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tv   Today  NBC  January 24, 2015 5:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. snow bound. a fast moving nor'easter making its way up the east coast. the biggest snowstorm of the season. we are live on the roads as drivers battle the elements. delay of game. the nfl breaks its silence confirming the new england patriots used deflated footballs during the playoff game against the colts. the league hiring a powerful new york attorney to lead the investigation. how much of a shadow will this cast over the nfl and impact tom brady's image? and republican hopefuls gathering in iowa this morning to mark the campaign season.
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among them sarah palin, who says she is ready to throw her hat in the ring. and remembering mr. cub. baseball fans in mourning with the death of ernie banks. we will look back at his life today, saturday january 24th 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with lester holt and erica hill. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. i'm lester holt. >> i'm erica hill alongside sheinelle jones and dylan dreyer. tough news overnight. you spent a long time in chicago. >> he is mr. cub. ernie banks. we woke up to the news overnight. what an incredible optimistic guy. i had a chance to meet him. he had the enthusiasm.
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the chicago sun times with let's play two. that got the fans to go to the wrigley field. >> i was rushing around and started reading articles about him. every word approachable and optimistic and all the positive words. >> he got the medal of freedom from president obama. let's get to the top story. the huge storm making a big mess on the roads for anyone out there driving. that includes our crew out in new jersey right now. we will check in with them in a moment. dylan has the latest. >> good morning. the roads not looking good. it is not just the snow but always dangerous ice for treacherous road conditions. in some areas, it won't let up until the end of the day. early this morning, a winter wonderland across the northeast. snow plows in the wee hours in new jersey. roads in philadelphia covered with snow. in new york city cars blanketed as well.
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northeast residents have been posting pictures of it all on social media. earlier this week the biggest winter storm of the year so far blanketed new mexico and texas. in amarillo it piled up in a matter of hours as you can see in the time-lapse video. an extraordinary 14 inches in the past few days. amarillo has seen more snow this month than parts of alaska. pouring rain in biloxi. in the carolinas, colder temperatures turned rain to ice. coating windshields and streets. >> everybody drives too fast. >> causing travel headaches and closing roads to the virginia state line. a lot of the snow in new jersey fell overnight. it is making an absolute mess of the roads. you have to be careful driving in it. that is actually where we find kristen dahlgren driving through the roads in northern new
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jersey. >> reporter: good morning, dylan. this storm affecting 50 million people. we are out here so you don't have to be. it really is a mess out here. you can see our point of view. i'm driving here and we are on one of the secondary roads. maybe it has been plowed once overnight. about 3 to 4 inches of snow fell here overnight. it is still a mess out here. it has now -- >> i have been in those driving shots before. sometimes that signal just breaks down. there are so many moving pieces. kristen is in new jersey where the snow had fallen early in the wee hours. the snow is moving up to new england. we are getting a break. also transitioning over to rain across new jersey. that is the trend. a fast moving storm. on the back side the snow will linger across northern connecticut and central and northeastern massachusetts
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before it pulls away overnight. we have still looking at additional snowfall, especially through new england. we will see some pockets of 6 to 9 inches. the 3 to 6 in new jersey is on the ground. same for southern new york as well. as we go into sunday and monday the clipper system will race through the midwest and track into the mid-atlantic. especially into early monday morning. as much as 3 to 6 inches of snow is possible in some spots, but it is more of a messy monday morning commute in the d.c. area with 1 to 3 inches. in the darker shades here in the higher elevations in west virginia and maryland that is where we could end up with 3 to 6 inches. it is not that much but monday morning commute that seems to take the hit. >> the timing. it really has a big impact. thanks. we will get more later. turning to deflate-gate. on friday the nfl breaking its silence confirming in a press release that the balls used in the first half of the patriots/colts game were under
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inflated. as for that how happened, the league is investigating. nbc's ron mott is in foxborough massachusetts this morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. a lot are calling to end deflate-gate before the super bowl which is a week from tomorrow. if you read the statement from the nfl, this may go on longer before the saga is over. >> you know i didn't alter the ball. >> reporter: quarterback tom brady and bill belichick said their peace and roger goodell is pressed to weigh in before the super bowl. in a statement on friday breaking its days long silence, the nfl said nearly 40 people had been interviewed with more to go and the investigation is ongoing. it will be thorough and objective and pursued ex-pe dish yusly. in other words, hinting no clear end in sight. >> good chance we will not have definitive answers until the patriots face the seahawks.
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>> is tom brady a cheater? >> i don't believe so. >> reporter: this comes a day after the dual news conferences. some say this is less of a believable involvement. and bill belichick's short answers following the opening statement in which he denied the involvement in how the balls were deflated. >> i don't have an explanation. i told you all i can tell you from my point of view. >> reporter: the nfl says both teams footballs were within league specs before the game. brady said he cannot explain. >> he professed to have no knowledge of what happened to the balls. i think most people probably found that that stretched credibility. >> reporter: his defensive tackle matt light had his back on the field. he spoke out. >> he doesn't have any record of doing anything to lead people to
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believe he would pull off a stunt like this. this is one of the most ridiculous things. >> reporter: the team is fully cooperating with the nfl and prepared to play the seahawks. they will be back for practice and off to arizona on monday after the sendoff in downtown boston. >> ron mott thank you. what does this mean for the nfl as a whole? bob ryan covered the patriots for a decade and he is the author of "scribe." we have steve who is an expert on branding. bob, let's start with you. the under inflated ball gives an advantage, but not enough for a win. this was a win that went beyond the ball. why so much hatred to this team? >> this would not be a story. this would have been rectified by monday afternoon by lunchtime were it one of the other 32
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teams in the league. this is the ongoing shenanigans of the new england patriots. no other team would be subjected to this scrutiny. that is the story here. the transgression was minor. nothing happened. the under inflated football was not flown as well as the inflated football in the second half by tom brady. this would have been brushed aside as oops we are sorry. okay be good boys. this is the patriots. this is all about one man. bill belichick's reputation. >> let's talk about those two news conferences. the one he held and brady held in which there were all these denial denials. in your experience in sports would these footballs be deflated without the knowledge of the quarterback using them? >> it is highly doubtful as every quarterback interviewed active or retired to weigh in
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and skeptical of brady's explanation. we know no more than 48 hours ago. it is doubtful. it is hard to believe that bill belichick is ignorant about game day football preparation and it is hard to believe that tom brady wasn't involved in some way. it is hard to believe. >> steve, a lot of people are having trouble believing that. what does that do to brady's image? >> it is devastating. this is a guy who some people call the derek jeter of football. you can forget about that. derek jeter would not stand out there for 30 minutes. why is he there for 30 minutes? no one pulls him? 61 questions in 30 minutes. belichick was smart enough for a few minutes and few questions. >> we are talking about a deflated ball. weeks ago, we were talking about domestic abuse in the nfl. this is a big gap. >> the nfl brand's on the line. i'm glad they brought in ted
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wells to investigate. we will find out. it is no longer about football. it is about the integrity of the guy who is the brand of the nfl. tom brady. you don't stand there for a half hour and imply. yes, i like the balls at a certain weight but you know after that i have no idea what goes on. he implied an equipment manager actually did it. he didn't say it. he implied it. he would have nothing to do with that. the problem is it is about responsibility and leadership and lack of being a leader and responsible. it sends a terrible message to kids. i think this hurt tom brady's reputation in a serious way. i believe he will have to say, i did know certain things. if i didn't direct these people to do it with the equipment managers. they thought that is what i wanted. he owned nothing for a half hour to do that. he hurt himself. by the way, when did the nfl quarterback throw another quarterback under the bus? that never happens.
