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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 25, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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buyer we ware. your flight could be cancelled today and it has nothing to do with the weather. >> absolutely not. it is beginning to be clear as a bell. >> i'm tracking a crash. some ice in the roadway. we'll give you the latest. a live look outside right now. the very latest from the golden gate bridge. it's wednesday, february 25th. you're watching "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> a very good wednesday morning the you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. happening right now, several law
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enforcement agencies from here in the bay area joining the search for a baby missing from yolo county. little justice reese is just 27 days old. >> 23-year-old samantha green was hysterical, and disoriented when searchers found her along the sacramento river yesterday. her newborn son was not with her. now investigators are headed to yolo county to help in the search. they were reported missing on monday. when that help arrived, the young mother was hysterical and
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disoriented. samantha green's condition is unknown this morning. but now bay area agencies are also gearing up to send search crews to help in this morning's ongoing search of that area near a sacramento river levy. >> we're just concentrating our efforts on the yampl that's all the information we have right now. we're adjusting to put our concentrated efforts. >> we'll be watching that for you. we'll have it later on this morning. they did search through the night and they're getting ready to get back at it this morning. they're going over some of the same areas that they've already searched. the office of emergency services not only asks marin county but also asks sonoma and napa county for help in this search, particularly with search dogs.
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the chp is on the scene after a chase and a crash that ended just a few hours ago in martinez. we're told it started just before 3:00 this morning in fairfield. eventually ending on southbound 680 near arthur road. the four people inside the suv ran from the scene. no one was hurt in the accident. we do have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll bring you more information as soon as we get it. happening today, a judge will consider setting a trial date for the man accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. he has pleaded not guilty to charges he kidnapped and killed the 15-year-old in 2012. investigators say they found his hair on a rope inside the trunk of torres's car and his dna showed up on her clothing.
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developing right now, if you're traveling today, check your flight. bay area flights cancelled this morning. the airline didn't inspect some of its planes. >> bob, they are using these planes on one condition. >> reporter: as long as they have them inspected within the next five days. that being said, southwest airlines has cancelled some flights here in the bay area. none here and at sfo. at oakland international, there are ten cancelled today. the airport does confirm with us that five of those cancellations are due to the inspections. it's not clear if the other five are related. yesterday, the texas-based airline southwest airlines grounded about 20% of its fleet, 128 aircraft. they're all boeing 737s. it's because the airline failed to perform a required inspection on the backup rutter systems.
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southwest realized its mistake, notified the faa. the faa, as you mentioned, has since said that southwest can continue flying those aircraft, as long as those inspections are completed within five days. nbc bay area did catch up with retired american airlines pilot. he said if the airline hadn't caught the lapse and federal investigators did as well, southwest could have paid a substantial fine. southwest airlines saying they do expect to have those inspections completed sometime this morning. coming up, we'll have reaction from passengers on the southwest inspection lapse. >> thank you very much, bob. 6:05 right now. investigators say the driver of the truck that caused a metro link train crash in southern california wasn't stuck on the tracks, he was driving on the tracks. the crash happened yesterday in oxnard. no word yet why the driver took to the tracks before his truck was hit by a metro link train. the impact of that crash caused three of the train's five cars
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to derail. more than two dozen people were injured. investigators say jose alejandro sanchez ramirez was driving the truck and he ran from the crash scene and was arrested about a mile away. this morning, the man convicted in a high-profile murder is waking up where he will wake up every day for the rest of his life, in prison. a jury convicted eddie ray routh for shooting and killing chris kyle and kyle's friend. last night, the jury rejected the argument that routh was insane when he killed them at a gun range. with a conviction, ralph gets an automatic life sentence without parole. the story of chris kyle's life became a blockbuster film "american sniper." punched, kicked, and stiffed as well. police hope you can help solve a crime against a san francisco cab driver. it happened on valentine's day. but the video just released last night. the driver picked up a man in san francisco and dropped him off in daly city. police say the passenger got out of the cab and then refused to pay. when the driver confronted him,
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the suspect punched and kicked the driver and then took off. you won't see police drones flying around berkley any time soon. last night, the city council placed a one-year moratorium on drone use by the berkley police department. it gives the council time to write up the policy for officers. >> the issue is government use of drones and the potential misuse of drones to invade the privacy of the public, especially in terms of surveillance. >> it's going to be harder to regulate drones once the sky is more cluttered with them. there will be more soon. this is the perfect opportunity. >> berkley is one of many bay area cities debating eyes in the sky. the san jose police department grounded its cameras when people expressed privacy concerns. clear skies outside right now at 6:07, as we check your microclimate forecast. a live picture of san jose. the temperatures have dipped. mother nature's trying to toughen us up. >> with the clouds in the distance, certainly not going to keep you warm this morning.
