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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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firefighters respond to a late night fire near kelly park. why you crews say the drought is impacting how they fight fires. plus saying good-bye to legend area broadcaster. fans remember lon simmons. and a fundraiser for the family of a fallen san jose police officer. we'll show you how much money they raised. >> and a live look outside this morning at the bay bridge. it's monday are april 6 and this is today in the bay.
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a good monday morning. it's 4:30. thanks for joining us. >> let's look live at san jose this morning. we saw the bay bridge looking just as clear down in the south bay. right now, the ground is dry. p but that's changing tonight. >> that's right. sorry. you know what, it is going to be the kind of rain that produces flooding. i'm really excited about this as you can tell. we need this rain so desperately. and it's on the way. and i can tell you even right here in san jose, we're expecting an inch from a single storm. 36 degrees, it's chilly out there. cold enough for frost in santa ro rose, at 43 in san jose. and we're also talking about thunderstorms, low level snow, we could get snow capped hills right here in the bay area. stick around, i'll tell you all about what is headed our way coming up. right now, though, mike has the day off. let's bring in anthony
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slaughter. >> snow capped hills, finally, it's about time. let's talk about traffic this morning. we have a small accident on the 101 southbound side at the poplar street. you can see as we zoom in not really affecting traffic all that much, but as you head that way, again, approaching the san mateo bridge 101 southbound at poplar, a two car accident. but again, no big deal this morning. we'll continue to track it. 4:32. rain, wind, chilly temperatures and snow as christina just mentioned. no more same old same old weather patterns for the bay area and surrounding region. many folks fired up their patio heater as temperatures dropped. but the most welcome weather change is the rain and there is a lot more on the way. enough of to force people to turn on their windshield wipers. however, not enough to stop thousands of soccer fans from going to the earthquake's game. >> got a few drops, but that was
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it. nothing to stop the game. we enjoyed the game and it didn't bhoer other us the all a >> the latest storm will bring 1 to 2 feet of snow to sierra. rainfall may not make a dent in the overall water outlook, but every drop counts and more snow in the sierra means there may be more water headed our way. as christina mentioned, more wet weather coming tonight. you can twrcan track it every s the way with our nbc bay area app for your iphone or android devices. the wet weather wasn't enough to dampen a building fire that burned into the night in the south bay. fire broke out around 11:00 last night at an abandoned building on mclaughlin avenue off pelly road. and crews are still on the scene checking for hot spots.
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this may be a preview of things to come as we head into a rough fire season. >> we have an earlier drying season which seems like it will happen because we didn't get the late rains. so what we'll expect this year is we'll have a pretty heavy fire season with a lot of the one hour fuels, tall grasses that are kind of the tinder that helps start the bigger fires. so we'll be addressing them. >> investigators say homeless people were likely living in that boarded up building and may have started the fire there. the building is owned by the santa clara valley water district. a touch of sadness this opening day for giants and as fans mourning the loss of one of the most familiar voices in bay area sports. >> that one is way back, way back, way back. nu number 600 for willie mays. >> lon simmons died at the age of 91. he spent years broadcasting not just for the giants, but also the 49ers and then later in his career he switched over to the
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oakland as. but no matter the team, simmons was loved by fans for his voice and his knowledge of the game. >> he had that baritone voice that was characteristic of baseball. it was great. >> simmons became a guy aiants announcer all the way back in 1958. his career spanned six decades untilg he retired in 2001. >> ace death affected a number of teams. "much more than an iconic voice in the great history of bay area sports, lon shared his passion for the region's teams with generations of fans. for more than two decades, 49ers fans were treated to the great talents of a man of high integrity and tremendous humility on ". while guy niants president saide many fans, my earliest giants memories were listening to lon and russ on my transit tore
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radio. hearing his broadcasts ignited my passion for basketball. he will be deeply missed by all all. and his humility and humor made him one of the most beloved. he was an incredible brafoadcasr and one of the game's all time greats. our coverage continues online. you can go to public safety will be the focus of a gathering tonight. there will be a forum to address safely concerns including burglary, gang crime, even illegal dumping. that meeting takes place in san jose at 5:00 at the pavilion in mexican heritage plaza on alum rock avenue. over the next four days, people living in three bay area counties will have a chance to crime in the controversial new fireplace ban. the bay area quality district wants to ban all wood burning
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fireplaces effective this november. tonight's meeting happens at 6:00 at the redwood city public library. napa and alameda counties follow tomorrow and thursday. heartwarming gesture raised thousands of dollars for the family of the san jose officer killed in the line of duty. the quakes held a special easter egg hunt and though the team lost, they also raised $10,500,000 for michael johnson's family. the police union is still collecting donations and if you're interested, you can get details on our website,, gisearch michae johnson. it is 4:37 p. and the boys are back in town. as are getting ready to open their 2015 season.