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>> steve and bob, thanks to both of you taking part in the conversation. new this morning, president obama is cutting short a trip to india. sheinelle is following that story from overnight. >> good morning. president obama heads overseas this morning, but there has been a last-minute change in plans. he is going to india, but make a side trip to pay respects to the ally in saudi arabia. we have nbc correspondent kristen welker live at the white house. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. the white house made the announcement that president obama will cut the trip to india short and travel to saudi arabia. the president is expected to meet with the new king salman on tuesday. joe biden was initially slated to lead the delegation. in the press statement, josh earnest stated as the president and vice president travel schedules were clear, we determined the window would be on the ground in saudi arabia. accordingly, we adjusted the schedule.
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the president will meet with king salman and other officials and offer condolences on the american people. it is uncommon to cut the trip short, but the decision was made because saudi arabia was a close ally to america in the region and key in the fight against isis. the change means the president will skip plans to visit the taj mahal in india, but still hold talk was the prime minister. sheinelle. >> thank you. mr. cub ernie banks has died. baseball hall of famer was 83. no cause of the death was given. banks was beloved in chicago where he spent his 19--year career there. he was an exceptional player with 500 home runs and made 14 all-star teams. he was known all over baseball for the positive attitude. especially playing on so many losing teams. and his phrase of let's play
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two. to marines killed in a helicopter operation in palms california on friday afternoon. the commanding officer has not released their names, but says quote, our hearts go out to the families and friends to the marines lost in the accident. japan today says it will not give up on two hostages held by isis. the deadline for the beheading has come and gone. the militants are demanding $200 million in ransom for the two men. the same amount japan promised to fight the terror group. an american woman will serve time for her involvement. 19-year-old shannon conley boarded a flight to hope to get her to syria. she planned to marry an extremist. she was sentenced to four years on friday. a big victory for same-sex marriage in alabama. a federal judge shut down the ban on the marriage friday.
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and talk about having a hot hand. hand. klay thompson poured in 37 points in a single quarter of play against sacramento. both benches stood amazed as klay hit shot after shot. golden state won the game 122-101. guys he had a good day. >> that is being in the zone. you just can't miss. >> good place. thank you. dylan is back with a broader check of the country's weather. hoping somebody can get sunshine. >> the middle of the country is seeing sunshine right now. it is a bit cool down in the 50s, but it is above average for this time of year. in the southwest, an area of high pressure in control. it is producing some stronger winds. the santa anas with the temperatures in the 70s. in the upper midwest, that is the next disturbance that will race through the midwest into sunday night and monday. in the meantime we are looking
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at this snowstorm. especially now moving up into new england where most of the heavy snow will fall for the good saturday morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. chilly but not bad, 40s and 50s across the entire bay area this morning. fog-free. and that's going to be the scenario today. get out and enjoy the weather. talking about 70s today for the bay area even at the coastlines. enjoy the beach today. 73 in the south bay. peninsula, at 71. tri-valley 73. san francisco, 71. even in the north bay mild, 76. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. the race for president is heating up. many of the biggest names in the republican party are in iowa for a high profile event today. among them chris christie and ted cruz and sarah palin.
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we have kelly o'donnell with more. >> reporter: good morning. devoted to take back the white house, they will look for the nominee here today. there will be more than two dozen republican names on the stage. there will be a crowd of more than 1,200 with tickets and another 1,000 people on the waiting list. here in iowa conservatives are gearing up for an all-day republican rally. >> we are heading into 2016. we are riding a wave. >> reporter: billed as the iowa freedom summit a potential of candidates. most popular with the tea party. ted cruz scott walker rick perry and sarah palin. asked by abc news on thursday if she might run. her answer? >> of course. >> reporter: but today is also a test for chris christie. he gets the gop establishment spotlight to himself. without jeb bush or mitt romney here to face iowa voters. >> governor christie of new
5:18 am
jersey is the best known candidate and the one who probably has the most to gain or lose. >> reporter: not in iowa this weekend. >> thank you all. >> reporter: but appearing very much in the game. >> i know you are on the fence. >> no i'm not. >> reporter: feeding the presidential buzz. >> i'm seriously considering the possibility of running. >> reporter: jeb bush answered questions friday night at the national automobile dealers association convention in san francisco. the former florida governor tried to take some of the mystery out of his private meeting thursday with mitt romney. >> it was a good conversation. i respect him a lot and consider him a friend. the awkward side of this about running, we put aside. >> reporter: and officials here expect to see jeb bush in iowa soon. no word if mitt romney is coming here. ted cruz is heading west to california where he will meet up
5:19 am
with rand paul and marco rubio at an event hosted by the koch brothers. >> kelly, thank you. pop superstar is in switzerland at the forum and he is worried about american students. nbc's keir simmons caught up with him. >> reporter: it is not what you expected to hear from >> the platform to find singers. no shortage of football players. but engineers. ♪ >> reporter: but the entertainer and co- founder of the black eyed peas says the young people are falling behind in a way that will surprise you. >> i'm going back to neighborhoods and ghettos starting with my own and telling these kids they should take an interest in technology so they know where its going. >> reporter: you may think your son or daughter is ahead of you
5:20 am
when it comes to using a smartphone like this but says the brain power in one of these is advancing than your children's intelligence. he brought his message, president of his foundation to switzerland where the rich and powerful have been gathering for winter meetings of the world economic forum. >> do you feel worried that the world is becoming more divided than the folks here more disconnected than the rest of the world? >> that is always the case. i know. i come from the projects. i never knew about this world summit when i was in the projects. >> reporter: knows style, of course but he was taken aback by the powers despite the cold and snow. but he says it is what today's kids are learning. not what they are wearing that he is focused on now. >> you want to have enormous
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success and dream down this path of technology. >> reporter: for "today," keir simmons, nbc news, switzerland. say it ain't so. >> the quirky products we have not seen. but first this is "today" on nbc.
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mike mike mike mike mike! >>mike mike mike mike mike. hey! he knows! hey! guess what day it is! hey! camel! guess what day it is! >>it's not even wednesday. let it go, phil. if you're a camel, you put up with this all the time. it's what you do. (sigh) if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. ok... ♪ i'm sure you have been there. you are sitting on a plane and you can't take the laptop out yet. you don't have wifi. there's sky mall waiting for you in the seat back pocket. not really anymore. >> the company has filed for bankruptcy. that means the products you love to read about might not be available anymore. sheinelle is in the orange room with more. >> you are right. the publication says the bankruptcy is due to the fact
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that lester, you said this now people can use their electronic gadgets during flights. they are browsing the web. not sky mall. if you looked in the catalog, you know how unique some of the products are. why not take a stroll down memory lane. let's look at the products. this is my favorite. the beard beanie. $19.95. lester, this is all you. next we have a sculpture king crab chair. $599. why not by the pool. this is the favorite. grim reaper tissue toilet. why not? a volkswagen camper tent. $499. this is my favorite. if you love pierogis. a pierogi ornament for $9.95. no surprise people are talking on twitter. some day i'll realize i need a life sized bust of lee narrowonardo.