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better toughen up. >> i'm in the presence of some wonderful women. oh wait, i get that every morning. >> aw. >> it just seminates. >> you're so gd to ood to us, s. we have temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s. and it is cold out there. but temperatures will rebound nicely today. some cities climbing a good 30, 35 degrees. so very different parts to the day. temperatures in the 60s, low 60s at that as of lunchtime. as you brace for lunch, 51 on the peninsula and 61 degrees in san francisco. getting out there later on today should be really nice for you. 66 on the east shore. and 70 degrees in the north bay. meanwhile, 68 degrees in the south bay, as high temperatures come in. at about 3:00, the warm afternoon sunshine coming your way. tomorrow is beginning to be a touch warmer, but you will notice those clouds increasing substantially. as we head throughout the second half of your thursday.
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so if you want that vitamin d, that sunshine, today is your day to get out there. as we head throughout friday to saturday, cool, damp conditions will prevail for much of the weekend. but sunday does look pretty good for your outdoor plans. i want to kind of give you an idea of what to expect. temperatures nearly uniform for saturday and sunday. the only thing is you won't be dodging showers if you want to get out there on sunday. but here's an indoor event for you. saturday, beautiful conditions at the oakland asian cultural center. it will be a little bit showery as you try to make your way out there. this is just one of many free events happening across the bay area, and it should be a good one. we'll have more of those coming up for you as we head throughout the morning. as promised, that tahoe report on the way next. right now want to check your drive with mike inouye. >> looking forward to what the folks in tahoe have to say. we're looking at the flow of the
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hov drivers. also west 580, a little slow off the 24, because of that traditional build. reports of a crash and a lot of debris. seven or eight vehicles reportedly pulled over initially over westbound 580, just past highway 13's office ramp. reports of a big rig in the center divide and maybe some metal pipes. might have fallen off to cause a couple flat tires. given that amount of activity, the buildup has been a little slow for that approach, so we're watching that area as well. a smooth drive for southbound 680. as we're moving up from the tri-valley, toward the hayward area as well.
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head southbound. a smooth drive across the san mateo and the dunbarton bridges. we have southbound 101, looks like all the activity might have lessened from the shoulder. north of 680, traditional pattern there, and the north bay. you have your traditional build. no major concern. we just have a slower drive. >> perhaps enjoying the views. >> perhaps. >> lovely. still ahead, a new recall to tell you about. >> and some big news that's going to affect lots of spouses who are stuck at home. we'll take a look coming up. and a live look, that's what mike and laura were just talking about. great way to kick start your day. the bay bridge at 6:11. we'll be right back after this.
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your chances of an incident are doubled. i'm tracking a crash approaching 580 as well. we'll give you an update coming up. only the mother was found
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last night. >> a judge could set a trial date. he has pleaded not guilty to charges that he kidnapped and killed the 15-year-old in morgan hill three years ago. >> southwest airlines expects to cancel another 19 flights today because some planes missed an inspection. five of those flights are tied to oakland international. check your ceiling fan, but a suggestion when you do, be careful. a popular model is being recalled because part of it could fall on your head. fanimation is recalling ceiling fans after reports of them falling. the company wants to keep it this way. menlo park could be paying for a luxury boutique downtown.
