appropriate time to keep score on your health. you have acute cute cheerleader that
10:43 am
loves you. >> that's so great. >> no judgment to it. it was love. >> that's right. pulled back on portions and lost over 150 pounds and he's the proud dad to a 10 week old baby. >> here's his before picture. all right. brad, come on out join the joy fit club. >> oh, yeah. >> way to go brad. >> thank you. >> how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> was it difficult for you? >> no. i just made the drive and decided to start running and use my competitive nature to do that every day. >> wow. >> we want to congratulate both of our joy fit club members. thank you so much. >> great job. >> thank you. >> let's have an awesome summer. are you looking for happiness or "happyish"? we're going to talk about that with one of the stars of tv's newest dark comedies. >> kathryn hawn. the open road, it takes on many forms. from the scenic highways to the rugged trails.
10:44 am
from the sand covered to the well-traveled. they lead us to the beauty of nature. and the beauty of simple pleasures. the open road is alive and well and waiting to take us to pure michigan. your trip begins at start the interview with a firm handshake. firm, but not too firm. make eye ay,no! don't do that! try new head & shoulders instant relief. it has tea tree and peppermint that cools on contact. and also keeps you 100% flake free. i use it for cooling scalp relief in a snap. mi bebé ha crecido tanto. try new head & shoulders instant relief. for cooling relief in a snap. oh, i love game night. ooh, it's a house and a car! so far, you're horrible at this, flo. yeah, no talent for drawing, flo. house! car! oh, raise the roof!
10:45 am
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♪ ♪ wow something sounds sweet in here!!!! ♪ ♪ need a little honey in the bowl. yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! there is no slowing down
10:49 am
these days for actress kathryn hawn appeared in more than 50 tv shows. >> wow no has five more movies coming out over the next few months. >> you may wreck niz her as the political whiz from "parks and recreation" or role as edie in the big screen comedy "we're the millers". >> now staring in showtime's "happyish" playing a supportive wife and mom her own issues to deal with like when she argues with inanimate objects. >> take a look. >> don't you see the irony here. all the years you told me i was a bad mother and here you are sending your son's present back. >> i'm the bad moergts? >> i never sent your presents back. >> ma, i told you that i needed some space. i told you that i would reach out to you when i was ready. why can you not honor that if. >> because i love you. >> oh, please. ma. yeah, you love me, you just
10:50 am
don't like me. >> i'm your mother. >> we're not having this discussion. >> what are you doing? >> we love our kathryn, but kathryn has to get something out of the way right off the bat. >> please look to the camera. >> my beautiful mother-in-law in seattle, washington. i love you. happy monday. i'm with these amazing -- >> what's her name? >> andrea. >> how long have you been married is. >> i've been married 12 years guys. >> wow. >> you have a 5 and 8-year-old. >> you made her a grandmother. she's very proud. got rid of that. andrea, i love you. >> you and your husband met -- >> at northwestern. >> at a production. were you both -- >> a cuckoo's nest. >> we didn't meet there but we did we were -- i was nurse ranchette and he was mcmurphy in -- amazing. >> why wouldn't it be love at first sight. >> had to be. >> you know she gives him the electroshock therapy, a low-budget production, like a refrigerator box that they just cut a hole in and i had kind of
10:51 am
like a fetish nurse outfit. >> kinky. >> and just like me pretending. i was horrible. amazing. >> i'm going to give you a compliment. >> yeah. >> for me the highest compliment. you remind me of jennifer coolage. >> i love her. >> i adore her. she shows up, steals everything and says, bye-bye, and that's you. that's what you get. >> i'm out. >> never going to get better than that. >> that was it. >> tell us about "happyish." most of your hair is not combed. >> right. that's my natural state. this is definitely -- yeah. i could not be prouder. i love steving coulden so much. the creator is a voice to be reckoned with. >> you don't have a filter in this. >> no. >> blurts it out. >> nobody has a filter in this. >> tell us about a mom in this. >> it's lee payne married to steve and we have a boy named julius and, you know, she just is like you said, she says what she needs and i just wish that i
10:52 am
had more of that in me. like she -- i feel like there's such a satisfaction watching somebody unapologetically themselves. >> even if they're smoking pot, putting it out before the kid comes back. >> yes. >> not the perfect parent and the language is, yeah. they're working it out. they're real. >> do you know people that talk to one another that way? >> yes. >> oh, my goodness, yes. >> really? >> my girlfriends we have our book club which is not a book club, there's no books read. it's just a lot of -- >> and a lot of alcoholp. >> yeah. >> we want to come to that. >> exactly. >> we'll get a lot -- >> don't read, okay. hate reading. when you read the script did you say this is something that i would love to do. >> yeah i didp. not knowing anything about the writer when i just read it, a pilot script, i thought oh i just wanted in in some way. so new and so like fearless and
10:53 am
raw and i was, yeah, wanted in. >> nothing is off bounds. >> no. >> i know. goes to crazy places. looing at that genius steve. >> and tell us where one can see this? >> yes. >> what network is. >> called?oñ showtime and on starting this sunday at 9 p.m. >> you should know all the stats. >> she didn't before we sat down. >> anyway -- >> thank you for coming to see us. >> all right. >> she's unbelievable. >> we will be back with our favorite things. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> yes, it is. >> you're crazy woman. we love you.
10:54 am
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can't go before we share our favorite things. mine this book by susan somers, on my podcast this week "tox-sick." from toxic to not sick, 15.60 on amazon.
10:57 am
>> mine is reba mcentire has a new lipstick called fancy by reba reba, long-lasting, creamy, $16 go on-line and grab it. it's worth it. >> tomorrow weird alien covick and donna millers and jill martin. >> enjoy your monday and we will see you when? >> tomorrow booze day tuesday. >> i love tuesday. >> hope the rain stops. >> take care. >> bye-bye.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
i fell to my knees. excited. happy. joyous. >> right now at 11:00, a happy homecoming of a bay area boy abducted from the front of his house. now the search is on for his kidnapper. good morning thank you for joining us. >> a frightful morning for a mother and father ends with relief and with joy. this morning, someone stole their car from the driveway with their 8-year-old son asleep inside. >> we have


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