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oh no sky mall is going bankrupt. now where will i get my bottle opening, flame throwing ipod throwing statues. sometimes i would be trembling from turbulence and i use you to calm that. you were my calm in the storm. you can use the #orangeroom. i will miss it lester and erica. >> how could you not? we are talking about our favorites. >> you are read the emergency exit guide. let's see,
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good saturday morning to you. live look outside in downtown san francisco. twinkling lights trans-america pyramid but no sign of the golden gate bridge saturday morning. thank you for joining us i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at your microclimate forecast. a very warm saturday. >> yeah like you say, you couldn't see the golden gate and it's because there's so much haze out there. unfortunately, the spare the air today, 21st spare the air day in the bay area. winter days but we have better news trying to hit the beach today. one of those days talking about 70s later this afternoon. we don't have fog but plenty of haze as we have stagnant air. notice temperatures not bad, upper 40s, for the most part
5:27 am
low to mid-50s, especially across the tri-valley and san francisco. san francisco today, 71 degrees. north bay, heading to wine country, bring a sweater with you. by the afternoon, let go of that talking about 76 there. even in the south bay, 73 degrees. >> wow. >> that is 15 degrees above average for this time of year. if you're thinking about the beach, santa cruz 75. so just have an idea that 17 going to the beach, going to be packed with cars. >> it's january. crazy. >> go figure. >> thanks. >> yeah. new this morning, we're getting our first look at man who shut down an entire strip mall with a bomb threat. police hope someone will recognize him from the video and photos and come forward with information. mountain view police want you to take a look at surveillance video. the man held up the 24-hour pharmacy walgreens december 11th, demanding oxycodone. he got away on a motorcycle
5:28 am
leaving a bomb behind. police shut down the strip mall for hours until the bomb squad could safely remove the package which turned out not to be a bomb. police think the same thief hit wall green and rite aid in morgan hills. >> could be addicted to pain medicine, a dealer. we're not sure the reason why somebody would do this. we know that he's using the same method feigning to have a bomb which, in all three, turned out to be not. >> pharmacies across the country frequently report oxycodone deaths as addicts and dealers look to source the drugs. sunnyvale, first, sounds of an explosion and a burglary interrupted. people near downtown reported a loud explosion around 8:00 last flight. turned out to be fireworks. at the same time police received a call about a home burglary two miles away on remmington drive and mary avenue. officers swarmed the
5:29 am
neighborhood closing off streets and searching for the burglar. >> this is not the typical friday night here remmington at all. the 20-plus years i've lived here, i think the worst thing we've had, speeders up and down the street. this is out of the ordinary. >> one person is under arrest in connection with the robbery. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," big stars shooting a big film in the bay area, where you can see them today. that, plus top stories at 7:00. back to the "today" show.
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yes, there it is. the scene none of us wants to be part of in real life. the classic from sam jackson's "snakes on a plane." that is a nightmare. while that may feel like an extreme situation, it turns out, you may find dangerous snakes in the cargo hold below. just ahead, we will show you why and how easy it is to buy a potentially deadly snake. jeff rossen will expose that black market. >> sam jackson had a line in that movie that i cannot say on television. outside studio 1a we have a mighty crowd enduring harsh
5:31 am
conditions. let's go with harsh. our crews have been driving in the conditions all morning. slow going on northern new jersey roads. if you have to head out in this part of the country, be careful. . ahead in this half hour do you remember marilyn hagerty? she made headlines when she reviewed the olive garden in her town. she is back weighing in on the golden arches. four of them in the town where she lives. she will have reviews. a candid conversation with jennifer aniston and what she would love reporters to stop asking her. we begin this half hour with a family inheritance battle going public. at stake is the ownership of the nfl and nba team. this after the current owner announced his plans to pass the team down to his current wife rather than on to his family as he originally planned.
5:32 am
nbc's janet shamlian has more. >> reporter: it is a family feud with the ownership of the saints in the balance. family members of 87-year-old current owner tom benson say he is incompetent. a lawsuit filed one day after he announced the change in the ownership. now saying the team will go to his third wife gale benson instead of his family. they released this statement. sadly the benson family was forced to take the action in the best interest of tom benson and his legacy and the multitude of pelicans and saints fans. benson also owns the nba pelicans. the suit portrays gale benson as a gold digger. claiming she keeps him heavily medicated and away from his family and feeding him a bizarre diet of candy, ice cream, sodas and red wine. >> it certainly is an uphill
5:33 am
battle in order to prove that tom benson did not have the capacity to execute a will. the family has to show that there is a mental disease. >> reporter: for years, benson has been grooming granddaughter rita to take over. she has become a face of the saints. she spoke to matt in 2013. >> i learned from my grandfather. >> reporter: the 38-year-old had been evicted from the office at saints headquarters while her billionaire grandfather released this statement. allegations regarding my mental health are completely meritless. the allegations are equally unfounded. a battle off the gridiron over the family of a sports dynasty. for "today," janet shamlian houston, nbc news. let's get a check of the forecast with dylan dreyer on the plaza. >> your poor signs are soaking
5:34 am
wet. where are you from? >> pennsylvania. >> you guys follow the snow out there too. there are a lot of people out on the plaza. thank you for being here in awful conditions. drizzle around here. snow up in the new england area. on the west coast, that is where we see our nicest weather. mild temperatures. 10 to 15 degrees above average. that looks nice. kansas city 22 degrees above average. in california it comes with some very dry winds. strong out of the east/northeast. santa anas will keep in in the 70s and 80s. watch out for the risk of fire danger. elsewhere across the country, the nor'easter in the northeast. more of a wind storm for cape cod in the massachusetts area. that is where we will also see most of our snow good morning. 5:34 the time now on saturday morning. we do have spare the air for today, unfortunately the south bay and north bay. the worst air quality. but we're talking about temperatures in the 70s later on
5:35 am
this afternoon. right now, not bad, clear across the entire bay, 40s and 50s. this afternoon 70s across the entire bay. 73 south bay. 71 peninsula, tri-valley 73. san francisco even at the beach, 71 degrees. warm spot today 76 north bay. and it may be raining in new york city, but kristen dahlgren is driving through the snowy conditions. >> reporter: good morning, dylan. we just went through andover, new jersey. look how beautiful it is. i'm telling you, watch it on tv. it really is slick out here. i'm doing a bit of the white knuckling here on the roadway. you can see it hasn't really been cleared off that well. it's pretty slow going out here. i have been driving for almost an hour now. i have driven through snow, i have driven through freezing
5:36 am
rain and rain. it is a mix between all of that. we have gotten about 3 to 4 inches of snow on the ground here. we have seen some plow trucks out. right where we are right now, the roads are pretty slick and hasn't been cleared off that well. we are headed north looking for snow headed to worcester, massachusetts. >> thanks kristen. as she gets closer to worcester, she will run into much more snow. back inside to erica. >> christinekristen is driving along. >> she has the snow. >> i cannot drive without music. still to come it looks like something out of animal house. the fraternity apologizing for trashing a resort. and how easy it is to meet the world's newest energy superpower. surprised? in fact, america is now the world's
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and you give... and then you give some more. but sometimes you get. and so you take. tylenol® cold is strong enough for you while children's tylenol® is gentle enough for them. we give you relief from your cold and flu. you give them everything you've got. tylenol®. this morning on "rossen reports" we are exposing the under world of black market snakes. despite the reptiles getting loose, snakes are sold to anyone with cash. our correspondent jeff rossen shows how easy it is. jeff good morning. >> good morning. maybe you are not afraid of snakes. either way, some of them are so
5:40 am
dangerous and deadly they can kill you with one bite and they have. why in the world are venomous snakes traded online like baseball cards. is it legal? we are going undercover to show what you may be lurking next door. we are at the reptile show. row after row of slithering surfaces out for sale. cobras rattlesnakes and stripers. venomous snakes that could kill you. look how easy it is to buy one. at this expo in pittsburgh watch how fast i get it. i pull out a few hundred bucks. he never asks for my name. right there, he hands me that flimsy plastic container with the snake inside. >> i just bought this cobra, this deadly venomous snake, no questions asked. i don't have a permit. i have no experience. this is perfectly legal. i can do whatever i want.