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>> at santa clara county, here comes the stingray. despite plenty of opposition, the santa clara county board of supervisors approved of buying the high-tech tracking device for deputies. critics are concerned about privacy rights. >> it will only use the new stingray with a warrant. >> the department says it will always get a warrant, but that's in an emergency. the bigger question is whether law enforcement needs a warrant at all. whether they say they need one or not. the fbi uses stingrays and it has said in court it does not
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believe it needs warrants the use them. they fool your phone into connecting to it instead of a verizon or an at&t cell phone tower. the fbi argues they own the stingray and use it in a public space, that does not require a warrant. exciting news for thousands of thousands of people in silicon valley stuck at home with no legal way to go to work. the feds are changing work permit laws for spouses of h1p visa holders. silicon valley has tens of thousands of people here on these visas. these are the high-skilled workers, the engineers, that kind of thing. they're sponsored by their employer and allowed to work under u.s. law. but these workers tend to have families and they're often married to people who have great jobs back home. nurses, doctors, teachers, artists. they can't work in america because they have a spousal visa. tuesday, the obama
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administration announced those spouses who are here under h4 will be allowed to work even before they get a green card. 179,000 people are going to get work permits. many of them right here in the bay area. here you see the rules. there you saw the rules. the new rule takes effect in may. you have to be legal, married to an h1 visa holder and be in the process of applying for a green card. i spoke to a woman on the phone, her husband is an engineer. the rule change came as a huge relief because she could finally see her new identity in her new country. in your old country, you were this important person doing this amazing thing. your spouse gets a great job. you come to america and all of a sudden you can't do it. >> yeah. >> so it helps those families to integrate. >> sure. but it also would attract top talent or continue to knowing they can now bring their whole families. >> exactly. the families can come under an
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h4 visa, they're just not allowed to work. >> and that makes it tough. got to make a living. >> our christina loren pulling a double-shift, working the opening night of san jose's cinequest festival. she teases us about the dress. there it is. she was there to introduce the opening night film "batkid begins." the film was a huge hit. >> it will definitely put a smile on your face. with the oscars, we anticipate what's going to be worn, and for you, too. >> just so happy to be out there. laura was out there. >> i was in the crowd, though. i was a wall flower. >> she walked the red carpet. maybe you had your mind on cinequest. maybe you want to head to tahoe. bring those chains with you. you can see here for the next
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couple days, staying mostly dry out there. this is your tahoe snow report. and right now, it's not that great, but things are kind of changing and turning around for us as we get into the next couple weeks, which is really good news. still up 38 inches at the base. squaw valley, alpine meadows, and look at this. 34 trails open at squaw. 28 open at alpine. and more on the way. so bring those chains with you. you always want to be prepared for anything. it's actually a great weekend to head up to tahoe. i want to give you a progress report as to where we stand. right now, we're actually at 93% for the year of average in san francisco. obviously we're coming off of three drought years and our population continues to grow here in the state of california. we have a lot more digging out to do. but our reservoirs are looking okay as well. northern california average,
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84%. and snow pack is what we really need because once we start to see all that water in the reservoirs go, this is usually our released reservoir. the snow pack in the central sierra and northern sierra, it melts and replenishes our reservoirs in the late spring and summer months. that's what we need and there is more on the way. first, i want to take you through the forecast for this wednesday. 51 degrees in san francisco right now. at noon, temps in the low 60s. and here we go. area of low pressure comes through, starting tomorrow, clouds increase. and we get some light shower activity as we head throughout friday into saturday. so really, such great news about this system is it's going to be coming through during the coldest hours of the morning. and so for tahoe, that means snow levels will be able to drop to 5,500 feet, just above lake level. as we head throughout next tuesday, looks like we have a better chance for snow.
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we're looking really, really good for rain here in the bay area as well. if you were born in 2015, 2003, 1979, 1967 and 1955, you'll save $17 on admission if you were born in any of the years. sunday looks nice and dry. have you been out there before? >> yeah, we love it. the thing with the year of the sheep is they know plus or minus 12 years how old you are. in the oakland area, they have a wonderful zoo as well. flashing lights over off the shoulder. not a lot of slowing. on our map, we're talking about 880 just north of the coliseum. westbound 580.