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p. >> hope springs eternal. oakland is decked out in as pride with go as on all the transit buses and the flag flying atop oakland city hall. tonight the as open up against the rangers with grace their ace on the bump. game time 7:05 as long as the weather cooperates. >> oh, yeah. as set the team roster over the weekend and it did not include barry zito still trying to make a comeback. he was sent to aaa. a live look outside at at&t park this morning. you'll have to wait about a week for the giants home opener. they start their own on the road in arizona, but that will not stop fans from flowing into the park. the team will host a viewing party so fans can get together and watch their world champs take on the d'backs.
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world series mvp madison bumgarner is expected to start for the giants, first pitch 7:10. >> and that's why we're watching the radar so carefully this morning. christina loren is looking at that for us. >> really excited about the upcoming storm system, but it's monday, you got to get back to work this morning. we want to fwets you up and moving on a monday morning. hopefully you had a fantastic easter sunday. i know i certainly did. and as we get into this afternoon, temperatures will be just about as cool as they were yesterday. but we'll hold off on that shower activity until tonight. but this storm system a powerful. we are expecting localized flooding, in addition to very low level snow, thunderstorms, and an inch of rain right here in the south bay. 2 to 3 inches possible up in the north bay. is this a gothis is a good lookg storm system. bring anything in that could get damaged. the wind will still cranking. by lunchtime, cool enough for a jacket. and then we'll round out the day in the mid-60s. and i do want to point out your
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weather headline, clouds today, rain tonight. tomorrow, also looking toward the threat of thunderstorms. we'll talk about who has the best chance for seeing that in my next report. and also chance for rain again as we get into the end of the week. so your full forecast just a few minutes away. right now let's check your drive. >> i want to hear more about the weather report. rain, more rain? great news. let's talk about the dublin area. you can see on 580 no big problems. traffic moving smoothly. roads are pretty open. even over toward hayward, 880, 680, no problems. south bay, things moving smoothly. this evening there will be extra traffic because of the san jose sharks around 7:30, so keep that in mind as you head home from work and school this evening. i see you writing it down, chris. >> thank you. in the east bay, tracks open after big delays for passengers.
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yesterday workers shut down b.a.r.t. tracks for repairs between coliseum station and oakland. riders say delay of up to 45 minutes and had to use a bus between the two stations. this is video from crews working to make the tracks safer and also quieter. the maintenance will continue for a sever for several weekends between now and august. 4:41. apple is facing a possible federal probe. details in a live report. also closing arguments this morning in the boston marathon bombing trial. what lawyers are expected to say coming up. plus a journalistic failure, a new report out looks at the "rolling stone" article that accused members of a university of virginia fraternity of rape and the retraction. playing hoops, sam is number one.
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at st. jude i was number two. yeah, but that was a good thing. sam was the second of seven patients to receive a new cancer treatment available only at st. jude children's research hospital, and that discovery will be shared with hospitals all across america. st. jude gives kids like me a shot. a great shot. go to st. jude dot org or shop wherever you see the st. jude logo. as early as today, jurors could decide the fate of
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dzhokhar tsarnaev. testimony wrapped up last week, closing arguments are expected this morning. tsarnaev faces 30 criminal counts for the bombing and deadly shooting of a police officer. charges would make him eligible for the death penalty. tsarnaev's attorneys are trying to put the blame on his older brother tamerlan calling him the real faster mind. >> to the extent they can put a finer point on the go. 's evidence and establish tamerlan was the leader, that leads very well into their defense to establish that dzhokhar was radicalized by tamerlan and was the least culpable. >> if dzhokhar tsarnaev is convicted on death penalty charges, another trial would then take place to determine whether she live or die. new englanders also have their eye on another very high profile legal case also entering its final stages. hernandez an all-pro tight he said formerly for the patriots.
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li police arrested him on murder charges. the prosecution spent two months, the defense expected to take one day. "rolling stone" has issued an federal retraction. a blistering new critique is out this morning. the columbia school of journalism issued the report examining missteps "rolling stone" made when it published the story about a supposed gang rape at a fraternity house which truly never happened. police have now cleared everyone involved. fact checking always so important in our field. apple now facing possible legal trouble over its music streaming business. plan landon dowdy now with why they're being investigated. >> that's right. apple may face an antitrust
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probe over its streaming business. the new york "post" says government has been talking about music industry executives and a probe in europe into their so-called fhemuim models. and the markets could come under pressure as investors react to the disappointing jobs report. futures are reporting to a sharply hlower open. adding just 126,000 jobs, well below forecast. first time in more than a year the job growth has fallen short of 200,000, also prompting many to push out their forecasts to when the fed will start raising interest rates. the nasdaq added 6 to 4886. mickey mouse getting in to fantasy baseball. reports say disney is investing $250 million in fantasy sports draft kings and draft kings will spend a lot of money on espn.