5:41 am
>> reporter: in fact while you need permits to own snakes in many snakes in many you don't. that can lead to trouble. >> dangerous albino cobra. >> reporter: months ago, this six foot cobra escaped in the l.a. suburb. this snake attacked the family dog. >> we shut all the doors and windows. we have been inside. >> reporter: the missing cobra was captured by animal control and the dog survived. with deadly snakes it doesn't always end well and they can do more than just bite. >> a snake. we have a burmese python. 12-foot long. she got out of the gate and got into the baby crib and strangled her to death. >> reporter: despite all that the internet is crawling with ads. offering to sell lethal rattlesnakes and cobras. we found some sellers wanted proof of permits, others did not
5:42 am
care. agreeing to sell cobras like this and get this they ship them to you on commercial airlines. >> no one has any idea. >> reporter: the cobra we bought was packed in the wooden box and sent on a delta passenger plane. i booked a seat. >> you heard of the movie "snakes on a plane." there is literally a snake on this plane right now. i bet none of the passengers has an idea there is a venomous cobra in the cargo hold under our feet. although i think -- did you have any idea that they transport snakes on these an planes? >> no idea. >> reporter: delta says she follow all regulations when shipping animals. when we landed we called in tom hudak, a snake expert. >> how dangerous is this snake? >> this is a smaller snake, but
5:43 am
a locked and loaded cobra. >> reporter: if you think that is creepy i went back online and it was just as easy to buy an adult cobra. even behind this safety glass, it's scary. it was barely out of the box before it tried to attack. does anyone without experience in snakes have any business with a cobra like this? >> you tell me? >> reporter: that would be a no. >> no. >> reporter: what needs to change? >> laws need to be enacted where people need to prove they have apprenticed with someone and have the proper skills to work with animals like this. >> reporter: there are plenty of snake sellers online doing the right thing. the problem is all it takes is one to sell a snake to someone who doesn't know how to contain it and you have a dangerous situation in any neighborhood or anywhere. as we saw, there are plenty of bad apples. the snake i bought at the expo and online i returned it and we
5:44 am
gave it to our expert. now back to you. >> why can't people get a puppy or kitten? >> they thought they sent all the snakes back. they didn't. >> no no no! don't think about it! >> kidding. >> you both jumped. >> i knew they were fake. >> they are fake? >> they are. >> they're fake. >> i thought it was supposed to be lester. >> i have snakes too. >> did you just prank yourself? >> i feel bad. the poor man hates snakes. all we do is bring snakes to him. i feel terrible. it is called karma. i'm sorry. >> it's not like i'm afraid of elevators or flying or walking down the street. >> i'm with you. >> i wasn't ready for that. >> i would add you have bugs and
5:45 am
creepy crawly things. >> sheinelle. >> i just love that you official officially pranked yourself. >> not everybody is capable of pranking themselves. >> thankfully there is more to the broadcast. we have the 88-year-old restaurant reviewer who became famous for writing about her local olive garden. she is at it again. we will catch up with her next. this- is your new wallet. no. really. you can now use your capital one card with apple pay to buy this that... or a few pairs of these-all from your iphone 6 instantly. it's easy. honestly- it's pretty awesome. and when you have the capital one wallet app you can keep track of all your purchases. see what i mean? awesome.
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5:48 am
start here. test test test test test test test test test test test test she is at it again. marilyn hagerty's taste buds are on the golden arches. >> i go often for lattes. they are cheaper than starbucks. >> reporter: she likes the friendly service. >> they say here is marilyn. >> reporter: she is the call
5:49 am
reporter for the herold. super chef anthony bordaine called her the snark. i went to lunch with her. now as she nears her 90th birthday marilyn admits a weakness for the sausage m mcmuffin. >> i like that but if i ate it every morning, i would not like it. >> reporter: for lunch? >> i had a big mac burger. that was too much. that could last you for a week. i shouldn't be eating that. it was good. i liked it. >> reporter: she likes the newest location. >> it might not really call it upscale, but compared to the
5:50 am
others it is. >> reporter: and fears the drive-thru near the mall. >> who wants to sit in the car for 20 to 25 minutes. >> reporter: her only complaint? the broken latte machine in east grand forks. >> you go through all that bother and they say our machine is broke. unacceptable. >> reporter: and according to marilyn, if it is broke, fix it. for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news chicago. >> we reached out to mcdonald's and they say, quote, we are honored that marilyn took the time to review the mcdonald's in grand forks in only they can. they are working on fixing the latte machine. >> i didn't know. >> she made the big mac look really good. maybe i've starving. >> maybe we need to go to breakfast at mcdonald's.
5:51 am
time for breakfast. still to come on "today," what you can change today to put your best foot forward online. first, though, this is "today" on nbc.