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the real build is over here toward the maze off 24. here at the east shore freeway, still holding steady. we're looking at the north bay, some clouds in nevada. over in the tri-valley and the east bay, here's hayward. that's union city. a slower drive. same thing for southbound 680. it looks a little heavy. no problems here. just on the approach toward university. out of the lanes completely.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> let's talk a little football. the raiders and the chargers are talking about a joint stadium in carson, california. the rams are also moving forward with a possible stadium in another part of the l.a. area. late last night, they voted to fast track a stadium for the rams. that means the $2 billion plan will not need a public vote for a long environmental review. the stadium would be built at the site of the old hollywood park racetrack. >> it is 6:26. still ahead, the opening bell just minutes away. scott mcgrew joins us next with an early look. a muslim woman takes her case against abercrombie to the supreme court. beautiful bay bridge this
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morning. christina has a look at our forecast. mike keeping tabs on the morning commute. ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody deserves $73 fares. because wedding season can get expensive. book your low fare now at
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my scarecrow has wooden teeth... and his clothes have tubes on them. and that's dorothy. she looks like me. everyone has a favorite movie. now people with visual disabilities... can find theirs. introducing the first talking guide. from xfinity. a chp chase ends in a crash. several suspects taken away in handcuffs. >> and a cold start. a nice, warm sunny finish to the day. but we have a big-time pattern change coming your way within the next 24 to 36 hours. all the details in your microclimate forecast.
6:30 am
and much sooner than that, you'll see slowing on the peninsula. >> dow hit new records yesterday. looks like we'll have a bit of a slow start as we take a live look at the nyse. we take you over to the nasdaq as well. look at the party happening on the toll plaza. this is "today in the bay." >> from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." a very good morning. i'm sam brock. thank you for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we continue to follow breaking news in the east bay. the chp on the scene after a chase and crash that ended overnight in martinez. officers there on the scene tell nbc bay area the pursuit started just before 3:00 this morning in fairfield and ended up
6:31 am
southbound 680 near arthur road. the people inside when it crashed ran from the scene. the fourth person has been located and nobody was hurt. stephanie chuang is heading there and live updates and more information in about the next 15 minutes. tracie potts is live in washington, d.c. lawyers for eddie ray routh are promising to appeal. >> but now they have to deal with his sentence, life without parole. which the judge announced immediately after that jury verdict. it took them less than three hours to come up with that guilty verdict. they had a few options, including not guilty by reason of insanity. the defense argued he was psychotic in 2013 when eddie ray routh admittedly shot chris kyle
6:32 am
and his friend. his wife was not in the courtroom at the time the verdict was read. she was there shortly before. she told them before the verdict that it was horrifying sitting there day after day, listening to the details of this trial. also we heard reaction from chad littlefield's mother who says that in two years, they finally got justice. what the grounds for that appeal will be. >> thank you very much. let's see what's going on outside right now. check of your microclimate forecast. that, of course, the san jose skyline. and a beautiful start to your day. >> a cool start to our day, but things will warm up later. >> oh, yes. warmest day of the week in some parts of the bay area. pars of the immediate coast and
6:33 am
of course, around the bay. and then tomorrow, it will be just about the same, only not as sunny as clouds increase. overall looking pretty good. a little something for everybody over the course of the next four days. 41 degrees in san jose right now. we're at 46 in oakland. across the bridge, you're at 51 degrees. temperatures are beginning to be really, really face today. you want to get outdoors, and yeah, things changing as of tomorrow. maybe you want to do a little sunbat sunbathing. spring is just around the corner. now we kick offspring officially on the 20th of march, so less than a month away. at lunchtime, about 62 degrees in the tri-valley. rounding out the day at 69. highs come in at about 3:00. 68 degrees, not a bad day for us here in the south bay. things start to change, like i said, as we head throughout your thursday, but it will be just about as warm.
