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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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i like soft buns. i would buy this. this is amazing! could this be from jack in the box? definitely not jack in the box no. i'm not a big fan of jack in the box burgers and... this is really good! thanks... i guess. that is my new buttery jack with garlic herb butter melted right on. you can go classic or bacon & swiss will they melt in your mouth? you butter believe it. nbc bay area news starts now. right now, at 11:00 can youyou can see it is on the way, we're looking at our satellite radar, we're tracking when the rain will fall and how much could fall in your neighborhood. thank you for joining us i'm terry mcsweeney. and i'm peggy bunker. the roads in san jose and san francisco are dry right now but that certainly is about to
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change. >> we have team coverage in the south bay with a look at how people are working with the restrictions. but we have a look at the weather with rob mayeda. >> you can see the system here starting to bring some showers to shore, mainly off of the east way. we'll see snow levels quickly dropping as we go through tomorrow. these are two storm systems, the first one not going to bring a whole lot of rain for the bay area, maybe a quarter inch or less but look at the whole system, snow levels down to 30 feet, we have the all-time record low snowpack as measured in current times, showing you what we're expecting as we begin to head into next week now. we could see one to two levels of snow. we could see rain totals going
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in for parts of the bay area. what it means you may want to water proof some of the eggs for the easter egg hunts. daytime highs in the stretch of stormy weather will be at their coldest since mid-february. so a winter blast, we'll show you the timing with the wave of snow. in the full forecast, back to you. >> this week homeowners across the bay area are getting their hands dirty, doing what they can to save water. nbc bay area has more with a look at how the drought is changing our landscaping. >> reporter: it really is this is here at the nursery, one of the busiest days of the year if you took a look at what people weringe ingbuying you would learn more about the planting. >> reporter: many people are
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thinking the replanting concept with hundreds heading in search of less vibrant but more drought tolerant plants. >> we're moving over to the other types so they don't need as much water. >> we're doing just like mulch to cover the dirt. >> nurseries are labelling plants water-wise, and sell ising the retaining soil. customers say half of the water use goes into their gardens. >> it is a different world, we have to act differently. >> that different world includes the snowpack, the lowest recorded ever. which prompted governor jerry brown to choose a mandatory water reduction. but let's face it california people love their lush lawns, so will brown provide incentive? >> we have money for incentives some local water districts are
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already doing that. we'll add to that. i'm sure the legislature will look further as we get closer to the budget in june. >> reporter: but before that there are new mandatory restrictions already in effect for the state including no watering your yard for 48 hours after measurable rainfall which we actually may get by tuesday. >> well that is certainly good news. right now, the santa clara water district is offering financials incentive if you're willing to tear out your lawn and replace it with drought tolerant landscaping. reporting, marianne favro. >> thank you, marianne, you can track the weather with the apps from the app store or the android market place. and calling on the government to do more this after an oakland man was killed during the recent wave of violence in yemen.
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nbc bay area's nannette miranda has more. >> reporter: he lived in oakland for about 14 years, and has two teenage sons from a previous marriage from fresno he was looking to bring his family to the bay area. family and friends mourned the loss of the man who tried to bring his daughter and wife to the united states. the violence has been escalating in this port town. on tuesday, as al abani was trying to make it to safety he and a nephew had been hit by shrapnel. >> he was trying to leave the country, and things are getting worse and worse, airports are pretty much closed. >> reporter: al abani co-owned
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this gas station in oakland. the man with the great smile was known for his kindness. >> even his customers actually cried. you see tears with his customers. they're generous people the customers, he won't let them go. >> reporter: with the community in san francisco, they are worried about their relatives in their homeland. a saudi-led coalition wants the return of yemen's president who fled the country last week. but houthi rebels control the area. others are calling on washington to evacuate citizens now. >> our big focus is getting citizens out of yemen and seeking the government's assistance to help do so. >> reporter: but the state department says they have no plans to intervene, saying that civilian lives could be under attack if they got involved. his cousin believes his family
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member could have been helped. >> reporter: other countries have been pulling their citizens out of yemen. the american red cross has called for a 24-hour cease-fire. live in hayward nannette miranda, nbc bay area news. and many in the community are making a plea for the return of a san francisco man who has been trapped in the middle eastern country. they gathered on the steps of the san francisco city hall yesterday to ask the state department to evacuate him. he helps coffee farmers in yemen for a u.s. government agency. the u.s. and iran reached a nuclear deal just in time. but now the details are not sitting well with other iranian lawmakers. in a tv interview today iran's foreign minister tried to reassure his critics saying if the u.s. backs out of this deal iran would return to business as usual. the agreement still needs to be finalized before june.