5:52 am
5:53 am
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5:56 am
it's 5:56 on saturday morning, you're taking a live look outside at san francisco from isn'tsan bruno mountain ahead of a warm saturday in january. good morning, i'm kira klapper, anthony slaughter has a look at your very warm microclimate forecast. >> yes thinking about the beach, it's going to be nice. talking about 70s today. >> somebody's thinking about the beach. you always are. >> always thinking about the beach, even when it's cold i'm thinking about the beach. beach action here this weekend. if you are thinking about it you want to hit the beach comfortably, it's going to be nice to do so. clear skies out there. because of high pressure off the coast, driving offshore winds. temperatures not that bad, 40 and 50s. but you're going to notice a
5:57 am
difference this afternoon as temperatures spike into the 70s. san francisco, 71. 76 for the north bay. so about 20 degrees above average there. and the south bay, 73 there, about 15 degrees above average. even tri-valley 73. kira warmer temperatures for tomorrow. say you've got to work today, can't hit the beach, got the day off tomorrow looking promising. >> hypothetically. >> i'm saying. >> for anybody sitting at their desk, good to know. >> exactly. >> thank you, anthony. all right. new this morning, we're getting our first look at man who shut down an entire strip mall with a bomb threat. police hope someone will recognize him from the video and photos and come forward with information. mountain view police want you to take a look at this surveillance video. this man held up the 24-hour pharmacy at walgreens december 11th, demanding not money but oxycodone. he got away on a motorcycle leaving behind what he said was a bomb. police shut down the strip mall for hours until the bomb squad
5:58 am
could safely remove the package. guess what? it turns out not to be a bomb. police think the same man hit a walgreens and rite aid in morgan hill. >> he could be addicted to pain medicine, he could be a dealer. we're not exactly sure the reason why somebody would do this all we know is that he's's using the same method feigning to have a bomb. which in all three turned out to be not. >> pharmacies frequently report oxycodone threats as addicts and deals look to source their drugs. a busy night for police in sunnyvale. first, sounds of an explosion, and then a burglary interrupted. people near downtown sunnyvale reported a loud explosion 8:00 last nigh but turned out to be fireworks. at the same time police received a call about a home burglary two miles away. that's what you're seeing here. remmington drive and mary avenue. officers swarmed the neighborhood closing off streets and searching for the burglar. >> this definitely not the
5:59 am
typical friday night here on remmington at all. and then the 20-plus years i've lived here i think the worst thing we've had are speeders up and down the street. no, this is quite out of the ordinary. >> one person is under arrest in connection with that robbery. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," big stars shooting a film in the bay area. we'll tell you where you can see them today. that, plus top stories and weather coming up at 7:00. right now, back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning, saturday january 24th 2015. here's a look at today's top stories. snow bound, millions of people could be stuck inside today as a nor'easter bears down on much of the east coast. the salt trucks and snowplows are out as the big first snowstorm of the season makes its mark. delay of game? nfl responds to deflategate following days of silence confirming footballs used by the patriots were deflated in the first half but how did it happen? will punishment come before the super bowl? we'll have the latest. and one-on-one with jennifer aniston. the actress has a new movie and different role than she's used to playing getting rave we
6:01 am
views after going physical and emotional transformation for the role. is this the start of something new for her? [ cheers and applause ] good morning, welcome back to "today" saturday morning. we're outside. i'm lester holt. >> interestingly enough our meteorologist is inside. >> she never goes outside. >> we don't know how that happens. a morning off, well deserved. we feel bad for you. >> anyway, we're talking about the weather. that's the real story. it's rain here but after snow throughout the night, the blast of winter is where we begin. roads piling up with snow making for dangerous road conditions in the northeast, and nbc is in the middle of it all driving very carefully, we should note no northern new jersey. kristin, how is it going? >> caller: at a red light here but we were behind four snowplows. they've been out in teams trying
6:02 am
to clear the roads here and even behind the snowplow it's still pretty slick on the roads out here you know it's coming down now, back to snow again. interesting, as you drive through, it literally changes minute by minute. we're right along that snow and freezing rain point, that line, and so we're going back and forth through snow through freezing rain through rain, and a million people are in the path of the storm so let us show you what it's like out here. stay inside if you can. pretty dangerous out on the roads in places this morning, and this road is pretty good. some of the secondary streets we've been on not really cleared well at all. it's going to be tough getting around for a lot of people today. we're continuing to head north. there's snow along the way. lester i heard you mention --
6:03 am
you'll catch shake it off moments before the day is done. >> all right, hang in there. road looks better than earlier. >> yeah we are tracking the storm and have a better sense of what lies ahead for the folks in the path of the storm. >> that's right. as the storm continues up into new england where she's headed there's more snow. look right in through here, she's moving through northern new jersey, and you see this blue line a rain/snow line creeping closer with still that snow mixed with rain mixed with sleet and freezing rain. that is making it dangerous on the roads. even if you think you're driving in what looks like rain, it could be freezing rain because the rain/snow line is so close. as it pulls away there's wrap around snow linger in new england seeing most of the accumulating snow over the course of the next several hours. 3 to 6 inches in northern new jersey and southern new york most is already on the ground. we have reports of 2 to 5
6:04 am
inches but there's a pocket of the heaviest snow in central massachusetts and north central connecticut with 6 to 9 inches. we have a secondary area of low pressure moving through the midwest and eventually dive into the mid atlantic into sunday night and monday morning. this is going to produce a widespread 1 to 3 inches of snow with pockets of heavier snow 3 to 6 inches especially near higher elevations. rnt there's a timing issue with the monday morning commute near washington, d.c. and philadelphia. 1 to 3 inches of snow is certainly enough to make the roads slippery. back to you outside. >> all right. thanks very much. it's time for us to get a check of the overnight headlines, and we have that. >> president obama is overseas this morning, but, yes, there's been a last minute change in plans. he's still going to india, but now he's making a side trip to pay respects to an important ally in saudi arabia.
6:05 am
president obama will pay respects tuesday to the newly appointed king and a new police involved shooting raises questions this morning. a body cam shows a police officer approaching a suspect last weekend in oklahoma. the situation escalates, and the suspect strikes the officer and takes off running. the suspect stops, puts something on the ground possibly a gun, and as he turns to run, the officers fires five shots killing him. the officer says he acted properly according to his training. officers found a loaded gun next to the suspect's dead body. on friday the nfl broke silence on deflategate confirming the balls in the first half were under inflated, and the league is investigating. we are in massachusetts this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well the nfl cleared up doubts about whether this happened and now they are pouring through videotapes and other physical evidence trying to see how the
6:06 am
air went out of all the footballs. now, a lot of folks have been suggesting that roger gooddell wrap up the investigation quickly so it fades into the background and fans talk about the super bowl, eight days away, but in a statement, they hinted it could be awhile before it's finished. ted wells, leading the probe into locker room bullying is leading the investigation, which the nfl says it's ongoing, thorough and objective and pursued expeditiously. patriot's quarterback and coach bill belichick says they can want explain how the footballs became deflated and team owner said he told the organization when he found out about this to cooperate fully with league investigator and investigators spent three days here interviewing the team personnel, officiating crew and others, 40 people in all, they're told and they plan to interview more people and will not make a judgment until the process is complete. now, in the meantime this weekend, patriots are on the
6:07 am
practice field preparing for big game in eight days and the owner says they are focusing on the super bowl itself off to arizona on monday right after a big send off in downtown boston. that's the latest here. back to you. >> thank you. the boy scouts for gay and lesbian leaders sparked a ruling in california. the supreme court says judges may not belong to groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. scouts are allowed, but not scout leaders. two passengers recover from a train platform collapse north of boston. officials have not released the cause for the collapse. the victims were treated in nearby hospitals. police did not release the extent of their injuries. a wrongly convicted man is free today for the first time in almost 40 years. 70-year-old joseph was sentenced to life back in 1976 for the murder of a woman and her daughter in north carolina. he was exonerated by dna
6:08 am
evidence. he's looking forward to sleeping in a real bed, maybe taking a swim in a pool. and just a week left until the super bowl and 5 young seattle seahawks fan has extra reason to be excited. he's 10 years old, nate from boise, and he's crazy about the seahawks. nate lost his leg as a baby and parents had a tough time convincing him to wear a prosthetic leg until they had the idea to design a leg with the picture of seahawks' superstar richard sherman, and he heard about it and got excited and wanted to meet nate to autograph the leg. they have a fan for life with the little guy. >> what a great story. >> thank you very much. >> we are back with the check of the country's forecast. >> focused on the northeast, but elsewhere in the country it's a decent day, especially right through the middle where temperatures run in the 50s and 60s. not bad. oklahoma comer in northern texas in the 40s today, but area of high pressure in the southwest keeps winds out of the east. it's a dry wind so just keep in mind the santa ana winds are
6:09 am
kicking back in across california with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. we have a disturbance in the northern plains and upper midwest that's going to dive down and be the next alberta clipper with a widespread 1 to 3 inches and possible 3 to 6 in good morning. it's 6:09. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. talking about clear skies this morning. we've got offshore winds. what that is doing is creating fog-free conditions at coastline but also a very warm afternoon on the way. right now 40s. 43 in the south bay. 54 in san francisco. so that's how you know it's going to be mild this afternoon. 71 in san francisco today. 73 for the tri-valley. the same for the south bay. warm spot today the north bay, up to 76 degrees. even local beaches, 70 to 75. and that's your latest forecast. i want you to get caught up on the measles outbreak we have
6:10 am
been talking about this week. at least nine new cases of measles reported since wednesday in california. six directly linked to exposure of disneyland. most people infected were not vaccinated. at least six cases in children younger than the recommended vaccination age. california is one of 19 states that allow parents to skip vaccines for s vaccines. we have dr. natalie azar with us. we want to clear up some of the information that is out there. >> sure. >> it seems in 2000 measles was all but eradicated. now we are hearing people choosing not to vaccinate their children and we are seeing more measles cases. who are the folks and where are they making that decision not to vaccinate? >> erica, first, we have to say that anti-vaccination movement doesn't necessarily
6:11 am
discriminate. we have seen clusters in affluent and educated communities. it is widespread. we think these people probably share in common common ediology or distrust of pharmaceutical companies or government. it may be infringing on their other liberty or choices. some people simply feel they are ineffective or unsafe. >> there was in terms of unsafe which is widely debunked. a report years ago that the vac vaccinations between autism. that has been debunked. >> i understand when are you dealing with something an emotionally highly charged as autism that people can get very fixedbeliefs.