6:34 am
we're going to clear you out just in time for sunday and we love to tell you about all the events that are free for you and the family for the weekend. the asian art museum has free admission day in san francisco on sunday and temperatures will be a little on the cool side, but it will be really nice out there. also, free first sunday admission at the oakland museum. head across the bridge. temperatures a 58 degrees, 61 at noon. we'll tell you what else is going on, but a closer look at those showers in the next report. right now want to check your drive. >> we're talking about traffic building, of course, but also a little extra slowing. we have a little extra slowing from 580 as traffic flows smoother now. no reports of anything, but we'll track that. that would be a bad spot. we're also looking at general
6:35 am
trends south 680 and also southbound 880. basically coming off of 580, built in towards fremont. as we look towards napa, we're also showing you the only incident on our map. we'll zoom in toward the live shot. no problems there. a look at san jose. a live look outside there shows you the volume just beginning. this slowdown will hit. that's are our camera is located. the build generally happening in san jose and moving up toward
6:36 am
the rest. >> the markets have been open for a couple of minutes. >> we sure started the day very well. the dow industrial started this morning at a new record. let's check your big board. the nasdaq is down two. apple down slightly this morning. it would appear the fcc is going to vote on net neutrality. they don't have the votes to stop it. republicans aren't against net neutrality per se, they just don't like the way the obama administration is going about it. but the full commission will vote tomorrow. >> which is such a weird aberration, because usually the republicans are right in line. still ahead, an investigative unit reportedly with a critical change at the postal service.
6:37 am
how it could actually help save lives. a live look right now, this from the mountain tops. it is going to be a great day, as christina loren would say, a bay area stunner. much more on that after this break. we live in a pick and choose world.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> the supreme court will renew arguments this morning.
6:40 am
a woman says she was recommended for the hiring only to lose the job because of her hijab. abercrombie cited its look policy. the case today looks at what steps an employer must take to accommodate the religious beliefs of an employee. a critical change to the 911 policy in the postal service, triggered by an investigative unit series of reports. in november, we told you the story of this man. co-workers found him laying on the ground bleeding from his head. no one saw what happened but dispatch records show up to 50 minutes may have passed before anyone called 911. the policy of the oakland facility said only postal police are to initiate the 911 procedure. now it says in an emergency, anyone should immediately call 911. >> if we see a problem, we can deal with it ourselves, we can react as soon as possible. so i was very happy when i saw
6:41 am
that. >> tonight, what the usps is saying about the changes and why employees feel the agency should do more. we investigate tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, call us at 888-996-tips or e-mail us at when we come back, an update to breaking news in the east bay. how the bay area is joining in the search to bring a little baby home. and fliers beware. your flight could be cancelled for today and it has nothing to do with the weather. take a live look outside. christina will have a look at the forecast. 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic, and weather after this break.
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now, 15 minutes of continue noose news, weather, and traffic on "today in the bay." several law enforcement agencies from the bay area are joining the search for a baby. little justice reese is just 27 days old. at one point, the by's mother was also missing, but justice is nowhere to be found. >> reporter: 23-year-old samantha green reportedly told authorities that she and her son was kidnapped on monday. she was hysterical and searchers found her along the sacramento river yesterday afternoon. but as you mentioned, her newborn son nowhere to be seen. we are expecting an update in about 15 minutes, but i can tell you investigators are helping in
6:45 am
the search. he and his mother were reported missing on monday. the 27-day-old baby is still missing. her condition is not known this morning. the sheriff's department spokesperson says a citizen along the sacramento canal about 15 miles from woodland where she and the baby were reported missing. >> just concentrating our efforts in this location. we're attempting to put all our concentrated efforts in this location. >> marin county is lending searchers and dogs to that effort. right now, investigators say they are searching for some of the same areas twice.