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the supporters say it will significantly cut into the country's nuclear weapons technology. the agreement will also lift sanctions which have crippled iran's economy. and many people in kenya on edge after getting more terrorist threats. they threat a long gruesome war against kenya, saying the kenyan cities will run red with blood that is in return for troops fighting in somalia. this comes after nearly 150 people were killed in an attack. and officers say this man was allegedly harassing two teenage girls. this happened yesterday at about noon at a burlinggame safeway store, police released this video hopes somebody can help to identify the man. and a pedestrian was hit and killed on highway 101, happening
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at about 3:30 on 101 in south bay. police say the driver was not under the influence and is cooperating. the accident shut down two of the southbound lanes near story road for hours. police are trying to figure out where the victim came from. that person has not been identified. many bart riders in the east bay can expect delays in the near future. areas near fruitvale station will be closed. a bus will be available to take people between those two stations. no additional charge for that. maintenance going on between several weekends between now and august. >> coming up next protesters after the disappearance of 43 students in mexico. >> and shifting the spotlight, how hundreds of people capitalized on march madness to
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voice their opposition to indiana's new religious freedom law. and also the warriors who seem to be unstoppable this year. also what their coach, steve kerr, did that nobody else has ever done. >> hi i'm hosting snl with carlie ray jepsen. >> you forgot to say your name. >> hi i'm batman. too much? >> no, it's perfect. mt. hood was left off the list. so was the oregon coast, the columbia river gorge and the painted hills. smith rock and the wallowas are all missing. whoever named the seven wonders never set foot in oregon because even crater lake was left off their list.
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so we see your wonders world and raise you seven of our own. the seven wonders of oregon. see one, or better yet see them all.
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the final four now down to just two. basketball is not the only thing people are talking about, indianapolis some are taking advantage of the march madness tourism to protest against indiana's new religious freedom law. indianapolis was buzzing over basketball today. but for the last week the
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nation's eyes have been off the court and on the indiana state house. as lawmakers rush to fix the controversial new religious freedom law. it triggered outrage and fears that it would protect businesses denying services to gay and lesbians. late thursday night indiana governor mike pence signed a fix into law that clarified the meaning of the religious freedom law. but even that didn't stop some from the final four to protest. several national lgbt groups took to the streets ahead of the tip-off, to voice their outrage against the new law which they say still discriminates against the gay and lesbian community. a banner even flew over in opposition against the law, and its fix. but hoop fans hope that that can wait. today is all about basketball.
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>> today the governors of connecticut and new york lifted their travel bans to indiana, because of that new wording we mentioned regarding the religious freedom law. and calls to action in the bay area today. families of the 43 missing students in mexico are still looking for answers as to what happened to their children. they gathered in the mission district to rally for support on this march at the bart station to a local forum at a local middle school. >> they're here to ask for support and to continue to keep their plight in the limelight. and they're also asking that the u.s. reconsider the aid it provides to mexico for military purposes. >> now the group plans to make its way to the united nations to ramp up pressure there, as well. and in the south bay, one little league used its opening ceremony to pay tribute to a fallen police officer, east ridge little league players and
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their families had a moment of silence for officer michael johnson who was killed last month in the line of duty. and mayor sam liccardo threw out the first pitch, officially kicking off the league's season. a mountain lion and her kitten were spotted in the south bay. yesterday the mom and baby were spotted in woodside near king's mountain road and woodside road. wildlife officials say people should avoid the area during dusk and dawn when the mountain lions are the most active. and take a look this wind may have caused this tree to split. pg&e workers were called out to the scene, but they say they're concerned about the rest of the tree leaning over the house. if you were out there, boy, it was chilly and windy. >> if you want wind?