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back to you. >> those fantasy leagues becoming so popular. 4:48. and we want to talk to christina loren about the weather forecast. >> rain and more rain. and it's no fantasy. a beautiful day for the first part of the day and then things will start to change quickly. so you still have time to get anything in from the outdoors that could get damaged. we're at 43 in the tri-valley, 36 in the north bay. we're expecting our first showers late afternoon with a heavier stuff arriving as we head through tonight in to tomorrow morning. and this storm will pack a punch. as we get into your afternoon, high temperatures today 65 in the fry valley, 63 right here in the beautiful south bay. and we'll hit the upper 50s meanwhile up in the high elevations of the north bay with showers arriving by about 3:00
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p.m.. continuing your futurecast, look at 10:00 p.m. tonight, most of the heavy activity till north of the goldenen gate bridge, but then everything moves south through the overnight hours and a lot will you come cost through befo through before your commute tomorrow. i take you to 5:00 a.m., 24 hours from now, we're still seeing rich moisture passing through the bay area. again at 8:00 a.m., during the coldest point of the day, i think we'll see a little bit of snow activity over our high hills. santa cruz mountains fair game if that and same for mount hamilton. expecting 2 to 3 feet. and we already picked up a foot over the weekend which is great news when it comes to our snow pack totals. as we head throughout tomorrow evening, a lot will let up and then we'll get a nice break, but we are counting on localized flooding. also expecting thunderstorm are formation as we head tonight
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through early tomorrow morning. as we get the core of low pressure right over the bay area. so let me talk about our next chance for rain. staying dry wednesday, thursday, into friday. then late friday into saturday, another storm is expected. so that is the good news. we'll keep you updated. we'll talk about snow, who has the best chance of seeing that as we head throughout the 5:00 hour together. back to you. 4:50 now. intensifying the push to get lawmakers to agree on the deal to limit iran's nuclear program. the president spoke this week he said to the "new york times". he calls it a once in a lifetime opportunity to peacefully resolve the issue. but his efforts are meeting skepticism both here and abroad. >> the best deal i think comes with a new president. hillary clinton would did better. i think everybody on our side except maybe rand paul could do better. >> it leaves a vast nuclear interdiction structure. this deal is a dream deal for
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iran and nightmare deal for the world. >> iran's foreign minister says rather than may still an ban did not the deal if there are violations by 1any of the six nakss involved. june 30 is the deadline to get a deal done. back in the states, a san diego man has an amazing story to tell after being pulled off a boat and underwater by a hundred i didn't sea lion. the man was posing for a photo when the sea lion tried to get the fish. instead he bit his hand and pulled him down to the bottom of mission bay harbor. he was treated for minor cuts and bruises. we also have another animal story and it is not an average arrest. police in new jersey have a goat in custody. the officer nabbed the it is orderly goat saturday might after receiving calls about the goat headbutting a door.
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the goat was caught nearby, it was not hurt. police think that it escaped from a local home there. the goat is being cared for at an animal shelter until its other than comes forget it. looks so harmless. >> got to watch out for the surly goat. a more than 130-year-old tradition about to play out on the white house lawn. details on that next. and we have pretty light traffic here on the monday. we're going to take you around the bay and show you what it's looking like this morning.
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first family had some serious business to attend to this morning. the annual white house easter egg roll. this is video of last year's event p. the obamas will host more than 35,000 guests. the theme this year, give me five, celebrating the fifth anniversary of the first lady's let's move initiative. the history of the easter egg roll dates all the way back to 1878. >> families can spend time together. and then go to the white house. >> if you're lucky enough. it all comes down to tonight. 68 teams to start, now the ncaa basketball tournament down to just the last would. >> i don't really want to talk about it, but i will. tonight duke squares off against wisconsin. wisconsin on an emotional high
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after beating kentucky saturday night ending kentucky's bid at an undefeated season. what a game. duke has some experience with wisconsin, the blue devils beat the badgers by ten points in december. chris may want to talk about this. not really a sport, but certainly a lot of fun. hundreds showed up for the bringing your own big wheel race in san francisco yesterday. >> how cute. >> some raced down the city's windiest streets and even dressed up for the extra competitive edge. this year there was even a kids race. winners received a homemade trophy. brings back thoit thoughts of childhood. >> i hope we have a slide show of that. there were some cute costumes.
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>> anthony, do you remember having a big wheel? >> we have some rolling around the house now. let's talk about you what is ha. it's still early. this is taking the east shore tr freeway, no big problems. same story 880 through hayward and 101 and 280. even south bay, no accidents to report. typical overnight construction that is wrapping up. we'll be here to carry you through it. it is 4:57. ready to play ball? how you can hang out with other fans on opening day even though the giants start the season out of town. >> sounds like a good idea before plus a number of california cities scrambling to rein in some of the worst water offenders. we'll tell you where they live coming up 234eks. next.
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two fires in livermore and why investigators say an arsonist may be at work. >> and the sierra getting a small dusting of snow, but it's not over yet. we'll talk about what is in store this week coming up. that's right. i'm all over that. plus, we could pick up an additional 2 feet of snow up in tahoe. for us, more hilike 2 to 3 inch in the north bay. a powerful storm system on the way. i'll have the details in just moments. and tracking your morning commute, we'll get you up to speed with what's happening on the roads. >> looking live this morning at at&t park where the season gets under way, though not technically at home. we'll explain how you can still watch with your fellow fans on this monday, april 6. this is today in the bay.


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