6:46 am
again, we expect an update from the command center around 7:00 this morning and i can tell you we are not the only ones hoping for good news about that baby. >> most definitely. look at that little face. a baby. my goodness, they need so much care. thank you, kris. >> time to look at your microclimate forecast. that is the bay bridge from emeryville. >> a little hazy out there to start the day. this is going to be the longest day of the week? >> yeah, especially at the coast and around the inner bay and a lot more sunshine than what we're expecting. things will slowly change as that area of low pressure gets closer and closer to it. time now is 6:46, and really pretty sunrise shaping up for us in the south bay. remember, we spring forward as of march 8th. hard to believe this is the final week of february. but as you know, february 28 days this year. for the first week or two of march, we keep rain chances in
6:47 am
the forecast. what a pretty, pretty start to the day here. temperatures are chilly. 51 degrees in san francisco. just two degrees above freezing there. we're at 41 degrees. here in the south bay, we'll be in the low 60s by lunchtime. beautiful day in wine country. 70 degrees for you. chilly morning. warm afternoon sunshine. but a 30-degree temperature stretch. it's between right now and the heat of the day, which is at tl 3:00 and that is a rapid warm-up. if you want to get outdoors, go for a jog, walk your dog, spectacular conditions. tomorrow, the clouds will increase. a little bit of drizzle on the way for thursday night. and then cool and damp friday into the first part of the weekend, with showers moving
6:48 am
through. if you suffer from the allergies of the season, pine, alder, ash, juniper, we should see the pollen levels drop off, so that's some really welcome news for a lot of people. as we take it to your future cast, we're expecting some light showers. a little bit down here in the south bay. that will continue until about 12:00. and then things will start to improve for second half of friday. we'll get another wave of moisture as we head throughout saturday into the weekend. the system has a very unusual track associated with it. not everybody is going to see moderate rainfall. but we'll get a little bit of drizzle, overcast sky, much cooler temperatures out of this area of low pressure. 61 degrees, down from 70 on thursday. 70 degrees on thursday, dropping to 61 on friday. mid 60s and the sunshine returning for sunday, but just for a couple days. more rain on the way tuesday into wednesday of next week. and you'll notice that on the seven-day forecast, scrolling right here at the bottom of your screen. no windshield wipers today, but
6:49 am
probably having to use those as we wake up and meet back here friday morning. >> all right. i also still have to wash that big coast of dust off my car. a typical pattern for the south bay. now moving up to the silicon valley, typical pattern. an unusual backup. it's a pretty typical pattern. there you go, 680 and 880. took a couple of seconds to clear. but it has moved. north of the san mateo bridge,
6:50 am
things are moving smoothly. the peninsula 101 is a typical build. a nice drive toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we do have a crash west 80 around hill top. this one quickly moved to the shoulder. a little slowing there. we'll give you the live look to show you the volume is typical. what you'd expect to see. a drive down toward the south and the golden gate bridge. new details this morning, investigators say the driver of the truck of the metro link train crash in southern california wasn't stuck on the tracks, he was driving on them. >> nbc's miguel almaguer is live in oxnard with the latest from federal investigators. good morning, miguel. >> reporter: hey, guys, good morning. the national transportation and safety board did arrive overnight. in the wreckage, they have recovered the video and audio
6:51 am
recordings aboard that train, essentially the train's black boxes. those are being sent to washington, d.c. to be analyzed. as you mentioned, the truck driver has been held in custody. he was charged on felony hit-and-run and held on $150,000 bail. investigators believe he simply drove the wrong way down these tracks when the train made contact with his truck. dozens of people here were injured. the incident is a felony because this driver simply fled the scene. we'll have much more on that and the latest on the investigation, coming up, guys. >> all right, miguel almaguer for us. thank you very much. developing right now, if you're traveling today, a handful of bay area's southwest flights are canceled this morning. the airline did not inspect some of its trains. >> bob redell live this morning in san jose international airport. the faa did allow southwest to use these planes for a period of time, on one condition.
6:52 am
>> and that condition, sam and laura, is they get those inspections down within the next five days. southwest airlines hoping to have those inspections done by this morning. clearly they're not yet. yes, all the flights are on time here at norman international here in san jose. there's a bunch of passengers here this morning lined up. but over at sfo, we know there are two flights that are canceled and oakland international flight's canceled. we know at least five of those are related to the delayed inspections. yesterday, the texas-based airline grounded 128 of its airplanes. it's about a fifth of its fleet. this is because they failed to perform required inspections on the backup rutter system. a mistake that the airline caught by itself. southwest ended up cancelling about 80 flights nationwide yesterday. not clear how many of those were between airports here this the bay area and elsewhere. but even with this extension from the faa, the airline does expect to have most of these
6:53 am
inspections completed by this morning. >> i mean, it's human error, but obviously you want to have everybody's safety. >> seems like an oversight. they're probably going to fix it within their company. so we're good with it. >> a retired american airlines parent pilot tells nbc bay area that if southwest had not discovered this, that if it had been the faa instead, the airline could have faced a hefty fine. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thank you, bob. happening today, a judge will consider setting a trial date. he has pleaded not guilty to charges he kidnapped and killed the 15-year-old in 2012. investigators say they found him on the ropes inside the trunk of torres's car and his dna showed up on her clothing. her body still has not been
6:54 am
found. punched, kicked, and then stiffed. police hope you can help them solve a crime against the san francisco cab driver. that attack was caught on camera. it happened on valentine's day. police say the passenger got out of the cab and refused to pay his fare. the driver con fronted him, the suspect kicked and punched the cab driver and took off. high speed police chase ends in a car crash in the east bay and authorities quickly move in for arrest. stephanie chuang live now from the scene. deputies just arrested a fourth and final suspect here. >> good morning, sam. the thought is that this may be the fourth and final suspect. he's been detained. he's here where the focus is. there's a man, he's hooded, he's
6:55 am
waiting with both sheriff's deputies as well as the police officers. this happened just minutes ago when the homeowner reported to police that he or she woke up face to face with a stranger and intruder. a car, a cadillac sedan, was off of 680, arthur road. the woman came out with her hands up. 20 minutes later, the chp got involved. and around 3:00 in the morning is when that crash happened. people who were inside did take off. some of them did. authorities caught and arrested tl three people pretty immediately, but the question is is this man who was detained the fourth person. who are these people, where are they from.