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you will get wind. if you want rain you -- >> is that the intro you want? don't take offense -- >> mother nature -- >> all the things we can throw at you, typically these are things we can talk about in january and february yes, the calendar says it's april, but we'll wind things back. right now the wind not strong out there. it was windy earlier but the winds will definitely be part of our weather story come tomorrow. right now temperatures in the 40s to low 50s. high clouds out there, lurking offshore. but it is the sierra where things are picking up as we head through tomorrow morning, through midnight sunday a winter weather advisory with the snow level down to 3500 feet. so yes, you may need chain control at times with the first wave coming in sunday and for sure as we get into tuesday the stronger systems aiming in on northern california. this is how it should play out for easter sunday we should
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begin to see showers pushing across the bay area. as we head through the afternoon, we'll manage sunshine, sunny breaks scattered showers there at 2:00 as we head into sunday night into the first half of monday things calm down. and rain totals with the first system again, not expected to be as intense as we'll see here on tuesday. for the morning again, like the temperatures outside, 40s, low 50s, noon tomorrow highs will approach the upper 50s to low 60s so nothing like the mild temperatures in the last couple of days. tomorrow's highs will have a tough time to getting to 60 degrees. close to that tomorrow, san francisco, highs in the upper 50s, more upper 50s around santa rosa the high temperatures for sunday again on tuesday, probably the coolest we've seen since about the 17th of february. so here is the wind forecast notice monday winds shifting out of the south. and then as we head into monday evening, wind gusts, 30s, 40s,
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in the east bay hill you saw the damage there with the tree the branch that came down toward walnut creek. we could see more as the wind speeds throttle up for monday. monday night, tuesday morning you could see locally heavy rain, so the three-day rain totals very impressive, when you consider if we close in on slightly more than an i believench of rain, some instances that is the monthly average for the month of april. so the good news is the cold weather system snow one to two feet i do not think we've seen a storm like that over the winter as things are really mild. the high snow levels that is great news. three to four foot snow levels the cold air aloft could power up thunderstorms for tuesday, as we head to next weekend should see highs back in the low 70s.
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a little case of weather whip lash as the case of wind and snow levels happen. >> that is exciting to see rob, thank you so much. >> special sight in the night sky, look at this. the group at the observatory in l.a. captured this blood moon about 3:00 a.m. nasa said the eclipse lasted the shortest of the century. >> did you get up and see it? >> nice to see the name blood moon comes from the color, like a blood orange, and the red color is because of sunlight being filtered by the earth's atmosphere, you can catch the next blood moon on september 28th. becky, you can write that down. >> beautiful pictures there. hey, quick break here everyone. we'll be right back.
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i'm kelly johnson with sports the warriors secured the best record in the nba, and they
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had home court advantage throughout the playoffs. with 63 wins, steve kerr has the most ever for a first-year coach. warriors/mavericks in dallas long pass mo buckets drains the half court shot at the buzzer. they lead 49-58 at the break, mo with special shots. now, andre iguodala wide open for three, warriors win a 12 straight a club record 50 games above 500. how about the sharks and coyotes out in the desert? third period san jose down 4-2, tierney redirecting the one-timer. cuts the lead to one. pavelski stands in front. and brent burns, shot is blocked. arizona is cleared, playoff shots all by gone they fall 5-3. and giants and a's at the
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coliseum, just like old times. hudson, and gentry swinging in the second. barry zito back in the a's uniform. standing ovation. zito a perfect one punch out. mark mulder giants win. 3-1. and last year's finals all tied up at 60 buries it. wisconsin gets their revenge, knocking off the undefeated wildcats, the final, 71-64. in the other final four matchup, duke and michigan. blue devils take the lead going crazy early second half they run
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away. the pass to okafor the throwdown, it will be duke and wisconsin in the national titles game. obviously zito wanted to make the rotation but he will head to triple a natio
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well a san francisco organization already working to make easter a lot sweeter. take a look, they hosted this for kids earlier today. tomorrow they will also serve a free breakfast, lunch and dinner for thousands. all the easter celebrations will happen at the church near the park park. >> man, those kids are into it. thank you for joining us on nbc
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bay area news an all-new saturday night live is up next. who is hosting that? >> michael keaton. thank you for joining us, have a good night.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] thank you for joining us on the cbs post game show. i'm ernie johnson here with kenny smith and charles barkley. the teams are set, a big upset


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