6:12 am
the journal it was pushblished in was an established journal. >> part of that the mmr vaccine. nancy was asking about that. if it could be broken up in several vaccines. prior to 2009 you would have them separately. >> the research doesn't show there is anymore safety to be gotten from splitting up the vaccines. if you do that you are more vulnerable to the viruses between getting the series. maybe people don't complete the series that way. it really is safe and much more efficient to give it all in one rather than split it up. >> two more things. crysta asked us online how to keep her 3-month-old safe. we learned some of those infected. is it just to stay away? >> make sure that all of your family and friends or anyone coming in contact with your
6:13 am
child is vaccinated. that is important. including care givers. we know having children you tote your younger one along to parties. keep them inside until they are of age. find out the school regulations and the vaccination rate in the community. you can make a more informed decision. >> and i'm an adult. do i need another vaccine? >> if were you born in the 1970s or '80s, you may not have received it as a booster. >> thank you. now here is lester. >> erica, thanks. a university of michigan fraternity is coming under fire after holding a couple of off campus parties at resorts that ended with rooms trashed in garbage. now they are facing serious fallout. here is nbc's john yang. >> reporter: call it animal
6:14 am
house on ice. crushed ceiling tiles, wrecked furniture, cabinet doors destroyed. carpet ruined. the aftermath of about 120 college fraternity and sorority students on holiday weekend run amuck. >> appalling. disturbing. never thought that something like that could actually happen with that much damage. >> reporter: tree top resort and spa officials said 50 rooms were trashed and damages were set at $150,000. the general manager said they will pursue every avenue to press charges. sigma ahpla has suspended the chapter while the school investigates. >> disappointed with the behavior. the students need to be held accountable for their actions. >> reporter: in a statement, chapter president said he was
6:15 am
embarrassed and ashamed. said the frat would pay for all damages. other michigan students are embarrassed too. >> i don't want to be associated with my school. >> reporter: one neighbor said he wasn't surprised. >> spoiled brats drinking more alcohol. >> reporter: school discipline is the least of the worries. michigan state police are conducting a criminal investigation. for "today," john yang nbc news chicago. >> a lot of partying. >> 50 rooms? still to come more celebrities speak out about the controversy about the movie "american ♪♪ the adventures you've been imagining. the heroes you've been admiring. the worlds you've been dreaming of. ♪♪ the thrills you've been craving. the moments you've been missing. the vacation you've been looking for is here.
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6:18 am
(announcer) tidy cats lightweight. all the strength, half the weight. now in lightweight instant action. back now on a saturday morning. so much discussion about the film "american sniper." now a round of celebrities firing back online over the con controversy controversy. >> the movie tells the life of navy s.e.a.l. chris kyle. now social media sparking whether chris kyle is a hero. hallie jackson hasoper. >> everyone is talking about
6:19 am
michael moore and seth seth rogan, and the sebties going at it you bet everyone across the country is going at it too. >> backlash growing after michael moore tweeted snipers are not heros and invaders are worse, and rogan said it reminded him of the nazi propaganda movie shown, and other celebrities fired back kid rock writing, i hope both of you catch is fist to the face soon and dean defended chris kyle the real life seal who inspired american sniper. >> he's a hero out there doing the right thing, and maybe it's ugly but he -- he's a hero period. >> the outspoken baldwin defended rogan who clarified his comment was not meant for political implications and while moore did not backtrack on his tweet, he called cooper's
6:20 am
performance awesome. >> i just want to get the bad guys. >> audiences agree. >> crazy how much conversation is generated. this is movie. >> the talk is violent, which says it's seen hundreds of messages from moviegoers targeting muslim americans online and warner brothers has not commented yet as more controversy vounds a film that has seen plenty. for today, jackson, nbc news los angeles. >> still ahead on "today," a candid conversation with jennifer aniston about her new film "cake," and the question she never hopes to be asked again. but first, this is "today."
6:21 am
6:22 am
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6:26 am
it's 6:26 on saturday morning, and is that a beautiful look over downtown san jose this morning. it will be a warm saturday. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at your microclimate forecast before he escapes to the beach. >> i mean thinking about the beach, leave now because i have a feeling that it's going to be packed later on. talking about 70s everywhere across the bay today. enjoy. talking about 10 to 20 degrees above average for this time of year. as you just saw we are starting off clear, even in the south bay. and at the coastline as well. not too bad. we'll remain clear all day long. 71 san francisco, even at the beach today. north bay, at 76.
6:27 am
tri-valley 73. peninsula, 71. south bay 73. thinking about the beach, like i am, of course obviously santa cruz, 75 today. 80 for tomorrow. there you go. going to be nice. >> meanwhile, snowing on the east coast. we're very lucky. >> basking in the sunshine. >> the glory of it all. anthony, thanks. there are more cases of the measles in the bay area. this morning, there are nine confirmed cases. santa clara, san mateo counties now have two cases of the measles. alameda has five. alameda county where health leaders asked parents of 30 babies to quarantine themselves because of possible exposure. it's a precaution because none of the children have symptoms but no one's taking chances with the disease that's so contagious. >> just to have a blood test check on your immunity or you may -- the recommendation may be to get another shot.