6:56 am
chp says it and other officials will be answering these questions at a press conference at around 7:30 here in martinez. that's the latest. we'll keep you updated with the latest. stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> appreciate that. thank you very much, stephanie. we knew anthem was hacked, but now we know how many customers were exposed. >> it was a lot. 79 million people. >> at least, dan. anthem now says there may be other customers with blue cross blue shield who might have also been hacked. the insurer says no medical records or credit card numbers were lost. the bad guys did get names, birthdays, and social security numbers. those are keys to future identity theft. the target hack, you remember that one? still the largest. but anthem comes close. it's day two for ellen powell and her lawsuit against cliner perkins. it alleges she was discriminated
6:57 am
against because she's a woman and harassed after she had an affair with a married co-worker. janet yellen will talk to the house today. she briefed the senate yesterday on the economy, hinting that interest rates will rise, but no time soon. that's a little bit of good, a little bit of bad. >> a little bit of unknown there for sure. final check of the day's top stories for you. searchers from the bay area are headed to the sacramento area to help look for a missing baby on the right. the boy and his mother disappeared on monday, but only the mother was found last night. southwest airlines expects to cancel another 19 flights today and we're tracking that number. five of those canceled flights are tied to oakland international. a crash this morning in martinez. four people inside the suv ran from the scene. officers believe all four are in custody. three arrested, one detained.
6:58 am
>> we'll bring you updates. right now in the northeast, one creative gentleman is packaging snow and sending it out here. >> yeah. i wouldn't buy into it. >> did you see that halo behind laura garcia-cannon? coincidence? i think not. as we get into your afternoon, we'll be in the low 60s. 63 degrees at lunchtime. up to 70 in the east bay. gorgeous conditions on the way. >> i'm trying to test. >> we'll learn about the bay bridge. >> that is a nice flow. typical backup here. it's not the approach that's the problem. it's the problem here in the upper east shore. there's a secondary crash. the pickup truck may be off the
6:59 am
wheel a little bit. but a big distraction. i'll check that report for you. there's the san mateo bridge. we see the typical pattern. and now moving over to the peninsula for southbound 101. >> this is just a great, heartwarming story. rolled out the red carpet last night, batkid returns. >> last night the documentary played at the california theatre in downtown san jose. it's called "batkid begins." it also takes you behind the scenes of that really famous day in san francisco. hans zimmer, the composer of the recent "dark knight" series composed music for the film. it opened the cinequest film festival. it was a fantastic film, documentary. >> about 1,100 people were able
7:00 am
to watch that last night. a select few. i'm schauer they enjoyed that thoroughly. the lamborghini also. life in prison. a guilty verdict at the "american sniper" trial. the man who killed chris kyle and chad littlefield. littlefield's mother emotional after the jury's decision. >> we waited two years for god to get justice for us on behalf of our son. >> this morning the littlefield family joins us for an exclusive live interview. why was he on the tracks? the driver accused of causing that train derailment in oxnard now facing criminal charges. we're live at the scene with what the suspect's lawyer is saying about the crash. >> explo.


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