6:28 am
really, no harm in getting another shot. >> staid wide there are 68 measles cases, 48 linked to people who visited disney land. experts are urging everyone to get vaccinated even if you will have been. we've learned that a second livermore church has been tagged with offensive graffiti. a story we first reported thursday night. police are stepping up their patrols near holy cross lutheran church which was gra feet tid twice in the last two weeks. police are investigating the incident as a hate crime. last night, a church was also hit, churches are next door to one another. police believe the crimes are related. and in the south bay, it was clearly the work of teenages what administrators are saying at morgan hills paradise valley elementary school. police documented swastikas, obscenities and the letters kkk. investigators are look at video
6:29 am
in hopes of finding vandals who also hit nearby homes and cars. racist words and images were covered up yesterday before students arrived. it's 6:29 right now. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," big stars are shooting a big film in the bay area. we'll tell you where you can go see them today. that, plus all of your top stories at 7:00. back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
♪ just take those old records off the shelf i sit here ♪ ♪ listen to them by myself ♪ here from international spelling bee competition. ♪ >> we made it from pennsylvania. >> and i'm here because i love her. >> it's my 13th birthday. >> mom and dad love you. >> first time in new york city. >> we miss you. we love you. >> with the "today" show. ♪ rock 'n' roll ♪ >> lots of great party songs out here for saturday morning, january 24th 2015. we have some snow and we have
6:31 am
some torrential rain. a little chilly out here. nice of them to join us in the cold. >> i did a little break dance on the way to work. >> you planned it, right? >> still to come in this half hour of "today," another side of jennifer aniston. america's sweetheart known for "friends." now she is out with a new movie and a role like you have never seen her play before. we will talk to her about how she feels about tackling the new character. and if you have facebook or linkedin we have mario armstrong here to give you simple changes to make your profile user friendly. we are cooking up a feast for the super bowl. we have sandra lee here. before we get to that let's get a final check of the weather from dylan. >> i can't get through it. my hair is blowing in my face. >> can i help you out? >> i can do that. okay. we're ready. that's the weather in the
6:32 am
northeast. we are looking at just the back end of the storm producing the wintry mix mixing in with rain. it is up in new england where we will see the accumulating snow across connecticut and especially back through massachusetts. including boston. we will see more snow later on this evening. in the middle of the country, nice. high pressure in control. temperatures staying in the 50s and some 60s on sunday down through texas. that will be nice considering you just had snow. in the southwest, temperatures about 15 to 25 degrees above average. topping out in the 70s and 80s. we are watching another storm system that dives through the midwest and great lakes and make its way to the mid-atlantic by the time we get to monday morning's commute. especially in washington, d.c. and into philadelphia. you have been standing out here in the rain. >> yes. >> i guess you are from niagara university? >> yes. >> are you filling up our plaza. >> of course. >> how do you like the weather? >> better than
6:33 am
well good saturday morning to you. a high surf advisory in effect for local beaches today. you're thinking about hitting the beach, use extreme caution. waves get up to 20 feet in some spots right now, clear skies, no fog to record other than really comfortable outside, 40s, and mid-50s in san francisco. again, we're talking about temperatures very comfortable, even at the beach today, 74 degrees for santa cruz. tomorrow, 80 degrees. it will turn out to be a nice day. again, later this afternoon, highs for everybody else back into the 70s. 73 south bay. 71 for sf. and that is your latest forecast. lester. >> dylan, thanks. jennifer aniston is getting high praise for the role in the movie "cake." this character is a big departure than the roles she takes on. she is telling nbc's joelle gargulo about that and questions she hopes is never asked again.
6:34 am
>> reporter: she became the sweetheart of america with "friends." since then jennifer aniston remained in the spotlight professionally and personally. the go-to gal for romantic comedies. on screen tackling the role of girlfriend. >> you have three lemons. >> what my baby wants, my baby gets. >> reporter: wife and vixen. but her latest film the glam is gone. >> you have prescriptions? >> unless you have prescriptions, they will take them away. >> what do we do? >> reporter: aniston physically transformed herself for "cake" to play claire a woman suffering from chronic pain. >> this film is gritty and sad and at times funny. it is something we have not seen you do before. is this the start of something
6:35 am
new for you? do you want it to be the start of something new? >> boy, i hope so. i mean it was so fun and so exciting to being able to have the opportunity to play something that was so layered and complicated and show a part of me that you know i felt i knew was there. maybe started to doubt was there. i'm so thrilled with it. i'm so proud of it. >> reporter: the accolades keep coming an oscar nomination did not. she is taking it in stride. >> i got more phone calls that day than the other nominations. >> you have this habit of letting everyone into the house. >> reporter: we see your character claire push everybody away from her. there is this one woman who really cares for her. in your life who is that group of people or that person who genuinely has your best interest at heart and has your back? >> oh, that is my girlfriends,
6:36 am
my family. i have wonderful support which every day i'm grateful for. >> reporter: notoriously private about her private life she opened up about living with dyslexia and once strained relationship with her mother. when your name is jennifer aniston, with every week comes a new headline. but if it were up to her? >> i like the headlines of go see this movie or great job. i think the headlines about personal stuff should just go away. go follow the people that want it. there are a nice group of them. >> which question would you like to never been asked again? >> there's too many to mention. i'm sure it would have something to do with when am i getting married and when am i having a baby and about my ex. >> reporter: for "today," joelle gargulo, nbc news. up next are you ready to
6:37 am
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that's preferred rewards from bank of america. this morning in "today's tech" we have a social make your. a great time to freshen up your facebook profile. we have mario armstrong leading the charge. he is critiquing the profile of two people and giving us tips to make changes. take a look. >> first up we have marcus. marcus say freelance photographer in new york city. he is just starting out. he wants to really do editorial work and film commercials.
6:40 am
i go to his linkedin page and i don't tell that. it says filmmaker and photographer but you don't know which type. he lays out some projects but i don't have descriptions about what he did on those projects. now marcus also has an instagram page and beautiful shots on there. he also has personal pictures. that could be a distraction to future employers or clients. now let's take a look at kim. she is a senior in college and on the job hunt. kim's linkedin page is great. she has a lot of information about previous experiences with a lot of descriptions. what's missing is the summary. i don't know enough about what kim wants to do and what type of job she is going for. potential employers will be scoping out her linkedin page but they could do googling and stumble upon her facebook page. when they do they will not
6:41 am
learn a lot about her because that is a big missed opportunity. >> mario is here with us along with marcus and kim. marcus, we start with you. >> all right. >> mario. >> this is awesome. the first thing we will do we added a summary to the linkedin page. we knew he wanted to be a filmmaker and photographer. we did not know which type. now we know he wants to shoot online short form content and videos and commercials. second we add project descriptions. we did not know what he did on the projects. now we know. we know over the summer he has a short film that is coming out. >> congratulations. >> last but not least, we wanted to create separate instagram. he had personal and professional pictures on there. that is okay depending on your goals. he wanted to show his best professional side. he split the two accounts. >> all right. how do you feel about the changes? >> i feel great about the changes. lacking a bit of direction.
6:42 am
i appreciate all the advice. >> easy to do. >> very easy to do. >> having more focus about what are you going after. >> i was lacking some of the focus. good to separate the personal pictures and professional ones and have more direction. >> you have to keep us updated on the movie. >> absolutely. >> we move on to kim here is here in the studio. full disclosure. kim is a former "weekend today" interns. >> she is hustling. i need to see more of that. we added job goals to her linkedin. she didn't have too much information on there before. now i know more about her. i know she is actually working at her university now. it tells me a lot about her. we had her fill out her facebook about section. it was completely blank before. you have great things. you work at the university in broadcasting and production. i can see the last place you
6:43 am
interned. really easily. on the instagram page she, too, had personal and professional pictures. we want her to add more photos. she was doing great pictures and quotes of things she is into about dreams and goals. we need more of that out in the field. >> you see more of the shots with the camera and getting into it. how do you feel about the changes that mario made? >> really really good actually. it makes me look like a better candidate online. easy to do. >> you feel it is a better reflection of what you are going for? >> definitely. >> and easy. >> you feel you are ahead of your peers? if you had to compete for a job? >> hopefully. >> we are keeping our fingers crossed. everybody is out looking for the same jobs. thank you for coming in. you have tips about the changes you made to the profiles. you have three other really important tips.
6:44 am
>> yeah. >> keep the profile current? >> this is important. you don't want group shots. you will be surprised i see group photos as the profile picture. make it a solo shot. pay attention to the background. there may be soda cans. >> or beer cans. this is fascinating to me. check what you like. >> yes. employers, depending on the settings employers can see what you like. posts and which groups you joined. they can get more information about what you associate with and what your company isd which posts. >> and if you have been on facebook for a long time there is a chance you may not be into those likes anymore or want to put that out there. >> change the setting or pay attention. >> this one, too, delete inactive accounts. a no-brainer. >> here's the deal you have digital cookie crumbs. tumblr and facebook.
6:45 am
they can find information about you in different places. all of these digital cookie crumbs add up to paint the persona of who you are. you want to match your online persona with your true passion. >> you don't want too much out there. if you are deleting the old accounts. >> i could not get that with armstrong mario, but everything else is mario armstrong. if you do get that right away. >> great tips as always. thanks mario. over to sheinelle in the orange room with the plaza fan of the day. erica, thanks. this is morgan. a student and hospitality major. you all drove until 10:00 p.m. last night? take it way. >> still to come on "today," it is not too early to plan your super bowl party. sandra lee has great and tasty ideas. >> but first this is "today" on nbc!
6:46 am
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we're back on a saturday morning with great ideas to help you plan your super bowl party. sandra lee is the editor in chief of "sandra lee magazine." you have a different take on the pulled pork? >> we love to tailgate but we want everybody in the family to be happy. i'll show you all sorts of things so everybody has a good time. i know you like cocktails. >> i like them yes. >> this is the polynesian pulled pork. it is dipping seasoning. you put chili sauces in there. in the slow cooker to keep it warm. three pounds of pork shoulder boneless eight hours. you put it on the bun. >> it has a tang to it.
6:49 am
>> a little bit of roasted red pepper or bell peppers in the coke cooker. >> and put it on the bun. >> you have a grilled pizza. why grill instead of baking? >> it gives it a really nice crispy edge. you want to do something you can do on a grill. you can pre-make these if you wanted to. you can get them in and out quicker. it gives it a beautiful sear marks to add to the flavor. >> what do we have on top? >> this is the margarita pizza. we have diced plum tomatoes and cheese. >> we have meatball dish? >> and chipotle sauce. you do onions and bread crumbs
6:50 am
and eggs -- ss and cilantro. you take a small melon baller and put it on the cookie sheet. >> it makes life easier. >> it goes in the oven for eight minutes. >> we have a special sauce. >> the sauce is a new sauce. this is a green salsa. put this in there. >> this is chipotle garlic taco sauce. >> it is a great dipping sauce. whatever you have at home is fantastic. and you will put tequila. mix it and the meatballs and sauce all go into it. >> you want it on the rocks or frozen? >> i have dessert. we have whoopie pies. >> whoopie pies? >> it is a new england thing.
6:51 am
>> i don't get out much. >> you will be doing some piping. here we go. this is just white or vanilla cake mix. put in coffee and heavy cream instead of the water or oil and egg. put that on a baking sheet like a cookie. make a form of a football. you will put the laces on. >> what is the filling? >> soften butter. it will go great with the cocktail. sugar and marshmallow fluff. you fill it up with your icing and you pipe your laces on top. >> you will like it. >> okay. >> now, these are really cute. >> anytime you have heavy cream, you can't go wrong. >> and ready? >> that filling is amazing. >> save the best for last. this is our punch. the first thing is make it family friendly.
6:52 am
all of the kids are going in my family. we will do juice. cranberry juice, orange juice and ruby red. here is this. now, if you leave it just as punch, everybody can enjoy. you can always put in a new product on the market you see a lot of great spiced rums. this is a coconut white rum. that can go in there for an adult party. you can do whiskey, whatever you want. >> that makes lester happy. >> cheers. >> happy super bowl! >> thank you. >> great tailgating party. >> all right. >> cheers. >> i'll try this. >> thanks sandra lee. it is great to have you with us. we'll be back right after these messages. hi, i'm jay farner, president of quicken loans. and we're here in detroit with our amazing team members. the best part about working with quicken loans is that you have a mortgage expert on the other line that's always gonna find out the best possible solution. we just don't treat you as a loan number.
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oil and natural gas. supporting millions of new jobs. billions in tax revenue... and a new century of american energy security. the new energy superpower? it's red, white and blue. log on to learn more. that will do it for us on a saturday morning. tomorrow on "today," singer song writer jason mraz is transformer one elementary school. and donald trump join us live. i'll see you back here for "nbc nightly news." you can't have too much icing. have a great day.
6:56 am
good morning, i'm kira klapper. next on "today in the bay," a man is making serious threats and getting away with prescription drugs. police need your help identifying the thief robbing pharmacies and shutting down other businesses in the process. also -- as the measles virus spreads, so does concern. we'll tell you where dozens of bay area parents and children are on high alert. plus -- we could be headed for record temperatures this weekend. what a beautiful sunrise anthony slaughter will have your microclimate forecast.
6:57 am
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6:59 am
>> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." it's 6:59 on saturday morning. a live look in downtown los gatos. good morning to you. thanks for joining us. it will be a beautiful saturday. >> yeah. >> i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at your microclimate forecast. it's going to be warm and you're saying go to the beach? >> absolutely.
7:00 am
if you can. >> if you can. >> if you've got the day off. it's going to be beautiful everywhere across the bay. regardless if you can't make your way to the beach, we'll take you there. hazy from our san francisco shot but fog-free across the bay area. offshore winds driving high surf later today. if you're headed to the beach, keep that in mind. talking about waves that could reach up to 20 feet in some breakers especially the westerly-facing beaches. now we are talking. record heat over the next couple of days. yes, it is going to be unusually warm especially for this time of year. unfortunately, there's a small price to pay. we have to spare the air the air for today. most unhealthy levels across north bay and south bay. again, ban is on wood burn with temperatures so warm i don't think you'll need to use that fireplace. notice temperatures in the 40s and 50 for the most part. a bit of patchy fog across the north bay. but really big story this wi


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